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I won’t take too much of your time up with an introduction, but I would like to point out that I have a very good strike rate with my Smokey options. Just sayin.

Anyway, here’s captains.


Brodie Grundy

Friday Night vs Hawthorn – AVG vs Team: 93.5

Surprisingly hasn’t had a great run against the Hawks with 116 his highest ever score against Clarko’s boys, but Grundy has been playing like a man possessed lately and wouldn’t surprise me to see him hit a new personal best score against the Hawks.

Jack Macrae
Saturday Night vs Geelong – AVG vs Team: 73.3

Didn’t get a chance to test himself against the Geelong midfield last year thanks to the hamstring injury he suffered mid season, but he gets his chance now. Geelong haven’t traditionally tagged this year, but that may change with the Dogs engine room a cut above as of late.

Nat Fyfe
Saturday Night vs West Coast – AVG vs Team: 109.4
No Mark Hutchings to worry about, and playing in front of his home crowd. Tick and tick. Fyfe hasn’t scored less than 125 at home this year, couple that with no tag to worry about, fire in the belly from a stinging loss last week and a Derby in front of the home crowd and you’ll get SuperFyfe™.


Anthony Miles
Saturday vs Richmond – AVG vs Team: —
Up against his old side and will want to prove they gave him up too easily. Has been on fire scoring 118 in consecutive weeks. Could he go bigger than that against his old mates on the Suns home deck?

Top CAPTAINCY Options:

Ben Cunnington
Sunday vs St Kilda – AVG vs Team: 93.1
Cunners is actually playing the team he had his best previous average, so with his new found ceiling, who knows how far he’ll go. The Saints aren’t exactly humming at the moment, and since Rhyce Shaw took over the Kangaroos they’ve been one hungry team. Ben Cunnington scored 108 last time he plays the Saints.

Josh Kelly

Sunday vs Brisbane – AVG vs Team: 101.8

Scored a 149 last time Kelly played the Lions, and averages a massive 121.3 at Giants home ground. Brisbane only seem to be running with players this year, and most teams look to shut down Kelly’s teammates rather than Kelly himself. Probably my favourite of the Captain’s this week.

Lachie Neale

Sunday vs GWS – AVG vs Team: 113.9

No Matt de Boer to worry about, and looks to have bounced back into some good form. Has never played at the Giants home ground so no data to support how well he does / doesn’t go at the ground, but positively this year Neale has only scored under 120 twice against Top 8 sides this year.


Todd Goldstein

Sunday vs St Kilda – AVG vs Team: 106.2

Not that Rowan Marshall hasn’t been good, but at Blundstone Arena the Kangaroos usually grow a leg or two and it’s usually in some part thanks to this bloke. The ageing Kangaroo warrior has been quietly going about his business this year only going below 95 three times. Has scored 123 or better in his last three games against the Saints, too.

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Grundy into Kelly at this stage


Cheers Damo…Grundy into Fyfe at the moment, Fyfe looks in blistering form lately, it'd be nice if big Brodie takes him out of the equation though with a 150+


Same here Russty I’ll set those two and keep my attention on Gawn, Cripps and Danger if all three get up this week that would be a great result. Daniel to Marshall this week and Hore To Hurn leaves me with Logue and Hately as my last two rookies onfield and 10 Trades Left!


Good position Corey, wish I had 10 left! haha…Cripps is out and Gawn very unlikely I reckon, Drama Queen Danger should play cause he's a tough bugger.


Thoughts on Daniel out Stewart in?


Do you have Whitfield? If you don’t and this is your last defender position then wait a week, make the extra trade if needed and get him next week.

I’d put Laird in front of Stewart, if you don’t have him. If you’ve got those 2, plus Hurn and Laird, then Stewart looks as good as any of the rest.


This is my side atm; 414.6k in the bank with 8 trades left.

Hurn,Laird,Lloyd Whitfield,Moore and Logue. (Answerth and T.Watson)

Macrae,Neale,M.Crouch,Sloane,Rockliff,Ablett, Clarke and Bewley (Wicks,Setterfield,Scott)

Grundy and Gawn (Bines)

Dangerfield, Kelly, Boak Heeney, Daniel and Billings (Gardner and Young)

My trades this week are Daniel to Stewart and Answerth to Hanners.

Next week I'll be trading Moore and Setterfield to a rookie and maybe Dunkley.

Let me know ya thoughts… Cheers Binga


Hi Binga, not sure why you'd want to trade Hanners in, that's just asking for trouble I think.
You're going to need to cover Daniel out and probably Gawn otherwise you're looking at a donut so why not Daniel out for Lycett?…he'd be full of confidence right now and is clearly number 1 ruck now at Port
I realise you'd be swinging Moore fwd to cover for Daniel if you get Stewart but how would you be able to trade Answerth to Hanners? You don't have a mid / def swing in the midfield.
I would go Daniel to Lycett and Gardner or Young to Chol or even spend some of your vast money to get someone decent and send one of your good dpp forwards to the mids.


For what it's worth I am putting the VC on Grundy.

Coin toss between Fyfe and Kelly for my captain. Hoping Grundy has a blinder so I don't have to make a decision on that front.


Fyfe into Kelly for me

The crumbler

What about Sloan as a VC? Averaging a huge 110 against port and could really turn it on. Him into fyfe for me


Grundy into Grundy he will smash the hawks

The Ranger

Can't go past Grundy into Fyfe


Even if Gawn plays, it's likely he's sore. Would it be worth starting ROB over Gawn this week?


Yeah good point mate…think that could be a good idea.
I think Coach would be mad to play Gawn this week, reckon he'll give Preuss the job to see what he's got.


Hawkins into Cameron.

Not really, but one of them will go big this week. They just play too late to put a V on them and I can’t risk a 30 on my captain.


Still dunno who to Pick. ST ruggling
Hartlett. Rich. Crisp. Stewart
Need to pick 2. ??


Rich and Stewart out of them


I liked hartletts game last week.
Free roam defender who sets up attack.

Got plenty of it

Tempting straight swap for Duursma but will depend on who is named or more importantly not named.


You think you'll do it Trig?…playing you twice this week mate, good luck.


Not now with gawny and Cripps missing

Will have to plug a couple of holes there rather than def as have 6 named.

Will have to let him go but reckon he will go alright…

Twice. Dang you have been on fire recently


I'm struggling this week like everyone else this week mate, had to burn another trade, and getting low as now..it's hang on for dear life time!


mate _
that is gonna be close looking at our teams quite a few different players but good players on both sides
predicted 6 points to the good guys – hope it is that close but as we know a day is a long time in footy


The good guys will win cause Andrews will stop shitting his pants this week HAHA!
Fkn pants shitter!


Fyfe into Kelly for moi..


Down to 4 after doing 1 this week.


Wow cross everything you have that you’ll get through!


Yeah it's a bit like that!…I do have some decent cover though.
I tried crossing my balls but it hurts a bit too much. 🙂


I don't mind Hurn as a POD skipper in the Derby. Has a great record in this game