Who’s Your Captain? – Round 11

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This week creates one of the biggest issues that we’ve had this season. Brodie Grundy and Josh Kelly, arguably the two best captaincy options this week, play at the same time. So uh, thanks for that Gill.

There’s also not a lot of options this week as opposed to last week. A lot of players come up against their bogey side, and we want the safest option don’t we? Can’t say even our premiums are reliable this week given some of their history.


Dustin Martin

Friday Night vs North Melbourne – AVG vs Team: 110.8

Hello, old friend, it’s been a while. We haven’t been singing the praises of Dusty lately in the land of SuperCoach but he’s slowly getting back to his Brownlow winning best. In his Brownlow winning year the Tigers cult figure scored a massive 164 against the Kangaroos, but what do the Kangaroos have planned now that Rhyce Shaw is in charge?

Brodie Grundy

Early Saturday vs Fremantle – AVG vs Team: 113.6

Big Boy Brodie loves playing Fremantle. Averages a huge 127.3 over his last three games against the Dockers, with his last score a 150. Not sure I need to say anything else.

Josh Kelly

Early Saturday vs Gold Coast – AVG vs Team: 95.2

Kelly loves playing the Suns. His average against over his career is dragged down by an injury affected 19 but averages 128.3 over his last three matches against the Suns, and we all know how much Josh loves to beat up on the lower sides. Gold Coast is also the number one side for points given up to opposition midfielders.

Lachie Neale

Saturday Night vs Hawthorn – AVG vs Team: 83.9

Was well held by his former teammates and would’ve been disappointed with how he played as a result, should bounce back on Saturday night back at the Gabba. Averages 108 against the Hawks in his last three games against them, but he’s been a different beast since emerging from Fyfe’s shadow. Might be worth the punt.


Ben Cunnington

Friday Night vs Richmond – AVG vs Team: 80.4

Cunningwho? Has surprised us all with his SuperCoach relevance this year, and has been nothing but solid with no score below 90 for the year. Scored a 143 last time these two teams met.


Max Gawn

Saturday Night vs Adelaide – AVG vs Team: 99.8

According to the SuperCoach website, he doesn’t usually score well against the Crows. I think the website needs to go home, it’s drunk. 99.8 is one of his better averages against any team, and he scored a 130 last time these two sides met. Only three scores below 115 for the year so far, including a 113 and a 109. A pretty safe captaincy bet!

Patrick Cripps

Sunday vs Essendon – AVG vs Team: 92.6

With only two scores below 110 for the year, Cripps is someone you can’t ignore. There is a slight worry though, teams have worked out that if you shut down Cripps, you shut down Carlton. But Cripps is Cripps and should still come away with a respectable score.

Zach Merrett

Sunday vs Carlton – AVG vs Team: 93.4

Had a massive final quarter against the Tigers last week to finish on 104, I wonder if the momentum is still there for him to have a massive game against Carlton? Averages 110 against teams outside of the 8 this year, and has responded to his critics in style since round 1. Doesn’t have a great record against Carlton but this year it’s pretty clear that history is history and it’s about what you can do here and now.

Marcus Bontempelli v Jack Macrae

Sunday vs West Coast – AVG vs Team: 108.5 v 86.5

The question is, who does Mark Hutchings tag? The last time these two met it was Macrae that copped it but The Bont wasn’t playing. Bontempelli is probably in the better form right now, but Macrae gets so much of the ball that it really is a wait and see. Maybe he spends time on both? Who knows. All I know is, Macrae scored 74 last time he played the Eagles, and Bontempelli 102. I’d say that usually rules both of them out, but it doesn’t. Serious consideration needed for both of these men.

Elliot Yeo

Sunday vs Western Bulldogs – AVG vs Team:

Since Round 6, the Yo-Yo hasn’t had a score below 115 and is averaging 7.5 tackles per game. That is elite. Scored a 128 last time these two teams met, and if he can keep his red hot form going then he’s a really big chance of a massive score.


Luke Dunstan

Sunday vs Port Adelaide – AVG vs Team:

Going at 1.3 points per minute over these last three weeks has seen Dunstan return some great scores at SuperCoach level. Not beyond him to post a huge score against the Power either, scoring a 140 back in 2017. Has been given the license to hunt the ball in recent weeks which has resulted in a three round average of 115.7 – You’d have to be stowing some hefty plums to stick the Captaincy armband on this bloke this week, but you’d be laughing if it paid off.

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s c tragic

I'm thinking Grundy to Cripps. Or Hurn could be another option.


I do also think that Gawn is the better option, and by far. <img src=&quotcomment image" width="1"/>


Gawn playing in Darwin this week…just sayin, Darwin is weird and hot, and like a rural ground.


151 last year against Darcy (Freo) in Darwin.
HO's in the past weeks against opponents.
Vardy 48 v O'Brian 40 last week
Gawn 56 v Vardy 7 Hickey 11 two weeks ago


Grundy to Cripps for sure. Yes, Cripps is getting a lot of attention from the taggers but the big worry for the Bombers is they don't have a big bodied Mid that can go with him.


Agreed. I'm backing Cripps in to go big this week


Grundy into Gawn for me.

Close call because Josh Kelly is flying also


Pretty sure it’s going to be Cameron into Bines for me. With Gawn my backup plan.


I'm seriously considering putting the V on Goldie with the depleted Tiger ruck stocks. He was in beast mode last week.


Was thinking the same, but remember Soldo did well his first game before his club suspension.


Grundy Brownlow
Into Cripps


Josh Kelly into Max Gawn.


Same for me Slats..


Does it really matter … I don't have Grundy … 🙁


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kelly into Gawn.
Think lobb should compete well against grundy

Stupid Coach

Whitfield (VC) – I don't have Kelly and Gawn (C)
Gawn (VC) and Merrett (C)


Grundy has served me well all year so he will continue with the VC
Gawn with the C

Only issue I have is that I don't have anyone not playing on Sunday to loop with.

Only on Friday night – Ross and Scott

What to do?!?!?!?!?

Eli Goldbaum

Sooooo, is 121 enough from Grundy undies for the loophole ? That is the question!! Do we take the Cripps / Gawn C risk? mwahahahaha