SuperCoach Panic Room: Round 16

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The bye rounds may be officially over but we still had some round 15 wobbles to remind us all that the SuperCoach Gods are vengeful little S.O.B’s that care not for our post bye rounds rankings charge. Danger, Maxy, and LLLLLLLLloyd all had weeks to forget and we need to consider this a warning folks, our premiums have been running around for almost 4 months. The general soreness starts to kick in and those little niggles start to turn into 1-2 weeks on the sidelines. There’s still potentially eight weeks left to go if you make it to a league grand final, don’t trade unless you need to.

Patch returned from his secret*, illegal** offshore dealings in the Cayman Islands in time for the podcast this week and let me just say thank GOD he is back. Lek smells bad, and Damo wants something but I don’t know what.

*Oh, crap! I shouldn’t have said it was a secret.

Damo’s true form

Patch and Lek discussed all things good this week in the podcast. Damo’s captain smokey last week, Scott Lycett, went HAM last week and busted out a casual 165SC. Get his picks for this week here. Matty has changed up the cheat sheet this week with some sneaky POD’s that can get you a leg up on the competition. 

**Oh, crap! I certainly shouldn’t have said it was illegal.

The News

Plenty happening this week at the selection table. Rocky is back for Port after a 74 week hamstring injury (slight exaggeration, but feels that way). Justin Westhoff and his ruck/forward swing makes a timely return. Sandiballs will play his first game in over a year. Lachie Whitfield is on an extended bunch. Still no Patrick Cripps, but Max Gawn and Patrick Dangerfield have been named and if Sunday teams are kind to us we could have up to six new rookie downgrades available in the coming weeks.

For tonight, Ben McEvoy will be solo rucking after Jono Ceglar was dropped. Pinchy Stratton makes his return after suspension. Jamie Elliot is back after a long injury layoff and popular preseason rookie Isaac Quaynor (DEF – 153.3k) will make his debut.   

On Saturday, Essendon continue their bizarre selection choices by dropping Kyle Langford and Josh Begley. Zac Clarke will replace Tom Bellchambers in the ruck. Sydney have chosen not to replace the injured Callum Sinclair with another ruck, instead recalling Harry Cunningham. Gold Coast have chopped Will Brodie despite a solid run of games. Josh Corbett gets another chance. The Tigers have another rookie debut in running halfback Derek Eggmolesse-Smith (DEF – 102.4k)

There are 7 changes between Adelaide and Port Adelaide for Showdown XLVII. Josh Jenkins is back after that terrible looking knee injury against Richmond, Wayne Milera is back and Bryce Gibbs has been dropped again. Karl Amon and Dougal Howard join Rocky and Westhoff for the Power, bubble boy Peter Ladhams is among the outs. In the Derby out west, Rory Lobb joins Aaron Sandilands amongst ins. Brett Bewley has been dropped and Sean Darcy “managed” (dropped). There will be no Mark Hutchings tag and Jeremy McGovern is straight back in after his week off. No changes for the Cats for their game against the Dogs, Toby McLean replaces the injured Caleb Daniel

On Sunday, Charlie Curnow will miss for the Blues with injury and Oskar Baker has been dropped by the Dees. Matthew Cottrell (MID/FWD – 102.4k) and Hugh Goddard (DEF – 159k) are in the squad. Brayden Preuss has been named in case Maxy doesn’t get up in time. There’s also a possible debut for Kyle Dunkley (MID – 102.4k). North Melbourne will have at least one change after Kyron Hayden’s season ending injury. Mid season draftee, Lachlan Hosie (FWD – 102.4k), is on an extended bench. Curtis Taylor (MID/FWD – 117.3k) could play his second game. The Saints have added four names without a confirmed out as yet. For the last game of the round, Shane Mumford will miss for the Giants, Matthew Flynn (RUC – 123.9k) and Dawson Simpson have been named. Jake Stein (DEF – 123.9k) could return and Ian Hill (MID/FWD – 117.3k) could debut. At the Lions, former Dog Marcus Adams has again been named in the squad.  

The House of Evil

These rookies come with a free frogurt! (that’s good)

These premiums come with Potassium Benzoate (that’s bad)

Can I go now? (Trade bait)

Smooth Kevy’s Lock of the Week

Caleb Daniel is the 5th most popular premium forward and he needs to be replaced this week after a ‘moderate grade’ hamstring injury against Port will sideline him for the next 3-4 weeks. The silver lining here was the injury came in the 4th quarter and he’d put up 88SC in that time, meaning his price didn’t plummet. Priced at 532k, only fellow Dog Josh Dunkley may be out of reach but you can sideways to another top 10 forward for as little as 19k (Tim Kelly).  

But should you get a little funky to generate cash AND keep up decent output? It may only net you 21k, but Jack Ziebell is averaging 111SC since Rhyce Shaw took over coaching duties at the club. You can be confident hell keep his midfield role until the end of the year. If you listened to the podcast this week, Lek frothed all over Sam Petreski-Seton. Owned by less than 3,000 coaches, he is averaging 105 since David Teague arrived and a trade to him will net you 88.9k. 

Hey Now, You’re a Draftstar

After a uhh, less than ideal opinion about Shaun McKernan last week being an absolute Draftstars spud (which he is Patch, fight me!) I’ll be avoiding Essendon games now that Tom Bellchambers is injured and a I refuse to have Shaun in my lineups. It’s a double Derby round this week, let’s head west and look at West Coast facing off against Fremantle.


Tom Hickey (FWD / 9.8k) still managed to put up 77DS on the back of 21 hitouts and 7 tackles last week against the Hawks despite sharing ruck duties with Nic Nat (11.5k). Fremantle have conceded 89DS to rucks this season and 99DS over the past month, so a double ruck stack is in play in you want to go in that direction.   

However, there’s a wrinkle in these plans. Those numbers don’t take into account the return of Aaron Sandilands (10.9k), so both these guys may get less of the hitouts they did last week. Nic Nat only had 6 disposals last week, if he’s not winning the hitouts his score will suffer. Rory Lobb (FWD / 11.8k) is also in the team, so I’m not real interested in playing a Fremantle ruck until I see how their partnership works out.


Both sides have had their issues containing medium forwards this year and both sides have a bunch. Sam Switkowski (7.6k) only has one goal to his name in the past month but averages 60 in that time. Switta gets his numbers from tackling, so if he can jag a goal or two he’ll push that 70-80 mark. I’ve enjoyed playing Jamie Cripps (10k) these past few weeks, he brings 80 point upside and has topped that mark in 4 of his 6 games at Optus this year. Michael Walters (MID / 13.5k) and his massive ceiling is always in play. Liam Ryan (8.8k) spent more time up the ground last week with Jarrod Cameron and Willie Rioli taking crumbing duties and is in play again this week if those two stay in the team.

Jack Darling (9.9k) and Josh Kennedy (8.4k) *could*be fantastic value. Or they *could* both tank spectacularly. Slot one in if you’re feeling brave or both if you’re an absolute madman.    


As was the case with medium forwards, both sides have let medium defenders get off the hook this year. West Coast in particular have conceded huge points to Lachie Whitfield (133), Tow Stewart (124), and Jake Lloyd (149). Luke Ryan (11.1k) has a massive ceiling when he gets going, and then there’s Connor Blakely (MID / 11.7k). Is he back? (in Pog form). He’s had 6 games now since returning from injury and picked up 31 touches and 5 marks against the Blues. Shannon Hurn (13.7k) hasn’t tonned up for a month but brings 120+ point upside. 

If you’re looking to be a bit sneaky and save a bit of dosh at the same time, both sides are in the top 5 when it comes to conceding points to key backs. This brings Jeremy McGovern (9.8k), Tom Barrass (9.4k), and Griffin Logue (8.8k) into play.  


Mitch Crowden (5.7k) will play his first game of the year. A “Lachie Neale clone” in the words of Damo, he probably won’t get a lot of midfield time but his tackling form in the WAFL is outrageous. He’s had 59 in the past 6 weeks and if he can bring that to the big stage he’ll hit value.  Darcy Tucker (9.9k) is having a great time following Nat Fyfe around and getting some easy touches. Chasing a Chris Masten (8.2k) junk game is a pain so I’m not doing it this week (watch him do just this as soon as I don’t pick him).

From here it’s trying to jam in as many guns as you can. A Jack Redden (13.5k) ceiling game is a beautiful thing. His past 3 against Freo? 127, 133, 124. Minus his concussion affected score in round 3, Nat Fyfe (15k) averages a ridiculous 115 at Optus so far this year and will enjoy not having Mark Hutchings breathing down his neck. Andrew Gaff (16k) averages an even more ridiculous 122 at the venue so far this year. Elliot Yeo (14.9k) gives a greater ceiling at a cheaper price than Gaff, however he doesn’t share the same level of consistency.   


Saritz · 05/07/2019 at 11:59

If Maxy gets up and Lycett is locked into my ruck line I am potentially leaving a lot of points on the bench. I have up until tomorrow afternoon, when the port game begins to decide. I assume many are in the same position. So if anyone has any in- the-know info either way on Gawn, could you please, please, PLEASE let the community know. Thanks!!

    TelescopicCox · 05/07/2019 at 12:06

    Sounds like Maxy is training tomorrow morning with the Port game at the twighlight spot. Hopefully we know before kick off if Max is out

      Saritz · 05/07/2019 at 18:05

      Anyone who is attending this training, can they please drop us a line on here of how he looks! Cheers

    Swans2012 · 05/07/2019 at 12:23

    Hate to break it to you saritz but even if he is a 90% chance of being out chances are they will keep it under wraps until the late changes come out, even if it is only to keep the opposition guessing.

      SC_Kev7 · 05/07/2019 at 12:35

      Agree with Swans. Goodwin was good on his word to give Maxy ever possible chance to get up so that's a positive. He's not GWSing us by giving bogus injury news. It's a swelling thing rather than structural or bone bruising. All we can do is hope 🤞

TelescopicCox · 05/07/2019 at 12:17

Plenty of ways I can go this week. With 2 trades I'll be down to 5 trades left:

1. O.Baker & Hore > Sloane & Stewart. Logue only rook left at D6 but no cash in bank. Cop a donut from Gawn too
2. Begley & O.Baker > Chol & Lycett. Move Danger to M8, with Lycett becoming my F6. Hore & Logue only rooks on field
3. Begley & O.Baker > Z.Clarke & Sloane. Leaves we with $144,200 to upgrade my defenders over the coming weeks.

    SC_Kev7 · 05/07/2019 at 12:41

    Like option two assuming you've got a R/F swing at R3 for Lycett in case Gawn is out. Chol's js beyond this week looks shaky but you never know, Dimma has been good with rewarding the form of rookies this year

      TelescopicCox · 05/07/2019 at 13:07

      Yep Kev I've got Bines to swing with Lycett for a week. Option 2 is the way I'm leaning as it covers Gawn and allows Whitfield to hopefully drop in price before jumping on

Swans2012 · 05/07/2019 at 12:43

That’s it I’m bringing in Clarke, means I have to shelve the brayshaw to jpk trade indefinately (I hate you brayshaw) but I reckon Clarke at r3 will be worth the trade by seasons end….

Mikeee · 05/07/2019 at 13:50

Thank you as usual! <img src="; width="1"/>

    SC_Kev7 · 05/07/2019 at 14:55

    Thanks for reading, Mikeee!

Connor · 05/07/2019 at 14:14

1. Take a risk with Daniel >> Ziebell and have Wilkie / Logue on field (potential to get Dunkley later)

2. Trade Daniel >> Stewart and have Setterfield on field

    SC_Kev7 · 05/07/2019 at 14:58

    Z for ceiling, Stewart for consistency. Logue only had two marks against the Blues and still managed 67. If that's his floor I'll keep him on field until Whitfield bottoms out

hedski · 05/07/2019 at 14:26

Gary Rohan as emergency has me wondering if Danger will be a late out.
Still deciding who to bring in for Daniel, Lycett and swing him up for Gawn cover or Boak and take the possible Gawn donut.
Either way I think I'll end up copping a zero.

    dontblushbaby · 05/07/2019 at 14:59

    Danger said himself yesterday that he is right to play

    Swans2012 · 05/07/2019 at 17:15

    I’m concerned as well hed, i think he’ll play but I’ve sent him up to the mids to cover Cripps (via setterfield) where if he’s a late out I’ve got plenty of cover just in case…

Sarah · 05/07/2019 at 15:17

Lycett or Marshall?

Michele · 05/07/2019 at 15:33

So I’ve got a dilemma. I think I’m happy to run with the Gawn donut as most would. However I’m not sure whether to cull Dylan Moore. Not any options apart from jarrod Cameron really?? I have brought in Chol for bailey Scott….finally….that was via dpp in Setterfield. I’m not sure on how long the groin injury is for Moore.
Should I wait another week to assess other rookies or should I trade Moore out now for Cameron.

Note: only have one more upgrade to make in the midfield and have 9 trades left after the Scott trade.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated 🙂

James Sykes · 05/07/2019 at 16:07

so i have 5 trades left with zero trades done this week.

settlefield and R Young as my bench cover forward, $700 in the bank.

G Logue sitting at D6 and the last on field upgrade needed.

Do I need to chase Chol? I worry about his JS.

Also, should I have the spare ribs or buffalo wings while watching the footy?

    Derek · 05/07/2019 at 16:45

    you need to have warm bodies, giving you bench cover and cash generation.

    Young is very cold. I would take the punt on Young to Chol, he should be good for a few weeks min and will make enough cash quickly to help get Logue to a premium

    i had the 1/2 wings and 1/2 ribs at the Crest last night watching the cricket, i found the wings a bit spicy

    Russty_ · 05/07/2019 at 17:43

    Haha Buffalo Wings James!…spice things up a bit in case the game is crap.

    AuroraBorealis?! · 05/07/2019 at 18:28

    Screw wings James, i recently found out that Hungry Jack's delivers and have now contributed quite a few dollars to their revenue. Bacon deluxe beats all 😉

      hedski · 05/07/2019 at 18:32

      The missus is cooking a roast….bang

    Hazey1977 · 05/07/2019 at 18:32

    The answer to your last question is both

G.C. · 05/07/2019 at 16:56

Hello again community, feels like my awful luck (or skill?) at picking rookies all year has caught up to me. Not many trades, not much cash.

$49,800 Bank, 7 Trades left (before this week)

DEF: Lloyd, Hurn, Williams, Sicily, Crisp, Hore (Logue, Gardner)
MID: Cripps, Fyfe, Neale, M. Crouch, Oliver, Bont, Clarke (Bewley, O. Baker, Gibbons)
RUC: Gawn, Grundy (Bines)
FWD: Kelly, Danger, Marshall, Boak, Worpel, R. Gray (Corbett, R. Young)

1) Corbett -> Chol, Hore -> Rich (+ $75,900 cash)
2) Corbett -> Z. Clarke via Bines (+ $77,800 cash)

Not really sure where to go at this point. Mostly playing for leagues, and with so few trades left, maybe I should just cop the Gawn donut if it happens. I need to keep my potential cash up so I can get in an M8 soon without blowing too many precious trades.

    Derek · 05/07/2019 at 16:59

    I think Corbett is playing

      G.C. · 05/07/2019 at 17:01

      That's what I'm worried about! He's got a BE of 77, so he's going to lose even more money from where he is. Not sure if I should trust him to bounce back and get up to a bigger value than the $210,200 he's currently at, or cut loose now.

    Derek · 05/07/2019 at 17:06

    I would run with Logue & Hore at D6/7. You have Gardner at D8 who plays mostly on Sundays to loop them, you should be able to drag a decent score out of one of them each week

    TBone_9 · 05/07/2019 at 17:18

    Hey G.C. To be honest mate I think your team is looking fine! You’ve got cover on three lines, and if Gawn misses 90% of people will get a donut so I wouldn’t worry about that. Trading Corbett not worth it, his coverage could be vital so I wouldn’t touch. Maybe O. Baker out for Dunkley in the next couple weeks to make you some $ and then go Gibbons/Clarke up to a fallen premo. This would leave you with 5 trades left to sit on for the rest of the year and to be honest I wouldn’t want to go below that until finals time or for LTI. I agree with Derek to loop Hore and Logue for rest of season.

    Swans2012 · 05/07/2019 at 17:33

    Young to Clarke if you want to clear some dead wood and keep good fwd cover and have a playing r3 for the rest of the season. Then one up one down in a week or two to finish the mid leaves 4 trades for finals injuries or that last def upgrade. Copping the donut probably best but I like the Clarke coverage….

    G.C. · 05/07/2019 at 17:44

    Just realised I missed Macrae in the midfield lineup.

    Either way, thanks for your replies so far everyone, sometimes you need that extra voice of reason to stop you from smashing the trade machine every week. Might just go R. Young to Z. Clarke for the swing cover and leave it at that. Best of luck for the weekend all.

Damian · 05/07/2019 at 17:00

I think I'll go Daniel to Lycett this week, and ROB to Bines next week to create a swing if either Gawn or Grundy are injured in the future

hedski · 05/07/2019 at 17:08

No Whitfield

    Sam_01 · 05/07/2019 at 17:23

    Pretty annoying I was hoping he could come back and drop in price so I could snatch him up!

Richie Porte · 05/07/2019 at 17:11

Trade out Bewley or Stocker? For Chol or Bines, if Bines he will eventually go to R3 for ROB. Other trade is Hore to Hurn

Dash · 05/07/2019 at 17:13

8 Trades – 87K. Would love to upgrade but can't really. Worried about Gawn so Z Clarke an option, as well as Chol.
What trade(s) should i make this week?
I'm stuck. Would like to hear your trade options.
Lloyd, Houli. Laird, Sicily, Duursma, Answerth (Burgess, Marsh)
Fyfe, Macrae, Dunkley, Neale, C Oliver, Sloane D Clarke, Hately (Bewley, O Baker, Cripps)
Gawn, Grundy (Bines)
Danger, T Kelly, Heeney, Boak, R Gray, J Cameron (Gardner, Setterfield)

    Sam_01 · 05/07/2019 at 17:28

    Not sure on setterfield break even but could quite easily flick him to clarke
    Depends if your going for league or rank
    Personally going for rank I’ve gone D.fort straight swap to clarke
    Can’t risk the 0 and the cover will be handy going forward.. could potentially go burgess down to chol If you want probably gonna need a touch more cash generation to finnish off your team
    Will leave you 6 trades and 250k in the bank could look to upgrade Answerth or clarke/hately types next week

      Dash · 05/07/2019 at 17:38

      Setterfield BE is 35 so might be handy to hold a bit longer and has the dual position.
      I'm going for league now and my opponent has Z Clarke as cover already for Gawn, while I have Bines.

        Sam_01 · 05/07/2019 at 17:46

        I mean clarke will only score 60 odd so if your opponent sucks don’t bother with the trade if you have him covered elsewhere, setters won’t make you that much more coin, id definitely look to bring in chol means you could even upgrade Answerth/duursma this week

          Swans2012 · 05/07/2019 at 18:08

          Wasn’t he scoring 60’s with bell in the side? I’m expecting 80’s with him out and more this week against the swans with NO ruckman

            Sam_01 · 05/07/2019 at 19:12

            good point swans! Didn’t think of that

BigAl_15 · 05/07/2019 at 17:19

Who do I get to replace Caleb Daniel? Roman Marshall or Josh Dunkley?

Sam_01 · 05/07/2019 at 17:29

Interested in what people in the top few thousand are doing with gawny assuming Z.clarke is the most common option?

Marcus · 05/07/2019 at 17:43

How is Chol's job security ? Otherwise i don't mind waiting to see how other rookies fare.

Lazza · 05/07/2019 at 17:49

Whitfield didn’t get up…..

Anyone else still have MParker? He is listed as playing on, but SC has him as an emergency… !!!!

    Russty_ · 05/07/2019 at 17:59

    Probably HS just haven't updated it yet Laz, AFL site is usually right with the selections.

      Lazza · 05/07/2019 at 18:17

      Hope so… strange that it is still showing an hour and 15 after the teams were released.. all other ins are correct.. I was caught out last year when SC had a player listed as playing and wasn’t… was also a Saints player (Joyce).. other way around this time..

        Russty_ · 05/07/2019 at 18:22

        He's listed on the playing bench on the Herald Sun Teams article Laz, probably just the spud in charge of updating Supercoach who's dropped the ball.

    Blues10 · 05/07/2019 at 18:36

    Hately still listed as emergency as well in SC but is playing

      Russty_ · 05/07/2019 at 18:54

      I just tried calling the slackers and of course, it's just a recorded message saying…send us an email, I'm sure Parker and Hately will play, it's just some spud from Herald Sun not doing their job properly.

SImonT · 05/07/2019 at 17:53

10 trades left and only 36k in the bank. My team is as follows:
B: Lloyd, Laird, Williams, Stewart, Whitfield, Wilkie, Logue, Joyce (St K)
M: Macrae, Cripps, Oliver, Coniglio, Merrett, Bont, Walsh, D Clarke, Brewley, Baker.
R: Gawn, Goldy, Sweet
F: Danger, Kelly, Heeney, Cameron, Settlefield, Parker, Young, Gardener

Wanted to bring in Harriett for Wilkie to complete my defence but doesn't leave me with much cash. Concerned (like everyone else) that Gawn will not play and leave me with a donut. I can bring in Zac Clarke as back up but would need to downgrade Brewley/Baker or one of the non playing forward rookies. Otherwise do I just swap Gawn for Grundy and trade Wilkie to Hartlett.

Appreciate any advice Kev and the community.

Fisherdann · 05/07/2019 at 18:14

For the people bringing in Lycett to cover Gawn with the Bines swing. How is this possible if Port play before West Coast? Do we leave Lycett's points on the bench if Gawn does play?

    Russty_ · 05/07/2019 at 18:37

    I got Westhoff in for Daniel and already have Lycett so if Westhoff stays on the bench it'll only be the difference between Westy's score and Parker's in the end.
    I think we'll know if Gawn is playing from the Saturday training session anyway.

    Fisherdann · 05/07/2019 at 18:59

    Either way I'm going to get a donut if Gawns out as I have no forward cover. Planned to go Young to Chol but with Whitfield still out I needed to swing Answerth back there.
    Is Naish to Chol a wasted trade? It's the only way I can cover Whitfield and no telling if Naish gets another go.
    9 trades left.

      Russty_ · 05/07/2019 at 19:06

      I don't think Naish to Chol is a waste…it could be if Jack comes back next week and Chol is out.
      Maybe they were just having a look at Naish for a few games to see what he can do?…it sucks cause i've got Naish too and he looked pretty good.

        Fisherdann · 05/07/2019 at 19:11

        That's what I'm afraid of. I still have Burgess/Gardner back there. Rookies doing our heads in this year!

          Saritz · 05/07/2019 at 19:25

          They do our heads in every year. It just always seems worse at the time

Jace · 05/07/2019 at 18:36

If I had Lycett as cover I would put him on field over Gawn anyway with a slight injury concern.

    Saritz · 05/07/2019 at 18:38

    Even a managed Gawn is likely to get 100pts. So that’s still a lot of points left on the sidelines

Swans2012 · 05/07/2019 at 19:14

For some reason I’ve got a feeling Sicily will go big tonight!

    hedski · 05/07/2019 at 19:22

    Bloody hope so Swans.

    Saritz · 05/07/2019 at 19:22

    I just hope Grundy (VC) does

    DavidC · 05/07/2019 at 19:25

    I don't have the same feeling but then I don't have him.

    Saritz · 05/07/2019 at 20:24

    Not looking like it early. Being caught deep when he had time, resulting in a goal against, was poor

    Russty_ · 05/07/2019 at 20:38

    Looking pretty good so far, hope he can keep it up until the end, would be a nice bonus.

      Swans2012 · 05/07/2019 at 20:45


        Russty_ · 05/07/2019 at 20:56

        He's going huuuge tonight Swans…the power of positive thinking!…:)

          Saritz · 05/07/2019 at 20:57

          I take it back. You nailed it Swans!

          Rick Grimes · 05/07/2019 at 21:00

          Sweet upgrade next week at 430k odd. Such value. Surely doesn't play forward again.

    Swans2012 · 05/07/2019 at 21:50

    In the words of jock “I could feel it in my bones” lol went with the gut on VC siciflog too

      Russty_ · 05/07/2019 at 21:58

      Awesome Swanny, just need him to score something in this quarter now hehe

        Swans2012 · 05/07/2019 at 22:03

        Very true 🤔

      Swans2012 · 05/07/2019 at 22:18

      And just as I type it he turns into invisicily

        Browncow · 05/07/2019 at 22:56

        Nice call Swans! Didn’t see that score coming at all, but will take it.

Tommo09 · 05/07/2019 at 19:22

I only have 8 trades left and $437k left but am planning to do a double upgrade next week so I would like to save this cash. Following this I will need one more upgrade at least.

Do I get Chol this week?
Do I trade Daniel?

Team at the moment:

Def: Lloyd Houli Ryan Stewart Smith Logue (Answerth Gardner)
Mid: Fyfe Neale CRIPPS Bont Gaff Walsh O’Meara Clarke (Hind Hayes Scott)
Ruc: Grundy Gawn (Bines)
Fwd: Danger Boak DANIEL Kelly Heeney Cameron (Setterfield Young)


Also, Grundy into Fyfe or Fyfe into Neale?

    Fisherdann · 05/07/2019 at 19:39

    Questions I am also asking… Grundy into Fyfe for mine.

      Tommo09 · 05/07/2019 at 19:44

      I think I’ll stick with that also

        Russty_ · 05/07/2019 at 19:47

        Grundy to fyfe is solid this week.

    Russty_ · 05/07/2019 at 19:45

    Hi Tommo, If I were in your position I'd be looking to get a bit more bench cover, and offload some deadwood…and create a mid swing at the same time so Hayes or Scott out for Chol via Setters to the mids…and yes I'd trade Daniel out..who knows how he'll be after 4 weeks off, could be shite.
    Gotta play it week to week from here. good luck bud.

      Tommo09 · 05/07/2019 at 19:48

      Thanks Russty. I was going to try to hold Daniel and use Setterfield at least this week. The only worry for Chol is his JS. I wouldn’t want to waste a trade for someone who won’t play much especially with my minimal trades.
      If I had 12 or so trades I would pull the trigger immediately but I am hesitant.

      None are playing tonight so I may wait until the morning to make a decision…

        Russty_ · 05/07/2019 at 20:04

        Yeah understand that Tommo..although 8 trades left is pretty good at this time of year, depending on how finished your team is though and it looks like you still might need 4 upgrades, but Logue and Walsh could end up being keepers maybe.
        I'm hoping Logue ends up being a keeper..I'm avoiding Chol cause I'm not convinced he'll stay in, just by how Balta got dropped, and Naish after 2 games, Hardwick has been a bit ruthless with his rookies.
        I'm guessing Eggmolese will get dropped even if he has a good game or 2.

Dan · 05/07/2019 at 19:26

I would love your thoughts on what the higher priority is this week:
A) trade Daniel to Lycett (and have cover for Gawn)
B) trade Duursma to Hurn (to work towards a full premium team. This would be 1 of 2 upgrades I still need to make).

    Russty_ · 05/07/2019 at 19:50

    You can't really cover Gawn with Lycett if they wait till the last minute to make the call on Gawn, if Gawn plays….. then you'll have Lycett on the bench scoring nothing.
    But if you don't mind maybe scoring a donut this week, then Daniel to Lycett is a good trade.

      neil demons delight · 05/07/2019 at 21:01

      Daniels injury was at the lower end .He may return earlier I am keeping him and bringing in cover such as Miers or MacCarthy

Fearthebeard · 05/07/2019 at 19:33

Hawkins, Cameron, zibell best replacement for f6

    Russty_ · 05/07/2019 at 19:38

    Probs Ziebell on form, and Hawkins for price…don't trust Cameron.

      Fearthebeard · 05/07/2019 at 19:50

      Thinking Hawkins then and go for the extra $ to get hore to Whitfield!?

      Would you agree rusty?


        Russty_ · 05/07/2019 at 19:55

        Hi Beard, yeah for sure mate but maybe have a week's look at Whitfield first to make sure he's 100%

Saritz · 05/07/2019 at 20:06

Richo’s comment about Darcy having a bit of Lloyd Christmas about him is spot on. I was thinking the same thing

    Russty_ · 05/07/2019 at 20:20

    Typical Supercoach, traded him out 2 weeks ago and then he tons up and is looking good this game too.

JohnDJ59 · 05/07/2019 at 20:39

Is Worpel injured ? I just saw he is on 0 in the second quarter.

    Russty_ · 05/07/2019 at 20:46

    No he's on 25 now John…hasn't seen much of it. Kicked a goal though that helped.

      JohnDJ59 · 05/07/2019 at 20:50

      Ok, thanks Russty, I hadn't looked to see how things were going till then, was hoping it was a mistake or something, not looking at a very good score as it is without more injures happening.

Russty_ · 05/07/2019 at 20:57

Grundy on 49 at half time, does that mean he ends up on 130 or what?…lol

    Saritz · 05/07/2019 at 20:59

    I hope so Russty! He generally has big 2nd halves

      Russty_ · 05/07/2019 at 21:05

      Me too Saritz…a few more contested marks, hitouts to advantage, and tackles would be nice to see.
      All that other good stuff that he usually does besides just rucking…around the ground.

Rick Grimes · 05/07/2019 at 20:58

Siciflog on fire. Back at home and scoring well, funny that. Be a nice little pick up next week.

    Rick Grimes · 05/07/2019 at 21:42

    Gee, looks like someone at CD picked him up this week. Playing well but that score is ridiculous.

      Russty_ · 05/07/2019 at 21:50

      hope he gets to 160+ Rick…that would be a very nice start to the week 🙂

Derek · 05/07/2019 at 20:59

Sicily in defence this week. Hooray

    Saritz · 05/07/2019 at 21:00

    Will be a popular trade target next week based on a return to defense

    Russty_ · 05/07/2019 at 21:01

    Seems to be doing some good Sicily things Derek, like contested possessions, and intercept marking again…now I just need Andrews to do the same thing for me this week.

      TheLostBoys · 05/07/2019 at 21:42

      Sicily going nuts tonight – gee they should move him forward 😉

    TOPHAWK1 · 05/07/2019 at 21:51

    I have backed Sicily all year. Have put up with the circus and dramas, but finally, order has been restored.

      TRIGGA_HAPPY · 05/07/2019 at 22:35

      Here here hawk

redherringfc · 05/07/2019 at 21:10

I’ll admit it, I like a beer or 7 on a friday afternoon/evening and it’s having a massive impact upon my supercoach season.

I got home from the pub at 7:53 so missed putting the V on Grundy. At least it wasn’t at 7:45 so I could trade Nicnat in for Gawn.

Anyway, now I have trouble with who to put the V on. I can go anyone who plays on Saturday. Obvious choices are Macrae or Fyfe.

But, you know what a few beers say, “140 points, that’s not enough. You know Hawkins is due to kick a bagful and then some. If he only scores 180 you’ll be ripped off.”

So, my question to all the learned supercoach’s out there; “Will Hawkins get off the chain against the Dogs?”

    Russty_ · 05/07/2019 at 21:24

    I wouldn't trade Nic Nat in for Gawn mate, that's just Beer goggles talk, he'll be right next week if not this week.
    I'd chuck the VC on Fyfe…don't rely on Hawkins for anything ..he's too erratic.

      redherringfc · 05/07/2019 at 21:44

      Im definitely not trading in Nic Nat, especially for the best ruck in the game. I was just pointing out how bad some of my post-pub decisions have been.

      I know Fyfe is probably going to be a great vc option, but let’s say he gets 145 (a great vc score) my captain options are Neale or Oliver, both might score around the same. But isn’t the idea of the loophole to go for a hail mary and hope for the 200+ point game and then when that falls over chuck the C on the safe bet?

        Russty_ · 05/07/2019 at 21:49

        Nah I think the idea of the loophole is that you take something half decent and thank the Supercoach Gods cheating is allowed.
        It's for having a second shot at it when your VC shits the bed.

          redherringfc · 05/07/2019 at 21:57

          I know you’re correct, but I’m always trying to take a free shot to get to double up on the impossible 220 point score.

          Weeks and weeks (years?) of mediocrity can all be be forgotten by getting 400 points out of a single player.

            Russty_ · 05/07/2019 at 22:04

            Love the passion mate…and you're right!…if we're allowed to cheat ,may as well go for the brass ring if you're so inclined.
            Best I've finished is top 1%..but other years…just mediocre.

    hedski · 05/07/2019 at 21:25

    Yes yes he will (I say that about 10 cans in Red)

      redherringfc · 05/07/2019 at 21:47

      Thanks hedski. Hawkins into Cameron it is then.

      (or Neale or Oliver when I decide i don’t have the balls for putting Cameron as captain)

        hedski · 05/07/2019 at 21:51

        Definately not Jezza Red, I like Hawk into Neale tho.
        Wish I had of hail Mary'd? the vc on Siciflog instead of putting him on the bench (with the E).
        VC'd Grundy, need a big last QTR.

          redherringfc · 05/07/2019 at 22:04

          No, i’m not putting Cameron as captain. Oliver against the blues looks good though. Or Neale.

          Grundy scored 54 in the 3rd, if my memory is correct. He might hit 150.

            hedski · 05/07/2019 at 22:57

            145, I'll take that, Naish (now captain) finally makes himself useful, Sics and Grundy points.

Lazza · 05/07/2019 at 21:45

Sicily almost at his BE with a quarter to go ..

Lazza · 05/07/2019 at 21:52

WTF… Sicily.. best on ground start Q4 on the bench !!

Bill · 05/07/2019 at 22:05

sorry to see Ceglar dropped
<img src="; width="1"/>

Rick Grimes · 05/07/2019 at 22:22

Treloar absolutely ripped off, as usual.

    Sam_01 · 05/07/2019 at 22:30

    He was tracking well at 3qt did absolutely nothing in the last though rick, I’m happy to Atleast take a ton from him

      Rick Grimes · 05/07/2019 at 22:33

      His work first 3/4 was worth 120, hence the frustration. He gets held to a higher standard than others. CD have their faves i guess.

AuroraBorealis?! · 05/07/2019 at 22:23

Well i was really excited to see how the boys responded to their insipid performance against north last week. I was holding out hope that that game would be the wakeup call necessary to reignite our season. Clearly this is not the case. I am absolutely disgusted, and beyond disappointed. Wouldn't be surprised if we miss the 8 at this point, 9th is probably what we deserve.

    Russty_ · 05/07/2019 at 22:25

    Pretty tough with such a long injury list AB…it was predicted by some people.

    neil demons delight · 05/07/2019 at 22:30

    Still the no 2 AB but a long way off the cats

      AuroraBorealis?! · 05/07/2019 at 22:34

      We're a long way off half the competition at this rate NDD, surely Adams, Stephenson and Howe aren't the difference between us being a contender and a pretender

    Sam_01 · 05/07/2019 at 22:33

    Have absolutely no attack at the footy really missing Adams in the guts midfielders putting on minimalnpressure
    Ball movement has gone to shit, always long down the line and many players out of form, very dissapointing to watch

    hedski · 05/07/2019 at 22:59

    I am disgusted that my multi is over in the first leg!!

      AuroraBorealis?! · 06/07/2019 at 10:28

      As am i Hedski, just needed Henderson to get 20 disposals, surely that wasn't too much to ask!

    TelescopicCox · 06/07/2019 at 00:00

    I think Stevo really damaged our FWD structure as the third “tall” given his ability to take a leap and get out on the lead. Hopefully Elliot is better for the run and can be more dangerous as a lead up target.

    I’d rather have this form slump now than in September, and I’m confident we can make a legit run at the flag with some players back

    BoltonsBlues · 06/07/2019 at 09:16

    Sorry mate, Cox "spearheading" the forward line wont win any team a premiership
    The Gambler, will be a massive loss

TheLostBoys · 05/07/2019 at 22:23

So almost every team will be taking Grundy's score for captain right? Can't really go past a 142 (+ or – a little scaling)…

    Russty_ · 05/07/2019 at 22:33

    146 even better, one would be stark raving bonkers not to take that I think.

    Swans2012 · 05/07/2019 at 22:39

    It’s the last week I don’t have him (rob to him next week) so I’m just happy to almost nullify the Grundy effect with VC Sicily

    JohnDJ59 · 05/07/2019 at 23:13

    Yes, very happy to get that out of the way, in what will be a disappointing weekend SC wise.

neil demons delight · 05/07/2019 at 22:27

Sicily a no flog tonight,great game – tho Shake, where ever he be will be dissappointed Quaynor a nice debut

TRIGGA_HAPPY · 05/07/2019 at 22:33

Sicily back where he belongs owning the air.

neil demons delight · 05/07/2019 at 22:49

Hope Hedski has a few sherbets and puts the C on a rookie instead of taking Grundy. I play him 3 times NDD

    hedski · 05/07/2019 at 23:01

    Ha ha, 12 sherbs down and ready for bed NDD.
    C is on a rookie just for you mate (Naish) 👍🍻

Holty01 · 05/07/2019 at 23:10

Hope everyone has started the round well and good luck for the rest of it.👍

    Sam_01 · 05/07/2019 at 23:14

    Likewise holty, you end up bringing in clarke?
    Not a bad start with Grundy vc Sicily and treloar

      Holty01 · 05/07/2019 at 23:28

      Still contemplating the Clarke decision. Hopefully hear some news tomorrow before the Essendon game with Gawn.

    TOPHAWK1 · 06/07/2019 at 09:42

    Hi Holty. Solid start for Tophawk this week. VC Grundy (Which I will take) with Sicily and Crisp. 530SC for these 3 guys combined. Good luck for the rest of the round Holty!

      Holty01 · 06/07/2019 at 10:23

      great start mate. Let’s hope the rest of the round continues like this.

    hedski · 06/07/2019 at 10:55

    Same as a lot of people Holty, VC on Grundy and Sicily.
    Still undecided what to do with Daniel, I'll bring Chol in and whack the E on him see how he goes, hopefully we'll have some news on Gawn before the showdown starts this arvo.
    Good luck to you too 👍

TommyC99 · 05/07/2019 at 23:13

Hey guys, what should be more of a priority for me? Got 7 trades left with 2 more spots to fill (ROB – Lloyd in 2 weeks done)

Baker – Neale/Cunners/Yeo


Young – Hawkins (pushes Jez Cameron to F7)

Also in your reply could you pls say whether you'd do it this week otr next week!

Thanks guys!

RealDealNeale · 06/07/2019 at 00:06

Luckily avoided the Gawn and Daniel carnage. With 7 trades left, what move would be best?

A) Brayshaw > M.Crouch
B) Brayshaw & R.Young > Sloane & Chol
C) Brayshaw & Hore > Kelly & Chol (Logue to D6)

    nickgonzalez771 · 06/07/2019 at 08:47


Stupid Coach · 06/07/2019 at 06:01

Options are as follows :
1) Baker to Hind and Sweet to Zac Clarke just in case Gawn is a late out.
2) Baker to Hind and Wilkie to Hartlett
3) Brewley or Baker to Hind and Young to Chol.
4) Baker to Cameron (WC) and Walsh to Neale

Ronnie999 · 06/07/2019 at 08:40

Can someone sort this out for me. Don't know who to bring in as D6.
Stewart v Ryan!
Who will be better for the rest of the year.
Steward a bit more consistent , Ryan higher cieling tho but can stink it up.

    nickgonzalez771 · 06/07/2019 at 08:47

    You’ve just answered your own question- Stewart.

    Holty01 · 06/07/2019 at 09:50

    I like Ryan. Has that big ceiling.
    Stewart although consistent does not seem to have any ceiling since Tuohy returned in R6. In fact he has only scored over 100 once since Tuohy returned as his ton in Rd7 was when Tuohy didn’t play.

    neil demons delight · 06/07/2019 at 11:26

    ryan for mre also ,can go super big at times and.Lyon loves him

Tony · 06/07/2019 at 10:38

Anyone know if gawn trained this morning?

    BrownlowBoy · 06/07/2019 at 10:53

    Don't think he trained.

      Saritz · 06/07/2019 at 11:28

      Can anyone else confirm this?

    Saritz · 06/07/2019 at 10:54

    Hey Tony, Im on Max Gawn watch too. I need an answer by 4:30 (before Port/Lycett match).

    JugHead · 06/07/2019 at 11:37

    Just my opinion, but I can't see how he would play. The Dees chances of making finals are over. Historically, clubs only play a gun player in this situation if the coach is trying to eke out a couple more wins to save his @rse.

    I think (hope) the Dees are better than that.

      Brn · 06/07/2019 at 11:47

      Its scare tactics – he wont play

    Saritz · 06/07/2019 at 12:05

    According to Twitter from someone at Melbourne training… no sign of Gawn. Given all circumstances, it’s highly unlikely Gawn plays.

TelescopicCox · 06/07/2019 at 11:29

Gawn news is killing me. Think I’ll definitely get cover for him. Tossing up between Chol & Lycett vs Sloane & Z.Clarke

    Northerner · 06/07/2019 at 11:40

    AT this stage I've switched Lycett into the ruck and will play Chol. Gawn to sit on my bench. Pruess will play anyway I suspect so Gawn's output will be down so even if he does play, I'm thinking you lose 20-30-pts v Gawn being a late out and you could get a a donut and lose 60pts.

      Brn · 06/07/2019 at 11:46

      Pruess is emergency. Gawn will likely be a late out for him, but he wont play if gawn does

        JugHead · 06/07/2019 at 12:05

        I'm taking the view that Gawn won't play and allowing for that. What worries me more is if Danger ia a late out as well.

          Brn · 06/07/2019 at 12:09

          Im ranked highly and not even worrying about the likely donut from gawn. Not going to compromise my plan, cash and structure for 60 odd points

    Maverick_ · 06/07/2019 at 13:46

    Very surprised if Melbourne risk the big fella TC for what may mean nothing later in the year it’s unlikely they’ll feature in September. Give him a week off and play pruess whose capable of matching Kreuzer. I’ll sit Gawn on my bench for the week and hope he’s back next I don’t think it’s worth a trade unless you got a heap of trades in the bank.

Tony · 06/07/2019 at 12:29

Take the doughnut or trade gawn for clarke?
I have enough trades to trade him back in cheaper in a few weeks time. Gives me money to finish the rest of my team. Thoughts?

    Holty01 · 06/07/2019 at 12:53

    If you are not going for rank and you are already locked away in finals for your leagues, why not.

      Tony · 06/07/2019 at 13:19

      Think i will, hopefully clarke goes well. Cheers mate!

Davo · 06/07/2019 at 12:46

Hi Community. Looking to downgrade Baker to either Chol or Dunkley (Melb). Which one? Thoughts please.

    Streaker · 06/07/2019 at 13:26


    neil demons delight · 06/07/2019 at 13:33

    Choi Davo not enough relevant data for Dunkley hope I am wrong though

      hedski · 06/07/2019 at 13:40

      Is Gawn gonna play mate?

TommyC99 · 06/07/2019 at 13:50

Is Neale’s price too good to pass up on? Or is a pod in cunners or Yeo good options. Neale’s run home is also far better than the other 2

    Maverick_ · 06/07/2019 at 14:04

    I think cunners is a solid POD I hate when I come up against teams in my leagues who have him because I know he’s going 110+ he’s consistent and a decent ceiling on any given day his able to go 130.

    Neale obviously a bargain and you know what his capable of just depends if you want that player who will seperate you from the pack in your leagues

Maverick_ · 06/07/2019 at 14:09

Gawn trained this morning BUT pruess has been withdrawn from melbournes VFL game.

I’d Expect Gawn to be withdrawn from the dees 22 today.

    Russty_ · 06/07/2019 at 15:05

    Agree Mav…can't see why they'd risk him if he's not 100% and that was a bad sprain.

Holty01 · 06/07/2019 at 14:29

Well I bought in Clarke and I’m starting to feel sick.
Should be absolutely embarrassed to be getting towelled up against someone who apparently has never tucked before

    Maverick_ · 06/07/2019 at 14:30

    Ouch Holty 🙁 you didn’t go Gawn -> Clarke did you?

    I have seen some people flirting with that move

      Holty01 · 06/07/2019 at 14:32

      No mate. Went 2 downgrades this week to bring in my last upgrade next week before finals.

        Sam_01 · 06/07/2019 at 14:44

        God I really hope Gawn plays clarke is an absolute spud

    Russty_ · 06/07/2019 at 14:53

    At least he's got some points now mate, could still get to 40 or 50, the other Clarke's doing shite too..if Danger's out, I'm wearing that score.

      Sam_01 · 06/07/2019 at 15:31

      He’s going backwards the bloke will be lucky to score 10

        Russty_ · 06/07/2019 at 15:35

        I saw that wow!..he was on 14 at one stage, what a mega-spud..and he's been taken out of the Ruck now too.

    TOPHAWK1 · 06/07/2019 at 15:36

    Bugger Holty. Zac Clarke is an absolute joke. We might be watching him play his last game today. What a useless spud. Hopefully you can just use him as a bench loophole patsy moving forward.

      The Lost Boys · 06/07/2019 at 15:42

      I'm a Dons fan, and I want this to be Zac Clarkes last game (at least with Essendon) – we'd be better off with anyone else in the team. He doesn't even contribute around the ground. I cringe whenever he has the ball in hand, as it's certain to be a turnover.

Derek · 06/07/2019 at 14:53

Jus saw half time. Heeney going very well, but ZMerrett only 51% TOG? He must be injured?

    Ralph · 06/07/2019 at 14:54

    Was on the bench for the last 15 minutes of the second quarter but wasn't talking to phyios or docs according to the FOX commentators

      Ralph · 06/07/2019 at 14:57

      Having a concussion check at half time

Holty01 · 06/07/2019 at 15:12

Sydney Stack……….seriously? How is he on so many.

    Sam_01 · 06/07/2019 at 15:24

    Supercoach scoring makes 0 sense sometimes
    Not sure how 9 touches and a goal and a tackle gives you 64 points

    Connor · 06/07/2019 at 16:18

    Think he's a must have next year based on his scoring the last 2 weeks! For some reason everything he does is gold in the eyes of CD

Russty_ · 06/07/2019 at 15:52

Z.Clarke just had a mark and a kick…that should double his score lol

    neil demons delight · 06/07/2019 at 16:13

    wonder if your mob will trade marshall for him,they like trading away good rucks and receiving duds

      Russty_ · 06/07/2019 at 16:23

      Yeah probably Neil haha, then they'll trade McEvoy back in when he's 35 and his body's stuffed.

AuroraBorealis?! · 06/07/2019 at 16:22

Any news on how Danger is travelling? Want to loophole Chol but i dont want to cop a donut in the FWD line

Defying_Madness · 06/07/2019 at 16:23

Need quick answers community

Ziebell and Hurn

or Boak and Ryan

    Russty_ · 06/07/2019 at 16:36

    Not BOAK!

TOPHAWK1 · 06/07/2019 at 16:31

Fantasy Freako has just confirmed Gawn a non starter tomorrow on Twitter. Brought in Lycett.

    Jace · 06/07/2019 at 16:33

    Boak looks like a late out!!!!!!!! injured in warm up

    Russty_ · 06/07/2019 at 16:36

    Thanks TH, good to know…finally

      Derek · 06/07/2019 at 16:39

      I was 30 seconds too late to swing Lycett to ruck

    TOPHAWK1 · 06/07/2019 at 16:59

    What a disaster. Lycett gone down with a knee and Boak a late out. I am screwed.

      Russty_ · 06/07/2019 at 17:03

      Cross your fingers mate, Lycett might be ok

        TOPHAWK1 · 06/07/2019 at 17:12

        God I am praying Russty. With Boak getting back spasms in the warm ups has caused chaos in my team. If Lycett does not come back it will be be hell mate.

          Russty_ · 06/07/2019 at 17:19

          It's a week from hell for a few coaches this week mate but if Lycett stays on hopefully that salvages something for us who have him…Boak is a massive loss but I noticed a lot traded Chol in this week so at least they get his 62.

Libba · 06/07/2019 at 16:33

Gee boak a late out

    Russty_ · 06/07/2019 at 16:35

    About as late as it can get! some kind of tightness or twinge…bloody hell.

    Defying_Madness · 06/07/2019 at 16:40

    I just traded him in…

      Sam_01 · 06/07/2019 at 16:42


      KSinny · 06/07/2019 at 16:56


    Dan · 06/07/2019 at 17:00

    Wow, that’s rough!

    TOPHAWK1 · 06/07/2019 at 17:47

    Chomping away on my first donut for the season. Thanks Travis Boak! NOT. lol

    TRIGGA_HAPPY · 06/07/2019 at 18:02

    Warming up spasms in the back I just read.

    Over to you setters. Gulp.

    SC_Donkey · 06/07/2019 at 18:15

    Just Great, really great.

    Thought I was gonna avoid the Gawn donut by bringing in The Hoff. Then Boak pulls out. SMH

    A donut is definite this week. Hopefully Danger plays otherwise I am done and throw the towel in.

Tommo09 · 06/07/2019 at 16:51

Two donuts. Great

    Russty_ · 06/07/2019 at 16:56

    Hell of a week Tommo, no way to plan for that.

Fisherdann · 06/07/2019 at 16:59

Take D Clarkes 55 or Answerth?

    Russty_ · 06/07/2019 at 17:13

    I think I'd take the 55

hedski · 06/07/2019 at 16:59

Was gonna go Boak for Daniel but chose Lycett instead, lucky, didn't realise Boak was a late out.
Oh no, Lycett is down!!!!!
Maybe I should have got the Hoff 🤔

Derek · 06/07/2019 at 17:02

You just have to laugh sometimes.

Traded Westhoff to Lycett last week after putting up with him most of season.

Lycett now injured and Hoff rucking

    Derek · 06/07/2019 at 17:16

    Lycett back on but looks sore

    TOPHAWK1 · 06/07/2019 at 17:25

    Its a cruel game mate. I traded in Lycett 5 minutes before the bounce, and then as soon as I did that I learned Boak was a late late out. Then Lycett decides to get injured. Hope he can at least play out the game.

Caleb · 06/07/2019 at 17:07

Is it worth bringing in Jarrod Cameron to cover Boak? How's his job security look?

COREYSC · 06/07/2019 at 17:45

I’ll have two donuts if Gawn doesn’t play

COREYSC · 06/07/2019 at 17:56

My bench is
Gardner, Naish
Bewely, Scott, Cripps
Young, Burgess

Anyone have any suggestions now I have Boak out do I trade in a rookie also have Caleb Daniel and Gawn I think I’ll just have to trade Hore to Hurn and Daniel Marshall and of Gawn doesn’t play i’ll Have to play with 20 and take a score of 2,200
I have 260 left before Trades I have 12 Left

One Touch Wonder · 06/07/2019 at 18:01

this is when the SHARK MOVES pay off.

no gawn, cripps or boak to worry about

    hedski · 06/07/2019 at 18:06

    Got you in the cash league this week OTW, should be a ripper match 👍

    TBone_9 · 06/07/2019 at 19:16

    That’s one way to look at it OTW! Good bench coverage will be the difference between bad and great scores this week. What score you projected to get right now mate?

      One Touch Wonder · 06/07/2019 at 20:31

      Not all going my way. Merrett wasn’t good.

      Did put VC on dangerfield

    Russty_ · 06/07/2019 at 20:34

    You'll just need to worry about those 3 guys next week, cause you don't have em.

      One Touch Wonder · 06/07/2019 at 20:57

      Still got 11 trades and $339,500 in bank. Won’t be long.

TRIGGA_HAPPY · 06/07/2019 at 18:04

Lycett injured.

Boy oh boy wowee will that cause some carnage!

    hedski · 06/07/2019 at 18:43

    Danger is in, Lycett should ton up, getting better as the game goes on.

    Russty_ · 06/07/2019 at 20:42

    Reckon all but Short stuff will be back next week mate.

Holty01 · 06/07/2019 at 18:08

Damn been out with my boys to come home and realise Boak was a late out. That hurts a bit.

    Russty_ · 06/07/2019 at 20:44

    Stop pretending you ever leave your computer Holty ;)…Chol should cover ..not a disaster.

Ja191 · 06/07/2019 at 19:05

Vc on Fyfe or macrae?

    COREYSC · 06/07/2019 at 19:12


    TBone_9 · 06/07/2019 at 19:13

    Fyfe I reckon mate. Will show up for the big game

TommyC99 · 06/07/2019 at 19:16

Was planning on going Baker – Neale to finish my mids but with Boak a late out on copping a donut. I was planning on bringing Hawkins in to loop with Cameron in the next few weeks anyway. So is it smart to do that now to avoid a donut?

    One Touch Wonder · 06/07/2019 at 19:29

    I jumped on the Hawk. Seems like a good SHARK MOVE to me

      TommyC99 · 06/07/2019 at 19:35

      I ended up doing it. In a week with a few zeroes inevitable ive been able to cover boak and gawn with ROB and Hawk. Hoing i can gain some rank from it. And i was always gonna do it anyway just would have rather brought in Tomahawk in the next 2 weeks. At his price hes a very good F6/7 loop with Jez Cameron

TOPHAWK1 · 06/07/2019 at 19:36

Lycett may have done his PCL. After game assessment. If that's the case I will take his tonne and move him on. Gee wizz.

    Russty_ · 06/07/2019 at 19:45

    Just copped a knock/cork on his knee..maybe just a sore bruise….reckon he'll be ok, played out the game ok.

      TOPHAWK1 · 06/07/2019 at 20:13

      Thats what I thought too Russty. Maybe I was provided dodgy info. LOL

        Russty_ · 06/07/2019 at 20:20

        I'm just saying what I'd like it to be TH…lol, hope that's the case, don't need him to miss any games now.

          Rocksta_ · 06/07/2019 at 20:51

          Same, I only brought him in today to replace Daniel.

Russty_ · 06/07/2019 at 20:22

Go Stewart…you workman-like bogan long haired tough bastard!

    COREYSC · 06/07/2019 at 22:51

    for a south barwon tradie plucked out of local league by Scarlett he's been a massive success and an absolute star! Matthew Scarlett must know a thing or two about defending;)

Russty_ · 06/07/2019 at 20:27

Danger's doing ok, for someone who was mortally wounded last week.

    One Touch Wonder · 06/07/2019 at 20:33

    Got the VC on him

      Russty_ · 06/07/2019 at 20:35

      Looking good for you OTW.

        Derek · 06/07/2019 at 21:25

        a Zero points quarter for Danger. Hit the wall.

          Russty_ · 06/07/2019 at 21:31

          Damn!..he might only get 140 now.

Holty01 · 06/07/2019 at 20:43

I was bringing in Hurn this week but with the risk of a donut in Gawn, decided to bring in Clarke instead. Seems I would have been better simply copping the donut.

    Russty_ · 06/07/2019 at 20:48

    Probably mate…Clarke seems to be a witch's hat disguised as a human, Happy I brought Westy back in to cover for Gawn/ Daniel…looks like it could work out.

JohnDJ59 · 06/07/2019 at 20:52

I should have gone with my gut, I was going to trade out Drew for Heeney, but was worried about using up a trade and was going to have Duursma on field over Logue, but decided to leave Logue on field instead. So ended up getting the donut from Boak being a late out, instead of having Heeney on field and Parker as cover and Duursma had a better score than what Logue looks like getting.

    Russty_ · 06/07/2019 at 21:26

    Hey John, I probably would've traded out Drew weeks ago if I still had him, as he was dropped about 7 weeks ago wasn't he?
    Hopefully Logue can get 60 or so, looks like he's not the gun we thought he was, I think many rooks post good scores in their first 2 games, probably due to adrenaline.

      JohnDJ59 · 06/07/2019 at 21:32

      Drew has been handy with his swing, moving him from mid to fwd when I need to, I was going to trade him out last week, but then he was picked for a game, thought he was a bit unlucky to get dropped this week. The fact he wasn't called up for Boak says he's on the outer, so he will be going next week.

Steeeve · 06/07/2019 at 21:09

Gawn probably out as we all know. No stress, I held ROB. And of course I somehow forgot to slap the E on the big fella. Please play Gawny!

    Derek · 06/07/2019 at 21:27

    No. That is tough luck

      Steeeve · 06/07/2019 at 21:53

      All my own fault Derek, had plenty of chances to double check. Been thinking ROB E would be a big advantage for me all week. No idea why I didn't ensure he wore the E. Luckily my opponent is having a mare so I should be right either way. But would have been nice to climb the rankings!!

        Derek · 07/07/2019 at 11:08

        i Did that with Hurn during byes, had him on bench with no E

        Happens when you reverse trades, throws players around

          Steeeve · 07/07/2019 at 11:25

          Yeah bloody annoying but you live and learn. Hope Gawn comes up today. Fingeds crossed.

JEL · 06/07/2019 at 21:26

Looks like I'm going to get a sugar rush with all these donuts!!

Fearthebeard · 06/07/2019 at 21:43

Decided not to take westhoff yday and regret it when I saw his score then read lycette was injured? Was this what inflated westhoff?

    Russty_ · 06/07/2019 at 21:48

    Nah Beard…Lycett wasn't off the field for very long…Westhoff just played well, filled in the ruck for a bit but just seems to be back in better form

      Fearthebeard · 06/07/2019 at 21:59

      Damn! So maybe next week he is a goer instead of Hawkins lol ?

        Russty_ · 06/07/2019 at 22:06

        Maybe mate…I don't want to advise you to do that..but it's ultimately up to you mate.

        Daz · 07/07/2019 at 11:59

        Dixon back n hoff found form in SANFL, picked him to cover Gawn with bines swing, pretty happy but had to eat a boak crispy creme

hedski · 06/07/2019 at 22:14

I don't appreciate the cats efforts…….
Bah, dogs too good.

    Russty_ · 06/07/2019 at 22:19

    Bit disappointing for the Cats tonight Hed, they shouldn't have let that one slip.

      COREYSC · 06/07/2019 at 22:47

      nah i don't think your giving the dogs enough credit, they played very well out hunted the Cats all night! they were very impressive in the last quarter shame the boys didn't get up but I don't think we deserved to win tonight……

Stupid Coach · 06/07/2019 at 22:19

Put the VC on Macrae – wishing I had put it on Danger or Bont. Who do I go with as Captain – Coniglio, Goldy, Oliver or Neale. Need someone who will go close to or equal Grundy who my opponents all have as Captain.

SC_Donkey · 06/07/2019 at 23:18

I've been trying to not count the chicken before they hatch all season. This time I'm counting, Sunday might be good to me this time round.

1847/15 Grundy (C) still to play
Oliver, Cunners, Cogs, Rich, Setters, Hind and Hoping Gawn will play tomorrow.
Come at me Sunday SCGods

How did everyone else go so far?
And Good luck to ya all on Sunday.

    Sam_01 · 07/07/2019 at 00:10

    1876 off 16
    Gawn(clarke) Parker Josh kelly Greene Williams Neale to go

Daniel · 07/07/2019 at 00:25

1726 off 15, after copping a boak donut and banking grundys 290 points as captain, could've been even more if i played b.smith on feld over logue, if Gawn doesn't play I get hoffs 125, have Setterfield, Gawn (or hoffs 125),Rich,Marshall,Neale,Williams, and Josh Kelly to play tomorrow, projected 2500 even with a Boak donut, good luck to everyone tomorrow 🙂

Ahfeel sikdahl · 07/07/2019 at 00:59

Yes you do have to laugh..after my robbie gray experiment at the start of the year turned sour, i dropped him for toby mclean ( was great last year) rid of him just before Bevo did, only to get in caleb daniel who was smashing it..until last week..ouch..traded daniel for boak today ten minutes before bouncedown as the afl website said no late changes..arrh..boak donut and to make it really funny, mclean replaced daniel for a ton, and robbie gray NOW gets midfield time thanks ken!! Gotta laugh indeed!

    JohnDJ59 · 07/07/2019 at 01:04

    That sums up my season so far, just not those players.

    Daz · 07/07/2019 at 09:14

    Within the first 4 weeks I rage traded Dunkley, Heeney and Lycett. We all di silly things.

Daz · 07/07/2019 at 11:24

Would be filthy if Gawn played, got hoffs 122 waiting for me in E when I saw Preuss pulled out.

TBone_9 · 07/07/2019 at 11:48

Gawn officially a late out

TOPHAWK1 · 07/07/2019 at 11:51

Max Gawn out. The Lycett trade is now justified. Now Lycett needs to stay healthy and play forward for the rest of the season.

    hedski · 07/07/2019 at 11:58

    Yeah I went Daniel to Lycett and swung him up.
    Kinda wishing I had the balls to bring Hoff back in instead, $200k in the pocket would have been real handy but going on form had to take Lycett.
    Plus I punted Hoff when he got dropped, wasn't to keen to bring him back.

      TOPHAWK1 · 07/07/2019 at 12:06

      I punted the Hoff too after he got dropped. I knew he would punish us yesterday, but Lycett alongside Marshall up forward will be dynamite mate. Just have to hope the Lycett knee problem is not a structural one, just a hard knock. Fingers crossed. Go well today!! Cheers. TH

        hedski · 07/07/2019 at 12:22

        Cheers Toppa, I'm on 1974 with Angus, Cogs and Jelly to come, hopefully crack 2300, how are you traveling?
        Reckon I've got you covered in Jungleland draft mate 👍

      Derek · 07/07/2019 at 12:44

      Did you swing Lycett to R3 yesterday not knowing Gawn was out? What if Gawn played?

        hedski · 07/07/2019 at 13:11

        Yeah was pretty sure with Preuss coming in he wouldn't play, put Max on the bench, I had Chol covering Lycett fwd.

          Brn · 07/07/2019 at 18:05

          Thats the thing. Lots of people swung lycett into the ruck and weren't able to cover boak.

            hedski · 07/07/2019 at 18:09

            I'm one of the paupers who doesn't have Boak.
            Lucky this week but not any other.

DavidC · 07/07/2019 at 11:59

Starting ROB at R3 and holding through the byes has been a masterstroke.

Saritz · 07/07/2019 at 12:47

Can we trust Hoff as a F6? Is he back?? He is going to be tempting at his price

    Ja191 · 07/07/2019 at 13:02

    All dependent on role with port who knows

      Brn · 07/07/2019 at 18:03

      He is a good f6. No worries

Jay · 07/07/2019 at 13:20

Got the E on Z Clarke, so I thought I was onto a winner if Gawn was a late out.
Pity he spudded it up with 38. Better than a doughnut I guess…………?

    SamuraiPizzaCat · 07/07/2019 at 13:26

    Better than a 0. Z Clarke might just be enough to get me a league win.. will be close

      Brn · 07/07/2019 at 18:03

      Better than a donut. But i told people not to bother with trading him in and compromising their structure and plan. Definitely not worth the 30 odd points. I took a donut but my team will be better next week

        SamuraiPizzaCat · 07/07/2019 at 19:24

        Yeah agreed probably not worth the trade, I've had him on my bench from round 1

hedski · 07/07/2019 at 13:45

Get a kick Angus ya Muppet.

    Swans2012 · 07/07/2019 at 17:15

    My hatred of him is increasing to critical levels

      hedski · 07/07/2019 at 18:05

      Same Swans and with minimal trades there is nothing I can do except down a heap of beers when I watch the dees.

        Swans2012 · 07/07/2019 at 18:31

        I had him traded to jpk at the start of last week but with the Gawn debacle thought I’d spend that trade (and my last spare 50k) on Clarke at r3. Might be the right call eventuallly cause I can feel the carnage brewing but god the team looked good for a few days with him gone….I might try drinking more next time he plays, does it help?

          hedski · 07/07/2019 at 18:53

          When doesn't it? 🍻

            Swans2012 · 07/07/2019 at 19:40

            True 🍺

The Lost Boys · 07/07/2019 at 13:56

Hore injured and might not be back – that's gonna stick as was hoping he'd go 70 plus and not drop too much for when trading to Whitfield in a few weeks. Doesn't help I decided to go with Hore over Logue on the field 🙁

G.C. · 07/07/2019 at 13:57

Marty Hore done with a collarbone, got him sitting on field with 5 points. Gawn out, Boak out, Hore cooked and I brang in Clarke to R3 and didn't even get 40 points out of him. What an awful week, I feel terrible.

    Beezneez · 07/07/2019 at 18:30

    I had Boak, Gawn and Cripps out. Nearly traded Cripps for Coniglio. Gawn to Goldstein was also thought about but trades are a premium. Cost me my leage match. Was happy I was moving up in the rankings nut will be slipping back again but would imagine there are plenty more with those players out.

Holty01 · 07/07/2019 at 14:13

Damn I don’t have Hore but feel sorry for the young fella. Was putting together a very good season.

    Derek · 07/07/2019 at 15:22

    There are a few in the community who still have Hore, rotten luck.

    This game is more about dodging the bullets

      JohnDJ59 · 07/07/2019 at 15:35

      Was my D6

      silversovereign · 07/07/2019 at 17:48

      Still 37% ownership

SamuraiPizzaCat · 07/07/2019 at 14:16

Wish Setterfield would do something, had to use him on field with Boak out

    SamuraiPizzaCat · 07/07/2019 at 16:11

    He listened and kicked 3 goals to finish on 74.. good boy

      Brn · 07/07/2019 at 18:01

      Got to be happy with that

No idea · 07/07/2019 at 14:40

Cunnington or J.Kelly for captain

    Ja191 · 07/07/2019 at 15:18


Maverick_ · 07/07/2019 at 14:51

I hate when someone makes a fantastic tackle gets the free kick and some selfish bloke picks up the crumbs & takes the advantage.. robs the tackling player of a kick and SC points! there are some selfish footballers out there isn’t there haha looking at you Salem

(Referring to Oliver’s run down tackle on Liam Jones)

Ricardo · 07/07/2019 at 15:30

Panic Stations Cripps,Hore,Gawn,McDonald,Kennedy + 7/8 DNP reserves

KSinny · 07/07/2019 at 15:45

Fanfooty down for anyone else?

    Big G · 07/07/2019 at 15:54

    Yes it's annoying.

    tim · 07/07/2019 at 17:26

    is there an alternative site for live sc scores?

      KSinny · 07/07/2019 at 17:26

      That's what I'm wondering

    Ralph · 07/07/2019 at 17:37

    Apparently footywire does SC scores.

    Follow the link then click on live stats for whichever game 🙂

    silversovereign · 07/07/2019 at 17:47


      KSinny · 07/07/2019 at 18:26

      Cheers mate

    Beezneez · 07/07/2019 at 18:21

    If you press on all afl matches in sc gameday it gives you the scores. Fanfooty obviously better cos it shows possessionsetc.

KSinny · 07/07/2019 at 16:01

Clarry Oliver with a MASSIVE!!! 159 Huuuuuuge. Anyone know what he was on at 3qt?

    Nuggety · 07/07/2019 at 16:19

    88 I think it was!

      KSinny · 07/07/2019 at 16:22


    Russty_ · 07/07/2019 at 17:15

    Pretty awesome effort from Clarry!..Marshall's having another great game :)..Parker sucks

      JohnDJ59 · 07/07/2019 at 17:29

      Billings going along nicely as well, just one of my many wasted trades.

    Beezneez · 07/07/2019 at 18:23

    Thought it was about 100.

AuroraBorealis?! · 07/07/2019 at 17:47

Man i cannot WAIT to trade that spud Parker out of my side when supercoach opens. I've seen enough from my newest planed recruit to feel confident in selecting him, welcome to the team Ziebell

    Derek · 07/07/2019 at 19:36

    I forgot I even still had Parker, then Boak goes down, he was all I had left.

      AuroraBorealis?! · 07/07/2019 at 19:40

      I've been carrying him this whole season due to injury/bye convenience, it's been painful

Brn · 07/07/2019 at 17:56

Should get 2350 but with a dinut for gawn, Merretts effort, chol's score for boak, and d clarke's score for Cripps. Had so many guns this week otherwise.

Will 2350 be above far? Ranked highly

    Brn · 07/07/2019 at 17:56

    Above par.. ?

      Ricardo · 07/07/2019 at 18:10


The Ranger · 07/07/2019 at 17:59

Groan! Been away for the weekend and didn’t realize I wouldn’t have phone signal. Stuck with Fyfes score instead of Grundys.

Russty_ · 07/07/2019 at 19:02

Looks like Kelly could be done for the day…Ice on his Calf.

    Sam_01 · 07/07/2019 at 19:24

    Hopefully nothing sinister

    TOPHAWK1 · 07/07/2019 at 19:30

    Not looking good Russty. Hoping for a miracle mind you. What a round this has been. Carnage, great performances, late outs, and the usual turds. Marshall, Cogs, Billings, Williams, and the J Kelly points saved my score today.

      Russty_ · 07/07/2019 at 19:37

      You're not wrong mate, what a rollercoaster week..I had Hore and Parker's scores on field but still managed a decent score thanks to some other heroic performances 🙂

KSinny · 07/07/2019 at 19:30

Only 2241 for me this week well below par I reckon

The Bont · 07/07/2019 at 19:30

A guy in my league scored 2591

Rocksta_ · 07/07/2019 at 19:30

2507 with a donut for Boak. Pretty Stoked. Should get me in the top 400 tonight.
Downside is I’m very low on trades now and will need a lot of luck for the rest of the season. How’d everyone else go?

    Russty_ · 07/07/2019 at 19:58

    Great score Rocksta…2415 here, I know what ya mean about the trades!

      Rocksta_ · 07/07/2019 at 20:04

      Cheers Russty. Will need Lycett to get up next week like you I’m sure. I think Gawny, Crippsy and Boak should be back so fingers Crossed.

        Saritz · 07/07/2019 at 20:08

        Great score mate!! Especially with one down. How many trades Rocksta? I have 4. I’m hoping not to have to trade this week. I’m sure the SC God’s will throw something my way though. I got 2419

          Rocksta_ · 07/07/2019 at 20:18

          Only 3 mate. Just had too many bloody injuries this season.

            Saritz · 07/07/2019 at 20:27

            You’re at the pointy end. Everyone towards the top has that pressure to stay there. I’m sure that’s average for those in the top 400

              Rocksta_ · 07/07/2019 at 20:37

              Yea, agreed bud. I started badly this season so was always going to have to be agressive if I wanted to achieve a good rank. It could all turn to shit very soon. But hey mate, the roller coaster is part of the fun.

Fearthebeard · 07/07/2019 at 19:33

Far out. How much cash hire bleed now?

TOPHAWK1 · 07/07/2019 at 19:36

How the hell did we all go this week? This would be one of the most dramatic rounds for many years. Late late outs,(Boak) Gawn late out, J Kelly injury, great performances, and some serious turds. I copped a Boak donut, but traded in Lycett 10 minutes before that game started due to crucial intel from Fantasy Freako. Despite all the dramas, ended up with 2368. How did everybody else go?

    Derek · 07/07/2019 at 19:42

    Managed 2522. Included some dud scores from Merrett, Durrsma, Gunston, Parker and Dusty.

      TOPHAWK1 · 07/07/2019 at 19:51

      Bang!! Massive score Derek.Awesome stuff. The cream always rises to the top in this SC caper. Cheers mate. TH

    SamuraiPizzaCat · 07/07/2019 at 19:43

    2351 with Cripps, Gawn and Boak out. Happy with that considering.

      TOPHAWK1 · 07/07/2019 at 19:53

      Great save SPC with those 3 out! We both kind of scrapped ourselves to a decent score. Thats what its all about. Keep fighting. Cheers. TH

        SamuraiPizzaCat · 07/07/2019 at 20:04

        Yep yep good work holding it together! There will be a few teams out there with big scores, mainly those that had Goldstein instead of Gawn.. saw a couple 2500+

    COREYSC · 07/07/2019 at 19:50

    2235 with 20 players wasn’t a great score unfortunately some great scores but missing Gawn and Boak hurt

      TOPHAWK1 · 07/07/2019 at 20:04

      Still a bloody good score mate. Copping two premo donuts and still managing 2250 odd is very very impressive. You can reload next week and go hard again. Cheers mate.

        COREYSC · 07/07/2019 at 20:35

        Cheers mate, That’s the plan I need all my premiums to come back! Gawn, Boak, Cripps and J.Kelly then I can fight back!

    Russty_ · 07/07/2019 at 19:57

    Well done this week about carnage!
    I got to 2415 with Hore and Parker on field..think I got up in 9 of 10 Leagues

      TOPHAWK1 · 07/07/2019 at 20:06

      Thats Hugggee!!! How the heck did you manage that with those two spuds on the field. LOL Great score mate.

    KSinny · 07/07/2019 at 19:57

    Only 2241 for me, Gawn donut and a lot of dud scores from Hawkins, Ryan, Clarke, Logue, Telly etc 🙁

      TOPHAWK1 · 07/07/2019 at 20:09

      Not a bad score considering any Freo player right now is condemned to the AFL hall of turds. I had Logue onfield over Answerth. Dang. Go well next week mate. Cheers.

    Daz · 07/07/2019 at 19:57

    2435 with a doughnut. Gawn, Boak and Cripps on the bench. Some massive scores around.

      Sam_01 · 07/07/2019 at 20:02

      2380 for me Parker and Clarke so called “covering” my zeros
      Not to bad having Gawn/Boak/Cripps ok bench

      TOPHAWK1 · 07/07/2019 at 20:10

      Nice Daz. Scores this week will fluctuate wildly. You will seriously move up the rankings with that. Great score.

    silversovereign · 07/07/2019 at 20:01

    2317 for me with no Cripps and boak. Traded Gawn to kreuzer 😃

      TOPHAWK1 · 07/07/2019 at 20:14

      Sneaky move Mr Silver! Just make sure you get Gawn back when Kreuzer breaks down again. There are three certainties in life…..Death, taxes, and Kreuzer breaking down at some point. Cheers mate. TH

        silversovereign · 07/07/2019 at 20:18

        That’s the plan TH. It’s freed up a lot of cash to finish my upgrades and hopefully with kreuzers price gain and gawns price loss in a few weeks it could pan out.

    Saritz · 07/07/2019 at 20:04

    2419. Thanks Cogs and Neale late to get me above 2400+ again this week

    TBone_9 · 07/07/2019 at 20:52

    Somehow ended up on 2470 with Gawn, Cripps, Boak all on the pine. Hopefully J. Kelly is okay though, don’t know how cautious GWS will be with him

      Russty_ · 07/07/2019 at 21:02

      Fantastic score TBone, well done mate…hope Kelly gets up for you.

    Daz · 07/07/2019 at 20:56

    2489 with the standard 3 out, giving me one doughnut, moved up to 179, pretty happy. Was feeling the hoff for coverage at 379k with Dixon back. Might pick up like a Hawkins to loop F6/F7 with him as should be dirt cheap soon.

      Russty_ · 07/07/2019 at 21:04

      That's powerhouse stuff Daz…how long have you been playing Supercoach mate? Great ranking
      I brought Westy in this week too..again haha

        Derek · 07/07/2019 at 21:19

        I can see me trading Hoff back in. Nice F7

          Russty_ · 07/07/2019 at 21:30

          He saved my Butt this week Derek when I was up against guys who brought Z.Clarke in.
          Great score this week.

    ELazza · 07/07/2019 at 21:44

    Crap score this week.. 2170.. . 1 donut and didn’t see the Boak out which left me with Mongrel Parker’s 35… had Jelly as Capt…. didn’t make a trade this week..
    Fortunate in that in my major cash league my opponent had 2 donuts… so won that and another against Shake cos he was snoozing in Greece through the outs..
    Russty totalled me in the JR Mega League… licking my wounds and cursing not trading out bl00dy Corbett for Heeney..

hedski · 07/07/2019 at 19:38

2312 pre scaling for me.
One Touch Wonder, well done, I think you've ended my run at a finals spot in the cash league, Shake is doing good things from over seas, scored a 2480odd and done me in draft also.
But hats off must go to Derek for his ballsy move of trading Gawn to Goldy and cracking 2500.

    The Ranger · 07/07/2019 at 19:46

    2325 for me.
    Great score Derek

    Derek · 07/07/2019 at 19:50

    I needed a few wins this week.

      TOPHAWK1 · 07/07/2019 at 19:59

      I love the Gawn to Goldy trade. Master stroke.

    TOPHAWK1 · 07/07/2019 at 19:56

    Good stuff Hedski. Bloody hell! Derek trading Gawn out to Goldy. Thats what I call a shark move on steroids. LOL

      Sam_01 · 07/07/2019 at 20:01

      Gonna come back to bite him when Gawn destroys English next week

        Derek · 07/07/2019 at 20:37

        Goldy has Zac Clarke next week.

        Will Gawn be fully fit? Will Prues play as well? Lots to think about.

        they should be about same price in 2 weeks. I have a trade or two up my sleeve

Iamme · 07/07/2019 at 19:38

2142 with 2 donuts and 3 from Hore, with Gawn, Boak and Cripps on the pine.

Fearthebeard · 07/07/2019 at 19:42

2298 with Gawn boak cripps Daniels and hores spud. Only had cripps covered too 🤯

    Browncow · 07/07/2019 at 20:12

    Amazing you had 2298 FB. What could have been ……

Pman · 07/07/2019 at 19:53

Despite having Cripps and Boak on the bench I jagged 2464 which is my best score so far in what has been a pretty average season. I didn't have Gawn having started with Grundy/Goldy which pretty much was the difference in all my leagues to give me a clean sweep.

Holty01 · 07/07/2019 at 19:57

Gee, before this round I was looking at my side and was quietly confident I should be moving up the ranks. 2314 seems to be very underwhelming and now have to wait for Gawn, Boak, Kelly, Fyfe and Cripps to get up next week. How things change

    Sam_01 · 07/07/2019 at 20:04

    Agree holty still a solid score though! Took a fair few heroic efforts to land me a 2380

    Russty_ · 07/07/2019 at 20:15

    Chin up Holty I reckon you'll still be in the top 100 mate which is a great achievement..what happened to Fyfe?…I must've missed that.

      JEL · 07/07/2019 at 23:39

      No joy from any of the Freo players.
      Bought in Ryan to finish my Def and it proved to be a disappointment.

Sam_01 · 07/07/2019 at 20:06

Just wanna throw this out there trading Rocky to the bont as soon as rocky was out for the GC game, massively happy with it considering rocky went on to miss a few more and bont delivered 112/109/130/146

    Saritz · 07/07/2019 at 20:10

    Be is looking good!! Just nervous about him, Macrae and Dunkley all being able to produce 120’s+ in the same team each week, which is what we want from them

      Sam_01 · 07/07/2019 at 20:17

      I think dogs have finally found the balance Saritz hope bont and the bulldogs gang continue to storm home

KeenButClueless · 07/07/2019 at 20:13

Has anyone any intel on Hopper for GWS? Took him as a POD. Seems to get enough of the pill and lay enough tackles to be a decent M8, but his scores are a bit underwhelming. Is it an efficiency thing? Is he a junk king? Or is he giving away too many frees? I haven’t seen too much of him, so if anyone can let me know if he’s worth hanging onto or not.

    Sam_01 · 07/07/2019 at 20:19

    Watched a couple GWS games he is always in the thick of it id assume it’s his efficiency and probably kick to handball ratio letting him down

    silversovereign · 07/07/2019 at 20:35

    I had him but got rid of him. Contested beast but handball heavy and not much outside play. Too many other good gws mids take the points

Shake n bake · 07/07/2019 at 20:38

Hi all just woke up in the canarie islands in Spain to see the lions get up over gws. Had limited internet last week but see l did alright this week. Games playing while asleep is not easy especially when u wake up to see Boak a late out. Just have to try and set ur team early and cross ur fingers. Hedski good game in Cazaly!

    Russty_ · 07/07/2019 at 20:54

    Hi Shaker…you did great this week mate, feel for you basking in that Mediterranean Sun while we're freezing our asses off here lol
    Enjoy the rest of your Holiday mate.

      Shake n bake · 07/07/2019 at 21:32

      Cheers Russty has been very hot! Leave here Thursday for Ireland. Hope your going alright. See my pies have hit a wall.

        Russty_ · 07/07/2019 at 21:41

        Yeah they're struggling a bit lately, since Stephenson got suspended, but Moore's playing better since he cut his hair off…and I traded him out.
        I'm going ok, but I'll probably run out of trades and end up a broken mess lol

    neil demons delight · 07/07/2019 at 22:07

    Your pies need more out of cox or just dump him Have fun

      Shake n bake · 07/07/2019 at 22:49

      See we play W C next week away. Don’t look good! Neil.

    hedski · 08/07/2019 at 09:17

    Cheers Shake, you gave me a touch up in draft too.
    Enjoy the holiday bud 👍

JugHead · 07/07/2019 at 20:49

Sicily has to be a screaming buy to replace Hore in my backline if the forward experiment is over. Might be time to bite the bullet this week and hope Clarko has woken up.

    Fearthebeard · 07/07/2019 at 20:58

    It’s exactly what I’m fighting with. I have a option to get Whitfield just can’t decide?!

    Also zibell or Heeny now he’s finally back in form the last month???

Fearthebeard · 07/07/2019 at 20:59

Can I get some advise lads on final moves.

Sicily or Whitfield?

Zibell or heeney?

    KSinny · 07/07/2019 at 21:01

    Well if u have the coin might as Well get Whitfield and Ziebell

    Derek · 07/07/2019 at 21:37

    if you are going Whitfield, I would wait a week, see how he is going plus save some cash

    He was going to play this week, but reports said he was still sore. Don’t like sounds of that.

    Sicily is great value.

    Lewis has a good game this week, hawks will give him a fair run up forward. Sicily will play defence

      Fearthebeard · 08/07/2019 at 06:35

      Thanks for your time Derek.

      I’ll have a think re Whitfield and sicily.

      What you think on heeney and zibell?

        Derek · 08/07/2019 at 13:29

        Heeney would be my pick. I don’t mind him playing forward, he is a great overhead mark and kicks a few goals.

        Ziebel will be effected by Higgins back in a week or two. North have a very tough run of games

      Russty_ · 08/07/2019 at 23:21

      Most Collarbones are 6 to 8 weeks I think, so even for him to get back in 5 this week he'll be doing well, but probably won't be at full strength if he does. Definitely worth a week's look to see how he goes and if he cops any hard hits during the match.

    JohnDJ59 · 08/07/2019 at 14:39

    I agree with Derek, Sicily and Heeney for mine.

      Russty_ · 08/07/2019 at 23:22

      I agree with John, who agrees with Derek 🙂

Rocksta_ · 07/07/2019 at 21:01

Into the top 300 ya’ll. Need a shit load of luck though from here with only 3 trades left and potentially Cripps, Gawn, Boak, Lycett and Fyfe to deal with. Will enjoy the rank climb while it lasts, even if it’s only for one more week.

    Russty_ · 07/07/2019 at 21:14

    Well done Rocksta, wouldn't it be nice to have 8 or 10 trades right about now?..definitely gonna re-think any sideways trades next season. Good luck for the coming weeks.

      Rocksta_ · 07/07/2019 at 21:33

      Mate, what I wouldn’t do for even 2 more trades. It is what it is though. I only made a couple of sideways trades early on but then the injuries kicked in. You’re right though, the sideways trades are what brings your season unstuck.

        Russty_ · 07/07/2019 at 21:47

        I only did 1 or 2 sideways as well, it was more keeping up with the injuries and rotating the fattening rookies out for new ones, and I missed some pearlers too like Stack, Liam Baker, etc, had some good ones but also some crap ones who ended up as dead wood.

          Rocksta_ · 07/07/2019 at 21:50

          Yea, I’ve got plenty of dead wood on my bench………….which is another problem.

    Sam_01 · 07/07/2019 at 21:25

    Well done mate I snuck up a bit further sitting at 779 at the moment tossing up bringing in hurn for logue or hurn for burgess moving logue to D7 will put me down to the 3 or 2 trades left
    Feel like the climb stops around here not having Marshall in my team and instead having Greene

      Rocksta_ · 07/07/2019 at 21:29

      Well done Sam. Just be aggressive I say. I reckon my climb stops anytime soon as well mate but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

      Derek · 07/07/2019 at 21:39

      Marshall was the big winner this year. Anyone who got on him early has killed it. That is why I’m not killing it.

JohnDJ59 · 08/07/2019 at 01:11

I look at my team and I wonder where all the trades went, I did four sideways trades at the start, but that's not what killed my season, it was trading out injured players to keep the scoring going instead of just putting them on the bench like other years, I also did some silly downgrades and upgrades that at the time made sense, but in hindsight I didn't need to do, Lycett to Hayes in round 7 and Billings to Walters in round 13 for example. So I will still have a passing interest in my team from here, but there really isn't much I can do apart from picking my VC and C players and have my players that are getting a game on the field. So looking forward to next year and another lesson learnt, trades are precious, even at the start of the year.

    DavidC · 08/07/2019 at 07:59

    John, I did those 4 "correctional" trades early and regret doing them. The reasons were sound at the time and some worked out ok but there were no game changers. I'd have been better off sticking fat with my initial team selections and saving the trades. I still have 8 trades and have managed them well since then but I could have traded more aggressively if I hadn't wasted those early trades. We call them correctional trades to justify them but really they are just early points chasing. The other thing I won't be doing is starting a non playing player just for loop hole purposes. Just pick playing rookies and a loop will present itself soon enough. I started with Bewley and traded him out before he played and then traded him back in. What a waste of a trade that was.

      JohnDJ59 · 08/07/2019 at 12:31

      Hi DavidC, I usually look back on my trades at the end of the season and find at least two or three I could have done without, but this year I've been just terrible, I thought I would try something different and be aggressive early with non performing and injured players, it hasn't worked, so I will go back to my usual conservative trading next year. My worst trading was with Whitfield, I traded him in round 4, then out round 7 when he was injured, then back in round 11, just for him to be injured again. You should do well having 8 trades left DavidC, I usually still have 6 at this stage and do alright.

    neil demons delight · 08/07/2019 at 13:19

    Funny I was just going thru my wasted trades all 9 same as you guys,but we say it each year John I did the same with a non playing dpp and out he went for spud parker. Even as late as this week I was all set to bring in Westy and Lincoln as cover for Gawn and Daniel then back up with Jack SOS all three tonned up and I could have 160 more points .Instead, on a wit I changed for Lobb Fisher and the third now will be Moore . Though I have suffered last week I think Moore will be a better F/D /7 than Jsos and Lobb could be a better back up than westy, fisher will be the dud with Lincoln much better however Fisher gives a high ceiling and like Lincoln played all games.We forget about our good trades walsh Libba ROB Marshall and Kelly all good Good luck Fellas, great playing against guys like you who don't abandon regardless NDD

      JohnDJ59 · 08/07/2019 at 14:36

      You are right about how we forget about our good trades Neil. Round five was probably my best, Butters and Gibbons out for O'Brien and Stack and my round three correction trade of Mills to Lloyd was a must at the time. I'm also happy with my round 14 trade of Walsh to Neale, even though I had planned to keep Walsh, trading him was the only way I could afford Neale.

        Russty_ · 08/07/2019 at 22:23

        Don't give up the ghost yet John, you must still have a few trades left?…just try riding it out and only use one when you have to.
        I've got Hore too and no def bench cover, just gonna leave it for now in case someone else goes down.

          JohnDJ59 · 09/07/2019 at 00:05

          Not giving up Russty, just being realistic, I wasn't able to get to full premo, not that I ever do, but I normally have good bench cover, which I did until last weekends wipeout and I usually still have 5-6 trades left at this stage. I'm still in the top eight in 4/9 leagues, but I'm not expecting that to last, looking at the other teams, I'm no threat. So I'm thinking of either going out in a blaze of glory and using my final trades to improve my team, or just hanging in there and hope for a couple of wins.

            Russty_ · 09/07/2019 at 00:15

            Good mate cause you can't quit…you don't know how bad their situation is…could be worse than yours, their 2 top guns could go down in GF week and yours don't.
            Even 1 or 2 wins for the year is good out of 9 Leagues if they're all playing players, and not just random plebs.
            I got to 1 grand final last year out of 10 and came up short, but at least got there, and trades were gone by then…and had 3 outs.
            I'd hang onto your trades as long as you can if you have 3 or less.

Ned_Starkers · 08/07/2019 at 07:55

7 trades left, 2400 this week, up to 722 in the rankings.
2 defenders short, trading O’Brien out (at max value now) + Duursma (slipping)

1. Sicily and Stewart (or any other defender under $490k)
2. Sicily and Westhoff (F7 Ruck Cover)

Option 2 will leave me with 80k and running Answerth, Logue and Naish (loophole) until they, Hately or Clarke afford me my last premium upgrade (maybe Whitfield).

    Russty_ · 08/07/2019 at 23:23

    Hi disconnected head Ned…I like option 1, 2 solid picks and well done on the achievements this week.

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