Heroes, Villains and the Damned – Round 9

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Plenty of heroes, but even more villains this week. Who will never make our team again? And which player is back on our watchlist? More importantly, which rookies can we bring in soon? All that and more below.


Shannon Hurn (161) – Just watching that game you could tell Hurn was going to have massive points. He read the play so well and intercepted everything coming forward. 33 touches and 13 marks paved the way for a huge score. From the same side, Elliot Yeo (136) had another great game in a season that’s flying under the radar. He had 26 touches and 16 tackles gave him a huge score for the week.

Andrew Gaff (110) – Gaff’s a bit of a POD this season, but with games like this, his ownership may rise. 30 touches and ten marks, whilst going at 80% efficiency, helped him a lot.

Max Gawn (144) – Gawny ate Hickey in the ruck and around the ground, and also provided a ladder to Flyin’ Ryan for the mark of the year. Only 15 touches, but a monstrous 56 hit outs, and 6 free kicks (almost all due to Hickey’s inability to contest) were enough for a great score.

Brodie Grundy (144) – The VC/C loophole of Gawn/Grundy this week wouldn’t have yielded different scores this week. He had more of the ball than his Demon advisory, but less hit outs this week. He only went at 54% efficiency, so just imagine the score if he hit a target a bit more regularly… meanwhile Adam Treloar (113) is becoming a lock for a top 8 midfield position this year. He’s scoring well most weeks, and has the ability to go really big on any given day. 38 touches against the Saints.

Lachie Neale (148) – Another day, another 39 touches. Handballed 28 times, but used it at 84%, so that makes up for it, I guess. Get him in if you don’t have him, he’s a great captaincy option most weeks. Despite the slow start to the year, Dayne Zorko (121) is the sort of player who can find great form quickly. His last month has been superb, and he’s topped it off with his game against the Crows. Was very influential all day, and helped his side get the win.

Alex Witherden (92) – It wasn’t too long ago I had him on the damned list, but Witherden performed well. I feel like he deserved more than 92, and he’s probably not Redeemed yet, but a good start.

Rory Sloane (124) – Plenty of people brought in the Crow with his price and
breakeven so low, and well done to those who did that. Another great game from the skipper. Brad Crouch (119) – My lord can Brad find the footy. Excelled with his brother out of the side. 32 touches, and most importantly, kicked it more than he handballed. Brodie Smith (96) is turning into a keeper this year. 24 touches, with plenty of kicks, at an elite efficiency. What a man.

Mitch Duncan (144) – Why isn’t Duncan in my side? Why have I never thought to bring him in? He’s a gun. 25 touches, three goals and 11 marks. 92% efficiency. I think that says it all. Dangerfield (115) looked like he was tracking for a huge score at half time, but hurt his ankle in the second. You’d still be pretty happy with that return. 23 touches and a goal, but his efficiency let him down at 69%. Hopefully he doesn’t miss any games.

Tom Stewart (114) – Stewart is all but locked to be a top 6 defender this season, and is tracking to be an All Australian again. 22 touches at 100%!!!!! Get him in to your sides now! Darcy Fort (105) – Three goals on debut for the young Cat. Only the nine touches, but he had 17 hit outs as well, and went at 100% efficiency. It was a great game, and hopefully he can turn into a Reilly O’Brien type player.

Jack Macrae (124) – Another great game from the doggy. He’s just a ball winner, plain and simple. You pay serious money for blokes like this, but these are the games you expect.

Ben Cunnington (127) is turning into a serious candidate for a top eight midfield position. Only 23 touches this week, but went at a good clip and
kicked a goal. I can’t bring myself to get him, but he’s looking good. Todd Goldstein (109) had 39 hit outs this week, but only 12 touches (10
handballs). A good score from him, but he did get hurt and played through, keep an eye on him.

Jake Lloyd (141) was back to his best in the win. 28 touches, almost all
kicks, and went at 82 per cent efficiency. He also managed a goal. He’s going to bottom out soon, look to bring him in over the next couple of weeks. He’s a lock for top two defenders while his teammate Luke Parker (145) has been a bit of a no-show this year, but he had a great game against the Kangaroos. He had 28 touches, with 9 tackles to go along with it. Not many people have him, but whoever did would be happy with this return.

Zach Merrett (121) is a gun. No questions asked. 35 touches, 13 of them contested, and went at a decent clip at that. Should finish top 10
midfielders this year.

Nat Fyfe (101) – If 101 is your lowest full game score, you’ve got nothing to
complain about. Maybe your teammates, but that’s it. Fyfe had 24 touches, and 22 of them were contested. Crazy. David Mundy (141) is The Evergreen Purple GOAT and continues to defy Father Time, with 34 touches and a goal. I thought he’d be pushed to the forward line with Blakely back, but he’s killing it in the centre square.

Travis Boak (106) – Another great 30+ disposal game from Boak. He’s really
having a career best season so far, and should be in your sides ASAP. He has just about bottomed out for the year, while the rising star race between Connor Rozee (116) and Walsh is turning into something like the Trae Young/Luka Doncic battle in the NBA. A huge game from Rozee this week, with 18 touches, eight tackles and two goals. Tom Rockliff had another great game with 30 more touches. He gave away four free kicks which hurts, and he was reported. Look to see if he escapes sanction.

Brayden Fiorini (129) – Brayden could be a very cheeky chance at a top 10
midfielder at this rate. He’s got a decent ceiling, and is relatively consistent. He had 38 touches (29 kicks!!!) and a goal. He did go at 47 per cent efficiency, so I’m not sure how he managed such a big score.

Dustin Martin (128) – Dusty had the best game of his season so far. He had 37 touches and kicked two goals. Hopefully he can kick on for a big second half of the season, while Bachar Houli (102) had a great game, with 35 touches and nine marks. He’s been great this year, and would be a handy inclusion into any side. A huuuuggggeeeeee ton for Noah Balta. 14 touches and a goal for 101 against the Hawks gave him a great score for the rookie.

Lachie Whitfield (170) – For those waiting for his price to drop hundreds of
thousands, don’t hold your breath. A huge game from Whitfield against the Blues means he only just fell short of his 200+ breakeven. 40 disposals, 18 marks, three goals and 77 per cent efficiency gave him a monster score. Tim Taranto (144) – Taranto is turning into a genuine gun midfielder this
season. 38 touches and a goal helped him to another great score. Josh Kelly (131) – Another GWS midfielder with a great score this week. 35
touches for Jelly this week, so basically just business as usual.

Jeremy Cameron (108) – Cameron could’ve had a monster score again if he
kicked straight. 0.4 for the week, but 27 touches helped him out. He’s having a bit of a rough patch over the last fortnight in the goal front.
Nic Newman (118) – Newman had his first game back and didn’t miss a beat. The ball spent plenty of time in the Blues’ backline, so it make sense he had 29 touches.


Seb Ross (70) – Down by his usual standards. Ross only had 22 touches and used it pretty poorly as well. He’s been averaging 107 the last three weeks so this will definitely hurt owners. Scott Pendlebury (79) had it 27 times, and went at 70%, so I’m not sure why his score is so low. But who am I to question the ChampionData gods?

Harris Andrews (78) – Andrews only managed 15 touches for the day, and gave away a couple of free kicks as well. He’s been a solid contributor in SuperCoach this year, so hopefully he can bounce back.

Rory Laird (89) – A bit disappointing from Laird. Had the same touches as Smith, but we expect more from the All Australian. Tim Kelly (87) – Kelly saved his game late in the match as the Cats ran away with it. He was tracking towards a sub 50 game at half time. Lucky for us, he contributed to the team’s dominance in the second half.

Gary Ablett jr (61) – Played forward for most of the game, and had 2 goals from his 13 touches. Also missed two shots on goal. He’s probably in line for a rest soon. Marcus Bontempelli (96) – Not an awful score, but you expect more from him each week. Only had it 20 times, but kicked a couple of goals.

Josh Dunkley (88) – A let down after his last fortnight of football. 21 touches and probably not as many midfield minutes this week. Keep an eye on that over the next couple of games. Caleb Daniel (77) – I swear he didn’t score after half time. He was tracking for a great score but didn’t do anything in the second half. 17 touches only hurts.

Shaun Higgins (65) copped a tag and struggled a bit. He did manage 20
touches but he wasn’t great with it, and he missed an opportunity at goal while Callum Mills (67) – Struggled to find it a bit, and ended up with 8 touches. Not his finest effort this week.

Luke Ryan (80) – Wasn’t bad this week, but you’d want 20 or so more points
from Ryan. Only 19 touches this week hurts while Jesse Hogan (42) had his chances this week, but his inaccuracy in front of goal really hurt both his team, and our SuperCoach teams. One goal, four behinds. Fix it up, Jesse.

James Sicily (75) was matched up on Tom Lynch and did a good job
getting under his skin. Unfortunately his game suffered as a result. He dropped a couple of important marks and gave it away a couple of times.
Zac Williams (75) – Williams had 75 before half time, but pulled up sore with a tight hammy and sat the second half. He should be right for next week, but just watch the teams.

Pat Cripps (66) – It’s not like Crippa to get completely tagged out of a game. Matt de Boer kept him to 12 touches, but to be fair it was Cripps vs Kelly, Whitfield, Taranto and Hopper all game.


Clayton Oliver (115) – Is Clarry back? A huge 170+ score last week, backed up by another good score this week. He’s never had trouble finding the ball, but his disposal efficiency is up, and his free kicks against are down (only two on Friday). Could end up being a good cheapie.

Jack Billings (100) – He’s been having a bit of a rough time the last month, with no tons to show for it. However, he’s still been scoring decently, with an average of 93.8. The century will be good for his owners’ confidence, and hopefully he can push on.

Isaac Heeney (116) – More of this Heeney, please John. Played a bit more through the midfield, but still predominantly forward of the ball. I still feel when Buddy comes back he’ll be pushed back into the centre square. You’ve held him this long, why not hold him a little longer? Dylan Shiel (130) – Can you imagine the player Dylan could be if he hit his targets every week? His stats didn’t change much, but his efficiency did. 25 touches and two goals gave him a great score.


Angus Brayshaw (78) – People were calling for my head after Brayshaw didn’t feature here last week. In the words etched into footballing eternity by Paul Roos: (HERE IT IS!!!). He hasn’t continued his form from late last year, and is disappointing all his owners.

Matthew Parker (30) – Get him out of your side now. He’s going to bleed cash, and he’s not scoring any points unless he kicks multiple goals.

Jordan Clark (33) – Looking a little out of place when he plays on the wing. A spell might be good for him, but look to trade him regardless. His breakeven is still attainable, but if he doesn’t play, he can’t make money.

Xavier Duursma (56) – Xavier has been great this season, but his breakeven is starting to look to big to stomach. Look to trade him out soon.

Justin Westhoff (62) – The Damned section will henceforth be known as “The Westhoffed”. Another game where he didn’t influence at all, despite the big win.

Sam Collins (36) – It’s time to send Collins off to the glue factory. He’s playing as the first or second key tall and not as an interceptor anymore.


Marty Hore (75) – Not his finest work, but we’ve come to expect high 80s from Marty. Was down on his disposal count, but you’re not complaining, are you?

Jay Lockhart (52) – Another Dee to have little impact. Despite this, his breakeven was negative so he’ll make you some cash over the next few weeks at the very least.

Oskar Baker (41) – First game for Baker, and wasn’t huge in the loss. Had a
chance to kick a goal on debut but butchered it. Look to see if he improves his score next week, he did have three free kicks against him.

Jack Petruccelle (52) – Only thing better than seeing Petruccelle play a quarter without a shirt on is seeing Petruccelle score more than what he did on Friday. Only 10 touches, two free kicks against, and a point for the day.

Callum Wilkie (50) – A relatively quiet day from Wilkie. You’d hope for a slightly better return if you had him on field.

Robbie Young (69) – A very solid debut for the mature aged recruit. Only 8
touches, but he kicked two goals and laid four tackles, which certainly helped his scoring. Wait the extra week before looking to bring him in.

Mitchell Hinge (56) – Another debutant at Brisbane. 14 touches, 85% efficiency, everything you want from a first gamer. Another option in a couple of weeks if he plays, while Noah Answerth (26) – How the mighty have fallen. Answerth sucked all of us in with two scores around 70 to start his career. Since then, a 49 and a 26 has been seriously gross to his cash generation. Hopefully he can sort it out.

Chayce Jones (68) – Came back into the side and played pretty well. 15 touches and four tackles, but he missed his chance on goal.

Charlie Constable (61) – Constable had a poor game by his standards, with only 11 touches, but he did kick a goal to help him out. Knowing the Cats, he’ll get dropped this week.

Gryan Miers (60) – A blip on the radar for Miers. His record this season was as clean as Ablett’s disciplinary record before the last fortnight of indiscretion.

Bailey Smith (104) – Seemed to love his midfield minutes this week. 28 touches and a potential Rising Star nomination to go with it. Smith was very impressive.

Will Hayes (31) – A poor score from Hayes, but he did miss a fair chunk of the game as he got hurt halfway through. Look to see if he plays next week.

Nick Larkey (54) – Larkey’s providing us with a bit of a rollercoaster ride this season. He’s had better games; he’s had worse games. You’d take a 54 from a key forward rookie though.

Tarryn Thomas (37) – A score like this is going to hurt his cash generation
potential, however with a breakeven of -7, you can afford to keep him for a while longer.

James Rowbottom (24) – If you’ve been waiting on Rowbottom to come back, let’s hope you didn’t hold your breath. Wasn’t great with only four touches.

Joel Garner (65) – 65 in your first game is a good effort for Garner. Only 13
touches, but 11 of them were kicks, which really helps out his score.

Billy Frampton (62) – Frampton played his first game of the season and second ever, and managed three goals in a promising game. He’ll have another week before his price changes, but he’s a 191k ruckman, so it’s unlikely many will bring him in.

Ben King (17) – King had a debut to forget, with only five touches at 40%
efficiency. A young key forward in a battling team will struggle to score well, and at his inflated price he’s probably not an option.

Sydney Stack (63) – Sydney started quiet and worked into the game. 17 touches at a good efficiency helped him out, but we’ve come to expect more from him.

Liam Baker (54) – Baker had his worst game this year to date, with only 13
touches and one goal. He’s still a safe bet to have on field each week.

Shai Bolton (51) – Was quieter after a great game last week. Bolton only
managed 11 touches and didn’t kick a goal.

James Cousins (79) – Cousins had 25 touches against the Tigers, but six clangers hurt his scoring potential. Most people have moved off of him, but he’s still scoring nicely.

Liam Stocker (45) – Plenty of people would have brought in Stocker and been disappointed, but in such a big loss I wouldn’t fret. He had 18 touches, so he’s finding the ball.

Will Setterfield (29) – A very quiet game for the former Giant. He had 6 clangers and his disposal efficiency was very low, which gave him a poor score.

Who were your heroes, villains and damned, community?

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Parker has to go but I dont have the money to upgrade and there are no viable forward downgrades. So I'm planning to punt ROB for Fort. Unless there is a better downgrade option on another line? (I'll grab Hateley if he's named)


What about going early on Joe Atley ? Had a reasonable 66 first up.. but he is a MID, so would need DPP.


Yeah Steeeeve Atley or Robbie Young if named…he looked lively.


Looking at going early on Atley or Young with Parker about to bleed cash, both should have ok job security.
Atley replacing Drew with Wines still out.
Young replacing Long (who goes missing in games far to often) with Lonie still out.

Don't know anything about Hinge or Garner so would rather wait and see.


I didn't think Atley was too impressive at all. Used it well but took him forever to get into the game. Compared with Drew who has shown the ability to rack up possies, I'd be putting Drew back in if I was the Power. And Young had very few touches, but his score went up because of the goals. Really not sold on either.
The way I see it ROB will lose his spot to Sauce in a couple of weeks anyway so if I'm downgrading him I might as well do it now and hope for the best…


Has ROB hit his sell time? What's his B/E?


If you can, hold him until next week. He should make another few grand and Fort should be on the bubble.
I just don't think I can hold him unless I go early on Young.


Yeh I am likely either going to have to either go early on Fort or Young.

I just can't decide if I go for Neale/Whitfield/Lloyd.

My plan is 2 of them over next 2 weeks…..

Advise? LOL.


Yeah, 19 touches in his first game after 2 years not impressive at all. Ok mate.

Game was wet and he was very clean. His game is perfect for SC, contested player who gets clearances. When he starts to kick a little in the dry this will improve. He is seen to be ahead of Drew in terms of talent, so doubt he would go out after a week.


I’m going Atley this week. I have 7 rookies that have pretty much maxed out, so I need someone now. I think of the one gamers he’s the best bet.


Nice work Matt Forrest, very detailed and covering all the bases, who are you by the way?…lol, a new member of the team?
Why wasn't your imminent arrival announced to the masses?..loved your work though.
Could I just suggest respectfully, maybe put the player's names in bold type.
Just ignore me if you want, lol
Jesse Hogan is a spud this year, was doing much better at Melbourne, his whole overall game has gone backwards, maybe he needs a break to get his head together, otherwise he could find himself working in a Service Station late shift soon.


He’s been writing for us all year! He’s a jet!


Noah Balta needs to be mentioned, getting better with each game, potential gun imo


Apologies Matt, I missed your comment under Dusty

The Ranger

Away camping for the weekend.
Unexpected lack of phone signal.


Anyone able to share Lloyd Whitfield and neales breakeven please!


Both are 117


All 3?


Lloyd – 108


Thank you.

Big decisions now 😐

Don't know who to get in this week. Can only get 1 😐


You should get supercoach gold then you'll have easy access to the stats. I dont think that it costs much. I have no idea how to get it because I just have it with the HS subscription.


Just google search "footywire supercoach breakevens" and you'll find them!


they tell you every week where to find the BE ……. ??????

Big G

Is Rocky in trouble for his trip?


Quick question if you have two rucks playing in the byes and an emergency on your bench ruck do you get the bench ruck score as well cause it’s just the 18 best scoring players it doesn’t matter where


Same rules as usual Corey. Your 18 have to be onfield, the only way you get a bench score is through the Emergency for a non playing bloke


Ahh Monday morning… it’s a fresh new week and the carnage from last week is a distant memory. The plan as of now is to go early on Young with Parker needing to leave this week. Then Duursma up to Lloyd. Take care of those two issues and still have $150k in the kitty to play with afterwards as well. Also thanks to bringing T. Kelly into the midfield last week I can swing Danger there to have proper cover for him in case he is going to miss. New week, new optimism. It’s a long season and there’s plenty of time to work my way back into the top 2k. Cheers


Hero = Balta
Damned = Rest of my team

Only scored a 2100 with too many rookies on field, and no Hurn / Whitfield / Neale. I'm behind the eight ball this year with some poor starting decisions (Darling, Crisp, Cogs and paying top dollar for Macrae) so I'm hoping to still gain a top 5k finish, and learn from my mistakes next year

Hoping to grab Whitfield this week for Duursma & Wilkie

On to next week


Yeah I had to many spud rookies on field Answerth, Parker, Lockhart Wilkie duursma 5 players for a return of like 200
Brought in Whitfield for duursma this week, really hope Williams gets up this week!

One Touch Wonder

As a non Grundy and Gawn owner, this season has been difficult. As a non Whitfield, Lloyd, Stewart, Neale, McCrae, Cripps, JKelly, Boak and Dunkley it’s been even tougher.

My SHARK MOVE at start was to stay away from the expensive players and invest in value.

Rank took a hit. Current 24k. But still have 24 trades, $309k in Bank and only have 2 rookies (Hore and Constable) on field. 2258 on weekend and starting to rip my leagues apart.


You were very close to nailing it. If you had taken Grundy instead of Danger as your perma-captain I reckon you’d be in a strong place for a big run home.


Lookie at my rookie stocks and the blokes I want to bring in is pretty rough haha, got to start some value premium shopping gonna be a tough ask to have a full premo time when byes are done
Still gotta cough up 500k to get stack and Walsh to Fyfe and Neale -_- and have like one worthwhile rookie in chopping for cash in ROB


Drew to Fort and Duursma to Whitfield this week then double downgrade the following week Parker to Young and Walsh to Atley to free up cash to upgrade Hore to Sicily and Setterfield to Boak after their bye in Round 12 leaves me with 18 trades left and 1 rookie onfield on each line at the end of the byes (Clark, Atley and Young)


Thoughts on R.Gray 420k 151 BE set to drop 34k could pick him up for 380k odd! Could be a very cheap f6 option


he is my prefered F7/M9 for the season end.

Port have a tough run of games after their bye which might see him drop in price.

Their last 4 games (our SC Finals) are Essendon, Swans, North & Freo.

i wouldn't risk him this far out from the end of the season, look at him later.


When he comes back keep an eye on him. If he drops to 350 or so and starts to show some form then he may be worth a hail mary at some point.

The Ranger

Not sure I've ever had a team where so many of the premos have dropped in value.
Grundy, Lloyd, Macrae, Heeney, Oliver, Danger, Treloar, Goldstein, Fyfe, Cripps and Witherden are all currently worth less than they started out at.
Only Daniel, Williams, Whitfield and Neale are in green.

The Ranger

And yes, it's blatantly obvious Witherden isn't actually a premo…


Whitfield, Lloyd or Hurn?


Can't go wrong with any of them mate I only have Lloyd and will bring in Whitfield this week and look to bring in Hurn after his bye in terms of immediate points gain having a look at the fixture here I would go Hurn because West Coast have Adelaide the doggies and sydney who all are very inefficient with inside 50s so Hurn has the highest potential in that side other then McGovern to rack up a huge amount of intercept possessions as he did on Friday night another way to decide is to look at your bye structure too ether way we all will have those three in our sides in the end!


you need all of them, so you are asking which order to get them 😉

Lloyd and Hurn have the round 13 bye, does that matter?

Hurn has the lowest BE

Whitfield has the best draw


I’d go Whitfield this week, Lloyd next if possible and then wait for round 14 for Hurn. I think this will be your cheapest option to get all 3, but might have it completely wrong.

But you could quite easily go Hurn, then Whitfield and wait on Lloyd.

I’m going Whitfield, Lloyd next week and Laird the week after, to round out my backline.


Who to bring in this week?

Whitfield, Lloyd or neale?

Leaning towards neale or Whitfield!


Any news on Zac Williams injury? Will he miss 2+ weeks? Rocky no case to answer for that trip. Free to play next week. Danger only set to miss one match. Bit of good news for a change.👌


You thinking of punting Williams for Whitfield? I will only do it if Williams is out for more than two weeks. Do you have any intel?


Whitfield can wait one more week if you have to. BE 117 which he will probably beat, but his price rise would still be modest. I just dont want to trade Williams out unless I absolutely have to. His form has been sensational until he got that hammy twinge.


Early reports are nothing serious should play next week but that can change when he tries to get on the track…


Mate, that would be sensational! What a bonus that would be. Sounds like he might miss just the one week at worst. Thanks for the update!


I can't afford Williams to be out 😐

I already cut Cogs loose for JKelly which I could justify on form.

Williams has been to good to just cut for a week or 2.

Just can't decide if I get him or Neale in this week 😐


Meant Whitfield or Neale lol.


I traded in J Kelly this week and kept Coniglio. I want Whitfield or Neale also this week. I need to keep the byes in mind so getting in Whitfield too is going to make round 14 look very scary for my team. Just got to weigh things up. Whitfield has a BE of 117 this week so he will still be decent value next week in any case. Cheers mate


Thanks tophawk.

So you think either Whitfield or neale
This week?

Lloyd down track?


20K only. Wanting your best trade advice. Not much $$ in bank and rookies who just aren't making money.
Would love to hear your strategy. Cheers
Laird, Sicily, Whitfield, Clark, Duursma, Collins, (Burgess, Answerth)
Macrae, Cripps, Fyfe, Neale, Libba, Walsh, Setterfield, Hayes, (Atkins, Scott, Gibbons)
Gawn, Grundy, (Bines)
Danger, Heeney, Boak, T Kelly, Dunkley, Balta, Parker (Parker, Corbett)


You have Parker twice, You’re completely f***ed, Dash.

Without analysing your prices or breakevens, I’d say double down this week. Roll the dice on players such as Young, Atley, Garner, if you have to.

Next week go one up, one down. Then repeat each week (add an up or down as necessary in the byes)

Ditch Parker asap, do it twice if you need to. Then, in no particular order but all needed as soon a possible, Collins, Burgess, Gibbons, Clarke, Duursma and Atkins.

Next week you could probably get Lloyd for a good price.


Oops. If it was Sydney's Parker on the weekend then that would be all right. But yes, still have one of the StKilda ones.


Is Rowan Marshall a great pick up?? He scored a 90 against Grundy … And has played pretty consistent all season bar one game

Will he continue to be saints number one ruck or will it change ?? His price is only 430k for a bloke averaging 97


I think he's a great pickup, and he's one of the few players at the Saints who can kick straight too.
I don't think he will lose his spot because Billy Longer is a big spud.


The analysis here is getting me excited…in the pants region