Who’s Your Captain? – Round 18

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Last week was a whirlwind for captains. There were some who had Dunkley, there were some who had captained Dunkley, there were some who had banked Grundy’s 137 and  then still got stung for it, and then there were some who had captained Coniglio and got nothing back from it effectively giving you two donuts for the price of one and the need for a trade to boot.

Me, I took Grundy’s 137 as my vice-captain and ended up having the worst score in my league and free falling down the rankings three thousand places from where I was. I’m glad I didn’t decide to go for Bontempelli though, who I mentioned was my top captaincy choice.

This week I’m putting my faith in the two Patricks. Cripps on Saturday against the Suns, and Dangerfield against the Hawks on Sunday, we’ll dive into why during the article.


Rory Sloane
Friday Night vs Essendon – AVG vs Team: 104.1

The Adelaide co-captain loves playing top eight teams for some reason, averaging a very respectful 122.1 against them. Couple that with the gaming being an Adelaide home game and Sloane should do quite well. I don’t have him, but if I did I would be slapping the VC straight on him.

Travis Boak
Early Saturday vs Richmond – AVG vs Team: 102.7
Scored 134 earlier in the year when Port played the Tigers at Adelaide Oval and has continued his good form throughout the year so presents a fairly safe option. Has scored 114 or more on 10 occasions this season, Boak back in the midfield was a blessing to use SuperCoaches and we have Jarrad Schofield to thank.

Patrick Cripps

Saturday vs Gold Coast – AVG vs Team: 107.3

Scored 169 earlier in the year when the Suns hosted the Blues at Metricon Stadium. If I remember correctly, he was tagged and scored something like 120 points after half time. If you’re going to Sloane as your VC then Cripps has a very strong case to take your captaincy armband off your hands. Otherwise, just put the VC on him.

Brodie Grundy
Saturday Twlight vs GWS Giants – AVG vs Team: 91.8
Even when Brodie has a bad game, he can still pump out a score 110+. Only three scores below 108 for the year. Safe as houses, probably better has a C option should you need a decent safety net. Mumford doesn’t have the tank to go with Grundy either, so he should get a bit of the ball around the ground.

Lachie Neale
Saturday Night vs North Melbourne – AVG vs Team: 105.4

Scored 140 earlier in the year, but North were a different team back then. Under Rhyce Shaw, he won’t want Neale to get off the leash again. Might not be as safe as others think, happy to be proven wrong.

Ben Cunnington
Saturday Night vs Brisbane – AVG vs Team: 82.2
Scored 159 earlier in the year, and Brisbane would’ve seen on the weekend that stopping Cunnington is the key to a victory. Brisbane haven’t been tagging this year though, it’s risky and there are better options.

Nat Fyfe
Saturday Night vs Sydney – AVG vs Team: 105.6

The Dockers will be desperate to arrest this losing streak they’re currently on, Fyfe tried last week and scored a 154 at a ground the Dockers have never had total dominance at. At home, it might be a different story. Expecting an awesome score again, but I think my bias is at work here.


Jake Lloyd
Saturday Night vs Fremantle – AVG vs Team: 91.0

Scored a 173 last time he played Fremantle and with the way Fremantle have been sending the ball inside 50 lately, he’s every chance to score that again. A risky option.


Patrick Dangerfield
Early Sunday vs Hawthorn – AVG vs Team: 121.6

Scored 130 and 160 in the last two meetings against the Hawks. Patrick loves playing the Hawks, and always seems to pump out a massive score against them. He’s my Captain this week for that reason, and with the form he’s been in, it’s going to be hard to turn him down.

Max Gawn
Sunday vs West Coast – AVG vs Team: 100.8
Scored 144 earlier in the year when he faced the Eagles at Optus Stadium, and with no Nic Nat to worry about again, he should score fairly similarly. Another safe option.

Clayton Oliver 
Sunday vs West Coast – AVG vs Team: 103.0
Scored 115 earlier in the year but if you’re going to go with a captain in this game, you’re better off with Gawn.

Rowan Marshall
Sunday vs Western Bulldogs – AVG vs Team: –

Never played Western Bulldogs before, and with a new coach installed and up against Tim English…and well, even to my surprise, I actually don’t like this option. English should be able to match Marshall around the ground fairly well and this may not be a great option after all.

Josh Dunkley
Sunday vs St Kilda – AVG vs Team: 88.0

After a 202 last week and a 130 last time he played the Saints, I’m expecting a great score again, but there isn’t a great history of players scoring massive points and going again the week after. Just earlier this year Coniglio scored 207 and then 64 the week after. Gibbs scored 101 the week after he scored a 208 in 2017 as well. I’d love if he backed up his monstrous score, but the likelihood is very low.

Jack Macrae
Sunday vs St Kilda – AVG vs Team: 93.3

Macrae is just getting the job done. Averaging a touch above 120 for the year, and just keeps pumping out scores around that mark. Averaging 135.6 over his last five and 126 over his last three, he’s in good form.


Elliot Yeo
Sunday vs Melbourne – AVG vs Team: 72.4

Scored 136 earlier in the year, but again, I’d prefer Gawn in this game. Yeo is on fire though and if you want to try something a little bit different I don’t mind it. It’d be better if the game was earlier in the round, a VC would be easier to justify than a C.

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Crupps into Grundy/Gawn for me. Love it when the VC does thei ob for you


Dangerfield! <img src=&quotcomment image" width="1"/>


I have zero cover in the fwd line, if I put the E on Setterfield (mid bench) will he only cover for fwd players who are mid/fwd? I'm assuming that he can be E for both mid and fwd lines. I was thinking that I'd need to bring in Hill so that I could move Setter to fwd if needed but then I wondered if mid and fwd would be covered if I had the E on him. Would just have to hope that I didnt have outs in both lines.
With Derek away is someone else looking after the Survivor group? I mightve missed a post about it because I've been on holidays – not good for my team.


He will only be an emergency for your mid players if he is on your mid bench. He has to be on your forward bench with the E to be an emergency for your forwards.



The crumbler

Thinking Grundy into danger. So tempted to chuck the VC on crips though!


Who do I get in midfield for 554,000 or less to replace cogs


I'm thinking R Sloane, but concerned about his history of not coping with a tag. Playing Ess with D Clarke who has done some excellent tagging jobs this year.
my other option Treloar but he's just outside your budget at 562k

The Ranger

Sloane would be the obvious choice but Taranto might get a nice bump with Kelly and Cogs out.


Will there be enough time to go Cripps into Grundy????

Benjamin Wyld

After the carry on with Lachie Neale and Nat Fyfe, they will be absolutely protected species. Gawn against a ruckless WC could go big too. So Fyfe VC into Gawn as C

The Ranger

Can't go past Cripps into Danger this week.


Grundy into Gawn is a no brainer for me, no rush with timing, plenty of loopholes to use, and they are the two highest averaging players in the comp. i know it’s not original but sometimes trying to find a pod can bring you undone…..


Yes sir, boring old Grundy into Gawn.


We are LIVE! Let's talk Fyfe! (link: https://www.twitch.tv/lekdoggames) twitch.tv/lekdoggames #supercoach


Word of warning only capt Fyfe if your VC fires.

Thinking about giving dunks the C armband.


Taranto, treloar or Merrett?


Treloar. Plays gold coast in first week of SC finals. Enough said. Then Toranto as plays sun's in SC grand final week

Stupid Coach

Cripps into Danger, Neale into Gawn or Neale into Danger.

Should I trade out Cognilio this week (have D Clarke as bench cover). Only have 6.trades left was thinking of waiting til the finals before I got rid of him. Thoughts?


Nah, trade him now. No point holding on and plenty of straight swap mid options available


CAPT advice please….Gawn, Macrae or Danger….?
I have changed it about 10 times already today

Need captain to get 150 in order to win


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