Cheat Sheet Pre-Round 16

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Producing the cheat sheet each week is a learning experience. I make jokes about being the work-experience kid, but every week I’m forced to ask myself questions like WWLD (What Would Lekdog Do)? This year my eyes have been opened to how to strategically use (and more importantly ‘not’ use) trades. I’ve never had 10 trades available at this stage of the season, with most of my team complete (not perfect, but in a pretty good position).

So I’ve changed tack with the cheat sheet a little this week. Firstly, I’ve not included any downgrade targets. At this stage you probably have an existing player who can slot into D7, F7, M9, or you are gonna risk it and have no cover on your bench. Either way you are not looking at cash generating rookies, so the best bet is to get players for the lowest price possible. Secondly, you probably already know who the top 8-10 players are on each line, and there’s no point me listing them again.

What I’ve included this week is players who are possibly a little cheaper than the ultra premos, but who are in great form over the last 5 weeks or so. And most of these guys (being slightly cheaper than the top 8-10) are also PODS. As always, don’t take these recommendations as “must haves”, but if you are short of cash, or looking for a slight edge, then these guys are perfect.

Let me know if there’s someone else you think will be tearing it up over the next few weeks, and I’ll include them next week. And as always, see ya in the comments.
Statty Matty.

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Daniel being out has messed up the trades I was going to do but I’m thinking of going Daniel to Marshall and Hore to Hurn. Next week I’ll do Stack to Sloane, which is what I would’ve done if Daniel wasn’t out. Thoughts?


Those two trades this week are my moves too Daniel to Marshall and Hore to Hurn. I think you may as well wait a week that’s a good move Stack still has cash to make!


Looking for an F6/F7 to loop with Jez Cameron.

Current frontrunner is Hawkins. Any better suggestions?

FYI i already have Heeney



I think Hawkins is your man. But he has a high breakeven this week, projected to be 395k after this round. Hold off a week if you can.


Rich is my man <img src=&quotcomment image" width="1"/>


Please don't do as Lekdog does


9 trades left, $200k in the kitty

Lloyd, Hurn, Laird, Andrews, Sicily, Hore (Logue, Gardner)
Macrae, Fyfe, Cripps, Neale, Oliver, Rockliff, Stack, Clarke (Hind, Baker, Scott)
Gawn, Grundy (O'Brien)
Dunkley, Danger, Boak, TKelly, RGray, Moore (Young, Schlensog)

I'm clear on what to do next week: trade O'Brien, move Schlensog to Ruck and use the money to upgrade Baker and one of Hore/Moore to premos.

Question is should i do this week? thinking trading Hore out since he may leak some cash, and either:
1- bring in premo back? no one jumping at me. I'd rather wait for Whitfield. I don't trust Rampe and LRyan. Rich? Williams? Stewart?
2- move Moore to fwd and bring in Marshall or Lycett?
3- move Moore to fwd and bring in Chol


11 trades left, $340k in the bank.

Lloyd, Hurn, Williams, Crisp, Wilkie, Logue (Answerth, Burgess)
Macrae, Fyfe, Cripps, Cunnington, Neale, Oliver, Coniglio, Clarke (Bewley, Stocker, Scott)
Gawn, Grundy (Fort)
Dangerfield, Marshall, Boak, Kelly, Daniel, Heeney (Setterfield, Gardner)

Was initially thinking Daniel >> Ziebell but now thinking it may be better to swing Burgess FWD and going Daniel >> Stewart.
This would give me Setterfield on field in the FWDs over Wilkie / Logue in DEF but is probably less risky and makes getting Dunkley in a few weeks a possibility…


Is Hartlett worth a look as a potential D6??

Rick Grimes

If you're short on cash and not risk adverse. Amother cheapo is Jaydyn Short. He should ave a solid 90 and is even cheaper, i think.


I’ve picked him up at the expense of Smith, pocketing 9k.

Big risk, but if it pays off it’s probably an extra 30+ points a week.

The main reason I have no reservations about picking him up is that after Hurn, Lloyd, Laird, Whitfield and Williams, I can’t decide on the last defender.


Gawn named but Preuss is too, don't think Maxy will get up.
Bewley out, no Cripps…..
A couple of debutantes, I wonder how good of a run mini Dunks will get with Neil's lot?


Goodwin said on the news that Gawn’s ankle still “quite large” will give him till the last hour but will not risk him…. a donut coming up …


I'll probably bring in Chol for Young (need bench cover, other fwd bench is Gardener).
Then I have Daniel to deal with.
Could go Lycett and break the bank, or (shudder) bring the Hoff back in and keep $200k for my last def upgrade in a few weeks.
Trades are getting VERY low so as much as I don't want too, the Hoff is tempting me again.
Someone shoot me please.


Hi mate, I can see why you're considering it, I'm thinking about it too, Hoff could be good for the rest of the year with Dixon back in the'd mean I'd have 3 Ruckmen in my Fwd line including Marshall lol


I wish I had Marshall!!
Hope Breust does good for you in the draft league bud, I'll be putting Big Boy on field and Maxy to the bench this week <img draggable="false" class="emoji" alt="👍" src=""&gt;


No worries mate, happy to help you out there, Breust is just my bench guy for now, hopefully he can turn his form around and start bagging a few more goals.


Bang, bang …

Speaking of Rucks … Mumford is the only out at GWS … and Dawson Simpson is one of the potentials 'ins'… Can't see them going up against Brisbane without a genuine Ruckman … if so it means Whitfield misses again …


We'll find out at 5 o'clock tomorrow but I'd be fairly confident Whitfield will play (hope so for my draft team).
Thanks for the double shot Lazza, not sure what I'll do there yet.


Why would Simpson playing mean Whitfield isn’t? You do know they can drop other players right?


Because the ‘Outs’ are normally nominated on the first team release..
as you now see…

Jon Gastev

What you say makes no sense Lazza….. Just because Simpson comes in doesn't mean Whitfield misses again? Why can't he also come in..?

Mumford is the only confirmed out – so Simpson comes in for him….

But Whitfield can and will still come in….. The extended bench just gets trimmed down to four…

So Whitfield & Simpson will play and then two of Hately, Stein, Hill, Daniels, Kennedy & Flynn will also play and the rest will be in the NEAFL……

So in a nutshell either Hately or Daniels will be omitted for Whitfield!!!


JG… when the teams are first announced, whether a squad or not, the ‘outs’ are almost always listed … the exceptions are the situations such as we face with Gawn this round ..


not a bad idea
he'd be a good F7 for the rest of the season


Agree Lazza, can't see them risking Gawn with Preuss to step in..if Maxy does play, he'll probably be on limited minutes or could even damage it further.


Duursma out, Gardner moved to the backline. MChol comes into the fwd line. Second trade is Stocker to Josh Kelly.

Hoping Chol can keep around the 70-80 mark, and then i'll keep Caleb Daniel on the bench.

OBrien backup ruckman in case Gawn doesnt get up. Feeling good 🙂


8 Trades – 87K. Cripps, Bewley, Baker, Hately & Gawn possible outs.
I'm stuck. Would like to hear your trade options.
Lloyd, Houli. Laird, Sicily, Duursma, Answerth (Burgess, Marsh)
Fyfe, Macrae, Dunkley, Neale, C Oliver, Sloane D Clarke, Hately (Bewley, O Baker, Cripps)
Gawn, Grundy (Bines)
Danger, T Kelly, Heeney, Boak, R Gray, J Cameron (Gardner, Setterfield)


Baker or Bewely out for Chol (via setterfield DPP), keep the money till next week or take a risk on someone like a Mark Murphy in the midfield or Short in the backline.


Seeing as how your fwd line's pretty much finished with no DPP Ruck, I'd actually look at getting Zac Clarke in by getting rid of Marsh via Gardner / Bines.
Gawn likely to miss so backup is needed.


I feel like Z.clarke has to be locked into our teams community unless your happy to cop a donut, Atleast he will provide cover for the rest of the year……. 4 trades to go now as all my mid bench cover got wiped out


You could be right there Sam, if I didn't have Bines and a ruck swing I'd be doing that for sure.


Plus he will up against allir.

Should put up a decent score


What the heck! Missed Daniels hammy.

3 trades left and been plotting Whitfield to hore…

I’m first on my league. Now thanks to players dropped no cover for Daniels this week.

Got cripps on bench another week but covered there.

Do I go balls out and get Whitfield and someone in for hore and Daniels? Do I bench Daniels for a month? I don’t think You can trust his hammy in 3-4 weeks either can you?

I have Boak Marshall Dunkley Dangerfield and kelly so who the hell would I go for f6 anyway 😱😱😱😱😱


Whitfield not selected yet …. GWS have only 1 'out' and that is their sole RUC. Dawson Simpson could be the only "in"..

3 trades left and no cover – ouch !!

Jon Gastev

What you say makes no sense Lazza….. Just because Simpson comes in doesn't mean Whitfield misses again? Why can't he also come in..?

Mumford is the only confirmed out – so Simpson comes in for him….

But Whitfield can and will still come in….. The extended bench just gets trimmed down to four…

So Whitfield & Simpson will play and then two of Hately, Stein, Hill, Daniels, Kennedy & Flynn will also play and the rest will be in the NEAFL……

So in a nutshell either Hately or Daniels will be omitted for Whitfield!!!


Whitfield will play


He might play with himself this weekend, but not on the field 🙂


You were saying?


Looks like it made sense after all Laz. 🙂


Was looking. Can go hore to Whitfield and Daniels to westhoff or next week can get Hawkins instead if he bleeds some cash?


Any blues fans or anyone at all know anything about his cottrell bloke? Also on that note anyone know how Cripps is travelling do we continue to hold?


Outside player, should line up wing and half-forward. Can run all day long and got awesome foot skills


Thanks mate! I only really need him as a swing so I can play a fwd like danger if a mid goes down

Stupid Coach

10 trades left and only 36k in the bank. My team is as follows:
B: Lloyd, Laird, Williams, Stewart, Whitfield, Wilkie, Logue, Joyce (St K)
M: Macrae, Cripps, Oliver, Coniglio, Merrett, Bont, Walsh, D Clarke, Brewley, Baker.
R: Gawn, Goldy, Sweet
F: Danger, Kelly, Heeney, Cameron, Settlefield, Parker, Young, Gardener

Initially looked at trading to Wilkie to Hartlett (just enough cash) but worried that Gawn won't play which leaves me with a donut.

Appreciate any advice community.


Swing bench cover for Gawn via Bines????
Was thinking Darling to Lycett and keep as a F6
But now thinking Setterfield to Westhoff and keep as F7. then use the $200K savings to upgrade backline next week.
I've got 12 trades & $141K in the bank


Yeah Setterfield to Westhoff would work, better if you could trade out someone not getting a game though.


Hi community. So Goodwin has come out and said he would give Gawn to the last minute to prove his fitness. So if he is still named tonight, there obviously is still a risk he will be a late out. I’m concerned about all this talk about people trading in Westhoff as cover. Unless people already have 6 premo forwards and Westhoff becomes a luxury F7/R3, how does Westhoff become cover?
Melbourne play Sunday so ultimately you are putting Westhoff at R3. A lot of money to invest in someone who ultimately could be wasted on your bench.
This is more of a warning to the community to make sure you understand the trade before you lock it in as it wouldn’t be great to have Westy sitting on your bench and not scoring.


I'd rather cop a donut than waste a trade on Westhoff he's been putrid this year. Surely people are not falling for that


my thoughts exactly Holt, swinging cover does nothing for the late out, Clarke on the other hand<img draggable="false" class="emoji" alt="🤔" src=""&gt;


Agreed mate. Think he is a better option if you don’t want the donut


the only other option is Lycett as a F6
Just seems allot of money to spend


Was thinking the same thing, but the timing is wrong for Lycett as he plays before Gawn.


Traded Hoff to Lycett last week.

the problem with having Lycett/Hoff/Lobb as ruck cover, is who do you have on the forward bench to cover your forward line.

If i swing lycett to ruck this week to cover Gawn, i've got old Parker as my bench cover. So effectively Parker is my cover for Gawn. seriously.

There is no room for luxury M9/F7 swingers this year and a decent FWD/DEF DPP is not available

the second option is to trade gawn, via Lycett swing to a walters or Dunkley. If one of the other premiums goes down (ie Cripps) it can then be a trade to Gawn later and swing Dunkley/walters to M8


Community I need wisdom :p

I am down to 3 trades. My mids are covered and been hanging on with Cripps out.

I am leading my league so I'm ok to play finals.

The concern I have is my 3 trades.

I have been waiting for Whitfield to come back as a trade for Hore. Though now Daniels has thrown a spanner in m yworks.

I have Danger, Kelly, Marshall, Boak, Dunkley. So I'm locked in forwards though not F6 now thanks to Daniels hammy.

Do I hold him for the month? Can you trust a hammy in a month?

If I trade him do I go for Hawkins next week when he bleeds some more cash? Do I go for Greene? Westhoff?

Is it worth ponying up the money for Lycette?

My logic with Hawkins/Green/Westhoff is it allows Hore straight to Whitfield. Lycette basically waives the flag on Whitfield for me unfortunately.

Anyway any advise would be beautiful and appreciated. 100 different thoughts in my head and reversed trades to many times to keep doing it lol.

Hopefully Cripps back next week.


Thanks for taking time to reply Neil:

I have Gawn too lol.

Not sounding serious so I’ll ride him for the week not worth trading. Same as Cripps unless longterm out.

Who do you think mate do I go Whitfield for hore and Hawkins for Daniels? Westhoff? Or just get lycette and likely miss whitfield


Now thinking Hawkins or Cameron might be the ticket for Daniels and get Whitfield in for Hore?



Reckon I’m gonna hold Daniel, got a two game buffer at the top of my league and reckon he will be a good pod come finals time, instead I’m thinking durrsma to chol and then setterfield to either boak or Hawkins, leaves me with 7 trades and just Logue to upgrade with chol covering Daniel, smart trades or should I just boot Daniel
Ps. Hawkins absolutely exploded this time last year and with a favourable run could he do the same


You just answered my moves. Go for Hawkins and Whitfield when they bleed cash this week I hope!


Coniglinogs last 5 games include 64, 76, 102 and he's only had 3 scores above 105 for the year. Crazy move trading him in


Whitfield did not get up… as we said in the first week f his injury, cit is a typically a 6 week return…


Ah crap. Now hore might bleed more then Whitfield for a while and could throw a spanner in the Works.