Supercoach Cheat sheet | Pre-round 9

Well community, I’ve for a confession to make. I’ve got to admit, I’m really struggling this year and I can’t seem to get back to a reasonable score.

Thankfully it’s not rookies who’ve burnt me (I think my advice has been solid), but my premos. Whitfield, Crisp, Martin>Brayshaw, Shiel, Danger, Heeney.

There’s not a lot you can do about underperforming premos. Wisdom says “hold your premos”, but I held Martin for 1 week too long, when I could have upgraded him to Neale for only a small cost. When I did eventually trade him, I chose between Merrett and Brayshaw. That decision alone has cost me 200 points since Round 4, and would have bumped me up over 20,000 places. Including the Neale non-decision, it’s cost me 314 points, and an extra 10,000 places. (I just checked and if I’d actually kept Martin, I’d have 3 more points than trading to Brayshaw. <sadface>)

It’s really easy to get bogged down on where you went wrong. The point I want to make it small decisions can have a big impact, but this works both ways. Finding that perfect POD and getting a run of points out of him can flip your season on it’s head. Don’t go overboard and pack PODs into your team, but look for a good one … maybe two, who is a POD but also likely to be top 6-8 come season end.

See ya in the comments.
Statty Matty.

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  1. BrokenChairs says:

    Sloane v Merrett?

  2. BlueChips says:

    Am still wondering about Stocker. Just think the Blues will persevere with him. Just needs that on 80+ game to make good dollars. Dunno!?

  3. COREYSC says:

    Advice on my team community?
    Not sure if I need to paint the fence, double downgrade or just hold trades?
    26 Trades and 233K In Bank
    Lloyd, Z.Williams, B.Smith, Hore, Duursma, Clark (Answeth, Burgess)
    Cripps, Neale, Fyfe, Macrae, M.Crouch, B.Crouch, Walsh, Gibbons (Atkins, Hayes, Scott)
    Grundy, Gawn (Bines)
    Dangerfield, T.Kelly, Dunkley, Heeney, Drew, Setterfield (Parker, Corbett)

    • Russty_ says:

      Good start mate, lucky you haven't had to do many trades, but maybe time to start making some moves now.
      Painting the fence this week would help get rid of some dead weight, eg Burgess, Scott, Parker
      See if Stocker gets named again, I'm hoping he will..looked all right the other day.

      • COREYSC says:

        Atkins to Stocker and Parker to Daniel but he’s role may have changed also Mundy but now Blakley has come back so might have to go for Boak and pay top dollar

  4. FearTheBeard says:

    Lads been doing my head in again lol. I keep losing extremely close games (e.g last week I lost by 2 points with Ross on field and my opponent didn't have him) lol.

    Anyway. Do I move O'Brien and get Neale in NOW which means I have to field Shai Bolton this week?

    Do I hold on that and add Dunkley and keep Bolton on the bench?

    Do I cut Walsh before he bleeds cash and get Neale or even JKelly? in and add bank for next week with eyes on Dunkley or perhaps add Dunkley and cut Walsh this week and move on Neale next week with hope he bleeds a touch and O'Brien adds a bit more?

    Walsh ultimately will go it's just he is a bit more reliable and another 100 could see some more cash? If I part with Walsh I field Stack this week so not terrible cover?

    Thoughts? Advise?

    • FearTheBeard says:

      Just on this current line up is :

      Hurn, Laird, Williams, Smith, Hore, Duursma (Clark, Burgess)

      Cripps, Fyfe, Macrae, Cogs, Rocky, Walsh, Constable, Stack (Ross, Akins, Answerth)

      Grundy, Gawn (O'Brien)

      Boak, Kelly, Daniel, Danger, Marshall, Moore (Bolton, Bines)

      If I go Dunkley I will part with Duursma. Move Moore up could sell Walsh and bank 200k for next week? Leaves Stack & Constable on field with Bolton by swinging Moore up with Burges.

      If I go Neale then Walsh goes out and could sell Duurmsa move Moore up, put Bolton on field and bank 100k by bringing in Stocker etc.

      Or even Jkelly etc?

      • JohnDJ59 says:

        Hi FTB, I think I have answered this one before, I would hold O'Brien for one more week, still has cash to make and Neale has another week of losing value. Duursma to Dunkley is the smart move this week.

    • Russty_ says:

      Hi Beard, I don't think you need Neale now, b/e 158 and for ROB, you'd just be throwing money away.
      I'd be ok with fielding Bolton this week.
      Could you Go Duursma to Dunkley and Ross to Stocker, moving Moore to the backline?
      That's what I'd do…cheers.
      I don't think Walsh has to go yet, he may lose a bit of cash, but he scores well for a rookie most of the time.

      • FearTheBeard says:

        Thank you Rustty & John.

        So to do that I can't take Stocker and need to run with another mid. I am $600 short off making that work as a Dunkley & Stocker IN for Atkins & Duursma. Which is why I was looking at O'Brien with potentially Neale/JKelly coming in instead of Dunkley for a lock in my mid field.

        If I go Dunkley & any other rookie that plays sub 125k I can just move Duursma & Atkins/Ross.

  5. GreendaleFC says:

    Think I'm going to take a risk this week and bring in Tom Hawkins. Will put a lot of pressure on my bye structure, but looking at Geelong's fixture, I see him kicking a lot of goals. The other options are Sloane or Oliver.
    Edit: Actually I'm going to bring in Sloane and Hawkins for Parker and Walsh.

  6. Billy says:

    Which Defender out of Laird, Stewart, Rich Would you pick.

    Laird would mean my defence would have 4 players out during the round 14 bye

    While Rich and Stewart byes fit my structure

    • FearTheBeard says:

      Personally Billy I would take Laird. He is a lock.

      Stewart could be ?

    • JEL says:

      Why is having 4 players out in defense a problem during the byes?

      • GreendaleFC says:

        In the bye rounds you get your best 18 scores out of the 22 players on field. If you have four defenders out that means you can only fit a maximum of 20 scoring players on field. Add in some injuries and non playing rookies and you can find yourself in trouble. If the majority of Billy's rookies are playing I'd go Laird, otherwise either Stewart or Rich.

  7. Hplate says:

    POD choice in def: Lachie Weller? 436K, M/D swing, is getting defensive kickouts and is playing that defensive distributor type role like Daniel Rich. Averaging 89 for the season in 4 games played (55, 93, 103, 106) and if not for that 55 in the first round he'd be on a 100 average.
    5th season in the league, played 70 odd games, could be making the jump ala Caleb Daniel? Food for thought anyway.

  8. Dash says:

    360K. Looking at your best two trade ideas this week. Thanks in advance.
    Laird, Sicily, Whitfield, D Moore, Duursma, Collins, (Clark, Answerth)
    Macrae, Cripps, Fyfe, Neale, Libba, Walsh, Setterfield, Hayes, (Atkins, Scott, Gibbons)
    Gawn, Grundy, (Bines)
    Danger, Heeney, Boak, Drew, Balta, Parker (Burgess, Corbett)

  9. Murray says:

    Should I get in Sloane, J Kelly or McCrae. Sloane looks tempting, only ave 6 less than McCrae, higher ceiling, lower BE

    What do you think?

  10. TommyC99 says:

    So i was going to hold walsh but i was playing around and i have 607k to buy a midfielder. My shortlist currently looks like this:

    Is the trade worth it? And if so which of the 3 listed would be the best selection?

    • Sana says:

      I like Zerrett. Apparently the tag has been going to Shiel allowing him to run free (and rack up points)

      Bont is a positional enigma. Wouldn't be surprised to see him named anywhere on the field, which in some cases could affect his score. Wouldn't blame anyone for taking him though.

      Sloane hates a tag, this is enough to put me off. Love the bloke though, and cheap right now. Top 8-10 mid though?

  11. DavidC says:

    Wow, Tom Boyd just retired.

  12. cash_cows says:

    Sadly only 4.6k with 23 trades.
    Hurn, Lloyd, Williams, Hore, Duursma, Answerth – Burgess, Lockhart
    Cripps, Fyfe, Macrae, Oliver, MCrouch, Cogs, Danger, Walsh – Atkins, Setters, BScott
    Grundy, Gawn – ROB
    Daniel, Heeney, Dahlhaus, Drew, Petruccelle, Parker – Balta, Corbett

    Had to move Danger to mid last week for trades. Ideally want to move him back soon.
    Looking at the following 2 trades, what do we think?
    Walsh + Petruccelle -> Bont + Stocker.

    Oliver did redeem himself last week but Cogs is still driving me insane.

  13. James Sykes says:

    Hi guys.

    My first trade is pretty simple – Ross to Stocker or Hately but the second one is doing my head in.

    I've already decided I want Macrae but who to go? Libba, Brayshaw or Sam Walsh?

    • joe says:

      i have the same problem. thinking get rid of libba

      • James Sykes says:

        thats currently the rage trade I plugged in Monday but I'm starting to waiver.

        IF (big if) libba and Brayshaw can turn it around then walsh to macrae fills my premo spots on field for Mids

  14. The Ranger says:

    So what's the consensus on Stocker?
    Will he continue to get games? I'm not sold on him but there's not much else around this week.

  15. Binga says:

    Thoughts on Walsh out Sloane in?

  16. JEL says:

    Is Parker to Ham worthwhile?
    Trying to generate some cash, what do people think of Ham's long term prospects?

  17. DerekZ says:

    McCrae , Kelly or Sloane ?

    • BomberKnighta says:

      Mcrae more cosistant (little more of a conservative option). Can still go big but not injury risk or position dependent.

  18. josh says:

    Bontempelli, J Kelly or Sloane?

  19. Sana says:

    Matt Suckling appears to be an ultra POD. Very consistent. Will need a few more games in that groin though… Maybe post rd 12 bye

  20. Nick says:

    Hi All,
    If you had to pick one between MaCrae, Fyfe or Merrett who would you pick?

  21. Dan says:

    What are people's thoughts on trading in someone who you traded out earlier in the season?
    I'm real tempted to trade Petruccelle -> Dunkley, but did trade Dunkley out earlier in the season. I would hate to be burned again.

    Alternatively, I could just trade Walsh -> JKelly.

  22. hedski says:

    Crouch named <img draggable="false" class="emoji" alt="👍" src=""&gt;
    Gonigliog out <img draggable="false" class="emoji" alt="😪" src=""&gt;
    Hately named <img draggable="false" class="emoji" alt="👍" src=""&gt;
    No idea what to do with my trades this week.

    • Maverick_ says:

      crouch might be a late out i reckon hedski i'm not confident he plays but hope i am wrong!
      hopefully crows don't take him to QLD if so and we know sooner rather than later.
      fingers crossed hately is named i need to downgrade both ross and atkins asap

  23. Tommo09 says:

    Hately or Stocker if both named?

    • hedski says:


      • Tommo09 says:

        I wanted to get Gaff in this week but if I have to wait another week that might be fine
        Plus Stocker is only averaging 39. Still a good option?

        • hedski says:

          I'm torn between double down (Stocker/Hately for Parker/Atkins) or one down one up (Fyfe/J.Kelly for Walsh).
          Cogs out and possibly Crouch is doing my head in.
          Stocker looked ok in his second game, they need to play him, Hately I'm not sure how many games he gets but if he strings a couple together……

          • Tommo09 says:

            Gaff BE is quite low so it’s now or never on him. I’m kinda hoping only one gets named

  24. dontblushbaby says:

    Constable omitted , seriously !

    • JohnDJ59 says:

      Both Constable and Hately deserve to be playing games, they are up there with Walsh, just in the wrong team for JS.

      • Critique says:

        I can't agree with that John, afl coaches pick teams to win games of footy not to win supercoach 🙂

        • Russty_ says:

          Most blokes who score well in Supercoach also contribute well to the overall Team effort, points are awarded for effective acts rather than the other game where points are awarded for ineffective disposals and even stuffing up.

        • JohnDJ59 says:

          I was talking about footy in general Critique, both Constable and Hately have shown in the games they have played, that they are good enough to be playing AFL, if they were in a bottom four side, they would be getting games, just like Walsh is.

      • redherringfc says:

        Hately is named on the bench at 4. I think he’ll get another run this week, not too confident after that, but if he makes the cut he’s joking my fishing club.

  25. SamuraiPizzaCat says:

    Serious lack of rookie options this week.

    Can anyone comment on James Rowbottom? Has scored a 46 and a 32. $117k. Playing.

    • Critique says:

      Strange surname. I wonder what his ancestors did to get that as a surname

    • Russty_ says:

      Better off going for Larkey I reckon Samurai, even after the price rise, he looks a decent player.

    • Derek says:

      He looked ok in his first 2 games. Gave away a heap of free kicks in second game, just seemed too enthusiastic and trying too hard.

      He has great hair, is courageous and gives 100%

      Has been in swans best in the reserves nearly every week and not surprised he is playing

      Has taken Jacks place, listed as injured.

      There are a few other swans might get dropped before Rowbottom, might be worth the cheap price.

      Does have the r13 bye

  26. nankthetank says:

    Constable must be banging scott's wife or something… seriously what more does the kid have to do to get games

  27. Lekdog says:

    We are LIVE and talking #supercoach trades for Round 9! Come and jump into the chat and fire your questions at me!

  28. Holty01 says:

    Well after team selections I really have no idea right now. Was hoping one of Stocker and Hately would be named but both affects my plans. I guess I’ll just wait patiently for Friday night for Sunday’s full teams are confirmed before I make a decision

    • dontblushbaby says:

      Yep, with Deledio named along with Hately makes me nervous , but with Cogs out you would think they would go with Hates ?

    • Maverick_ says:

      same boat Holty. i don't want to miss the cows on the bubble especially the scoring power of hately but i have brayshaw to deal with so i sort of need to prioritise him, he's killing me with a BE of 140 so it's now or never.

      • hedski says:

        I have Cogs, Crouch and Angus…sucks to be me Mav.

        • Maverick_ says:

          ouch! can i ask your trade plans hedski?
          you going to offload angus?

          • hedski says:

            I'll upgrade around Angus Mav, trying to be conservative this year, I've already done two sideways trades, Heeney to TK (rnd2) and Darling to The Midget (after Darlings 9).
            Tossing up a double down or paint the fence, will wait till final Sunday teams tomorrow arvo.

            • Saritz says:

              I’m in the same boat hedski. I think once you get a premo in you have to stick with them…. until the rest of your team is upgraded. So with guys like Brayshaw I’m going to ride him out at M8/M9 until about rd 15/16. Fingers crossed he goes back to a full time mid role in the meantime and saves us a trade!

    • Swans2012 says:

      Yeah it’s a tricky one, I really don’t want to but think I’ll have to take them both if they are both named, which would mean no Walsh to macrae until next week….

  29. Training Cray says:

    Damn, keilty was dropped. Any defensive rookie options other than him??

  30. Jeffrey says:

    Hately or Stocker? Assume both are in final team

    • redherringfc says:

      Hately should score much higher but he might only play every now and again (or never again).

      I’m going to bring him in if he makes the cut. I’d rather take his 80 plus points and his 80k price rise this week than hang onto Atkins and lose money.

    • Derek says:

      Rowbottom on bubble. Did ok in first 2 games but missed out when Jack came back.

      Has had a few really good games in seconds and has taken Jacks place again. How long will Jack be out for?

      Only $117k and great hair

      If he didn’t have r13 bye, I’d get him

  31. Fearthebeard says:

    Fma. Cogs and Constable out.

  32. Gainsy says:

    Hately named… interesting. Currently looking at macrae and gunston in for petrec and menegola.

  33. PhilipTheFish says:

    Is it worth trading in a non playing dpp so that I can use the loophole?
    If its a good idea which team has the most sunday games for the second half of the year
    Who to trade out so I can get nonplayer dpp- Collins, Balta, Parker ?

    • Gainsy says:

      Freo did have most across whole season but dont know 2nd half

    • Derek says:

      Do that after the byes. You still need to be making cash and having warm bodies on field for the byes.

      After the byes, you night have one not by choice anyway.

      Cash generation not as important after byes but loopholes are. Loopholes, DPP’s and Ruck cover, essential. Plus a good M9/F7

  34. Russty_ says:

    If you're trading Ross out for Stocker…wait until he's named, unless you have to do two trades to make your other one work.

  35. The Ranger says:

    Get Whitfield back. Woohoo!!
    Lose Coniglio. D'oh!

  36. Rick Grimes says:

    Cogs and Constable both out has scuttled my plans. Feel like I'm just shuffling deckchairs on the Titanic at the moment.

    • Russty_ says:

      How many trades remaining Rick?…could work in your favour punting them both.
      Wonder how much Cog's painful finger has been making him not want to touch the ball all that much lately?
      Those things can drag on for a while.

    • Fearthebeard says:

      Haha I feel you rick. It’s my exact issue. Neither where getting touched. Now I question how much more I can ride Constable. Cogs is a headache but I don’t really want to trade him unless I have too as he’s locked as a keeper for me. Doesn’t help Ross as cover either 😑

    • Lazza says:

      Hope you don’t have Drew as well.. fair chance he won’t make the cut this week..

    • JohnDJ59 says:

      I have M.Crouch, Cogs, Constable, Ross and maybe Drew to contend with. Ross will be upgraded, Drew I can cover after moving him to the fwd line, but the other three are going to be a problem.

  37. Duckky01 says:

    Hi all

    Trading out Libba for one of: Slone, Zerrett, Oliver or Macrae

    My heart says Oliver but my head says ask in here…

    • Russty_ says:

      Macrae First I reckon Ducky

    • Saritz says:

      Macrae. Sloane is susceptible to tags and has quiet games. Oliver and Zerrett can go big but are less consistent than Macrae

    • Holty01 says:

      hi Ducky. Macrae as unlikely he gets tagged. All the others are the oppositions first targets to tag.

    • Derek says:

      Sloane for value and his bye

      Merrett as a POD

      Macrae because he is good plus you are getting him $120k cheaper than people who started with him

      Oliver has a really tough run of games and has the round 13 bye.

      I already have Merrett, Sloane and Oliver, and I’m getting Macrae this week

    • redherringfc says:

      Macrae. He is exceptional value at the moment.

  38. BrownlowBoy says:

    Team is cooked this week.

    • Rick Grimes says:

      I'm going to have Atkins or Gibbons on field. Not the best.

      • BrownlowBoy says:

        I'm going to have both at this point!

        Cogs, Constable, Drew all out throws a spanner in the works for my trade plans.

        Don't think Atkins plays to be honest, probably a late out for Constable as Atkins didn't train this week.

        • hedski says:

          Is Drew out?

          • Rocksta_ says:

            Drew extended bench. Doubt he’ll be out

          • Holty01 says:

            I’ve heard some rumours he will be dropped this week. Not yet confirmed on but will be eager to see Sunday’s teams tomorrow night

            • Russty_ says:

              Yeah I read some things earlier in the day too Holty, and then the article in the Herald Sun saying he could be omitted for Joe Atley after only getting 11 disposals last week.

              • Holty01 says:

                I’ve been sort of lucky or smart (depends how you look at it) this week so far by avoiding some of the carnage. Only have Crouch and Drew.
                *Didn’t go Ross as thought Baker was a better option.
                *Didn’t go Cogs as thought he would struggle with the extra attention with Shiels leaving (although that 150 in the first round scared me)
                *And traded out Constable as soon as I lost faith he was best 22.

                • Russty_ says:

                  Luck and smarts play a part mate, but keep doing what you're doing by trusting your gut instincts cause it's working well so far.

            • Holty01 says:

              Sorry I will rephrase that last comment
              ‘Dropped/rested’ is the rumour.

            • Rocksta_ says:

              I’ll trade him if that’s the case. He’s made us a bit of coin and with a BE of 66 he’s close to maxed out. At $322K he will also facilitate a decent upgrade.
              Need to wait until final teams tmr to determine this weeks trades.

  39. Sam_01 says:

    Gee the burgess to hately trade feels bad but boy does that spud have to go, can’t do any loophole action this week with eagles up first! Hopefully josh kelly brings home a big one, brought him in Tis week and gave him the C

  40. Unsullied says:

    Any more news on DeGoey injury? Word is he could be a late out.

  41. Stupid Coach says:

    Great cheat sheet Matty. Carnage galore this week. I finally get to pull the trigger on Devon Smith this week, however, he is lost so much cash that he is now worth less than the majority of rookies in my team.

    I also have Ross, Constable, Joyce , Scott and Coniglio not playing while Parker, Wilkie and Drew have reached their BE's.

    Do I downgrade Smith to a rookie mid or forward and upgrade Constable to J Kelly, T Kelly, Bont or Fyfe or do I upgrade Smith to T Kelly (any other suggestions welcome) and downgrade Ross, Constable or Scott to a mid rookie like Hately, Larkey or Stocker.

    Help !! My head hurts!!!

  42. Holty01 says:

    So what is everyone doing this week if both Hatley and Stocker are named. Do you go with the scoring potential of Hatley but risk him being dropped at anytime? Or do you go with Stocker whose JS seems better but scoring potential seems limited. But he is a potential warm body for the bye rounds which could be extremely valuable.

    • Rocksta_ says:

      Very good question Holty. I was thinking the same thing myself earlier. Not sure to be honest mate. I’ll probably go Hately but his JS definitely is a major concern.

      • Holty01 says:

        This is the first time this year I’ve been stumped what to do. Normally by this stage I’m simply playing for league so Hately would be my obvious choice. But playing for overall, those 18 on field come bye round is extremely important. They will be sitting at m9 for me so Stocker could well be the option.
        Hopefully my decision will be made easy tomorrow night if one gets dropped.

    • JohnDJ59 says:

      If Hately is named I will be getting him in, with Cogs out this week and maybe next as well, you would think Hately gets a few games, three games should get us 150k+ in cash generation.

    • Russty_ says:

      Think I'm gonna pass on Hately…just can't trust his Coach. I'll get Stocker if named cause I have Ross. LTI

    • Derek says:

      There is Rowbottom for $117k.

  43. Russty_ says:

    2366 people need to reverse their overcooked Brayden Ham trade.

  44. Soothsayer says:

    Looking to the future – how cheap are Devon Smith, Robbie Gray, jack Gunston, and maybe Buddy going to be if they can turn their form around?

    • Derek says:

      If you haven’t made enough cash to get the top 6, you will need to look at those players.

      I like Robbie as my F7/M9. Port play Swans, North and Fremantle for our finals, all Saturday games to loop him.

    • Rick Grimes says:

      I'm interested in Gunston this week. 99, 93 last two. Can he maintain a 95 ave from here out? I think so, which at $400k makes him massively underpriced.

      Lot talk about will he be top 8 overall. That's only pertinent before season starts. Should be asking will he be top 8 from when i buy him.

  45. TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

    Pop quiz.

    Do you trade down a rookie who Is maxed out like gibbons or a rookie who has more cash to make but isn't playing like constable or drew?

    Gibbons probably will make $30k more over next 3 weeks but is playing whereas constable can make that in a week….???

    Which way do you jump?

    • TBone_9 says:

      I reckon you keep Gibbons there Trigga. If it ever comes down to needing a scoring rookie he will be right there for you. Could be carnage this week with the possible late outs waiting to happen though!

    • Derek says:

      I have got rid of non playing rookies. Burgess, Scott and Clark I traded out.

      Had only one non playing rookie last week, Bines.

      Result has been my team value is pushing $13mil.

      Cash is king

      I’ll keep Constable this week and trade out Atkins, need a VC loophole as Bibes plays Friday.

    • DavidC says:

      I tend to hold non playing rooks if they still have cash to make as long as I still have bench cover. However things change when the byes approach as you need warm bodies to field 18 players. So I might trade Constable just before the byes if he is still not playing.

  46. Lenny says:

    Wow! Thanks for the info fella's, still learning about this league.

  47. Lenny says:

    What about Heeney? He's lost 100,000 over the last 3 weeks and score has dropped 5 weeks in a row

    • Rick Grimes says:

      Getting pushed forward too much. I think that changes soon and he'll score well. Still reckon he's top 8 fwd by season end so won't be trading out.

  48. SamJ says:

    What’s everyone think about Mundy? Heeney to Mundy trade on the table?

  49. Ja191 says:

    Was gonna bring merrett in for coniglio, does Shiel out effect him – possibly more attention?

  50. TelescopicCox says:

    Cogs out, M.Crouch facing a fitness test. My bench of Hayes & Setterfield doesn't fill me with confidence in covering them.

    Would you go Cogs & Wilkie (via DPP) to J.Kelly & Hately?

    • Swoosh111 says:

      Hately has been dropped twice and has low JS. Not important now but will be during the byes.

  51. DILDOR says:

    I have 23 trades left before this week with enough cash in the bank to go Walsh up to j.Kelly as I had planned. What do I do with Coniglio? I feel like I have a lot of underperforming premiums at the moment and now might be a good chance to rectify that? Have Brayshaw, b.crouch Coniglio and Walsh. Is it better to hold Walsh and go cogs up to Kelly? Is 21 trades at the end of this week a reasonable spot to be in?

    • Sam_01 says:

      I’m in a similar position mate but I had Steele, I’ve traded him to kelly and kept Walsh, I’m eyeing in Fyfe and Neale to finnish my mids and Walsh’s bye suits my team for an easy upgrade there!

    • Swoosh111 says:

      Cogs was much better value when he had a low start price last year. Hopper and Taranto are taking his points this year.

      I would hold Walsh and would move Brayshaw on first.

  52. Steve says:

    Just wondering who will be in the top 8 Fwds this year?

    • Derek says:

      Kelly, Danger, Boak, Heeney, Hawkins, Mundy*, Walters*, Dunkley

      * will depend a lot on Blakely's midfield time.

  53. Daniel says:

    Is Angus Brayshaw ever going to return even an M8 type of ave. this season? i still got 2 rookies and walsh on my mid field so hate trading him out but, PEEEEHEW he stinks atm

    • Swoosh111 says:

      I have punted Brayshaw a couple of weeks ago. I think he is a victim of the 6,6,6 and wont get to the heady levels of last year.

      • Derek says:

        he is a victim of Viney only being able to play in the guts. Jones has worked his way back in there as well, so Brayshaw gets pushed to the wing. The melbourne wings are a cold and lonely place.

  54. KSinny says:

    Hey community, with coniglio out and crouch most likely a late out I'm thinking of doing these trades. Drew to Hatley and Cogs to Gaff, this will leave me with 20 trades and $312k in the bank for upgrades next week. Here's my team after going those trades.

    DEF: Sicily, Williams, Smith, Duursma , Answerth, Hore (Burgess, Lockhart)

    MID: Macrae, Cripps, Gaff, Sloane, M. Crouch, Fyfe, Walsh, Hatley (Hayes, Scott, Gibbons)

    RUC: Gawn, Grundy (O'Brien)

    FWD: Danger, Heeney, Kelly, Boak, Moore, Petruccelle (Balta, Bines)

  55. Swoosh111 says:

    Hi all – who to punt this week… Libba or Heeney.

    Libba isn't carrying an injury and has been named in the center (though does that mean anything???),

    Thinking Heeney and Gibbons to MacRae and Stocker (though tossing up Scrimshaw to Answerth which will generate more $) …

    Thoughts would be welcome

    • Derek says:

      Libba won't be top 8 mid. Heeney probably will be top 8 forward. He just needs to get Buddy back so he can get into the guts

    • Lenny says:

      I booted Heeney for Y Kelly and Gibbons for Laird…in prep for future weeks

  56. Binga says:

    Thoughts pls Walsh and Cogs out to Rocky and Sloane??

    • Swoosh111 says:

      Rocky is a rollercoaster. Slone has a couple of hard tags coming in the next month (De Boer and Hutchings).. He typically doesn't score well with a good tag.

      • Derek says:

        Sloane has been playing alot in the forward line this year, because of BCrouch. as a result he hasn't had much attention…. yet.

        as an owner i'm not happy about him being forward but he has been having an impact and so far scoring ok

  57. ROB14 says:

    Duncan vs Yeo?

    Hately vs Stocker?

    • Derek says:

      i'm thinking about WCE mids when dog dog comes back after the byes. Gaff is probably my first choice, but yeo not far behind

  58. FearTheBeard says:

    Do I move Cogs? Anyone got any idea on how long he's out for?

    • TOPHAWK1 says:

      G'day mate. I have Cogs and M Crouch. I am not exactly sure how long he is out for, but what I do know he will miss this week and his form over the last month has been very ordinary. I have an opportunity to switch him for Josh Kelly. I reckon I might pull the trigger on Cogs and get JK the jet into my side. Good luck in what you decide to do. Cheers mate.

      • FearTheBeard says:

        Do I go JKelly and bring one of the rookies in? It's a bit of a sidewards move my only concern 😐

      • Beezneez says:

        I don't like trading premos but with M Crouch, Coniglio, Constable and Ross out it's forced my hand. Cogs to J Kelly for me as well and Constable to Hately or Stocker if Hately doesn't make the cut. Had planned to get in Macrae and then Kelly but have reversed it cos Kelly should be more expensive next week and Macrae should stay about the same. Also, don't think Macrae will score as well against Geelong' mids.

        • Beezneez says:

          Ps. Agree with tophawk thst his form has been ordinary lately. Thought I'd pulled a masterstroke when picked him round 1 when Kelly was injured and he pulled out a 154. Happy to move him for Kelly (Hopefully he stays on the park).

    • TelescopicCox says:

      I'm thinking of doing the same at TH and going Cogs to Kelly. Cogs over Neale will haunt me all season

  59. DavidC says:

    Matt Crouch has been ruled out.

  60. TelescopicCox says:

    Walsh & Cogs > Sloane & Dunkley?


    Cogs & Rookie > J.Kelly & Rookie

  61. Go Dees says:

    Thinking that S Walsh has peaked and now's the time to pull the pin. Can trade him for J Kelly and have $200 in the bank, reckon it's worth it?

  62. Beezneez says:

    Dejavu. Constable is back in. Wait for another late change on Sunday and he'll be back out again.

  63. Can't wait to see JOEL GARNER ripping thru them

  64. Jake says:

    Macrae v Jelly &
    Stocker v Rowbottom

  65. Redd says:

    Rowbottom any 1?? Gotta be a better option than stocker surely!!

    • silversovereign says:

      Fml. Absolute carnage this week. Cogs Ross, menegola, drew and now Moore. I can’t take this no Moore!

  66. TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

    Bloody hell shakers you are a great font of knowledge.

    Make the early calls and majority of times spot on

    Nailed it again and again before changes eventuate.

    Take note the guy knows this stuff ! <img draggable="false" class="emoji" alt="👏" src=""&gt;

  67. FearTheBeard says:

    Rowbottom & Stocker in, Atkins & Ross out? Or try get a premium in this week?

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