Who’s Your Captain? – Round 17: Community Edition

Published by Damo on

This week due to time constraints I’ve been unable to construct the usual “Who’s Your Captain” article. So I handed it over to you with some but not a lot of success.

I’ll start this article by saying I’m going Brodie Grundy into Marcus Bontempelli.

The last time Grundy played against the Eagles, and Nic Naitanui, he scored an 81. They’re both very different players now for varying reasons which I’m sure you can all figure out.

Grundy has only gone below 100 twice this season and it’s almost admitting defeat if you don’t at least put the VC on him.

Bontempelli on the other hand is just in good form, averaging 128.3 over his last three matches. Furthermore has only dropped below 110 once when playing at Marvel Stadium. He also scored 128 last time he played the Demons.

So, as I said, I handed it over to you.

So what did you say?

Our very own Kev likes my Grundy idea!

Dangerfield very popular despite usually well held against St Kilda, but I don’t mind the pick. Averaging 129.8 over his last 5 games, so he might just be a good in form pick, like my Bontempelli captaincy.

Todd Goldstein against a ruckless Essendon is also a very good option for vice-captaincy.

So, community, who are you going with this week? Who’s your captain?

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Lewis Lewis

Will probably go boring old grundy into gawn, If gawn gets up this week i'd expect him to go big against the doggies


I'm a little worried that with McDonald out that Preuss plays and shares the ruck duties. Gawn might play forward a fair bit.


Looking of going Fyfe (expecting him to bounce back big) into Bont or Mcrae, but if he's named what do people think of Cripps as a VC smokey? Two weeks out, he could come out and go massive, especially on a small ground like the SCG where there should be a lot of stoppages


Too hard this week. Not sure about Grundy or Gawn, so maybe – Cripps or Sloane into any one of Macrae/Oliver/Dunkley or Boak πŸ™‚


Grundy is a given VC, and gawn had a whopping 151 5 round average before his injury last week.

Picking a midfielder is hit or miss

Great fact hunt

Think you need to look at the weather. Either mud larks or don’t take anyone at mcg as it will be pretty wet.


Vc has to be grundy.

Tossing up between fyfe danger and gawn (pending fitness) for C. Most likely gawn.


Josh Kelly is out and this week's match up is a must win in my cash league (two weeks after that are easybeats but I need all 3 wins to guarantee a spot in the finals).
I have 7 trades left and had planned to downgrade ROB then bring in Hurn and Whitfield. Then I'll be full premo.
But it's now or never so Kelly has to go. Very annoying because of I could just get through this week I'd win the next two games with Kelly on the pine and have him back for SC finals.
I'm thinking Kelly to Sloane and ROB down this week. The n Logue and Answerth to Hurn and Whitfield next week.
This will leave me with only 3 trades for the finals and probably no def bench cover.

My only other option is to hold Kelly and hope that I still win this week with Clarke from Essendon on field instead. AND hope Kelly is only out 3 weeks.
What do you think my best option is?


Hiya Steve…I thing you need to go for it, Kelly out, Sloane in, 3 trades for the finals should be ok as long as mega-carnage doesn't hit. Kelly could be easily out for more than 3 weeks.
Clarke's been disappointing after his hot 2 game start, Sloane could net you an extra 50 points +


Thanks mate I think so too. I have come up with one more option, would love to know your thoughts.
With Logue now out I can afford him to Stewart and Jelly to Dylan Shiel. This will give me a very good chance to win this week. Downside is in the long run Shiel and Stewart are not as strong as Hurn and Sloane obviously…
Will still end up with 3 trades although this method will also give me cover across all lines (whereas otherwise I'd have no cover in defence).


Hey mate, yeah I don't mind that option at all, Bombers have a pretty good run home too, and Shiel has a nice 3 round average.
Stewart is very dependable, and I think cover is probably the most important thing to have at the pointy end..we usually end up needing to use it.
I think my season could be screwed soon so I probably shouldn't be giving advice lol


Nah really appreciate it, helps to bounce ideas off someone. Hope your season turns around!


Cheers mate, Season's going pretty well, my trade situation is desperate though.


See how Clarke goes on Saturday afternoon first


That's a good idea thanks Derek could do that. Food for thought.


Thinking Grundy into Danger this week, Danger seems to be ramping up his scoring at the right time, hopefully won't have to use him though.


Goldy into Danger or Macrae I'm thinking


Grundy into Gawn even if Gawn plays less ruck it’s still against the Bulldogs and he may only need 50% game time to pump out a 120 against English


Has anyone got any injury updates on Daniels? Not sure if I should flog him for Heeney or ride out the next 2 weeks.


Cripps into Gawn at this point..


Looking at how ruckman have scored against English surely you can't go past Gawn?

Rick Grimes

Will he play? Is he 100% If Pruess plays will it eat into hit ceiling. There's a bit of risk.


Daniel is out for another 3, and run risk of him returning un prepared if any earlier. Sit him if you can afford too for this week and swap for Dunkley next round. His break even is huge so his price is still declining. By next week itll be a straight swap




I am Groot


I have Dunkley.

It would be Heeney, Hawkins, Cameron,
Ziebell if I move Daniels?


Tomahawk Into Neale… The big boy is due.. And I think the saints may cop it.


So…Neale then.


Hey community currently ranked 429, What should my priority be this week, with 8 trades remaining.

Trade Brodie Smith to Hurn


Trade Lycett (Who i got in for gawn last week) back to Gawn

The second option would also allow me to go Smith to Whitfield next week after his price drop



We are LIVE at: https://www.twitch.tv/lekdoggames

Come and talk #supercoach


Oliver and heeney in for Daniels and kelly?

Or hold them both?

I’m too in my league. I can afford to lose. Though my issue is if I skip heeeny and Oliver now they might jump behind my ability to buy!


If you have the trades mate, I think do it, I think Daniel is out for longer now and Kelly could be too, he is at the Giants and their injuries can drag out longer from history.


3 trades rusty. It would be me done.

Hore jelly and Daniels out with sicily/Whitfield, Olivier/Cunnington, heeney in?

Or I eat then till finals and make a move then. The only fear is that heeeney and sicily and Oliver jump so much it’s not an option!


ill be vicing grundy, into goldy hopefully


Thoughts on the Sloane ranger as the C if Grundy fails? Reckon he's set for a big one after the sides poor showing last week.


Like it


Do we think a 137 is enough to take as C from Grundy or risk gawn McRae or someone else getting a bigger score?

Count OnMax

I am neck and neck with two of my three opponents. I will be rolling the dice and keeping the C on Gawn in the hope he out scores Grundy’s 137.

Or could go Oliver ….. or McCrae….. Bugga … now I’ve confused myself !!!

If things weren’t so close for me I would be keeping the 137