Heroes, Villains, and The Damned – Round 8

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Josh P Kennedy (116) – JPK had a big game for the Swans in the thriller, but could’ve pushed his score north of 130 if he kicked his two goal attempts. He hasn’t been a top player this year, but he’s an old reliable player who’s capable of some decent scores. 
Zach Merrett (129) – Merrett looks to be thriving with Shiel this season. The pressure is off him, and seems to be relishing without the tagger’s interest. 28 touches and a goal gave him another great game this season. 
Josh Dunkley (136) – Those who hung fat with Dunkley will be loving life at the moment. Two back to back 130s has been huge, but how long will his midfield stint last, especially with that cloning machine down in Footscray? 
Jack Macrae (135) – Another big score for Macrae this year. 28 touches and a goal wasn’t his best game, but he was efficient with the ball, and he kicked it a bit! 
Lachie Neale (114) – Whilst he wasn’t huge, 114 is still enough for owners to be happy. 30 touches and a snag will be enough most weeks for that 110+ score. 

Pat Cripps (120) – Is there ever going to be a week where Crippa doesn’t feature in this section? Another great game with 35 touches and a goal, but he might’ve won the Blues the game (and more importantly, score 150+) if he kicked it more than 11 times, or slot his two misses. 

Brodie Grundy (141) – Another day, another VC option go right. 25 touches and 48 hit outs, along with two goals; meant Grundy had a very successful afternoon.  

Adam Treloar (109) – With Adams out, many looked to Treloar to step up and have a huge game. He did have 34 touches, but five clangers hurt him a little. Hopefully can push on with the scores. 

Clayton Oliver (175) – Those who own Clarry have been waiting for this sort of game. Everyone knows he has the ability to do this, and finally he’s had a huge crack. 38 touches at 71% efficiency, 15 tackles and five marks gave him a massive score. To boot, he was huge in the last minute, with two touches and two tackles to help the Demons over the line.  

Max Gawn (109) – Gawny battled all day, and came away with a very respectable score. Jarrod Witts is an underrated ruckman of the competition, and Gawny did well to get 46 hitouts for the day.  

Nick Holman (128) – Surely there’s nothing more gut wrenching than kicking what you believe to be the game winner, only for your team to concede not only a goal to tie with 20 seconds left, but a point to lose with 2 seconds left. Holman only had 19 touches, but he had two goals and 12 tackles to give him a big score.  

Elliot Yeo (116) – Yeo has been a bit of a POD this year due to not being a defender in SuperCoach. Despite this, he’s put together a nice season. He’s probably not in the top 8-10 mids this year, but a nice selection anyway.  

Andrew Gaff (109) – Gaff had 30 touches at 80% to help him crack another ton. He’s been a great selection this year, and looks to be very consistent with his scoring.  

Shannon Hurn (107) – Hurn has been as consistent as they come in the backline this year, and he had another good game. 23 kicks really boosted his scoring, and his 88% efficiency ensures he gets maximum points for those kicks. 

Tom Rockliff (122) – Rocky had a great game after last week’s poor performance. 41 touches was great, but 56% efficiency hurt his scoring potential. 

Rory Sloane (138) – Sloane only managed 26 touches, but 13 tackles and a goal really helped his scoring. Seven clangers hurt his ability to really go big, but 138 is still a great score. 

Tim Kelly (162) – Cats, Dockers, Eagles. Rip out a blank cheque, and slide it across the table. Give Kelly a pen, too. Tell him to write whatever he wants. A quiet first quarter, but turned it on to have 36 touches, 21 contested possessions, 11 clearances and two goals. He also had 7 tackles. He’s a must have. 

Mitch Duncan (124) – Another great game from the underappreciated Cat. 29 touches from Duncan, along with 12 marks and 8 tackles, gave Duncan a great score.  

Shaun Higgins (114) – Higgins did his best to keep the Roos in it, but his 31-disposal effort wasn’t enough to get the win. He also kicked a goal in a great display. 

Ricky Henderson (120) – Ricky has been nothing short of spectacular this season. 36 touches and 10 marks gave him a great score this week. He remains a bit of an enigma in SuperCoach. 

James Sicily (105) – Sicily was good in the back half for the Hawks, but he also managed to sneak forward and kick a goal late. He’s been consistent all year. 

Josh Kelly (154) – Personally, I don’t understand how ChampionData came to Kelly’s score. 25 touches at 64%, with 9 tackles and four marks don’t usually get such a big score. He also had 3 clangers and only 5 clearances. I’m issuing ChampionData a “Please Explain” following this one. 

Heath Shaw (144) – Shaw turned back the clock with 30 touches (24 kicks) and 11 touches off halfback. He’s a bit of a POD this season, but he’s capable of some big scores. 

Nat Fyfe (133) – Fyfe had a great game, however it was marred by yet another controversial elbow incident. Patch is convinced he won’t be suspended, but I guess we’ll find out tomorrow. Hold your fire.  

Rory Lobb (127) – Lobb had a huge game with 45 hit outs to go with 18 touches and a goal. He’s a left field ruck option, but you’d be happy if you had him.  

Bachar Houli (106) – Another POD having a great year, despite the injuries. Houli is benefiting from Short’s absence, and hopefully can continue on for the rest of the season. 


Jake Lloyd (83) – Lloyd wasn’t nearly as influential as he had been this year. Had 23 touches in a game where he found himself in the forward line a bit. Look for him to return to the big scores next week. 
Isaac Heeney (64) – He’s a frustrating player, that Isaac. Heeney has shown flashes of what he’s capable when he’s in the middle, but the vast majority of the year he’s found himself down forward. Hopefully Buddy returns next week and Heeney moves back to the middle. 
Dylan Shiel (82) – Shiel was heavily tagged in the first half, scoring bugger all. Luckily, he turned up in the second half and managed a half respectable score. Despite this, we want 100s Dylan!!! 

Travis Boak (79) – A low scoring game was always coming for the evergreen Boak. He still had 28 touches, which is encouraging, but 8 clangers and 42% disposal efficiency really hurt. He’ll bounce back, look to bring him in soon.  

Brodie Smith (71) – This week was a bit of a let down for Smith after a really good start to the year. He only managed 17 touches for the game, but Adelaide really shared the sugar in the Showdown, so hopefully it’s just a blip on the radar. 

Matt Crouch (54) – Crouchy copped a corkie on the hip and missed a fair chunk of the game. He should play next week, look to hold. 

Todd Goldstein (79) – Goldy was a bit of a let down this week. 14 touches and 37 hit outs didn’t translate in a huge score, but hopefully he can increase his out put next year. 

Stephen Coniglio (75) – I’d hate to put him in the Damned list, but golly he’s getting close. For some reason Stephen is deliberately destroying my side. Please get me a big ton next week, Cogs. 

Jeremy Cameron (29) – I feel for those who traded in Cameron this week. 11 touches and 0.4 didn’t give him enough points to warrant the trade. He’s still a gun, and look for him to bounce back.  


Devon Smith (71) – Ironic (adjective). When something happens in a way contrary to what is expected to happen. Example: Devon Smith leaving GWS to receive more midfield minutes, only for GWS star Dylan Shiel to join him at the Dons, limiting his midfield minutes. 
Toby Mclean (33) – Where to for Toby owners? Yet to score big, and has been dropping cash quickly. At least Dunkley has had two big games. At a bit of a loss with Mclean. 
Tom Liberatore (72) – Wasn’t awful with his score this week, but it’s probably time to move off Libba. He’s not making any more money, and he isn’t a keeper. 

Sam Collins (71) – I said before the game he’d score 121, but unfortunately I was wrong. However, Collins still managed to beat his breakeven, but it’s probably time to move him. 

Matt Parker (25) – Parker had a great game last week, which saved him from the chopping block, but a 25 this week will do him no favours. His breakeven will be high, and probably worth looking at cutting loose.  

Justin Westhoff (41) – It didn’t take long for Westhoff to find himself back here, did it? He was back to his old ways with 12 touches, despite playing both forward and back with Todd Marshall in the side.  

Tom Atkins (12) – A hamstring injury ended Atkins day prematurely. His breakeven will rise and he may miss some games, so it’s probably a good time to cut ties with the Geelong rookie. 

Jack Scrimshaw (63) – Wasn’t terrible, but Scrimshaw hurt himself and spent the end of the game on the bench. I’m unsure how significant the injury is, but if he misses, he should be out of your side. 


Nick Blakey (71) – The Sydney youngster snagged himself a goal to go with 17 touches in arguably his most impressive games to date. I doubt he’s in many teams, but he played well nonetheless. 
Will Hayes (55) – A lot of people brought in Hayes, and whilst 55 isn’t a great score, it’ll definitely make him some cash. Look for him to increase in price over the next month. 
Noah Answerth (49) – He wasn’t great in his third game, but with Zac Bailey going down injured, Answerth may hold his spot and get back to those 70s he was getting without Bailey in the team. Fingers crossed. 

Sam Walsh (70) – A bit of a let down from Walsh, but still a very respectable score. Many are looking to jump off the number one pick as he looks to be slowing down a bit, but he’s probably way down the list of priorities if your team is anything like mine. 

Will Setterfield (67) – First game back from his suspension-induced break, Setterfield played one of his best games. Hopefully he can make his owners some money now he’s back. 

Liam Stocker (57) – His second game was much improved, and probably deserved a better score. Four free kicks let him down, without that we’d be looking at a 70-odd sort of score. He’s now on the bubble, and will be a popular traded in player. 

Tom Williamson (51) – Although he was quiet in his second game, he’s looking more comfortable with the injury concerns. I had him in my side before round one, and despite the lowly scoring, it’ll take some convincing for me not to select him.  

Marty Hore (89) – Marty has been huge for us this season, and with yet another score in the 80s, look to keep him on field. He managed to kick the game-tying goal from outside fifty, so we know he’s clutch.  

Jay Lockhart (74) – Lockhart managed 19 touches in the win, and has continued his recent scoring trend. He is susceptible to getting dropped, but he’s performing well at the moment. 

Jack Petruccelle (61) – Petruccelle has been a very consistent performer in our forward lines this year. Only ten touches for the day, but he managed two goals to boost his score.  

Willem Drew (59) – Drew was expected to get more midfield minutes with Wines, Ebert and Butters all out, but his numbers didn’t increase. He barely got his breakeven, but I reckon I’ll give him another week to get his numbers up.  

Xavier Duursma (61) – Poor disposal efficiency cost Duursma in this one, with his 22 touches going at 63%. A goal helped him out, but he needs to sort out his accuracy around the ground. 

Connor Rozee (77) – Another good game from Rozee in the Showdown. Only 13 touches, but he kicked a goal and had 6 tackles. He’s been a good selection this year. 

Charie Constable (92) – Constable was a late in after a Selwood dance-around, and surely cemented his spot for next week. 27 touches and 10 marks really boosted his score. He should be on your field each week.  

Jordan Clark (81) – Many traded Clark out last week, but he came out to play and beat his breakeven. That may drop a bit over the next few weeks, so it could be worthwhile holding him for a couple more weeks.  

Gryan Miers (80) – Fast becoming my favourite AFL player is Gryan. 22 touches and 1.3 could’ve been a huge score if he converted his chances. 

Nick Larkey (77) – If he kicked straight, Larkey would’ve had a ton. 1 goal, two behinds hurt, but 18 touches at 61% hurt just as much. He needs to clean that up a bit.  

Curtis Taylor (31) – Taylor had his first game of AFL after being a late in and was pretty quiet. He only managed 8 touches off 60% game time. He’s probably not one you should look to bring in just yet, I don’t see him holding his spot. 

Mitch Lewis (39) – He presented well this week, but 1.2 didn’t help his scoring. He was much better than his score says, but unfortunately we must judge based on SuperCoach scores. 

Dylan Moore (46) – Personally I didn’t notice Dylan out there, but apparently he had 14 touches and 10 marks.  

Shai Bolton (124) – A huge game from Bolton helped the Tiges get the win, and did wonders for his owners. 4 goals off 16 touches gave him a score that’ll make him significant cash for the next few weeks. 

Noah Balta (82) – Hot off the press, Balta went BIGGG!!! Balta played a bit forward, a bit back, a bit ruck, but wherever he went, he got touches. 13 touches, 12 hit outs and a goal, Balta finally had a good score. 

Liam Baker (72) – The worst game of his season, yet still a great rookie score. Baker has been fantastic this season so far, but imagine if he kicked straight? 

Sydney Stack (70) – Another good game from Stack, he’s quickly turning into a seriously reliable rookie to play on field. 18 touches and a goal helped his scoring. 

Jack Ross (15) – An ankle injury ended Ross’ day early. Wait and see before trading him out, but even if he plays his cash generation will take a hit. 

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Villains?…hmmm this is a tough one…hold on , no it isn't….
Smith, Moore, Duursma, Answerth, Crouch, Walsh, Drew, Atkins, Walsh, Ross, ROB, Goldy, Daniel, Heeney, Westhoff, Parker.
Other than them, everyone was really good.


That’s nasty. Thankfully I only had 9 of them.

Rick Grimes

Hore looks like a long term keeper. 3 round average of 87. Super consistent. Will be my last upgrade I reckon.


In the older days of SuperCoach, his goal would have scored 80 points by itself.


Hey community

Which defender (can afford any besides hurn) should i bring in this week?

Already have Lloyd Smith and Williams




i got Laird a couple of weeks ago, he is looking great


Clarry or Jelly , who would you bring in first ? The only issue I have with Kelly is that he misses a game or two every now and then , Also not sure out of Libba or Walsh who to trade out first ? Thanks


the game Kelly missed a couple of weeks ago is a concern. how many times will he do that.

Oliver did play the Suns last week. He is averaging something silly against them. Do the byes need to be looked at, Oliver has a worse bye week?


I agree with Derek, out of who to trade I would Definatly trade Libba first.


its 50/50 call. I traded walsh last week, still have libba, was hoping he could get to his bye round to help me out. my plan was to worry about the rookies first, they can kill you over the byes, and worry about the libba's later.

i would trade walsh first


Clarry (durability) and Liba to trade our first. His new role doesn’t suit him imo.


Clarry, Telly, Rocky, Dunkley, Grundy, Lachie, fyfey, Hurn and Cripps combined to give me my 2nd best score of the year (2306) but Crouch, Drew, Moore, Scrimshaw, Walsh, Duursma, Smith, Libba and another wrong captains choice (Gawn) made sure that my gains were only small.

Libba or Walsh to Mundy and Collins or Scrimshaw to Stewart for me this week


Stocker looked good and a couple of the frees against were very harsh /muscle-flexing/bullying by the umpire and could have easily gone the other way.
Carlton gave up 2019 #1 pick for him so they will persist with him and give him every opportunity. He has a fantastic long, fast and accurate kick that will get used more heavily as his confidence grows and deliver plenty of inside 50's and maybe a couple of the Doch style outside 50 goals. He's a good option for M11 at this stage unless you run your looper through that position


I agree with everything you say and he is a highly skilled player. As a Carlton supporter however, giving up the potential first pick next year is still up in the air.


Yeah, we want Pick #1 at North!


Carlton made an error with that. who did they trade it to?


Adelaide Derek.
SoS on draft night is like a pensioner at the pokies who can't understand that spending $50 and 'Winning' $10 is actually losing $40


The Saints recruiting department could do with that type of “win”.

The List Manager

Not sure what your on about champ. Considering Stocker was touted as a top 7 draft pick, Blues also swapped this years current picks with the crows and gained last years pick which was stocker!

Very hard to judge but stocker + a pick 12ish looks better than pick 3 ish.


traded Libba to Macrae, jeepers my team looks better.


Hey Guys, really need some help with trades this week. Had a shocking week with 2062.

I have 23 trades and 392k in the bank

Hurn, Laird, Williams, Smith, Hore, Duursma (Burgess, Answerth)

Cripps, Fyfe, MacRae, Treloar, Crouch, Steele, Walsh, Ross (Gibbons, Hayes, Scott)

Gawn, Goldy (Sweet)

Kelly, Dangerfield, Heeney, Moore, Drew, Setterfield (Parker, Corbett)


Pretty much in the same position as you, give or take a few players, but im going Drew to Dunkley and Walsh to J Kelly


can you trade Parker instead of Drew?


Ive only got 40k spare with Drew being traded, i dont have Parker but i think he would be just short in doing so


i just think that Drew has got one more good game in him while Wines is out. He started well on the weekend and hardly got a touch in the second half.

Problem with the Port midfield is P-Pepper is a hog, when he gets the ball he just boots it, he would be a good under 15's div 3 player.


depends on if you are needing another Uber premium. Grundy, Oliver, Lloyd.

or do you get a couple of 'budget premiums'. Rocky, Sloane, Dunkley, Marshall

I still think Rocky is outstanding value at $467k.


Look at some of these ideas GD
trading Burgess – get Stewart whilst he's still cheap as D6 keeper alternatively dump Burgess and move Moore back then bring in Mundy/Dunkley/Boak/Walters. find a way to open def/mid swing
Your Mids are a bit soft
trade Ross (if he's out) or somebody else who's cluttering your bench for a keeper. your forward line isn't as vulnerable as your midfield so maybe bring a fwd/mid like mundy into the middle for Ross etc. with the intention to move him fwd later.
Goldy to Grundy – 40+ gain there. 60+ this week

I'd play around with it and find a way to get a premo and keep enough cash for another upgrade next week. Some real bargains coming up over the next few weeks, whitfield, Heeney, Lloyd will all be replacing rookies for me over the next few weeks


For me it'd be Smith and Parker out for Liam Ryan and Caleb Daniel. $60 in the bank.
two premos probs top 6-8 and both PODs. Save williams for a whitfield upgrade in a couple weeks and maybe move on gibbons and burgess when good rookies r on the bubble.

I've got almost exact same team so i've crunched the numbers hard haha


Amazed A.Brayshaw isn't worthy a mention in the Damned. Been terrible.


Tell me about it!
I'm thinking of going corrective. Libba and Brayshaw out, Kelly and Kelly in.


Hell be my last sideways/upgrade to Uber. Hoping he comes right soon.

Playing for league, so trades at the pointy end are like gold.

The Ranger

Villains – All of my team
Damned – My season so far.

Apologies to all of those whose Leagues I'm dragging down, I assure you it's not down to a lack of effort just having one of those years!


We all have one of those years Ranger…Hang in there and you're not dragging anyone down.. It's a pleasure to have you in my leagues and I think other coaches think the same…Chin up and soldier on mate

The Ranger

Thanks Gator, still confident I'll have a decent team after the byes if I stick to my plans but there's nothing more frustrating than knocking out good scores late when you're only playing for the Minor flag.
Ho hum, onwards and upwards…


It will turn Ranger. Your to good of a supercoacher not to change ur luck. Get a couple of league wins and you’ll be back on the wagon.


Don't stress about it or blame yourself mate, that'd be like blaming yourself for not picking the right lotto numbers.
Luck is a huge part of this game and you can't win without good luck. Remember that an opponents bad luck is also your good luck and vice versa.
So much damn luck flyin around this competition that I throw darts to choose my captain.


thats just silly talk


Still doing the lawns Neil….lol


That's what I'm doing but I keep making the wrong C choice when I knock back a 130+. This week Gawn last week cripps week before that Neale and the rest just blend into a putrid steaming 5 week pile of crappy captains choices


Surely Hately gets a gig this week after that performance , you would think someone will get dropped for him


Maybe he does dbb but how long will he stay in? Is it worth trading in a rookie that could take 10-weeks to play 5 more games?


Surely a better option than Atkins on the bench, even if he doesn't play! At least you get the loophole 🙂


I think Balta deserves a gig under Heroes. Looks like he excelled in that ruck role when Nank went off.

This week I'll look at Petruccelle to Stocker/Hately and swing Wilkie or Duursma to Josh Kelly via DPP


I agree TC he looked really good in patches, prodigious leap and he's very very fast. As his confidence grows and he gets more time around the ball he could become a real wildcard F7 looper keeper


5 Villians.

That round just sux.

My biggest villain is Clarko playing keepings off and not giving the giants fwds a sniff.

Imagine if u watched Jezza closely over the last couple of weeks, looked at the draw and brought him in!

Who did that? Sheepishly raises hand.
Ahh well he is there to stay now …
May crush the blues..

One who didnt get a mention above but should is Brayshaw.
60 against gcs WTF [email protected]@@

He was one of the 7. I didn't want to change the 7, gave him every chance like dunks but dont think I can put up with this too much longer…

Sadly 7 may have to become 6.

Bugger. But he is killing me.


if Brayshaw can’t score against Suns there is a problem.


If Jones is back for the Blues JC could have a 2-game ave below 50, he's going to get a lot cheaper real fast

The Ranger

Ouch. That Jezza trade would have hurt Trigga.
If it's any comfort I tossed up bringing him in a couple of weeks back and instead went for Cogs as he was on my initial list of players to get if possible.
That hasn't gone so well either…


Yeah seeing the hawks playing keeping off stung a bit.

But he was only an upgrade from petrucelle so should work out in the long run …


How is everyone's team value?

i've been a bit more focused on it this year and i'm around $12.7mil (including the cash). Looking at my history, i was $11.8mil (2018 – rank 10k), $11.9mil (2017 – rank 40k), $11.9mil (2016 – rank 7k) and $12.7mil (2015 – rank 116).

I seem to be well ahead on value compared to other years, but not on rank. Anyone else noticing any significant differences? Is it easier to make cash this year?


Yeah same mate.

Got some ripping rookies this year which are easily smashing past the $150k profit mark.
Even gibbons after a slow start.

Much more cash being made.
Remember last years rooks?
They were a disaster and so hard to upgrade to make any money off.
Pickett anyone? Not to mention the excy rooks who made you an Eskimo pie.
Brayshaw, LDU etc.

Just a better batch thst are ripening quicker..


When you think about it, i think this years rookies have been the best of the best in the last few years, Collins, Walsh, Hore, Rozee, Drew, Dursma, Scrimshaw, ROB, Clark, Constable, Atkins all making cash pretty fast


Don't forget the hairy cat 😃


I say it every year about Geelong, they find the unwanted and turn them into gold

The Ranger

I think it's always the same Derek, if you pick enough of the right rookies and your premos start well you can get off to a flyer.
Out of those rookies listed by BB above I missed out on Collins, Walsh, Rozee, ROB and also missed Baker, Stack and Miers.
Meanwhile loads of my keepers have dropped in value by varying amounts hence I'm back on 12mil compared to 12.6mil last year.

I've never got around to doing it but a spreadsheet to track your "non-keeper" value would be worth doing.
I tend to ignore the value of my keepers.


12.5 for me Derek


i noticed #1 rank was over $12.9mil, but many of the top 100 are around the $12.2 – $12.5mil range.


Mines $12.4mil and I'm ranked 3.6k


12.3m with 700k in the bank.
Looking at double upgrade this week so it should be closer to 12.7m/300k depend on who comes in.


12.5 mill for me Derek


12.70 but I'm way off the pace for points


$12,470,000 probably cause of the loopholes I've still got, Bines and Burgess…and the usual reasons one loses money.


I see the Leck&Patches Rabble League is ranked 26 !


The teams at the top of that league must be good 😉


We were 15 last week. Had a bad week this week though







wouldn't you get rid of Darling?

i also fell for the Hoff (should have seen me yelling at the TV when he was playing deep forward and trying to out mark Talia). I'f keep Hoff for his Ruck back up,


I wouldn't trade duursma yet unless he's got the worst ave of all your defenders.

The best way to deal with mistakes is to own them and fix them immediately. Are either of Darling or Hoff your ideal F6,7 or 8? if they both are then keep them and find a way to get some reliable points into your forward line. If they're not your ideal then turn each of them into a keeper asap


Yes at this stage with not a lot of reliable forward options I would be happy with F6 and F7 loopholing them.


Thanks for the advice here lads, greatly appreciated. I think I will hold Hoff and Darling as they are not going to lose any value. Once I have a full squad then I will look to move on 1 of them potentially.


What to do with this mess of a team, starting give me $#its

Lloyd, Williams, Witherden, Hore, Dursma, Scrimshaw (Lockhart, Answerth)
Neale, Cripps, Fyfe, Macrae, MCrouch, Walsh, Libba, Ross (Atkins, Setterfield, Hayes)
Grundy, Gawn (ROB)
Kelly, Danger, Heeney, Moore, Rozee, Drew (Burgess, Corbett)

Got 388k to spend

Please help, going for Cash league victories and total points in that cash leagu, sitting 4th on H2H and 2nd on total points


team looks good. need to start upgrades.

you have your swing sets all stuffed up though. you have Dursma, Lockhart and Answerth all in defence and Moore, Rozee and burgess all in forwards.

I would trade out Atkins – via Dursma – via Rozee. to Maybe Dunkley?

this will at least fix your swing sets.


Oliver does have that Round 13 bye


Round 13 is looking the worst at the moment, but i have taken said advice on board, now i have more swings then a sunday arvo down at the local golf course.

1 trade left for the week and 130k in the bank, can get any midfielder i want pretty much for either Walsh or Libba


who did you get in the forward line? Dunkley ?


Dunkley for now, yes


hey Neil. Look who Melbourne has the next 2 weeks. I would not be bringing in Oliver.


that is a very good point. A couple of the best taggers waiting


Crushed me this week NDD.

oliver v Brayshaw good night and game over from there …


A few options, the first is what I'm doing
Libba>Mundy and Walsh>Jelly


Witherden's not exactly doing it for you, probs has to go at some point but you could double upgrade this week, 2 in the backline, or 2 in the mids or one in each.
Derek's suggestion of sorting out your swingsets is valid too though.


Heeney 64, Cogs 75, Crouch 54, Brayshaw 63. My whole team may as well be damned at this point. Brayshaw 75 3rd average, total average 89.9, hold or trade? My team is going down the drain at a more than alarming pace.


Think you have to trade mate, doesn’t look like being anywhere near top 8-10


I'm in the same boat LeDcotor he loooks soft but he finds plenty of the ball and still cant ton up!
I cannot see him coming back from this I'll be moving him on this week 450k and a BE of 140


I don't see any value in trading out the under-performers before the byes. The safer move is fence-painting your mid pricers and rookies to the best keepers that you can afford.
Crouch got injured, Heeney still is injured, Cogs might be losing points to Jelly but you don't gain many points in the upgrade, Brayshaw I don't know what's going on but he's a gun player and probably better to have in your team than a Ross or constable


Lloyd, Williams, Smith, hore, duursma, scrimshaw (answerth,burgess)

Neale, Cripps, Fyfe, macrae, oliver, m crouch, walsh, constable (stack, setterfield, hayes)

Grundy, Gawn (sweet)

Kelly, Daniel, Dangerfield, Heeney, Drew, Baker (Balta, Corbett)

I really need help this week guys. I'm ranked top 1500 but can't decide between:

A) Drew to Stocker and Walsh to J Kelly (+40k odd)

B) Walsh to Stocker and scrimshaw to Sicily/Hurn (+80k odd)

Option A would mean playing a corbett, setterfield, or balta on field up fwd for a while.

Option B would mean playing stack in midfield for a while

Really can't decide so any thoughts would be appriciated


Going hurn in option B would be about same price as kelly sorry


Laird is $40k cheaper


Really need some advise guys.

So I've been toying with getting Neale in for weeks. I know J Kelly & Oliver & Bont are a fair bit cheaper. I'm trying to convince myself to pass on Neale though I keep coming back to him as ultra premium mid I don't have (already got Fyfe, Cripps, Macrae).

I have just played round and finally found a way to do it. If I trade out Duurmsa & O'Brien I can bring him in with Ham (Bombers rookie who looks a spud at best so far).

This with my moving around dual position players gives me a squad I am happy to run with for a bit while other cows fatten up.

It would leave me with

Hurn, Laird, Williams, Smith, Moore, Hore (Clark ,Answerth)

Neale, Cripps, Fyfe, Macrae, Cogs, Rocky, Walsh, Constable (Stack, Ross, Atkins)

Grundy, Gawn (Bines)

Boak, Kelly, Daniel, Danger, Marshall, Bolton (Ham, Burgess)

The other trades I was toying with was Atkins & Duurmsa out. Which would allow me to bring in Dunkley into forward line, move Moore up to defender so it would still be Hurn, Laird, Williams, Smith, Moore, Hore. Just means I would have Constable & Stack on field in midfield with Dunkley in forwards with Daniels, Kelly, Danger, Marshall, Boak?

Other options is I could go down from Neale to Oliver, Bont, J Kellly and bank 50-70k for another upgrade sooner then later? Just keep coming back to Neale?


i think you are paying overs for him. He is priced to average 121.


Thanks Derek. I understand that, though that's not unreasonable to expect from him to be honest? He hasn't gone to far off I mean 114 etc isn't bad with the odd 140+?

Oliver has shown he can throw in a spud.

Bont ditto and premiums at Dogs besides Macrae can make us all nervous.

It's what also makes me cautious over Dunkley option especially with Daniels already in my forward line.



So you think getting Dunkley in is a better idea?


Anyone else?


Hi Beard, I think you could afford to wait on Neale, 3 of his last scores haven't been uber premo efforts and will lose more dosh this week unless he smashes a big one out.
Wouldn't bring Ham in, that's just a wasted trade…He'll get dropped and you'll have no cover.
Think Ross has to go, and maybe Walsh to Dunkley in the mids for now…or Oliver.
You have Cogs, Rocky and Constable who could turn into Neale in the future.


Thanks rusty. So you think Dunkley too?


Yeah he's a gun when he plays more mid, and a serious bargain still.


Would love some advise in what to do with my team this week guys 🙂 currently I have 22 trades and $192k.

DEF: Sicily, Williams, Smith, Moore, Answerth, Hore
(Burgess, Lockhart)

MID: Macrae, Cripps, Cogs, Sloane, M. Crouch, Fyfe, Walsh, Duursma
(Hayes, Scott, Gibbons)

RUC: Gawn, Goldy (O'Brien)

FWD: Danger, Heeney, Kelly, Boak, Drew, Petruccelle (Balta, Bines)


Thinking on going Duursma to Hatley (if he's named) and Petruccule to Marshall


Don't usually ask for much help on my team like this but desperate times I Occasionally throw a couple options out for opinions but after this week I feel my teams cooked. i was very lucky to crack 2000 and dropped 7000 places OA down to 15k.
So feel free to throw some suggestions my way.

365k banked and 21 trades remaining

DEF: Hurn Sicily Williams BSmith Rozee Duursma (Clark Answerth)

MID: Cripps Fyfe Treloar Oliver MCrouch Brayshaw Walsh Ross (Atkins Scott Setterfield)

RUCK: Gawn ROB (Bines)

FWD: Danger Heeney Cameron Dunkley Moore Drew (Burgess MLewis)

Does Brayshaw need moving on?
Rozee, Drew, Atkins and Duursma all ready to move on but very few cash cows to jump on.
TKelly, whitfield, Lloyd, Boak, Neale and Macrae are all on my radar as upgrades already have too many PODs not paying off

Father S.C III

Should join me as I pray for rotham or hately to get a game


The Supercoach GODS are very cruel, father.


Hi Mav, you don't have a bad team, just had a bad week score-wise.
Maybe for a score boost this week, double upgrade Brayshaw and Walsh out for Macrae, Bont, Sloane, Rocky etc
Could wait one more week on ROB.
Also you could just do one upgrade in the mids and Scott out for Stocker, and do something with ROB next week.


thanks for the reply russty.
You feel ROB is nearing the end?
Was hoping to get grundy post byes or when ROBs cash gen stalls his BE is only 33.
I think a double upgrade may be the go getting macrae and TKelly both in midfield and swing TKelly forward later when moore has to go.


Yeah ROB could be getting tired mate, and only earns 28k next week if he gets 96. Jacobs should be back in a week or 2, but could also have to play a game or 2 in Sanfl.
ROB's limit could be 400k.
I'm gonna try to go from him to Marshall or Dunkley after next week..cause I have Bines fwd.


I reckon ROB will be crows no 1 ruck for rest of season barring injury. Jacobs likely done for good.


Hi Chris, what makes you say that mate?..reckon Jacobs still has first dibs on the position, regardless of how well ROB's going.


I'll play this week by week i think john.
I'll try keep the cash aside and when the stars align i'll pull the trigger.
ROB may increase 20k and grundy i hope drops 10-15k.


Gees Mav. You’re team is pretty good IMO… the obvious weekness is Brayshaw.. Smith coming back to his normal 80ish scores… time to upgrade Walsh and Brayshaw to Macrae and Neale/Merrett… plenty of cash to be drawn down via Drew, Clark and Atkins


thanks lazz. just have a few too many passengers blokes coming along for the ride and not contributing consistently.
I think Brayshaw is the obvious one and am keen to wave him goodbye this week. Macrae and TKelly the two on my radar.
If i went Tim i'd eventually swing him forward when it was time to move moore on and grab an uber hopefully neale at a better price


Cogs isn't doing terrible John but he's not hitting the heights of last year, will probably drop below 500k this week too.
Maybe consider sidewaysing him to Sloane or Rocky?..or just stick fat.


Yeah probably wise mate, you'd have to think he'll turn it around at some point and start knocking out some 130+ scores again.


At a glance the 34 points from rob to grundy and the added C/vC option that Grundy brings make it an attractive trade.
Rozee to stewart and ross to rocky drains your bank but delivers about 50 average points increase, gives security and both are keepers rocky m9 at worst


Ross syndesmosis injury. Going to miss a bit of football with that ankle. He will have to be moved on.


Thanks Tommy. That sorts out the Ross / Atkins upgrade dilemma.


Atkins with a hammy John but Parker's just an inconsistent spud. I might have to end up keeping him too unfortunately.


Looks like Stocker and Hately are the target down grades this week..


Dont think you have missed anything Rocksta – slim pickings this week. I think people will just take a punt on Hately or Stocker. Tempted by move up to Dunkley / MacRae but bad rookie choices tend to hurt down the road.

No idea

Stocker the only other one worth looking at I suspect


I'm not concerned by his first game score or his age, I watched him play against the pies and he's a worthy Mid bench downgrade.
Lockhart started with 32,57,39
Hore started with 58 and got dropped for 2-weeks
Gibbons started 35,56,17
Despite the poor starts all made/will make 150k by their 7th game.
Stockers game against collingwood was a lot better than his score suggests it could have easily been 70. Carlton will play stocker for as long as possible so his JS is solid


I’m planning for the byes.

Planning to tank round 13. I’ll have 11 premiums sitting it out and then who knows have many rookies, as well as some spuds who can’t get a game.

On the positive side, I’ll probably have 18 premiums playing in round 14.


I tank one bye round to be strong in the others every year… I don't play for rank but winning 2/3 is worth it in league


I’m thinking about Larkey, even though I missed his first price rise.

At least he scored ok, unsure about his js, but he might still make enough to warrant the trade.


Still not a bad call I think Herring, 2 out of 3 scores were 75+, price rise hurts, but he seems a good player.


I passed on Larkey because I can’t see a north key forward rookie getting many decent scores. Hope he’s not a trap!


Nank out for 8 weeks. Will be interesting to see how they use Balta now


25 touches 4 clangers and absolutely no influence on the game 154! I really want an explanation! I need to understand.


9 takles but yeah he is just like the bont get him in.


someone from champion data obviously bought him in this week.


I would have thought his score would be around 120-125, but not 154 that seems to high


There were a few absolutely magnificent long kicks into the forward line off the back of strong intercepts and he distributes the ball a good distance away from the congestion/cleanly to the outside like bont and cripps do. Almost every one of his involvements changed the flow of play.
It's not all about how many times a player gets the ball or tackles that matters most, it's also how he gets the ball and the effect of the possession and disposal on the game.
Basically, Kelly gains more metres, consolidates more turnovers and initiates more scores in 20 disposals than Merret does in 30 disposals


Yeah Kelly's good, but he's also an injury magnet it seems, how many crucial games will he miss this year?
Are you the same Merrett hater that's posted here bagging him 50 different times under 50 different names?
Seems like a bit of a waste of time.


Wow Rusty that seems a bit offensive. At some websites the regulars welcome you or say hi before they rip into you.
Shake_n_bake asked for an explanation of how Kelly can score 154 from 25 disposals and 9 tackles all I did was highlight the importance of game influence per involvement and compare two players who score similarly but have differences in their possession stats I would have said TMitch if he was playing or Murphy if it was 10 years ago.
I was not saying Kelly is better than Merrett or player x is better than player y I was trying to provide an example. sheesh


WoW indeed Ted, sorry if I offended you, your M.O just seemed very similar to someone here who regularly goes out of his/her way to rip shreds off 23 year old Zach Merrett.
Sorry if I was mistaken. Champion Data is a mystery that many don't or can't understand.
Hi, by the way.


hahaha that word wow wasn't stolen by arrogance and ignorance it was only hijacked. I'm helping to set it free.
So, who out of Macrae, Jkelly,bont, Merret, Mundy and lloyd would you trade ross for?


Macrae…by miles, do it, just do it! 🙂


I like Macrae more than Merret or Kelly but it would mean leaving stacks points on the bench and having drew on-field in the forwards. if I got Mundy I could bench drew and if I got Lloyd I could bench Scrimshaw or duursma.
My equations are
Is Stack+Mundy greater than Macrae+Drew?
Is Stack+Lloyd greater than Macrae+Scrimshaw?

Mundys 3/5 round aves are 123.7/121
Macraes 3/5 round aves are 109/106.8
Lloyds 3/5 round aves are 97/102.2


I probably don't think the same analytical way you do, but to me,
Mundy is old, and could cop an injury at anytime.
Stack could get lazy or overwhelmed at anytime.
Lloyd is underperforming along with his entire team, and his scores are suffering…although 7 of his 8 scores were tons, just not big tons…underperforming, for Lloyd.
Drew could still do well with Wines out.
Scrimshaw, 5 of his 7 scores have been between 56 and 64.
Macrae's been a bit down, but returned to what he delivered in the 1st 3 rounds, if it continues, his price will go north real soon…and he has a big ceiling.


360K. Looking at your best two trade ideas this week. Thanks in advance.
Laird, Sicily, Whitfield, D Moore, Duursma, Collins, (Clark, Answerth)
Macrae, Cripps, Fyfe, Neale, Libba, Walsh, Setterfield, Hayes, (Atkins, Scott, Gibbons)
Gawn, Grundy, (Bines)
Danger, Heeney, Boak, Drew, Balta, Parker (Burgess, Corbett)


Hey Rocksta. I think all we can do right now is grab whoever the rookies are we think have security. I think the ones who have security will get better overtime. Balta is an example


Hey Rocksta, if you have Ross, he has to go, his timeframe for recovery is unknown and might even need surgery.


Ross out for at least 6 weeks..


Injury bullet dodged, he turned from a dream rookie into a nightmare real quick.


Rampe might've snorted something silly the other day…lol, climbs the Goalpost during a goal shot and tells the Umpire he talks like a little girl, he's either a bit angry or on something haha


Everytime I watch him he looks grumpy


Like to see his sugar levels and heart rate


Wondering if he got a mandatory drug test after that meltdown?…:)


You'd hope so; that was definitely erratic behaviour

Ahfeel Sikdahl

Are your Mcleans showing? Cos mine certainly aren't! Tobios was gonna be my fallen premium shark move on saturday..wasnt to be..arrh i traded clark to answerth and chose to trade constable (92) to bloody mclean (33)..instead of walsh to fyfe..managed a 2167 thanx to captain tim kelly..but can anybody share some light on mcleans downfall this year?? Cheers community


Could be a case of, too many cooks in the Kitchen spoils the Broth, Naughton now forward. Daniel playing back but still going fwd when he wants to.
Macrae, Bont, Dunkley, Libba, half fwd, half mid, Smith, Hunter in the mids.
Daniel plays up the ground too, when he wants to…Hayes coming in.
I can see why you took a chance on him though…a few decent scores early, and a few decent scores the 2 weeks before this last one.
Who knows what Bevo is doing there at the Dogs?…could also change next week.


Too many batsmen and not enough bats Ahfeel combined with a different offensive strategy. Should have got the former dog and you wouldn't be feeling so SikDahl


Who would you bring in? 1 player only this week but I need premos on every line except ruck
Macrae, Josh Kelly, Bont, Merret, Mundy, Lloyd


Macrae for sure Ted…the others are up and downy. This is the week to get Macrae in.


Random thought of an insomniac supercoach #839,486,592

Which teams are averaging the highest and lowest in the stats that score supercoach points? eg Kicks,Hb,Tk,Mk etc
Why do I ask?
Because supercoach scoring requires minimum points for disposals and there are a set number of points awarded p/game but not a maximum or minimum number of point scoring actions in a game. (theoretically its possible for all SC points to have been scored before a game is finished)
Higher disposals p/game equals less scaling/weighting/discretionary points increases and lower disposals equals more scaling.

I can't remember why I thought this was important enough to turn on the computer again.


Looking for a mid pod… Thinking 1 of Gaff, Duncan or Cunnington? Any thoughts on these blokes?


I watched the cats on the weekend and Duncan took a lot of the kick outs, which should be good for his scoring. Cunners is a contested beast but handballs too much. Gaff is ultra consistent but only occasionally pumps out a really big one. Duncan for mine.


Thanks for the info, is Duncan actually playing as a mid or floating around the backline?


Thoughts on Seb Ross?