Who’s Your Captain? – Round 7

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Can you believe that we’re already at Round 7?

The season has already gone so fast, and it’s probably because we haven’t had a moment to think between rounds so far this year due to some Monday games, the odd Wednesday game and a host of Thursday night games.

In saying that, there are no Thursday night games this week, so that sound you are hearing is Patch dancing around his house butt naked in celebration.

The later the round goes this week, the greater the Captain options become and it might be the week to put a the VC on a smokey this week to try and catch a good score early.

Top VICE CAPTAIN Options –

Travis Boak
Friday Night vs Collingwood – AVG vs Team: 91.6

If you had told me that Travis Boak would be the top averaging forward as we head into Round 7, I would’ve asked if you were okay. Not only is he in exactly that scenario, he has had only one score below 119 for the year so far.

Lachie Neale
Saturday Twilight vs Sydney – AVG vs Team: 79.4

A definite VC option because apart from the 91 he scored against Collingwood, his lowest score is 127. This is a tough one to sell though, he’s been a game changer for Brisbane, no doubt about that, but against Sydney he hasn’t got a great record, and he’s likely to receive extra attention. A good option, but it doesn’t come without it’s qualms.

Jack Macrae
Saturday Night vs Richmond – AVG vs Team: 116.5

I’m backing Jack Macrae to bounce back this week. Richmond aren’t a high centre clearance team so I’m expecting him to rack it up through the middle quite comfortably. Up to Round 4, his lowest score had been 110, but a few bad games and people are forgetting just how reliable he usually is. His form will turn around, the Dogs just need to turn theirs around too.

I definitely did not forget Max Gawn (I did)
Saturday Early vs Hawthorn – AVG vs Team: 128.3

Believe it or not, Max Gawn has only ever played against Hawthorn four times. That’s according to the SuperCoach website. His last 3 scores against the Hawks are 112, 115 and 118. A very solid option, that I definitely did not forget about.


Zac Williams
Saturday vs St Kilda – AVG vs Team: 91.6

With Lachie Whitfield unlikely to get up for the game against the Saints, Williams should burst through the blocks with his guns blazing. He was absolutely stunning last week in the Sydney Derby, or the Battle of the Bridge, or whatever it’s called these days and another score of 121 will give you a lot to think about.

Other options: Brodie Grundy, Jaeger O’Meara


Patrick Cripps
Sunday vs North Melbourne – AVG vs Team: 100.3

I don’t know what’s happened to North Melbourne this year, but Crippa has the opportunity to let rip in this game and produce a monster score. Carlton will be hurting after blowing their massive lead against Hawthorn, and they’ll want to get out to a flying start again. Cripps has only scored in the 90-95 range against the Roos in the past, but that was due to a certain Ben Jacobs, who at the minute is still injured.

Nat Fyfe
Sunday vs Adelaide – AVG vs Team: 115.9

Dockers are in a rich vein of form, and their captain had a frustrating game on Saturday night, the Bulldogs players would not leave him alone. Adelaide don’t traditionally tag under Don Pyke so a free flying Fyfe would be a sight to see and could score massively. #FyfeIsLyfe

Patrick Dangerfield
Sunday vs Essendon – AVG vs Team: 95.3

Fantasy Freako discussed during the week that when a game is done and dusted, the less likely players are to score a huge amount of points, it’s what you do when the game is on the line that earns you the most. Last week against the Eagles, Dangerfield didn’t have to do much and still managed a score of 94. I’m expecting a closer game this week, and as a result a better score from Dangerfield.

CAPTAIN Smokey –

Toby Nankervis
Saturday Night vs Western Bulldogs – AVG vs Team: 102.5

Scored a 135 last time he played the Western Bulldogs, and with the Doggies inexperienced ruck department he’s every chance to pump out a massive score again.

Other options: Zach Merrett

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Big G

Forgetting Grundy?


And Gawn

C. Damien 3 votes

And Bontempelli 🙂


Against lycett??? Did you not watch the GF last year with lycett in the eagles jumper? Grundy scored around 145 that day.


Shame Bines plays 50min after Macrae starts so cant use Bines to loop Macrae. If i don't end up trading Scott – Hayes i will be doing Macrae into Cripps, but if im forced to use bines, it will be Grundy into Crippa!


There was a perception that Grundy struggled a bit against the Eagles last year, and that Lycett and Ryder might be able to subdue his scoring a little, based on those leanings. He did have a 99 against them in the home and away , which was one of the few times he didn’t ton up during the season. He did score 117 and 141 in the finals. In my opinion, it was actually Vardy who troubled Grundy more. But even then he scored well.

For Gawn, he has also scored ok against McEvoy before, and as well as McEvoy is going, opposing ruck men score well, even if McEvoy is scoring well.

From what we have seen in the past few weeks, the influential midfielders can be tagged, and whilst their output is still mostly ok, it’s less than what we want from a capo.

I am getting to think that a midfielder might be a good VC choice, but you want one of your two ruckmen as your safety choice for captain, if your VC doesn’t work. Having said that, Round 1 was a shocker, but I am hoping that’s a one off.

This week, with Grundy and Gawn playing in the first two games, I am very inclined to go Grundy into Gawn. It is boring and safe, but feeling less like trusting a midfielder for a captain score these days.


I understand where you're coming from since more sides seem to be tagging as opposed to previous years, but some of these mids have juicy matchups this week. Crippa, Macrae, Fyfe and Danger should run riot against taggerless opponents.


Hey community here are 3 trade options I'm thinking about doing this week and would love to here your thoughts. Before I do anything this week have 26 trades and $600.

1. Bugess > Rotham (if named) Whitfield > Lloyd.
2. Burgess > Rotham Whitfield > Boak via dpp with Moore
3. Burgess > Rotham

My reasoning on trading Whitfield is that if he misses a week I'll be forced to field a rookie, also once he's played 2 more game he will drop to around 490-500k so I can basical my straight swap him to Lloyd or Boak and then bring him back in when he's cheap. Thoughts?

Rick Grimes

It's something I'm considering. Couuld go pear-shaped, but you have to risk it sometimes. My only concern is burning the trades. Still haven't decided.

The Ranger

Nah don't trade Whitfield Sinny, waste of a trade, two if you wanna get him back in.


Don’t Burn your trades getting rid of a premium to get him back weeks later doesn’t make sense

Rick Grimes

Wouldn't be a week later. He'll miss one and can see him being quiett f he plays the next. So wait 4 weeks and hes sub $450k. Go now on Fyfe and by then he's plus $650k. So the net gain is circa $200k and the points in between.


Need help quick:
Need a win this week vs one of the top blokes in my league. Do I
A) Brad Crouch to Nat Fyfe
B) Sam Collins to Jake Lloyd


B by the length of flemington straight if you don't factor in byes. The points differential between who youre trading out compared to who you're trading in is greater


Hi Community
I am not sure of the trades for this week. Which of the following 3 possible trades should be a priority, in order of 1 to 3

1 Moore to Daniel,
2 goldy to grundy,
3 Whitfield to Lloyd

Thoughts welcome


Why trade Whitfield? He will be out only 1 week.


I wont be trading him, the Q is whether I do option 2 or 3


Depends where you have Moore. If backline, I'd look at either Stewart or Rich (similar price to Daniel, but better scores).
If Forward – I'd consider Kelly over Daniel (Similar price and scores) as Kelly has DPP.

Grundy is a scoring pig, but this week has a BE of 165 and is expected to drop $15K this week (if he keeps to his average of 124.

So of the trades, I'd trade out Moore – but I'd look to the strength of my forward and backlines to see which needs improving most (assuming you can do DPP trades).


Gawn into Cripps


Lloyd Sicily or Hurn?

If I go Sicily I get to trade out Scrimshaw and field Moore?

If I go Hurn/Lloyd I have to field Petrucelle and trade out Moore this week?

With that said either Scrimshaw/Moore would likely go the following week so it's not a huge difference? Lloyd is my gut feeling though fielding Moore over Petrucelle is attractive (then again WCE playing Suns)


Moore is Mr 79 in Supercoach. Will make at most 15-20K before maxing out in 2-3 weeks. Scrimshaw has been getting low 60's but is expected to make about the same ($20K).

So look at your premos Lloyd ($602) has a BE of 132 but has scored around 110 the last 3 games – so is expected to drop by $20K over the next 2 weeks

Hurn ($586K) has a BE of 101, and has been averaging 126 over the last 3 games and is expected to rise by $10K over the next 2 games

Sicily ($564K) has a BE of 84, has been averaging 120 over the past month and is expected to increase in price by $7-10K over the next 2 weeks.

If money is tight, I'd go Sicily before Hurn before Lloyd

But that's just me…


Thanks for answering. The money will be very similar. Just more who is going to the best premium for me to get. Lloyd/Hurn/Sicily.

Sicily allowing me to keep Moore on field seems the best option over Llloyd and playing Petruclle this week (even against Suns) would you agree?


id go Sicily or hurn if I were you for their byes. Will have to get all three in at some point though. If Sicily allows you to field moore he’s your man


Thanks lads. Currently got Sic locked in.


Bines "playing" Saturday stuffs up my loopholes for Danger/Fyfe/Crouch.

So VC onto Rocky in the off chance he is on the up of his roller-coaster then into Fyfe.


Goldstein, Scrimshaw out, Houli & Westhoff in


VC Gawn into C Macrae for mine


Gawn -> Cripps


Goldy a smokey captain option since no Kreuzer??


Gawn into Cripps is the one!