Heroes, Villains and The Damned: Round 17

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SuperCoach teams are starting to peak, with plenty of sides pumping out huge 2500+ scores consistently. Every good side has a passenger, however, and this article is going to highlight those who did a good job for us this weekend, and call out those who did us a disservice.


Brodie Grundy (137) didn’t let those down who had him as their Friday night vice captain. The Collingwood big man had 22 disposals and 31 hit outs. He also laid eight tackles, but his disposal was poor, at 50% efficiency. Adam Treloar (125) had plenty of it again on Friday, accumulating 39 disposals at 69% efficiency. 16 of his 39 touches were contested, and he had seven clearances as well. Scott Pendlebury (119) was talked about on the podcast and he delivered, with 32 disposals at 78%. He also managed to get four free kicks, which helped his output. The only concern is he looks like he may have surgery on his finger, so wait to see if he misses games. Elliot Yeo (116) was the only Eagle to crack the ton, and did it with 26 disposals, eight tackles and two goals.

Nic Newman (147) turned it on against his old side in Carlton’s fourth win of the season. The former Swan collected 32 disposals and 13 tackles off half back, as well as going at 87% efficiency. Matthew Kreuzer (119) had his way in the ruck, with 45 hit outs to go with 19 disposals, while Marc Murphy (117), Ed Curnow (117) and Patrick Cripps (115) fed nicely off the big man’s dominance, with each of them accumulating at least 28 disposals. Jake Lloyd (115) had 34 disposals and a goal, but no one else really stood up in the contest. Josh P. Kennedy (108) led the way in the middle but even then, 23 disposals isn’t much to write home about.

Ben McEvoy (102) had 38 hit outs to go with his 13 disposals against the Dockers, while Mitch Lewis (100) snagged three goals in a good patch of footy for the youngster. Nat Fyfe (154) was left to do everything for Fremantle, as the skipper had 24 disposals, six marks, eight tackles, three goals and five clearances. He didn’t have too much help, with Bradley Hill (105) the only other Docker to crack the ton in the loss. He had 37 touches against his old side, but poor efficiency hurt him a bit.

Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti (135) playing footy! Tippa snagged four goals in the last gasp win, including a superb effort with 30 seconds left to win the game. Zach Merrett (109) had 34 touches (17 contested) in the win as well, while Robbie Tarrant (160) was huge as an intercept defender, gathering 22 disposals and 11 marks. He also went at 95% efficiency, which really contributed to his score. Ben Brown (143) kicked six goals while Cameron Zurhaar (103) had three, and Todd Goldstein (132) had his way in the ruck with 32 hit outs and 19 disposals.

Plenty of players pitched in for Adelaide’s thumping win over the Suns, with Rory Atkins (126), Wayne Milera (114), Rory Sloane (113), Jake Kelly (107), Brad Crouch (103), Hugh Greenwood (102), and Eddie Betts (100) all cracking the ton. Six other players had scores between 91 and 98, meaning 13/22 players had over 91 points in the win. For the Suns, only Jarrod Witts (106) cracked triple figures, as he had 30 hit outs and 17 disposals.

Pat Dangerfield (163) had a field day against the Saints, with the star collecting 32 disposals, seven tackles and a goal. Mitch Duncan (116) also had a great game, with 33 disposals and a goal. Luke Dunstan (132) had 30 for the saints, while Hunter Clark (120) had 25 and Rowan Marshall (116) had 21 and 31 hit outs. The big Saint also slotted a goal in the loss.

Toby Greene (138) had 32 disposals and kicked two goals in the Giants’ loss to the Tigers. Tim Taranto (111) was one of the top ball earners for GWS, with the young midfielder collected 36 disposals. Lachie Whitfield (101) finally came back and played well, with the former number one pick accumulating 33 touches. He did cop a knock to his shoulder that was injured, but after some time off he played out the game.

Josh Dunkley (202) has continued his amazing run of form, with 39 disposals, 15 tackles, two goals and nine clearances. He was easily best on ground in the win over the Demons.

Lachie Hunter (156) was similarly fantastic with 37 disposals and a goal, although two chances went begging. Jack Macrae (120) had 29 disposals himself, while Taylor Duryea (143) had 28. Max Gawn (117) was the best Demon at Marvel Stadium, with the big man collecting 18 disposals to go with 34 hit outs.

Jarryd Lyons (139) was the best Lion in the win against Port Adelaide, with the journeyman collecting 36 disposals, 9 tackles and a goal. Mitch Robinson (129) threw his body around like he usually does, and gathered 21 touches and a goal. Lachie Neale (118) had a good game, with 24 disposals (17 contested) and 10 clearances. Darcy Byrne-Jones (129) was the top player for Port, as he collected 28 touches in the loss, while Travis Boak (119) had a great first half but slowed down after the main break. He finished with 32 disposals and 7 clearances.


Josh J. Kennedy (7) played a full game of football for his seven points, with the full forward accumulating five touches, five clangers, and three free kicks against. Shannon Hurn (82) was tagged by Chris Mayne for the night and wasn’t able to release the shackles. He had 17 touches (10 contested), three marks and four tackles. Andrew Gaff (82) had 32 disposals, but five clangers hurt his score.

We all thought Isaac Heeney (73) had turned a corner, but a 20-disposal game at 50% efficiency gave him a poor score. He was only able to convert one of three shots at goal, as well. Luke Parker (83) was a passenger in the loss with 23 touches, which is well short of the performances he’s dished up week in, week out.

David Mundy (83) had 22 disposals but wasn’t too influential in the loss, while Michael Wlaters (83) had 25 disposals but gave away three free kicks to hurt his score. James Sicily (60) gave away four free kicks and didn’t accumulate the ball enough to be effective down in Tasmania, with the Hawk only getting 16 touches.

Ben Cunnington (54) was the latest star to get “Zac Clarke’d”, as the youngster tagged the Kangaroo/Bull out of the game. He only managed 15 disposals for the day, and gave away two free kicks out of frustration. Dylan Shiel (62) had 22 touches but used it poorly, whilst also copping four clangers.

Reilly O’Brien (73) was kept to a low score by his standards, as he came up against Witts. His disposal efficiency wasn’t great, with only 10 of his 19 disposals effective.

Tom Stewart (90) was tagged by Daniel McKenzie and wasn’t as influential as usual. His owners were lucky he used it well.

Heath Shaw (20) surprisingly played the entire game, but his 15 disposals were very ineffective, meaning he was unable to score well. Seven clangers didn’t help his output. Dustin Martin (62) was tagged throughout the game, but still managed 25 disposals in the win.

Clayton Oliver (75) only managed 17 disposals for the day, and went at 52% efficiency, which definitely hindered his scoring potential. Marcus Bontempelli (93) had 21 disposals, but didn’t use the ball well either. He also missed two shots at goal, and gave away two free kicks.

Justin Westhoff (71) was back to his “Justin Westhoff-y” style of play: sub-par and trap-like. He only had 15 touches in the loss, while Tom Rockliff (70) had 29 disposals but butchered it, going at 37% efficiency. Harris Andrews (64) was quiet again for Brisbane, with only 9 touches for the day.


Darcy Moore (13) went down early in the first and looks like he’s pinged that hamstring of his. If you have him, look to move him on now. Jamie Cripps (9) was also injured in the contest and may miss a few with an injured adductor.

Michael Hurley (32) was hurt and couldn’t finish the game shortly after half time, and watch for Cale Hooker (76) as well. He played out the game, but he hurt his shoulder in the contest.

Tom Hawkins (53) was touted as a potential POD option a few weeks ago, and since then he’s stunk it up. He’s not a good option, with him unable to score well even in wins.

Stephen Coniglio (0) played despite the sore knee he sustained last week. He lasted all of five minutes, before reinjuring the same knee. He was on crutches on the bench, so wait to see what happens during the week, but I imagine the prognosis isn’t good.

If you have Toby McLean (16) for some reason, give him the boot. He’s had a shocker of a year (minus last week) and was injured in the win for the Doggies.


Jack Crisp (122) is in a great patch of form. He had 30 disposals (80% efficiency) and nine tackles in a rebounding half back role. He’s averaging a touch over 106 over his last four games and is still cheap enough to be a good D6 option.

Ricky Henderson (126) has the ability to drop a huge score like he did on Saturday, but like last week, he can also drop a stinker. It was good to see him back at his best in the win, with 25 disposals, 11 marks and a few goal assists to help the Hawks over the line. James Worpel (109) found some form in the win as well, after a pretty lean month. He had 33 disposals (15 contested) and nine clearances.


Jarrod Cameron (87) had four goals from his first four kicks, and ended with 13 touches, seven tackles, five marks and a best on ground performance for his side.

Hugh Goddard (19) featured for Carlton for the first time, but his Navy Blue debut was cut short in the second quarter when he went off hurt and didn’t return. Will Setterfield (70) was lively with 13 touches and 9 tackles, while Sam Walsh (103) had a great 28-disposal game with a goal to boot.

Curtis Taylor (9) played his second game; although there’s a good chance you wouldn’t have noticed. He only had 4 disposals and gave away three free kicks, all in 70% game time. Steer clear, even if he plays next week.

Nick Hind (36) had 10 disposals in a quiet game, whilst also using it poorly. You’d be disappointed if you had him on field over Dylan Clarke (78), who successfully tagged Cunnington out of the game.

Ian Hill (60) kicked three goals from his 15 disposals on debut, which was a great return for the youngster. He would’ve scored more if he didn’t have four clangers. Mabior Chol (45) kicked a goal from his 10 disposals, but didn’t do too much else, while Derek Eggmolesse-Smith (47) had 16 touches in his second game and will be a popular trade in target if he holds his spot.

Kyle Dunkley (41)  only managed five touches for the Demons, but he pulled out the double cobra after kicking a goal over his brother, Josh.

Noah Answerth (48) was quiet with 6 disposals, but laid 5 tackles in the Lions’ win, while Cameron Sutcliffe (31) had 10 touches in a tagging role for his new club.

Did I miss anyone, community? Who were your heroes and villains?

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Cracked the 2500, so pretty happy here!

The Mighty Wokkas

Pretty happy that I just scraped through to get a score of 2600, lucky scaling I guess haha


Really happy with my team at the moment. After this round's trades I've reached full premo with 6 trades left. Only Heeney, Houli and Ryan are averaging less than 100, which I'm not worried about but I will probably upgrade M.Crouch next week. who's my m8. Then I'll still have plenty of trades to spare for injuries during the finals.


Need some advice community, have 5 trades left and need to get in Gawn and deal with Cogs. Have a few options:

1, Trade O'brien an Cogs for Gawn and someone like Ricky Henderson or Marc Murphy at M8 (uses only two trades.


2, Trade Cogs to Bont this week and look for a rookie to downgrade to and then next week grab Gawn but it uses 3 trades.

Thanks in advance, appreciate any advice.


Only interested in rank, currently 2500.


If you grab goldy instead of Gawn could maybe look at a few more options at m8


Need some advice, please.

5 Trades in the Bank.
Last upgrade is D.Clarke in M8.I've got 248k left which leaves me with 526k when he is traded.

Is it worth downgrading Bewley aswell to get a better mid??
Thank you,


Probably worth waiting a week on that trade as Clarke will make more money and there's some gun mids like Cunnington who will drop some.

The mighty wokkas

I am in the exact same boat. Clarke last player to upgrade with 270k spare and 5 trades. I could downgrade hind or Cameron so that I can get a top premium like bont


Can anyone tell me why i got a donut on field for cogs when i had rowbotton and ckarke as emergency cover?


Cogs played and got injured so we all copped a 0 for him!


Thanks mate cant believe they let him out there!


Because he played. Emergencies only come into play if a player does not play.


Thanks mate didnt realise he took the field cheers


Really unlucky mate as coniglio actually played and got injured 5mins into the match


Yeh cheers Corey just gotta cop those 1s on the chin!

Mark Fawcett

Somehow scored 2,542 with Coniglio!? Thought I had screwed up my team by accidentally putting the C on Goldstein as well but happy that turned out alright. Was meant to put in on Macrae then had one too many drinks and forgot:)


My personal opinion holty is if you don’t try you don’t know, I couldn’t get kelly out of my side last week due to logue going down, and keeping him in my team with K.Dunkley on field will cost me Atleast 100 points over the next 2 weeks and that’s assuming he is back on time… and if he is he will have to average over 25 points per game over the next best option to justify holding him. I don’t have Marshall so I’ll be swapping him in for Marshall don’t see him being outscored by kelly from here.
I’d do your best to get all spud rookies off the field and maximise the points your team can pump out


Thanks Sam. good reasoning behind this. Will consider.


It’s a tough call holty I’m down to the 2 trades with josh kelly on the bench snuck up 230 spots to 545
Seriously considering holding kelly seeing as I had to hold him this week just past regardless
If he gets back in two weeks he has swans/dogs/hawks/GC can seriously see him averaging 130-140 across these games which would just about cover me points wise and will be a nice pod in the final stretch if your comparing him to a 110average mid
If I had the trades to ditch him and pick him up again I would be doing that.


Community may I ask for advise on 1 final trade.

Cunnington, Parker, Trealor…

Who is my lock for my final replacement…

Getting Whitfield in this week and will have enough cash for 1 of these 3…. Then I'm done. 😐



Treloar for mine beard, started him all year you know what your gonna get has a solid run home aswell
Parker sliding with jpk back in and Cunnington struggling with his mojo at the moment


Probably Parker. Cunnington can't handle tag and will prob be suspended before season end. With Pendles out Treloar might get more attention.


Treloars run home has no tagging teams
Only Essendon in the last game he may cop Clarke
But it’s more likely attention goes to Sidebum if tagging is involved


So sounds like people think Parker or Trealor so far? Anyone else go some opinions?

1 for Parker
1 for Trealor

I'm stumped LOL.


What mids do you have?


Fyfe, Macrae, Cripps, Neale, Bont, J Kelly, Cogs, Rocky.

Cogs sounds like he will be the one gone sadly.


Oliver/JPK if you want a more safe bet or shuey/yeo/Zorko if you want a pod options
I still like treloar over the lot but that’s probably my Collingwood bias.
Zorko plays heavily at the Gabba in the run home could be a Smokey


I had a look at Yeo. Not overly keen on Shuey or Zorko (can't cop a tag we know this).

Oliver is a bit up and down and slightly more expensive then I want to go.

JPK I didn't even look at. Was honestly looking at Parker, Trealor & Cunnington. Now you mention Parker has JPK back since his scores dropped it makes me wonder if he will drop off a touch thus pushing me to Trealor. Though then I think Pendles gone means more attention. I agree tags tend to go to Sidebottom though still has to throw some questions on him?

Cunnington has a rough run home too which is turning me off him.

I'm confused as anything now 😐


I’m actually pretty big on the Zork doesn’t necessarily play any tagging teams on the way home 4/6 at the Gabba if anything Neale has been copping the attention recently


Just did Trealor in and did maths.

It leaves me 521k next week for Whitfield.

He is needing to drop 17,900 with a break even of 158 and expected to drop 27k.

Not sure if I can bank on that.

If I lock Whitfield in I Can basically jump on any mid next week (would have 544k right now plus whatever Clarke goes up (predicted to rise 14,700).

Can't take Trealor as straight swap for Cogs sadly as hes 12k out of reach. So either miss Whitfield bleed and lock in him now and run the risk of having to wait a few weeks for Clarke to even out with Trealor as a straight swap or jumping on Parker/JKP someone else.


Lock in Trealor and hope that Whitfield bleeds at least 17,900 of the 27,400 hes expected to drop…..

To make it even more trickier (as the above has me saying get Trealor and wait for Whit to bleed) if I do Trealor this week I cop the donut Hore gives me as hes on field for me still. Whereas if I got Whitfield I don't cop a donut for Cogs as I have cover coming in in a rookie for him.


Now you see why my head is stuck on this one haha.


If your playing for rank just get whitters in now if your gonna get a donut
there are plenty mids you can get which will average around the same on the way home
You would need to be bringing in a mid who will average significantly higher than the next best mid to offset this which I doubt will happen seeing as you got all the big mids already


Thanks Sam & John.

Your input and views cement my line of thought.

I really think I prefer Trealor though the donut on Whitfield/Hore hurts.

The other thing that scares me is Whitfield may well go big against the pies as I expect them to smash GWS this week with all their injuries.

If he doesn't bleed enough the move leaves me without Whitfield… (while HIGHLY likely he bleeds 10k it's the IF HE DOESN'T)

The only thing tempting me more is Clarke could go up enough to cover that still to get him and the fact my OP doesn't have cover for Logue either so if he is not back it could work in my favour still being a man down each.

Though then my logic is say I go Whitfield and I can't afford Trealor next week. I'm not sure the next options are as good. JPK is strong though his return from injury scares me. Cunnington, Parker could be options along with Merrett I guess. Duncan too possibly? This is what's more reasonable than if Whitfield goes huge and pulls 150 odd and doesn't bleed I'm stuck looking at say Houli…


Put it this way you cop a 0 to get treloar your gonna lose 100 points we got what 7 games left or something
That means big treloar is gonna have to average over Atleast 10 points more a game than the option you get next week to break even and make up thOes 100 points you lost


Hi Beard…I'd consider Mitch Duncan also…he's only 502 K, had a few low ones lately but he can score.


Thanks Sam! Also thanks rusty.

I completely get it. I just feel trealor is a good choice too and was more concerned with a win and best players then ranking.

That said if you can get Whitfield this week and avoid a donut and take one of jpk, Parker, Cunnington, Duncan, Sloane, green (move danger up), or maybe just maybe luck out with trealor then that’s the right choice maybe. Lol.

I just need to see teams as my opponent is likely without Logue I hope.

Who would you go for rusty?


I'd probably go Sloane or Duncan for safety, Greene could be a great smokey if he keeps playing mid though..risky pick though mate. Cunnington's too much of a tag target these days I reckon.


thanks Rusty again.

Parker? Jpk? Duncan? Trealor?


Probably Treloar then mate, he's scoring pretty well lately, could you get someone like Newman and Treloar or do you have your heart set on Whitfield?
Ultimately go with your gut though.


Will look but why Newman over Whitfield?


Thought you couldn't afford Treloar and Whitfield this week…?…maybe I got it wrong, I think Whitfield could actually benefit a lot from Kelly and cogs out so maybe best to just get him in mate even though his be is 150 or so, he can get that. Newman has a nice 3 round average but that could be short lived


To quote Shrek.

"That'll do dunkley that'll do"<img draggable="false" class="emoji" alt="😅" src="https://s.w.org/images/core/emoji/12.0.0-1/svg/1f605.svg"&gt;

Top work as always .


Going to go full premo* this week with 1 trade left. No point in holding the likes of Chol on the field when I'm playing for rank.

Early moves are Logue & Hately > Taranto & I.Hill

Good luck to everyone for the rest of the season


Haha I like it mate I’m in a similar position either gonna be going with 1 or 2 left in the run home depending on my josh kelly decision


The Herald understands that scans on Coniglio's left knee have cleared him of ACL damage in a major relief for both the 25-year-old and the clubs pursuing his signature. He was awaiting further advice from a surgeon on Monday but is believed to be a strong chance to miss the remainder of the year.


That's good news <img src=&quotcomment image" width="1"/>


Cogs Gone! So stoked i bought him in last week!




Well it's been great starting with you ROB but it's time to go. Raise your bat on the way out.


Nicnat gone for the season..




Jack Ziebell can definitely be added to the villains list!!


Nic Nat's got some kind of Ankle injury, could miss several weeks, heard on abc radio.


Hope so Neil, wonder how he's gone against Hickey in the past?


554,500 for midfield to replace cogs hit me up with your top 3 options


Merrett Duncan M Crouch

The unsullied

Any love for Toby Greene he is expected to take a role in the midfield now according to AFL app, only 420k scored 138 on the weekend, could be a sneaky move if your low on cash.


Looking at him too.

Thinking I could
Move danger up and bring him in?

Then again I’ll likely go one of Cunnington, Merrett, trealor, Duncan, jpk, parker


Which option please:

Goldy & Merrett


Gawn & M Murphy/Henderson


O'Brien & Bont

Thanks in advance


Personally I’d go Gawn and maybe hendo


My only worry is that they have a tough run home


Gawn and Hendo


I'd actually go for Gawny and Murph, he's in hot form at the moment.


With all my mids going down Rowbottom has been a massive prodigy going 70, 99, 93 in his last three


Great pickup Nathan, he started rather badly too didn't he?..you lucked out there mate.


Community if we had to pick who will average more on the run home I have
Neale, Fyfe, cripps, bont, macrae, treloar, Mcrouch
Have kelly on the bench and looking at swapping him to someone to complete my team
I’m thinking rowan Marshall in and swing danger into the guts, or do we reckon another mid will be able to out score rowan on the way home ?


Sounds like a good plan to me Sam, I've had Danger in the mids for ages now with Marshall who's going from strength to strength.


Best of luck for the run home Rocksta, hope all your bodies stay warm and you finish well mate.


G.Birchall could be a great D9 for those who can afford the luxury, Hawks play a lot of early and late games in during the SC finals


You reckon he'll last the rest of the year Dbb?…I might have to trade a defender out this week, don't want Answerth on field again.


I’m keeping Answerth as my D7. Looking at a lot of teams around, not to many have much cover.


Yeah and I'm one of them mate…lost Hore Duursma Logue and Parker in the last 2 weeks, I only have mid cover, sweating on teams this week. Don't wanna trade but might have to.


got logue at D7 but the spud doesn’t look like he will be coming back


Hey john, bummer you don't have 2 left mate…do you have cover for Kelly?…reckon Birchall might be better than any of those defenders you mentioned, any updates on how long Kelly and Hore are out for?


Wait for teams I guess mate…Birchall might be a good option, even if you have left over money.


Is anyone thinking about Zac Merrett

s c tragic

Hately knocked out some nice figures in the magoo's, maybe Cameron will smile on him again, Cogs leaves a handy spot for him.