Heroes, Villains and The Damned: Round 14

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At long last, the byes are over! All rejoice as the ways of SuperCoach return to their norm. We’re all keen to have a full side of heroes this coming week, but who were those from last round to stand up and perform whilst our teams were beaten and bruised? Who were the ones who didn’t care to see our sides hobbled with the byes, and who decided themselves not to show up? Find out below.


Dom Sheed (148) was huge for the Eagles in their win over the Bombers, with the Grand Final hero having 36 disposals and kicking yet another great goal from the pocket. He finished with two goals, while Elliot Yeo (142) had one to go with 25 touches and 12 tackles. Jack Redden (122) celebrated his 200th game with 30 touches, and he had two chances to cap it off with a goal but to no avail. Luke Shuey (122) also had a great game in the dominant display by West Coast, with 26 touches at a high clip, while Cale Hooker (110) and Zach Merrett (104) were the best scorers for the Bombers. Hooker had 28 touches to go with 15 marks across half back, while Merrett had 30 touches but six clangers. 

Luke Parker (138) continued his scintillating form against the Hawks, with 31 disposals, 12 tackles, seven marks and a goal. Callum Mills (132) had 21 touches to go with his 13 marks and 95% disposal efficiency. Jake Lloyd (105) has been red-hot this year, and continued with 28 touches and seven marks. His disposal efficiency has been off the charts this year, and is a big reason why he’s scoring so well. Ricky Henderson (119) has been in great touch and continued with his form, having 29 touches, eight marks and a goal. He was the only Hawk to topple the ton.

Max Gawn (151) was massive in Melbourne’s (surprise?) win over the Dockers. He had 20 touches as well as 46 hit outs and a goal. He was a popular VC option and he delivered beautifully. Tom McDonald (135) came out with a massive game. He had 28 disposals and three goals, with a couple of score involvements as well. Clayton Oliver (114) also had 28 touches and kicked a goal, and was pretty clean around the stoppages. Luke Ryan (106) was good in the loss to the Demons, despite only having 16 touches. He used it predominantly by foot, and used it well too: 87%.

Rowan Marshall (119) continued his great form in the ruck with 37 hit outs to accompany his 12 disposals, seven marks and five tackles. I said it a few weeks ago, and I’ll say it again now. Is this the remaking of Brodie Grundy??? Nick Hind (90) was huge in his second game with three goals from his thirteen touches, but don’t expect him to kick three every week. He’ll hold his spot, though. Speaking of ruckman, Stefan Martin (130) had a great game against Marshall, playing as the solo ruck. He had 22 disposals, eight marks and 25 hit outs. Dayne Zorko (117) was great in the win, with 28 disposals and a goal, while Daniel Rich (113) had 24 disposals, 11 marks and a goal. I can hear Lek spamming the “Daniel Rich Emote” Key on his stream right now.

Scott Lycett (180) was huge in the win against Geelong. He had 24 touches and 41 hit outs. Travis Boak (118) continued racking up the disposals in a potential Brownlow-winning season. He had 30 touches (17 contested) and 11 clearances. Robbie Gray (116) kicked two goals whilst also touching it 31 times, while Dan Houston (110) has been great in the midfield recently with 26 touches. Patrick Dangerfield (141) continues to amaze everyone, with 27 touches and a goal. 14 of his possessions were contested, and he only had three clangers. Mitch Duncan (121) looked fresh off the bye and had 35 touches at 80% efficiency. Try to fit him into your sides if you can.

Jack Macrae (148) collected the ball at will against the Pies, and finished with 42 touches. He also had 13 tackles, which is super impressive. Caleb Daniel (114) had 35 touches off half back, whilst also slotting a goal, and Marcus Bontempelli (109) was good with 30 touches himself. Brodie Grundy (174) was enormous as well, with 50 hit outs and 25 touches. He’s a gun. That is all. Adam Treloar (117) was great himself with 36 touches, but he continues to let himself down with only 69% efficiency. The concerning thing is that’s one of his better days, efficiency wise. Jack Crisp (109) had a good day out, with 33 touches and 8 marks.


Jack Darling (42) couldn’t really get involved despite West Coast having 36 scoring shots, with only 10 touches and one goal. Andrew Gaff (89) had 31 touches whilst getting tagged by Dylan Clarke, but was forced to share the points around with plenty of other Eagles getting involved in the action. He didn’t lay a tackle, which hurt his score, whilst also having four clangers. Michael Hurley (74) had a quiet game, with only 17 touches at 70% efficiency. He had 8 marks, which helped his output.  Darcy Parish (70) had his first quiet game in a while. His output was actually quite good still, with 27 touches, seven marks and a goal, but his efficiency was down at 63%.  
Josh P Kennedy (77) returned after a stint on the sidelines, and would’ve disappointed owners who held him. He only managed 19 touches for the game, whilst only using it well 57% of the time. Isaac Heeney (90) makes his way onto the list after scoring 35 in the first 20 minutes of the game. He was looking primed for a huge game, but was consistently on the bench getting a massage on the hammies, so his score was impacted that way. Just watch to see if there’s any news on him in terms of injuries, he played out the game but he was on the rubdown mats a fair bit.

James Sicily (40) has played predominantly forward so far the last two weeks, and it hasn’t been pretty. He only had eight touches for one goal, and his score wouldn’t even be counted this week for most sides. Yikes. Ben McEvoy (55) was quiet with only six handballs and 24 hit outs. James Worpel (71) only found 19 disposals, but laid six tackles in a game where he struggled to impact.

Nat Fyfe (91) had 31 disposals, but used it almost entirely by hand, and had eight clangers to boot, while Connor Blakely (64) and David Mundy (63) failed to impact the game, with 18 and 17 disposals respectively.

Lachie Neale (79) was effectively tagged out of the game, despite the big win. He had 25 touches, but didn’t use it overly well. It’s getting concerning that he is now getting tagged out consistently, so watch to see if he can buck the trend. Harris Andrews (56) used the ball well (91%) but he just couldn’t get enough of it, with only 12 touches.

Tim Kelly (76) was copping a good tag before he copped a good knee into his ribs. He spent some time off but finished the game on the field. He looked sore so watch him throughout the week. Tom Hawkins (24) was comprehensively beaten, with only 5 touches for the day.

Scott Pendlebury (71) was quiet with only 20 touches, while Jordan De Goey (70) kicked two goals but did little else. Darcy Moore (64) would’ve disappointed his owners with only 16 touches, whilst Brayden Sier (28) came close to being the first player ever to have more touches than SuperCoach points. He had 20 disposals, but 9 clangers and an efficiency of 45% really hurt him.


Callum Sinclair (115) was having a ripsnorter before he dove face first into the ground and slid for several metres. He’ll probably miss next week with a concussion, but just wait and see, it didn’t look good. Lance Franklin (52) was a heavily traded-in player this week, and his four-goal haul only netted him 52 points before his hamstring pinged. He sat out the majority of the second half, and he’ll miss two to three weeks, according to his post-match interview.

Jesse Hogan (14) went down early in the game, and is doubtful to play for a few weeks. If you have him, toss him. Same goes for those with Stephen Hill (21), although surely there’s not many with him. Actually, let me know in the comments if you have Stephen Hill. I’m genuinely curious.

If you still have Matthew Parker (61) you would’ve accepted his score this week. He kicked one goal from his 12 touches, which isn’t terrible. Priced at $252k, with a breakeven of 42, it’s probably time to pull the trigger while you still can.


Jarrod Cameron (69)
had his first game of the year, and the small forward was influential without racking up huge numbers. He had two goals and two points from seven disposals, whilst also laying seven tackles. Hopefully he holds his spot, so we have someone to downgrade to. Jack Petruccelle (59) also had 2.2 but had it from 10 touches. His disposal efficiency was at 50%, which hurt his output. Dylan Clarke (59) continued his tagging role, as he ran with Gaff. He managed 15 touches and six tackles, so hopefully Worsfold keeps him in the side. 
Nick Blakey (76) was great in the absence of Sinclair and Franklin in that second half. He kicked two goals from his 11 touches and seven marks, and used it at 90% efficiency. Dylan Moore (68) had 14 touches but missed a shot at goal. He’s been in and out of the side; so don’t expect him to make plenty of cash for the remainder of the season.

Jay Lockhart (108) was massive against the Dockers with 2 goals from his 21 touches. He also clunked six marks. If he converted both his missed shots he would’ve had an even bigger score. Marty Hore (49) had his worst game for the year, and those who kept him would’ve been disappointed. He has more than earned your trust though, if you held him through the byes, you can afford to give him a second chance. Oskar Baker (55) had fifteen touches for the day, but was let down by a disposal efficiency of 53%. Brett Bewley (68) had 16 touches for the day, but used it at 56%, which hurt a bit. Griffin Logue (103) is the bloke to bring in this week, though. He had 17 touches only, but used it at 88%, and had 10 contested possessions as well. He’s only $163k, so definitely worth downgrading to him this week, as his job security is pretty high.

Noah Answerth (38) was very quiet with only 8 touches, and for me it’s time to cut and run. He needs a 70 to not lose money this week, good luck Champ.

Xavier Duursma (75) managed to get to his breakeven, but will start leaking coin in the upcoming weeks. He had 20 touches in a good game for him. Connor Rozee (91) snagged two goals in the win, whilst also gathering 16 touches. Joel Garner (50) played his second game for his career, and was quiet with only 12 touches. Zac Butters (43) had 13 touches (3 kicks) and used it at 53% efficiency, hence his score. Darcy Fort (53) played his third game and will rise in price now. He had two goals from seven touches, and also had seven hit outs. He’s probably the first out when Esava comes back. Jordan Clark (46) was quiet as well with 14 touches, while Gryan Miers (27) barely impacted, as he only had 6 touches and a goal. Tom Atkins (82) had a great game with 15 touches and five tackles, whilst also using the ball well.

Bailey Smith (36) was quiet with only 11 touches, but he used it pretty well.

Who were your heroes, villains and damned, community? Which prodigies did I miss? Hit me up in the comments.

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Thanks Matt, glad the byes are over, lets get it on !

I question the JS of Naish and Cameron ,Tigers are getting heaps back this week, thoughts ?


Maybe 6 ins at the tigers, doubt Naish survives despite playing well.

Big G

Sloane dog or the Bont?




Hogan betrayed me :/<img src=&quotcomment image" width="1"/>

The crumbler

Getting rid of Walsh this week don't know weather to get Sloan and bank the 133k or go for the big scores in Parker and leave myself only 12k and 7 trades


If he is not your last on field rookie then you should be keeping Walsh.

Jon Gastev


Not sure that is a hard and fast rule at all…… No harm in cashing him in – just not sure why it wouldn't have been done during his bye.


Agreed Jon. Each line probably needs to be considered independently. I traded Walsh last week, but carried Duursma for the extra week. Even gave Drew another chance for selection, but they’re on the chopping block this week.


I reckon Sloane scores just as big as Parker, only reason he dropped so low is cause he scored a 35 from injury.


Whether or not to get Sloane over Parker is an easy call mate, get Sloane, that money will come in very handy indeed and won't be much of a scoring difference if any.

The crumbler

Traded rockliff last week and was holding on Walsh to go this week to Sloan. Leaving me some rookies to make some $$ And have decent cove. Got Clarke on field baker bewley and hately(unfortunately) on bench


Speaking of scoring differences … If I keep Goldy and not upgrade to him to Grundy, it could be the difference between achieving full premo or not. I was planning to upgrade Goldy this week.
I need two DEFs and one MID to complete my team. I have 9 Trades and stuff all cash (44K), and cash gen is a real problem with 3 dud rookies on the bench. (Burgess, Corbett and Scott)
Getting Grundy will cost 2 trades and a push to achieve 21 premos with Logue at F6, looping with Hinge/Stein.
If I stick with Goldy I could get to 22 … either way I need Bewley, and Clarke to generate the cashola..

I have plenty of Capt options with Jelly, Fyfe, Gawn, Lloyd, Danger, Macrae, Cripps et el …. so might just have to sit tight and hope for a few rounds …


Lycett for swing ruck cover? Might have the main ruck role for awhile. Can't get to full premo so may as well get ruck cover now.


I really wanted to do it last week, but took Macrae instead. Not disappointed, but given the price rise he’s had, I think it’s become a luxury trade for me now. If Gawn or Grundy injure themselves badly enough, will just have to deal with it then.


Think you needed to do it last week Dave, he's too expensive now unless that's not a problem for you, it is nice to have cover from someone who can score, he'll make another 40 to 50 k this week too..bonus.


Ive accepted that i wont be full premo this year 🙁
Hore at D5 and Louge and D6 will be my only 2 non premo players
In saying that, last mid spot, 618k to spend, have Sloane at the moment but thinking i might change it
Current mids are JKelly, Fyfe, Macrae, Cripps, Neale, Oliver, Pendles


Best bubble option this week – Hind or Logue? I'm set on bringing in Sloane this week, or is actually having rookies on the bubble too good an optino to pass up


I think Logue is a must have defensive rookie with good scoring and job security. Hind looks pretty good too, I think he keeps his spot for awhile. I am getting logue, just no room for a mid rookie in my team plus need to keep trades in check.


As much as I want to paint the fence this week, the lack of rookie options lately is making me think about a double down whilst we actually have some bubble options.
Do we see many other rookies coming up in the next few weeks?


Thinking the same! Gotta generate the cash when it's there


Havr brodie smith and hore still to go.

Worth bring in hurn this week even though his BE is still high? Want last upgrade to be to whitfield in a few weeks.
Playing for rank still


The other options would be Ryan ot Stewart and saving $. Down to 8 left after this week


I’d probably take one of Ryan or Stewart now and then pick the best of Hurn and Whitfield for value and projection for rest of year when you’re ready to make that trade.


Darling or Westhoff to Marshall.
Goldstein to Grundy


Gotta have Grundy surely


Worth selling hore to Logue to bank the cash and hope the rise up on Logue can get me Whitfield in a few?


Slightly unrelated but does anyone know if there is a way to see how many people are in a group without scrolling all the way to the bottom?


I can't work that out either! Seems crazy! Maybe you can sort by score but reverse it?


You sir, are a genius!


I can just scrape together 529k for a mid this week.
Sloane or Bont? Or another riskier pick………. Dusty?

Jon Gastev

Treloar might be worth a look as well…..


Already have Treloar. Has been pretty reliable.


I am playing purely for league only.. 1 win outside the 8.

Current team
Laird, Williams, Hurley, Stewart, Sicily, l Ryan, Naish, Joyce
Fyfe, Macrae, Cripps, Treloar, Zorko, Selwood, Walshe, Clarke, Bewley, Setterfield, Answerth
Grundy gawn bines
Danger, R Gray, Heeney, De Goey, Mundy, Dylan Moore, gardner, R Young

Potential trade ins
Walshe > M Crouch
Answerth > Hately (or Hines if Hateley not selected)


Double down
Answerth > Hines / Hately
Joyce > Logue

Only issue with double down is I really need to win this week.


Hey Rrafe,
Whilst you might "need to win" this week, unless you improve your team there will be little point in getting to the finals.
You are 3 premos short in the MIDs .. (Selwood being sub-premo) and 2 short up Forward ..(De Goey is sub-premo, Heeney not far off and Mundy is headed there).. add Hurley and Sicily and that is a lot of bets to come in if you are going to be successful .. the odds are against you.

Unless you plan to replace one of your DEF, e.g. Hurley or Sicily… I'd let that line stay as is and focus on the MIDs..You can use Joyce as a loop-hole until your MIDs are set. So I'd give Hinge and Logue a miss.. (Though having gone early on Naish could backfire with Cotchin, Lambert and Edwards potential starts this week).

How much cashola do you have? Walsh and Answerth will give you $676,800 …. If you trade in Hinds @ $117,300 that leaves $559,500. you can afford any of Merrett, Oliver, Tim Kelly, Bont, Sloane or Brad Crouch … I'd choose any of those before MCrouch.

Choosing Matt Crouch will just increase the number of bets … high risk…. (I have MCrouch and not happy that I an now stuck with him).


What’s the trade situation look like Rrafe? I appreciate that some of your choices could be considered sub-premium, but you might not have the option to address those if you need to conserve trades. I like Lazza’s advice – Walsh and Answerth will create some rookie cash generation and give you another premo.


Walters out for 1 week for his head-butt


I was a keen supporter too NDD … but he will be traded out this week to facilitate Goldy to Grundy upgrade … not that I can afford any luxury trades …. but it is a necessity..

The Mighty Wokkas

As my team stands, I have just 9 trades left. Yes! I have gone absolutely apeshower with my trades the last few weeks. With Marty Hore and Dylan Clarke my last fielding rookies, this week I am certainly trading Hore to Logue. This leaves me with a lot of cash so do I use another trade to bring in Sloane. My only mid rookies who would allow me to do this are Bewley and Clarke. Do I do these trades and if so which rookie do I trade out?


In a similar boat Wokka. 9 trades left and a couple Id rather replace. Best case for me is getting to finals with 4 or 5 trades left and I think I’m ok with that. So I guess you have to judge what your playing for and how important the trades might be come finals. Bewley and Clarke still have reasonable cash to make, so if you don’t have to trade, I’d be tempted to hold.


Anyone think Answerth gets dropped this week?…Loopholing Grundy with Gawn is tricky this week otherwise I think.


Danger's always a decent VC option Rocksta…nice average against Adelaide Crows too.


Happy to say I can finally do the same this week John 🙂


Don't give up yet mate, bummer about Walters this week, he's at the tribunal now but I don't like his chances of getting off.
I know what you mean about starting teams, so many players I wish I'd started with, Whitfield, Grundy, Macrae, Dunkley, Hurn, Kelly Lloyd.
Next year!


I hear ya Russty.. Whilst I started with Whitfield, Dunkley and Macrae… it's more the stupid trade out "corrections" I made leading up to R3… Collins, Hore, Yeo, even Balta … and starting Greene and Dusty……
Whitfield has since gone, Lloyd and Kelly are now in, but I will likely not get Hurn in now … 4 wasted trades resulted in missing Stack and Baker… and the first time I've not started a DPP R3 has ROBbed me…


Hi Laz, yeah hindsight is a wonderful thing!..I started with Greene too, and Degoey, wanted them gone soon after, had to burn quite a few just offloading the spud rookies to hopefully finish with at least a mostly playing batch.
Had Balta from the start and held him through his coming good and then going bad again period, he's gone now lol
Also missed out on Stack and Baker's points which hurt.
Haven't had one score over 2300 this season, hence hovering around the 10000 rank this week.
Anyways, if I can make some League Finals I'll be happy.


Yeah good point mate, also guys like Daniel who are named as fwds and actually have improved a lot playing back won't be there either.
Fwd line could be a real challenge next year, hopefully Marshall has DPP next season, he'll be a lock.


Danger against his old team definately worth a look on Friday night.


Robbie Young or Stocker could be used if you have them.


I guess this is the time of year when it's ok to do sideways trades?…early in the season the mere suggestion of it could invite a public stoning lol


Gee I noticed over 1000 coaches have already traded Hannebery in…not sure why?…seems like a big risk to take.


For a bench player though Holty?…not sure I'd wan't him in my top 8.


You keeping Rocky at M8 Holty? Same boat I'm in.

I'm toying with keeping him (if I don't jump on Sloane now)

In same pickle now on Hore too. Was keeping him at D6 though now thinking is it worth going Logue, riding the cash there till Whitfield is back? Though it would be eating up 2 valuable trades (although could keep Logue if he keeps 101-98 up lol)


Quote from the afl websites injury list:

“Goldsack, Quaynor and Wills will be assed”

I felt the same way about Wills last week and cut him loose.