Heroes, Villains and The Damned: Round 16

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Are we sure we’re not out of the byes, community? There were plenty of teams with Cripps, Whitfield, Boak, Gawn and Daniel all missing, with Josh Kelly also looking like he’ll miss weeks with a calf injury.


In a seesawing event on Friday night, James Sicily (141) had a great middle half to end the match as the highest scoring Hawk. He was on 11 at quarter time, and 134 at 3 quarter time, meaning 123 of his points were scored in the second and third quarters. He had 28 touches and 14 marks off the half back, whilst also going at 92% efficiency. Brodie Grundy (145) had an even contest in the ruck for most of the day with Ben McEvoy, but as the game opened up the big Pie got more influential, ending with 34 hit outs and 18 disposals. He also got his fair share of free kicks, which boosted his score nicely. Darcy Moore (103) was handy for those who still have the Pies’ swingman, as he finished with 21 touches off half back.

Jake Lloyd (122) had another 30+ disposal game for the Swans, gathering 32 touches and eight marks. He went at 75%, which is still good but a bit low by his standards. Josh P. Kennedy (118) had 35 disposals in the loss, with 20 of them being contested. Dylan Shiel (123) had 29 touches, and could’ve had three goals if it weren’t for his wayward kicking. He used the ball pretty well, going at 75% disposal efficiency, while David Zaharakis (112) had 22 touches at 72%. He also managed three goals in the tight win.

Jason Castagna (143) took full advantage of the despondent Suns, and slotted five goals from 18 touches. Trent Cotchin (126) got in on the action with two goals from 27 disposals, while Kane Lambert (126), Dion Prestia (125) and Shai Bolton (122) all had monster games with 78 disposals and six goals between them. David Swallow (118) stood up for the Suns with 30 disposals and a goal, but didn’t have much help anywhere else.

Justin Westhoff (125) has come back into the Port side in sizzling fashion, with a great 23 disposal, 16-mark game. He also snagged a goal and went at 82% disposal efficiency in the upset Showdown win. Darcy Byrne-Jones (121) had 31 disposals and 11 marks coming off the half back flank, while Showdown Medal winner Robbie Gray (110) had 35 disposals, but used it at 60% efficiency. Scott Lycett (109) wasn’t as prolific against a decent ruckman in RoB, but still had 19 disposals and 32 hit outs. He also managed a goal when he snuck forward.

Marcus Bontempelli (146) had a great game in the upset win over Geelong. He had 27 disposals and a late goal, but also received 7 free kicks that helped him along the way. Lachie Hunter (132) had 32 disposals and went at 75% efficiency, while Jack Macrae (116) had 34 touches and used it pretty well, too. Patrick Dangerfield (146) is in some seriously good form at the moment. Only the 23 disposals, but he kicked two goals, laid seven tackles, and used it very well. He tried putting the Cats on his back, but he needed help and didn’t get any. Tom Stewart (103) was good with 24 disposals and 10 marks, but he missed a shot at goal late in the game, which would’ve boosted his score.

Brad Sheppard (131) won the Medal with a great performance. He had 25 disposals, took seven marks and used it pretty well, while Chris Masten (120) would’ve felt robbed with his 25 disposal, one goal effort. Luke Shuey (109) and Andrew Gaff (106) both gathered plenty of it as well, but neither used the ball that well (53% and 65% respectively).

Clayton Oliver (158) went big in the tight tussle against the Blues. He had 26 touches and 11 tackles, as well as 10 clearances. 19 of his 26 disposals were contested as well. Brayden Preuss (140) was a late in for Gawn, and he filled his role admirably with 44 hit outs and 14 disposals. Tom MacDonald (139) snagged six goals and was the saviour for the Dees, but he hurt his knee in the third quarter and didn’t return.

Matthew Kreuzer (142) was massive in the contest with Preuss. His stats weren’t as impressive (17 disposals and 24 hit outs), but his presence and clearance work was top notch. 13 of his 17 disposals were contested. Jack Silvagni (109) spent the first half in the midfield gathering disposals, and the second half up forward where he snagged three goals.

Todd Goldstein (148) and Rowan Marshall (126) had a tight tussle in the ruck, with the points being split evenly. Goldy had 39 hit outs to go with his 16 disposals, while Marshall had 31 hit outs, 20 disposals and a goal. Jack Billings (144) had a day out with 35 disposals, while Josh Bruce (138) slotted six goals from his 17 disposals. Jack Ziebell (126) had two goals from his 24 disposals and eight clearances, while Jy Simpkin (125) had 36 disposals in a nice fortnight of football for him. He also kicked the first goal of the game, and had 21 contested possessions for the day.


Ricky Henderson (35) was kept very quiet against the Magpies, with the wingman only gathering twelve touches. When he did have it, he used it unusually poorly as well, going at 58% efficiency. James Worpel (71) had 23 touches, but used it at 47%, which really hindered his efforts. He spent plenty of time on the wing, which was strange, especially since he’s been one of the Hawks best inside mids this season.

Zach Merrett (59) was poor with only 18 touches at 66% efficiency for the day. He only laid the one tackle, and took two marks in a quiet game by his standards. A late surge from Zach protected his score from finishing below 40. Callum Mills (60) has been in decent form recently but lowered his flag on Saturday, with only 14 touches for the day, while Luke Parker (97) started superbly but was tagged after half time, curbing his influence.

Bachar Houli (87) has been quiet the last couple of weeks, and that continued with 24 disposals off the halfback. He only took the two marks, which is down on his average, but he used it pretty well. Dustin Martin (78) was tagged for the night, and restricted to 18 disposals, while almost every Sun was disappointing, most notably Brayden Fiorini (55) as he only managed 19 disposals at 52% efficiency; way down on his regular production rate.

In a week where Gawn was injured and was looking likely to miss going into Saturday, many relied on Reilly O’Brien (79) to put up a big score, but was kept quieter than usual with 20 disposals and 27 hit outs. He only went at 55% efficiency as well, which hurt. Wayne Milera (52) had four shots at goal but only converted once, which didn’t help his score. Hamish Hartlett (59) baited a LOT of people this week, but didn’t produce with only 17 disposals and not much else. He was always a danger but for some reason people thought he was a lock. Travis Boak (0) is slotting in here for the reason that he was a late, LATE out in the showdown. I’m talking as they’re doing the toss it was reported. So rude, Travis. You better score 200 next week.

Tim Kelly (74) was disappointing after starting on fire. He kicked the first goal of the match and had 8 disposals in less than 20 minutes, but only ended with 21 touches. Gary Ablett jnr (68) played deep forward for most of the match and only had 11 touches, while Mitch Duncan (58) barely got his hands on it either; only 19 disposals for him.

Nat Fyfe (76) copped a knock and was sore, but played out the game with 21 disposals at 47% efficiency. He was down on his usual numbers, but hopefully can get himself sorted for next week. Connor Blakely (66) was quiet with only 12 disposals, while Luke Ryan (67) also had limited disposals. He managed 13, but didn’t do too much more. Elliott Yeo (76) was quiet in the big win, with only 20 poorly used touches. He did lay 7 tackles and kick a goal, but when you’re disposal efficiency is at 50%, you’re going to cop a poor score.

Sam Petrevski-Seton (63) was disappointing after copping a rev-up from Lek in the podcast. He only managed 17 touches for the day.

Ben Cunnington (89) was tagged but still managed 24 disposals. His efficiency was good, at 87%, but he was largely kept out of it. Shane Savage (64) only had 17 disposals, but every one of them were effective.


Jack Gunston (50) has had a year to forget, and his efforts on Friday night is yet another disappointing performance for the once-heralded Hawk. 11 disposals for the night to go with yet another goalless match, Gunston is finding himself in trade discussions purely for the reason that his form has dried up.

If you still have Gryan Miers (19), Tom Atkins (44), Zak Butters (55), Connor Rozee (58), or Xavier Duursma (66), it’s time to hit that trade button, and cash in before they all lose you significant coin.

Another day, another Damned for Angus Brayshaw (76). Any danger of him having a ripper game? Only 15 touches for the Demon. Marty Hore (3) also broke his collarbone, so if you still have him, flick him.


Jack Crisp (99) was influential with 26 touches and nine marks against the Hawks. His season has been rarely talked about in a SuperCoach sense, purely because he hasn’t been a top-tier option. He had a barren run of seven games without a ton, but since scoring the 109 against Bulldogs, he has averaged 102.3 in his last three with two scores of 99 in consecutive weeks.

Mitch Lewis (80) spent a few weeks in the reserves before getting the call up to play Collingwood, and his last quarter helped significantly to drag the Hawks over the line. He kicked two goals from 16 disposals and seven marks (5 contested), and was a big reason the Hawks got up. He hasn’t redeemed himself in a pure SuperCoach sense, but he’s redeemed himself as a genuine lead up option for the Hawks.

Isaac Heeney (134) is quickly becoming the player we expected him to be all season. He had plenty of midfield time against the Bombers, with 33 touches, 10 marks and three tackles. His score would’ve been huge if he didn’t give away four free kicks or miss two shots at goal, including one with less than a minute left. Averaging 114 since the bye, Heeney is looking like he’s going to have a huge part to play in Sydney’s midfield late in the season.

Toby McLean (101) came back into the side after copping the axe, and Beveridge alluded to potential midfield minutes for him. Well, he received plenty of them, and he took advantage of that with 23 disposals for the night. With Liberatore out, he might sneak into the midfield more often now, and could be a really cheap option in the forward line.


Preseason prodigy Isaac Quaynor (82) finally got his chance to debut on Friday night. Sporting a new hairdo, Quaynor quickly gave everyone a glimpse at the reason why he was touted so highly. He only had 18 touches off the half back flank, but seven of those disposals were contested and he showed plenty of poise for a bloke who hasn’t played at that level yet. He hopefully holds his spot for the rest of the year and gives us a downgrade option. Ollie Hanrahan (85) played his second game for the Hawks, and showed significant improvement on his first game last week. He snagged two goals from sixteen touches, but was a lot more lively around the ground, rather than just in the forward fifty.

Nick Blakey (55) slotted the first goal for the day, but missed two shots from his remaining nine disposals for the rest of the day. FanFooty rewarded Zac Clarke (38) for his efforts today with a potato emoji, in an effort to represent his poor display. He only had five touches for the game, and many of his 25 hit outs were ineffective.

Sydney Stack (106) had a huge game for the Tigers, with 19 disposals at 78% as well as a goal. He’s been a great contributor for both Richmond and our SuperCoach sides. Derek Smith (77) debuted for the Tigers, and he himself had 19 disposals at 78% too. He unfortunately didn’t kick a goal, but played pretty well in a good side. It’ll be interesting to see if he can hold his position until next week when they’re playing an AFL standard team.

Jarrod Cameron (84) played his third game, and despite only having 7 touches, Cameron managed to have an influence in the wet with four goals. He didn’t use it poorly once, and his score will increase nicely after that effort. Griffin Logue (50) only managed the nine touches as he was swung forward and back throughout the match.

Kyle Dunkley (58) debuted for the Demons, and was shaping up as a really nice prospect with 40 at half time. Unfortunately, he barely added to his score in the second half. It’d be good to see him get another game.

Nick Hind (46) started well with a strong first half, but he fell away. He kicked a goal and only had six disposals.

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Is Oliver Hanrahan a suitable downgrade option…


We'll talk about all the DG options on the pod tonight, he should be an ok option…who are you downgrading to him?


Parker (Saints) or Setterfield!


Setterfield might be a good keeper for the run home, he's been quite consistent for a rookie in the last 5 weeks… Parker isn't really though.


Thinking the same. Setterfield to Hanrahan


Highest score of the week 2759 from Bec FC, 17 tons, a 98 and a 97…talk about getting it right for the week!
All heroes in that team, she moved up 7000 odd places into the top 1000, I never have weeks like that LOL


Especially when she kept Cripps sitting on the pine.




Lady luck she plays a part.


Missing guns

300 point swing right there.

But good on her – cracking score..


Lost h2h by 6 bloody points.
Sitting 13th in h2h but 7th in my league's overall pts.
Daniel + Hore -> Sicily + Dunkley

Going sicily because i'm short on cash for either ryan or stewart.
Fingers crossed for this week.


Bad luck CC


Heeney or zibell lads?


I’m going Heeney this week


Heeney I reckon



Higgins will be back and might effect Ziebel

Jon Gastev

Robbie Gray better than both


Heeney for me ..


For any Rotham holders he was named BOG in their win against Peel. It would not surprise me for Simpson to get some games into him to add some depth for finals injuries as a replacement for Nelson who’s now had a few weeks at it.


Thoughts on going early on Logue to Sicily this week? D6 is my last upgrade (aside from still carrying Brayshaw) and for the $ it seems like the right move, and the only one of value i can afford.


Sicily is outstanding value. Snap him up


2100s this week. Season is a shambles with a rank at 16K.

J.Cameron the villain. Copped the donut from Boak + Hore on field.

Will move Hore to Hurn and play Logue at D6 with 4 trades left

The Ranger

Surely bloody Witherden needs to be on that Damned list?
I had him onfield rather than Answerth.
I was hoping he'd break out this year but he started at 455K and is now 340K with a 5rd av of 59. Yuk.
Lions fans…has he had a role change or something?


So I'm 20k-30k short on Sic & Heeney this week coming in for Hore & Daniels.

I'm thinking Heeney in his week and waiting a week for Hore to go. It would mean I can see if Whitfield gets up and explodes then fine I can pull the trigger on him by culling a cow. If he looks shakey, doesn't get up I can jump on Sicily before he skyrockets?

Otherwise I go Sicily & Hof or someone 30-40k cheaper then Heeney?
Thoughts on logic?


Just looked could do Hawkins/westhoff/Cameroon and Sicily as direct swaps?

Or do I go for heeney and Whitfield?


Hi Beard, If you don't have Ruck cover but do have Bines Westy could come in handy


Hey rusty unfortunately I already culled rob and nines is stuck at f8.

Can’t burn a trade moving him.

My head says heeney and Whitfield are best options? Though is heeney/Whitfield worth an extra trade for say sicily and westhoff/Hawkins?


TMac done for the season with a knee Neil, no good was just hitting form.


Thoughts pls community; Dylan Clarke out James Sicily in?


Why not Binga..can't go wrong there.


My backline when @ full strength will be Lloyd,Whitfield,Hurn,Laird,Stewart and Sicily.

What do you think?


Nice mate..hell of a lot better than my back line lol


What's yours?? So do u like my trades this week


Mine still has Duursma and logue in it, other lines are finished but Hore went down last week and now I'm low on trades.
Yeah love that trade mate, Clarke hasn't proven to be anything special and Sicily was brilliant last week playing back again.


Should I do any other trades… my side before the Sicily trade

6 trades left and 480.9k in the bank..

Hurn,Laird,Lloyd Whitfield,Stewart and Logue. (Answerth and T.Watson) Macrae,Neale,M.Crouch,Sloane,Rockliff,Ablett, Clarke and Bewley (Wicks,Setterfield,Scott)
Grundy and Gawn (Bines)
Dangerfield, Kelly, Boak Heeney, Moore and Billings (Gardner and Jarrod Cameron)

Answerth goes into the mids for Clarke and Logue becomes D7.


How would people rank these 4 in order of who will score most for the rest of the season:



Sloane, Jpk, Duncan, merrett


Sucked in by Hartlett do I keep or Trade


May as well hold at least for another week, he got 130 and 91 before the 59.


Money is tight for final forward upgrade, who do we recommend out of Hawkins, Cameron, Mundy and McLean?


Robbie Gray


If Preuss stays in now he'll be there for T-Mac won't he Neil?..with a bit of pinch hitting in the ruck.

Jon Gastev

Gawn is a ruckman and nothing else.. no way he is a KPF at AFL level….

Jon Gastev

NDD – Things is though there are no longer any forwards who just play out of the square!!! The days of Lockett, Dunstall etc are long gone…

Also reality is why would you play the best tap ruckman in the AFL out of the square!!


Like it


I am in the deep deep deep murky waters of the ocean. Trying to figure out how to get back to the surface. 5 trades left and with a complete squad. The Likes of Brayshaw, Sidebottom, Hawkins are really costing me greatly! I also have Josh Kelly with Hatley and Clarke, Dunkley (Got him before his first game last week) as backup. What to do??

Was thinking to hold Josh Kelly, trade out clarke and brayshaw to get in neale. Is this a wise move? Currently sitting 8th on the ladder and only in on percentage.


Kelly missing minimum 3 games now, might have to burn another one.


Bite the bullet MM and hit that trade button!