Heroes, Villains, and The Damned – Round 7

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Scott Pendlebury (127) – Has anyone ever doubted Pendles’ ability to play footy? 36 touches at 80%, with half of those kicks, meant his hot streak of SuperCoach scoring continued.

Brodie Grundy (108) – Probably not as much as people would expect from Grundy, but he’s the first ruckman this year to crack the ton against the Power. 22 touches and 35 hit outs gave him a good score.

Darcy Moore (98) – Stiff not to get triple figures was Darcy Moore. He was a rock in the defensive half, and went at a decent efficiency as well. He’s been a good selection for us this year.

Travis Boak (102) – Another day, another ton for the former skipper. 29 touches and a goal helped him to a good score, but if he were accurate kicking for goal (1.3) he would’ve had a field day.

Max Gawn (127) – Exactly what you’d expect from Maxy. 17 touches and 46 hit outs helped him to a nice score, however awkward a VC option it may be.

Zac Williams (140) – In the same article last week, I said Williams looked to have cracked on after Whitfield went down. Well, with Whitfield out, Williams had a field day. 30 touches (25 kicks) at 80% gave him a ripper score.

Jeremy Cameron (134) – JC feasted on the St Kilda defence, and snagged himself six big ones. He’s a decent option in your forward line as he can go big, despite the fact he’s not extremely consistent.

Nick Haynes (132) – Haynes is another one to thrive with Whitfield out. 26 touches gave him a great score for the day.

Dayne Zorko (128) – Zorko had a big game, with 29 disposals, 11 tackles and a goal. Unfortunately, he managed to go at 65% efficiency, as well as copping 7 clangers, so his score wasn’t as monstrous as it could’ve been.

Hugh McCluggage (126) – Another good game from Macca. 24 touches and two goals helped Brisbane get the win. He’s been a decent selection for those who went with him.

George Hewett (154) – Hewett had the job to tag Lachie Neale, and not only did he keep the Brownlow contender to less than 30 touches (no mean feat), but he managed 34 touches himself. Not a popular pick in SuperCoach, but props to the man.

Marcus Bontempelli (146) – Jeez Bont has been good this year. Only had it 27 times (only!), but three goals and seven clearances gave him a great score. He’s been fantastic this season.

Andrew Gaff (154) – The Eagles made carcasses of the Suns, and Gaff was just one to feast on it. He had it 35 times, and used it pretty well too.

Luke Shuey (133) – Another Eagle to have a great game. 31 touches and 10 clearances helped his scoring, but 6 clangers hurt it.

Pat Cripps (123) – Another game where you’d be happy with having Crippa as your captain. However, another game where you wish he just kicked the damned thing. 18/26 were handballs. Two goals helped.

Trent Dumont (139) – No sane person should have Trent in their side, but respect to the man. 38 touches and five tackles for him against Carlton.

Ben Brown (131) – Has not been good this year. I would know, I have him in draft. However, four goals gave him a great score today.

Mitch Duncan (126) – A bit of a POD selection, but Duncan is a great football player who has flown under the radar for years. Only had it 22 times, but 10 marks and three goals certainly helped his score.

Tim Kelly (120) – Another star at the Cattery. He was on his way to a 150+ score, but I’ll certainly take 120. Six clangers hurt him.

Gary Ablett jnr (112) – Who would’ve thought this man was on the way out? He’s a genuine option, however will he falter towards the finish line? My guess is no, based on his current form. I’m still sceptical.

Luke Ryan (142) – A huge day off halfback for Ryan saw him gather 34 touches in the loss. He hasn’t been that consistent this year, but he has the tendency to go big when it’s his day. Second score over 140 this year.

David Mundy (137) – Like a fine wine, Mundy is aging beautifully. 35 touches (20 contested) gave him a ripper score. He’s a bit of a POD in Classic, and he’s rewarding players who selected him.

Nat Fyfe (124) – Yet another score over 110 for Fyfe, meaning he’s almost perfect in that regard (concussion affected 63 the only outlier). He was a cheap as he is going to be this season, and you’d hope you got on him.


Jeremy Howe (37) – I’m 99% certain that Howey wasn’t injured; he just couldn’t find the footy. He only managed six touches for the day in an ugly day for him.

Dayne Beams (60) – Beams had 20 disposals and a goal with only 3 clangers, so I cant figure out why his score is as low as it is. Nevertheless, 60 points to his name.

Ollie Wines (74) – Wines had 28 touches, but 19 were handballs. On top of this, he had 7 clangers and went at 60% efficiency. Not a great day for Wines.

Tom Rockliff (58) – Another night where Rocky went missing for large parts of the game. 22 touches but at 59% efficiency.

James Sicily (80) – Was seldom seen against the Dees. Managed 18 touches but didn’t impact the game as you’d expect. Only three marks for the day as well.

Jaeger O’Meara (75) – Got off to a blinder before being tagged out of the game after half time. He only managed 19 touches for the day, and a goal helped his score out.

James Worpel (70) – You’d expect a bigger score with 24 touches, but 58% efficiency hurt the Worpedo.

Stephen Coniglio (87) – I’ve been really disappointed with Coniglio so far this season. 22 touches for the day (16 kicks) and a goal should result in a better score, but once again his efficiency let him down.

Jack Billings (76) – Billings has been pretty good this year, but he only managed the 19 touches against the Giants. Hopefully he can get back to the high disposal games again.

Isaac Heeney (68) – One of these days Heeney is gonna find himself on the Damned list. He’s been incredibly frustrating this year so far.

Josh J. Kennedy (64) – If Darling scores 132, you’d think Kennedy would be just as high. Despite kicking two goals, he barely got into the game, with only 7 touches.

Sam Petrevski-Seton (62) – Something very Billings-y about SPS’s last month of footy. I hoped he hasn’t sucked in too many people. I also hope this is just a blip on the radar. He’s a very talented kid.

Patrick Dangerfield (26) – Goddamn it Danger. Two injuries in the same day. I feel for the poor souls who had him as skipper.

Jesse Hogan (29) – He’s a POD selection, and he let down his owners. Only got 11 touches in a very low scoring game. 36% disposal efficiency hurts even more than the zero goals.


Zak Butters (30) – He looks spent, and could do with a rest soon. I’d be looking at giving him the chop this week, if you haven’t already.

Alex Witherden (71) – I’ve finally given up on Witherden for the 2019 season. Unless he can sort himself out and look like he wants to get a kick, I won’t be touching him.

Nick Blakey (41) – Blakey was a questionable rookie selection at the start of the season, but he’s done nothing through the first seven rounds to force you to keep him. Money making days are over.

Noah Balta (59) – His best game so far, however Balta’s time is up. You have to really coast by to lose money as a bottom-priced rookie. Get rid of him.

Sam Collins (47) – Collins isn’t playing the intercept role consistently like we thought he would. He spent a lot of the night tied to a forward. This might be because of their opposition, however his price is dropping now.

Jordan Clark (41) – It’s time to pull the trigger on Clark and find someone else. The season is catching up on the youngster, despite the rest.

Devon Smith (60) – I don’t know what happened to Devon in the off-season, but he hasn’t been the same this year. Time to get Danky down to help him out…

Bryce Gibbs (44) – He has looked lost at times this season. 13 touches for the day highlights his new role this year. I wouldn’t want to be in the position where I have him.


Justin Westhoff (108) – I wouldn’t say he’s truly redeemed just yet, but with Todd Marshall playing deep Westhoff was freed up and roamed further up the ground. Look to see if that continues to happen, if so he might be a cheap pick up.

Jack Gunston (99) – Gunners finally managed to snag some goals, and to go along with 20 touches at that. He’s been quiet so far this year, but hopefully he can find some form.

Josh Dunkley (134) – Is this signs of things to come? Is Dunkley finally going to be running through the midfield again? Josh was unchained and rewarded Bev with 35 touches, eight tackles and five clearances. Keep an eye on him.

Jack Darling (132) – Props to Darling. Had two absolute shockers that’d bring down anyone’s confidence. Despite this, he kicked 4 goals against quality opposition (haha). I want to see him against a decent defender before bringing him in, but his cheap price is tempting.


Willem Drew (69) – Another handy score from Drew. Only 12 touches, but he had 8 tackles to help boost his score. Drew has been a lock in your forward line all season.

Xavier Duursma (68) – 16 touches this week for Duursma. He too has been reliable this year, however he has never really pushed past this type of score. He may be close to the end of his use.

Connor Rozee (67) – Snagged a goal to go along with his 14 touches. 50% efficiency hurt his scoring. He’s another one that may be edging closer to the cull.

Mitch Lewis (51) – He’s a big lad, this Mitch Lewis. Only one goal for the day, but he presents well. He’s not in my side, but with the lack of forward rookies, he isn’t the worst option.

Marty Hore (88) – I was a bit concerned when Hore was on 17 at half time. However, Marty turned on the jets and had a great second half. He should be locked into your D6.

Jay Lockhart (86) – Had a ripper day, and helped seal the game at the end with a bit of time wasting. I’m not certain his job security is great, but he’s featured enough this season to make some cash.

Declan Keilty (40) – The new Sauce had a quiet first game for the Dees, only getting six touches. Hopefully he gets another crack next week.

Jackson Hately (85) – Hately finally got his second game, and 21 touches was exactly what we wanted from the youngster. Fingers crossed he holds his spot, and we can trade him in.

Matt Parker (71) – Parker saved getting the axe from many sides for another wee with a two goal game. He should make a little more money now.

Noah Answerth (72) – Answerth was decent in his second game, with only his disposal efficiency letting him down. Now with two games under his belt, he could be a good downgrade target.

Bailey Smith (86) – A great game for the youngster, with all of the Doggies getting some love. He hasn’t been a standout for rookies, but will play every week.

Lachie Young (50) – Young played his third game this week, so he was a popular selection. However, this is his third game around this score, I feel like this’ll be his ceiling. I’m not confident about his cash generation abilities.

Will Hayes (49) – Another Dog to play his third game, probably has better upside than Young. However, fifteen touches in the big win is one of the quieter performances.

Sydney Stack (103) – If Sydney Stack earned a SuperCoach point every time Channel Seven commentators asked: “How good is Sydney Stack?”, his score would’ve been in the 200s. Nevertheless, Stack is a gun and had a ripper.

Liam Baker (85) – One of the better Tigers on Saturday night. 18 touches and a goal was handy, but if he could be more efficient by foot he would’ve tonned up.

Jack Ross (69) – Another rookie Tiger. Four clearances was impressive for the youngster, Ross probably has the best job security out of all of them.

Shai Bolton (58) – Bolton definitely has the worst job security, but he definitely wasn’t the worst on Saturday. I wouldn’t look to put him on the field, unless you have no one else.

Jack Petruccelle (54) – If only Petruccelle snagged his two goal opportunities, his scores would’ve been much better.

Josh Corbett (59) – Read above regarding Petrucelle. Now, copy and paste his comments into Corbett’s.

Sam Walsh (89) – Just doing Sam Walsh things. He’s a gun. Would it be a stretch to say he’s Carlton’s second best player? Probably.

Michael Gibbons (55) – He’s scoring a bit better over the last few weeks of footy, but I’d still look to move him on soon.

Liam Stocker (21) – I certainly hope (for Lek’s sake, at least) that Carlton didn’t trade away their first rounder next season for a bloke who’s gonna pump out 21’s all year. Fingers crossed he holds his spot and gives us an option.

Tom Williamson (26) – A poor score from Willo, but I know he’ll be good. He’s had plenty of time out of the game, so it was good to see him get through the match.

Nick Larkey (40) – Probably the level you should expect most weeks. He had a ripper first game, but he won’t kick three goals each week.

Tom Atkins (87) – He’s saved himself from the SuperCoach axe for the next few weeks with this score, and hopefully will make it to the byes.

Gryan Miers (92) – The new cult hero down at the Cattery has been very impressive this season. I don’t know how I missed him to start the season.

Reilly O’Brien (121) – Jeez ROB has been impressive in Jacobs’ absence. 22 touches and 44 hit outs gave him the top score for the Crows.

Did I miss anyone worth mentioning? Let me know in the comments, or tweet your discontent @mattforrest29

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Libba not in the damned list???

Ball Trap

He's in the Gun Fun list.


Cameron or Boak this week? leaning towards Cameron with his draw and pod factor but Boak more consistent

Boak's Dad



I'd be leaning Boak, but I've been burned by Jezza before so am twice shy on him


First sub 2000 score thanks to Captain Danger, not my week at all. Holding Brayshaw is hurting me more and more each week and Heeney has look like he's about to come good for 5 weeks now, but never does. Looks like Libba's time might have come too but atleast he served us well. $260k in the back and 2 trades to fix my team…


I'd maybe go Brayshaw / Libba to Bont or Fyfe if not owned and to a rookie who plays next week on the bubble.
Not sure if Hately or Answerth do get a game next week though.
Just bad luck having the C on Danger this week, don't beat yourself up about it.


Hero – Moore
Villain – Coniglio. Honourable mention to Jack Darling for finally doing something after I kicked him to the curb
Damned – Danger or Heeney.

Also damned to myself for not jumping on Stack. The kid can play


Same on Sydney Stack. Did not expect that after his first two games


He got 108 in his first game Patch


Who are thr best rookies this week?

Matt F

Answerth, Hately and Corbett for mine

All on the bubble


Moore over corbett?
Anserth a given

Matt F

Moore’s job security isn’t great. In saying that, neither is Corbett, but at Gold Coast they might give him a crack


I don’t know why I just didn’t start the season with Pendlebury and JPK like did every other year.


Lol. Same. They always start in my team. Last season scared me off them though


Cam Guthrie or Nyhuis an option?


I'd rather a rookie, Matty, they're just too inconsistent for that price


Ok thanks mate. What do you suggest for the following?
Defence: Laird Williams Whitfield BSmith Duursma JClark Scrimshaw Collins
Mid: Cripps Neale Fyfe Brayshaw BCrouch Sheed Walsh Constable Hayes Gibbons Atkins
Ruck: Grundy Gawn Clarke
Forward: Danger CDaniel DMoore Drew Petracelle Settlefield Parker Burgess
Have 97k and only made the 2 trades for the season as being conservative, sitting about 14,000 overall though


Gotta fix that forward.line Matthew. I'd go with Petrucelle out for Westhoff (if you can afford a more expensive forward consider Kelly)

And then to make the cash I'd go Constable out (if not named) for Hately or Ainsworth. If Constable named, go with Gibbons out)

C. Damien 3 votes

Id trade Scrimshaw out as he likely is approaching maxed out price. Constable has showed consistent ability to score and therefore should make a bit more cash if he gets picked


Cheers, What about Collins for Answerth and Pettrucelle for Kelly. Will leave me with 6k but gives me another quality forward.


Hero….Gawny as VC, Villain… Libba as a decent mid, obviously Danger but everyone has his ass.
Heroes in a cumulative but not necessarily heroic effort…Daniel, Kelly, Westhoff, Goldy, Walsh, Fyfe, Cripps, Neale, Stewart, Moore, Hore, all contributed to an overall decent score.
ROB was awesome, but didn't gain me shit rotting on the bench, still a hero though, making a shite ton of cash fast for us who have him.


Not sure about that write up on Balta… yes he lost money after round three but he's started to put some respectable numbers together and now has a BE of only 7. Not too sure why you're saying to get rid of him now that he's finally making money?


“Wasting” a trade on Fort > ROB a few weeks ago has paid off massively, he could easily be 500k before his bye
Butters and Scrimshaw down to Hately and Answerth (pending selection) this week for me, 400k in the bank to down a double upgrade next week


Good stuff. I’m looking at Walsh and Butters down to Hately and Answerth. Leaves me $700k for next week. The risk of Walsh continuing to pump out big scores every week is mounting and he’s got the pies next. Of course it’s early in the week and I do have other fattened cows to consider – Collins, Clark – but I think their BE’s/cash loss are lower risk.


I think Walsh has a be of almost 100 this week, but then is back to 60’s after that (if he hits his projected score this week)

If he keeps scoring 90 to 100 he will keep going up for quite a few weeks, making another 50k or so.


Carlton’s next 8 games are up against some strong midfields, especially the next 2 weeks … will be hard pressed to maintain his amazing average … The Blues have only played one team currently in the eight … tougher games to come ..

Rick Grimes

Caleb Daniels just keeps delivering. I struggle to take him seriously because of his midget size. I know I should pick him based on his numbers, but he just looks ridiculous.


Got him in last week and felt uneasy as about it, especially since he was only on 14 points at quarter time. Now that he has scored well once for me I'm getting more confident he will be good


I dumped him from my draft team before a game was played. Now have Jessie Hogan on the field – only costing me 50 points a week. Maybe time look at the stats and bring him in. Someone called him a mini Jake Lloyd last week and they were spot on.

sick dog

any suggestions for my team guys?

26 trades left – 51k in the bank

DEF: Lloyd, Hurn, Smith, Moore, Duursma, Hore (Burgess, Clark)

MIDS: Cripps, Fyfe, Oliver, Coniglio, Rockliff, Walsh, Stack, Gibbons (Atkins, Scott, Hately)

RUCK: Gawn, Goldy

FWDS: Boak, Dangerfield, Heeney, Kelly, Dunkley, Drew (Parker, Setterfield)


Nice looking team. Probably stating the obvious but gibbons or Clark down to Answerth


Week midfield …. Gibbons is ripe… Gibbons to Answerth will give you enough cash to upgrade either of Rocky or Walsh to any premo.


Caleb Daniel, Jeremy Cameron or Tim Kelly in the forward line?

C. Damien 3 votes



All look like good picks, but Cameron for me.

Long way to go, but my forward line currently has Danger, Heeney, Hawkins and Dunkley. Last 2 spots will probably go to Boak and Cameron. I hope this bunch will beat most, most weeks.

I think not having Kelly will work as a decent POD over the sc finals.


Hurn might be in trouble with a bump that looked like he got the head ??


If he gets done for that I will stop watching footy. He was first to the ball, fumbled it when the contact was made.


Agreed Holty, he ran in straight line, didn’t initiate the contact and had the ball in his hands at the time that Corbett ran into him. Commentators just trying to make something of nothing.


Who is best premo mid and why , to get in this week taking into account price, ave, BE, price ceiling and scoring potential for the rest of the season?
Pendlebury, bontempelli, gaff or McRae?

Already have Fyfe, Oliver, m crouch, danger, Cripps an Rockliff


One of the Bulldogs players. The cheaper one of the 2


Thanks holty


Hey Murray, I think the Bont is stealing Macrae's thunder a bit this year, looks on fire and is ranked 4 overall, probs has been taking some of Macrae's points since round 4.
This could be the time when Bont goes to another level, he's still so young too.


Thanks rusty, I think Bont is entering a new level , only 24 and 111 games. I think he can go to a new level, so long as Bev does the right thing


Time to paint the midfield with $120k in the bank.
Thinking B Crouch out, either Fyfe or Bont in.
Leaning towards Fyfe atm.


Luke Ryan is looking as a great POD in defence…can he finish top 10 in defence?


He's already ranked 3rd…so yeah probably.


Any suggestions for a clear newbie?

24 trades – 713k in the bank

DEF: Lloyd, Williams, Smith, Hanley, Duursma, Scrimshaw (Ridley, Rotham)

MIDS: Cripps, Macrae, Fyfe, Coniglio, B Crouch, Walsh, Constable, Ross (Gibbons, Atkins, Hayes)

RUCK: Gawn, ROB (Lycett)

FWDS: Dangerfield, Kelly, Rozee, Drew, Petrucelle, Parker (Setterfield, Burgess)

I get that I'm holding too much cash and have a lot of mid priced players rather than the GnR strat.

Cheers guys


Bont or Fyfe ?

Not sure which way to go


Get one then the other…both top notch.