Who’s Your Captain? – Round 13

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This is the round that separate the men from the boys. The round we all dreaded when we saw the fixture, and for the most part, the fear wasn’t unfounded. Many of you are scrambling to get 18 players together, but that’s not what we’re here to talk about today.

Your Captain, like last week, is probably the most important to nail to ensure you finish with a respectable score.


Dustin Martin
Thursday Night vs Adelaide – AVG vs Team: 109.5
Last time Dusty went to Adelaide Oval he walked away with a massive score of 160. It’s been a while since we’ve been able to put our trust in the 2017 Brownlow medallist, but he loves playing at the Adelaide Oval, he averages 115.5 at the venue.

Rory Sloane
Thursday Night vs Richmond – AVG vs Team: 102.2
Averages 125.6 over his last three against the Tigers with a 140 and a 141 the last two times he’s played them at Adelaide Oval.

Zach Merrett
Friday Night vs Hawthorn – AVG vs Team: 88.0
Up against his team’s traditional rivals, Zach Merrett is poised for a big game after a week off. An average of 104.6 over his last three against the Hawks, and has the ability to do quite well with a 126, his highest score against the Hawks, in that mix.

Nat Fyfe
Saturday vs Port Adelaide – AVG vs Team: 103.0
I really like Fyfe as a vice captaincy option for a couple of reasons; The first one is that he’s not getting tagged, the players who support him are like Hill and Mundy. The other reason is that there will most likely be no Brad Ebert. Ebert has gone to Fyfe in the past two encounters he has played against the Power and shut him down comprehensively. Can go big with a 141 his highest score against.


Rowan Marshall
Early Saturday vs Gold Coast – AVG vs Team: –
Has never played the Suns in his career, and did not feature in round one game, so there is no data to support this feeling. It’s just a feeling, when really well against the Power despite the scoreline as well.

Top CAPTAIN Options

Patrick Cripps
Saturday Night vs Western Bulldogs – AVG vs Team: 88.6
How can you not talk about this man after last week’s mammoth performance? The Bulldogs aren’t a team that tags so like he did against the Lions, is every chance to pull a massive score out of his hat again. Probably the standout Captain option this week.

Marcus Bontempelli
Saturday Night vs Carlton – AVG vs Team: 99.8
104, 124, 145, 120 in his last four games against the Blues, including the game earlier this year, and has a pretty good record at the Docklands stadium too, but who does Teague unleash Ed Curnow onto?

Jack Macrae
Saturday Night vs Carlton – AVG vs Team: 113.0
Carlton ended Macrae’s run of amazing scores to start the year with his first sub 110 score of the year. Apart from that 97, his last three scores before this year against the Blues were 110, 141 and 124. Will the Western Bulldogs, and Jack Macrae, seek revenge on the Blues? But the question remains, who does Teague unleash Ed Curnow onto?

Josh Kelly
Sunday vs North Melbourne – AVG vs Team: 75.0
Given his form, and given how well he scores against lower ranked sides, It’s hard to just ignore Josh Kelly. Not saying he’ll put a monster score out but there’s a good chance he could. It’s risky though because his highest ever score against the Kangaroos is a 110.


Jack Ziebell
Sunday vs GWS – AVG vs Team: 95.7
133, 110 and 140 in three of his last four games of this season and a 113.3 avg over his last three matches against the Giants. History is on his side as well as form. It’s risky, but it’s a good risk to take. Are you game enough?

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Same here and good call re alarm.


You guys reckon I lock in Sloane Martin or Cunnington as last midfield ? Currently looking at Cunnington?

Rick Grimes

Sloane or Cunners. The latter will cop the De Boer tag this weekend.


Hey Rick,

Another one for ya.

Bont, Cunners, Oliver? Purely for best midfielder for rest of year? Last mid upgrade.




Cripps into Kelly for me.


Fyfe into Kelly


Fyfe into Cripps this week


Richmond just lost Cotchin and Edwards. Dusty has a corky and will be playing sore. Lambert is still out. I'd suggest either of the Crouch brothers will make hay while the sun shines. Good VC options for tomorrow night.

The Ranger

Can't go past Fyfe into Cripps but gut instinct says Macrae must be due a big one.

Rick Grimes



We are going LIVE in the next 5-10 minutes, get into chat and let's talk some #supercoach rubbish https://www.twitch.tv/lekdoggames


Thinking maybe Matt Crouch into Fyfe or Cripps, hoping Crouch could go 135+


That worked out well :/

Stupid Coach

Put the VC on Sloane. Do I take 125 or stick with Cripps as Captain. Other options are Merrett and Coniglio.