Heroes, Villains and the Damned: Round 15

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Finally the byes are done, but that didn’t stop some premiums pumping out putrid performances. Personally, professional performances were a perceived priority, but pressing par premium production was produced.


Zac Williams (126) found plenty of it in the loss to the Bombers, with the Giant halfback gathering 29 disposals. 14 of those touches were contested and he used it pretty well too, which contributed to his game-high score. Josh Kelly (104) also had plenty of touches, but he had 5 clangers with his 28 touches and he missed two shots at goal, so his score could’ve been bigger. Stephen Coniglio (102) has had a real problem with disposal efficiency, and nothing changed on Thursday night. He had 33 touches, but went at 54% efficiency. Former Giant Dylan Shiel (112) had a good game against his former side, with 22 touches and a goal. In a similar vein to Coniglio, he struggled to use the ball well.

Tim Kelly (128) had a best on ground effort in the win against the Crows on Friday, with 33 touches and two goals. He had four clangers, but used it pretty well, at 81% efficiency. Rory Sloane (129) had a ripper game against the Cats, with 30 touches and six tackles in the loss. 16 of his 30 touches were contested, and he also had nine clearances. Reilly O’Brien (120) continues to keep Jacobs out of the side, this week with an 18 disposal, 39 hit out game against the Cats. His disposal efficiency was at 38%, but plenty of his hit outs were effective, which is why his score is respectable.

Jarman Impey (117) played a huge role for the Hawks in a near-win, with 21 touches off the half back. Jaeger O’Meara (115) was also at his ball-winning best, with 37 touches and 10 tackles. He unfortunately missed three shots at goal, and used the ball at a worryingly low 32% efficiency in the wet. Luke Shuey (133) was huge with 39 touches and 9 tackles in the win. He also kicked a goal, but had ten clangers. The wet weather really affected the efficiency of both sides this match, with Jack Redden (128) being the only one who used it really well. He had 30 disposals and five tackles.

Josh P. Kennedy (125) played well against the Suns, where he managed 27 touches, one goal and eight tackles. He was important in the win, especially when the game was tighter early on. Isaac Heeney (117) had a great third quarter which save his game a bit, and he finished with 25 touches, 11 marks and two goals. He also went at 88% efficiency, which was fantastic.

Adam Treloar (136) had 40 touches despite the loss to the Kangaroos. He went at 80%, which is great for him, but 26 of them were handballs, which hurt his score a bit. Brodie Grundy (133) had 44 hit outs to go with his 23 disposals, as he had the wood on Goldstein. Darcy Moore (101) would’ve pleased his existing owners with 13 touches and 5 intercept marks in the loss. Ben Cunnington (146) is firming as a top six midfielder this season with a huge 37-disposal game in the win. 17 of the touches were contested, and he went at 86% disposal efficiency. Todd Goldstein (131) lost the hit outs to Grundy, but still gathered 16 touches at 100% efficiency which helped, while Jasper Pittard (125) was great off halfback with 25 touches and nine marks.

Scott Lycett (165) has been a revelation with Ryder out of the side. He had 21 touches, 9 tackles and 42 hit outs in his second game as the sole ruck, and presents a great option as a ruck/forward DPP. Travis Boak (114) continues on with arguably Brownlow-contending form. He had 32 touches (21 contested) and ten clearances. The only knock was that he went at 53% efficiency, which hurt him a bit. Jack Macrae (142) was enormous with 36 disposals and a goal in the upset win. 20 of his possessions were contested, but he used it at 55% which hurt his potential output. Marcus Bontempelli (130) started as a man possessed, gathering 83 points before quarter time. However, he slowed down, and finished with 27 touches and ten tackles. Josh Dunkley (111) continued his great form with 29 disposals, but went at 37% efficiency. Once again, a downpour in Adelaide heavily influenced this game; so clean disposal was hard to come by.

Rowan Marshall (161) has been enormous this season, and continued his fine form on Sunday. He had 19 touches, 33 hit outs, nine marks and a goal in a best on ground performance. Nick Vlastuin (113) had the highest score for the Tigers, with 26 disposals and 11 marks playing that quarter back role.

Dayne Zorko (153) had a field day against the Dees, with 31 touches, three goals and seven clearances. He also laid five tackles and took seven marks. His partner-in-crime, Lachie Neale (139), was also fantastic, with 38 touches (23 contested) and twelve clearances. Eric Hipwood (113) kicked five goals, including four in the third quarter, in a match-winning performance. Clayton Oliver (102) was good in the loss with 36 touches, while Christian Salem (130) was the Demons’ highest scorer, with 32 touches off the half back flank.

Nat Fyfe () put the Dockers on his back and tried to carry them over the line against the Blues with 29 touches and a goal. His first half was enormous, but his influence was curbed in the second half. Connor Blakely (102) had 31 touches himself, and is continuing the form of a yo-yo. Marc Murphy (136) was the hero for Carlton, kicking the match-winner with 45 seconds to go. However, he kept the Blues in the match the entire way, finishing with 35 disposals. Nic Newman (117) was huge off half back flank, gathering 25 touches, while Sam Petrevski-Seton (109) had 23 touches and a goal.


Zach Merrett (88) gathered 28 touches, but butchered the footy in the win. Michael Hurley (69) only managed 11 touches in his role on Jeremy Cameron (77), who kicked three but didn’t do much else.

Patrick Dangerfield (83) was sore but played out the game, finishing with 24 touches and two behinds. He used it at an appalling 41% efficiency, which really hurt his ability to score well. Gary Ablett jr (56) managed 19 touches and kicked two goals, but used it poorly (52%), had four clangers and gave away three free kicks. Brodie Smith (65) turned it around after a shocking first half, but his score wasn’t at what we needed it. He only managed 14 touches but kicked a goal as well.

James Sicily (83) started very slowly which worried plenty of owners, but he ended up with 18 touches in the backline. It was good to see him not play at full forward at any stage, so hopefully Clarko has given up on that venture.

Jake Lloyd (62) was disappointing with only 16 touches against the Suns. He used it really well (93%), but he was about 15 touches short of what he usually gets.

Ollie Wines (57) was quiet in the wet, with only 12 touches, while Robbie Gray (62) found plenty of it, but just couldn’t use his 24 touches well.

Bachar Houli (60) had 21 touches but didn’t use it too well, and didn’t lay any tackles for extra points. His game was influenced by the return of Jayden Short (67), who came back from that dislocated elbow and took plenty of kick outs. Dan Hannebery (65) was a popular trade in after last week, and it took only the one game for Hanners to prove to everyone why you shouldn’t get him in. He managed 23 touches, but has plenty of clangers and doesn’t do much defensively; with only one tackle.

Max Gawn (45) left many, including myself, wishing for a reset button, after the star ruckman went down with an ankle injury. He missed a quarter and came back to play out the second half, but he was still heavily affected by it. Only 7 touches and 25 hit outs, and will hurt those who had him as captain. Harris Andrews (65) wasn’t great in the win, with only 13 touches. He also had two clangers, but despite this he went at a pretty good percentage.

Mitch McGovern (28) barely got involved despite kicking a goal, only managing 8 touches, while Michael Walters (81) started well with 11 first quarter disposals, but finished with 17 touches and two goals.


Jack Gunston (54) has really struggled this season, and Saturday was no different, with only 12 touches and one goal. It’s time to cross him off and trade him out if you have him.

Callum Sinclair (20) went down early with a dislocated shoulder, and then came back on after missing a quarter only to pop it again. He’ll miss weeks, so if you have him, cut him.

Brayden Sier (13) was seen as a cheap POD after scoring 103 in his first game this year, but followed it up with a 28 last week, before copping a concussion this week that ended his day before half time. He’s a great player, but he might miss a week and there are definitely better options.

Angus Brayshaw (67) sucked in plenty with a good past fortnight, but was back to his worst against the Lions, with 22 disposals at a poor rate, and very little defensive pressure applied.


Dylan Clarke (63) bounced around GWS midfielders but spent most of the match on Josh Kelly. He didn’t curb his influence greatly, but laid a few tackles to go with his 10 touches. Jackson Hately (55) finally got his third game, and his owners would’ve been a little disappointed. He only managed 13 touches in 63% game time.

Gryan Miers (110) kicked two goals from his twenty-touch game, which will please those few that still own him. Jordan Clark (87) had a great game and his 23-disposal effort should earn him a Rising Star nod, however Tom Atkins (43) wasn’t nearly as influential. He only had seven touches, and only three of them were effective. Ben Davis (22) played his first game of his career, but only managed seven touches for his 22 points. I would steer clear, even if he holds his spot.

Dylan Moore (46) was quiet in the loss with 8 touches, but he had five tackles which was good to see. Oliver Hanrahan (44) debuted for the Hawks and kicked a goal with his ten touches. He didn’t lay a tackle despite coming in as a small forward in a pressure role, so it’ll be interesting to see if he holds his spot. Jarrod Cameron (26) had a poor second game, with only six touches for the day. He doesn’t look like he’ll hold his spot now Willie Rioli is back, but wait to see if Petruccelle comes in next week, as I can’t see all three play the same role.

James Rose (57) played his third game for the year, and had 19 touches. He used it pretty poorly though, which hurt his score. Nick Blakey (75) managed two goals which helped his score, but had 13 touches in a day where the forward line was his after Sinclair went down. Ben King (29) copped a heavy knock and missed part of the game, but came back on after passing a concussion test. He didn’t really affect the game at all.

Nick Larkey (30) kicked a goal but did little else, while Kyron Hayden (31) did a great job tagging Pendlebury before he ruptured his Achilles in his first AFL game. Luke Davies-Uniacke (63) did pretty well with two goals from his fifteen touches.

Joel Garner (42) played his third game for the year, and had 9 touches and two tackles. Xavier Duursma (47) had 11 touches and three clearances, while Willem Drew (51) only had 10 touches in his return to the senior side. Connor Rozee (57) had a goal from his twelve touches, but also missed two opportunities, while Zak Butters (78) had 21 touches in a good game. Peter Ladhams (79) played his second game for the season, and had 15 hit outs and a goal in a ruck/forward dual role.

Nick Hind (58) had 15 touches and kicked two goals, so you’d expect a better score. Unfortunately, apart from the goals he didn’t use it too well, which has affected his potential output. Sydney Stack (98) had only 15 touches, but kicked four big goals, which was fantastic for his score. He’s been a great pick this year, and looks really settled in their best 22.

Marty Hore (76) was back to a decent level after last week, with 14 touches in the back pocket, while Oskar Baker (52) had 15 touches and a missed shot at goal. Jay Lockhart (56) had 16 disposals himself, but also kicked a goal. Noah Answerth (62) had 13 touches and a goal for the Lions, and went at a decent rate as well.

Sam Walsh (81) had thirty touches and two shots at goal, but his inaccuracy cost him both around the ground and in front of goal. Will Setterfield (74) had less touches but used it better, while Brett Bewley (44) played okay but didn’t score too well. Griffin Logue (67) couldn’t live up to his previous two weeks, but his 11 disposal game was good, with plenty of intercept marks.

Who were your heroes, villains and damned this week, community?

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Not sure whether to get Lloyd this week or get Hurn and wait a few weeks for Lloyds price to drop.


Why did Lloyd have such a poor score?

Why does Mills have a 3 round average of 108?


Its a shame that he didnt have that average after round 3.


Lloyd copped a forward tag from Scheer on Saturday, so he wasn't free to collect his usual uncontested marks and kicks across the backline. Also Dawson took most of the kick-in duties this week, which is something to watch out for.

I'd give it another week.


I'm grabbing Hurn this week. He won't get much cheaper and usually goes huge in derbies


Have 320 k in bank and can go Williams for Duursma and Neale/ Sloane for Stack. Good trades yes or no. ?

Please comment on choosing Neale or Sloane. ? Who is best for the remaining 8 weeks.

Makes me full premo in back line, 1 premo needed in mids and 7 trades left.


those trades are a lock. But worried about Williams scoring when Whitfield comes back but should still be top6.

Can't go wrong with Neale or Sloane, probably lean towards Neale with that higher average


Williams will be affected when Whitfield come back, you are paying top dollars and he is still an injury risk

Lloyd had his bad game, get him in a week, or Sicily very cheap

Both Neale and Sloane were super impressive on weekend.

Based on their remaining games, I’d go Sloane but based on ability to get the ball, Neale is the best in the business.


Have really had trouble with my backline. Andrews, Smith, Witherden and now Houli all being inconsistent. Am thinking about Harlett as a luxury M7. Have Gardner that I can sub on if my other bench player does well. Doggies have a lot of late games so should work. Probably a bit biased towards Hartlett as he did so well for me a few years back. Only $387k and averaging 97 from his three games.
Any thoughts?


Hartlett is an interesting choice, very cheap, but has shown massive inconsistency in the past. I’d look at moving on one you have to one of the better defenders before picking up another inconsistent player.


Pretty sure you mean d7.

If he stays on the field there’s a good chance he’ll safely sit at d6 every week. He’s a bargain if he stays fit.

Very much on my radar, especially if I don’t end up with a downgrade option this week.


Yeah sorry. Meant D7. Was a late night post! Have all the reliable defenders and have one spot left for Whitfield. Backs are so fickle this year. Will bring in Sicily or Harlett as a luxury D7. Have played it safe so far this season so might go Harlett. Thanks for the feedback.


Marty Hore is now on my list <img src=&quotcomment image" width="1"/>


Hore is competing now with May for the same type of role. Pity because Hore is just as talented and has a better attitude.


Sweating on what is happening with Gawn this week.


Gawn, Cripps and Danger all worries. At least I have some cover for Cripps and Danger (unless the Hoff gets back in this weekend). If Gawn doesn't get up, I don't think Id be alone in considering a doughnut rather than blow a trade.


Ditto… might get Grundy yet ..


Thanks Neil, I may still bring in Lycett to finish my forward line and provide ruck cover.


What round does finals start? Is it round 18




I would have through "Two Phones" Chol's 113 would get a mention in the Prodigies! At $102k and on the bubble, he's well worth a look at this week.

No idea

But does he get a game when Riewoldt returns?


Who averages higher for the rest of the year?

Laird vs Stewart?


Rampe is going well at the moment, tonned up in his last 5 games.


ever since he climbed that pole


Laird, but only just.


Really need Sicily to pick up his game again!
Don't want to burn a trade moving him on but another bad week and I will be seriously considering bringing in Rich


i think he will be ok.

Had a crap first half playing one on one defender. second half became the loose man and scored an easy 60pts


That sick feeling you get when you finally can afford the premium you have been after for the last month only to score less then the rookie you traded out for him. 😢

The Ranger

Lloyd? Gawn?




Ok so if im playing for rank (200 odd), still have 8 trades left, and want to go for it, do i trade?

Want to get rid of smith. Thoughts?


I feel Smith has to go I’ve held on for to long
I’m thinkn smith and hore to go
Options Stewart. Cripps. Hartlett. Rich
Pick 2


thats the problem, who to?

Seems like the defenders run hot for a couple of weeks and then throw in some crap.

Still think Sicily will come good


Stewart dropping off, so his SP is called into question. Have you got Ryan? I have a lot if cash and Whitfield should be back this week – he is tempting as a POD (high BE though if you care). All my other lines are finished so i need a defender.

Rich is decent. Hartlett nope. What defenders do you have?


Hurn, Williams, Laird, Ryan




Possible But need 2, he mightn’t allow that
If I choose him that’s why I’m selecting out of Crisp. Rich. Hartlett. Stewart

Great fact hunt

At that rank I would be trading. If full premium get someone on bench to loop in.


Get rid of Smith.

Who to? I can’t commit to Ryan, Stewart, Sicily, etc. I know you don’t want Hartlett, but that’s where I’m looking atm.

You’re probably going to get an average player, why not pay sub 400k for him?

Jon Gastev


Back this week… A lot of people traded him out so is more unique than he was…. Could easily be the highest scoring defender for the rest of the season…..


Caleb Daniel out for 3-4 weeks with a hamstring tear, probably a must trade.


Just saw it to Hedski. Tragedy for his holders


I don't have Boak so it's either him or Lycett so I have ruck cover again (punted Hoff a few weeks back).

Rick Grimes

JJ could be more appealing.


Did he have an injury cloud too? Or am I imagining things


his average is over stated. best scores came earlier in year when Fyfe was out


Will Lycett keep up his scoring?
Looking at replacing Daniels with either Dunkley or Lycett.
Lycetts price is better for my plan to get my last rookie mid off the field


Sorry guys I traded Luke Ryan in round 15 so he managed his worst score for the season. Should be on the Villians list with his 62.


I still have Toby Greene up forward, tempted to trade him to mundy while he is cheap, thoughts on the old man?
Not gonna have the cash nor the trades to pick up Marshall Lycett have heeney Boak danger kelly Dunkley


Looks like a 1-2 weeker doesn’t it. He looked sore….cue panic trade options….


No more Harley rides.

Just couldn't get on the park.


What are people’s thoughts on Jack Ziebell?


getting 100% midfield time with Higgins out for at least another 5 weeks.

might be a bit expensive now


I’m 8k short of getting Marshall for Daniel. Don’t really wanna go 1 up 1 down. If I do that I’ll eventually have 3 trades left at full premo


In the same boat mate but Marshall has dogs and cats two lack lustre rucks in his next 3, dunno if we can go without him, will then get smashed back down to earth by Gawn but he could easily go 120 av over the next 3


He's playing career best footy ATM. Worth the 511k for sure


Scans say No serious damage, could get up! If not the hoff or D fort is my only hope


Tom J.Lynch from Richmond FC @ 278k is a bargain ,the Tigers play Gold Coast this week then the last 7 games at the MCG,I can see him scoring heavily even when Jack returns,excellent M8 or 9 depending on your status
Will I do it myself , dunno yet


Was just thinking that have a cheap big fwd that could sit on the bench as a loop would be handy, price is right for lynch however he has only scored a tonne once this year valid option though for sure


Not a bad loop option


2384 last week pretty happy considering I had Max as C.

Trades this week… Baker to Chol. Duursma to Hurn.

Thoughts on these trades community? Gives me 280k in the bank and 7 trades left. One more mid upgrade (Stack at M8 currently) one more fwd upgrade and going Smith to Lloyd next week to complete the backline.

Praying Gawny gets up this week!


Love the trades Language! Love them so much I’m doing the same ones hahah. But Parker to Chol instead of Baker. Will also have 7 trades left after with Stack at M8 and Logue at D6 so sounds like a good plan to me! Almost tempted to stay at 6 trades once Stack goes up to a premo next week and hold off in case of injuries. Logue should hopefully be able to hold his own until finals me hopes. Gawny is tough, I think the 7 day rest should see him get up


Cheers mate. Yeah if the big fella gets up I won't have to field a donut which would be lovely. Logue has looked pretty solid down there should be good for 70-80 average IMO