Supercoach Cheat Sheet | Round 4

Hello JR community,
It’s another edition of the most sought after resource in SC circles. The JR Community Cheat Sheet!

To be honest, it’s still a bit of a “wait and see” period for SC. If you can hold off on making trades just yet, you’re setting yourself up for success in later weeks. I’ve flagged a couple of players on the bubble, a few premos to watch, but mostly just wait if you can.

Two things you can do now is start thinking about who you want in your sides by the time the byes are over, and start planning for your byes. It’s never too early. 

Make a plan!  Make a list of targets. Who’s gonna be top 10-12 in each position (top 3-4 in Rucks)? Look at those targets. Will they have a price drop?  Look at your rookies. When are they likely to max out? Look to the next set of possible rookies. When are they likely to debut? If Rookies max out as expected, what trades will you make and when?

If you have a plan for the most likely scenario for your players and team, you can easily adapt if things start to go better or worse than you expected.

See ya in the comments, MattyB.

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  1. Lazza says:

    Dunno about Dunkley … if the doggies keep losing he may be the first magnet move into the middle…

  2. TommyC99 says:

    Was intending on holding Dunkley but seeing him in red got me questioning. Has the blues, dockers, tigers and lions to come. I reckon he could score well this week against the blues but SuperCoach is about the long game.
    If I traded it would be to Boak, Gunston or Daniel. Are we paying too much for Boak?

    • Russty_ says:

      Compared to 478k yeah, but not for what he's averaging now, seems to be having his career year this year, would've been nice to have started with him.

  3. Hazey says:

    Yeah, I'm in the Dunkley conundrum too… A week late on Boak to hey it done in one trade!

  4. Hazey says:

    The other option I'm considering is chopping Constable and Williams to get in Whitfield. Without an injury, I can't see him dropping price anytime soon

    • iLoveNMFC says:

      Playing Sydney in two weeks who are renowned for tagging and keeping him to a low score. Might see a price drop soon…

      • Hazey says:

        Having the discipline to resist buying at peak is the path to success. On the flipside, not grabbing this year's MacCrae while still in fresh could be costly.

  5. Oliver says:

    Rotham doesn't have great job security. He was a late in for Jetta last week. So he might be dropped when Jetta comes back in.

    • Northerner says:

      Agree. I hope he doesn’t get named this week and then when WCE get an LTI in their small/mid defenders he will be a golden downgrade option. Jetta needs to pass the fitness test.

  6. Moggy says:

    I still have westhoff but my patience has come to an end and this week he goes. I can afford Boak or could go Marshall and bank an extra 160k. There are a few other trades to be made in coming weeks and the doe will come in handy but is Marshall really just a stepping stone to an eventual Boak anyway. Thoughts?

    1. westhoff to Boak
    2. Westhoff to Marshall plus 160k
    3. Keep westhoff and save the trade

    Cheers community.

    • Rocksta_ says:

      I’d hold Moggy. The Hoff can play. I’ll be looking at picking him up when he bottoms out.

      • Moggy says:

        Damn, I wasn’t expecting that response. Will be a tough call to hold but I am a fan of having those trades available later in the season. Thanks for helping out !

    • DavidC says:

      Todd Marshall is back in so that should free up Westy to get up the ground a bit. Expect his scores to improve from now.

  7. COREYSC says:

    If you have 30 trades left is a paint the fence move to get dunkley to Boak a good move?

    • Rocksta_ says:

      That’s not a paint the fence. Paint the fence means cashing in a rookie, and upgrading another Rookie or mid pricer stepping stone to a Premo. Dunkley to Boak is a sideways trade but hey, I traded Dunkley to get Lloyd before Rd 3.
      I think Libba has severely hampered Dunkleys prospects this season. If you are going to trade him, it has to be this week I reckon before he bleeds any more cash.

      • Russty_ says:

        Compared to Boak, Dunkley is scoring like a midpricer, Rocksta, maybe that's what he meant. 🙂

        • Rocksta_ says:

          Yea, fair enough Russty.
          I ditched Dunkley’s sorry ass 3 weeks ago.

        • COREYSC says:

          Haha yeah nah I actually thought wrong, Atleast I know now! But yeah I had Billings last year I don’t think I can go through this again but I may just stick with Dunkley I’m kinda conflicted!

          • Rocksta_ says:

            It’s a hard one mate. This year has been a Nightmare for me so far. I just had a look at last years history and I was ranked 446th after 4 rounds. This year I’m ranked 28,000th plus. What’s worse, I have NFI what I’m going to do this week.
            It’s going to be a long season!!

          • Dan says:

            Have you got Tim Kelly?
            I also have Dunkley and am thinking of trading him to Kelly in a week or two (when Kelly's price bottoms out).
            Having said that, if you set on Boak it's probably better to get him before his price goes up further.

          • Dan says:

            (I'm just a bit concerned about the possibility of Boak getting tagged by Hutchings this week)

            • COREYSC says:

              Yeah my forwardline is Danger, Heeney, T.Kelly, Dunkley, Drew, Parker (Setterfield, Petruccelle) that has left my defence quite thin with Lloyd, Z.Williams and B.Smith my top three in defence

    • Richard says:

      Stick with Dunkley. I will be. You can upgrade him late in the season. You can't have everyone performing all the time, you always have to carry at least one under-performing premo for a large part of the year.

      • COREYSC says:

        I had Billings last season, I know that feeling.

        So if Butters is dropped tonight do I still bring in Stack?

        • Richard says:

          Only if the cheap $102k works in your favour. I personally would wait for a better rookie option.

  8. The Bont says:

    Should I trade Butter or Setterfield to Stack

    Butters could make money while Setterfield is suspended

    Who will make the most money over the next 5 rounds?

    • Northerner says:

      Maybe pass on Stack and wait for a mid rookie that scores more than 40 in their bubble week. They will emerge. But go with your gut if you think Stack is the answer.

    • Lekdog says:

      I'm passing on Stack (pending team drops) we don't have to jump on every rookie there is, particularly a guy who has maybe 4 inclusions into his side this week

  9. Rocksta_ says:

    Is anybody concerned about the prospect of Heeney, Parker and Setterfield not playing this week? I’m assuming many of you out there are in this same boat. Given the scarcity of forward rookie downgrade options, I am terrified by this possibility.

    • Browncow says:

      Yep. If Parker doesn’t play it looks like an early season doughnut for me. Tempted by Bolton / Baker but no JS there as yet with Butler and a few others in the wings.

      • Beezneez says:

        In the same boat with no dpp swing. A donut for me if they're all out. Also read there may be some doubt on Petrucelle. Fortunately there are plenty others in the same boat. No forward rooks is making it hard. Have the option of trading one to a defensive rook (Rotham/Lockhart) and moving Burgess fwd but will lose dpp swing with Moore – only if desperate.

    • Lekdog says:

      Oh it's a nightmare

  10. SK23 says:

    Struggling to decide what trade to make this week. I have about 270k cash in bank and 29 trades left.
    Was thinking one of the following:
    1. Bines to O’Brien and Parker to Marshall
    2. Bines to O’Brien and Sheed to Merrett

    Is Stack worth looking into? Is Marshall worth it now and will he be consistent? What about Merrett?


  11. Northerner says:

    Sauce knee op means six weeks of O’Brien cash generation. Very tempting.

  12. Swan song says:

    I need help

    Rookies in my teams are

    Mid: butters, gibbons, Scott
    Fed: Balta, Parker, Petruccelle

    Ideas on who I trade out.
    Can go butters and of the others and goto Walsh and stack

  13. Binga says:

    Thoughts on Goldy down to Mummy and Butters down to Stack?? My reasons for this are; Butters has slightly peaked he has be of 48 and he verses the Eagles this week, then North and Collingwood. All three of these teams have good midfielders and I can’t see him scoring that well!! My thoughts going down to Mummy is he still has a negative breakeven scoring well and upgrade him to Gawn at around the byes!! Let's show some stats on this,

    Mummy av vs next 5 opponents; Freo (86), Swans (97), Saints (92), Hawks (104) and the Blues (111).
    Goldstein av vs next 5 oppenents Bombers (104), Port (86), Carlton (104), Cats (97) and the Swans (87)

    Mummy is expected to rise 93k in 4 rounds.
    Goldy is expected to lose 13k in 4 rounds.

    • Lekdog says:

      Unnecessary, Goldy still scoring well, Mummy unreliable and you'd be trading him again later on anyway

      • Binga says:

        Thanks Lekdog, I do need some extra coin for my future upgrades and I'm doing one in two rounds time. Keep up the amazing work on this website mate and I really appreciate the live streams!!

        Cheers Binga

  14. Derek says:

    Thanks Statty.

    Holy Batman. I didn’t know how cheap O’Brien was. That is rookie price. Thought he would be $300k. Very interesting.

    I’m now very interested in the health of Jacobs

    Setterfield to O’Brien is not out of the question. No other trade options in forward line.

    How many weeks is Jacobs out for?

    • BrownlowBoy says:

      4-6 I think Derek

    • HarryH76 says:

      I started with Gawn and Goldy and fear I cannot last too long without Grundy. So controversially considering Goldy to O'Brien then ultimately up to Grundy. It results in 2 trades eventually but I'd have to do 1 anyway Goldy to Grundy eventually and O'Brien will easily make 200+k on his price. Struggling to find a reason not to do it…. the only one I can fathom is they throw Jenkins into the ruck and don't play O'Brien.

    • johnno2908 says:

      Yeah I’m doing it. Setterfield to O’Brien.

    • Beezneez says:

      If he goes the surgery option they say 4-8. I have a problem with my meniscus atm and it has been very painful for 3 weeks. The doc recommended rest rather than having scans etc. It is finally starting to settle down but is still dodgy. Hoping I can play golf this week. I had the same thing 2 years ago and it took 4 weeks of complete rest, ice etc to feel comfortable.

      • Russty_ says:

        He had the surgery yesterday Beez, hope you can make it out onto the links , maybe strap it up with a support bandage.

        • Beezneez says:

          Yeah Thanks Russty. Getting withdrawal symptons from not playing. Didn't know that about Jacobs. Newspaper this morning didn't report it. Might give the bandage a go.

  15. FearTheBeard says:

    Love a few peoples thoughts if possible if you can spare a minute. I've got the odd opinion but this has been doing my head in!

    Neale IN Leaves my weakest Mid is Constable, weakest D is Clark and weakest F is Parker/Petrucelle.

    Whitfield IN Leaves my weakest Mid is Duurmsa, Hore weakest D and Parker/Petrucelle as my F6

    Heeney/Boak (which 1 if this IN) leaves Butters/Stack/Scott/Atkins as weakest Mid, Hore weakest D , and Drew as my F6

    • Justin says:

      Far from an expert but financially I'd say Boak's price will increase the most from here so a little more to lose jumping on him later.
      As for which rookie scenario is best, toss a coin I say.
      Obviously we need all those premos mentioned so if we're getting them in we're heading in the right direction.

  16. Tiger says:

    What to do with Dom Sheed? So convinced he was going to the next level and definitely I believe he has the talent to do so , but it seems to me he’s not getting the midfield time I was hoping for . It’s looks like to me he’s still behind Gaff, Shuey and Yeo. The other worry is that I was told that Redden and Sheed last week may have swapped roles (didn’t see the game)and also if Hutchings has to tag maybe less midfield time again. Tu- hold for now or trade to 1=Rocky or 2=Merrett. Cheers

    • Russty_ says:

      Hey Tiger, I guess if Sheed isn't getting the mid time he was earlier he could revert back to his averages of the last few years, maybe best to offload to Rocky now, he's much cheaper than Merrett and has the big ceiling.

    • Lekdog says:

      I'm a wait and see on him for the moment

  17. Ray says:

    Is it worth using my first 2 trades on the year to get obrien in or just hold?

  18. Fabian says:

    Is it stupid to sideways Crisp for Tom Stewart??

  19. Jack says:

    Was set on a double downgrade this week going Butters -> Stack and Parker -> O'Brien. Teams are out and Devon Smith is being managed! Thats the final straw with him so Smith-> Boak is set, but what rookie trade should I do?

  20. flex350 says:

    Is English to O'brien a good trade?
    Have 29 trades remaining atm, this would be only trade this week. Still waiting for rookies to max out.
    English isnt doing much and appears Obrien will score the same if not more.

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