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OK Community. If you’re still reading these cheat sheets I’m guessing you haven’t given your season away completely? Personally I had a surprising win in my cash league and jumped quite a few places, albeit nothing to write home about. Nothing fires you up like a win after a couple of weeks of losses. Just ask Lekdog after Carlton’s win on the weekend.

So we’re in the middle of the byes, so it’s technically downhill after this week. The players I’ve listed here have (almost) all completed their bye in round 12, and should help you get over this ‘horror week’ and round 14.

But to be honest, there are very few downgrade targets this week who are guaranteed to be playing, let alone have good job security. It makes it very hard to cash in your maturing rookies, unless you want to risk it on players with only one game under their belt. Personally, I need 3 of Lachie Young, Ryan Gardner, Robbie Young and Matt Parker to play to field 18.

Depending on how many trades you have left, there’s always the option to take the loss this week, ensuring valuable trades are made on players who will help you in Round 14 and beyond.

Anyway, good luck this week. Remember there’s 6 more rounds plus finals after this week, so make sure you’re “coming home with a wet sail”.

See ya in the comments,
Statty Matty.

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Advice on my team Community
279K Bank
Lloyd, Z.Williams, Laird, Hore, B.Smith, Clark (Answerth, Gardner)
J.Kelly, Fyfe, Neale, Cripps, Macrae, M.Crouch, B.Crouch, Walsh (Bewley, Stocker, Scott)
Gawn, Grundy
T.Kelly, Dunkley, Dangerfield, Heeney, Setterfield, Parker (Young, Burgess)
I have 18 this week but I’ll Be making trades to upgrade my team
Stocker to Naish (Answerth dpp)
B.Smith to Sicily
Parker to Boak
What should I do for Round 14 because I was planning to make one more upgrade and bring in Caleb Daniel but where should I prioritise my upgrades? I have 17 for Round 14


Cotchin out again

Mike M

I guess it's time for Sicily <img src=&quotcomment image" width="1"/>


Sicily is 7th overall for averages, however his last 5 weeks he sits at 20th, and past 3 weeks he sits 24th … he is going backwards … is it really time?

Consider JJ who is $15k cheaper and 9th over the past 3 weeks, 8th over the past 5 and 12th overall average.


I picked up hopper a number of weeks ago based on his contested game. He has been serviceable but unfortunately he handballs a lot and doesn’t tend to kick long. If he added this to his game he would be a jet but at the moment he spends all his time at the bottom of packs and isn’t adding the cream with some outside play. One to watch but buyer beware.


I can hardly wait for Carlton cleanout round next week. Batman and Robin, you can stay.
The rest of you chat potatoes, if you boost your price a bit this week that would be handy, but either way, next week you walk the plank……..


With 13 trades left, I reckon I'll be taking Mattys "take the loss option" this week.


Cunnington, Sloane or dusty?


Either Cunners or Sloandog


Thanks mate! Who you think?

I have jkelly, neale, fyfe, Cripps, macrae, cogs, rocky and don’t know the 8th to take!?


Wouldn’t take any of them. Nth have a hard run home. Sloan is got tagged coming and Dusty unreliable.

Suggestion: The Bont – has nearly all game at Marvel on the way home.


Thanks for your help CPT 🙂

sick dog

thoughts on the man who set 2017 on fire Connor Blakely as an extremely sneaky pod


i'm doing the same sick dog! Love Blakely, and reckon if he wasn't injured at the start of the season then the majority of us would have him by now!


I had no idea about him, but you got me interested.

Injured his knee in 2017, torn Meniscus, I think. Dislocated his shoulder in 2018.

His numbers look pretty good, often getting around 30 possessions, with the odd howler (injury??) thrown in.

His break even is 98 this week, so he might be worth watching for 1 more week.

I’m very tempted.


Sssh he's my POD this week. Hardly anyone mentioning him


Picked him up off the free agent in all my draft leagues. Has done ok, but he did have a fair time off.

He is playing in defence.

When I see him start attending centre bounces then I’ll be interested for classic.

I would be a nervous Mundy owner if Blakey started getting midfield minutes


You're good at the ole draft game Derek, you always seem to pick off the good ones, my 1st year in it so I'm just playing it by ear.

The Ranger

I bought him in a couple of weeks ago and he's starting to show some good signs.
He was instrumental in getting Freo over the line against the Pies Derek.


Dear Community I need some help 14 trades Left and 144k in the bank not sure what to do.

DEF:LIoyd ,Houli, Smith, Hore,Clark, Duursma (Burgess,Rotham)

MID: Neale,Fyfe,Macrae, Taranto,Kelly,Gaff,Cripps, B. Crouch ( Scott, Answerth, Atkins)

RUCK: Gawn, Grundy (O'brien)

FWD: Dunkley, Boak, Dangerfield, Heeney,Pretruccelle, Parker (Young, Bines)

Shark dingus

Atkins to Bennell


Is Bennell back this week?


Do you like any of the keepers who had their bye last week? Ie Sicily, Rocky?




Maybe offload Clark to Naish and Scott or Answerth to Bewley…then you could get rid of Parker and Petrucelle next week.
Cash out ROB soon too to upgrade your backline


Bennel is playing at least 1 more week in 2nds


Should I grab Hopper and $130k for upgrades OR go straight for a Zerret/Bont/Cunners


I think get the best you can now, don't take a lesser premo to save money


We are going LIVE in the next 5-10 minutes, get into chat and let's talk some #supercoach rubbish


Still no talk of Rowan Marshall, what’s the bloke gotta do? Anyone know much about Patrick Naish and his JS?


There's been enough said about him, the consensus seems to be he's a pretty good pick and has the number 1 spot sewn up.
Naish hopefully backs up last week's score and keeps his spot with all the injuries at the Tiggers.


Yeah no mention of him here yet mate. Just bringing him up for those who may have overlooked. His JS is now a lock. Given he has an average of 99, BE of 60, last score of 139, just off his bye, looks like wont be this cheap again…

Also, if Gardner is a consideration this week, figure Naish is too. Unless anyone knows one has better JS? Thanks.


Most who seriously considered him as a perma forward picked him up 4 or 5 weeks ago Sana, I did, could see the potential and JS, cause the Saints have bugger all else options, and he's been much better than any other option since McEvoy as the number 1 ruck.
Does plenty of extras too, marks it, tackles, kicks goals, he's the complete package ala Grundy.


I’ve had him a while too, those who don’t should consider it this week. Just like Boak, Ryan etc.

The Ranger

I appreciate how good Marshall has been so far but at this time of the year I'd rather pick an older body.
Young blokes, especially ruckmen, often fade a bit toward the back end of the season.


Fair enough mate, spose we’ll wait and see. I’ve been much happier with him than the likes of Heeney who’s playing injured. To your point, both could be the opposite in the 2nd half of the year.

Rick Grimes

Im trading hiim I'm this week. Still cheap as. Looks a top 8 fwd.


ROB is in!


Yeah Steeeve Jacobs had an interview on AFL Selection night saying ROB's done really well taking his chance and that he'll just have to keep battling away in the 2's to get his spot back.
Maybe I shouldn't have traded ROB out?…lol, and for bloody Whitfield


Kept rob Walsh and gibbons specifically for the byes and it has paid huge dividends so far. Just need clarke, bewley, gardner etc to get named now.


Bont or Zerrett?


I would say Bont, because Zerrett is likely to cop a Hutchings and De Boer tag the next 2 weeks.

The Ranger



Community able to guide on last mid?

Bont, Cunnington, Sloane? I’m thinking one of them? Can’t think of anyone else?

I have neale jkelly fyfe macrae Cripps cogs rocky cant decide on 8th and final mid?


I went Cunnington mate, had him one week… good so far! Bont off his bye now though, so worth considering


Sloane will be so cheap soon. No good for byes though


Could use the help 🙁
17 trades 10k

DEF: Hurn Sicily Williams Smith Rozee Duursma (Answerth Clark)

MID: Cripps Fyfe Macrae Treloar Oliver TKelly MCrouch Walsh (setterfield atkins Scott)

RUCK; Gawn ROB (bines)

FWD: Danger Cameron Dunkley Marshall Heeney Larkey (Lewis Burgess)

I have no cash and huge holes in my team.


Hi Garry, I would go for cash this week…
Clark out for Naish.
Atkins out for Bewley and Scott out for Clarke if he's named…you need money and playing players.
Then you can do whatever the hell you want to next week but you'd want to get Kelly back into your fwd line and upgrade a mid or 2 in the future.
Backline needs some upgrading too but you can't do that without money.


You must have plenty of trades mate?…why trade Grundy out?


He'll be right Neil, just needs some Peptides in his ankle lol
I'm still trying to figure out a way to get Grundy in somehow.


Yeah but they can if you trade the over 300k ones down x 2 in certain weeks, thinking ahead to the next week.
Think I might have to finish with Hore and maybe Walsh though, happy to do that mate.


Lol That is the dumbest thing ever sauce will be back in a fortnight and your left ruckless


I wouldn't count on Sauce being back at all, might not happen.


Hey community would really appreciate some advice on my team. I've got 15 trades and $101k in the bank. Think I need to strengthen my backline but not sure what to do. Thoughts?

DEF: Sicily, Houli, Smith, Duursma, Answerth, Hore (Burgess, Lockhart)

MID: Macrae, Cripps, Gaff, Sloane, M. Crouch, Fyfe, Jelly, Walsh
(Bewly, Scott, Gibbons)

RUC: Gawn, Grundy (Bines)

FWD: Danger, Heeney, Kelly, Boak, Marshell, Petruccelle (Balta, Young)


Wait for hurn for defence.

If you need more players this week get rid of answerth but also balta, as his BE is just too high. Look out for who is named and good luck


Righto lads, who does everyone reckons will end up being the top:
6-8 defenders
8-10 mids and
6-8 forwards

All opinions welcomed! Cheers


Hopefully all the players in my team 🙂


That takes too much research Mitch, just look at the number one ranked team, and fill in the blanks with the guys averaging the most who he doesnt have yet.

Big G

Or go to footywire and put 2 and 2 together


In what order would you trade in these guys over the next three weeks in… Boak, Dunkley, Daniel and Marshall?
Confusing myself trying to balance potential score, BE and price movement.


In that order

SC Insider

Yep, trade Grundy he had a poor game so he must go. I recommend everyone else to do the same. Rory lobb is playing well maybe trade to him?


Who goes B.Smith? or Hore?
Or hold both?


I'm holding Hore as he will make some more cash and is serviceable as a D6. Holding Smith this week for numbers but will upgrade him to Lloyd next week.

Both good players but have served their purpose this year.

Big G

Who is going early on naish?


I will be getting rid of stocker for Naish swinging Answerth into the mids to cover in Round 14 Bye


Not me. Bye next week, and the week after a a few Tigers will be close to coming back.


Just had a thought and a question to the community
What price will Callan Ward be next season he played less then 7 games and averaged 4 from his one game does that mean he is bargain basement price or just the 10% off his price


Can't bloody decide.

Bont, Cunnington, Oliver??

Thinking the Bont as he has the higher ceiling over Cunnington.

Someone else mentioned Cunnington has a rough run coming while Bont is at home a lot?

Only concern is I have Dunkley & Daniels in forwards and Macrae in mids already. Though it doesn't stop them usually scoring well.

It's my last midfield upgrade with JKelly, Neale, Cripps, Fyfe, Macrae, Cogs, Rocky all in their already so it's not cash it's just pure scoring?

Bont the go?


Cunnington doesn't care where or who he plays I would go Cunners over Bont every day of the week for consistency. Lowest score of 91.


Hi NoLanguage96,

I looked at that and saw Bont's lowest was 95 (outside his shocker with West Coast over there at 73).

He also has some far biggers like 158 & 146.

I had Cunnington then reversed as it meant I get Bont next week too which is a plus. Just not 100% still.


Thanks John for your time to comment.

Do you think it would make more sense to lock Bont in this week over Oliver & Cunnington considering it's an extra warm body for this week and next?


Balta + Atkins + Answerth > Boak + Naish + Gardner
Leaves me 363k for next week where I'll be moving on Walsh and ROB to mid premos

Stupid Coach

Greeting Community. Currently have 16 trades and only 41k in the bank. My team (based on this weeks bye round) is as follows:

B: Laird, Williams, Whitfield, Duursma, Wilkie, Joyce, Stewart (bye), Answerth (bye)
M: Cripps, Macrae, Merrett, Sloane, Coniglio, Walsh, Stack, Baker(bye), Oliver(bye), Stocker
R: Gawn (bye), Goldy, Sweet
F: Cameron, Settlefield, Parker, R Young, Heeney(bye), Danger (bye), T Kelly (bye), Petrucelle (bye)

Not sure which way to go with only 17 players currently playing.

Really appreciate any advice.


Hearing a rumour that Rocky might miss this week.


I said a few weeks ago they may regret flying him to China as it will affect his recovery. I was really hoping I was wrong as I still have him.


KH: Rockliff just isn’t ready. He will definitely miss this week


Do we keep Balta around for one more game tonight or do we punt him today in order to preserve cash? BE of 109. What are we doing with the spud?


Just heard Soldo is out. Keep Balta folks! Just for tonight's game. Might get a 90 odd now.


Chol is in though and will share the ruck duties.


Jack Steele is out. Dislocated his kneecap.


Hi community,
Looking at moving omeara, Clark and Balta into Ryan, Daniel and Gardner this week. Thoughts? Not sure where my money will come for Neale and/or Hurn next week though.

Lloyd, Houli, Sicily, Smith, Hore, Clarke, (Rotham, Answerth)

Cripps, Mcrae, Fyfe, Kelly, O’Meara, Rockliff, B Crouch, Walsh, (gibbons, baker, Hayes)

Gawn, Mumford, fort

Boak, danger, Kelly, Dunkley , Balta, setterfield, (Young, Corbett)


Good luck everyone for the week. 👍


Could have been a genius move NDD!


Hi community, would love some advice on my team if possible.
12 trades and 400k in the bank.
Def: Lloyd, Laird, Houli, Smith, Rozee, Hore (Naish, Duursma)
Mid: Macrae, Fyfe, J Kelly, Oliver, Dusty, Cripps, Walsh, Stack (Baker, Stocker, Scott)
Ruc: Grundy, Gawn (Bines)
For: Danger, Kelly, Boak, Heeney, Worpel, Baker (Setterfield, Young)

I cannot make a decision on plan for this week.
I want Ryan or Sicily and Dunkley or Daniel.
I also want Gardner and Bewley.
I want to trade out Stocker and Scott but will not bring me much cash and cost me too much to go to one of the upgrades also.
I am not sure if I should upgrade Hore yet. Also Walsh or Stack to Neale maybe next week as well as the premium I don't take this week in forward for Baker.

Any advice or suggestions please?


My advice would be get rid of Stocker and Scott if you had 14 or 16 trades left but you're getting thin with 12 and really have to think about every one now going forward.
Try posting this in the panic room mate, this thread's dead now.
P.S I think Hore's almost a defender premo now, scoring well and great js.