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The Heroes

Max Gawn (145) – Big Maxy did everyone who VC’d him a huge favour with a dominant display against the Tigers. 48 hit outs to go with 17 touches and a goal allowed his coaches to rest easy knowing they’ll be taking double points for his efforts.

Bachar Houli (142) – After returning with a rusty 72 last week, Bachar was dominant against the Demons on Wednesday night. He had it 32 times (20 kicks) at 81% DE, as well as 7 marks and 5 tackles to help boost his score. With Short out, Houli should return to prominence in the Richmond back half.

Nick Vlastuin (155) – Vlastuin isn’t that SuperCoach relevant, however 28 touches and 13 marks saw him clean up serious points. Only in 1% of teams, he won’t score like this every week, but it’s good to give credit where credit’s due.

Brodie Grundy (134) – I feel as though Grundy will feature in this section for all eternity. He was fantastic on Anzac Day, helping himself to 24 touches, along with 39 hit outs. If only he didn’t give away four free kicks…

Scott Pendlebury (138) – Boo all you like, this man was a star. 38 touches, 7 marks and 6 tackles, as well as a disposal efficiency of 73%, led to a huge score for Mr DePendlebury. Not a popular pick relative to seasons gone by, Pendles proving he’s still got it.

Adam Treloar (113) – Treloar has flown a little under the radar this season, with his season average being 111.3. Two sub 90 scores bring that down a bit, but he has the ability to go huge when he’s on. 31 touches would’ve led to a higher score if he didn’t handball it so much.

Travis Boak (129) – Boak’s move back to the midfield has seen the former skipper find career-best form in 2019. 38 touches (11 contested), as well as a goal meant Boak top scored in the win against North.

Ben Cunnington (119) – Cunnington is putting together a very nice season so far. He managed 35 touches, but 26 of them were handballs, which really prevented his score being massive. He did throw an elbow at Brad Ebert, which will be looked at by Michael Christian. He may get a fine, he may get 10 weeks, who knows anymore?

Lachie Neale (142) – Neale was back to his best in his first Q Clash, with 28 touches (14 contested) and a goal. The magnet has been nothing short of dominant for his new club, and you’d be happy to trust him with your captaincy each week.

Mitch Robinson (125) – 26 disposals and three goals meant Robbo had a good game. He’s not the most consistent SuperCoach player, but has the potential to go big every now and again.

Daniel Rich (116) – Rich played that midfield/half back role which is very tasty for SuperCoach scoring potential. 23 kicks at 88% efficiency certainly helped his scoring.

Shane Savage (121) – Savage was like a seagull of half back, scavenging loose balls and providing run into the forward half. 30 touches at 86% meant a good score was always on the cards.

Rory Laird (124) – With Milera out, Laird’s production was always going to increase. 33 touches off the half back flank saw him crack out a great score, and hopefully he’ll continue on in the same vein while Milera misses games.

Brodie Smith (103) – Another player to benefit from Milera’s injury. 30 touches could’ve resulted in a better score if he didn’t 5 clangers. 66% disposal efficiency hurt as well.

Taylor Walker (113) – The Crows’ skipper is a bit SuperCoach irrelevant, but when he manages to kick four goals like he did on Saturday, he’ll score well. I don’t see him as a good forward option unless in draft.

Tim Taranto (136) – Injuries to Coniglio and Whitfield mid-game meant Taranto was given more midfield time, and we got to see the sort of performance people know he has the ability to have. 30 touches, ten tackles and a goal meant Timmy had the highest score of the game.

Zac Williams (121) – Williams had a great score off half back, with 30 touches (13 contested) helping him to his highest score of the season. Whitfield was used as a deep forward after copping a corkie, which allowed Williams to be that primary option off half back.

Jake Lloyd (107) – Despite copping a bit of a tag early, Lloyd still managed a good score. He’s turning into the most reliable defender this season, and this is mainly due to his ability to find a target almost every time he gets the ball.

Nat Fyfe (128) – Fyfe’s had one bad game (concussion effected) for the season, and has been one of the more consistent performers. Thanks to that concussion, his price is dropping, but don’t expect him to get much cheaper after this week.

David Mundy (122) – Mundy had a blinder for his 300th, kicking two goals to go along with 28 touches in the win. He’s one of those players you can lock into your forward line and not worry about him for the year; such is his consistency.

Lachie Hunter (132) – Hunter was fantastic in the loss for the Dogs, with 32 touches and a goal. I wouldn’t expect huge outings for him each week, mainly thanks to the Dogs’ depth in the midfield.

Jaeger O’Meara (140) – JOM was outstanding for the Hawks in the win          , singlehandedly bringing his team back from the jaws of defeat with 43 touches and a goal. Jaeger hasn’t been a jet in regards to SuperCoach this season, but his owners know he has the abilities to pull out scores like this.

Liam Shiels (132) – In his first game back since being injured, Shiels helped O’Meara in the late game surge against the Blues. 26 touches and 3 goals gave him a huge score in the nail biter.

James Sicily (123) – Sicily was huge in the back half, especially considering he had the hopeless pair of Brand and O’Brien accompanying him. 27 touches (20 kicks) and 12 marks helped his score, as did going at 92% efficiency.

Gary Ablett (146) – Gaz has continued his rich vein of form against the Eagles, despite only having it 26 times. The Little Master also managed 2 goals in the big win.

Tom Hawkins (117) – If accurate, Hawkins could’ve had a huge bag of 6. Despite this, Tomahawk still had a very good score. Would be a half decent POD, or a decent option in draft.

Tom Hickey (143) – Hickey took the mickey out of Geelong’s rucks, with 31 hit outs to go along with 22 touches and 11 clearances. He’d be a very unique option in the ruck this season.

Shannon Hurn (117) – Hurn has been extremely reliable this season, and despite the loss put together a good game. 26 touches and 10 marks was nicely done, and his score was helped by the fact 23 of the 26 touches were kicks.

The Villains

Dustin Martin (89) – He’s reaching the stage where I’m contemplating putting him in the Damned section, but I’ll only do that when Dusty has retired. Still, he’s yet to really prove to me he cares that much about the 2019 AFL season. Please prove me wrong, Dusty.

Dylan Shiel (93) – If I said to you, “Dylan Shiel will score 93 points off a 34 disposal, 7 tackle, 7 clearance game,” you’d think I’m crazy. Unfortunately, Dylan butchered the ball so badly that he didn’t even crack the ton. As an impartial viewer on Anzac Day, Essendon fans should look to their star recruit as a reason for the loss, rather than putting the blame solely on the umpires.

Zach Merrett (87) – Merrett has had a ripper start to the year, but 5 clangers and a disposal efficiency of 66% meant his 30-touch game resulted in a sub-100 score. Hopefully he can return to his best.

Jack Crisp (79) – After last week’s efforts, Crisp was a bit disappointing with his score. He did have it 29 times, but five clangers off halfback hurt his ability to reach a respectable total.

Alex Witherden (62) – I’ll be the first to announce my love for Alex, but this season he has been completely irrelevant so far this season. Only managed 16 touches for the game.

Rory Sloane (78) – A tag limited his output against the Saints, with Jack Steele limiting him to 21 touches and five clangers. His price will drop and he could be a decent pick up in a few weeks.

Isaac Heeney (74) – Only 16 touches this week limited his score, but a goal helped out a little. He needs to be inserted into the midfield full time, but Horse seems to like him in the forward line. I feel that he’ll move back into the midfield when Buddy returns.

Lachie Whitfield (45) – A big corkie in the second quarter limited his running ability. Whitfield played deep forward for the remainder of the game, but early on he looked like he was going to have a big game. Two goals helped his score, but only had eight touches.

Jack Macrae (83) – After a superb start to the season, Macrae has slowed down completely in the last fortnight. He’s playing a bit deeper in the last two games, and I don’t like this at all. Inject him in the guts again, Bevo. Please.

Patrick Cripps (93) – Cripps was held by Dan Howe for most of the match, but still managed to find a bit of the ball. Due to the added pressure, he was pretty inefficient with his 28 touches. Hopefully this was just a blip in the radar and he can keep on getting massive scores.

Jack Gunston (58) – Jack was quiet for the entire game, but a couple of efforts late in the last quarter saw his score pass 30, which is nice. He’s a key forward who usually gets his hands on the ball a lot more than he did today.

Pat Dangerfield (94) – 30 touches would usually lead to a better score from the star Cat, but Danger was butchering the footy, going at 56%. Hopefully he can sort out his efficiency for next week.

The Prodigies

Jack Ross (89) – The young midfield bull had his third game for the Tigers, and as a result will see a price change now. 28 touches, with seven contested, meant Ross had a very good score for the week, and should hold his position and continue to make money.

Liam Baker (84) – Baker has continued to provide everyone a decent option for their F6 spots with another good score. His score of 84 is the third good score for Baker after a 91 and 87 over the last fortnight, and will see a big price jump going into next week.

Sydney Stack (72) – Stack had another good game and is turning into a very solid cash generator for our sides. Not only did he go at 100% disposal efficiency, he also completed the “Cult Hero Trifecta”: a speccy, a huge hip and shoulder, and a successful torp.

Noah Balta (31) – Balta had another game to forget SuperCoach-wise, and with his inability to score or generate cash, he hasn’t been able to do much for our sides except warm the bench.

Marty Hore (86) – Hore came back in the side after being omitted and held his spot after a good game, and continues to repay the faith of Melbourne coaches. A third good game surely will cement his spot in both Melbourne’s backline and your own.

Jay Lockhart (39) – Lockhart was quiet with only 8 touches, but he did kick a goal. I can’t imagine he’s in the Melbourne’s best 22, but with their season falling by the wayside he may stay in as the Dees try to develop their youngsters.

Connor Rozee (102) – Rozee had another good game and is turning into a nice cash cow, despite the inflated starting price. Could’ve had a bigger score if he converted his two misses, finishing with just one goal from his 22 touches.

Xavier Duursma (84) – Duursma had one of his best games of the year, collecting it 24 times. He also managed a goal, but his disposal efficiency was at 66%, which hindered him a bit.

Willem Drew (62) – Willem was a little disappointing by his standards, but considering he’s been the best forward rookie this season, I’m not going to give him much stick. A 62 from a rookie is still a decent return.

Zak Butters (46) – Now this is a score that I am disappointed by. Struggled to get his hands on the ball early, Butters only managed 13 touches for the day. Three clangers certainly didn’t help. He may be the first rookie to cull after a score like this, as he didn’t manage to hit his breakeven of 51.

Luke Davies-Uniakie (55) – LDU had a huge score to start his season, but since then he hasn’t done too much. Three clangers hurt his output, and he won’t be making too much money from now on.

Tarryn Thomas (75) – Thomas’ 19 touches helped him to a decent score for the round, but his job security isn’t great at the best of times.

Nick Larkey (75) – Larkey played his first game for the year, and helped himself to three goals. He was brought in to be Ben Brown’s sidekick, but ended up stealing the show. Hopefully he can hold his spot, but considering he’s a key position forward, he’ll need to kick lots of goals to score well (i.e. Balta).

Sam Collins (66) – Collins started slowly but ended up on a half decent score of 66. He met his breakeven but his ability to generate cash is slowing down.

Josh Corbett (55) – Corbett had his first game of the season after coming in for Chris Burgess, and he managed a couple of goals He wouldn’t be a terrible option for a downgrade in a couple of weeks if he holds his spot.

Noah Answerth (69) – A solid debut for Answerth after the Lions made four changes this week. With Andrews and Mathieson due to come in after missing last week he may not hold his spot, despite a decent game.

Matt Parker (63) – Three goals and a couple of hangers gave the viewers something to watch, but Parker needs to kick goals consistently to score SuperCoach points. He has just about maxed out in his price.

Reilly O’Brien (88) – This man has so much money to make with the scores he’s making, and would be a very solid R2 at the same time. Scoring in that 80-90 range every week.

James Rowbottom (32) – Rowey had another game this week after a decent performance last week, but wasn’t as influential. If he had converted his two shots at goal we’d be having a different discussion, but hopefully he gets another go next week.

Nick Blakey (29) – Nick managed two goals but not much else, keeping his score pretty low. I thought it was near impossible to kick two goals but not manage more than 30, but here I am, with egg on my face.

Will Hayes (55) – 15 touches and a goal for Hayes will help him hold his spot, but he didn’t set the world on fire like last week. Can be a decent pick up, but potentially better options.

Lachie Young (52) – Young was OK in his second game, but he wasn’t great. 12 touches and no tackles may hurt his chances of playing a third game next week.

James Cousins (59) – Was pretty quiet for the day, managing 15 disposals. He got himself reported for a stray elbow, which should see him miss a week. If he were a Brownlow favourite he’d be fine, but since he’s not, see you later.

Jack Scrimshaw (62) – Scrimshaw was all over it in the first half, but his second half was a lot quieter. I was hoping he’d get to the ton after 40 points in the first quarter and 52 at half time, so I was a bit disappointed.

Mitch Lewis (49) – Lewis was very quiet all game, but a late goal helped his score. Despite playing his two games, I wouldn’t be looking at bringing him in if he holds his spot. Better options in the coming weeks.

Sam Walsh (79) – Imagine saying 79 from a rookie was a down week. Well, it was, technically. He’s been super impressive and Walsh will continue scoring well this season.

Michael Gibbons (51) – Gibbons couldn’t back up his Herculean effort from last week, but 51 is better than what he’s been having this season. He’s probably in less and less teams each week.

Gryan Miers (90) – The lad with the long hair at the Cattery has been sensational this year, and against the Eagles he had another super display. 2 goals off his 20 touches gave him a great score of 90, and he should keep making money for a few more weeks.

Charlie Constable (79) – Fresh off his rest, the lad looked refreshed. 21 touches and a goal gave him a score most would be happy if they had him on field.

Tom Atkins (47) – I feel as though his money making days are almost over, with this 11 disposal display going to hurt his breakeven for the next fortnight.

Jack Petruccelle (48) – It was tough going for the Eagles, including our favourite livewire forward. 6 touches meant it was rough going for the youngster, but a goal certainly helped.

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What an article! Plenty to think about this week


Is laird the real deal this season ? Time to get him in or will his scoring drop again once Seedsman and Milera come back into the side?? Because if his scoring output does drop then he'll be only good for the short term


Would say he finishes as a top 8 defender, wouldnt say he is a must have though, but if you already have lloyd, hurn and whitfield now would be a good time to bring him in


brayshaw brayshaw brayshaw hmmmmm…
#31st best mid atm. is it time to cut my ties admit it was a fail and grab fyfe or is that too sideways


I’ve got Brayshaw and another underperforming gamble, in Steele. I’ve been tempted to trade one/both but the reality is that your focus should be on upgrading rookies. These guys still have the potential to turn it around and, even if they don’t, they’re not really going to drop in price all that much, so can be upgraded as part of your finishing touches.

Hold for now.


"Daniel Rich (116) – Rich played that midfield/half back role which is very tasty for SuperCoach scoring potential. 23 kicks at 88% efficiency certainly helped his scoring."

Oh gosh… Lek promised a no Daniel Rich podcast tomorrow night and we're a zero per cent chance at it…

Pistolas de Espana

Mute his Microphone as soon as he even starts a word that begins with a "D". Safety first I always say.


Who do I trade butters down to so I can get Gawn from goldy


Maybe Hayes.

Travis Scott’s Dog

Trade Atkins to Hayes then Moore to Tim Kelly at F5 or Sideswap Dunkley to Kelly and have him at F4?


don't sideways trade dunkley he is actually improving slowly and may finish as an M6 in a horrible year for forwards
go moore to kelly


Hey guys, very excited to be be painting the fence with my two transfers this week. Scott out, Hayes in. Butters our, Fyfe in. Should be an nice increase in points from that move 🙂 what are everyone else’s trade plans this week?


nice moves TBone.. early days but at this point in time i think i might go the following:
collins -> sicily/boak
atkins -> fyfe


Gday Maverick. How’d you score this week mate? You must have one hell of a war chest to pull those upgrades! Love the moves though. I love the Sicily pick still but it’s impossible to ignore Boak if you’ve got the money to spend


780k in the bank TBone i went goldy too a fwd rookie last week via Bines DPP and playing R.O'Brien at R2 i expect him to lose 10pts on goldy most weeks but with that warchest i gain 3 ubers that makes up the ten points & more and i'll grab grundy at the byes.. i only scored 2133 mate cripps hurt as C. I am not sold on hayes just yet so i am thinking i'll pass on him and double upgrade to a few must haves with low BEs


Gday DJ! Yeah I reckon Scott our to Hayes will be the obvious trade this week assuming he’s named. If Answerth is named with a few senior Brissy players coming back in I’ll be definitely looking to snatch him up next week! Atkins is good trade because you get more money for him, I would consider the same if he gets dropped this week. That’s a tricky one mate, I think Fyfe at such value is too hard to ignore. Maybe do that to leave a bit in the kitty to look towards a Whitfield trade in in a couple weeks if you don’t already have him?


Hi Community, is it crazy sideways to be trading out Libba and Brouch for T.Kelly and Fyfe? I need to strengthen my forward line and Fyfe is a super premo at a cheap price. Libba was always meant to be a step up and I think now is the time to step him up. Also I have Ross Constable and Walsh who are scoring well enough to be on field.


Both only ever likely to be stepping stones, great trades imo


I think it's a crazy move Sheed, Libba is a gem, only 14 mids with a better avg and he cost u peanuts, likewise Brouch, not pumping huge numbers but 95 avg is nothing to sniff at!
Hold off trading premos until ur team is complete then level up the worst guys. if u'v got constable and walsh they're the ones to upgrade but not for few weeks yet.
do u have full coverage? be patient I'd say mate


Culling R Gray. Thoughts on replacements?


I'm going T Kelly. If you already have him have a look at C Daniel for a good POD.


Yeah Kelly or Daniel, Daniel's consistent and will never get tagged. He's 4 ft 5


Thoughts do I get Hurn in this week for Clarke or Neale in for Atkins ? Got the money in bank for an upgrade l. Leaning towards Neale!?


What’s neales break even actually?


Neale sweats supercoach points, I'd get him first, maybe next week when he's cheaper




Neales breakecen is 160?


Does it matter though? He's gonna go close to that score anyways haha


Pretty decent write up, alot if what you wrote is kind of misleading though.
Macrea played guts this week, had alot of the ball just butchered it.
Williams was off to a flyer in the first with a healthy whit, so his injury wasn't such a big influence.


Who is more important this week to get? Laird or Fyfe?

Can do either with spare change to paint the fence again next week


Hotly your comments where helpful last time. Do you think Neale for Atkins in or Hurn for Clarke ? Have the warchest already built


good point
my lines will be either of these 2
Lloyd, Witherden, Williams Dursma, Scrimshaw Hore and Cripps, Neale, Macrae, Fyfe, Crouch, Libba, Walsh, Constable
Lloyd, Laird, Witherden, Williams, Dursma, Hore and Cripps, Neale, Macrae, Crouch, Libba, Walsh, Constable, Ross


I really like the 2nd selection with Laird. Ross has started well and will hold his own.


Is Rotham worth a look in defence for the giants?


I assume you mean the Eagles but I wouldn’t be surprised if a few heads role at the selection table at the Eagles and the likes of Rotham gets a chance. If he plays I’ll probably bring him in as not many rookies on the bubble


I agree, if he’s named he looks better than young


Yep will have to rearrange my trade this week if he is named, I think barrass is out for a while now or one of their defenders rotham looked the goods when he played sc wise


Goldstein out (swing bines to ruck, o’brien R2)
Westhoff in
Atkins out (swing Petrucelle up) Tom McDonald in


Drew up


I'm thinking Atkins to Hayes and Petreccelle to Kelly this week
I know petreccelle's breakeven is -3 but if he scores 40-50 this week he will go up 15-20k and if Kelly scores 100+ he will go up a similiar amount.


And considering geelongs run for the next few weeks kelly looks good right now


I almost like mundy more than c daniel from here. Thoughts?


Blakely will be back this week or next, he played reserves last weekend.

He will go straight into the guts and push Walters forward and Mundy to his regular 65% TOG


Interesting Derek….Blakey could be a sneaky d6 post bye


I always thought he was a midfielder, he will definately be on my watchlist as a defender, he had a cracking period 2017 from memory. Any chance he slots into the middle and takes up some of Neales slack?


No one is getting close to replacing neale, he's a star


Collins to a rookie and Libba to neale? Silly trades?


I think it was nice person who summed it up well the other day. Most people had Libba as a stepping stone and here is your opportunity.


Looking at bringing in Boak , but will he spend more time forward now that Gray is out?


Looking at Parker out for Young via Burgess DPP and Butters out for Fyfe.



Solid trades mate


The good news is guys like Laird, Whitfield, Oliver, Danger, T Kelly will all be ripe for the picking this week or very soon.



the following teams went into this week with the immunity necklace:

Div 2 – Ya hate to see it
Div 3 – itsCRASH
Div 4 – Potters FC
Div 5 – Stretch Marks

As per the rules of the competition, the two lowest weekly scores from each division are eliminated each week, unless you have immunity.

This weeks Eliminated teams are:

Div 1 – The Green Shoots & Tigerera

Div 2 – Jolly Jets & Iconic

Div 3 – Coolburg Rangers & Blake's Hard Wick

Div 4 – The Instagator & Noirlust

Div 5 – Braindead Zombies & Field of Beams

No one needed to use their Immunity necklace this week

I have removed the above teams from the game.

There were some very close scores this week, In Division 5 there were 5 teams within 10 points of each other and two of them had to be eliminated, plenty of bullets being dodged

This weeks top scorers all have immunity this week,

Div 1 – Carlton Crew (2302)
Div 2 – Ya hate to see it (2237) (won on a ranking count-back from Tich'sTackleSnaps)
Div 3 – Macca's Magic (2227)
Div 4 – Potters FC (2281)
Div 5 – Gonzo's Guns (2227)

Shout out to Holty 143rd and PottersFC 164th who are showing us how it is done this year.

Good luck everyone

Stretch Marks

Lets hope i don't need the immunity.

Feeling good about my proposed trades this week:

Out – Atkins & Clark
In – Laird & Hayes


Great stuff Derek, thanks again for doing this, honorable mention to Finnius too ranked 146, killing it this year.
Can't believe I'm still in this..haha


Thanks for setting this up, adds a little extra something this season. Can't believe I got immunity!

Lobbe Wan Kenobi

Playing around a little with my side, Can do Atkins to Hayes and Walsh to Neale. I know that Walsh has and average of 96 and a B/E of 67 but I think it could be a good time to go on this. It would be interesting to hear what the communities thoughts are on how long people are planning on holding Walsh for?


Hopefully until close to his bye, last upgrade, unless the 80’s continue

Lobbe Wan Kenobi

Yeah I am now thinking the same thing. I've gone Scrimshaw to Laird Instead.


I’ve gone scrimshaw to Tkelly don’t have the cash for laird unfortunately


Just did a quick tally of where I’m going to be at Pre byes with regards to trades.

At the moment it looks like I’ll have 13 left with no rookies on field, but I will still have all of b crouch, libba, rocky and Brayshaw to upgrade/shuffle over the bye period.

This is based on bringing in grundy @ 700k, one of Neale/McRae @ 600, Lloyd @ 600k, t Kelly next week and Fyfe this week. A trade or two short of where I’d like to be but already compromised enough this season it’s only the best from here. If things go my way and they drop a little I may save a trade or two but better to plan for the worst…

How’s everyone else tracking?


hi Swan, what you think of Kelly (GWS) instead of Fyfe? Only in 3% of teams. Looks like he is moving well and will avoid attention more than Fyfe.

I still worry about Fyfe’s elbow


I will be bringing in kelly over Fyfe in the coming weeks Derek, keep it on the hush don’t want everybody on board 😉


Yeah he’s looking sharp, might get one more little price drop as well this week, good pod, but I think Fyfe handles the attention pretty well and with cogs and maybe whitfield our for a couple Kelly might just get a fair bit of attention himself. Plus Fyfe 25k cheaper…..I’ll definately consider Kelly though in the byes as a sideways/upgrade from brouch/libba/brayshaw….


have a look at GWS draw


You don’t worry about Kelly groin? Disrupted pre-season and late start…. but agree on POD, just think it’s as much a punt on injury as Fyfe.


I needed to see some light at the end of the tunnel after a horror few weeks, gotta say it’s made me feel better! was looking like giving you a run for your money in trigs (or maybe it was a graders) this week then bang two late out 🍩 ‘s. Ah well keep up the good work bud, looks like your killing it this year!


Holty is up and about this year

The Ranger

Yeah Holty is flying, keep it up mate.


Yeah Swan it would have been interesting if you avoided those outs.
Who you thinking of grabbing this week?


Out of Fyfe and Tim Kelly, Leaning towards Fyfe, differential between Fyfe and constable (who he’d replace on field) is bigger than the differential between Kelly and Moore (who he’d replace on field). So my logic says Fyfe first to maximize point gain. You?


Fyfe makes sense for you. I’m thinking of Laird but fall 10k short. May go with a massive pod in the forward line.

s c tragic

Has anyone else been given the come hither from G Ablett this week? I realise he will be rested at sometime,but travelling quite well at the moment. Worth a discussion.?????

Jackson Dailey

Scott and Libba to Answerth and Cunners thoughts? He's putting together a nice season and Libba won't generate much more cash

neil demons delight

Who;s Cunners. I am doing similar scott ,Libba to Fyfe and Answerth


Cunnington Ben


Libba is better than cunnington imo

Jackson Dailey

Cunners is shouldering a massive load and lives and breathes contested possies in a below average midfield with Higgins the only other real midfielder in some sort of form at North. midfield already has cripps neale fyfe brayshaw libba walsh constable Ross/Hately/Gibbons/Scott so looking to downgrade scott and ugrade Libba or Brayshaw


I didn’t see cats and eagles game, who did Hutchins tag?


Kelly I think


thats a good sign for the lad


Is it too early to go Moore trade out?


he is about right to go, probably others ahead of him though I’d say


last three weeks he has been about 50 at half time, only to score about 78ish

i'm just waiting for him to have a decent second half and add another $80k to his price.

plus having him in my team is good because i can easily spot him on the field


Was thinking the same Derek, surely he has to ton up a few times from here on in?
He's nothing else but consistent for sure.
Very easy to spot with his Deborah Harry hair lol


Are Neale, Boak and Hurn to expensive now? If you want to upgrade someone like Parker or Scott or Clark it's a fair jump


this is where you get the calculator out and start doing some math

how much more cash do you need between now and the byes to reach full premium?

how much cash can be made with your current non-premiums?

divide one by the other and you will work out how much you are able to spend, on average, for your remaining premiums.


for example: i have 14 premiums now (i'm counting Williams as a premium), meaning i still need 8.

If i add up the value of my Non-premiums it comes to $4,330k.

i did a quick review at happy there is at least another $650k left in my current rookies to increase. Total value $4,980k for non-premiums.

If i say my bench players value will be around $150k each, total value will be $1,200k on bench (i will like more and have thoughts of a DPP M9). That would leave me $3,780 for my remaining 8 premiums; that is only $472.5k. Oh dear, not enough.

Lets say i can generate another $500k from rookies, my spend on my remaining premiums is then $535k

Lets say that is as good as i can hope for. For every player i get that is over $535k means i need to offset that with a player under $535k by the same amount. A big spend on a Neale, boak or hurn, leaves you running out of cash.

havn't even allowed for a decent bench player

neil demons delight

did the same Derek with similar results .The key as I see it is your Williams type players Another one of those to make 15 makes a huge difference Instead of 472k another prem makes it 540k and more with your extra 500k.This is acceptable but who is that missing prem A Libba walsh or Smith would do. After all is there that much difference between Walsh and a Treloar or a Bont At the very least Walsh smith or Libba should be the last man standing Shout out to your great Survivor series Derek creates a lot interest. cheers NDD


There are a few fellas in the forward line I will be watching.

Buddy, Devon, Robbie, Hoff, Toby, Menagola


Short answer yes. Neale will be cheaper and boak May have topped out


Short answer is, you will pay the price later


Just like with Fyfe and Whitfield? 🤔


no. Injuries like those are just bad luck


They sure are. Bad luck for teams that have those players. I will save about $250k picking them up on the cheap. If you wait to see who the top scorers are and then pick them up at their highest price you will run out of cash. The law of averages also says the likes of Neale will pump out some lower scores and when they do, that is the time to strike.


What about Clark to Lloyd and Butters Hayes…..


Butters to Hayes


What’s people thoughts on libba? Take 180k profit and run or hope he can be m8/m9 for the year?


He can be a definite m8-m9 i think most picked him as a stepping stone but if you are fortunate enough to having him lazing around at m9 go for it and keep him

The Ranger

I tend to think that ya stepping stones are the last to be upgraded providing they're not losing too much value or points.


Im with ranger
Will be trading in boak or daniel this week in order to no longer have to play poor fwd rookies.
Libba should still score ok and thats all that matters with him for now


Off to a shocking start ranked around 18K after a 2111. So many of my original premos have lost value: Crisp, Treloar, Cogs, Macrae and Darling (finally got rid of him last week), so I was definitely not getting what I paid for!

Still have 27 trades so hoping I can make up some spots

The Ranger

In a similar boat TC. Pick a few wrong premos to start with and that's all it takes – the 50K is gone for another year.
Have to change tactics now and play the long game, see how far up the ranks you can get and aim for a few league wins.


18k rank isn’t bad. Only a few hundred points outside the top 1k.

Just need a couple of your POD’s to do well and you will rocket up


Yeah I'm at about 21k and didn't think it was that shocking…it's only round 6.
Had a week last week where I made up 100 points on a lot of teams.
Just gotta make smart moves TC and not run out of trades in the 2nd half.


Thoughts on these trades pls guys; Libba and Collins out for Boak and Hayes!!


Reckon boak is def a top 6 fwd but personally I think he might drop a bit. Very few players can pump out tons week in week out.


Ppl in here saying Butters needs to go, but isn’t his BE only 27, surely that warrants another week? Or am I missing something.

I’m getting rid of Collins this week, but not sure who else yet…


Plus he only needs one big score (like Gibbons) and bang, he goes up 100K. Really don't like trading rooks under 300K.


Just an aside but the coach who said you can't complain about the umps after his side got got an armchair ride….
Troy Pannel was the senior ump who gave 18 of 38 free kicks for the day, 17 were to old mate's team that I'm alluding to…any guesses and who was the other side….WAS complaining about the umpires after his team lost another game..


I watched him last 2 matches and tends to be the one they go to leaving the defensive 50. He seems to be very sc relevant this season. I am considering him.


I've got him in for Parker this week. Plays a similar role to Lloyd from the swans and I don't think it will change


Im ranked top 1000. I see getting daniel as being the best move for my team this week. I cant afford boak, and getting daniel will mean i don't have to play petrol, setterfield, or parker, which will boost my team more than a fyfe (trading constable or walsh) type would in comparison. Of course fyfe or other mids will score better, but you have to get rid of the biggest faults in your team to improve the most…if you understand.

Correct me anyone if i'm wrong


what has happened to westhoff and what's causing his poor run of scores.. what role is he playing this season?
does he come into calculation at some point soon if he can string a decent game or two together his only $383k
that is absolutely craazy.


What’s everyone’s opinion on what I should do with menegola? I’ve had him from the start but for the past couple of weeks he’s let me down and it’s shitting me. Should I do a sideways trade to Tim kelly or should I stick with him and just hope for the best


Trade him at his round 13 bye if he is still spudding up then.

Flashing Tool

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i Thought he would have been affected by JJ coming back, and that may still happen once JJ’s fitness has improved.

He plays across half back, he is quick and has a good kick, definitely having a great year.

I would still worry about the JJ factor


JJ played the first 3 rounds, in which Daniel went 104, 120, 96.