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How good is it, Community? How good is it to get your whole team back after the byes? It’s like walking into work after a holiday and having no urgent emails. Ok, maybe we have different ideas of what constitutes a “good thing”.

Anyway, back on track. The byes are over and our teams should be close to fully upgraded. Maybe a change here or there, but hopefully not too many more.

There are some good downgrade options this week, even beyond the ones I’ve included below. Naish, Garner, Rose, are also solid options.

Likewise with premos. I’ve listed the best value ones, but if you have the cash available and are still missing a top line player, you can get players in at full price. Right now it’s all about points, and less about making cash.

It’s all about consolidation now, community … over the mountain and down the other side. If you’ve been careful with trades you have a little freedom to do some sideways trades, but if you’re only have a handful left, you’ll need to be more careful.

See ya in the comments,
Statty Matty.

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Brilliant work again, Statty Matty!


Can’t really pass up Answerth > Logue and Walsh > Sloane.

Potential for Logue to be a decent D6? Was planning on having Hore there but might need his cash to get to Hurn.


May has stuffed Hore's scoring

Jon Gastev

Derek this is such a sweeping statement based of a ridiculously small sample.. Hore scored 94 in Rd 12 with May in the team? Had one poor scoring game last week – not sure that can be put down to May who plays a completely different role to Hore…


the round 12 game was against Collingwood. May had a big job on Cox as a tall defender. Hore was able to get plenty of the ball that day. I watched last week and may was the roaming defender, taking the kick ins and hore was on the wing. I know it was just one game, but it will be dependent on who they play. Melb have a few other defenders to come back as well


Atkins, Answerth, Wills and Hayes are the four i need to move on in my Mids as I have OBaker and DClarke too. Other Mids are Fyfe Neale Cripps BCrouch and Sheed.

Thinking Hayes to Hind and Atkins to Sloane. Thoughts?


Thank you once again! <img src=&quotcomment image" width="1"/>


double down grade of Logue and Hind?


Thats what I'm doing Haz – Answerth – Logue, Hayes – Hind


Thoughts on a double downgrade Clark to Logue and Answerth to Hind then next week upgrade B.Scott to Sloane to complete midfield?
Clark to Logue and Hore to Hurn


Do the double downgrade!


I might go Answerth to Hatley instead and still Downgrade Clark to Logue


Nice work Matty but I can’t get over the Weagles sneaking under the taser, look at the % ownership on Yeo, Hurn, Shuey, Gaff……. POD city over there and a solid suite of players all looking at a big run home into finals. Insert nicnat and this may grow even more. Look West!


Dog Dog back this week or next is a game changer as well


Will be good to see big Nick running around out there again.



Just a reminder to the following teams to register for the Champion of Champions Group.

Starts Round 15.

Our final 24, all champions in their own right.

Shake n bake
The Nakia 3310s
Ya hate to see it
Punt Rd Paupers
Rise of the Worpel
Jaeger Bombs Pipes
Stiffy Johncock
King Winter
demons delights
Stretch Marks
Ball Fondlers
Mocha's Shockers

The NEW CODE for the Champions League is 333999

Can everyone add themselves to the new Group Code before round 15.

With 24 teams remaining, there will be 3 teams eliminated each week until there are 4 left (round 21).

the final 4 will battle it out in Round 22 to see who will be the ULTIMATE SURVIVOR.

Good luck everyone


there are 8 teams not registered.


Just added myself to the group mate. Nakia 3310s. Good to go.


Thoughts on Robbie Gray?? I’m thinking of doing these trades…. Hore to Logue and Setterfield to Gray??


Hey Binga, last week would've been better of course but I think he's a solid option even at this week's price.


So happy with these trades?


Any other options besides Hore?


10 trades 131.6k in the bank. This is my side;

Hurn,Laird,Lloyd Whitfield,Moore and Hore. (Answerth and T.Watson)

Macrae,Neale,M.Crouch,Sloane, Rockliff,Ablett, Clarke and Bewley (Wicks,Setterfield,Scott)

Grundy and Gawn (Bines)

Dangerfield, Heeney, Billings Kelly Daniel and Boak (Gardner and Young)


Geez mate you still have Whitfield and Rocky?…I would've turfed them weeks ago, but you didn't so, I assume you've been covering Whitfield with Answerth?
10 trades left is good though, I reckon a double downgrade could be the go this week, Answerth out for Logue and Scott out for Hind and then trade some of those rookies up to premos in the following weeks.


Yeah I've used Answerth as cover for Whitfield. so next week Setterfield and Moore out?


Yeah you could do that, and consider that you'll need cover forward too so maybe when you trade Moore out, swing him forward and send send one of your fwd mids like Danger to the midfield. You'll still have Wicks there as a loophole well as Bines.
You'll have to hope Gardner or Young gets a game soon cause it sucks to have no cover on a line and it's not really worth trading out a rookie unless they've made you some money first…but at least you'll have a playing swinger in the mids who can cover for any forward outs week to week.
You don't really need any rookies on field in your mids at this time of year.


Answerth is the one, get rid of him for Logue


What about this Hore to Logue and Scott to Hind??


That works, Hore is a better player than Answerth though


Hind or Hately?


Hind for me. Hately has no JS


To complete my Mids, can afford anyone
Do I need Kelly or save some cash ??


Depends how many trades left mate, who you already have and how much cash you have, ideally if you're low on trades you'll want cash in reserve for a big move or 2 at the end if needed or just to bolster your chances.


Good point rusty so with this weeks trades
I have 8 left doing Kelly 55k, sooo maybe I look for another option cheaper ?


Up to you Adam, but I think I would be..Sloane or Yeo, plenty of other options too. 8 trades isn't bad though.


Kelly is easily a Top 5 MID .. the cost of not having him … might be the diff in the GF…


My backline right now is Lloyd, Williams, Laird, Sicily, Hore, Logue (Answerth, Gardner), 13 trades and $1.5k in the bank , which trades to do out of these two:

Duursma to Hind, Schultz to Naish via Gardner. Leaves me with $288k and 11 trades. Next week I can go Hore to Hurn and Stack to someone like Sloane or Duncan


Duursma to Naish via Answerth, Hore to Luke Ryan. Leaves me with 11 trades and $171k


Hey guys. Hately named. Is he worth the risk over Hind.


Hind better JS for sure


Looking at upgrading Stack to Sloane, then one downgrade, either Duursma to Logue, or Settefield / Baker to Hateley.
I like Logue for a perm backup due to the job security, while Hately would be an awesome m9 IF he keeps playing.
What do we think of Hatelys job security?


It's hard to feel secure about Hately's job security.


Speculative … and at $149K its a big outlay for a potential $80K gain.


Logue or Naish?






Hore to logue
Burgees via dpp to complete midfield with 574k
Sloane, Duncan or Merrett ?


Sloaney's best value and is in good form.


Tough one, probably Sloane


I have 10 trades left and this week I’m thinking a double downgrade in preparation to get Hurn and maybe Pendlebury in a few weeks

I am thinking Hore to Logue and Corbett/Setterfield to Hind/Naish
Pre trades I have $86k
DEF: Lloyd Houli Ryan Stewart Hore Smith (Answerth Gardner)
MID: Fyfe Cripps Neale Gaff Bont O’Meara Walsh Setterfield (Stocker Hayes Scott)
RUC: Grundy Gawn (Bines)
FWD: Danger Kelly Boak Cameron Daniel Heeney (Corbett Young)



I think your bench needs attention Tommo, it's sick as hell , hardly any backup.
Maybe Corbett to Hind via Setterfield coming fwd and Scott to Hately


Is it worth burning two extremely valuable trades (down to 4) with the intentions of going hore to Logue and jumping on Whitfield when ripe and as Logue adds the value?

Or do I ride hore and use that second trade culling another rookie when the times right if injuries are kind and the chance arrives?


Hmmm… with so few trades maybe think about having a $102k non-player (Gardner if you have him) and loop Hore and Logue across D6 & D7 – taking which ever has the best score … you might find that you'll get 90% of a premo score each week and save a trade.


Thanks Lazza for taking the time to reply!

Have Gardner! Get the idea. Using a trade to get Logie though might be just as risky.

Thinking now might hold off, wait to Whitfield bottomsnout.

Gives hore a chance to change my mind (before last week wasn’t a thought of urgency) then if he flops I sell off another cow and get Whitfield when he bottoms out if injuries are kind!

Would you agree with that logic?


Duursma or Hore to go first? The other will be going next week


10 Trade – 125K. May need to keep Duursma so I don't cop an Answerth type score.
Would love your trade advice this week. I was thinking Answerth to Logue and maybe a loophole downgrade in the midfield.
Just struggling to think what trades this week.
Lloyd, Houli. Laird, Sicily, Duursma, Answerth (Burgess, Marsh)
Fyfe, Macrae, Dunkley, Neale, Cripps, Oliver, D Clarke, Bewley (Hately, O Baker, Setterfield)
Gawn, Grundy (Bines)
Danger, T Kelly, Heeney, Boak, R Gray, J Cameron (Gardner, M Parker)


Who is the better option to trade out…
ROB to get the cash as it's a lot of cash just sitting there. Or hore downgrade to logue


Surely Hately gets a few games now. They cant give him another game and dump him again. Surely. Has been killing it in and out of the side. Projected to make big dollars if he gets even a couple of games and should score well. Hind a bit over rated, wont kick 3 every week. I want to go Hately to sit in M8 for now. Whys is there no love for Hately.


Good point Holty. So if you you had other rookies for cover and you needed an M8 would you play Hind on field over Hately. I'm stuck…


Going on past scores, definitely hately onfield over hind. Hind kicked 3 goals last week, I can’t see that happening very often.


It’s a tough one Bomber. Probably if you have trades to spare, Hately is a option but if you are running out of trades, you really want someone imo who is more likely to play to cover injuries and prevent a donut. I wouldn’t be looking to bring in someone at this point of the season with a big risk of not playing.


Hind is cheaper and better JS.


I’m with ya mate De Boer is out for 6 weeks if Hately gets six games he’ll be over 350K no worries the only issue for me is trading in Hind means I can get a trade done Scott to Slone next week tom complete my midfield I need that extra 30K but if you don’t need an extra 30K I’d 100% back in Hately!


Would you select Hately if low on trades?


I would say Yes I believe his job security is good he’s waited a long time for his chance if he plays as well as he did for his first two games he’ll hold his spot could be the Jack Graham of GWS for 2019 in their tilt at the flag. I have 14 trades left I’ll bring him in for Answerth and Clark to Logue pickets me 261K with 12 Trades Left the following week I’ll bring in Hurn I’ll have 11 Trades Left and Logue and Hately as my last two rookies on field


Hey community looking for some advice on where I should go from here with my team

Def: Lloyd, Sicily, B Smith, Williams, Logue, Hore (Duursma, Burgess)

Mid: Fyfe, Macrae, Cripps, Coniglio,Neale, Bont, M Crouch,Clarke (Bewley, Baker, Scott)

Ruck: Grundy, Gawn (Sweet)

Fwd: Danger, Kelly, Daniel, Marshall, Gray, Heeney (Young, Gardner)

Sitting on 13 trades and 177k.

Planning on targeting Sloane and Hurn over the coming weeks and then waiting for some more cash before getting my last defence premo. Have a fair few trades left so hopefully I can make some corrections on underperforming premos at some point like Heeney, Smith, Cogs and Crouch. Should be happy with Logue sitting at D6 for a while if this sort of scoring continues. Also who is a bigger priority to trade out first Hore or Duursma? Appreciate any advice or comments. Thanks community


G'day community, still have 15 trades and left 363k before any trades. Any ideas greatly appreciated!!

DEF: Lloyd Hurn Williams Sicily Hore Moore(Answerth Logue)
MID: Fyfe Cripps Neale Macrae Coniglio Walsh Duursma Clarke (Bewley Hayes Baker)
RUC: Grundy O'Brien (Bines)
FWD: Danger Kelly Boak Walters Dunkley Heeney (Setterfield Parker)


Even though you could go one up, one down this week (or even 2 up if you picked the right upgrades) I think I’d get rid of Duursma and Hayes to Hately and Hind (assuming he’s named)

That gives you loads of money to cut loose next week, where you could go any of ROB to Gawn, Answerth/Moore to Laird, Walsh to J Kelly.

Then keep trading until you have full premium.


With Hately, Hind and Naish on the bubble; which of the two would be best worth investing in?


I had a think about this pretty much over the week:
Hately: Good Scoring, JS Shaky and does whitfield coming back in a few weeks time mean he keeps his spot?
Naish: JS also shaky, 5 tigers coming back in this week, if he survives maybe a good option
Hind: 2nd score of 90 was inflated by 3 goals, expect him to average about 60ish, seems to have decent JS

Id go Logue > Hately > Hind > Naish in terms of rookies this week.


Good points, I think I'll go Hately and Hind since I already have Logue! Thanks for your help!


Also need some advice on my team

DEF: Hurn, Lloyd, Laird, Smith, Hore, Logue (Answerth, Rotham)
MID: Kelly, Fyfe, Neale, Oliver, Cripps, Cunnington Dunkley, Sloane (Butters, Clarke, Rowbottom)
Ruc: Gawn, Grundy (Fort)
Fwd: Dangerfield, Kelly, Boak, Gray, Heeney, Baker (Setterfield, Petrucelle)

Got about $30,000 in the bank, got 9 trades left, what trades should I make?



Where was Hately when we needed him!?! Is it worth bringing Hately in over Sloane to pocket some cash to then go Sloane & Hurn or Sicily in next week?

Would leave me with Logue as my only on field rookie with 5 trades left


That’s my exact plan! Haha Downgrade Logue and Hatley this week bring in Sloane and Hurn the week after for Hore and Scott not sure if I can find the cash though

s c tragic

Has the format changed to a black background, or is my computer on the fritz???


Changed, currently trialing some backend stuff, will likely change again tonight


The black background is causing movements in the trousers, keep it up dish lickers love your work


Thoughts on Dane Rampe as a POD?
Scores of 104, 135, 148, 100 over the past 4 weeks, looks to be given more of a license and the Swans have turned their form around. 3% ownership, looking at him or playing it safe with Hurn.

Stupid Coach

Love the new background and great work again Statty Matty. 12 trades left. Contemplating one of the following trade options this week:

1. Answerth to Logue and Walsh to Neale or Bont.
2. Answerth to Logue and Stack to Bont.
3. Wilkie to Logue and Stack to Neale or Bont

Options 2 and 3 allow me to keep Walsh at M8.

Any thoughts/advice much appreciated.


3 for me. Answerth doesn't have enough value to justify a trade, just hope he pumps out an 80 and starts going up in value. Trade him if he gets dropped though.

Stupid Coach

Thanks DavidC. I am hoping the Answerth is dropped because his break even for this round is almost double what he scored last week so while he doesn't have enough value to trade, unless he does rip out an 80 his value is likely to drop even further and make it very difficult for me to trade him later on. Wilkie has a more achievable BE and could increase slightly more in value to $350k plus after this round.


nice post


What do people think of Daniel Rich as a POD ?


I have the Hoff at F6. Whats the point of having Ruck cover when you need cover for the ruck cover.

I have two choices;

1) Keep Hoff and Upgrade Parker to JJK. Run Hoff and JJK as F6 & F7 loop-da-loop
2) Hoff to Walters (not enough for Dunkley)

what do you think fellas, thanks fellas.

PS. WCE have a nice run of games, JJK looking good and Dog Dog is back.