Heroes, Villains and the Damned: Round 11

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The Kangaroos upset the applecart on Friday night, and knocked the Tigers off for the first win for new coach Rhys Shaw. Jack Ziebell (110) led from the front with 26 touches and 7 tackles, while Ben Cunnington (133) continued his great form with 31 touches at 87%. Shaun Higgins (127) was good as well, but he hasn’t been hugely consistent this season.

Bachar Houli (139) performed valiantly in the loss, with 38 touches off halfback. He’s been a great pick this season, especially since Short went down. Dustin Martin (113) was serviceable with 21 touches, but his three goals really helped him, while Sydney Stack (107) had a great game with 24 touches and will continue to make us money.

Scott Pendlebury (135) has featured here more times than he hasn’t, which is saying something about his season. 29 disposals, and he also led the side in tackles with 8. Two goals also boosted his score. Brodie Grundy (124) continues to play great games. He had 21 touches and 47 hit outs against Lobb, who’s a great opponent.

Nat Fyfe (145) put his club on his shoulders in the last quarter, finishing the game with 32 touches, while Michael Walters (127) also came up clutch, with 24 touches and two goals. Connor Blakely (105) is yo-yoing a bit at the moment, but two good games and one bad game since returning from a year out is encouraging, he could be a good pick up and a seriously smoky one at that.

My oh my Stephen Coniglio (207) was good. He had 36 disposals (29 kicks), 13 marks, 8 tackles, three goals, 10 contested possessions, going at 83% efficiency. We all knew the Suns would give a huge score up to a Giants midfielder, but we all thought it’d be Josh Kelly (138). He was fantastic as well, also gathering 36 touches and a goal. You’d be rapt to have either, or dare I say, both in your midfield.

If you throw in Jacob Hopper (125) as well, you’re tracking towards a mammoth score. Hopper grabbed 31 touches and a goal for his day out, but went at 67% efficiency which hurt his score a little. Jeremy Finlayson (131) had 23 touches and 12 marks to go along with 2 goals, and provided a great one-two punch with Jeremy Cameron (109), who had 20 touches to go with his five goals. The only saving grace for the Suns was Jarrod Witts (127) having a great game with 15 touches and 49 hit outs.

Pat Dangerfield (130) was once again very influential in the Cats win. He gathered 29 touches, but also kicked two goals which helped him out. Esava Ratugolea (114) may keep Darcy Fort out of the side for a while longer, with two goals and a couple of goal assists from his 16 touches.

Luke Parker (135) is in some great midseason form at the moment, with 28 touches against the Cats. Dane Rampe (135) discovered it was easier to score SuperCoach points by staying on the field, and not climbing goal posts. He had 25 touches and 8 marks, mostly intercepts. Jake Lloyd (123) is a regular here, and with good reason. 34 touches and 13 marks, going at 88% efficiency. He’s Sydney’s best player, no question.

Harris Andrews (131) was superb in the back half for the Lions, grabbing 9 marks off opponents kicks. He also had 20 touches at a good clip. Lachie Neale (114) was great with 30 touches and 8 marks, but gave away a couple of free kicks, whilst James Sicily (108) was good for the Hawks, but may come under scrutiny for a crude gut punch early in the first quarter.

Every week we wonder if Max Gawn (158) can keep his ridiculously high standards up, and every week he does. Only 30 hit outs this week, but 25 touches around the ground. He had a chance to win the Dees the game but missed the goal. Clayton Oliver (122) is finding great form at the moment, with 34 touches. He snagged a goal, but gave away two free kicks as well.

Brad Crouch (127) had 29 touches and three goals in a best on ground performance in the win. His efficiency wasn’t great, but seven clearances also helped. Rory Laird (111) had 31 touches off halfback, which helped him to another ton.

Rowan Marshall (139) is fast becoming a must have forward. He plays in the ruck (24 hit outs), gathers the ball around the ground (24 touches), clunks them in the air (7 marks), applies defensive pressure (4 tackles), and goes forward and kicks goals (1 goal). Dare I say, next Brodie Grundy???

Travis Boak (131) was back to his best in China, with 33 touches and two goals. He’s been great this season. Robbie Gray (122) also had a fantastic game, with 28 touches and 3 goals. He’s very cheap at the moment, and could be a dynamic F7. If you still have Zac Butters (112), you’ll be happy with his game, and the fact he’ll make money through the byes. As will Xavier Duursma (92), who had 23 touches and a goal off half back.

Dyson Heppell (153) was great in Shiel’s absence, with 36 touches and a goal. His kicking was a bit wayward, but he won the hardball when it was there. Darcy Parish (129) is having a great season for someone who has been dropped a couple of times. He had 31 touches and kicked two goals, while Michael Hurley (132) had his first great game for the year. He was in my side the last couple of seasons, but I completely forgot he existed this year. Matt Kreuzer (121) was the only noteworthy Blue in a day Carlton fans will want to forget.

Jack Darling (135) kept his owners happy with a six goal haul, while Andrew Gaff (121) had 36 touches and used it well. Caleb Daniel (124) continued his great form this season with 34 touches at 94% efficiency, while Josh Dunkley (119) was again in the midfield rotation, with 33 touches and a goal.


Some weeks I love him like a son, some weeks I wish he were never born. Noah Balta (47) had little influence on the game. 11 touches and 7 hit outs, but he went at a putrid 36% efficiency.

David Mundy (40) copped a head knock but he still played out the game. 19 touches for him, but at 36% meant he was never scoring big. Adam Treloar (68) had a quiet game by his standards, with only 23 touches. Since he is very handball happy, he really needs 30+ to score well. If you have Dayne Beams (34) you would’ve cried yourself to sleep, only to wake up with nightmares on Saturday night.

Despite the huge win, Lachie Whitfield (65) was tagged pretty successfully, then copped a heavy knock to his shoulder relatively late. Hopefully he’s fine, but the docs were checking his collarbone, so stay tuned. Tim Taranto (71) was active, but his 24 touches went at 54%, which hurt his score.

After 6 goals last week, Jack Gunston (61) went goalless in a quiet game. He had 16 touches and was pushed further up the ground this week, while Daniel Rich (78) let down Lek this week with only 20 touches. Promisingly enough, 17 were kicks.

Reilly O’Brien (52) was beaten by Gawn this week, but his only two bad games were against the two best ruckman in the game. He holds his own each week, but will he hold his spot next week?

Jack Billings (56) had a tummy bug, and it showed. He only managed 14 touches for the game, whilst back in Melbourne Zac Merrett (85) was quiet very early, but plenty of junk time touches got his score somewhat respectable. Pat Cripps (89) copped a hard tag and finished with only 11 touches, but went at 90% and laid 8 tackles, which helped.

Jack Macrae (84) had a quiet game SuperCoach wise, but still managed 26 touches for the day, while Marcus Bontempelli (73) had 27 touches and a goal. He missed three shots at goal as well. Ouch.


Buddy is back, and we all thought (more hoped) that his return would result in Isaac Heeney (75) boosting his score. Unfortunately, he’s continued scoring poorly with Buddy on the field, and it’s clear Sydney are nursing his ankle through to the bye. Joel Selwood (69) has been stuck out on the wing while Tim Kelly and Mitch Duncan have been dominating in the square with Dangerfield. If you have him, look to cut him, but if his centre square minutes start increasing, he could be a very cheap POD.

I love him, and I really wanted him in when he was cheaper, but it looks like Rory Sloane (35) may miss some games over the bye period with a hamstring injury. If he’s missing every bye game, look to replace him with another playing premium.


Liam Baker (85) continues to be serviceable for our teams, but his 17-disposal game would’ve cracked the ton if he converted on his two shots at goal. Shai Bolton (34) was very quiet with only 10 touches, but Luke Davies-Uniacke (86) had a great 21-disposal game. Nick Larkey (58) kicked a goal but did little else; he only had 6 touches.

Brett Bewley (47) had his second game for the year, and whilst he hasn’t scored great in his first two games, he will be a popular target after his bye.

Isaac Cumming (90) was very good in the win with 15 touches, 5 marks and 5 tackles. He went at a pretty good clip as well. The same can’t be said for a smattering of Suns rookies. Jack Lukosius (32), Chris Burgess (33), Josh Corbett (38) and Ben King (40) would’ve disappointed plenty of owners.

Nick Blakely (51) kicked a goal, but did little else in the loss. He hasn’t been a good rookie pick this year, unlike Gryan Miers (50). He wasn’t great against the Swans, with only 11 touches and a goal, but at least Jordan Clark (73) had a decent game. He also managed a goal off his 20 touches, while Tom Atkins (67) was serviceable.  

Marc Pittonet (70) played his second game for the season and performed well against Stef Martin and Archie Smith. On the bubble this week, he should hold his spot until McEvoy returns, and looks to be running out games well. A huge fan of this segment as well, we love you Pits!

Noah Answerth (71) had a good game, with 14 touches, but he used the ball really well that helped his score. Archie Smith (66) played his first game this season, and was decent with 23 hit outs to go with 9 touches. Only 5 of his touches were effective, which was annoying.

Oskar Baker (69) had his best game yet, and with his third game comes a price jump. He should hold his spot for now, there were definitely worse players for Melbourne on the weekend.

Matt Parker (45) had the potential to score well with 14 touches and three shots at goal. Unfortunately, he went at 50% and kicked 1.2, whilst also giving away 2 free kicks. Robbie Young (33) was worse off, unfortunately, with only 7 touches. Ouch. Darragh Joyce (38) was a late in, and it would’ve almost been better if he didn’t show in Shanghai, as he made little impact on the game.

Sam Walsh (67) had 21 touches, but did little else in a runaway game for the Bombers. Will Setterfield (64) is running out of money to make, but managed 18 touches on the day. Liam Stocker (61) and Michael Gibbons (60) both were pretty quiet on the day as well.

Midseason Draftee Ryan Gardner (41) kicked a goal on debut, but only had 9 touches in a quiet first game. He’s a DEF/FWD eligible player, so keep an eye on him. Bailey Smith (56) was also quiet with 16 touches but not much else, and Jack Petruccelle (48) wasn’t lighting it up either, with only 10 touches.

Who were your heroes, villains and damned this week folks?

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Foz this one is broken none of my players are in the heroes column

*checks own score*

Oh. Perhaps it is ~I~ who is broken


Soldier on Patchy, it's all about enjoying the journey, not the destination.


Got Whitfield in this week by culling Clarke early. If he misses I'll spew up.


Classic Wallace! 🙂


yep 4 weeks. spewing


Probably closer to 8 mate, I did the same:(


Dylan Clarke 99


Shut Cripps down. Bye this week, and only played one (2 career games). Looks the goods though, especially with limited options.


Anyone tempted to not trade this week?


Considering it. I have 20 onfield IF crouch & williams are named. there are 0 rookies on the bubble and besides rozee all my rookies have more $$$ to make surprisingly. Will make 6 over the next two rounds though..

Rick Grimes

Yea can't see any moves to make without viable rookie downgrades. Getting to the point where we'll have to bring in guys who might get a game soon. Ie, Hinds, Mosquito, etc


I'm tempted but my team is SO bad, so I might make some moves. I need to move these rookies off field ASAP


Actually I could consider it … <img src=&quotcomment image" width="1"/>


Normally I hold this week, but I’ve already done Lloyd, Laird and Bewley in.

I need to take a punt on a rookie and Bewley looks the best bet.


Gunna try hard not to. At this stage I have 19 warm bodies assuming Whitfield and Hore both get up.
But I also have Scrimshaw who needs to go. I'm thinking of swapping him for another rd 12 bye player to help give me a leg up for Rd13 & 14.
As always, all plans hinge on selection night.


Will sit pat I think, depends on selection again, Whitfield and Hore


I wanted to make cash this week so i could bring in premos off their bye next week, but no rookies to bring in. So probably gonna hold trades this week


The rookie situation is dire. I’d rather keep the blokes I have. Duursma and L Baker are better combined than a premo and a rookie

Rick Grimes

Agree. I am running two of Hore, Duursma or Clark on field and not losing out much on a premium.

David McIntyre

Especially when a lot of the premium players are spudding it up. Very low scores for Sloane, Beams, Witherden (not mentioned here) and Treloar.


Also agree. The rookies planned on culling are making money and scoring e.g.Duursma and Stack.


Agree. And they are established in their sides. Last thing I want is to count on a rookie who gets dropped through the byes.


I've completed a bye round trading plan (subject to carnage) and there will be some midfielders ripe for the picking around R14/15:

Macrae $540,000
Merrett $530,000
Treloar $490,000

*approximate prices only. Anything can happen like Cogs getting a 200 and blowing his breakeven to pieces


Yep unfortunately Neale and Fyfe the two I need to get in are still expensive as hell, was considering if I could get away with a budget option, but I think my team already has to many


B Smith or Hore best to keep for D6? The other goes this week for Lloyd?


Both to go mate haha
Basically can sideways them to Sicily Blakey types


Not so certain on that. Sicily is clearly an upgrade though say Hore bar the first game I think has been 86+. Smith outside of 2 mid 60's I think has been 90's+?

With trades getting tight for me I am looking at that as my last needed move.

Right now 1 to Lloyd.

1 for Stack to either Cunnington/Oliver/Dusty etc

1 for Moore to Dunkley is my main focus.

This week I think I'll lock in Lloyd and wait for Dunkley next week after his bye.

Then its just right timing for Oliver/Cunnington/Dusty and if I have luck with injuries then I will eye off Hore/Smith to Flog 😀

Though a lot of IF there lol.


yeah haha it’s gonna be a tight squeeze for me I should be able to manage it but it’s a toss up of culling rookies early to speed the process or just letting them grow saving a trade or two should have 6-7 left post bye I’d say with a finnished team


Who will coach the blues this weekend??!!

The Ranger

Brad Scott probably…


Impossible Neil, we need him to continue the onward and upward trend he's been taking the club on for the last 6 years lol


Some guy sleeping in a box behind a Carlton Pub could probably do ok.


Teague for the rest of the year. Then the Blues will probably then take advice from Macquire and Sheedy and install another hopeless has been like Malthouse to oversee the clubs transition to the VFL.
You got what you deserved Carlton. You took eddies advice and allowed the most overrated coach in the history of the game to destroy a club coming off 3 consecutive finals series by trading out all of the good players and recruiting rubbish (except Cripps)


Was so close to dumping cogs for Whitfield last week….. sighs with relief!


Gee if Williams and crouch still aren’t back it will be carnage


The “easy” bye week might just bite us on the provers

Williams, Hurn, Whitfield, Crouch, Sloane and Grundy all doubtful this week.

Very awkward week coming up.


Reports on Crouch are that he may be alright but who knows?


yep. got them all


I think many will have 3 or 4 of these. But not too many will have all 6. I have 4.

My ruck cover was Lycett. Useless this week. I also had ROB, and thought I did the right thing trading him out this week for Laird.

Thinking Lloyd for Hurn if he is out. Like for like and save a bit of money.

I took Hopper rather than Taranto based on gut. Regretted it until this week. Perhaps consider as a Sloane replacement.


Yep. Got all 6.

Plus Hore and Heeney




phew, I only have 3 … 🙁


Anyone considered Finlayson as a massive POD? Only in 1% of teams and scoring well.


He's a much better fwd than he was a defender Skinny but you'd have to expect the odd 70 to 80 thrown in there.


Not gonna trade this week unless Sloane is out for more than a week (meaning he'll miss at least 3 with his bye). Just hoping Crouch is back and Whitfield/Grundy arent out…


Bolton has been sacked by Carlton.


wow no doubt whoever coaches that team next will succeed because with the right game plan that team has enough young talent to win more games then they have


Carlton have the same problem that Melbourne used to have, development of young players. You can have all the top 10 draft picks in the world but if you can’t develop them then you will still be crap. Full clean out of staff is needed, not just bolton


You’re dreaming


About what Tim tam? Do you think Carlton have done a good job developing players?


The list rebuild only started when SOS was employed back in 2015. From there he has recruited all players who are currently playing within their best 22 or there abouts. The players they have recruited within the top 10 are
Petrevski Seton

Picked later in the draft have been
Cunningham, fisher. Macreadie De Koning

All of these players are under 22 and therefore you can’t rely on them to carry the club. Carlton’s issue lies before the recruitment of SOS as from the draft between 2008-2013 only 3 players are currently on a AFL list. Those players age demographic would have been around the 24-29 region which is the right age to lead a club, their lack of talent around that age is what is letting them down, not the recent development of the youth.



holy smokes, talk about the importance of having Immunity.

4 out of the 5 immunity holders needed to use it this week. Jaeger Bombs Pipes was the only team that didn't need their immunity.

The following teams had immunity this week

Div 1 – Shake n bake
Div 2 – Rise of the Worpel
Div 3 – Jaeger Bombs Pipes
Div 4 – Kezzam
Div 5 – Holt

As per the rules of the competition, the two lowest weekly scores from each division are eliminated each week, unless you have immunity.

This weeks Eliminated teams are:

Div 1 – Mumford_and_slugs & .Hack

Div 2 – dontblushbaby & Titch'sTackleSnaps

Div 3 – Kick it to me @SCT & Instant Service (scored 2297 and was eliminated – tough group)

Div 4 – Dann's Giants & Funkhouser

Div 5 – Dalby Dingoes & Moore's Hores (scored 2308 – rough)

I have removed the above teams from the game.

We now have our final 25, all champions in their own right.

Shake n bake
The Nakia 3310s
Ya hate to see it
Punt Rd Paupers
Rise of the Worpel
Jaeger Bombs Pipes
Stiffy Johncock
King Winter
demons delights
Stretch Marks
Ball Fondlers
Mocha's Shockers

The NEW CODE for the Champions League is 333999

Can everyone add themselves to the new Group Code before round 15.

With 25 teams remaining, there will be 3 teams eliminated each week until there are 4 left (round 21).

the final 4 will battle it out in Round 22 to see who will be the ULTIMATE SURVIVOR.

Good luck everyone


i'm not good at counting. there are 24 teams. Round 21 there will be only 2 eliminations.


Would Holt have been eliminated if he didnt have immunity???!!!


Holt would have been eliminated. But he had immunity.


Moore's heros was the unlucky team. Holt was saved, next to go was Moore's heros even though they scored 2308


Sicily got off !


I missed it, what did floggy do this time?


Gut punched someone


thought he even would have got 1 week….lucky


Same. With the bye I thought two weeks without him


I feel like I've already crashed and burned, I only did 2 sideways trades, but feel like I just started with many of the wrong guys when I could've started with the right ones.
The problem is, you never know who the right ones are until it's too late.
Now I'm just hoping to retain enough trades to last until the end in the event I make any finals in my leagues.
If you make 3 to 6 finals out of 9 John, that's a win, even 3, if most of your leagues have good coaches in them.


sloane only a grade 1 strain could be a good chance for this weekend should only miss the one if anything


Just like Crouch’s corky? I don’t trust the Crows. I hope he plays this week but if he doesn’t, I’ll doubt we will see him b4 the bye


Hamstring and R14 bye. I'd be trading to a R14 bye player like a Cunnington or Martin or upgrade to Kelly if you have cash


Carlton Have made a mistake sacking Bolton! In my opinion He wasn’t a bad coach look at the side he has still so very raw and has Docherty out for 2+ years and at different points of the year Kreuzer, Newman, Simpson & C.Curnow all out. SOS at the head of list management has to be held accountable for a lot of the mess when you look at who he’s bought to the club but being a club legend he will keep his job… so disappointing I really feel for Bolton.


Agreed. As a Carlton supporter you can only do so much as a coach with the list they have. We keep investing in youth when we need to start looking at experience. The younger players need experience to learn from. Brisbane a prime example with recruiting Hodge. May not be the player he once was but his leadership onfield makes up for it.
Geelong another great example. Clark, Atkins, Miers were all drafted late but would now arguably be in the top 10 first year players simply because look who they have to learn from.
Carlton have got this rebuild all wrong imo and unfortunately I don’t see much improvement for years to come.😫


Tough gig having to coach the GWS seconds …


It get worse Russty… they're really into the social engineering, suspending supporters now for calling out "green maggots" to the umpies… a Tiger supporter's membership was suspended for 3 games.. I wonder how much it costs to appeal ?? 🙂


I love that call Holty!


Whitfield, 4+ weeks for shoulder? Is this correct?


Gee, well done to me for bringing him in last week.🤬


Yeah, i did the same thing.. was him or Marshall.. 🤬


Yeah Tony Sheahan tweeted it today… whether we take his word or not is another thing


Where did you hear this?


WTF!!! Where did you hear this?


Through Herald Sun..


On twitter.


OK. Thanks Nifty. I am in a foul mood mate. Traded him in last week. Spewing.


No worries TH1, I’m filthy too..


Geez I hope not. I don’t wanna trade him. I can’t brjng him back 🤬


Me too mate. Its a busted collar bone. They are bad. I broke my collarbone when I was a kid and let me tell ya, on the pain scale, they are worse than busted ribs. Whitfield wont be back for some time. Time to punt his arse out of my team for a second time this year. See ya next year buddy. FML.


I haven't seen any news about a broken collarbone today TH, saw something on one of the major sites saying Leon Cameron expected him to be ok for this week.


Me too Russ, someone here said tony Sheahan posted it on Twitter – I’ve since checked his page and have found nothing. I’m hoping it’s a bit of false info from Sheahan


Scratch that just saw it on his page! I must be blind. Sheahan says he’s in hospital for surgery…. hope he’s wrong!


Hey Tommy, yeah I just saw it too, he said "rumours are he may be in Hospital this afternoon for surgery"
Don't know why he'd say that if it's just rumours, no one else has reported anything.


Bloody injuries


All pre season I kept thinking No Injury Risk players. Every season there are injuries, so pick players who have a better history.

Steered clear of Fyfe and JKelly, great….

…….but somehow ended up with Rocky, MCrouch, Whitfield, danger, Williams, Sloane.


Hahaha yes 100% Derek same here mate got lured in but the huge scoring potential over the durability of the likes of Parker, Pendles and Duncan


Did you pinch that quote holty or are you the source? Lol


As a Carlton supporter I got the quote from a few mates today. Thought it was clever so I shared it. I’m certainly not clever enough to come up with that


Haha. I’m a blues man too. The only way is up!


Probably a silly question but can you use players with the bye as loopholes??


Yeah mate


Hey John,
I too still have 16, 10 of which are keepers plus Goldy who I ain’t keepin’… he will become Grundy..


I love you Foz


Hi guys, is Houli or Lloyd a good replacement for Whitfield ?
And i am thinking of replacing Walsh with either Gaff or Cunnington.
Which one is the better option ?
Thank you.


How long is Whitfield out for ?


4 to 6 weeks.


Does anyone know how long Marty Hore is out for ? Will lever and May affect his scoring ? Thanks