Who’s Your Captain? – Round 5

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With the Eagles playing on Friday night, it creates a difficult conundrum for some coaches when it comes to nailing down a viable VC option, and being able to execute the loophole. Luckily, or unluckily for him, Will Setterfield is now suspended for two weeks and can be used instead.

Without further ado, your options for Round 5.

Top VICE-CAPTAIN Options –

Lachie Neale
Thursday Night vs Collingwood – AVG vs Team: 84.4
Neale’s average against Collingwood is dragged down by an injury affected 14 which presents as is lowest score against last year’s grand finalists. Scores of 104, 106 and 140 in his last 3 games against the Pies, and looks to be in blistering form at the moment. A great VC option.

Brodie Grundy
Thursday Night vs Brisbane – AVG vs Team: 103.3
Not many ruckmen go up against Stefan Martin and still have a three figure average against Brisbane on the other side. Scores of 110, 120 and 121 in his last three games against the Lions, and hasn’t had a score below 130 since his round 1 mare.

Max Gawn
Saturday vs St Kilda – AVG vs Team: 113.0
Up against the Saints on the weekend and will face an in form Rowan Marshall. Scores of 127, 128 and 145 in his last three games against the Saints, looks a very good option for a late VC or early Captaincy option.


Shannon Hurn
Friday Night vs Port Adelaide – AVG vs Team: 82.4

The Eagles captain will once again have his work cutout for him down back against the Power. Projected to score 111, but he just seems to be getting better with age and has the potential to easily eclipse that score.

Other options: Nat Fyfe, Lachie Whitfield, Jake Lloyd, Marcus Bontempelli

Top CAPTAIN Options –

Patrick Cripps
Early Sunday vs Western Bulldogs – AVG vs Team: 88.6
Scores of 106 and 143 in his last two games against the Doggies, and should be a fairly safe captaincy option. No score below 116 for the year so far and his last two scores above 150.

Jack Macrae
Early Sunday vs Carlton – AVG vs Team: 113.0
With his lowest ever score of 95 against the Blues this also makes for a very safe captaincy option within the same game. Scores of 110, 124 and 141 in his last three games against the Blues, but with Will Setterfield out, does Ed Curnow resume tagging duties?

Patrick Dangerfield
Easter Monday vs Hawthorn – AVG vs Team: 121.6
Good ol’ Paddy loves the big stage. Was frustrated after being tagged by the Giants and will want to bounce back in a big way. Scores of 160, 130 and 90 in his last 3 against the Hawks, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he scores a monster score again.

CAPTAIN Smokey –

Gary Ablett Jr
Easter Monday vs Hawthorn – AVG vs Team: 136.4
How can I do a Captaincy article without talking about the beloved Gary Ablett, Jr? In his first year back at the Cattery, ol’ Gary scored a 144 and a 158 against the Hawks. This guy loves the big occassions and what’s to say he doesn’t go big again. Will you take the punt for old times sake?

Other options: Matt Crouch, Rory Sloane

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It’s Grundy into Cripps for me.

I’m other news, Rockliff and Stack are IN for Butters and Constable. The only other I’m considering is Libba, but Rockliff has performed better overall


Yes it was, I think if you were to get a player of his caliber in later, you would just be wasting time.
I need some point generation and this way I'm not shedding trades


Don’t think trading Constable is wise. Probably the Jen most trustworthy rookie we got atm


He is, but there is more benefit in Rockliff than Constable, considering Constable will max our at max of 400,000


At this stage
The Bont(VC) into Danger(C)
Rumours Bucks will use Greenwood to tagged Neale. If Greenwood doesn't get name tonight, Neale(VC) welcome to my team. Will then toss a coin between The Bont and Danger for captaincy.


VC gawn but don’t get to loop Parker and Petrucelle or VC Grundy but can loop?


Whitfield into Cripps for mine.


Who is jumping on Stack? Will gain more in the next two games than Butters will in a month. Just has to hold his spot. What do we think?


Butters to Stack mate get it done!




Parker & maybe Heeny out ๐Ÿค”


Grundy into Cripps for me.
Holding trades now Fyfe is likely playing. Still plotting how to get Neale and Whitfield in. Rooks need to fatten up still. Would need 2 x trades to do it.


Neale into Cripps.

Butters to Stack and Parker to Marshall.

Good luck this week guys and gals!


This week’s trade plan
If butters is dropped (Butters to Stack and Dunkley to Boak)
If Butters plays (Hold My trades)
If Longer is dropped (Trade Dunkley to Marshall)

Thoughts community?


Gawn into macrae for mine

The Bont

Should I trade Butter or Setterfield to Stack

Butters could make money while Setterfield is suspended

Who will make the most money over the next 5 rounds?

Darcy Davies

considering setterfield wont be playing 2 i would say butters would likely make more over 5 rounds, and has showed greater scoring potential


Love a few peoples thoughts if possible if you can spare a minute. I've got the odd opinion but this has been doing my head in!

Neale IN Leaves my weakest Mid is Constable, weakest D is Clark and weakest F is Parker/Petrucelle.

Whitfield IN Leaves my weakest Mid is Duurmsa, Hore weakest D and Parker/Petrucelle as my F6

Heeney/Boak (which 1 if this IN) leaves Butters/Stack/Scott/Atkins as weakest Mid, Hore weakest D , and Drew as my F6


It’s too late for those players, unless ur going sideways. You just need to wait.

If not. Neale


No VC this week, everything on Danger.

HE will make amends for lest week.


Bont or Gawn for C ?
Opponent has the C on Gawn.