Who’s Your Captain? – Round 12

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The first week of the byes are upon us. Some injuries have forced plans into haywire, and then there are some people who have avoid all of that and are right on track despite the carnage afoot. Despite all of this, we still have to choose a captain and vice captain, and unfortunately this week that’s probably more important than ever. Only your best 18 score, but you want the absolute best score available to you and your captain’s score could be the difference between scoring 1800 or cracking the 2000 point barrier.

So who are the best options? Well, I’m glad you asked.


Patrick Dangerfield
Friday Night vs Richmond – AVG vs Team: 107.3
The week off did Dangerfield some good, I think! Came out of the blocks and powered home against Sydney with a score of 130. With a 99, 115 and a 130 in his past three games this season, and 132, 102, 141 in his past three against the Tigers, he’s a very good option.

Tim Kelly
Friday Night vs Richmond – AVG vs Team: 93.5
Only played a couple games against Richmond due to his short career thus far, but you’d be buoyed his form this year and by the fact that he’s almost always followed up a sub 100 score with a massive score the week after. 39 then a 129, 86 then a 120, 87 then a 140. 92 then a?

Lachie Neale
Early Saturday vs Carlton – AVG vs Team: 110.9
I really like Neale, even as a captaincy option if you put the VC on a Friday night player. Averages 142.3 over his last three against the Blues, should score big again.

Patrick Cripps
Early Saturday vs Brisbane – AVG vs Team: 102.2
Cripps doesn’t score very well against Brisbane with a 95 and a 93 in his past two matches against them, and coupled by the fact that he’s likely to be tagged again, I don’t think he’s a good option. I’m only mentioning him here because I’d be crucified if I didn’t. Will I be proven wrong? I bloody hope so.

Ben Cunnington
Saturday vs Gold Coast – AVG vs Team: 85.8
Hello Ben Cunnington. You’re scoring well this year. I still have questions over your ceiling, but 133 and a 127 in two of your last three games, I think you might be a good option. Yours sincerely, me.


Bachar Houli
Friday Night vs Geelong – AVG vs Team: 88.9
His form in recent weeks has been hard to ignore, and funnily enough he hasn’t played Geelong since 2017. Projected to score a 118 which unfortunately probably isn’t enough, but if he was the surpass that you’d have some serious thinking to do.

Top CAPTAIN Options

Josh Kelly
Saturday Night vs Adelaide – AVG vs Team: 87.3
I think you’d all agree I don’t have to say a lot here. Has a 5 round average of 139 with only one score below 130. Lock and load.

Andrew Gaff
Sunday vs Sydney – AVG vs Team: 86.7
Has probably been the Eagles most important midfielder in these past five weeks, and also probably a key reason why they have won five games on the trot. It wouldn’t be unlike Sydney to tag him, so I’m not as confident on this one, but an option to seriously consider.

Brodie Grundy vs Max Gawn
Queen’s Birthday – AVG vs Team: 91.3 vs 87.4
Last time these two went up against each other, we were all losers. Neither scored 100, and there was a camp of Grundy campaigners who said Grundy will smash Gawn, and vice versa but we were all losers and neither scored very well. Grundy has been in blistering form, and Melbourne haven’t, and Max Gawn has been in equally impressive form despite his team’s performances. It will be a good battle.


Brad Crouch
Saturday Night vs GWS – AVG vs Team: 122.0
Has only played the Giants once for a score of 122 way back in 2014, back when the Giants were a far different team. This year though he’s produced some indifferent scores up until the last few weeks with his brother out, and now Sloane. It has freed up some midfield responsibilities for Brad and he is averaging 108.7 in his last three games this season, with a 127 last week.

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Dangerfield into Neale this week


what? why?


Yeah nice safe pick in my Opinion usually my style haha Grundy and Gawn will punch out 100 each but probably won’t go huge Carlton won’t tag and Dangerfield was very good in the third term I’m predicting a four quarter performance this week back at full fitness


I think Lenny thought that was your trade this week haha


Because he doesn’t have Hawkins.


Nice picks Corey. Neale into Jelly for me.

Think Neale will hit the 130+ though

Rick Grimes

Shaun Higgins. Rounds 11 onwards last year averaged 110+. 108, 127 last two games. Priced $494k. Cunnington getting more attention. For those like me counting pennies, could be a cheaper option.


I like the Higgins pod


Picked him up last year and everyone called me crazy, could do the same again but coniglio's BE is so damn attractive


A late bye round livestream tonight! We’ll cover the round 12 teams & your #supercoach trades tonight at http://twitch.tv/lekdoggames from 9pm (ish). Go there and give it a follow so you know when we are live! To all the subscribers, make sure you jump in & spam Daniel Rich emotes!


Danger -> Jelly



Oliver's Organic



Reckon I will just leave it hanging around Kelly's neck.


We are live! Let's chat #supercoach byes! https://www.twitch.tv/lekdoggames


Should know this, but you can just put the c on any non playing player this week and still get your vc loophole, right?

Eli Goldbaum

Neale into Kelly for sure!