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Lots of movement this week, JR Community. Injuries, rookies maturing and premos hitting bottom of their cycle. Not long until the frenzy of “3 trade bye weeks” hits.

There are a lot more options to be had than I can list here this week. In terms of trading a mature rookie out, remember if their BE is roughly the same as their long term average, then they are ready to go.

On the other end of the ledger, if a premo has dropped a bit in recent weeks due to an injury or poor performance (tagged by DeBoer perhaps), grab them when that low score is in it’s 3rd week of the price cycle.

Good luck this week, watch out for any late outs (possibly Danger) and stick to your plans.

Statty Matty.

EDIT: I’ve fixed up Marsh’s description and Williams’ price and BE.

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No Lloyd?


Who should I trade in for Darcy Moore I have 209k cash.


So I have to trade out Moore or ROB to get Whitfield in this week. Moore has more cash to make but warm bodies round 13 are really important so having ROB on field would be nice.
Who would you trade out?


Jacobs is listed as 1 week on crows injury list. Surely he is further away from playing than that, hopefully ROB makes it to round 13


Moore is gone for me this week to either Whitfield or macrae. I don’t think he has much more $$$ in him a BE of 66 about all he averages so he may make another 10k unless he pumps out a ton soon.. my R2 is ROB and I am eyeing off grundy but in no huge rush yet his scoring okay and a nice R14 bye


So the uncertainty around Williams injury is annoying. I could do Williams – Whitfield and be left with $100, or stick with my original trades which involves going early on young but punting Parker with his high BE?

Vaughan Guinan

Zac Williams is listed as test. How do you know he’s out for up to 4 weeks

Rick Grimes

Yea was a minor strain wasn't it. Week off.


Zac Williams has been ruled out for this Sunday and could miss at least a couple of games – from GWS news page. I'm not sure yet whether to hold or upgrade.


I need to dump rookies, so I’m holding this week. It also makes no difference to who I bring in this week, being Whitfield and Atley.

I’ll reassess his position next week, but I think it’ll be the same situation then anyway.


Yeah turns out I have bigger problems than Williams this week. Could have donuts in both mid and fwd lines depending on final teams..


Williams is too risky, I'll pass<img src=&quotcomment image" width="1"/>

Ethan Lee

I don't think its a necessity to move on williams unless we definitively know its at least a 4 week injury because he currently is the 8th highest scoring defender and 10th averaging defender so it wouldn't be wise to burn trades especially when he was looking in really good touch before his "strain". Maybe if you were an owner of Kelly last year that might sway your decision as we know how conservative gws were with these soft tissue injuries but for me it should be a hold


I was a J.Kelly owner last season, holding Williams this week, back down the GWS Garden path we go!


On the cheat sheet Zac Williams price is wrong… For a second I thought he dropped in price to that…nearly had a heart attack hahah


Tbh I think unless you’re in dire need, hold Williams this week. Next week we should know about his timeline a little more, plus with rookies like Parker that really need to go, I don’t think it’s a priority. He’s been scoring really well and for him to score 65 points by the second quarter before he got rested, I think that shows his scoring potential. I think when teams are named tonight we will have more pressing issues to deal with (ie. rookies being dropped). Maybe it’s just me starting to panic with the lack of rookie options this week. Anyone else thinking about bringing Robbie Young a week early??


Definitely agree mate. Im punting Parker this week. Think against the blues he could score ok but will still lose more money so hes going for mine


Yeah Tommy, he is a MUST leave in my eyes. Won’t make a 90 so will lose money. Going early on Young?


I don’t mind Parker’s JS and I need all warm bodies on field for round 13 as I can get. Round 13 saints play the Suns, you never know, but he might snag a couple.

I’m still hurting from last years byes, when hit with a few injuries I had a bench of spud rookies that didn’t get a game.


Yeah definitely food for thought. Even with planning for the byes i currently have 17 playing in round 13 but that includes Stocker, hayes and Burgess who are all a very good chance of being out round 13, so might have to cop a 20k price drop. And this week he might be needed with all the carnage, really cant be fielding burgess against the cats


I will be going early on Young regardless of whether Parker makes way this week or not


Would love some advice community. Team is below:

B – Lloyd, Crisp, Answerth, Wilkie, Duursma, Hore (Burgess, Williams*)
M – Cripps, Kelly, Treloar, Fyfe, Macrae, M.Crouch, Rocky, Drew (Lockhart, Hayes, Scott)
R – Grundy, Gawn (ROB)
F – Danger, Kelly, Heeney, Petruccelle, Balta, Setterfield (Moore*, Bines)

Would you bring in Whitfield or Boak this week?


How much do you have in the kitty mate? I would be worried about Danger missing and having no coverage for him, so Moore out looks like a good trade.


Only about $30K. I could go Moore & ROB to Boak & Young. A lot will depend on whether Danger & Drew are named


That looks like a good plan mate, big thumbs up from me. Just off of the top of my head, should leave you with about $150k next week to look to upgrade Duursma or Drew with too


Get Boak after his bye now.


to Avoid donut, get Boak


For those concerned about Zac Williams and money is tight for any trades, he is $505,100 not $321,500 as listed above.


Is Mitch Duncan a real good option to outscore macrae by years end? Cats draw is incredibly easy from here on..
macrae Duncan or meerret or yeo? I play for leagues


I doubt Duncan will outscore Macrae.

Macrae should definitely be the best out of those listed. He has a huge ceiling, is averaging 117 without hitting his straps yet and is only 584k.

All around the same price, only one of them is a bargain.

Big G

How is Danger looking for this week?


Not playing


Old man Simpson very likely to play this week.

If he is wearing sleeves, and he will be under $400k in a couple of weeks, consider.

Rick Grimes

Sleeves is the key.


Seriously, under $400, probably under $390k.

Defenders at Carlton should see plenty of the ball.

I’ve traded Simpson into my draft teams already, ready for a big second half


With rookies being so up in the air this year, we must look for value to be able to get the rolled gold premos in other spots. A regular 95+ averaging defender in a side void of experience and cool heads he is set for a huge second half of the year


Would appreciate some advice community as im very stuck. Team is below:

B – Whitfield, Z Williams, B Smith, Duursma, Hore, Answeth (Young, Burgess)
M – Cripps, Neale, Macrae, Fyfe, B.Crouch, Walsh, Stack, Constable (Gibbons, Ross, Scott)
R – Grundy, Gawn (Sweet)
F – Danger, Kelly, Heeney, Boak, Balta, Parker (Moore*, Drew)

20 trades left, 535k in bank


With 535k, I’d say Parker up to anyone you want. I’d look at price and breakevens of Cameron, Hawkins or Dunkley.

If you get a cheap enough forward, you might be able to go Duursma to Lloyd or Laird.

It does depend on team news, but definitely try to double up.


Drew and Constable need to be on the chopping block.

Take your pick on 2 premiums


Walsh has done his job, get the bont




Danger & Crouch still out. But l get Atkins and burgess back 🙁


Same … breaking open the champers …


Offloading Cogs instead of Crouch last week sums up my season.


It’s that bad I just looked at Burgess’s stats. 172k, BE of 47.

Maybe next week, after he bottoms out.


On the positive side of things, Plenty of captain loophole options this week.


20K only.

Which trade options are best? Collins is now missing for 6 weeks.
Not sure if I should just hold Walsh as a decent onfield rookie.
Perhaps Parker 0r Duursma is the other one. Would love to hear your options.
Not a lot of cash. Maybe depends on Hately being named.

Laird, Sicily, Whitfield, Clark, Duursma, Answerth, (Burgess, Collins)
Macrae, Cripps, Fyfe, Neale, Libba, Walsh, Setterfield, Atkins, (Hayes, Scott, Gibbons)
Gawn, Grundy, (Bines)
Heeney, Boak, T Kelly, Dunkley, Balta, Corbett (Parker, Danger)


Danger, Williams, Moore, Crouch, Constable & Drew all out this week.

The magnets on the white board are being thrown around this week


Don’t worry Derek! Chris Burgess is back to save our teams!


Damit. Got rid of him a few weeks ago.


Seems like we are in the bye rounds every bl00dy week.


I have the same players out Derek. Plus Hayes and have to wait on Stocker and Parker to see if they're named although they're only on the bench at this stage. Atley and Garner out may upset some trading plans. I'm going Drew to Young early and am torn between Constable to Macrae or J Lloyd via Duursma. Could also go Walsh to Neale but keeping that for after Neale's bye. Trouble is there's currently no dearth of rookies to gain some cash.


I’m trading as if there are no more cash cows.

Done the numbers as if the non-keepers I have now are it.

That means a Simpson, RGray type for under $390k to fill either F6 or D6 is all I can afford

Unless we get one more cash cows this week or next that we can cash out round 14.


No atley
No drew

Port you are killing me!


MCrouch and Williams to JKelly and Whitfield gets me an extra 200+ points this week.

I’m pretty sure that after a few beers at the pub tomorrow I’ll be certain it’s a good idea.


Dont comment very often but think this deserves a 'like'


I have been waiting for Brett Bewley to get a named for Freo, however I wont be going early like some on Atley,Garner ect


How long is Lycett out for? Ladhams could be nice down grade for ROB


Lekdog and Damo are covering the round 10 teams and #supercoach trades LIVE at from 7:30pm. Jump into the chat and get your questions answered!

James Sykes

talking about yourself in the third person again lek?


Lekdog likes to hear Lekdog talk about Lekdog


Team sheet carnage. 4 premos out. I can only get to a full playing squad using 2 trades, including going early on Young and that’s if both Settlefield and Stocker are named. Doughnut week.


Oh well wtf !! In all my time playing Supercoach I’ve never seen or experienced so much carnage. Williams, Crouch, Danger, Moore, Lycett and Ross. No Constable, Stocker, Hayes, Scott, Joyce, and Parker who was being traded out this week. Had targeted Lloyd and Whitfield to bring in at their cheapest, and if I do I’m going to have 6 donuts 🍩 🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩 OMG 😲

Joe T

Need to bring in a fwd premo to avoid a 0, is Heeney a solid bottomed-out option? Buddy back in so you'd think more midfield time.

The only other forward premo that interests me at the moment is Boak but he's got a big BE and a bye coming up


I was happy to leave Moore at F6 for a few more weeks and get Boak after his bye.

Without Danger, Drew and Moore playing I will have a donut, that is after having Parker on field.

Boak is the only one a want forward.

Looks like Boak this week, Whitfield another day……

…… unless I get Young.

Who would score better, Whitfield & Young OR Scrimshaw & Boak?

James Sykes

sorry if i miss understand but are you considering bringing in scrimshaw? because he's average and break even is pretty much exactly the same. He wont make you money and might actually lose some.


No. He is on my def bench. If I don’t get Whitfield (get Boak instead) Scrimshaw will be onfield.


Parker likely to be chopped this week Derek… 😬


No way. Parker is a gun


A shot gun 😁
We play each other this week in The Rat Pack… good luck… a tough week.


Like an early model M-16, unreliable and prone to jamming.


Parker was named on Sandringham's extended bench


Heeney isn’t the worst option. I’d jump on if I didn’t have him

Joe T

Yeah I'm leaning that way, it's quite hard to pick the top 6-10 forwards at the moment but you'd think Heeney would be thereabouts


Oh well wt !!In all my time playing Supercoach I’ve never experienced so much carnage. My teams injury list, Williams, Crouch, Danger, Moore, Lycett and Ross. No Constable and Stocker, and no cover from Joyce, Hayes and Scott. Plans of trading in Lloyd and Whitfield at their cheapest just in ruins. A SuperCoach free weekend is the go.😩


Carnage. Doughnuts everywhere.

Kewbie Bear

I'm ducked.

James Sykes

well this will be fun….forward line of danger, moore and drew definitely out and parker and setts on extended bench.

Mid with constable and stocker most likely sucking tinnies in the crowd.

And a big thankyou to Zack W and L Young deciding to have at least one week off.

My league strategy for this week is to hope my opponents have had worse luck. 0-4 weekend coming up.

but who to trade out of all that rabble?


Bringing in Whitfield and either WIlls. Not sure who to drop though:

Thinking Walsh and Miles, thoughts?

Eli Goldbaum

Whitfield is actually $556,400 – price on the sheet is wrong

Eli Goldbaum

Also, Marsh is a defender not a fwd lol – it's ok, I read your sheet every week just thought I'd help!


Simple round this week.

If your playing for league wins and can field 22, you win.

If your playing for rank, you will have a better rank after this round than before if you field 22.


Petch,Drew or Setters out this week?


I'd say , the guy who isn't playing…he's worth the most too.


No love for Rupert? Knocked out an 80 on the weekemd and only 166k


Could be ok if he stays on the field….his 5 games in 2016 were pretty good, bar one score.
Risky but with great risk, comes great reward…maybe.


As a pies fan, i really can't see him staying in the side, De Goey, Adams to still come back. I don't think he keeps his spot for long

Stupid Coach

I am really stuck which way to go this week community and like most people have a number of players both on the field and on the bench who are not playing. 20 trades left but only 20k in the bank. My options are:

1. Parker to Young (St K) and Constable to Rocky or B Crouch. Young to cover Danger and Answerth to cover Williams.
2. Parker to Young and Williams to Lloyd. Young to cover Danger.
3. Drew to Young and Constable to Sloane, Sheil, Taranto, Rocky, B Crouch and Dunkley.
4. Drew to Young and Williams to Lloyd. Parker to cover Danger on field.

Any thoughts much appreciated.


Number 3 as it's improving your side longer term. Dunkley will be a Top 10 forward and potentially Sloane in the Midfield.
Rocky and Taranto a little more risk.

Stupid Coach

Thanks Starky. If I go with Option 3, my only concern is that I will still have Parker who is unlikely to make any more cash. I can also pick one of Sloane or Dunkley. Worried that Sloane might cop a tag as some stage which will affect his scores and not entirely convinced that Dunkley will be a top 10 forward. Thoughts of Shiel or B Crouch?




3. With Sloane or Rocky


I think option 3 as well, Young could just end up being another Parker least Drew's made some decent coin.
Constable can't get a game unless there's an out now.


I'm looking for opinions about Heeney. Is he over his injury? He scored well last week so I'm hoping that he is. What will his role be with Franklin back in and Jones out? He's good value for his ability, I started with him so its a mental hurdle to trade him back in.


If I think he is over his injury, he comes straight back into my side.


Thanks. I also like Cameron but have been expecting his shoulder to cause more trouble than it has. He looks in pain but gets through the games. I think that I'll take a punt on Heeney and hope.


With a break even of 90 I’m going to watch heen for another week before taking the plunge (again) lol


Hopefully his role with Buddy back is midfield Loop, you'll be laughing if it is.
Just gotta hope Buddy stays injury free.

Joe T

Whoops just realised what you meant haha. That's a really tough call, don't think you can go wrong either way but purely from money and byes perspective I'd get whitfield before boak


The Hawks play early, I can see how Scrimshaw goes on my bench, if he does good I can use him and trade in Boak


O’Brien and Moore out
Heeney (via Bines) & Simpson in


People going to bring in Hately if he’s confirmed?


If he's confirmed I think I will, as his price should go up fairly quickly.
But, I'm not optimistic he will make the final team.




Is this week the week to sideways trade to fill 22 or stick to our plans and paint the fence for me that would be W.Drew to Young and Duursma to Whitfield? if Stocker is named I have 22 if not then I may have to field a donut!


I’m sticking to the plan (sort of), was going to be drew and Moore out for loyd and young but I’ve swung it to Williams instead of Moore. I reckon gws will be real cautious with him, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s out until the bye. Watch him come back next week now lol. I’ve had buddy on the bench for a month and can’t handle a repeat. I’m keeping Durrs this week to cover crouch


That fair enough mate, for me I rate Williams as a top 8 defender and a couple of 120+ scores and 82 when they got belted against Hawthorn. Plus he was on 70 beofre Half Time even with Whitfield back in the side their is a lot of upside I think there to keep him I have M.Crouch and Dangerfield out as well though so I'm running thin I'll be lucky to field 22 but if I have all my premiums fully fit I only have 5 onfield rookies left


I agree he’s a top 8 by average, but If he misses the next 3-4 his total points gained verse playing rooks in his absence makes him a trade for me. If he misses 1-2 I might regret it. Up to lloyd is a no brainer for me


Yeah I see what you mean definitely two ways to approach it haha I've always been an advocate to save as many trades as I can I has 24 left now but 22 after this week this round is showing why I need to save as many as I can


I'm holding this week and if hes out next week, trade him to sicily who has a high BE and a nice bye

The Ranger

At the moment I'm sticking to the plan, which was to paint the fence this week.
Drew and Duursma out, Lloyd and Young in.
Did a bit of reading up on Young last night and I'm sold on him now, he should get a run of games hopefully.
Plus I can't see Lloyd getting much cheaper than this.




Not sure there's been any chat on here about Ziebell? I'm currently bringing him in for Williams as he seems to be getting increased mid time and north have only benefited from it. Mad? Maybe, but I've had a horror season and need a big swing.


Backs: Lloyd, Whitfield, Sicily, Hore, Duursma, Answerth (Williams, Clark)
Midfield: Neale, Cripps, Fyfe, Oliver, Coniglio, Walsh, Stack, Butters (Crouch, hayes, Scott)
Rucks: Grundy, Gawn
Forwards: Kelly, Dunkley, Baker, Petrucelle, Balta, Setterfield (Danger, Corbett)


Petrucelle to Young

Baker to Heeney
Duursma to Stewart/Laird








Option 1
Trade out duursma, Moore for young and hurn
Have to play answerth on the field this week.
Also have 3 rookies in forward on field.

Option 2
Trade out Williams and Moore for hurn and young
No answerth on field but still 3 rookies on forward but an leaves 250 grand in bank for next week


Trading Constable for Dusty. I have lost my dignity


Can upgrade Walsh to Martin for just 75k. Its the type of upgrade you would not think was possible at the start of the season. Have been wrestling with this for days. Help me!! 128 points from Martin last week. Has he bottomed out or is it a tease. Dunno!


Better off keeping walsh I think mate.


This didn’t age well, Atkins and Duursma both go big. Young was useless and will probably be dropped. Oliver was terrible so he’ll get cheaper.