Cheat Sheet | Pre-round 17

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Apologies Community, it’s been a busy week in the “Statty” household, birthdays and anniversaries and whatnot (maybe a little bit of late night cricket watching), so the cheat sheet is a little late today. But it’s still packed fresh with “supercoach goodness”. In fact it’s technically even fresher.

Thematically, it’s a bit of a repeat of last week. Downgrade targets are purely speculative, and so I haven’t included any. Pick someone cheap and/or someone flexible if you don’t need cover from them. There are a few cheap players getting debuts this week like John Noble at Collingwood and Tyson Stengle at the Crows (Crows debut, played 2 games for Tiges).

The players listed are some A- to B+ premos, who have POD status, or may be a little cheaper. Players like Laird, Kennedy and Treloar are formerly gun SC players who looks like finding some form. And a couple of real PODS (<1% ownership).

Statty Matty.

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Thoughts on Birchall?


He was in my early starting lineup but has he still got it? I remember jock talking about him as a delicate slipper. You could trade off your dirty old boys and get in a beautiful soft silk slipper. But we haven’t had the slippers on for a long time now. Will he still have the soft silky comfort or could have aged poorly in the shoe rack and got a bit stiff and crusty, like an old forgotten moccasin?


You’d want to see him play at least 1 game surely


Thanks again Matty, I wish I got onto Marshall, too late now. What about Quaynor? He looked good. A few others with a week left in the bubble and a few newbies too including Birchall to keep an eye on. A word of warning though , I have gone early on Naish, Hately, Rotham and Gardner and they have not worked out as I needed them too.


Thoughts on Jy Simpkin as a solid pod. Looks to be playing a lot of midfield time and has a good run home. When Shaun Higgins comes back I reckon Shaw will choose to push Ziebell back forward over Simpkin so he keeps the young blood in there? Thoughts?


Can trade Hore to Stewart?
Or other?


Yeah Stewart..or other, maybe show your backline so peeps can evaluate.


Cheers Matty..think I need to get my magnifying glass out though lol


Thanks Matty, Happy Birthday, Anniversary and whatnot btw. 🙂


i know i am the only person who has Gunston and possibly the only person who still has Parker (saints), you would think the SC Gods would see ive suffered enough…

…. or they are trying to tell me something.


I still have Parker and Logue Derek, and Hore last week…this game is fun right?


Seems to be continuing carnage with Louge out after Baker, Garner, Naish, Baker, Young etc admittedly some like Naish a risk with JS. So I have 11 trades and timing my run (with some luck) for league finals. I didnt want a completed team too early and now have 8 trades to use to get ready.


Well that's just the Cherry on top!…my sympathies mate.


Sympathies to both of you – some cruel hits in there. This game is a lot of fun until about round 4!


I enjoy the pre-season team building the best


Sorry community full post here.

Seems to be continuing carnage with Louge out after Baker, Garner, Naish, Baker, Young etc admittedly some like Naish a risk with JS. So I have 11 trades and timing my run (with some luck) for league finals. I didnt want a completed team too early and now have 8 trades to use to get ready.


D Hurn Z Williams Houli Hartlett B Smith Logue Garner Naish
M Macrae Dunkley Martin Cripps Oliver Treloar B Crouch Stack Clarke Bewley Stocker
R Gawn Grundy OBrien
F Dangerfield Heeney Boak Kelly Moore Cameron Choi Young

11 trades 403 800 in the bank

Option 1 Logue and Stack for Sicily and Neale leaving 108 k for next week.
Then next week Obrien and Garner out for Bines and Lloyd.

Option 2 Logue and Obrien for Sicily and Bines
Then Garner and Stack for Lloyd and Stack.

I guess it all depends on the break evens but with Logue out I'm copping a donut and need a league win.

Thoughts please.


With that many trades left you shouldn't be copping a doughnut. Get rid of B Smith to Lloyd ( cheapest he's been all year) and Logue to Sicily which will leave you around 40k and no doughnut. Backline complete then or pick up Whitfield in a couple of weeks.

Next week trade Stack to Neale and trade Bewely to Dunkley. Stack has a low BE as well as Neale so you shouldn't lose to much coin buying neale next week.




Thoughts on Logue and J.Kelly out for Hurn and Quaynor ( via Watson DPP)??

Leaves me with 220k to do final upgrade from Clarke to Premium Mid and 5 Trades??



Hore & Logue @ D5 & D6, plus Jelly in the middle. 5 trades left

Opt 1 – Hore & Logue > Sicily & Short (hope he comes good)
Opt 2 – Hore & Gardner > Sicily & Quaynor – provide some bench depth
Opt 3 – Hore & Jelly > Sicily & Bont. Cop the donut
Opt 4 – Delete team


I feel like I've had similar dilemmas to you before! I'm similar except for Hore but have Logue D6 and no coverage and Jelly.

I just did my numbers and they're guestimates of course but I reckon Logue, Bont (in for Jelly) and Grundy (ROB upgrade) gets me around 255 points. I reckon Birchall, Setterfield and Grundy gets me 265. So for 10 points I'll cop the Logue donut as he may be back and I don't have to risk Birchall as can't afford anyone else decent. And I can't avoid having Grundy anymore!


hey gents, I don't normally post but kinda after some insight:

i have J.Kelly and 10 trades left with $200k in the bank:

Def:Z.Williams, Whitfield,Houli,B.Smith, Duursmas, Answerth Bench: Logue,Naish
Mid:Mcrae,J.Kelly,Fyfe,Cripps,Oliver,Nerale,Rocky,Walsh Bench: Clarke,Hately,Bewley
Rucks: Grundy,Gawn Bench: Sweet
Fwd: Danger,Marshall,Dunkley,Boak,KellymHeeney Bewnch: Chol,Young

I can easily do Louge to Sicily and Kelly to Bont, or do i Hold Kelly till finals?



100% do those trades. With 10 left you are laughing


You are stacked with trades so I'd trade. But if you can make finals no matter what then holding Jelly could give you a massive advantage. It's what I'd be doing but I need to keep winning to make sure I'm in the finals.