Who’s Your Captain? – Round 6

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Who’s Your Captain? – Round 4

Short turnarounds, blockbuster timeslots, and games that are made for players to go big for us this week.

Let’s look at some Captains.

Top VICE CAPTAIN Options –

Max Gawn
Wednesday Night vs Richmond – AVG vs Team: 100.3
After a 4 day break this may be a risky one, especially with Brayden Preuss now out of the side. In his last three games against the Tigers he has scored 160, 150 and 72. Not a bad vice captaincy option, just a risky one with big Maxy coming off a very short turnaround.

Brodie Grundy
ANZAC Day vs Essendon – AVG vs Team: 84.0
In his last three games against the Bombers he has returned scores of 155, 113 and 71, he’s in good form and after a 7 day break looks like he could be a pretty safe vice captaincy option.

Zach Merrett
ANZAC Day vs Collingwood – AVG vs Team: 97.8
This guy is on fire and he could be an absolute POD based on current form and current ownership. 120, 155, 137 going into this round and scored 130 and 114 in his last two games against the Pies. Levi Greenwood’s possible inclusion is a potential worry though.

Lachie Neale
Early Saturday vs Gold Coast – AVG vs Team: 99.7
Lachie Neale’s first ever QClash. He’s not new to crosstown rivalries thanks to the Western Derby’s between Freo and West Coast and should post a solid score after a slight mare last week against the Pies.


Tom Rockliff
Friday Night vs North Melbourne – AVG vs Team: 93.8

No Ben Jacobs and looks like he’s been given the licence to hunt the ball again, and he could go very large in this game. The last time he scored a Captain’s worthy score against North Melbourne though was way back when he was still in Brisbane colours with a 126 in 2014. A masterstroke if it pays off, but nonetheless risky.

Other options: Dayne Beams, Dustin Martin


Matt Crouch
Saturday vs St Kilda – AVG vs Team: 85.0

Matt Crouch is just getting the job done this year. Multiple scores 110+ and a 108 on the weekend. Been nothing but a solid pick so far, but he has the potential to go big and scored a 132 in one of the last three games he played against the Saints. An interesting selection, but an understandable one at that.

Stephen Coniglio
Saturday Night vs Sydney – AVG vs Team: 98.9
Will he be tagged? Depending on who you ask, you get a different answer here. I’m going to go with No, but stranger things have happened. Hasn’t lit up in past “Battle of the Bridges” but he has the chance to do it this week. Scored a 98 and a 124 in the two Sydney Derby’s last year.

Nat Fyfe
Saturday Night vs Western Bulldogs – AVG vs Team: 103.6
Fyfe is a different beast at Optus Stadium, he’s a beast at any stadium but he somehow evolves in this Superhuman who cannot be taken down unless you clash heads with him. Thanks Josh Battle. Scored a 151 the last year when these two teams met, which coincidentally was also a Round 6, Saturday night game as well.

Patrick Cripps
Sunday vs Hawthorn – AVG vs Team: 97.0
Patrick, do us a favour and kick the ball this week? Thanks. 37 disposals and 32 of them handballs hurt his score last week, but up against the Hawks should be on the front foot to try and get the Blues their second win for the season, and on the trot. Expecting a big score from him this week, as long as Daniel Howe doesn’t tag him. Scores of 122, 118 and 118 in his past three games against the Hawks.

CAPTAIN Smokey –

Andrew Gaff
Sunday vs Geelong – AVG vs Team: 93.9

With a 123 and a 120 in his last two games against Geelong, is this a punt to take? Gaff is racking up the footy and the Eagles look to him to provide run and carry from defence to the midfield to the forward line. Geelong will try and shut him down, but he could be in for a big score.

Other options: Patrick Dangerfield, Jack Macrae

Who are you going with this week, Community?

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What about Jackson Macrae? Could VC him into Crippa since Bines is the last match of the round


Treloar into Crippa for me


Neale in Danger for me


I’m doing the same thing!! Neale will get 150+!!




Grundy into Fyfe for me


Hey community, do we see walters or billings being able to stay top FWDs?


Touch and go, top 10 probably, top 6 🤷🏻‍♂️


Thoughts on Billings in for Darling! The vc on Neale and C on Dangerfield!!


Do it Binga.


For those thinking of Gawn VC | Richmond has allowed just 95.2 ppg to opposition ruckmen & only Grundy went above 100 (137). Off a four day turn around don't expect Gawn to dominate tonight. #supercoach


Sorry Lek but glad I didn't resd this before putting the vc on Gawn and now banking his 145 as my captain's score.

Statty Matty

Don't bring actual stats into this, Lekdog.


Think I'll bite the bullet and trade Collins out for Lockhart this week. Collins' cash gen will stall badly for at least a couple of weeks. Lockhart bargain basement and gets straight back in the Dees' side after one week off sore. Jetta out. Plus it frees up an extra $200,000 for me to chase Fyfe next week (or Neale the week after).


I did the same Steeeve, have a nice bank account now so it's upgrade time next week.


Was planning to upgrade one and paint the fence down to hately. But he's been dropped! How unlucky can you be?


I reckon he'll get another shot at it, could've pulled up sore after his first game..the Coach would be negligent not to give him another game soon to let him develop, he's a round 1 draft pick ffs…there must be another reason he was dropped we don't know about.


Balta into collins


Luv ya work Genius 😂


Don’t you have Burgess?

The Ranger

Genius Genius

Rick Grimes

By the way, thanks lads for pumping out all this content. Very much appreciated. You're like rookies pumping out tons, bloody legends!


Agree Rick well done lads, thanks for all the selfless hard work and research.

Rick Grimes

As much as we loved Jock and co, the site is going from strength to strength. The lads are bringing their own flavour and it's a tasty snack.


Agreed Rick. Well said


Neale into Fyfe imo ,

Rick Grimes

All Hore jokes aside, he's a bit of a beauty. $$$$


Worth every cent mate 🙂

Rick Grimes

Could be one we can hold long term.


If Touhy is in I think Clark will be out John, never know for sure though.


Hard to know unless you have a definite loophole on that line John, I just tend to go onfield with whoever has the highest average as the season goes on.


Duursma has North at home he should go ok


Oliver dud pick this season

Rick Grimes

The whole midfield seems to be struggling. He'll come right.


It'll be hard not to trade him out next week if he spuds it this week…plenty of other options.

Rick Grimes

104 before scaling. I don't have him but I wouldn't trade. Got to be going pretty good to sideways a premo out.


Sideways is my middle name this year Rick hahah


Oliver will still be top 8


Look at it this way… if Oliver is your M8 at years end, you would be pretty happy

Rick Grimes

Happy with Ross. Was him or Baker. Similar score for $40k odd less. Cotchin still 2-3 weeks away so should make some cash.


You are a gr8 man Lek but as always in this game consider any good advice but ultimately back ya gut.

Had the VC around big maxy's neck.
Nice start.

Rick Grimes

Great start mate. Feel like this is going to be a high scoring round. Nice to bank the captain score.


Thanks mate.
Also had hore on the ground this week.
He is one of their best defenders, Tmac looked a bit more settled back.
Dees just look lost between the arcs and moving the pill into their forward? line.


Maxy surprised me, but I honestly thought Nank would’ve put up a better contest that’s why I avoided the VC on Gawn but I was proved wrong


7 of my opponents had VC on Gawn.

Come on Grundy, smash TBC.


Had the vc on Maxy. Read that Nank is the 4th easiest ruck to score against and Maxy scored 151 v Richmond last year. Have had Hore since round one and very happy with his output.


What he said. 😉


Grundy or macrae Vc?


Do I trade Menagola? His pumped out a couple of back to back dud scores


Those last couple of forward spots could be filled by any number of players, Menegola included. I’d hold.


Gotta keep him.

Season has already had so many redeemers


Yeah I think I'll hold hopefully he comes good. Thanks for the input fella's

Stupid Coach

Who do I put the VC and C on this week -.Mcrae, Cripps, Merrett, Danger, Coniglio. Went Whitfield (VC) and Cripps (C) which didn't quite work out. Don't have Grundy, Neale or Fyfe. Have Gawn but alas did not put the VC on him. Opponents have the VC on Grundy but I don't have him in my team.


Should I go:
1. Grundy into Fyfe
2. Grundy into Cripps
3. Fyfe into Cripps
Other potential C options are Danger, Lloyd, MCrouch, Coniglio


Who is your non playing loophole?

Gotta go Grubdy VC and see what happens first, might be all you need


Which two to put on field
Constable, Gibbons and Butters


Constable first. coin toss after that.


fyfe or cornboy crippa lads? … cooked my vc already