Heroes, Villains and The Damned: Round 18

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It was another week of carnage, with Nat Fyfe, Josh Kelly and Shannon Hurn all missing. Many SuperCoachers have all three stars in their sides, so 2300+ was a good score this week.


Zach Merrett (120) willed his side over the line on Friday night, with the midfielder collecting 31 disposals and kicking two goals. Mitch Brown (117) had four goals from 23 touches himself, while Reilly O’Brien (149) had a field day in the ruck, with 39 hit outs and 27 disposals. Brad Crouch (129) had 35 touches and seven tackles, and Brodie Smith (127) had a big second half to end with 31 disposals and three goals.

Tom Lynch (116) kicked three goals, but missed four from his 19 touches. Bachar Houli (111) had 28 disposals off the halfback, while Dustin Martin (104) had a clean 30 and a goal. Ed Curnow (116) stood up in the midfield for the Blues, collecting 32 disposals (15 contested) and laying 5 tackles. Touk Miller (122) had 27 touches and 11 tackles in the loss, while Will Brodie (110) had 26 and 10 himself.

Jeremy Cameron (134) kicked six goals from 20 touches in a blistering return to form. Lachie Whitfield (119) was back to his best with 29 disposals, while Tim Taranto (113) and Toby Greene (112) stood up in the midfield without Coniglio and Kelly. Taranto had 31 disposals and 14 tackles, while Greene had 27 and two goals. Zac Williams (103) had 26 touches off the half back, while Brodie Grundy (157) dominated around the ground, with 31 touches and nine tackles to go with his lazy 48 hit outs. Adam Treloar (116) had 34 touches in the loss, with 18 of those contested.

Jarryd Lyons (165) was a star for Brisbane, with the Lion collecting 30 disposals and two goals in the closely fought win. Todd Goldstein (124) had the highest score for the Kangaroos; with 40 hit outs to go with his 16 disposals. Luke Ryan (117) had a great game in the one point win for the Dockers, collecting 21 disposals and 9 marks off the half back flank. He went at 81% efficiency, which certainly helped. Michael Walters (104) had 21 and a goal in the win without Fyfe, while Andrew Brayshaw (116) had 20 touches and some help from the crowd.

Jake Lloyd (121) had 42 disposals at 78% efficiency, but didn’t lay a tackle for the game, while Luke Parker (105) had 28 touches and a goal, but went at 53% efficiency.

Liam Shiels (136) had a match to remember in his 200th, collecting 29 disposals, 8 tackles and two goals in the win over Geelong. Ben McEvoy (126) monstered Stanley with 44 hit outs and 13 touches, while Dan Howe (121) was a late in after being dropped and had 23 disposals and 10 marks. Mitch Duncan (123) had 26 disposals and a goal in the loss, while Patrick Dangerfield (106) had 27 (14 contested).

Clayton Oliver (140) was huge with 34 disposals and a goal in a game that they almost won. Christian Salem (139) helped out with 26 touches, eight marks and seven tackles, while Max Gawn (132) was great in the ruck again with 38 hit outs and 13 touches. Dom Sheed (138) was a valuable contributor with 34 disposals and a goal, while Jack Darling (125) kicked four goals from his 16 touches. Andrew Gaff (114) had 27 touches in the win, while Elliot Yeo (114) managed a good score despite being on the end of a tag. He had 16 disposals and a goal, but he also laid 9 tackles.

Rowan Marshall (141) continued his scintillating form, with 21 disposals and 32 hit outs. Jack Lonie (128) had 20 touches as well as four goals (including three in the first half). Jack Billings (112) was great as well with 2 goals from his 27 disposals, while Josh Dunkley (122) had 38 disposals and three massive hit outs! Jack Macrae (118) had 34 disposals himself, but the pair couldn’t get the Doggies the win.


Rory Sloane (73) wasn’t able to break the Dylan Clarke tag, ending with 20 disposals at 65% efficiency. Rory Laird (73) had 27 disposals, but wasn’t rewarded for his accuracy (went at 81%). If Sam Gray (43) is going to ask for 800k a year from Carlton, he needs to get more than 9 touches over the course of a game. Robbie Gray (60) had 18 touches but did little else, while Scott Lycett (85) only had 21 hit outs against Soldo.

Jayden Short (50) wasn’t too productive with just 15 disposals, while Sydney Stack (68) needed to slot his two chances at goal.

Patrick Cripps (73) had his sore ankle stood on, and spent a long time in the forward line as a result. Sources close to the Blues suggest he won’t miss footy, but his score hurts his owners. Matthew Kreuzer (53) copped a head knock but played out the game.

Jack Crisp (66) continued his season-long roller-coaster form, with the Pie collecting 29 disposals but going at 55% efficiency. He also had 7 clangers in the game.

Jack Ziebell (65) was a bit of a let down, with his 20 disposals going at 60% efficiency. Jy Simpkin (78) has been cursed since Patch mentioned him on the podcast, with the Roo only collecting 19 disposals, while Eric Hipwood (48) was held goalless from his 10 touches.

Isaac Heeney (85) copped a knock but played out the game, however he only had 16 disposals, while many relied on Griffin Logue (55) after Hurn was a late out, but the Docker let us down with a subpar score.

Tim Kelly (74) only had 19 touches and a goal despite a strong first half, while Tom Stewart (79) was kept to 20 disposals. James Sicily (77) wasn’t any better down the other end, with 16 disposals. The only good thing was that every one of his touches was effective.

Jarrod Cameron (41) was quiet after a few good weeks to start his career, while Jeremy McGovern (75) was held to 11 disposals. Brayden Preuss (39) did little after dominating without Gawn, and it shows that he needs to be the number one ruck to be a good option.

Marcus Bontempelli (74) was quiet with only 19 touches and four clangers, while Jack Steele (78) had just 15 disposals.


Will Snelling (49) played his first game for the Bombers after being a midseason draft pick. He had 15 touches and a goal, while Dylan Clarke (77) had 19 touches whilst keeping Sloane to 20.

Liam Baker (69) had 20 touches, but he couldn’t get a goal to boost his score. He also had four clangers, which certainly hurt his output.

Josh Deluca (35) was a late in and had 8 disposals and a goal in his Carlton debut, while Michael Gibbons (101) had a great game with 20 disposals and a goal in the win.

Ian Hill (60) and Jake Stein (34) both played their second game, with Bobby having 11 touches and a goal, while Jake had just six disposals.

Hayden McLean (60) played his first game of AFL, and had 53 at half time. Unfortunately, the ruckman couldn’t really add to it in the second half, finishing with 13 disposals and 16 hit outs.

Tom Atkins (29) had a mare, with only 8 disposals to his name come full time. Jordan Clark (50) had the first goal of the day, but only finished with 14 touches, while Gryan Miers (74) had 15 disposals but missed two shots at goal.

Doulton Langlands (66) played his first game for the Saints and had 12 disposals and a goal on debut. Matthew Parker (47) and Nick Hind (49) didn’t do too much, with 19 disposals and a goal between them.

Who were your heroes and villains this week, community?

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So final trade now lol. Zmerrett, Duncan, taranto, crouch? Anyone else sub 547k?


Duncan looks pretty good.


You haven’t steered me wrong this year! Duncan it is!


I just steer myself wrong Beard haha, hope it works out mate, talk around is Geelong need to change up their game style a bit if they want to finish well…so I can see that happening, Duncan should finish strong.


2359 for me, not complaining, Grundy was a great VC but Fyfe and Hurn out hurt scoring. 2 trades to afford Whitfield this week as last premo, leaving 3 and $80k to help with injuries in the run home.


In a similar boat mate. Will be using 2 to get Whitfield, with 4 and $70k left over.
Thinking I go down to I.Hill (Mid/Fwd, $117k) which givse me at DPP on each line allowing me to shuffle if required. Will then have 1 good cover on each line (exl. ruck) and 2 in the guts (Clarke, Bewley).


Hey AbeyJ, yeah I’m also doing a dpp trade but I’m going for a super cheap non playing late game rookie to help with the swing or captain option in the key finals weeks.


Bad round for me, our main man Alex has fallen from first to seventh but he’ll be back stronger than ever


Fyfe out, Cripps injured, I started off the week trading Logue out not realising he was back (however would've needed to trade him anyway as I needed to upgrade backline. Got Stewart in, he stunk it up. Then Hurn was a late out, giving me my second donut this week. (3 weeks running without a full squad on pitch). I managed a 2240 with those two 0s but still f***.

I have 5 trades, and need 3 more premos for full premium. Out of the byes my team was rolling nicely, had plenty of trades. Then got hit with Daniel, Kelly and Cogs injuries (in hindsight shouldn't have traded Daniel and Kelly). Here's hoping I escape injury travesty with Hurn, Fyfe and Cripps but who even knows anymore.

Won minor premiership in my league, but ain't gonna mean much if I can't field full squads across the finals. I suggested last week bringing in Hunter Clark as a smokey cheap backline option (he scored 105 this week), and I might just have to go him now (he was better than bringing in Stewart!).

This year feels harsher in injuries than any year since I began playing (2014). Why o why, someone please helpp


79 from Stewart is not totally stinky…he'll ramp it up as they move closer to finals, he's a good player, I'm hoping he can lift his scoring a bit too as it gets closer to the pointy end…get ready to trade Hurn out if he doesn't get up this week to the best you can get, 5 trades left is good so you should be ok, not all doom and gloom.
Many have bugger all trades left..including me.


Nice backup/bench option Bill.


Should I trade Clarke for Cripps or Hately to ZMerrett? Already full premo but Heeney and BCrouch are my M7 and M8

The Ranger

Get Cripps but keep Clarke if you can.


Going for league and one game clear on top.8 trades 525 900 in the bank. Looking at final mid premo and defender so I can loop Hartlett and B Smith with Naish. ( or dump Hartlett) Then depends on Hurn I'll look at flexible cover maybe Wingard best cheap m/f and J Kennedy F.


D Hurn Z Williams Crisp Hartlett B Smith Siciky Garner Naish
M Macrae Dunkley Martin Cripps Oliver Parker M Crouch Stack Clarke Bewley Stocker
R Gawn Grundy Bines
F Dangerfield Heeney Boak Kelly Moore Cameron Choi Young

Option 1 Moore for Z Merret with Dunkley to forwards and Garner to Whitfield
Then next week baker and Chol out for Wingard and Josh Kennedy. 4 trades left

Option 2 Option 1 Moore for Duncan with Dunkley to forwards and Garner to Whitfield

Then hold Clarke as mid cover and Chol for F cover. 6 trades left

Thoughts please.

The Ranger

Not much in it Dave, Zerret and Duncan are similarly priced and have similar averages.
Check the fixture and see which one you think will go better on the run home.
I'd go with Duncan just because of his lower ownership..

Nice to have 6 trades for finals, good luck mate.


Thanks The Ranger! Yes on reflection it's probably no real improvement getting J K and Wingard in for Clarke and Chol. Just that Chol will probably get dropped when Nank is back. Always gone with veteran back ups in league finals and was going to loophole the cheapest available with my worst M8 and F6. You really need good backups this time of year!


Don't think it is foregone that Chol gets dropped for Nank; could well be Soldo who goes.


2345 oh well not bad at all <img src=&quotcomment image" width="1"/>


Pretty good this week Mikeee


Clarke and Logue for Whitfield and Hill? Leaves me with 5 trades left for injuries/ maybe some under performing premo upgrades.

The Ranger

Doing the same trades DM.
Can't see Whitfield getting any cheaper and Hill is the obvious rookie to jump on.


Good trades DM but could you afford to keep Clarke and still get the same two in?
Clarke could be handy on the bench


Moving the C onto Danger off Grundy cost me plenty this week.

Lost 4 out of 5 leagues by about 20 points (that 50 extra points would have given me wins) and would have gone close to 2400 with fyfe and jelly on bench.

Puts me in the bottom half of the 8 in most of those leagues.

Lesson learnt when you are on a good thing stick to It!

In draft the C has not moved from Grundys noggin all year and why would it?

A few more hero's this round and not as many Villians.

Just keep on keeping on. Back your gut. Enjoy. Repeat….


Yeah a very underwhelming week for me too mate, under performing premos left right and center. The thing really killing me now is not having R. Marshall in my squad! Kills me every week. Also I think Grundy into Gawn every week from now on as perma caps haha

The Ranger

I gambled on Danger too Trigga.
Prob should have learnt the lesson by now but I'm gonna make Grundy a VC or C every week from now on, he's just crazily consistent.
I only had 3 tons from my 8 mids, you don't win much when that happens.
As you say, keep on keepin' on….


Know how you feel mate I was making a late run in my JR Megaleague and lost a crucial game to Ranger this week by 10 points,and missed any chance of making the 8, had the vc on Grundy but had many close games looming so thought I'd try Neale as vc instead, big backfire and then had the C on Gawn who did ok but came up short in the points.


2 trades left, but Brayshaw has to go. His BE is too high at 125 and I know im late but I can do two trades for Merrett or Duncan. I'd have no trades left but cover everywhere. What do u think?


Trade Brayshaw.


Brayshaw is like having a rookie on the field so upgrade and cross your fingers no injuries.


Too early for no trades left imo, but thats the gamble you take.

Think of the points you could lose if your best on field player goes down, it will be ALOT more than the difference between brayshaw and a uber premium.

BEs are no use now – your goal is to not gain points, but to protect yourself from bleeding them.


Have you, for example, got ruck cover?

If grundy were to go down, you would either have ruck cover that would bleed points, or cop donuts. Enough said. Hold for now


5 trades and $182.8k left in the bank. My midefield is Macrae, Fyfe, Cripps, Neale, Treloar, Parker, B Crouch and Clarke and my bench is Jarrod Cameron, Bewley and Hind. Got two options in mind but can't decide which is better. First option is to go Bewley to a non-playing rookie to gain cash and then upgrade Clarke to Duncan, and then next week downgrade someone like Hind or Cameron and get Whitfield for Logue. Or I could do the Whitfield trade first and next week try and get Duncan. I'm just unsure of which trade to do this week because I may not have enough cash, but I'm leaning to getting Duncan in this week first because he has a lower BE than Whitfield. Any suggestions?


Both good upgrades John but would focus more on who you really want in your team. Clarke is due for a price rise so hopefully will cancel out the Duncan rise if you keep him a week. Logue like Whitfield is due to stay fairly flat. If you miss Whitfield there may be tears (if he stays fit) but if you miss Duncan there are other similar options next week or during finals.


Final upgrade: Clarke and Setterfield to Hill and Oliver
Leaves me with Smith at D6, O’Meara at M8 and Cameron at F6 with 4 trades left


Probably your best option, although i'd be looking to upgrade O'Meara or demote him to m9 for looping. Oliver really is doing well and i find it funny people were trading him out pre round 7. No problem with cameron at f6 – he is a good POD.

Wish i had 4 trades for injuries. Depending on your goals you could probably do another upgrade (omeara or bench) as the end gets closer. You look set for a late run so goodluck 🙂


In a couple of weeks I think I will trade one of my bench rookies and O’Meara to Macrae or Kelly depending on potential injuries


Ok. 500 points off my goal of top 10 overall. 3 trades left and Brodie smith my weakest link (despite his recent score). Think upgrading smith to whitfield will ultimately see a gain of 200 points. It will take two trades so i will only be left with one.

Pull the trigger and hope, or hold and possibly regret later if injuries dont occur???

Of course, if hurn is out this week i could strait trade to whitfield anyway.

Bottom line, whitfield is averaging better than neale abeit injury affected games. He is the only star i have missed, and if he scores 150+ often i am screwed.

Thoughts on what to do?


Who to get rid of, Hartlett or Mummy
1 of them please and thanks


Mumford because of the potential of other rucks this year. High ceiling but his lows make you cringe. Too long in the tooth. If you can get grundy or gawn the 40 point odd increase is massive. Hartlett could surprise you 🙂


Obviously loop hartlett if you can


Yeah can probably down grade Cameron or setters and scoop gawn


I have both Logue and Answerth jostling for the D6 position. Whoops.

I am thinking of trading to Gleeson (3 round ave of 92) with my next to last trade.



Nah I wouldn't do it mate, he has a history of being a spud.
Can you afford hunter Clark?…or anyone better?


Touk Miller and Grundy had pretty good results <img src="https://s04.flagcounter.com/mini/Jkzv/bg_FFFFFF/txt_DEDEDE/border_FFFFFF/flags_0/&quot; width="1"/>