SuperCoach Panic Room: Round 4

Is it just me or does this season already feel like week 15 and we’ve just been chewed up and spat out by the byes? Injuries, suspensions, underperforming premiums, and several rookies already looking like they’ve hit the wall are testing our resolve to remain calm. There’s no such thing as a quick fix in SuperCoach, as we say, ‘it’s a marathon, not a sprint” so keeping your head is paramount at the moment. That said, who doesn’t love contemplating a good complicated trade scenario to distract yourself from the boring 9 till 5 life?

This week water coolers all over the land were dominated by the Dusty saga. Questions regarding the severity of act aside, do they not have cameras in Sydney? How can there be 17 different angles of Cox tangling with Grimes the other week but all we’ve got is  grainy footage filmed on a Nokia 3310 from 80 metres away? Then there was Dusty’s “gesture” to (presumably) Shane Mumford. Now I’m not some fancy big city lawyer, but you don’t need to be a body language expert to decode that one. The AFL issued a please explain over the incident.

As always, big week by the boys. Damo has overtaken the podcast this week and I, for one, welcome our new West Australian overlord. Things are heating up in the rookie department as everyone is falling over. Get in inside word on who is pushing their case in Barron’s rookie report. Nailing your captain is key to a decent score in these early rounds, check out Damo’s captain article over here, and last, but certainly not least, you can click here to get on, in, and around Magnificent Matty’s cheat sheet

The News

As U2 famously sung, “Thursday, Bloody Thursday” (don’t fact check that). The Swans host the Dees tonight and the Dees have given us Gawn owners reason to break out in cold sweats by selecting Braydon Preuss for his club debut. Neal-Bullen has been dropped. Billy Stretch is in for Kade Kolo…???…nij (head knock). The Swans are handing a debut to Justin McInerney (DEF – 117.3k). His pace and willingness to take the game on won himself plenty of fans on the back of 15 disposals in JLT2. While it didn’t translate to a massive SC score (51SC), he’s one to watch. Veteran Kieran Jack will play his first game of the year. McVeigh (quad) and Hayward (jaw) are the ones to make way.

Collingwood have dropped tagger Levi Greenwood for Travis Varcoe tonight. Jason Johannisen will play his first game of the season, Lewis Young is the one to make way. Jack Henry is back for the Cats after a week out 

Callan Ward will lineup for the Giants for the first time this year. Essendon have dropped Aaron Francis for some reason in one of four changes. Cale Hooker is amongst the rather uninspiring ins. Allen Christensen will have his first run for the year at Brisbane. Some big changes at the Tigers as injuries and suspension continue to hit the club hard. Trent Cotchin and Jayden Short are injured, Dusty is rubbed out for a week, and they’ve dropped three more. Dylan Grimes returns from suspension. Houli and Josh Caddy return from injuries, and there’s a debut for Jack Ross (MID – 117.3k). Shai Bolton (FWD – 146.6k) and Liam Baker (FWD – 162.1k) are cheaper options to keep an eye on if they impress. Port will go in unchanged for the match. For the derby out West, Nat Fyfe is out despite my famous chicken soup and around the clock rubdowns. Lachie Schultz is back in. Josh Rotham is straight out for the returning Liam Duggan. Bailey Scott is being “rested” for North after doing nothing for us for two weeks. Paul Ahern finally gets a game. The struggling Bryce Gibbs has been dropped by the Crows.    

Only the two games on Sunday. There’s a possible debut for Liam Stocker (MID – 126.3k) at Carlton. Charlie Curnow is back in after a week out. Gold Coast have added four players to their squad for the game. There’s no listed outs for the Saints and Hawthorn yet, but you’d expect at least one change for each as Jack Steven and Jarryd Roughead will return. 

The House of Evil

Rookie prices are beginning to shift so it’s important now to not only keep track of when their breakeven matches up their average (a sign you should trade a rookie) but to do the same with premiums who have copped a price loss. Watch for when their breakeven becomes achievable again so you can snag them at their lowest price point.

These rookies come with a free frogurt! (that’s good)

Subject to selection – Few unlikely names
Bold – On the bubble (2 games)
* – Played just the one game

These premiums come with Potassium Benzoate (that’s bad)

Smooth Kevy’s Lock of the Week

Lachie Neale is the obvious choice here but that 646k price tag may be out of reach for some. The weekly rookie lotto in our forward and defensive lines is beginning to hurt and needs to be addressed. If you didn’t start Lachie Whitfield this season you probably considered him at some point, and now you’re kicking yourself you didn’t bite the bullet. Other than repeated instances of leather poisoning, an average of almost 700m gained a week is whatever the standard is above elite. 11 marks, 6.6 R50’s and 4.6 I50’s a game over the first 3 weeks, Lachie is doing it all and hardly spending any time on the bench. He’ll be above 600k very soon. 

Hey Now, You’re A Draftstar!

The duck was finally broken last week! The lineup finished a respectable 53 points off the pace, settling for a 74th place finish. A $5.95 win if you entered into the $2 mini. 


Fremantle gave up 122DS to Rowan Marshall last week so I’m all over Tom Hickey (FWD / 10k) here who is a similar type of mobile ruck. Against Rory Lobb he should be able to take advantage. Speaking of Lobb (FWD / 11.3k), I don’t mind him as a solo ruck. We saw at GWS this suited him well and he put up 95 last week.   

On a single game slate Nathan Vardy (7.7k) will either tank your lineup with a 30DS or have a random value smashing game. If you’re entering multiple lineups chuck a dart in his direction but otherwise avoid.  


Adam Cerra (MID / 8.8k) stepped it up last week after Fyfe was hurt and has been earmarked this week by Ross to do the same. Taylin Duman (9.6k) played intercepter last weekend against the Saints, pulling in 7 marks (4 intercepts). I love watching Oscar Allen (FWD / 6.9k) play. We’ve yet to see him have a value crushing game but he’ll rip a game open one day.

West Coast are only second to Richmond in conceding points to running defenders this year. If you’ve played Luke Ryan (10k) in DFS before you’ll know just how frustrating he can be, but he went B-A-N-A-N-A-S last week with 136DS. Shannon Hurn (11.8k) has 4 scores over 90 in his past 5 against Freo. If he can hit those heights 11.8k is a steal for a player of his consistency. Brad Sheppard (12k) is $200 more than Hurn and has scored between 85-95 to start the season.


Nat Fyfe is a massive loss for Freo. Looking at some in/out stats from 2018, David Mundy (FWD / 12.5k) averaged 12DS more in games without Fyfe. Ed Langdon (13k), Brad Hill (14.4k), and Michael Walters (11.6k) all saw drops between 10 and 13DS. Langdon is a much improved player though, so I don’t mind his selection. Travis Colyer (FWD / 8.8k) has had a nice start to his career in Fremantle colours and should see a bump without Fyfe. 

On the other side of the ledger, there’s nothing like a derby to play yourself back into form, Elliot Yeo (14k) has a 3 game average of 118 against West Coast and should be low owned after an underwhelming start to 2019. Jack Redden (13.6k) is in the same boat, a three game average of 125DS against Freo. Andrew Gaff (16.2k) is a Draftstars stud. If you can afford to pay up for him get on board. Bailey Banfield is an interesting out, he kept Luke Shuey (13.7k) quiet last year


Any off the DPP guys (Lobb, Mundy, Colyer) missed the cut elsewhere you can put them here. Not many more forwards I like. Freo have struggled against medium forwards so far this season, giving up 84DS to Jade Gresham and 103DS to Alex Sexton. Jack Petruccelle (6.8k) has had a reasonable fortnight and is a good salary saver.  

Comments (948)

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  1. JohnDJ59 says:

    Going with your lock of the week, Whitfield, traded out the sleeveless one, Simpson.

  2. Connor says:

    Is Libba a must-have? Trying to stick fat with Dunkley but its an easy DPP swing with cash in hand…

    • SC_Kev7 says:

      I'm in the stick fat camp. Dunkley's 84 average is not the worst. Obv not getting those midfield minutes he was (despite Bevo promising us he would!) but he's a midfield injury away from stepping into a larger role

  3. Steeeve says:

    Anyone moving on Hore? Will kick myself if Lockhart/Wagner put up a great score and lock themselves in the team for a few weeks…

    • Danners says:

      I think it is important to have rookies generating cash early so moving Hore to one of those two would be a good move if you haven't used many trades

    • SC_Kev7 says:

      Seeing how Stack goes myself

    • Derek says:

      The Lockhart DPP is very interesting

      Probably even more interesting if I can swing Duurmsa into guts. I wouldn’t even mind if Lockhart didn’t even play, gives me a rookie loophole across 3 lines. Very interesting.

      • Steeeve says:

        Any chance Hore gets another run soon aka before byes when he can plump up? Is a travelling emergency

  4. Rivo says:

    Yes Kev, panic set in on Sunday night.

    Have Fyfe, Dusty and T.Kelly.
    Don’t have Neale, Whitfield or Boak.

    Of these, Dusty is the likely trade. I can bench the other 2 for a week.

    1. Dusty to Boak via DPP swing (T.Kelly to mids);
    2. Dusty & S.Collins to Neale & Lockhart (M9);
    3. Dusty & Setterfield via DPP to Whitfield & Moore/Schultz.

    Which one?

    • Derek says:

      Dusty is only missing ONE week.

      Fyfe is out this week and maybe back the next week.

      Kelly is playing this week.

      Can you hold them?

      Are you trading zdudty because he is out or just because?

      • Rivo says:

        Dusty has been awful. Can’t keep him at M4 with that output & cant see him getting near Top 10 from here.

        Want to hold the other 2.

      • Krups says:

        Dusty can get stuffed. Dont care if he was playing. Hellloo Neale.

  5. FirstTimeTrader says:

    After holding the trigger last week Dusty has to go. 30 trades left. I have two options:
    A) Out: Dusty, Cousins In: Neale and Miers (swing into FWD)
    B) Out: Dusty, Cousins In: Libba and Dahl (swing into FWD)

    A means I have Neale, B gives me a better overall team. I know that Libba will need to go at some stage or could be a M9. Dahl would be a keeper.
    Other trade out option is B.Smith (DEF).

    • Hawks says:

      Get Neale. He is a keeper that you wont have to trade up later.

      Think Libba & Dahl are likely both cash friendly stepping stones

  6. Flynn says:

    Fix my team please

    Simmo, Williams, mills, Smith, Clark, duursma (Burgess, hore)

    Macrae, fyfe, Oliver, treloar, sheed, b.crouch, Walsh, Constable (butters, scott, gibbons)

    Grundy, westhoff (clark)

    Danger, Dunkley, Moore, drew, Parker, setters (petrucelle, shlensog)

    270 k in the kitty
    Am thinking of going
    Simmo- Whitfield, gibbons- Mumford via dpp which will make my forward line stronger and get setters off the field

    Any other options would be appreciated

    • Derek says:

      Don’t mind the Gibbons to Mummy

      Simmo to Whitfield is luxury trading. How many trades have made already?

      • Flynn says:

        Have only made one trade so far

        • Derek says:

          It’s tough to trade a premium, especially when they bounce back the next week.

          I have made one trade, Mundy out last week. Was doing Simpson like numbers, even worse. Fyfe goes down, Mundy steps up, bang 109, plus Fyfe out this week, Mundy more TOG. Boom, he is going big again I just know it.

          As long as Simpson doesn’t do a Mundy, you will be ok.

          PS. Ward back this week, Pushes Taranto out of guts. Does this then effect Whitfield’s role?

    • Maverick_ says:

      Mills to Lloyd/tuohey/whitfield ?
      I feel simmo can bounce back you chose him as a keeper. Mills just isn’t cutting it at all and scoring history/job role says he won’t..

      • Derek says:

        Mills scored 109 last week was ok

        McVeigh to miss months. He will hopefully get a running role with kick ins. might even get to the midfield once Grundy gets back

  7. BrownlowBoy says:

    Duursma not trading with the main group at Port training.

  8. Danners says:

    Hi lads
    Debating on who are priorities to get in this week
    My team currently
    DEF: Laird, Sicily, Whitfield, Scrimshaw, Clark, Duursma (Burgess, Hore)
    MID: Cripps, Oliver, Fyfe, Treloar, Sloane, Walsh, Constable, Setterfield (Gibbons, Scott, Atkins)
    RUCK: Grundy, Gawn (Bines)
    FWD: Danger, Heeney, Dunkley, Drew, Schultz, Parker (Balta, Petruccelle)
    $2,700 in the bank and 30 trades

    I'm considering going
    Fyfe to Neale
    Setterfield to Lockhart
    Leaves me with $35,600

    Not one for trading out premos but I don't want to make the mistake with Neale like Macrae last year. Setterfield to Lockhart is to give me a bit coin. Not sure on what to do otherwise

    • Hawks says:

      Keep Fyfe, he will likely be out 1 week, and will be top 8 at seasons end (at least by average).

      Nice to get Neale, but try and find another way

    • TommyC99 says:

      Not concerned setterfield still has coin to make?

    • paul says:

      Neale is on fire and I knew he would being the general in the midfield at Brisbane.In for a very big year, bonus is they
      have there backs up winning games.

    • Johnny says:

      Don't get rid of Fyfe did you see his post on Instagram when he announced he wasn't playing.. He asked everyone not to trade him out of their supercoach teams, to me that shows he actually shows an interest in his scoring.. He will repay us when he comes back… HOLD!!

  9. Corey says:

    Haven’t used any trades so far this season is it worth downgrading Hore to Lockhart then Dunkley to Boak and next week downgrade a midfield rookie (likely Gibbons) to Stack
    Just wait and see and stick fat with Dunkley for now

    • Holty01 says:

      Contemplating the same Corey. Boak and Dunkley are playing opposite roles to what I thought they would play.

  10. John says:

    Thinking o going Ridley and Setterfield (both under performers) to Marshall (three games +100 SC) and Stack (via DPP swings etc)

    Can someone give good reasons why this is a dumb idea?

    • Brn says:

      People have been burnt before bringing in a rookie early.
      Its risky but i've done it a few times and it has paid off.
      Risky – yes, but if he plays there isnt a problem. It is simply taking a risk and shouldn't be a 'banned trade'

  11. dontblushbaby says:

    Jack Ross to debut for the Tigers

  12. Alferton says:

    Thoughts please:

    Option 1:Greene out Burgess swung forward and Lockhart in. Dusty out Neale in.

    Option 2: Greene out Rozee in. Dusty out Bont in. Can’t afford to go to Neale.


    • Maverick_ says:

      2 only because I like rozee JS and JS means cash rises $$$. Bont looks real good this year

      • Brn says:

        Dusty to bont is too close to sideways for me. Bont can have some down scores too, and think he will drop a few 70ish scores like last year.

        If you dont mind sacrificing the trade, neale is best

    • Hawks says:

      I'd go option 1.

      Its about getting the best premos in as soon as possible. Neale is definitely top 8 mid, Bont may be?

      I'd back the sure thing, in fact I did Dusty to Neale last week.

  13. BrownlowBoy says:

    Michael Voss said Duursma is okay, so should be right to play fingers crossed!

    Rocky also good to go.

  14. Richie Porte says:

    Dusty must go, Libba or T Kelly.

  15. Ken says:

    Do we hold Fyfe? Or trade down to libba…

    How much cash will Fyfe lose if he comes back doing average

    • Ja191 says:

      price is only relevant once you trade him out. 169 breakeven and he could easily come back and bang out two 150s, hold for me only out the 1 week.

  16. Michael says:

    Jayden Short & Gibbons to Lockhart (DEF) and Libba? Leaves 100k in the bank.

    Will probably have to downgrade either Scott or Atkins next week to Stack

    Also got Hore, however if i downgrade him I’m unable to bring in Libba for Short, therefore would need to get Rich (or any forward/defender for max 470k)

    • Michael says:

      Also, the trade will put Butters on my bench and move Setterfield on field.

      • Maverick_ says:

        I’m not sold on Lockharts JS or scoring potential his DPP is handy but for me that’s all I like about him..

  17. Derek says:

    If Fyfe played this week, Hutchings was waiting for him. If he plays next week, De Boer is waiting. Might be a good couple of weeks to miss.

    I think he will be back next week, but might struggle to score with after effects of concussion and the De Boer tag.

    If he misses 1, then come back with a 90 and 100, his price will be around $540k. Nice pick up in round 8 or 9. Tiger, Essendon, Lions and Pies before a really nice Round 12 bye.

    Dusty to Libba this week will Bank $140k

    Libba should price rise to about $500k by round 8. Libba to Fyfe will cost $40k. Net cost of $100k.

    Compared to (hypothetically) Dusty to Fyfe now, cost $80k. Net savings of $180k, but cost an extra trade.

    Is a trade worth $180k?

    Add the Libba points this round instead of a rookie, say 50pts.

    $180k and 50pts for a trade? Or is it 2 trades if you expect a Dusty to come good and be a keeper.

    • Shake_n_bake says:

      100% right Fyfe misses a week, 1st week back at GWS drops 30k in week back then probably another 20k second week back. I would rather jump ship, doughnut this week like u said maybe a 90-100 week against GWS. I cant hold…welcome back maybe later it will cost myself 1 trade but need league wins!

    • TommyC99 says:

      With the Libba bit, where did you get the net cost of 100k from? Probably a dumb question but trying to wrap my head around it as I’m considering dusty – libba this week

      • Derek says:

        i have Dusty and was doing the maths if i wanted to go Dusty to fyfe (via Libba). I think Fyfe is an upgrade from Dusty.

        trade Dusty to Libba this week, then trade libba to Fyfe in 4-5 weeks. what would that cost.

        First trade puts $140k in my bank.

        second trade will cost me $40k

        • Derek says:

          or just go Dusty to Fyfe now, will cost $80k.

          total cash savings of $180k

          but spend an extra trade.

          is a trade worth $180k…. plus the points i will get by not having a rookie this week?

          • TommyC99 says:

            I’ve seen a lot of people comparing a trade worth to around 150-200k. Is that right? If so I think it is worth it

    • Ja191 says:

      i think dusty made de boer look a lot better then he is. The likes of danger and fyfe should destroy him

  18. Tommo76 says:

    Hey guys, so like many i have to trade out Dusty. Which of these should i go with.
    – Libba
    – Merrett
    – TKelly
    – Sloane (but would have to trade Hore to make it happen)

    Libba is probably the obvious one from these. Could it be considered chasing points though? Merett is a nice POD but can he shake a tag? Anfd Kelly is sideways trading to a guaranteed top 3 fwd? Any feedback would be great!

    • SC_Kev7 says:

      Depends on your take of Libba. He a top 8 mid? Feel you've missed the boat on him now. TKelly from the list (assuming he plays).

      • Tommo76 says:

        I dont see him as top 8-10 mid, but i feel with a -55 BE he can get to 500k. Is that worth it?

  19. FearTheBeard says:

    Do I cut Rocky for Libba? More cash to make as a stepping stone and wasn't good signs prior to his KO with Wines back…

    • FearTheBeard says:

      Plus More chance he could be a keeper if he stays healthy?

      • Brn says:

        You have rocky. Keep him

        • FearTheBeard says:

          I understand though I need to make a trade to make 10-15k cash to get Neale.

          I could go early on Stack and rid myself of Hore.

          That said I'm weighing up Rocky was kod. He was spudding it up before hand (as soon as Wines was in). Libba has a -55 be (think rockys is 100?) bad logic?

      • Hawks says:

        Wouldn't trade Rocky to Libba.

        Not against trading Rocky, but id either go for a Premo, or downgrade to a cash cow (like Stack next week maybe).

        Should be part of painting the fence

        • Brn says:

          Id sacrifice the trade by ridding of one of your worst rookies to a better rookie for the extra cash/neale trade.

          • Brn says:

            Libba has potential to score low.

            Controversial, but if hore isnt named i'd trade him to stack early

  20. Brn says:

    Oliver, gawn or lloyd VC this week?
    Has to be one

    • Hawks says:

      Lloyd, no McVeigh, and the way the ball has been coming out of the Melbourne forward line, Lloyd should get stacks of it.

  21. TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

    Must have finished just a little behind you last week Kev as also cracked it for some cold hard in draftstars.

    Gonna stick with dunk me thinks and probably Brodie as well.

    • SC_Kev7 says:

      Well done, Trigga! I'm usually awful at single slates, so it was good to get a win. Same, keeping Dunks. Don't have Brodie but I'd be keeping him too

  22. Goat____23 says:

    Who do i trade in for Hore… Lockhart or Wagner

  23. Shake_n_bake says:

    Hore to be late in

  24. Russty_ says:

    Melbourne could make as many as two late changes for tonight’s crunch clash against Sydney Swans.

    Mature-age forward Jay Lockhart has a back issue, while gun backman Neville Jetta is also battling some soreness.

    Defender Marty Hore and creative utility Charlie Spargo are on standby from the emergency list.

    Lockhart and Jetta are both likely to face last-minute tests in a bid to prove their fitness before tonight’s warm-up.

    This is from Herald Sun 30 minutes ago.

  25. Finnius says:

    VC Gawn or Clarry? My only loop is Suite.

    • Derek says:

      I'm really looking forward to watching JPK and Oliver go head to head. The old beast and the new beast.

      They could both get 150 or they could both get 60.

      Swans might be happy for them to go head to head and give some attention to brayshaw.

  26. nankthetank says:

    Is Lockhart just a placeholder for May until he returns?

  27. Derek says:

    reminder to everyone:

    Gawn plays tonight.

    Grundy plays Friday night:

    anyone with Gundy/Gawn as Rucks and using R3 (Bines) as your C loophole. make sure you have Gawn on bench WITH E tonight, so you can still use Bines as your loophole C.

  28. Derek says:


    (there is always someone)

  29. UpBeat says:

    Anyone concerned with big Max Gawn now Preuss is playing? and why the f**k is Preuss playing?

    • Russty_ says:

      A little bit, I read he'll be playing a bit more down back but that might not be a bad thing, he tends to get down there anyway, and all over the ground.
      Still think he'll get plenty of Ruckwork (hopefully)..but also, they might need him more down back, it is a worry.
      If Preuss spuds it, he could be out just as quick.

      • UpBeat says:

        True Rusty but IF Preuss plays well sharing the ruck, which he'll be very keen to do, will this effect Gawn long term?

        I'm actually thinking of trading Gawn while his price is big, and bring in a cheaper ruck and Neale with the cash. I need to cover the loss of Fyfe without losing Fyfe..

        • Russty_ says:

          That'd be a big call mate, it's impossible to know how Preuss will affect Gawny yet, he could make up for the lack of hitout/ clearance points taking contested marks down back and getting more kicks.
          Guess you could get Mumford or someone, who would you trade out for Neale?
          Still can't see Gawn not being a top 2 Ruckman, even with Preuss there.

    • Derek says:

      Preuss is there becuase TMac is getting the best defender now Jess is gone. Bring in a bigger bloke, they might free Tom up. maybe.

      • UpBeat says:

        So Gawn will probs stay clear of the backline while Preuss is there? Preuss will ruck the back half.

        • Derek says:

          other way. will be like Cox and Grundy.

          Preuss will play forward and do the forward line ruck and gawn will play midfield and defense

  30. Tristan says:

    Is it worth trading Brodie Smith to Jake Lloyd as I have the cash? Smith hasn't set the world on fire.
    Also don't have Neale so would have to pass on him, though would probably need to trade fyfe to get him.

    • Derek says:

      give it another week. Brodie still has a bit of cash to make. where Lloyd is about as expensive as he will be, shouldn't go up much, get him later.

  31. Greg says:

    worth trading Dunkley to whitfield? (swapping moore to fwd line)

    • Benjiherb says:

      Yeap dunkley is gonna drop in price Whitfield is going up an will continue to score higher than dunkleys not getting a run in the guts.

    • Saritz says:

      I hate sideways trading of premo's. But I actually think its not a bad move. Especially if you didnt use 2 corrective trades after round 3

  32. Benjiherb says:

    Marty HORE in with a late change .

  33. Hank says:

    Dusty for whitfield or Clayton Oliver?

  34. nankthetank says:

    Marty Hore in

  35. RoyWetard says:

    So I was going to trade Lockhart in this week with the idea to be able to get Lloyd next week. Do I trade in Stack now with the hope Lockhart comes back next week and if that happens bring him in next week (or some other rookie that shows up) to get Lloyd? How about Wagner?

  36. Michael says:

    Stewart or Libba to be traded in for Short?

    Libba means I may need to bring Miers in via Moore's DPP, pushing Butters to the bench also. Would leave 100k in the bank.

    Stewart means I will bring in either Wagner or Stack, however Butters stays on field. Would have no money in the bank.

  37. Lazza says:

    Greenwood out… so no tag on Macrae

    • Shake_n_bake says:

      Said he’ll be out. To slow with him in need more pace especially going fwd at times

  38. Lazza says:

    Bailey Scott is out ..

  39. Yeahnah says:

    Hmm.. Scott and Fyfe out means I'll have to field either Atkins or Gibbons..hopefully doesnt hurt me too much

  40. Lazza says:

    Toby Greene misses again

  41. Lazza says:

    Jack Ross named for the Tigers… Liam Stocker in the Blues squad..

  42. PeeJay says:

    Dusty for Libba? Thinking Libba might be a keeper as M8 or 9. Thoughts?

  43. JEL says:

    What's up with Gibbs?
    Doubt many have got him but strange he is 'omitted'

    • Russty_ says:

      I think he's just been playing crap, I just omitted him from my draft side lol

    • JEL says:

      Ok, team news explains:

      Gibbs will run out onto Woodville Oval for the SANFL Crows on Saturday afternoon, replaced in the senior side by Cam Ellis-Yolmen.

      Crows coach Don Pyke said Ellis-Yolmen deserved his opportunity off the back of an impressive and consistent pre-season, coupled with a dominant SANFL performance where he collected a game-high 36 disposals (24 contested possessions), nine clearances and seven tackles.

      “Bryce's form has been patchy and not at the usual consistent high standard that both he and we expect," Pyke said.

  44. Jim says:

    Worth trading scott to wagner?

    • Russty_ says:

      Not sure cause Scott was rested, not omitted..wondering if his first round score was a one off though.

    • hedski says:

      Scott has plenty of cash to make, listed as rested so should be back next week

  45. Ray says:

    What to do with Fyfe?

    No trade – means i have to play Atkins onfield

    1 Trade – Straight swap Fyfe for Bont

    2 Trades – Fyfe and Scott out, Macrae and Wagner in ( wagner on bench)

    • PeeJay says:

      Keep Fyfe, only out for 1 week and easily in top 10 mids at seasons end

    • George S says:

      I nervously traded Fyfe for Neale. That was a serious head knock and it may take 2-3 weeks for his head to fully clear. Maybe a trade in target after the byes.

  46. Matt says:

    Darling to Worpel? Would be my first trade of the year.

  47. Barks says:

    Getting rid off Westoff for Dalhouse that would give me enough to upgrade Goldstein to Gawn is that a wise move or not.

    • kinglear009 says:

      Definitely stick with Goldy. No trading there.

      As for Westhoff, perhaps he needs to go, it's really your call.

    • Russty_ says:

      Goldy could go well against O'Brien this week but Westhoff has to go now if you're gonna do it…he's losing bulk money.

      • Barks says:

        Sounds like good advice, sticking with Goldy. Westoff has gone for Dalhouse and I'll bank the extra cash for a later upgrade.

  48. RoyWetard says:

    Trade Scott with a slight chance at getting Lloyd next week (cap issues) or trade Setterfield as the added 11k would ease my chances of getting Lloyd and hope Scott comes back?

  49. James says:

    What on earth to do with Greene now? i've waited all this time for him

    • Russty_ says:

      Punt him mate, he could miss 6 weeks for all you know, and then what'll he be like?..forget him he's a write off. Bank some cash.

    • hedski says:

      Studs up to the face for bad Toby.

    • Lazza says:

      I was only holding him till this week .. he’s gonesky… now I have to decide what to do with $587k in the kitty

      • Russty_ says:

        Wish I had those problems Laz

        • Lazza says:

          But I’m still a d1ckhead … before Scott was out I had to pick between Gawn or Oliver as my VC as I only had Sweet to loop… guess who I chose .. then not only did I not change the VC, I didn’t think to look at Heeney to replace Greene.. yet I had him in my Trading spreadsheet … Rule #1 … don’t take phone calls from your daughter within 30 mins of the lock out… doh

          • Russty_ says:

            That's it mate..turn off the phone half an hour before bouncedown.

          • derek says:

            i feel your pain mate. double so that you still have Greene

            • Lazza says:

              Yep.. .. and what do I do ? Go to Kelly now or wait another week for Heeney.. still watching Boak, and Daniel… and not ready for Menegola who will drop a few more $$.. I like Daniel too ..
              What a total stuff up..
              I don’t need MIDs at this stage .. have Macrae, Cripps, Neale, MCrouch, Oliver and Libba..

              So it’s probably Kelly.. or loophole Greene and wait..

  50. Ja191 says:

    incoming 150 from lloyd, seagulls gonna be in fine form tonight

  51. Ando says:

    No Greenwood for Collingwood. Macrae C it is.

  52. ZzZCalintZzZ says:

    Go VC Hore!

  53. cash_cows says:

    Hore looking lively.

    Probably should have done it last week but my only trade this week is to fix a start of season blunder.

    Mclean to Dahl.

  54. hedski says:

    Some more juicy head 2 heads for me this week.
    Trigga, Shaker, Rick Grimes, JohnD, Damo, Green Shoots, Brownlow Boy.
    Good luck lads <img draggable="false" class="emoji" alt="👍" src=""><img draggable="false" class="emoji" alt="🍻" src=""&gt;

  55. TommyC99 says:

    Is Oliver even playing? Jeepers needs to lift is an understatement

    • AuroraBorealis?! says:

      Its not listed on fanfooty but he's receiving a lot of attention from Hewett

    • Russty_ says:

      Dunno what's up with him but I'd be happy if he could get somewhere near his breakeven this week, I'm hardly seeing him on the field.

  56. hedski says:

    Heeney making a mockery of me trading him out last week.

  57. Benjiherb says:

    For all those that traded heeney 😂😂

  58. TOPHAWK1 says:

    Clayton Oliver dropping yet another massive turd tonight. WTF is going on with that bloke? Hardly seen the prikkk in that first quarter.

  59. Swans2012 says:

    The trading of Heeney is likely going into the record books as my greatest ever trade error……

    • JohnDJ59 says:

      Yes, but we did have a good reason in that he was playing with an injury and we didn't know how long it would last.

    • derek says:

      you didn't??

      • Swans2012 says:

        Yeah yeah I know, it’s even worse when your a swan supporter and you cheer for him then there’s a little tear in your eye at the same time lol

        Just thought I’d try playing loose this year, got tired of the no midpricer/no sideways regime….the midprice side of things isn’t so bad (English the only real stain, but he goes either sideways to mummy or down to Clarke or up to grundy next week). But safe to say heen comes back in sometime and it’s cost me a trade lol…

  60. Stupid Coach says:

    Looking to get rid of Simpson and don't have enough cash to get Lloyd so thinking of Whitfield. Also have McKay (NM) that I want to offload but can't see an obvious trade option with Lockhart a late withdrawal, Hore playing only his second game and Joyce (St K) listed as an emergency and only playing his second game if named tomorrow. I have Rozee, Burgess, Dursma and Collins. Thoughts?

  61. Rick Grimes says:

    Melbourne not winning any bounces and Brayshaw is floating around in the forward line. Wtf

  62. AuroraBorealis?! says:

    Thoughts on Phil Davis' commentary? I think he shows a lot of promise and will be pretty good once he retires

    • Russty_ says:

      Hey AB, yeah I like Phil, very articulate and he's a dead ringer for Pendles too.

      • AuroraBorealis?! says:

        I was actually really surprised by how intelligent he sounds, maybe its because he's 6"6 and huge but i assumed he was a bit of a neanderthal

  63. hedski says:

    FFS Isaac

  64. Holty01 says:

    Heeney is becoming Menegola all over again. 😫

  65. gator59 says:


    • Russty_ says:

      GATOR!….good to see you mate, haven't seen you around much lately.
      Itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini Heeney's killing it 🙂

  66. Russty_ says:

    Come on Gawny..keep going you big bald bearded behemoth bastard!

  67. TOPHAWK1 says:

    Heeney in trouble. God damn!!!!

    • Russty_ says:

      Crap!..hopefully he's ok after some treatment at half time.

      • Maverick_ says:

        he'll be okay a quick jab and he will continue his way to another 130+

        • Northerner says:

          Struggling to see how 75 at half time was his score. Didn’t seem to get enough of it. Thought Lloyd was outstanding every time he got near it. Such an amazing user and so clean.

          • AuroraBorealis?! says:

            His posessions are very rarely contested though Northener, which does limit his score slightly. Still a gun though obviously

    • Russty_ says:

      You don't have him mate, why all the exclamation points?..haha

  68. Russty_ says:

    Jeez Melbourne really kick a lot without looking who they're kicking it to, need a bit more composure.

  69. Maverick_ says:

    clayton oliver to dusty martin for me next week… lock it in

    • Russty_ says:

      Clayton to Libba mate, after his 70k price-rise this week 🙂

      • Maverick_ says:

        haha luckily i already have libba russty i started him was due for some good fortune after starting him in 2018 and lasting 10 minutes before he done his ACL! My God Brayshaws DE% must be horrible he never seems to find targets i reckon that hurts his scoring alot.

        • Russty_ says:

          Yeah I felt that pain too Mav, had Libba last year too…Brayshaw's D/E is 62.5 with 1 clanger, Oliver's is 54.5 with 4 clangers.

  70. Northerner says:

    FFS. Went Hore to Lockhart as def/mid is always attractive. And then late out for Hore. Just too busy on too many other things to check. FFS.

  71. Hawk131415 says:

    Swear to god Champion data play supercoach, watched Heeney not get a touch or tackle or anything for a good 5 minutes but his score kept going up

    • Russty_ says:

      He gets extra points for general gutsiness, and his hair, Oliver loses points for his hair…terrible.

      • Hawk131415 says:

        Hahaha nice one Russty

        • Russty_ says:

          Bloody Oliver this week Hawk!…I'm contemplating rage trading his red haired ass next week.

          • AuroraBorealis?! says:

            Bit harsh Russty, 32 disposals with 19 contested with 3 minutes left in the last quarter. DE the only thing to let him down tonight

            • Russty_ says:

              57% d/e AB, and 8 clangers really hurt his score….just not scoring like a 600k mid, except for that 140

              • ZzZCalintZzZ says:

                Yeah know what ya mean. 600k mid should be scoring 90-120 consistantly with the odd 130+

    • JEL says:

      SC scores are scaled during the game based on the how valuable the points are for that moment of the game.
      If the game is won in the 1st quarter, then over the course of the game, those points become more, while later points are scaled down.
      Likewise, if the game gets won in last quarter, the early game points will be worth less.

      Info on the scoring is out there, google is your friend.

  72. Shake_n_bake says:

    Glad so far l started Hore. Hopefully he gets at least 15pts in the last.

  73. SC_Donkey says:

    With McVeigh out Heeney is running loose around the ground. Hopefully Horse will keep him running loose when McVeigh comes back.
    Went with my Gut feeling Dusty to Bont instead of Lloyd man I hope it won't bite me.

  74. ZzZCalintZzZ says:

    Dee players aren't reliable SC players this year by the looks of it. Tight game and they are losing the split hard! Not to mention they are no where near what they were doing as a team last year

    • Russty_ says:

      Yeah Dave they're sloppy as hell with their D/E, I'm surprised they're winning really, Oliver is making me angry!

  75. Corey says:

    Wow How good is Heeney, what a turnaround glad I kept my faith, that hit on Jayden Hunt was huge!

    • ZzZCalintZzZ says:

      Mate I'm just glad that Martin was in my team as well as Heeney. Looked at them both through the eye of a duck and chose Martin to Sloane after round 2. Hindsight is powerful yet uncontrollable force

    • NoLanguage96 says:

      Me too. Jet

  76. Lazza says:

    How poor is Sydney’s disposal this last qtr .. ZJones dreadful.. Lloyd terrible..

    • Russty_ says:

      They looked very flat in the last Lazza, and with no support from their home crowd, very quiet.

    • nankthetank says:

      I've been saying this for a long time now…
      He is a good SC pick but as an AFL defender he contributes very little that someone else playing an identical role could.
      34 touches, only 4 contested and ZERO tackles.

  77. Rick Grimes says:

    Love me a cheap Hore.

  78. Michael says:

    First year I've started with Oliver and another bad game from him

  79. Yeahnah says:

    Not sure why they water the SCG before the game, the ball is like a bar of soap

    • Ando says:

      Must've left the sprinklers on for too long. Easy marks being dropped, handling errors galore. Ridiculous.

  80. Yeahnah says:

    As a Swans fan can't see either of these teams being close to the top 8

  81. TommyC99 says:

    85 from 33 touches is a worry for Clarry. We knew he was handball heavy when we picked him I guess.

    • AuroraBorealis?! says:

      He still had 15 kicks though Tommy, wasn't too one sided. His DE was the main thing that let him down, only 57 percent

      • TommyC99 says:

        Yeah having a look, do we think hes a little stiff? Did butcher it a bit but 20 contested possessions. 8 clangers probably hurts but i personally think he should be a little closer to 100.

        • AuroraBorealis?! says:

          I think he should've been closer to 95, but im probably a little biased. As you said, 8 clangers hurts a lot

      • Derek says:

        He fumbled the ball a lot. Cost him points for not picking it up clean. Very disappointed with his efforts tonight.

    • Shake_n_bake says:

      Just dont think the way he gets it, gets rewarded!!!!

    • Russty_ says:

      More like clanger happy than handball happy. Don't know why the Dees panic so much, there's no need to.

    • Swans2012 says:

      Might be first upgrade for those of us without him……I’m thinking it’ll be him or laird for me unless simmo or yeo show a glimpse of turnaround.

  82. Yeahnah says:

    Gawn should have been 150+, absolutely dominated the ruck

  83. AuroraBorealis?! says:

    You'd reckon Gawn is a bit stiff not to go 120+

  84. TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

    Hasn't hibberd fallen off a cliff

    Just a bit player now …

  85. hedski says:

    Next week's trades are sorted.
    Scrimshaw to Hore and TK to Heeney……

  86. COREYSC says:

    Well that score and performance should allow Hore to keep his spot surely!

  87. TBone_9 says:

    Go Dees! Much happier with what I saw today, especially in the second half. Hore looked great, Preuss showed signs of what he can do and a much better team performance in general! Also Heeney, I knew you’d come back to your best mate 🙂

    • Russty_ says:

      Nice one T-Bone, season still alive mate with their first win, too much talent there to be out of the race early, hope they can clean up their D/E as a team soon.

      • TBone_9 says:

        Yeah I reckon that’s our biggest issue we’re facing Russty. At least we can go forward with some confidence, and we are coming for those saints next weekend!

  88. NoLanguage96 says:

    428 from Max, Heeney, Oliver and Salem. Didn't expect the worst score to come from Clarry with 33 :/

  89. Connor says:

    Gawn and Oliver stiff?

    • AuroraBorealis?! says:

      Gawn? Definitely, basically won the game for the Dees. Clarry? Not so much, wasn't very clean or efficient tonight, still reckon he deserved 90-95 though

    • Sharkmove_King says:

      I might sound bitter because I don't have Heeney….But to say Heeney (or any Sydney player for that matter) had more impact than Gawn is just plain wrong. Gawn had 18 hitouts to advantage, and alot of possessions in the back half including marks from opposition kicks. A real head scratcher!

      • Saritz says:

        i thought Heeney was huge! BOG in the first half. Gawn didn’t even have a mark up til half time did he? I think Heeney’s score was fair enough.

        • Sharkmove_King says:

          That's half the problem. Supercoach prides itself on awarding more points at important stages of the game. Heeney (to be fair had a decent game) had a great 1st quarter with 10 possessions, which means 13 for the rest of the match. Gawn (& Oliver to a lesser extent) were huge when the game was there to be won in the last

  90. JohnDJ59 says:

    Just a quick poll, if you were going to do two trades this week, thinking long term, which two players would you prefer to trade in, Milera and Neale or Whitfield and Boak.

    • AuroraBorealis?! says:

      For me Neale is the most crucial to get in of the 4, however, Whitfield & Boak is a greater aggregate gain than Neale & Milera

      • JohnDJ59 says:

        You summed up my thinking AB, Neale is on the most wanted list, but Whitfield and Boak together would be a greater bounty. Still not sure which way to go.

    • the problem is neale will betoo expensive like macrae 2018

      • Saritz says:

        Neale will get sat on. We seen at Freo he can be quelled when being tagged. Clubs are not going to keep letting him do what he wants. I’m not saying he will fall under $600k or anything. But I think the smart play is to not sacrifice starting line-ups at all costs to get Neale now. Stay strong!

        • Holty01 says:

          Bit harsh on Neale saying he can be quelled. He is one that can still accumulate disposals even with the added attention. All players when tagged will be affected just some more so then others. That’s why I strongly feel the tag will almost always go to Zorko.
          For example, when Fyfe didn’t play last year and Neale got the added attention, his scores were

          • JohnDJ59 says:

            Who do you think is more important to have Holty, Neale or Whitfield and Boak.

            • Holty01 says:

              That Is a tough one John. I am one that tries and looks for value and at present all seem to be at their most expensive. All however will be keepers but depends where you are at your weakest. For example my midfield are all doing well so I wouldn’t look at Neale at present. Backline I’m happy with but my forward line is looking poor so I’d be bringing in Boak.

              • JohnDJ59 says:

                Hi Holty, I will be trading out Simpson, so I need a defender, I was going straight to Whitfield, but after the price changes I can't afford to, ( I should have punted Simmo last week, but I gave him another chance ) So if I get Whitfield I have to do another trade, but if I get in Milera it can be a straight swap, though I'm not sure he will be a top six defender.

                • Holty01 says:

                  Are you in any of my leagues? I wouldn’t be bringing in Milera over Whitfield if you had the choice. How much short of cash are you?

                  • JohnDJ59 says:

                    Not sure Holty, I remember asking you to join one of mine, Holy Grail, but you weren't sure, what's your teams name ? I'm well short Holty, to get Whitfield, I was looking at trading Fyfe out for Boak and the cash saved there gets me Simmo to Whitfield.

    • redherringfc says:

      Given those options this week, I’d go with Whitfield and Boak. I don’t think Milera is someone you want in your team at the end of the season. Then save your $$ and get Neale later.

    • SC_Donkey says:

      I'm holding back on Neale need to see him play with a tagger breathing down his back. If had to choose two Whitfield and Boak.

      • JohnDJ59 says:

        Thanks red and Donkey, it looks like Whitfield and Boak are winning the race at the moment, they were my first choice, but Neale does seem the real deal, being the main man, a bit like Titch at the Hawks, just someone you can depend upon to pump out those top scores.

      • JohnDJ59 says:

        Finally made up my mind, traded out Simpson for Whitfield and to be able to afford that trade, I traded out Fyfe for Boak. I was hoping to hold Dunkley, but I fear he might be like Simpson and I've held on for one week too long. I really have stuffed up my starting team this year as far as most of my premiums go, looks like the winning way was to pick the very best two on each line, get your mid priced players right and most of the rookies. I'm fine with my rookies, but most people have them anyway, so it's going to be a long season.

  91. Stupid Coach says:

    Bailey Scott to Sydney Stack and Simpson to Whitfield – leaves me with $62k or

    Simpson to Milera – leaves me with $180k and McKay to Hore or Lockhart (next week). If I go Simpson to Whitfield I am left with only $100.

    I know Stack has only played one game but hoping he can keep his spot long enough to generate some cash.

  92. Ktfg says:

    I had cash to turn Bailey Scott into Libba. Probably a shit love but I don't wanna take aitkens score of 30 and miss out on a huge price jump

  93. Shake_n_bake says:

    Omeara big doubt

  94. Buzz says:

    Dusty out, can afford Macrae or Neale in, who to pick or should I bank some $ and get Libba?

  95. Ando says:

    Start Spudderfield or Parker on field? On Parker at the moment as he's shown he has a higher ceiling but Parker has the better fixture.

  96. Ando says:

    Do Essendon tag? Captaincy is between Macrae and Neale. I know Greenwood is out for Collingwood but I'd prefer Neale if I know The Bombers don't tag.

  97. Ray says:

    Is it worth trading gibbons to stack. (first trade of year)

    This allows me to use stack as cover for fyfe as apposed to atkins


    • Pranav says:

      Getting an extra price rise if gibbons plays and bringing stack in when he is named next week is worth more than the points stack will outsource Atkins by

    • Derek says:

      Wait until after Atkin has played. Have him on bench with E

  98. TOPHAWK1 says:

    Morning community!! Thinking of making two gutsy trades. First of all, I will keep Fyfe. I have enough coin to make the following two moves. OUT: Dunkley via DPP an IN Liberatore. OUT: Bailey Scott and IN Whitfield via DPP (Duursma). Leaves me with 2K in the bank. I have Hore down back who looks like he will stay in the Melbourne team now. Makes sense to bring Duursma into the midfield line. Bailey Scott is the perfect sacrificial lamb to make it happen. He will miss this week any way and his BE is already at 25 in any case. He will make some more coin IF selected next week. Who cares if it enables me to get these two big boys in. Hore will offset Scott's cash generation sacrifice and is nice/timely compensation to punt Scott. Whitfield will drop off a little in his scoring with Ward coming back, but I think he is a must have regardless. Should still be good for 100+ average for the rest of the season. Libba still on sale, but the sale ends tonight after he has played. Thoughts?

    • KSinny says:

      Sounds great should get some nice extra points with those two

      • TOPHAWK1 says:

        Thanks mate. I feel that the time has come to make this call and hopefully move my team forward.

    • Swans2012 says:

      Dunkley and Scott for Whitfield and Libba is a big tick from me scoring wise, Libba and dunkley should average similar (at the least) from here and Whitfield is a top 3 defensive lock. Win win

      • TOPHAWK1 says:

        Cheers Swans! Exactly my thoughts. The fact that Libba is still only $379K makes this the last opportunity to get these two guys in at the same time.

        • Swans2012 says:

          Definately! the dunkley to Libba move makes 100k for same or better output, that’s my favourite sort of trade. I started Libba so I’m sending Scott up to Marshall this week….

          • TOPHAWK1 says:

            Scott straight up to Marshall is a ripper trade. Marshall an absolute bargain, on the bubble and tearing it up at the Saints. As Crouching one would say" AAAAHHHHHH……… Marshall……..HE GUN! HE BLOODY LOCK!! Welcome…….."

          • great move Swanny Thinking similar Buddy just doesn't look good but always dangerous.Swans are too good not to be there particularly their young lads Always a great contest dees and Swans

    • Russty_ says:

      Sounds good Hawk, Coach Scott admitted he'd made a mistake blooding too many new players early on, so Scott might not even see another game, "rested" could just be omitted, i'll be punting him next week if Stack goes ok this week or doesn't score 25 or get injured.
      Whitfield is a must have but I'm gonna wait for him to come down at some point.

      • TOPHAWK1 says:

        I agree mate. Hore will start making cash soon and Gibbons is playing as well. Bit of a bonus that. So Scott can turn into Whitfield. Get it over and done with. I have the cash after the Mummy trade. LOL

        • Russty_ says:

          Hey Mummy did ok for ya last week, if he continues getting 90's and the odd ton, that's a bonus, should make you some money too.

    • gator59 says:

      Dunkley will go ape shit tonight now that you've traded him out now Toppa.. Look what happened with Heeney and he's made a lot of coaches look stupid..

      • TOPHAWK1 says:

        Gday Gator. There is always that risk I suppose. But I did not start with Heeney, so at least I wont look stupid twice! Hehehe. Heeney is hot on my radar as he will start to go up in price again. I procrastinated with Billings last year and it burnt me. So going to be decisive and bite the bullet. Libba is an absolute steal even at his price now.

        • Dean says:

          Only downfall is Dunkley to Libba should basically score the same, so for mine its a sideways trade, however that being said by getting rid of Scott and bringing in Whitfield makes it more palatable, although you're burning a trade to do it…

          • Russty_ says:

            I think Libba's actually taken Dunkley's spot Dean..or points scoring potential anyway, Libba will make money, dunk will lose it, I'm just hoping Libba keeps going long enough to get me to Macrae, then his job is done.

  99. FearTheBeard says:

    Dunkley to Marshall and bank the coin? Stupid trade? Can he keep it up?

    • FearTheBeard says:

      Purely looking for cash though potential if Marshall can keep going.

      Looking at Dunkley & B Smith OUT


      Marshall & Rozee IN

      Allows potential better scoring in Marshall + more cash coming in and I bank about 250k for double upgrade next week or Neale straight in for Rocky next week.


      Other option is I could go Dunkley & Rocky down to Marshall & Libba and bank 100k+ get Libba in and give Smith another week or 2?

      • FearTheBeard says:

        Meant to say 200k+ not 100k+ if I went for Libba over Rocky and left Smith/Rozee alone.

        Thoughts? Bloody stuck.

        The idea is purely I need bank and these guys offer more scoring at the moment + 200k+ in bank + more incoming rises?

      • plays against Gawn next week tough call both good options maybe the Libba deal

        • FearTheBeard says:

          Thanks for commenting neil.

          You reckon Rocky to Libba to bank the extra 50k a goer?

          Rocky against my tigers worries me 😐

    • Swans2012 says:

      If it didn’t make you any coin you wouldn’t but the $$ saved makes it interesting, I’m bringing him in but holding dunkley for now…. I reckon he keeps it up long enough to make it worthwhile….

      • FearTheBeard says:

        So you would be saying go for Marshall and out Dunkley.

        What about Libba/Rocky?

        Rozee/B Smith?

        Just go for the 1 with Marshall/Dunkley? Potentially could go early on Stack? Just want to set myself up for two double upgrades next week 😐

        200K + in bank helps.

        • Swans2012 says:

          Sorry responded before your other comments, yep I’d seriously consider dunkley to Marshall for similar points and a bit of cash. I had some cash so I’ve sent Scott to Marshall as I believe dunks will come good.

          Rocky to Libba feels a bit sideways and doesn’t make enough cash to warrant it, unless your sold on Libba being a keeper (which I’m not, rocky same chance as Libba I reckon).

          Smith still might be d6/7, has done what’s expected, I’d leave him there to make a bit more/see how his role pans out. Ships sailed on Rozee wait for the next rookie, don’t go early on stack, looks pretty secure but we’ve been fooled before….

          • FearTheBeard says:

            Thanks Swans!

            Yeh I have gone the Marshall trade now so no way back. I too thought he could come good though who knows the extra cash helps for now and worst case Marshal becomes a stepping stone with an income (rather then losing money).

            Rocky to Libba screams sideways to me too. Though Liba has a break even of -55? Rockys is almost 100? Bank 50k plus whatever comes in for another stepping stone? The thing holding me back is Rocky against Tigers could be big. Plus he shouldn't bleed cash at least this week and that provides me a direct link to Neale next week with the bank I have.

            • Swans2012 says:

              If you think Libba could be a keeper and rocky is not then just do it, I have both and am planning on using both as stones, if one turns into a keeper even better. It’s one of those questions with no right answer I think… I’m still scarred from trading heeney

              • FearTheBeard says:

                I hear you.

                I can't talk myself into it so I'm not sure.

                PROS – 50K+ from trading Rocky/Libba + -55 breakeven – big coin coming

                CONS – Trade, Rocky could rape tigers this week, not unheard of breakeven around 100 and neither are guaranteed to be keepers 😐


                • Swans2012 says:

                  Unsure = hold………..

                  I know how your feeling I HATE missing out on a successful midpricer but to have enough trades sometimes you have to just hold

  100. COREYSC says:

    Hi community I have a question
    I have 24K in the bank
    Next week when I go Scott to Stack that gives me 88K will that be enough to trade Dunkley (currently 494K) to Boak (521K) if Dunkley scores 80 and Boak 100+ after the price changes?

  101. FearTheBeard says:

    Well now locked in Marshall in for Dunkley lol didn't think I couldn't reverse ffs 😐

    Hopefully don't bite me in the ass.

    Bank now 160kish so can upgrade next week.

    Leaves me asking is it worth trading B Smith to Rozee or Rocky to Libba to bank more and have a higher incoming profit? If Libba keeps this up he is a genuine keeper + gives me another 70kish?

  102. JohnDJ59 says:

    Hey Lazza, I saw a comment of yours about Neale and Whitfield and the fact they weren't over priced, I went back to read it again, but I can't find it, any chance of giving me the lowdown on it again.

    • Rick Grimes says:

      I'd like to see that too. I have the money for Whitfield but feel I'm paying top dollar. He surely won't continue at a 120+ average. He spat out a couple of 60s last year. I'd prefer to wait and pay $500k.

  103. BigAl_15 says:

    Trading K Simpson and swinging Burgess back, do I bring in Boak, T Kelly or Dahlhaus?

  104. Maverick_ says:

    kicking myself i went hore to scrimshaw after R2.
    Hore looks like he will cement his place in the dees 22 after last nights performance. Looks very composed and ready at AFL level

    • Russty_ says:

      Don't beat yourself up mate, Scrimshaw could end up being better than Hore anyhoo, we all make mistakes in this game , going too early, going too late, it's all part of the fun! 🙂

      • JohnDJ59 says:

        Hey Russty what do you think of Joyce from the Saints, I know he's only played one game, scored 67 pts gave away a few frees, but looks like he could be back in the team.

        • Russty_ says:

          Hi John, yeah I don't mind Daraghghghg, he's a nice height 194cm and 90 kegs, Irish boy and they tend to be good kicks and are pretty gutsy too, every side needs some good tall defenders so hopefully if he gets a shot this week, he plays well and hangs onto his spot.
          Could take Wilkie or Battle's spot if they spud it up.

  105. Sarah says:

    I mainly care about leagues and have Martin and Fyfe. I'm holding Fyfe but is it still worth trading Martin to a Tim Kelly / Boak? I don't see the value in trading to Libba as I don't think he'll become a top 10 mid so I'll be having to burn another trade.

    Is it worth just saving trades, only used one in going Hore to Rozee last week so far, but don't have guys like Macrae, Whitfield or Lloyd in my team, but waiting for one bad game from the defenders to bring their price down.


    • Russty_ says:

      Hi Sarah, I think you need Kelly in your team, he plays pure mid and is one of the Cat's best now, but Dusty could and probably will end up averaging similar to, or more than him.
      Dusty's been copping tags and harassment and needs to deal with that and learn to control his temper too.
      If it's mostly Leagues you play for, maybe best to just hold and stick with Dusty as he will bounce trades are very valuable.
      You'll still want to acquire Kelly too though, even if you have to do a double downgrade of rookies one week.
      Good luck 🙂

    • Wolfy says:

      I didn't start with any of those big guns either (apart from fyfe) – their inflated scoring is killing me! was hoping for greenwood to keep crae to at least 110 this week but looks like that ain't happening either 🙁

      I like Martin to Kelly in that one as well.

      • Russty_ says:

        Makes ya wish you went Guns and rookies from the get go Wolfy, the guns are guns cause they score big, only midpricer really tearing it up is Libba really. The others we don't have will cost big bucks and trades.

        • Derek says:

          i went guns and rookies, but looked to the 'value' guns instead of the uber expensive, except in Ruck. Should have gone one less premium but had Macrea, Neil, Lloyd instead of Dusty, Merrett & Hurn. oh well.

          • Russty_ says:

            Know how you feel Derek, my backline's razor thin and Laird is smelly as my best premo there.
            Also Don't have Lloyd, Whitfield, Macrae, or Grundy

          • Sharkmove_King says:

            Hurns averaging 102 (very solid) and Merrett is starting to come good.

  106. redherringfc says:

    If you traded Heeney out, do you now just accept your punishment from the supercoach gods (2 trades and a few dollars) and bring him back?

    • JohnDJ59 says:

      He will be coming back in for me, but not straight away, looking at being my last upgrade in the fwd line.

    • Swans2012 says:

      Yeah I think you just bring him back whenever youve got the cash, it’s only one trade wasted provided you traded him out for someone your keeping….

      • JohnDJ59 says:

        I went to Kelly, so it wasn't a complete disaster.

      • redherringfc says:

        Good point about the 1 trade.

        I held firm on him. I’m worried that when people start bringing him back in the gods might have a bit more to say.

    • Wolfy says:

      Depends on Bye structure maybe?

    • Holty01 says:

      I will punish myself by not bringing him back. Im sure I will also find myself in the fetal position on numerous occasions this year for trading him out. Plus the bye he shares with Geelong hurts. I have to now cop it on the chin now and accept it was a mistake.

  107. Wolfy says:

    I'm in need of guidance. Fyfe was all but gone from my team until his insta post – I can't deny that man anything. But now with Scott out, means I'm forced to field Atkins on field. Should I downgrade Dunkley and upgrade Atkins to Libba, or just stick fat with Atkins on field? Could go dunk to rozee I suppose.. 30 trades and $18.8k

    Hurn, Crisp, Williams, Scrim, Dursma, Clark (Hore, Burgess)
    Neale, Cripps, Bray, Brouch, Cogs, Const, Butters, Atkins (Fyfe, Scott, Gibbons)
    Grundy, Gawn (bines)
    Danger, Heeney, Dunkley, Setters, Drew, Parker (Petra, Balta)

    Anyone do Real Dream Team on here? I've got simmo in that one so in even more of a pickle!

    • JohnDJ59 says:

      I'd leave it for now Wolfy, if you downgrade Dunkley you will be very light on in the fwd line, what if you trade out Scott, move Setters to the mids and get in Miers from the Cats.

    • Russty_ says:

      Could also go early on Stack?..Atkins to Stack, or Dunkley to Marshall..maybe just take Atkin's score.
      Depends on how much you want Libba…or you could trade Scott out.

  108. Holty01 says:

    Hi all. A lot of talk about Marshall on here. Can anyone explain the interest about him? I personally haven’t seen him play but is he seriously worth the consideration. He has played Bellchambers and Lobb this year. Interested in your thoughts community

    • Russty_ says:

      He's been the best performing number 1 ruck we've had for years Holty, period.
      If he keeps his spot he could be a very nice pickup, if Richo lets Longer back in the side, Marshall could be sent fwd and could end up a dud pick.
      It's a big risk/ reward pick.
      He does a lot of the good things too, he's very athletic, gets clearances, takes marks, makes tackles and gets plenty of contested possessions…and hitouts.

      • big boy no good? he was good in JLT also plus his last few games last year bit like Sheed

        • Russty_ says:

          Hey Neil, yeah that's what I meant, since Big Boy it's been pretty slim pickings at the saints.

      • Holty01 says:

        thanks mate. My biggest concern is Longer. If he comes back then you waste a couple of trades plus he isn’t rookie price. As per all the comments however, he seems very highly rated. I don’t have the courage to pick him but hope he pays off for anyone in the community who take the risk on him.

    • Swans2012 says:

      Tackles, marks and gets possessions, not just reliant on winning the ruck battle, he’s not a lock by any means but if he holds down the no1 ruck spot at the saints which he might, might average 90+. If not I burn another trade and he’s a stone, I’m on a trade burning frenzy this year anyway so I’m rolling the dice.

    • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

      Up against the big boys soon

      That will sort him out.

      • Holty01 says:

        Next 2 weeks will be a huge test for him. If he can squeeze out a couple of 80s, it will be a fair effort

    • Holty01 says:

      thanks for the responses everyone

  109. Derek says:


    the following teams went into week one with the immunity necklace:

    Div 1 – RupertsRaiders
    Div 2 – TheBenoFactorst
    Div 3 – Hart-attack
    Div 4 – PottersFC
    Div 5 – Destrawyers

    As per the rules of the competition, the two lowest weekly scores from each division are eliminated each week, unless you have immunity.

    This weeks Eliminated teams are:

    Div 1 – Vandelism & Boonie FC

    Div 2 – Captain Risky & Singapore Flyers

    Div 3 – SHEEDS & The Bandit Ducks

    Div 4 – Astroboys & Geordie Pies

    Div 5 – Back 2 Back & Buddy'sLioncloth

    No one needed to use their Immunity necklace this week

    I have removed the above teams from the game.

    This weeks top scorers all have immunity this week, and as you saw from last week, this can be vital.

    Div 1 – Creamy Tune Mornay (2435)
    Div 2 – Hall of Fame (2482)
    Div 3 – Kick it to me @SCT (2545)
    Div 4 – PottersFC (2464)
    Div 5 – Jaeger O'Kneera (2397)

    Shout out to Kick it to me @SCT (Div 3) who scored a very impressive 2545 last week.

    Shout out to PottersFC (Div 4) who is our best overall rank at 340.

    Good luck everyone

    • Russty_ says:

      Nice one Derek, looks like I'm on notice in 4th division this week, sitting second last at the moment lol, need to pull my finger out.

    • JEL says:

      Thanks Derek,

      You know it's a tough comp when a score of 2200+ still has you in the bottom 1/3

      • Derek says:

        I think about 2180’s were eliminated in most groups last week.

        One below average week and you are facing out.

  110. UpBeat says:

    Who would you bench out of these three to get Hore's score? Collins, Duursma, or Clark

    • Russty_ says:

      Clark, Collins has looked good last 2 weeks and Duursma's been pretty consistent, and is playing Tigers.
      Think Collins could go well against Carlton's forwards.
      Clark would have the toughest game of the 3 going up against the Giants.

      • UpBeat says:

        Clark is on the brink of a ton, not sure it'll be this week but I think GWS will go inside 50 quite a bit especially with Ward playing. Collins is solid but will he keep going and Duursma is going ok. aaahhh might just throw a dart.

    • Dan says:

      For what it's worth, I had to choose between these three as well and have benched Clark (as overall Collins & Duursma have scored slightly better the last couple of rounds).
      But, having said that, choosing which rookies to field is so hard!

      • UpBeat says:

        Collins has the lowest average only because he dropped a nasty in the first round but has improved. I usually would go with the lowest avg but not sure this week,

        • Russty_ says:

          Collins is starting to get into his strengths…intercept marking, means points and not just spoiling, confidence builds with each mark taken too.

          • UpBeat says:

            I actually chose him from advice from this site, I think it was you who talked him up so thanks and yes he's staying on the field. I think Clark can have a rest this week, cheers.

    • I had Hore onfield as a loop thinking he was an out .Gotta win sometimes I guess

  111. Russty_ says:

    Can't believe Gibbons gets another game and Stocker sits on the E bench.

    • UpBeat says:

      Same I'm shocked Gibbons is in again. Now who to field out of Gibbons or Atkins (for Fyfe). BTW I didn't trade out Gawn (phew) thought I would wait and see how Mummy goes this week.

      • Russty_ says:

        Reckon Atkins for sure mate, only way Gibbons outscores him is if he kicks a bag of goals, at least Atkins is a hard nut who tackles a lot.
        Glad you didn't punt Gawn, imagine what he'll score when his D/E isn't 50%?

        • UpBeat says:

          I did hear something early in the week, I think it was on sen, that the Blues are going to rotate Gibbons through the mids. And yes Gawn would of scored HUGE if his d/e was good. Going to be hard to let him go now.

  112. s c tragic says:

    Houli out for Menadue, Lachy Weller out of Suns.

  113. Northerner says:

    VC and C this week. Can’t spilt them. Thoughts

    Grundy into Neale
    Neale into Cripps

  114. Doc_1 says:

    Option 1: Westhoff to Boak or Dahlhouse (and which one)
    Westhoff to Rozee
    Scott to Libba

  115. Dean says:

    Hi community I'm in a bit of a conundrum of uncertainty.

    I made my first official trade this round and traded out Scott to Stack, I needed to free up some cash in order to bring in Macrae next week.
    I'm thinking of trading out Setterfield and bring in Schultz and this will give me $128,500 in the kitty to bring in Macrae in round 5

    My current team is:
    Lloyd, Laird, Z Williams, Clark, Duursma, Burgess (McKay, Hore)

    Cripps, Neale, Fyfe, Oliver, Treloar, Libba, Butters, Constable (Atkins, Gibbons, Stack)

    Grundy, Gawn (Bines)

    Dangerfield, Heeney, Dahlhaus, Drew, Parker, Setterfield (Petruccelle, Balta)

    My thoughts next week is to trade either Oliver to bring in Macrae?

    NOTE: I generally don't trade out premiums this early but I don't like what I'm seeing regarding Oliver he hasn't been no where near as good and clean with the Sherrin, his clangers are costing him and low D/E

    Your input/criticism is greatly appreciated as I am a little confused as to what is best…

    • Fred says:

      I too am a bit disappointed with Oliver but there’s 0 chance that I trade him. I think your team is solid, don’t need to make trades just for the sake of it

    • Russty_ says:

      If you're gonna do trades this week to generate cash for next week, I'd think about upgrading someone in your fwd line, don't think Oliver to Macrae is a good trade, Oliver and the dees will bounce back.
      Think about going Libba to Macrae when Libba maxes out.

  116. Harley says:

    Need help deciding. I have $273,000 in bank after trading Fyfe to Marshall.

    Thinking Setterfield to Tom Lynch Adelaide or Dahlhaus (I like Tom lunch draw coming up) bit of a pod
    Or Lycett to Neale, McRae as keepers or M.crouch keeper also but bank extra $200,000 cash nearly.

    Or other?

    Team is

    D: Crisp, Williams, Newman, B.Smith, Moore, Collins (scrimshaw, Clark
    M: Cripps, Sloane, B.crouch, Rockliff, Sheed, Libertore, Constable, Butters (setterfeild, Scott, Atkins)
    R: Grundy, Mumford
    F: Danger, Heeney, Dunkley, Lycett, Marshall, Drew (Parker, Burgess)

    • Russty_ says:

      I'd actually forget about your midfield and fwd line for now and trade out Newman to Lloyd or Whitfield.

      • Harley says:

        I was thinking that. But thought Newman still might come good and playing Gold Coast this week.

        Could go Clark up to Milera

        • Russty_ says:

          Clark still has a bunch more money to make Harley, and Newman has already entered the not making any more profit stage, you need solid regular scorers in the backline, not speculatives like Milera…just my opinion though mate..good luck.

    • Tommy says:

      Why trade out Fyfe? He’s only out for this week! Setterfield isnt going to be the best cash cow but still has money to make. I wouldn’t go anywhere near Tom lynch!

      • Harley says:

        I wanted Marshall and thought Fyfe might come back a little dusty and drop a bit of cash and can re-asses

        • Tommy says:

          Fyfe dominated round 1 after not playing jlt. Concussion rarely effects a players output weeks later. Do you plan on keeping Marshall? I can’t see him being a premo which means your burning another trade taking him back out, and if you end up trading Fyfe back in that’s another trade. Really risky move!

    • SC_Donkey says:

      If it was me trading out Fyfe, I would be trading him with another keeper. Ask yourself is Marshall a keeper and are you going to trade Fyfe back in when he starts pumping out massive score. That's 2-3 trades wasted

      • Russty_ says:

        Hi Donkey, he's already done no reversing now.

        • Maverick_ says:

          Agree Donk, crazy stuff. Fyfe needed to go to another keeper. but whats done is done.
          I think hang on to lycett for a little longer he's good cover for mummy incase he gets injured he's not a young pup anymore.. Newman to whitfield/lloyd would be a good move imo. If your after a POD like you mentioned stewart looks fantastic.

        • SC_Donkey says:

          Yeah! I gathered that, just a future reference and those who are thinking of trading an injured Premo.
          What's done is done, he still have another trade to fix that Fyfe trade.
          Newman for Lloyd, Whitfield types at the backline.

    • silversovereign says:

      Avoid lynch. Lycett to Neale or macrae for mine

  117. John says:

    Dang – I was counting on Gibons being my donut for the Capt loophole.

    He has been selected! Go Capt Danger.

  118. Tommy says:

    Traded Mundy for kelly last week, for a bonus 3 points. Watch Mundy go big this week with no fyfe. Traded dusty for boak this week, watch boak get injured and dusty come back and dominate next week.
    I feel for the people who traded heeney or Grundy. Never trade your premos people!

    • Russty_ says:

      I traded Brayshaw to Neale this week…still feeling happy about it 🙂

      • Swans2012 says:

        Brayshaw to Neale Surprises me, what more did you want from Brayshaw? I’m happy with his output, I’m expecting a 110 average from here or maybe more if Melbourne get rolling….

        • Russty_ says:

          He didn't do anything wrong Swanny, I just wanted Neale in this week and he was the man to go, not sure if Angus is a keeper yet but I know Neale is.

          • Swans2012 says:

            Fair enough, just thought you’ve taken the chance picking him and he’s averaged 108 in a losing team first 3, then an 80 odd last night when he was virtually invisible first half and then had a bit of a knock in the third. Anyway dunno why I’m sticking up for him lol, can’t lose with Neale 👍

            • Russty_ says:

              It wasn't easy to do mate…but I couldn't see another way of getting him in anytime soon, sideways?…yeah a bit but I'm considering it an upgrade to make myself feel better.

              • Swans2012 says:

                Nice, we are good at telling ourselves what we need to hear. But I’m just saying it one more time, you traded a 527k midfielder you started with averaging 108 after 3, ballsy, good luck, admittedly I understand why, Neale has been a rampaging animal.

      • Tommy says:

        If you’re bringing in Neale I can see why you are happy. Not sure I would’ve traded brayshaw if I had him though, he hasn’t scored that badly has he?

        • Russty_ says:

          Nah he'd done great Tommy, just his D/E was concerning for me, got less than he should've last week and this week, bad d/e too…all in all, it's a sideways but one hopefully I won't regret.

        • ZzZCalintZzZ says:

          Truth of the matter is the Dees look to be a poor SC scoring team this year. Chopping the ball up a lot as a team which hurts not just the individuals score but also others in the same team by not receiving the ball from a fellow team mate because the pass was horrendous. Like last nights game the Dees were losing the SC split while the game was tight and still lost the split by almost the same margin when the game was blown out late in the game. I owe you all a beer if anyone besides Gawn and Oliver averages more than 105 for the year from demon land

          • Russty_ says:

            Can't help feeling the same Dave, the Butcher Demons!…Gawn, Brayshaw, Oliver all chopped it up like drunken apprentice Butchers last night…costs points.

          • Swans2012 says:

            Brayshaw will average 110, his disposal is questionable but he’ll get it together here and there for some big scores. I’m expecting at least one 150+ score from him on a night when the dees pummel someone.

      • Saritz says:

        Russty!! Big call. Why is everyone assuming Neale is going to avg. 150+ this year? I hope it works out for you. Just be aware you are breaking two golden SC rules… Dont sideways trade Premo's and dont chase last weeks points. Ultimately, its you're plums on the chopping block, so I hope it turns out positively

        • Russty_ says:

          It was more the 2 80's in 4 games Saritz, and his bad D/E, reminded me of his past seasons, I need solid regular tons from my mid keepers, was just doing what probably needed to be done later anyway…and I had the moolah to do it. No more wondering now.
          I don't assume Neale will average 150 by any stretch, but 115 to 120 is achievable I think.

    • Derek says:

      Yep. Mundy was my trade out last week. I’ll be watching him. He was on about 62% TOG until Fyfe went down, finished on 72%

  119. Tommy says:

    Captain danger or Grundy? I was stupid enough to use my vc last night.

  120. AuroraBorealis?! says:

    Dayne Beams a late out with a migraine

  121. Benjiherb says:

    Beams soft as.. FFS.. who pulls out with a headache

  122. Yella says:

    VC Grundy or Macrae?

  123. TommyC99 says:

    Think i'm going to lock in Dusty – Libba. Not 100% sure on the trade as it feels like im going backwards but libba just needs 1 more 100+ score and remain relatively consistent and he should make enough money to warrant a trade. And derek brought up a good point it should hopefully be a nice switch to fyfe in the next couple of weeks if fyfe can come back a tad slow.

    • Russty_ says:

      If it's any consolation Tommy, Libba is averaging exactly the same as Matt Crouch who is $ 564200, he's a profit machine at the moment.

    • Derek says:

      It was doing my head in, but I’ve just done the same. Dusty to Libba

  124. Maverick_ says:

    Whose de boer going to follow around tomorrow, danger? kelly?
    I have the VC on danger but getting cold feet & flirting with treloar tonight. pulled out a 140 last time i VC'd him

    • TommyC99 says:

      Wouldn't be surprised if he went to Kelly tbh. He's been more damaging from centre clearances than danger has.

      • Maverick_ says:

        yeah I'm not sure danger is all that taggable to be honest.
        I'm considering VC'n libba. real POD move he should have a field day.
        Can always C cripsy or danger if it fails

    • Saritz says:

      Cameron gave nothing away in his press conf today too. But he did suggest they will change it up. So maybe he goes to whoever is getting on top

  125. Shaun says:

    Hey all is anyone keeping dusty?think the week off could get his head right and guns never loose there talent.

    • Saritz says:

      We've already seen a few cases this year that those who stay strong get rewarded. Just ask Heeney owners who jumped off.

      Dusty may not reach the lofty heights of 2017, but he would be a very handy weapon at M8 towards years end! HOLD!

      • dontblushbaby says:

        Agree, I want to, but I have Fyfe also on the bench, its a long season and I'm tempted to keep both but if I was to trade it would be Dusty, short gain pain for long time gain ? dunno

        • Saritz says:

          Yeah, its a popular trade scenario this week. But are you going to get an advantage doing what everyone else is?

          Ultimately, we all have to just back ourselves in. Good luck with whatever way you go!

    • One Touch Wonder says:

      SHARK MOVE. I am holding Dustin.

  126. AuroraBorealis?! says:

    Bottle of red on the table, VC on Grundy. Come on pies!!!

  127. SC_Donkey says:

    Grundy and Macrae is tempting to VC tonight. Gut is telling me to put it on The Bont.

  128. Lazza says:

    I think the CD crew went for a tea break halfway through the quarter …

  129. Steeeve says:

    Grundy wins a free and has an effective kick, 3 points.
    10 seconds later Mihocek wins a free and kicks straight to the Bulldogs. Four points.

  130. Alferton says:

    Thoughts please.

    I have both dusty and Greene. Thinking of holding Dusty I have 9k in the bank. Looking at Greene to Marshall. I have 30 trades.

    Thank you

    • Russty_ says:

      Do it Alf…better than having 350k worth of spud sitting on your bench.

    • Lazza says:

      Hey Alf,
      Need more info .. what’s the rest of your team look like … 2 donuts isn’t a good idea .. what is your cover …
      Marshall would be fantastic if he was $200k cheaper ..

      • Alferton says:

        Hi Lanza.
        My premium players are: Whitfield HurnWilliams. Cripps Oliver M Crouch Dusty Rocky Libba. Grundy Gawn. Danger Heeney


        • Lazza says:

          Hey Alf, that’s fairly solid.
          I’m guessing you are concerned about the bye’s …. otherwise you could go Dusty to Tim Kelly. If you don’t have DPP then leave him as a mid this week and then move him forward when you are able to bring in a mid premo. If Greene doesn’t play next week you could then go Greene to, say Stack, and pocket some good $$ for your first MID premo upgrade.

  131. Jack says:

    What’s the better option wanting to trade out Simpson:

    If I were to trade him out would want either Stewart or Whitfield.
    If I were to bring in Whitfield would require 2 trades compared to 1 with Stewart.

    Which one thoughts?

    • Lazza says:

      Hey Jack,
      You need to let your rookies fatten … so I’d go with the single trade at this time and work to getting Whitfield down the track.
      If Stewart is a final 6 DEF target for you I.e a keeper, then that would be my option.

    • Russty_ says:

      Depends on what your second trade is Jack..selling a rookie before they've maxed out for a rookie with questionable job security is a waste.

  132. Rick Grimes says:

    Treloar having a shittter. Might have to ditch him fairly soon. Can't accept sub 100 performances week on week.

    • GloryDays94 says:

      Might just ditch him and Dunkley this week… stuff both of them… and Mundy was the one I traded 😑 FML

      • Maverick_ says:

        yup i also own him. I do not own neale, macrae or fyfe so this weeks a no brainer for me to get one in or bont's even a chance.
        Dunkley also gone. hope sydney stack stinks it so i don't need to use a trade there to get him in

  133. Shake_n_bake says:

    At the game that was hard to watch!

  134. ZzZCalintZzZ says:

    Suckling has been impressive this year. On my watch list now not just because of his first 3 scores but he is having another great game with JJ back in the team.
    85,103,101, 67 half time.

  135. Yeahnah says:

    140 please VC Grundy, slow down Libba and Moore thanks

  136. ZzZCalintZzZ says:

    The kicking at goal is the worst I have ever seen. 7 goals,16 behinds, 3 Not make the distance from 55 mtrs, 2 OTF

  137. AuroraBorealis?! says:

    God we f*cking suck

  138. Shake_n_bake says:

    Just had look at sc scores have Grundy vc have Macrea and got in Bont for Fyfe. Need a big last qtr & hopefully a pies win 🤞

    • SC_Donkey says:

      Nice one, have all three as well. Was really torn on who to VC out of the 3, I went with Bont at the end hoping he'll have a big last qtr and kicks a goal.

    • kinglear009 says:

      Love the Bont pick – couldn't fit him in but he's finally turned into the clean, contested beast. Very good chance of top 8.

  139. GloryDays94 says:

    I give up for this week and if this keeps happening maybe even the year soon 👍

    • Russty_ says:

      No giving up allowed GD, soldier on and do the best you can bud.

      • GloryDays94 says:

        No Idea what to do with my team anymore… Treloar has had two 80s in a row and Dunkley will have lost too much cash to even be able to get him to a good player….

        • Russty_ says:

          Maybe go Dunkley to Marshall next week if Marshall does well, and Treloar to a premo mid, that'll make you feel better mate.

        • Tommy says:

          30 trades for a reason GD ! Don’t get too down on yourself! I think Treloar will come good, Dunkley might be worth a correctional to Dahlhaus since he’s still cheap?

    • Hawk131415 says:

      feel ya Glory,,,im in the same boat,,

  140. SC_Donkey says:

    C'mon Bont 10mins haven't touched the ball stuck 34 posses.

    • SC_Donkey says:

      Well. The Bont came close, Cripps will be my Hope to save my Team. 3 weeks in a row had Grundy as VC, C choice and goes big when I don't VC, C this week.

  141. ZzZCalintZzZ says:

    How many coaches traded out Grundy after round 1 again?
    3 round avg 143.3 🐐

  142. Connor says:

    Last minute decision before round 1 to start Crisp over Whitfield is beginning to really hurt…

  143. TOPHAWK1 says:

    Dunkley……… I knew it. He is the Billings of 2018. So glad I punted him for Libba today. No looking back now. More cash, more SC points, and no more side way trade BS lectures to deal with! Grundy VC is the little cherry on top.

    • Russty_ says:

      Go Libba!…mr consistent!, and dunkley stunk-ley

    • COREYSC says:

      My patience is wearing thin I’m still scarred from Billings last year. Welcome Travis Boak to my team if he scores 100 tomorrow!

    • Saritz says:

      He is good late in games Libba. Was on about 80 with 5 minutes to go

    • hedski says:

      I thought Dunkley played a lot better than he was scored. Ripped off.
      Clutch goal, link ups, tackles, soccered the ball fwd for another score.
      60 points at 3qtr to 73 full time is bullshit.

    • kinglear009 says:

      Punted him for Kelly – no patience for a player playing the wrong role and he's got leather allergies this season.

    • Holty01 says:

      good call Hawk. I went to Boak today. We will find out soon enough if it was the right thing to do.

      • TOPHAWK1 says:

        Cheers Holty. I needed to make some tough decisions after my disaster round last week. Boak will smash it against the Tigers. Good pick mate.

    • SC_Donkey says:

      As much as I want to get rid of Dunkley something in the back of my mind is telling not to. Maybe it's waiting for the right time to offload him or waiting for him come good, not really sure what my mind is telling. But it's surely not letting my finger to press that trade button.
      Good job to all that offload him, to a better SC relevant.

      • TOPHAWK1 says:

        Cheers Doncs. I had the cash to punt Scott and Dunkley at the same time after trading in Mumford last week. I remember how I waited and waited for Billings to come good last year and it just never happened. Not saying that Dunkley will be the same, but I was not prepared to wait and find out. Call me impatient!! Hehehehe. Hopefully Dunkley will improve for you as he did play OK last night. Thought he deserved at least 90 for his effort last night. Good luck for the rest of the round mate! TH

        • Nice_Person says:

          Not sure how you can find a 90 out of last night's performance. 15 disposals, 10 of which were uncontested. 5 uncontested marks, and only 3 tackles. Plus just the 1 goal and zero goal assits. What he scored is what he deserved.

          Last year when he was scoring well he was racking them up and going 7+ tackles.

  144. TommyC99 says:

    Bit of a weird one tonight. Grundy VC obviously stoked with. Macrae a little under par but if an average game is 110 i aint complaining. Brought Libba in this week. But 3 scores under 80 sours it a little. Dunkley and Crisp really beginning to worry me and these poor scores becoming more prominant. Moore quiet after a good first half but hes been good this year cant complain.
    Mixed bag of results but i guess its expected with 6 in one game.
    Go pies!!!

  145. Nick says:

    Hi community,
    Who would you start between Parker and Pretruccelle?
    Eagles should win easy and saints have a tough game against the hawks

  146. GloryDays94 says:

    MacRae absolutely robbed tonight… Should have been 120 atleast. Treloar is pathetic and Dunkley is gone, don't give a crap who I trade him to the bloody useless prick….. only a few rounds in and already over SC for the year… grrrrrrrr

    • TommyC99 says:

      Adams definitely taking points off him. I noticed in those break away moments which would usually be Treloar it was Adams.

    • Rocksta_ says:

      I feel a bit like you GD. My team looks good on paper, but things are just not going my way this season. We need to tough it out mate………. but shit it can be frustrating

      • Rick Grimes says:

        I want to bin Treloar but but it's undisciplined. We need to hold premos and get those rookies fat. One you're full premo and if you have the trades, then you move him on. Otherwise I guatantee you'll be out of trades with 5 rounds to go.

    • TelescopicCox says:

      Exact same boat with Treloar. Pies mids were beaten over the park. Hopefully they can turn it around and he can move to 110+ avg

  147. kinglear009 says:

    Several things.
    Purged Dunkley from the team this week for Kelly – playing a long game there. He's outside the realm of the Sherrin.

    • Russty_ says:

      Good trade King, Dunkley will probs only improve his scoring if one of the doggie's mids go down.

      • TOPHAWK1 says:

        Dont say that Russsty! We need superman Libba to keep going, and going, and going, and then go some more! No injuries in the doggies midfield please. Just said my little prayer. LOL

  148. Saritz says:

    I kept a couple of screenshots of a few peoples comments on here about those of us who chose Grundy (and Gawn) after his 81 in round 1. The comments suggested they knew Grundy was going to be not good and how good they were for not selecting him (but in a less diplomatic way). Ive decided to just leave it alone though and not name names. I just want to reiterate 4 rounds in I am happy with my selection of Grundy who is now averaging 127.5 and has smashed out a huge captains (VC via loophole) score. He looks set to average inexcess of 130 for the year

    • Russty_ says:

      That was just unfounded 'rule change' panic Saritz…turns out the rule changes don't really affect much at all.

    • Rick Grimes says:

      He rucked against no one. Just saying.

      • Nice_Person says:

        He rucked against English last night Grimes, and dominated him. He dominated Nank 2 weeks ago and dominated hicky and vardy last week.

    • Nice_Person says:

      Why would you keep screen shots, who cares what the silly people that didn't pick him think

  149. kinglear009 says:

    Funny note on Macrae – no teams seem to care about tagging him. Do we think it's because so many of his disposals are outside the contest? Plays a style somewhere between Jake Lloyd and Tom Mitchell – no wonder CD love him!!

    • Saritz says:

      A little unfair. Macrae is a tough inside midfielder too. Dont judge him just on tonight

      • kinglear009 says:

        Perhaps – I guess something about his play style rubs me the wrong way. With Libba in, he's started drifting around the pack like a vulture. Very surprised he cops better numbers than the Bont, who looks like a star.

        • Nice_Person says:

          That's a joke of a comment, macrea gets alot of the tough ball and shovels it out, and he's often there tackling too. Bont is way over hyped in my opinion, gets the ball and bombs it long. The difference between bont and macrea turnovers would be huge

  150. asteris222 says:

    Difficult <img src="; width="1">

  151. Russty_ says:

    Aardvark…I like that word.

  152. Mint says:

    Dunkley is Done.

  153. AuroraBorealis?! says:

    That was an ugly, ugly win by the boys, will need to improve dramatically to have any chance against the top 6. In my ladder predictor for the year i had us sitting at 7th place, which i think is accurate if we can't kick it up a notch

  154. The Ranger says:

    Lovin the Grundy VC

  155. SK23 says:

    Hi all, please help me with the following decisions:

    I'm not trading out Fyfe so I'll need to field either Atkins (Cats) or C.Jones (Crows) in the midfield. Whom do I pick?!

    Also I need to trade out Westhoff, is bringing in Rozee a good trade? I still have 30 trades left

    • Tommy says:

      I think Atkins should score better this week, 0 tackles last week, I reckon he would have got a kick up the backside this week.

    • Holty01 says:

      Put the E on Atkins. If he scores well, putFyfe on field to get Atkins score. If he has a bad game, put Jones on field. Simple

    • Sharkmove_King says:

      I reckon Westhoff might go alright this week. Cameron kicked 7 last week against the Ranceless Tigers

  156. Holty01 says:

    All those coaches bagging the ones who started Grundy and Gawn have gone very quiet these last 2 rounds. I wonder why?

    • DavidC says:

      I traded him in this week, also had the C there until just before kickoff then switched to Macrae. Ah well, what could have been … at least I have him.

    • Rick Grimes says:

      Don't have Grundy. Probably wouldn't have Neale and Lloyd if I did. It's a trading game. You buy low, sell high. If I can get Grundy for $600-$650k at some stage around the byes I'm a winner. But yeah, good points. Nice one.

  157. Rocksta_ says:

    Didn’t put the VC on Grundy but stuffed up my loophole in any event with my only non playing bench player being Bines ( Grundy and Gawn already played and kept Bines on Bench). In a strange way, I feel better now as wouldn’t have been able to take Grundy’s score in any event .
    So the big Question now is Neale or Cripps for Captain?

    • Derek says:

      I posted on Thursday about Gawn and Grundy playing early so make sure Bines was on field.

      There is always someone that misses that little trap, but now with Scott being rested there is a loophole for most

    • NoLanguage96 says:

      Same dilemma. Leaning towards Neale

  158. Hawk131415 says:

    Cant get my VC and C right, was going Grundy and pulled the pin , what an idiot, i hate this game, im done, if you dont start well its over, which is the case for me, see ya next year,,,

    • Russty_ says:

      Don't be a sooky LaLa mate, my team's shite too, just gotta battle on ;)….I don't even have Grundy, but when he comes up against someone as pasty as English, you gotta VC him.
      Marathon not a sprint remember, take your licks and battle on're not permitted to give up because you're in a few of the same Leagues I am 🙂
      All quitters will be blacklisted next year hahaha
      P.S Leagues aren't over until the Grand Final, rank is ok and all but Leagues with your mates is where the real fun is.

      • Hawk131415 says:

        Ha, just seems so disheartning when you start terrible, always behind the eight ball, very hard to make up ground mate,,

        • Hawk131415 says:

          how are you looking his round Russty?

          • Hawk131415 says:

            At least i have Gary Moore to keep me company and happy, LOL

          • Russty_ says:

            I've got Fyfe on the bench, but I brought Neale in this week, will probs lose most of my League games to guys with Grundy VC, but I'm not worried, still got 27 trades left..and plenty of time to catch up.

        • Russty_ says:

          Just one move at a time mate…to improve your side, remember, a lot of guys who you think have better teams and start better than you, have burned a lot more trades than you, you can make up serious ground in the second half of the season, soldier on bud, it'll be ok.
          In Leagues, you only need to make the top 8 to have a chance at being League champ.

    • TommyC99 says:

      If you have trades left, the byes are where you can make a whole lot of ground. Just play the long game and it will come. I also started a bit below average, and I can never seem to get that amazing start so many others do, but that’s SC. Lot of it is just luck!

    • Derek says:

      I hear ya. I’m having my worse start ever if you only look at my overall rank, but I’m actually feeling really good about my team and confident I can improve.

      Early in the season you get people who get lucky, you get people who burn trades and they eventually fade away.

      Overall rank in the early weeks can be distorted because scores are fairly close. 500 pts can mean 30,000 rankings.

      The byes are important and just make sure you set yourself up well over the byes, especially the round 13.

      Leagues are great to win, but you need trades in hand at the end

      Plus I have a good feeling about the Hawks this year. Don’t be surprised to see TMitch back if we are in finals contention

      • Derek says:

        I just had a look at my history in 2015 I finished top 50 but was 36000 ranked after 3 rounds.

        The next 3 rounds there was injury carnage and I just got lucky and missed them all. It’s a luck game, BUT there were some injuries you see coming and I try to avoid those players.

  159. Gav says:

    Bailey Scott is the only way I can loop Grundy's score. Here's hoping he stays as emergency 😓

  160. Hawks says:

    So glad I didn't start Grundy. Took Goldy avg 94 used the 150k to change dusty to Neale avg 144, got rozee avg 89 instead of burgess. I couldn't be happier, if I took grundy I would have had a 700k player avg 140 and a dusty and a burgess. Stuff that👍

    • Hawks says:

      I disagree fellow Hawks.

      Grundy will need to be in your team at some point, he will outperform Goldy.

      Good call on starting Neale and Rozee, but you will still need Grundy

    • TOPHAWK1 says:

      Fair point mate! Just make sure Grundy is your number one upgrade target over the next few weeks though. Grundy will let Goldy disappear in the rear view mirror this season.

    • Derek says:

      Who was your R2?

  161. Nice_Person says:

    Libba looking like a keeper, m9 at the worst

    • dontblushbaby says:

      Agree, started vey slow last night but still punched a ton

    • Holty01 says:

      Would love to own him but couldn’t bring him in. All my midfield has been scoring well so had no one to trade out. He would be in my side if I had a Dusty or someone similar. Good work to those who started him

      • Derek says:

        Did the Dusty to Libby trade. Went to bed happy.

        • TOPHAWK1 says:

          Me too Derek. Punted Dunkley for Libba. Slept like a baby!

          • Derek says:

            Maybe it was the game last night that put me to sleep

          • Derek says:

            I watched a fair bit of the game, seriously at full time I had to check fanfooty to see if Dunkley played.

            The Bont is huge. He is seriously good. Last nights score didn’t reflect the effort he put in.

            With Libba back, The Bont in the guts and Macrae doing what he does, there is no room for Dunkley in guts.

            And with such a poor ruck division at the dogs, you need to be big and strong to steal the hit outs.

            The Bont has found his way into my watch list for a top 8 midfielder this year.

            Could seriously effect Macrae as well.

  162. Holty01 says:

    A big shout out to shake in one of my leagues. Sitting on 1082 after 8 played. Could be in for a big one mate. Good luck

  163. KKP says:

    Would appreciate some advice on trading in D.Sheed it T.Kelly. Leaning towards Sheeds. Thanks 👍

    • Sharkmove_King says:

      I prefer Kelly. If you started Sheed well done, but I wouldn't be bringing him in now at this price. Played alot forward last week (with Gaff back) and had 0 tackles. He's not gonna kick 3 every week.

      • TelescopicCox says:

        I’d back in Kelly. He’ll be a top 6 FWD where Sheed probably won’t crack top 10 mids

    • Derek says:

      Yep. Kelly. Might as well get him now.

  164. Davo says:

    Hi community, I was thinking of trading Cogs to Neale before Neale becomes totally unaffordable. I know its a sideways trade, but could be the last chance to get Neale in. Spent no trades so far. Thoughts please community. Cheers.

  165. TelescopicCox says:

    My POD picks are really hurting my season. Crisp way too inconsistent and Treloar hasn’t come on. Worth a trade next week?

    • TOPHAWK1 says:

      I have Crisp too. Really disappointed with him. I dont have Heeney. Did not start with him. Very tempted to just punt Crisp out via DPP for Heeney next week. Will take some serious talking me out of it this week.

  166. DEE says:

    How many trades left? I’m on 25…

  167. Tristan says:

    Hey community!
    Is it worth spending my saved emergency cash and trading out Billings for Marshall to upgrade Bailey Scott to Lachie Neale?

    • Swans2012 says:

      Billings averaging 94, to me he is doing fine, not on the chopping block for me, I’d find another way….

  168. Tommo09 says:

    VC on Danger or Neale?

  169. Guest says:

    G'day community. Have I missed the boat on Constable/Rozee ?? or should I wait for Stack/other rookies on the bubble soon? Couldn't trade them in last week, had other issues to fix.

  170. help says:

    Yeo to Neale or hold?

    • Lazza says:

      Neale will be more expensive next week and Yeo’s value will drop.. so timing is now… but only do it if you are wiping Yeo for the year..

  171. NoLanguage96 says:

    Neale or Cripps for the C?

  172. James says:

    Do I trade Selwood to Whitfield or keep him?

    • Hawk131415 says:

      Trade mate, Sellwood looked good in jlt but not so much in the season proper, getting a little long in the tooth, wont be top 10 mid,

  173. AuroraBorealis?! says:

    Poor Callan Ward, has probably done an ACL. Just saw vision of him crying on the bench, i feel awful for him. First game back from injury as well

  174. Hawk131415 says:

    Real Deal Neale, 47 for the qtr so far WOW

  175. BlueBaggerJosh says:

    As soon as I trade in Dahlhaus, please don’t burn me. That hore 86 on the bench is killing me as I watch Clark spud it up, maybe tomahawk can gift him a goal again or something

  176. AuroraBorealis?! says:

    hey NDD, was it intentional to leave Hore on the field this round? or did you not get to changing it before the lockout on thursday? That could be what gets you up this round, J.Clark only on 19 points at half time

  177. TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

    Sneaky miers pick.
    Likey so far. ..

  178. kinglear009 says:

    Oh no, Danger in danger

  179. ZzZCalintZzZ says:

    Clark is annoying on field but who wouldn't have him on field

  180. Finnius says:

    Looks like Williams is copping a slight forward tag by Ablett – stopping him from getting those cheapies off of HB.

  181. AuroraBorealis?! says:

    Had Whitfield in my team all preseason until i saw an article saying he'd be playing forward which scared me off. Wish i never saw it

  182. SC_Donkey says:

    Whitfield you gun! So glad I picked you over Lloyd to start the season. Lloyd welcome to my team in a few weeks.

  183. TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

    Whitfield about to take mantle of #1 defender

  184. GloryDays94 says:

    WTF… won't even go past 2000 this week with some of these scores… how the hell do you keep going with SC with pathetic scores like Kelly/Williams has had today and Treloar/Dunkley last night

  185. Finnius says:

    Imagine going Heeney to Kelly two weeks ago…

  186. Dan says:

    Thoughts on Caleb Daniel?

    • Finnius says:

      I picked him up in Draft. If you look at the second half of last year when he was playing off half back he was putting up some very good scores. Good be a sneaky top 8 forward.

    • BlueBaggerJosh says:

      Please don’t mention him I traded in Dahlhaus instead this week😒

    • Russty_ says:

      Looks like a Pokemon, plays better in the backline than forward, gutsy little bugger.

  187. Finnius says:

    Lachie Whitfield just does not stop running. Absolutely elite player. Kicking myself I didn't start him.

  188. ZzZCalintZzZ says:

    Just that kinda game today ain't it. Unless you have Whitfield, the other popular players are just pure stink

  189. Hawk131415 says:

    Cats are chocking

  190. BlueBaggerJosh says:

    Kick the winning goal Dahlhaus you 🥔

  191. BlueBaggerJosh says:

    Dahlhaus, Danger, Clark, Constable 😱

  192. AuroraBorealis?! says:

    Just about ready to put a line through this week, Danger 66, Constable 58, T.Kelly 39, J.Clark 41, Z.Williams 60. And both of my tips are wrong so far for saturday

  193. Dan says:

    Does anyone know what happened to Danger?

  194. TommyC99 says:

    Had 4 players in the cats game, all scored less than 70. Danger, Clark, Williams and Constable all disappointing, but the fact most are quite common is a slight consolation. Looks like it could be a tough week this week. Glad i dodged the Kelly bullet, almost brought him in this week.

  195. JohnDJ59 says:

    Finally, a trade in has worked for me, thank you Whitfield.

    • Russty_ says:

      Nice one John, I almost went Williams to Stewart today too, should've just bloody done it.

      • JohnDJ59 says:

        It was good to finally get something right Russty, I traded out Heeney too soon, wait a week and all is fine, I kept Simpson a week too long and it cost me 53k, now it looks like Dunkley might have to go next week after giving him another chance this weekend. I'm virtually rebuilding my team from scratch, at least I nailed most of the rookies.

    • Holty01 says:

      nice work john

  196. Russty_ says:

    Nice little 3 round average from your pod pick Merrett, Derek 🙂

  197. Hawk131415 says:

    Dilema, take Neales 131 or keep the C on Crippa??

  198. Benjiherb says:

    Trading gawn to Mumford get 300k ? Thoughts

    • TommyC99 says:

      Definitely not. Gawn won't drop in price that much with his 86 falling out of his average. And even if he was going to it would still be a firm no. You will be having to trade him back in anyway + the points you will lose during the time you don't have him will be costly

    • Russty_ says:

      Reckon he'll get rested at times, you'd need backup.

    • JohnDJ59 says:


    • SC_Donkey says:

      Is gawn injured? Is he under performing? Ask yourself that question.

  199. Rocksta_ says:

    My opponent has Rocky. I’m toast

    • Russty_ says:

      So much for the after effects of concussion ay?..hope Fyfey boy does the same next week.

  200. Hawk131415 says:

    How big a spud is Balta???

  201. JohnDJ59 says:

    Butters 11 at HT, I know he's a rookie, but you expect at least a 60 pt game from the good ones.

  202. AuroraBorealis?! says:

    Now Rocky, all you have to do is not get knocked out in the third quarter again, can you do that for me buddy?

  203. Tommy says:

    Haven’t had 1 game burn me so badly in a long time, lucky I had Whitfield.
    Danger, kelly, constable, Clark and Williams. Was projected to get 2350 before this, will be lucky to get 2100 now haha!

  204. ZzZCalintZzZ says:

    Can't wait to flick some of these rookies away. Just horrendous

  205. One Touch Wonder says:

    I’ve pulled off another stunning SHARK MOVE. First trade of the year. Dustin to Mumford.

  206. TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

    GnR coping it royally this weekend … 😖

  207. Russty_ says:

    When Lynch kicked that goal and then took a dive when Burton pushed him, and got a double goal out of it, that sort of thing can really change a game.
    I thought the AFL was gonna crack down on staging for frees?
    Lynch should've been reported for that.

    • Hawk131415 says:

      That is disgraceful, can you see this game getting slowly ruined????

      • Russty_ says:

        By decisions like that..yeah, Ump should've just waved it off..or warned Lynch for staging.

    • could be the game Should be reported

    • Tommy says:

      That double goal turned out to be handy, I’d be pretty annoyed if I was a port fan

    • JEL says:

      Didn't mind the tumble & roll, as he popped straight back up again.
      Didn't see it as staging for a free.

      Was incredibly surprised when they paid one though, players get pushed after the kick all the time.
      They're going to wear out the whistle if they start paying all of them.

    • Lazza says:

      Come off it Russty… he was clearly pushed in the back after he kicked the ball.. didn’t see any staging or diving…. don’t worry though the umps more than made up for it at the other end in the last quarter … interesting though that Rocky wasn’t tagged … such a high SC score for little impact on the game…

      • Russty_ says:

        Hi Laz, yeah I saw he was pushed and paid a push in the back but he also went straight to ground and came up with a guilty look on his face.
        Just think it's a silly rule, players get pushed all the time after they're over the boundary etc, why should the goal line be any different

        • Hawk131415 says:

          for a bloke that size to go to ground that easy its clearly a milking free like Revolt(ing) does, disgraceful,

          • Russty_ says:

            That's my point Hawk, who gives a shit if he gets pushed in the back after he kicks a goal and out of the field of play?…only those over-reacting Umpires.
            That was a shit decision, so bloody soft.

            • Hawk131415 says:

              exactly mate, i agree, just be a man when you play a mans sport, or go play soccer!!!!

    • Derek says:

      Ended up winning game for them

      • Hawk131415 says:

        Hope your not condoning the actions Derek??? that is not what this game is about!

        • Glass Houses says:

          Lynch isn’t the first and won’t be the last playing for a free kick – happens every game including and especially by Hawks players.

          • Hawk131415 says:

            Good on ya tool

            • nankthetank says:

              Can't blame Lynch in this situation, it wasn't a ridiculous dive and players are gonna try do what they can to get the win. Shouldn't ping Lynch for diving but also shouldn't have been a free

          • _Kyle says:

            Give it a rest mate there are far bigger culprits than the hawks

  208. ZzZCalintZzZ says:

    Rockliff you pig!

  209. Alferton says:

    Looks like Balta may not even make his break even of 24 this week. On 15 points 10 minutes to go. Next week trade to anyone.

  210. TOPHAWK1 says:

    Fabulous performance by the Tigers!!! Tiger tuff!! Under manned, no Dusty, no worries!! That's how it is done.

  211. JEL says:

    Should have stuck with Constable over Butters

  212. Jester says:

    It's game of thrones round on foxtel this weekend. This was meant to be a promotional exercise, and not a ironic omen of the massacre that was to occur. I know nuthin Jon Snow! Can they rename GMHBA "Red wedding stadium.

    • Russty_ says:

      Yep all our hopes of decent scores were all burned up by those Dragons this week jester lol

      • Hawk131415