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Well, we know it’s early days but by gum do we have a frontrunner for the number one Supercoach selection of 2019. Damo – taking charge of the podcast on the backs of all of you asking for MORE DAMO – tells Patch and Lek just how badly we need the Neale Deal in our sides.

Meanwhile, the boys discuss if Travis Boak truly is the answer to our D3 predicament, we talk about the woes of a sleeveless Kade Simpson and – AGAIN – discuss the virtues (or, as Patch says, lack thereof) of picking Daniel Rich.

The boys also run through some questions asked over on Twitter and in the comments as to if you hold or trade underperforming premiums and midpricers.

What are your moves for the week, community?

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  1. TOPHAWK1 says:

    Lachie Neale is the man! He is coming in either this week or next week. Great Podcast guys. I had the worst round since 2015. Score 2029. It was the round from hell. I am still licking my wounds. But have dusted myself off and got back on the horse!

    • Russty_ says:

      Hey mate, bad luck with the crap week this week, I had my shocker in round 1, and then Fyfe as C this week so, things can only get better!
      Neale could be( probably will be)..35K more expensive next week so it might have to be now bud.

      • TOPHAWK1 says:

        Hi Russty. I had the round where all nightmares came true. Had the C on Fyfe as well. But my team structure is solid and have plenty of cash in the bank. I dont have Libba. I reckon he comes in first and then Neale next week.

      • ZzZCalintZzZ says:

        I have 2172, 2080, 2150 😝 Consistantly below par so far haha!

    • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

      Hows that ambulance going hawk? 😎

      Would have been working overtime on the weekend.

      Seriously though what the odds of two players beig knocked out in your team on the one weekend?

      Crazy unlucky mate.

      • TOPHAWK1 says:

        I had to call 000 on a few occasions mate!! Not only for poor old Rocky and Fyfe, but for me too. Hahahahaha. That was the worst round I have had for a very very long time. Everything just went to crap. But it happens to the best of us. Billings just missed the hangman's noose and actually played a decent game. I traded in Mumford which was a huge risk, and still is. So far so good. Mummy looks fit, mean, and huge!! Hope he can deliver. My warchest is massive so I have plenty of options moving forward. Trading a little more agressively early this year to get my side strong. Then can hopefully pinch a few trades back during the byes. Thinking of going Dunkley to Libba via DPP, and Fyfe to Whitfield via DPP. (Duursma) I want Duursma in the midfield line as my backline rookie set up is solid with Clark, and Scrimshaw both playing and Burgess on the bench. I will then have $442 K left with 26 trades. Probably go one more time next week to get Stack and Neale. Then I will sit back for 1-2 weeks and try not to trade. Only for LTI'S if necessary. Onwards and upwards! Cheers mate!

        • DEE says:

          Enjoyed reading this lads… Duursma to the midfield I like TopHawk but are you seriously going to trade out Fyfe? I have him as well mate and thought about flicking him as well… but I’m worried about eventually wasting 2 trades trying to bring him back in later on. Do you think he’ll play this week? GO CATS!!

          • Lazza says:

            Nope… less than 10% chance of playing… . Fyfe is wearing a neck brace .. well he was yesterday.. don’t be surprised if he misses 2… and the scoring history of players coming back from concussion is not good reading ..

    • Lekdog says:

      Cheers Top, you'll be back this week

    • Fact_Is_you're says:

      A Points Chaser

  2. Krups says:

    Dusty to Neale
    Simpson to Whitfield

    • Rocksta_ says:

      You’re going to have a hard time getting to full premium with sideways trades like that.

      • TOPHAWK1 says:

        Trade ONE is a "corrective trade". Dusty rubbed out for 2 weeks and doing nothing when he is actually on the field playing. That is a good trade. Trade TWO is a bit sideways but is an option depending on his team structure. Cheers mate.

    • TOPHAWK1 says:

      Both solid trades. The second one is a bit side way ish, but it is old tooth vs youth. Good luck mate!

    • Krups says:

      Thanks for the feedback.

    • Lekdog says:

      Like it

    • TradesGuru says:

      Brilliant trades Krups, nothing sideways about either of them. Dusty is averageing 63 against teams that aren't Carlton and Simpson is averaging 72 with a high score of 83.
      Neale averaging 148 and whitfield averaging 127. They are no brainer trades if you can afford them

  3. Hazey says:

    Geez, one round after holding Heeney but booting Dusty for Neale had played out all right!

    • TOPHAWK1 says:

      Dusty playing badly and now suspended and on the bench for two weeks= trade

  4. Vinnie says:

    Out : Dusty
    In : Neale

    Think there's better value out there than allowing Dusty to return

    • TOPHAWK1 says:

      No brainer mate. The game moves on. Super coach coaches move on too. Dusty needs to turn into Neale if you have the cash. Just my take mate.

  5. Clarkeyy23 says:


  6. JR_Damo says:

    At about 10 minutes you'll find that I can't count to 3!

    Oh boy.

  7. Rivo says:

    For me to get Neale now means 2 x trades and TBH, a bit crazy. Dusty (M4) has to go, my 4 options being considered are..

    1. Dusty & Collins to Neale & Lockhart?
    2. Dusty to B.Crouch;
    3. Dusty to Sheed.
    3. Dusty to Boak via DPP.

    Thoughts Community?

    • Rivo says:

      Anyone? Have Fyfe & T.Kelly also, 30 trades…

      • JohnDJ59 says:

        Hi Rivo, I would be trading out both Fyfe and Dusty and you could get B.Crouch and Boak in.

        • Rivo says:

          Thanks John. If I trade out Fyfe & Dusty, it’s going to be Neale & Boak/B.Crouch for me.

          • JohnDJ59 says:

            No worries Rivo, that will work a treat, the Boak or B.Crouch decision would depend where you need the player most.

    • Sharkmove_King says:

      Don't get rid of Collins yet. For me number 4 is best because you're getting in a player that will be top6 in his position and you're not selling the farm to get him……Get Neale later

      • Rivo says:

        Thanks Shark. It is tempting, and allows me to slide Setterfield/Danger/TKelly into the midfield. I am worried about Fyfe though. It was a big hit and he will miss a week or 2.

        • Tofa says:

          Rivo I sold so many players last year due to injury or suspensions from Ryder to Macrae, sIcily.. swear I remember Fyfe in and out too… anyway my team hit a wall late due to too few trades and dollars.
          Only trade out a premo if they're done for the season or its round 20 😉

    • redherringfc says:

      To me, option 1 is a waste of Collins. Option 2 is trading a player who probably won’t see the year out in your team, so 2 trades.

      Sheed, is a chance to be close to top 8, but unlikely to actually crack the top 8.

      Boak is probably the best chance of being a keeper. But the top 6 forwards for the year are a complete mystery at the moment, to me anyway.

      I’d almost consider downgrading.

    • TradesGuru says:

      Keep Fyffe mate you knew he would miss a couple of games when you started him.
      Neales increase will be around $30k if he scores 140, Collins will increase by 43k if he only scores 64.
      Depending on your bench I'd trade Dusted for Rozee by putting a fwd/mid into the middle (Rozee increase by 69k if he scores his ave 89) giving you 260k in the bank. Next week you can dump collins move rozee back and get neale and Sheed as well.

    • Wighty says:

      Boak. never averaged over 100. At an age where performances start to drop off. And, long term averages are a sum total of both above AND below. So far everything has been above average. Just saying.

    • Sana says:

      Rivo, if trying to decide between Boak and B Crouch, consider who is more likely to be top 6-8 at their position.

  8. musicissport says:

    Currently ranked 75K, going for outright (lol great start!)

    Current team with $620K in bank:

    DEF Lloyd, Williams, Smith, Scrimshaw, Duursma, Collins (Hore, Clark)
    MID Jelwood, ABrayshaw, Dusty, Libba, Walsh, Cousins, Drew, Scott (Butters, Constable, Gibbons)
    RUC Grundy, Gawn (Bines)
    FWD Danger, Heeney, Hoff, Dahl, DarcMoore, Petruccelle (Parker, Setterfield)

    Option 1
    OUT Hore IN Neale
    OUT Dusty IN JPK
    $71K in bank

    Option 2
    OUT Hore IN Neale
    OUT Dusty IN Rozee
    $352K in bank

    Big question is – am I too late on Rozee?

    • TOPHAWK1 says:

      Option 2. Duursma to the midfield to trade in Neale via DPP. Have you got enough cash to get Rowan Marshall instead of Rozee?

      • musicissport says:

        Will "Holler" make more than Rozee you think? I can only see him making another $100K whereas if Rozee keeps up his average he'll make another $200K.

  9. dontblushbaby says:

    I have Fyfe and Dusty, thinking of keeping Fyfe but trading Dusty

    • Rocksta_ says:

      Pretty hard to sit 2 Keepers on the pine (assuming Fyfe misses). I think you may have to bite the bullet. Trade Dusty and keep Fyfe. I definitely wouldn’t trade both, nor keep both on the pine.

    • TOPHAWK1 says:

      Yes mate. You need to seriously do something here. This an opportunity to raise cash. Fyfe first and then Dusty. Fyfe's brain is fried. He will miss 1-2 weeks. Then his output will be questionable after that. In other words, he will lose cash. Dusty will have two weeks to sit down and think how he is going to get his sh it together. He is fully fit. Just my take. Good luck mate.

      • ZzZCalintZzZ says:

        Dusty to Libba if ya don't have him. Fyfe almost has to go too but understand benching him if you have made 3+ trades before this. Fyfe will bleed cash for 3 weeks after rest though that's a certainty

        • Rocksta_ says:

          It doesn’t matter if Fyfe bleeds cash unless you are going to trade him in the coming weeks. If you are going to trade him ( aka sideways trade), I agree he should be traded this week.

          • ZzZCalintZzZ says:

            Bleeding cash also means sub 100 scores. When he returns he won't be the same Fyfe with that level of impact he suffered

            • Rocksta_ says:

              I don’t agree. Remember whom we are talking about here.

              • ZzZCalintZzZ says:

                Mate you seriously don't understand what happened?
                He not only got the forehead of a player crashing in the softest part of the skull but also got his head smacked on the deck straight after

                • Rocksta_ says:

                  Let’s agree to disagree. Fyfe is a beast. I don’t expect him to play this week with the level of testing they have now days, but I reckon he’ll be right in 2 weeks time, and scoring 100+

        • dontblushbaby says:

          Have Macrae ,Cripps,Libba,B.Crouch, looks like Neale is the best option

    • Shake_n_bake says:

      I have Fyfe and if he misses hes goneski. Just have to win league game cant do that with him on the pine. To early in the season to count on my rookies. He was so out of it not sure how he’s going to come back early days.

  10. peterpan says:

    Have a bit of a dilemma like most. Hoff & Simo. Both are underperforming.

    Sideways trade to:
    Whitfield/Worpel or Stewart/Boak

    Haven’t used a trade yet, but don’t feel like losing another $90k in these two premos again this week.

    Other option is to trade into rookies that will cash up? However I have all the big name rookies.

  11. dontblushbaby says:

    Not sure why Gibbons is being traded,no value and a waste of a trade, I believe he won't play this week and could be a valuable donut as Carlton play a lot of late games.

  12. Psycho muppet says:

    Is Damo actually the phantom?

  13. ZzZCalintZzZ says:

    TopHawk you sticking with Rockliff?

    • TOPHAWK1 says:

      Yes mate. I will keep him around for another week or two. His head knock was far less severe that the one Fyfe copped. Rocky's BE is still very manageable at 96 so if he plays he should not bleed much cash, if at all. I have traded out Dunkley and Fyfe this week and haved pounced on Libba (Still cheap, but not next week) and grabbed Whitfield as well via DPP. I will have $450K in the warchest after these two trades. If Rocky spuds it up I will have the coin to turn him straight into Lachie Neale next week. If Rocky misses he can just sit on the bench this week. I still feel when Rocky has recovered he will continue to produce decent output. Sticking with him for now. What are you planning to do?

      • ZzZCalintZzZ says:

        I'm doing the same with Fyfe to Libba. Giving Rockliff a chance too like you said. He was on 43pts before his knock which is not the end of the world, he would have finished 80 odd at least. Fyfe is a worry to me though

  14. Locked and Loaded says:

    Dunkley > Rozee
    Brodie Smith > Lloyd

    Don’t hate me

  15. Ando says:

    Has Laird been getting tagged? Or is Smith and Milera stealing his points?

    • Russty_ says:

      I think it's both at times Ando, bit of a worry, not scoring like the beast of old, needs a big ton to stop dropping in price this week.

      • Ando says:

        A bit of a worry indeed Russty. I'm considering trading him to Lloyd but that would require 2 trades. Seeing as though Dunkley hasn't been great, he'd become Worpel in order to fund the move.

    • Lekdog says:

      Yeah he has been getting tagged

    • Beezneez says:

      Hawthorn and Geelong have targeted Laird to limit his influence as a key to beating Adelaide. He had one possession in the first quarter last week but still managed 80 for the game. Doedee taking intercept marks hasn't helped the Crow defenders being able to run and carry.

  16. Ken says:

    Thoughts on Fyfe to Bont? Bont seems to be playing more midfield time

    • kinglear009 says:

      Bont finally seems to have been allowed into the mid and he's been a clearance beast for what I've seen – I think finally come into his own.

  17. Russty_ says:

    Scans confirmed Tim Kelly suffered a low grade Ankle sprain..still has to prove himself ok in a fitness test this week.
    Not many good options on my bench to replace him with if he misses, Balta, Burgess or Setterfield…ugh!

  18. NoLanguage96 says:

    Community I have $620k in the bank this week due to a double downgrade last week so looking at either a mid or fwd upgrade, would love your thoughts?

    Atkins/Gibbons/Setterfield to MacRae (have Neale already)


    Burgess to Kelly/Boak

    • Russty_ says:

      Hey NL, don't think MacRae's gonna drop in price anytime soon, don't think Kelly's price will fluctuate much, I'd get Mac in while you can.

      • NoLanguage96 says:

        Cheers Russty,

        Yeah was leaning towards MacRae. I'll wait till teams are named obviously but thinking Gibbons might be the one to make way, unless Atkins doesn't get picked.

      • TommyC99 says:

        Pies dont tag often but wouldnt put it past bucks to tag Macrae this week? He could well do what he did round 1 and just back our midfield to beat theirs but ya never know.

        • nankthetank says:

          Bont is almost more likely to be tagged than macrae simply due to his influence on the game due to clearances and size. Macrae is like titch in that he is almost untagable but also not crucial to be tagged

    • TradesGuru says:

      Mids score more than forwards always upgrade your mids first.

      • NoLanguage96 says:

        Agreed! Just gotta decide who gets the chop for Macrae out of Gibbons, Atkins or Setterfield.

        • Russty_ says:

          Gibbons first I think, he isn't very good..except in the VFL. At least Atkins is known as a tackler, Setterfield should still make money albeit slowly if he stays getting a game.

  19. Tommo76 says:

    hey guys, which option please. Still 30 trades.

    1. Dusty – Kelly/Menegola
    2. Hore – Lockhart (if named) and Dusty – Sloane
    3. Dunkley – Dahlhaus and Dusty – Bont/Sloane
    4. Dusty – Libba
    That middle bye round i seem to have a few out, but i reckon i can afford to own one more. Which means getting one of those cats players would mean i'd have to most likely have to pass on any round 13 players until the byes.

    Be great to hear which option you would take!

    • Russty_ says:

      Libba will be the same price as Dusty is now in a few weeks if he keeps going like this..could even end up a top 8.

      • TommyC99 says:

        You wouldnt be concerned that it would just end up being another trade having to be used down the line? Is 2 trades worth around 200k?

        • Russty_ says:

          Only if Libba gets injured before he gets to 500k and he could the way he's going, could also be a keeper too but it's just speculation mate.
          I started with him in the hope that eventually he can become Macrae.
          Dahl could also end up having to be traded out…Kelly, Menegola, Bont and Sloane probably the safest picks.

  20. The Bont says:

    Is it worth going Dunkley to Boak

    • Sharkmove_King says:

      I think it is, if you haven't traded too much yet

      • COREYSC says:

        I have 30 trades left but te only way I can do it is to trade Gibbons to Stack and then Dunkley to Boak I’m ranked 631

        • Swans2012 says:

          Feels a bit like points chasing…..and it’s a wait till on the bubble for stack despite his good debut

        • Sharkmove_King says:

          I'd do that Corey. Ranked 631 you may as well go for it. You will still have 28 trades after Round 3 (that's fine).

          Understand Swans point about points chasing, however I do believe you picked Dunkley hoping it would get more mid time. We have had 3 weeks to see that isn't happening, and on the other hand Boak is getting more mid time than previous years.

          Swans makes another good point on Stack. I think you should strongly consider Lockhart instead. Sure, he hasn't set the world on fire , but he's 102k & DPP. Trust me , I went early on Worpel last year and it killed me through the byes.

          • COREYSC says:

            Cheers mate,

            For me I have to weigh up whether Dunkley will be a top 6 forward.

            If he’s not, then trading to Boak is probably this week or later on due to only having 24K in the bank I need to make a downgrade to trade Dunkley up to Boak. Because after next week Dunkley will drop in price and Boak will rise even further so I’m not sure if I can wait another week

            I went for Sydney Stack because he has a greater ceiling and job security Lockhart I’m not so
            Sure about after the Hore debarcle and his scoring is very low as a small forward

            • The Bont says:

              I can do a straight swap to boak this week but I might just hold off. Dunkley could rise back up

    • Lekdog says:


  21. Bells says:

    LOL – the start.

  22. Ando says:

    Surely Lachie Neale cops more attention from hereon in?

    • NoLanguage96 says:

      Not if Brad Scott is coaching zzz

    • Holty01 says:

      I think the tag will almost always go to Zorko. Neale has copped attention before and still manages to get his hands on the pill.
      I started Neale because of Zorko.

      • COREYSC says:

        Yeah so did I Zorko is basically non-existent when tagged Neale can still plenty of the pill on the inside

  23. TysonBallsack says:

    Fyfe to Neale everyone

    Neale is a beast and he's playing for a better team. He is also apparently getting mentored by the same guy that mentored Titch. Also he is a very durable player only missing a few games in his last five seasons.

    Don't get me wrong. Fyfe is a gun however, he is somewhat injury prone (take a look at the number of games he's played throughout his career).
    He is likely to miss this week and you'll be missing A LOT of points. Also coming back from a concussion like that might affect his game and scoring output.

    Dunkley to Boak

    Dunkley's role in the team is iffy. He is the 4th/5th option in the Bulldogs mid behind guys such as MacRae, Libba etc. Where as Boak seems to be the main man for Port.

    • COREYSC says:

      Trying to get he Dunkley to Boak move done but it will involve downgrading Gibbons to
      Stack this week, I still have 30 trades left and ranked 631

      • TysonBallsack says:

        That might be worth doing. The other option is to give Dunkley one more chance if you believe he can get up, but if he doesn't get up it'll cost more to get Boak.

        I'm going Dunkley to Boak this week with 28 trades left…going for that overall 🙂

        • COREYSC says:

          Yeah I only have 24K so yeah I’m not sure if I’ll be able to afford him with a downgrade to get dunkley next week.

          Where are you ranked? I’m at 631

          • TysonBallsack says:

            I'm ranked 2053 right now, I'm still going for that overall, its not too late for me haha

  24. Bells says:

    Out: Fyfe and Simpson
    In: Neale, Whitfield

    Madness? Point chasing personified?

    I can jump back on Fyfe after Libba tops out in 4 weeks – or another rookie.

  25. Stacky23 says:

    trade or hold yeo, got 20k and is the only underperforming player left in my team after dumping mundy last week

    • Brokenchairs says:

      Coming back from an interrupted pre-season/toe injury, also been copping a tag.

      Although he hasn't tonned up yet, he's still looking bloody good with ball in hand. I'll be sticking with him, backing him to come good over the next few weeks.

    • Dermin8r says:

      Hold, he started slow last year then picked up again

  26. Kyle says:

    Dunkley to Marshall or Dahlhaus?

    • Bog Rat says:

      Good question Kyle, I'm liking Dahlhaus as well, 3 games and tonned up in all 3 but not a lot of talk on him is there something i'm missing ?

    • Dermin8r says:

      I did Dunkley to Dahlhaus so I could upgrade Goldy to Grundy. Good Luck!

  27. TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

    Looks like Neale is the flavour of the week this week.

  28. TommyC99 says:

    What’s everyone doing with Dunkley? Don’t think he gets the pill enough to be a consistent reliable scorer.

    • Lekdog says:

      Considering trading him

    • Dermin8r says:

      I traded him for Dahlhaus last week so I could upgrade Goldy to Grundy

    • JohnDJ59 says:

      Keeping for now.

      • Russty_ says:

        Who'd you turf Simmo for John?

        • JohnDJ59 says:

          Whitfield, but I had to trade someone else out to be able to afford it.

          • Russty_ says:

            No matter mate, you got the right guy…just try to hold off on one trade on a week you might've otherwise done 2.

            • JohnDJ59 says:

              My correction trades are over for now, only up and down trades in the near future, my team is a bit out of wack now, with the trades I have done, so will be targeting midfielders for my upgrades.

  29. KSinny says:

    Thoughts on Burgess > Lockhart then Cogs > Neale.
    I feel like we need to get Neale in before he goes up anymore.

    • kinglear009 says:

      I wouldn't advise trading Cogs.

    • Yeahnah says:

      I wouldn't trade Burgess, has much better JS and could get a decent score this week v Carlton

      • KSinny says:

        Cheers for the reply, after thinking about it for a Bit I agree and also don't think I should be trading Cogs either.

    • TradesGuru says:

      Mate Neale is already 650k he wont increase by more than 60k for the rest of the season. Surely you have a sub 100 mid that you can upgrade first?

  30. Jake says:

    Admin please email me?!

  31. Moe Szyslak says:

    Friends, bit of a conundrum over here!!!

    Sitting at top 18% and had a mediocre start so far with some glaring holes, but not sure what next steps should be – whilst my team is not looking great, there's no immediate option that stands to significantly improve my team? Considering giving it another week and holding trades (none used so far) before going shopping and looking to get Neale etc in next week.

    DEF: Lloyd, Williams, B. Smith, Collins, Scrimshaw, Duursma (Clark, Hore)
    MID: Macrae, Cripps, Fyfe, Oliver, Coniglio, Walsh, Cousins, Constable (Butters, Scott, Gibbins)
    RUC: Grundy, Gawn (Bines)
    FWD: Dangerfield, Heeney, Darling, Drew, Parker, Setterfield (Petruccelle, Balta)

    My punts on Cousins and Darling don't seem to be paying off as yet but I also don't have the cash to move them on to a Top 6 premo just yet, so thinking of sticking fat.

    Cash: $26,600

    Any potential suggestions or options I should be considering?

    • JohnDJ59 says:

      Your team looks fine Moe, you have identified the weak links in Darling and Cousins, you could keep Cousins for another week at least since he still has cash to make and his scoring isn't that bad, but after that I would be looking to down grade to a rookie on the bubble.

  32. Holty01 says:

    Hi community. Just a heads up to anyone thinking of going Marshall. His next 2 weeks will be against Big Boy and Gawn.

    • Sharkmove_King says:

      Mumford & Grundy on the horizon too

    • Tofa says:

      Love ur work Holty. still gonna watch him and his price tho haha

    • Lekdog says:

      …I still like him

    • Russty_ says:

      He handled Bellchambers and Clarke ok Holty, also got 6 tackles, 6 clearances , 6 marks I think and 40 hitouts, is athletic and does stuff around the ground.

    • FalseAlarm says:

      His breakeven is -24 mate even Setterfield couldn't lose money with a breakeven that low.
      If he only score 50 he'll still go up by 30k and as Rusty said TBC and Clarke were candy for him so BigBoy and Marshmallow Max shouldn't cause him any problems

      • Holty01 says:

        Didn’t play Clarke mate. Plus I wouldn’t personally be tempted with a 340k player only to try and make you 60k. If u think he is a keeper though, he is worth a punt

  33. Derek says:

    Trade out Dusty. I have 3 options.

    1) Dusty to Neale. Sounds great but it would mean finding $122k, no rookie has that much fat, it would need to be BrodieSmith to someone.

    2) Dusty to Whitfield. Stupid price changes means I’m a few dollars short, means I need to cull a Setterfield, no great loss, but 2 trades needed.

    3) Dusty to someone of same price who will be in best SuperCoach 22. Already have Hurn and Kelly. Maybe Boak, Gray, Wallis, Menagola? Only one sideways trade.

    • kyle says:

      Maybe Sloane?

    • dontblushbaby says:

      What about your old favourite Josh P Kennedy for another 20k ? Has had 3 solid games with an ave of 114

      • Derek says:

        That would be a big POD. He has started well, doing all the heavy lifting in a very thin Sydney midfield. His best days are behind him.

    • JohnDJ59 says:

      I like option 2 and 3, Whitfield should be in the top three defenders, Setterfield probably only has one more week of making any decent cash. Going straight to Boak also works as you would expect him to be a top six fwd.

    • Swans2012 says:

      Consider Sydney’s z jones (def), has been getting his midfield minutes ramped up last couple 3 weeks from 50% to 60% to 80% last week (might not be exact figures as Cant find the article now). We need his dash and hardness in the middle this year so reckon he stays there, makes cash from dusty and can’t see him averaging less than 90 and most likely 95-100 I’m feeling….

      Or just do the 2 trades get Whitfield and take the guess work out…..

    • Valens_FC says:

      I like 3 Derek. Remaining midfield spots need to be kept open for nailed on top 10. You can go Neale with two trades or get menegola or Boak with one trade and take care of a a nailed on top 6 FWD.

      as you’ve said many times don’t under value trades. You can pick off midfield premos when you’ve got the cash to do it.

      • Derek says:

        good call. Just use one trade is preferred option. I really like Menagola, just don’t like his bye

        • kinglear009 says:

          Yeah, same boat as me. Have Danger, Menegola and Heeney. Want to trade in Kelly – hes a gun – and I think it's quite possible, just need to be able to shift one of them into the midfield come bye round 13.

    • NoLanguage96 says:

      I'd go 3 Derek. Probably Boak if you don't like Menegolas bye

    • Shake_n_bake says:

      Hold on to him for 1 more week l play you in Magnificent 7!

    • TradesGuru says:

      Looks like you're only interested in players that ranked high in previous years Derek. You should play the game for 2019 rather than 2018, 2017 those years are finished. Sheed is the obvious choice, if you already have him have a look at some lions.

      • TommyC99 says:

        Naturally he's looking for players who have ranked high in previous years because they are a good chance of ranking high again. Not sure Sheed is an obvious choice either. Been good for 3 games. Hasn't proven he is top 10 mids nor will he make you enough cash to warrant the trade.

      • Derek says:

        yep, good point.

        My midprice players, i'm about 2 out of 12 over the last 4 years. just not good at picking the break out players.

        i like the 'fallen premium' types, a bit more certainty.

  34. Holty01 says:

    I’m trading out Neale since everyone seems to be trading him in. Shark move🤔

    • Russty_ says:

      Sure is mate haha, his average is uncomfortably high, bet it'll drop down to 140 at some point..not worth having 😉

    • HarryH76 says:

      Great call! Cripps and Danger traded out for me. Their high scores are taking up way too much room on my screen and I like to be a rebel and go with PODs instead. Bringing in K Jack and M Hannan

    • TradesGuru says:

      Brilliant move. I hope your trading him for Setterfield Atkins or Gibbons

    • Derek says:

      The ‘Holt Manoeuvre’

  35. FearTheBeard says:

    What to do with Rocky?

  36. Tony says:

    I'm thinking Fyfe to Libba and B Smith to Whitfield. Will be my first trades. Thoughts guys

  37. Hawks131415 says:

    Fix the site can you??? Doin my head in!!

    • Rick Grimes says:

      Are you also getting that Sorry message trying to access JR site? Thought it might just be me. Annoying as bugggery.

      • Hawk131415 says:

        Yes sir, now on my phone it goes to Twitter ?? Just about over it

      • Russty_ says:

        Sounds like a royal pain in the Arse fellas, something to do with using multiple devices maybe?…I haven't experienced any issues, I just use the laptop, probably bugs to do with them changing their servers etc recently.
        Have you guys emailed Lek about it yet?

        • Hawk131415 says:

          No I haven’t mate, thought he might just see it on here, there a few guys I think having the same problems? I normally just use my laptop too but not now,

          • Hawk131415 says:

            Where do I email Lek at??

            • Hawk131415 says:

              Oh, and thanks for the win on the weekend Russty, if Fyfe didn’t get KO’d you would of got me easy, I’ve had a shocking start to this season!

              • Russty_ says:

                Haha no worries mate, I only got up in 2 out of 10 but dem's da breaks, need to stop making silly Captain decisions lol

    • Lekdog says:

      Hey mate, clear your cache on whatever device you use and you'll be sweet. Working for almost everybody else

      • Hawks131415 says:

        Oh ok, cheers mate, do it when home from work, ignore my other request, thanks man,

      • Hawk131415 says:

        Lek you are a legend mate, im no computer genius( im a bit old school) but the advice you gave was spot on and i applaud you sir, im back, thanks so much mate, massively appreciated,,,,

  38. The Bont says:

    Thourghts on trading Dunkley to Marshall

    • Rick Grimes says:

      I'm interested in him, but is he a keeper or a stepping stone? Surelu wont average 110 for the year. So will be two trades and not sure it's worth it.

  39. Dan says:

    Thoughts on:
    Dunkley to T Kelly/Boak
    Fyfe to Whitfield (via DPP)

    (I have 29 trades left).
    I'm especially trying to think through the Fyfe trade, as I see him being a top 6 mid at the end of the season, but may lose points and value for the next 4-6 weeks until he has fully recovered.

    • The Bont says:

      There are so many options with Dunkley its too hard to decide what to do

  40. Jonathan Lenkic says:

    Nice pod guys. 2395 this week, moving in the right direction 🙂

  41. The Green Shoots says:

    Hey guys which option is best this is the current side ; have 30 trades

    Defence Simpson Hurn Crisp Moore Ridley Clark (Hore Joyce)

    Midfield Macrae cripps Neale M crouch Cogs Butters Constable Duursma (Atkins Scott Gibbons)

    Rucks Gawn Goldy (Sweet)

    Forwards Danger Heeney Dunkley Drew Parker Setterfield (Petrucelle Burgess)


    Was thinking of going
    Option 1 Simpson to Williams (on belief Williams will be top 8 defender

    Option 2 Simpson to Whitfield
    Dunkley to Libba (Libba continue to avg. 105 would most likely b mid 8 – cash generation will b hard this year so could b vital to have someone like him)

    Option 3 Stick fat with Dunkley and Simpson to another defender

    Would love your thoughts and comments community.

    • Derek says:

      Is there any way for getting Dunkley to TimKelly?

      • The Green Shoots says:

        Don't have the $$$ would have to be done over a few weeks

        • Derek says:

          Hore to Lockhart gives you just enough cash to go Dunkley to Timkelly.

          Lockhart has DPP gives you a swing set with Duursma in guts, that is great even if Lockhart doesn’t play, plus he is $102k. Any games will make cash

  42. TelescopicCox says:

    Any pressing issues here? PODS Crisp and Darling failed to fire but I’m not overly concern. Had a 2200 last week and dropped to 13k

    D – Lloyd Crisp Williams Moore Clark Duursma (Wilkie, Hore)
    M – Macrae, Cripps, Treloar, Cogs, M.Crouch, Walsh, Constable, Butters (Scott, Atkins, Gibbons)
    R – Gawn, Grundy (Bines)
    F – Danger, Heeney, Darling, Setterfield, Drew, Balta (Petruccelle, Balta)


  43. Gibbs says:

    Should I be trading or holding Fyfe? Have 29 trades left with my only other issue being Kade Simpson, who I was thinking of trading to Whifield! If I trade Fyfe it will be to Neale

    • DavidC says:

      The million dollar question. If it was just the one week then normally you'd hold. The big question is how long it takes to get his form back. That was a pretty severe head knock. There are a lot trading him out to Neale. I don't have him but I am holding Rocky.

    • HarryH76 says:

      It's a much tougher call when it involves injury. How many times have we heard a player being 'close' to playing then takes many weeks. And the converse, hear someone will be out for a long time then comes back in 2 weeks. It might have been a bad concussion but surely it's only a week isn't it? I don't have Fyfe but he's a planned upgrade and superstar. I'd hold unless clear news comes through later in the week. And when Ross is the Boss, that news is unlikely to be forthcoming unfortunately!

    • TradesGuru says:

      I'd hold Fyffe. Anybody who started him should have expected him to miss at least 4 games because he's only averaged 15 games p/year over the last 4 years. If you weren't aware of that blame your lack of research skills or the site censors who deleted most of my critically important posts during the preseason.

  44. TommyC99 says:

    Is there merit in trading Hore or Gibbons if neither play for Lockhart if hes named? His JS looks a little shaky but DPP and only 102k could be handy

    • DavidC says:

      He hasn't been scoring real good, 57 on the weekend with 2 goals. Dpp is handy but I'd wait a week and jump on Stack.

  45. The mighty wokkas says:

    Too late to jump onto Libba, sheed or even b crouch?

    • Holty01 says:

      I think you should only jump on now if you think they are keepers.

      • HarryH76 says:

        Agreed. I have 3 upgrades left in midfield and planning on 3 out of Macrae, Fyfe, Neale or Kelly. If he fits into your plan go for it, but make sure you plan ahead

    • TOPHAWK1 says:

      Get on Libba mate. Still cheap at $379K. He is averaging 118 SC after his first 3 rounds. That is Elite. Next week you will get chump change out of $450K to secure his services. If he stays fit, this is the last chance you will be able to grab him below $400K. Just my take mate. Good luck!

    • TradesGuru says:

      It depends on whether or not you have premium potatoes in the middle like Martin, Merrett, Pendlebury and/or whether you're upgrading to them.
      If you've got the premium potatoes definitely not too late. if you're upgrading same deal just remember that in either scenario you'll probably have to trade Libba and crouch out at some stage

  46. Yoo says:

    Dunkley-,Boak ?
    nic newman Out?
    tom rockcliff Out?

  47. SC_Donkey says:

    Last week was gonna pull the trigger on
    Simmo to Stewart
    Dusty to Fyfe
    Glad only went ahead with Simmo to Stewart
    As much as Dusty been giving me the head ache, In a way I'm glad held on him to Fyfe. Kinda dodge a bullet, now I can look at moving Dusty to Neale, Bont or Lloyd.
    Leaning more to Lloyd
    Bont has been running free and will be doing it all year, who will opponent tag in the bulldogs outfit. There's too many of them.
    Worried Neale will start getting attention(tagged) don't think he's ever experienced being tagged and don't know how he'll handle the tag.

  48. Sam_01 says:

    Current structure
    Back: lloyd Williams smith Clarke scrimshaw duursma (Burgess Wilkie
    Mid: macrae treloar Cripps crouch Steele libba walsh constable (butters Scott Atkins
    Ruck: Grundy Gawn
    Fwd: danger heeny Dunkley Moore drew setters (Parker Petruccelle)
    Thoughts on Dunkley and Steele out to Neale and Ridley via dpp or rowan Marshall instead up fwd? Have good rookies so I can cover if they got dropped if it comes to it

    • DavidC says:

      Marshall a bit risky with Longer a chance to come back in. Kelly would be the one to get if he passes his fitness test. Jack Martin is an interesting one to look at, playing mainly mid at GC.

  49. Mick says:

    My team:
    B: Lloyd, Whitfield, Williams, Clark, Duursma, Burgess (McKay, Hore)
    M: Macrae, Cripps, Neale, Oliver, M Crouch, Walsh, Butters, Constable (B Scott, Gibbons, Atkins)
    R: Grundy, Gawn (Sweet)
    F: Danger, Heeney, Dunkley, Drew, Parker, Setterfield (Petrucelle, Balta)

    I still have 30 trades with only 18k in the bank. I don't feel the need to urgently trade anyone out yet, but I am not convinced with a few of my rookies who aren't performing well at all. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  50. Booma says:

    Harris Andrews > Whitfield or hold the trade? Could also get Lloyd but leaves me without much bank. Thoughts

    • Tyruddanaut says:

      Lloyd over Whitfield. It doesn’t matter.

      Hope oof is a kpd so scoring will be inconsistent, however, that is not a good thing. Make sure he won’t score well this week and hit the button

    • TradesGuru says:

      Don't trade out Andrews unless he's broken

  51. Mark says:

    hey guys, I'm thinking of trading Dunkley to either boak or swinging darcy moore into the fwd line and trading Dunkley to whitfield. leaning towards whitfield. thoughts?

  52. Yeahnah says:

    Does everybody think Libba will be a keeper? Or just a stepping stone

  53. Help says:

    I can do dunkley to dahlaus and rockcliff to neale should i do it?

  54. Brn says:

    Had neale all preseason but traded him yo fyfe because i had the cash. Now im looking for the cash to get neale over fyfe. Lesson learned

    • TradesGuru says:

      Mate give up already if you do that sort of stuff. Neale started with 127, 149, 177 which of those scores suggested that he should be traded out?

  55. Matty says:

    Thinking balta to marshal and fyfe to neal leaving me 92k
    If rocky doesn't play him to stack and fyfe to neal netting me about 600k enough to upgrade 2 mid pricers to premos next week

    • TradesGuru says:

      Not wise trades. Rocky and Fyffe will win you more games than will lose you games

      • Lazza says:

        May be, If they are playing .. and people seem to ignore the fact that Rocky was having a poor game before he left the field.. he wasn’t in the top 250 players for points per minute on the ground…. Guys like Rockliff can lose you plenty of games too…

  56. Tyruddanaut says:

    I am so close to doing two sideways trades this week!
    English out for Mummy is almost guaranteed
    Then Laird is disappointing but he’s getting one more week.

    This is the worst I have done since 2010!!!!

    • Derek says:

      Don’t trade Laird. Will be top 6 defender.

      Already plenty of examples of people trading out premiums and they score well next week. Even old man Mundy did it to me.

    • DavidC says:

      You'll just have to trade Mummy out again later. That's two trades wasted.

    • NoLanguage96 says:

      I have Laird too and will stick fat. Annoying as I tossed up between him and Whitfield all pre season ugh

  57. Rick Grimes says:

    I can go Short to Whitfield. Or thinking Stewart and save $80k. I hate spending more than $500k on a defender. Whitfield looks essential tho and hard to see him getting much cheaper. Thoughts?

    • Russty_ says:

      Stewart's still a good pick Rick, Whitfield will come back to Earth a bit I think, If Stewart goes mediocre or spuds it from here you'd be unlucky I reckon, he's getting mentored by Corey Enright and getting better.

    • TradesGuru says:

      Whitfield will ave over 105 for the year and is a viable D1, D2 Stewart wont ave 105 but is a viable D6

  58. Ange says:

    What to do with Westoff after Round 1 thought id pulled off the POD of the year but hes spudded it up the last 2 rounds should I dump him or stick by him.

    • Ja191 says:

      Dump him

    • Doc_1 says:

      I’m in the same boat Ange. Think he’s got to go.
      I can’t decide whether to go to lobb or Lycett (favouring lobb) to keep the ruck cover.
      Or go straight out swap to a keeper such as Boak, or a speculative Dahlhous.

      Who are you moving him on to?

    • TradesGuru says:

      He will go big a few more times this year but he's not worth keeping if you have him now. Dump him and buy him back as bench cover when he dips below 360K

  59. Will says:

    Thoughts on Tom Stewart?

  60. dontblushbaby says:

    Just in ,Dusty misses only 1 game, I have Fyfe also,still don't know what to do ?

    • Krups says:

      Get rid of dusty. Regardless of his suspension, he needs to go

      • Derek says:

        It’s just one week.

        • Russty_ says:

          Yeah you'd have to think long and hard about it, he could come back next week and smash the hell out of the rest of the season.
          Maybe just needed a wake up call, would be disappointed to have let his team mates down like that.

          • Derek says:

            If it was 2, I’d trade. But just one, gee wizz, I dunno now.

            Have a look at Richmond’s draw.

            Syd, Melb, Dogs, freo, hawks, dons, norf.

            Except for Swans and Dogs, the other 5 teams are the 5 highest scoring teams for opponents midfield. I think Richmond are 3rd.

            I’m just saying to think about keeping Dusty.

    • SellSellSell says:

      Dump Dusty. his breakeven is 102 higher than his average and his only good score was against the Blues and they're basically a VFL team. against real afl teams his ave is only 63 or 33% of his breakeven. even if his next two games are the best SC games of his career he'll lose money.
      Supercoach stats predictor says he wont score 100 until round 23 against Brisbane! and by round 8 you'll be able to buy him for less than 430k

      • Derek says:

        I guess if the SC predictor says so it is true.

        Dusty has got two pretty tough tags that affected his score. That won’t happen every week.

      • Russty_ says:

        That does happen a lot, Dusty losing lots of money, apart from 2017, but he usually still averages somewhere near 100…depends on whether that's good enough though.
        Glad I don't have to make the decision.

  61. Disco Stu says:

    Cogniglio to Neale? Sideways trade, I know. But, my predictive score jumps a heap.

    • KSinny says:

      Was thinking of it but nah not worth it, Cogs has only 1 bad score with the other two being 158 and 102.

    • Disco Stu says:

      Or Newman to Stewart/Hurn

      • KSinny says:

        That ones a bit more justified, Stewart's looking great

        • disco Stu says:

          I feel like that move is more justified, but, the points looks so much better on the Neale deal

    • TradesGuru says:

      LOL. Neale is an upgrade from Coniglio not sideways

    • Derek says:

      Ward back this week. Getting crowded in the GWS midfield. Kelly, Whitfield, Hopper, Cogs, Taranto

      Where Neil and Zorko are it at the Lions.

    • NoLanguage96 says:

      Don't do it. Cogs is a gun he'll be fine

  62. Dylan says:

    A bit lost on what to do with Fyfe and Dusty. Going for league wins. Any trade advice for this team?

    FB: Laird, Williams, Smith, Collins, Clark, Duursma (Collins, Burgess)
    MID: Cripps, Neale, Oliver, Fyfe, Dusty, Walsh, Butters, Constable (Scott, Atkins, Setterfield)
    RUC: Grundy, Gawn (Bines)
    FWD: Dangerfield, Heeney, Gray, Moore, Drew, Parker (Petrucelle, Miers)

    $64,000 in the bank, 29 trades remaining

    • Dylan says:

      Didn't see I put Collins in twice, bench was supposed to be Scrimshaw and Burgess.

    • TOPHAWK1 says:

      Hi Dylan. It is time to start trading. You are in a good position to do so with 29 left. You could consider going Fyfe to Libba. Fyfe will miss at least 2 weeks IMO. Even after his return he will struggle a bit to get his composure back. That was a massive hit. Now that Dusty will only miss 1 week, just plonk him on the bench. He can think about his actions and might come back a better player and lose you no cash this week. Then you will have $290K for trade 2. You don't really need to use your second trade. Your team is very solid across all other lines. Laird to Whitfield/Lloyd is tempting but a bit sidewayish and probably not necessary at this stage. Good luck mate!

    • Derek says:

      Team looks great

      If you are going for leagues I would hold both Fyfe and Dusty.

      Best way to win leagues is to hold your trades and have plenty left when the whips are cracking, as long as you can make the top 8.

  63. Johnno says:

    Is Dunkley to Libba a good move.

    Thinking Libba will avg about 105 which will be enough to satisfy that m8 spot come end of the season. Watched Dunkley over last weeks and just doesn't seem to accumulate the pill enough atm to generate large supercoach scores. Libba looks set on full midfield time which is persuading me. Thoughts

    • KSinny says:

      Why not

    • TOPHAWK1 says:

      Solid move mate. Provided you do not own Tim Kelly. If you do have him, and he misses this week with that ankle, it might be best to keep Dunkley around for one more week to provide you cover in the forward line. Just my take. Cheers mate.

      • PETER says:

        Can't make new comments guys Is Greene to Boak a sideways move? Looks like he will be out again this week.

        • Peter says:

          Sorry didn't mean to triple post

        • TOPHAWK1 says:

          Hi Pete.

          Greene looks like he has to prove his fitness and has "test" status on the GWS injury list. I would sit back and wait until teams are announced before making a call. If Greene misses "AGAIN", then I see going to Boak is no longer a side way trade. The name of the game is to score as many SC points as possible. Greene missing again means more points lost on the bench and you may need to bite the bullet if you can in fact afford Boak…….You need a fair whack of cash in the warchest to make it happen. Cheers mate.

          • Peter says:

            Thanks TOPHAWK1 l was gonna hold but on the GWS website Wayne Campbell said his Calf was coming on slowly…l have $300k in the bank so will still have have some cash to upgrade some rookies in 3 to 4 weeks not sure if daulhaus or Daniel are keepers at this stage

  64. dontblushbaby says:

    Same issue, if Fyfe is out more than 2 weeks then get Macrae imo, cost you 2 trades though as you don't have enough cash, I have Macrae but not Neale

  65. Maverick_ says:

    I’ll have a nice POD in Dunkley at this rate after reading 80% of posts involve moving him on.. hopefully he comes good he started 2018 the exact same way. Just need an increase in his midfield %. C’mon bevo!

    • Ja191 says:

      Only way that happens is if one of Wallis/bont/Libba/mclean get injured. Odviously rates them over him

    • TOPHAWK1 says:

      Hi Mav,

      Decided to Keep Dunkley around as cover now that T Kelly may miss. I hope you are right and he lifts his output. He is a brilliant player and he might just pump out a 120 for us this week. Cheers mate. TH

      • Sam_01 says:

        Bont looked a bit sore late last game aswell, potential for dunkman there maybe haha probably wishful thinking, every centre bounce I’ve watched him at he’s done minimal so maybe if he just lifted a touch and got his hands on it more while he was in there we could get a points lift regardless of his mid/fwd split

    • DavidC says:

      An underperforming POD is not what you want.

  66. Yeahnah says:

    Corbett a chance to play his first game for the Suns, a nice rookie downgrade option in a couple of weeks

  67. Lemontart says:

    I went with the Jaegar bomb in the hope he would increase his output in the Hawks mids without Mitchell but unfortunately this wasn’t to be. I only have $549k so l can’t go any of the big guns and already own Libba. Hold and he will come good or trade down to a Henderson, Sheed or anyone else worth it?

    • Ja191 says:

      I’d hold he’s looked very good, 134 dt on the weekend another day that’s 140 sc points

      • Derek says:

        I was really surprised with his SC score. He was very good. Not sure why didn’t score.

        Hawks have saints, Carlton and Melbourne in their next 4 who are giving up a lot of points to opponents midfields.

        Big POD and worth sticking with.

        Howe should be back this week or next will help him. Howe will go to the opponent’s best midfielder and therefore make it easier for JOM (and Worp)

        • Swans2012 says:

          I think he was double figure clangers, hold

          • Brn says:

            He was a gamble worth taking and sorry he hasnt worked out. Seems to be poor sc scorer, but he is honestly a good player. Can't see him scoring the high tons, so probably has to go. Would find the 50k for sloane, or would possibly double trade to a seemingly top premium. Neale/macrae if possible

    • Russty_ says:

      Hi mate, I reckon if you'd hoped he'd be a breakout, possibly top 10 and scoring big every week and he hasn't…maybe correct now.
      Sometimes ya gotta nip it in the bud.

  68. Mint says:

    FB: Loyd, Williams, Smith, Newman, Clark, Duursma (Hore, Burgess)
    MID: Cripps, Mcarce, Tranto, b. Crouch, rockcliff, Walsh, Liba, Constable (Scott, Atkins, Gibbons)
    RUC: Grundy, Gawn (Bines)
    FWD: Dangerfield, Heeney, Dunkley, Moore, Drew, Parker (Petrucelle, Setterfield)

    $175,400 in the bank, 29 trades remaining

    • Derek says:

      Taranto at M3 is losing you points. Ward is back this week, Kelly back, Whitfield in the guts, not liking the look of Taranto.

      I would take the cash you have and jump on Neale. Gives you the top 3 mids and some serious crowing potential.

      Or Sloane/MCrouch if you like the look of the Crows drawn

    • Pranav says:

      did you trade dusty to rocky last week mate?

  69. TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

    Bit of a funny one for me this week.

    Not sure if I have to do anything?
    Scored over 2,400 on the weekend and pretty highly ranked.

    Do I just sit or try to climb/catch the leaders?

    If I did trade it would be to strengthen my fwd line which currently has rozee, drew and parker/setterfield on field.

    Backline has smith, Duursma, Clarke on ground with scrimshaw on bench.

    To strengthen fwd line could trade Smith to Lockhart and put scrimshaw on ground.
    DPP setterfield with atkins and turn aittkns into worpedo/Dahl?

    Or Martin. Starting to show his potential.

    Is this a good move or am I just moving the goal posts.

    I think def rooks will score better than fwd?

    Or just leave it and save trades?

    • Russty_ says:

      Don't mind those moves Trigga, best to get some of those, started well but are now scoring shite rookies off the field sooner the better.
      Nice start to the season mate..keep it going.
      I like Dahl ahead of Worp, reckon he's liking his new home at the Catters.

    • Derek says:

      That is nice mate. What is your rank?

    • Derek says:

      Hold Smith. He has some good scores to come.

      Just have a peak at the Crows draw

      • Russty_ says:

        Wouldn't it be better for Smith if they were playing better teams so the ball is down their backline more often?

        • Derek says:

          I don’t think that is as important. Winning games is usually good for SC scores. Look at Collingwood vs Richmond, they won fairly easily but Collingwood defenders all scored 100’s.

          Modern footy starts at the half back line and Brodie is a key part to that. He scores well when crows win. Or Swans

          Crows started kicking the ball around in defence last week, but some reason Brodie missed out on that.

          I think it is too early to trade out Brodie

      • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

        Thanks Derek that was the other consideration, Smith's draw and no seedsman.

    • Meph says:

      My situation is almost identical to yours. Scored 2400 this week sitting now 60th. Was worried last week about alot and decided to hold. Now things have to be done as I have too many rooks on field. If it wasn't for Neale, libba and Whitfield going beserk I'd have done terrible. Will be interested to read the advice you get.

      • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

        Mate I'm a bit further back than 60th.
        That is awesome.

        Looks like 50/50 split – trade/hold.

        The other consideration is cover. At the moment i have scrimshaw as cover for an injury.

        But trade Smith and my cover is hore or Lockhart both with sketchy JS.

    • congrats on such a great week Trigg save the trades

    • Lazza says:

      Hey Trigga, great effort … the difference in price between Dahl and Smith equates to 17 points… you’re getting what you paid for with Smith … his current average pretty much reflects where he will be for the season … might get to 85 at best … so at some point you will have to trade him .. so why not now ?
      At Dahl’s average he will end up around $560k… now is the time to get him if he is your target .., however, if Smith maintains his average then the price gap between them will always be around $100k.,, so you can afford to wait and see how Dahl goes over a few more weeks and do a similar trade later.. just means you are foregoing 20 pts per week (320 over the rest of the SC H&A) . is that worth 2 trades? … and will Lockhart have JD and outscore Atkins??

      • Lazza says:

        Your comment must be approved by the site admins before it will appear publicly.

        Hhmmff, the random post selector strikes again …

  70. Northerner says:

    Zac Jones. Looking like playing the role we want Mills playing. Genuine midfield time and available in defence. Priced similar to Williams, but could average closer to 95-100 v Williams more likely 90-95. On watchlist.

    Also, Libba’s game on the weekend. was exactly what you want in SuperCoach. I can see him reach $550k and being a genuine M8 option. Even if you upgrade him later, there aren’t many rookies that are showing signs of $180k in uplift. He becomes a cash cow in a dearth of cash generation at present. Early season cash generation is so valuable.

    • Derek says:

      McVeigh out for a few months. Swans need to re-set their defence. Unsure what effect that will have on Lloyd, Mills and Jones.

      Zac is going great. Picked him off the waiver in draft this week, very happy.

      Libba going great, but already missed a significant price rise. Probably won’t be a top 8 mid, so will need another trade, so wouldn’t go down from a premium (dusty) to him and then need to trade again later, 2 trades not worth the cash you make. He is just an awkward price now.

      • Northerner says:

        Thanks Derek. My thinking on Libba is he’s got $180k to make and you’ll get great on field scoring during that process. I just can’t see a $180k out of Burgess, Atkins, Gibbons or Balta who are all sitting on my bench. Early cash is just so important I think.

        An expensive rookie that will generate rookie equivalent cash with premium (agree not Uber premium) output. Later in the year not an option, but round 3 when rookie cash output is lower than previous years and there aren’t a large number of downgrade targets presenting themselves, I’m seriously considering going down from Fyfe if he’s not named.

        I have only used one trade this year, which is also a factor.

    • NoLanguage96 says:

      Rapt I started Libba. Absolute contested beast when he's fit!

      • Derek says:

        Yep. If you started him you strut. For the rest of us, it’s probably too late.

    • DavidC says:

      Will his body last?

  71. NoLanguage96 says:

    Who do we think are the juicier cash cows out of Gibbons, Setterfield and Atkins? Dumping one of them this week.

  72. TradesGuru says:

    Are any of the community members old enough to remember those 1960's, 1970's and 1980's music Gurus Harry Vanda and George young? They started in the 60's with the Easybeats then had a hiatus in the late 70's to help out AC/DC before storming back in the 1980's writing for a multitude of stars and recording a few hits themselves as 'Flash in the Pan'.
    Flash in the Pan was a facetious name as they were multi decades stars and 'Flash in the Pan' means 'One hit wonder' or One Season wonder in the case of supercoach. Anyway maybe wow and 66 should call themselves Vanda and Young as a homage to the 'Flash in the Pan' nature of thier SC experise. 🙂

  73. theI_inteam says:

    Taranto to Neale
    Vardy to O'Brien
    Leaves me with $39k
    I am hearing everyones comments on neale about gettung him in this week and this is the least impactful way of doing it i see. What are people's thoughts is this a good move?

    • Derek says:

      Can you get Mummy instead of O’Brian?

      • theI_inteam says:

        Can't do it haven't got enough cash to get mummy unfortunately unless i trade out one of my premo mids. Currently i have cripps, coniglio, kelly and danger as my premo mids. I want neale in and i figure vardy for o'brian isn't that bad considering o'brien performed pretty well in his first game this year and if sauce goes down in comes o'brien. Thoughts?

        • Russty_ says:

          Hi mate, Jacobs could be back next week, so O'Brien could be out, Sam Draper might get a start this week but that'd be a huge risk.
          I'd fix my ruck issues before anything else.. and forget about Neale for now.

  74. Whitey says:

    Is O'Brien your R2? If so very risky, he might not hold his spot for long.

    • theI_inteam says:

      Yeah vardy is my r2 and with sauce being older and dur for an injury i figured o'brien might get more game time given how well he performed in his first outing this year.

  75. Wolfy says:

    Libba situation: I understand he's already had a massive price rise. I understand the logic behind saying you only select him if he's a keeper. But if playing for rank, surely points come into play as well?

    In a year where rookies seem to be mostly spuds, isn't there some merit to say, libba accruing the same amount of cash as a Lockhart, while scoring valuable points at the same time?

    High risk coz it's hard to see him continuing this output, and injury risk… But the man has a -55 b/e this week doesn't he? Fyfe to libba and upgrading dunkley is looking tantalising at this stage

    • NoLanguage96 says:

      I think if it makes your team significantly better overall then fine. He could easily become a 550k keeper anyway and Dunkley's output is reduced because of it so it appears a win-win, I feel lucky to have started him. On the flipside I missed Sheed so we can't have it all!

      • Russty_ says:

        When Yeo- YO! gets back to form and Gaff fires up it could send Sheed back to what he was last year and previous years…hope not for his owner's sake, that winning goal last year would've given him a lot of self belief.

    • Derek says:

      Good points.

      I don’t think you can just make a decision on Libba in isolation.

      You have to look at the whole team and particularly what you do with the extra cash.

      I had Libba in my team most of preseason but changed to Constable, gave me cash to go from Greene to TKelly. I am upset I didn’t get Libba? Sure, but I’m fairly happy with Kelly and Constable as well.

      Same still applies now as it did preseason, except trades also become a factor.

      If going ‘down’ to libba gets you TKelly, yep.

      • Wolfy says:

        I had a similar scenario in my preseason team, I offed brodie smith at d4 to have fyfe and 3 premo fwds essentially. Was set on b crouch so couldn't justify having libba as well.

        Started with danger dunk and heeney, so Kelly and boak were going to be my upgrade. I want to trade Lockhart in for his dpp too but don't see how I can do that this week without costing me points.

        Fyfe and dunk both have to go in my opinion.

        • Derek says:

          You don't want to have less premiums after using two trades.

          so if moving out Fyfe and Dunkley, you need to get to keepers. Why not get Kelly and Boak?

          • Wolfy says:

            Yep considered this too considering both will be top 6 by the looks of things. I guess it's libba's price rise that is tempting me.

            Also just waiting to see Kelly's ankle situation, though I'm pretty confident he'll be fine seeing as he wanted to come back on in the 4th last week.

    • Holty01 says:

      Also depends who people currently have in their midfield. I have Rocky at M6 with Walsh and Constable so I have no need to grab Libba.

      • Brn says:

        Im glad i started with libba, but dont/didnt expect him to pull out such good scores . I was honestly mad at myself after his rd1 score, and think we will see a LOT more sub 90 scores from him. Dont even expect tons every week

        • Russty_ says:

          Yeah but you probs picked him Brn cause of his 2 JLT tons remember?…so that's 4 tons he's had in 5 games, after coming back from a long time out.
          The 75 was just an anomaly, he actually had good stats that game.

  76. NoLanguage96 says:

    VC into C thoughts for this week guys?

    I'm thinking big Gawny on the small ground into the Neale Machine

    • TommyC99 says:

      VC Grundy – Should absolutely monster english in the ruck

      C Most likely Cripps – Speaks for itself. This is the chance for blues to get off and running and he will be the one leading from the front.

      • DavidC says:

        Witts absolutely murdered English last week. I think the doggies will bring someone in to help English or even drop English. I think I'll still VC Grundy though.

        • Browncow says:

          Yes I was thinking even Gawn to Grundy and going all in on the rucks. Won’t be punting on Fyfe even if he does play.

    • Macrae into neale seems logical to me but gawn grundy cripps all top picks

      • TommyC99 says:

        Not concerned pies might tag Macrae? The pig is a very good tagger but only seems to tag selwood and dusty. IM worried buckley might come to his senses and tag macrae

    • Russty_ says:

      Neale into Cripps if I keep Neale in my team and don't reverse trades lol

      • Brn says:

        Aviod gawn due to possible pruess factor.

        I've only got sweet as loophole so will be going with oliver into neale. If i could, Grundy vc is the go

  77. TommyC99 says:

    Which option pls lads? Really unsure and i can very easily make a case for all 4
    1. Dusty – Libba

    2. Dusty – TKelly/Menegola/Boak (bear in mind already have 7 premos out round 13)

    3. Hore/Gibbons – Lockhart and Dusty – Sloane

    4. Dunkley – Dahl (refer to point 2 Re byes) and Dusty – Sloane/Bont

    I am really big on Sloane, especially with his easy run to come, but i feel i'd be doing a somewhat pointless trade to facilitate Dusty – Sloane. I also like a few of the cats boys but with one eye towards the byes, im quite round 13 heavy as it is.
    Opinions be great pls guys!

    • Derek says:

      to trade Dusty, i feel you have to go UP.

      Boak, Kelly, Menagola feel sideways to me, although they are in the forward line it sort of is irrelevant until we are down to the last few places on each line.

      Dusty to a Neil, Macrae, Cripps, Lloyd, Grundy feels like an upgrade.

      Going down, without painting the fence, is losing one of your premiums.

      Libba is a slightly different animal if you can see him scoring as well as Dusty, will cost you a trade but make you cash.

      • TommyC99 says:

        Option 3 allows me to get Sloane which is preferable. But would Hore – Lockhart be a wasted trade seeing as Lockhart JS isn't great and its only netting 15k?

        • Brn says:

          Im with derek. Find a way to trade dusty to a certain top 4 midfielder. At this stage, neale, macrae, cripps, mcrouch.. etc..

          Pod options = bont, treloar, brayshaw

          Value options such as libba, sheed and sloane are too risky/up and down for me.

  78. Hawks says:

    Got Jarragh Joyce and Matty Hore sitting on my bench in Defence.

    Have no cash.

    If neither of Joyce or Hore is selected, is it worth a trade to Lockhart?, and if neither are selected who goes first?

  79. RealDealNeale says:

    Offloading Dusty and thinking of holding Dunkley as I’ve alrady used 2 trades. Best options?

    A) Libba
    B) Heeney
    C) Boak
    D) Kelly

    Or left field option is Dunkley & Dusty to Bont & Mummy (Lycett DPP). I already have Neale

    • Derek says:

      do you think Dusty won't score at least as good as Heeney, Boak and Kelly?

      won't be alot in it.

      Boak will slow down. around 100ish

      Heeney will be 95-100, Kelly around the same.

      Dusty? surely he can average 100+ from here on? or will he get a tag every week?

      • Brn says:

        Derek touches on a good point. It would depend on your overall team – what rookies you have on field and where.
        Otherwise we are somewhat blind.
        Out of the three fwds you have listed, boak really seems to be the pick of the litter. Even if his performance dropped significantly, he is defying usual logic and looks set to average very well.

  80. DavidC says:

    Greene to miss again, Ward back for GWS.

  81. Shake_n_bake says:

    Kelly to play for cats.

  82. Jack says:

    Need to offload Martin and have a few options:
    1. Trade Gibbons down to Stack to afford Neale
    2. Trade for Fyfe or Coniglio
    3. Trade to Libba and wait a week or two for Fyfe and Coniglio to lose some coin and upgrade Miles to one of the two

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    • Jack says:

      Other alternative may be to trade Martin to Rozee and miles to Neale now

  83. Phatman says:

    I’ve gone B.Smith to G.Miers via dpp and Lyons to Neale. This doesn’t affect my rookie up forward but bring S.Collins on field which doesn’t worry to much but am I jumping the gun to try and get Neale now?

    • Brn says:

      Why did you start lyons and what has changed?
      Miers has had a good price change. Granted, i like his kick for goal, but he wont kick 3 crucial goals every week or get many possies. B smith has had one bad game – he should obly have been recruited as an 80-90 ish stepping stone, which he is doing. Get rid of lyons asap, but dont trade decent players to do so

  84. Longy says:

    What should I do with Westhoff? Trade or ride it out?
    Still managed to score 2301 (thanks to Fyfe/Hoff). Thinking I might straight swap to Kelly (if fit)

  85. Richard says:

    This could be silly:

    B.Smith -> J.Clark
    Dusty -> L.Neale


    • TommyC99 says:

      Missed the boat on Clark

      • Brn says:

        Don't think this trade will even improve overall points much.

        Get rid of dusty 100%, but no trading to clark now. Rozee could be a decent option for smith, but.smith will likely pump out some 100s, and an average of 80 is ensured. Easy upgrade later on. You might have to miss neale for now, and grab a sloane, crouch, libba, sheed, macrae even depending on your $

  86. Dan says:

    Dunkley…what to do? Haven't used a trade yet and have the cash to bring in Kelly or Boak?
    Is it worth the trade? If so and Kelly is fit, who is the better option?

    • LeDoctor says:

      I'm in the same situation, had a role change so I'd say it's worth the trade, the question is just to who? Boak – Kelly – Dahlhaus?

      • Brn says:

        Been expecting boak to choke, but looks to be cemented in port's mids. He is the best bet. Kelly will miss this week. Dahlhouse will improve on his recent dogs form, but will have bad weeks considering geelong's midfield depth. Same for Daniel at the dogs.

        Didn't think i would say it this year, but boak by a mile

  87. Johhny says:

    Simpson to Tom Stewart or to Whitfield.

    If to Stewart I have 161K if to Whitfield I have 70k.

    If don't get Whitfield now I feel you won't get him to the byes however will he continue to produce about a 105avg, if that then I think Whitfield is a go.
    Any other suggestions outside of these defenders already got Crisp and Hurn

    • Derek says:

      Stewart will have Touhy returning in the next 2 or 3 weeks, will affect his scoring.

      Whitfield has Ward returning this week, will affect his scoring

      It should be cold this week, Simpson will be putting sleeves on, will effect his scoring.

      • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

        Cmon simmo its just not right.

        Put the sleeves on!

        You are like superman without your cape.

        • Sharkmove_King says:

          Haha or better yet Simpson with no sleeves if like Sampson with no hair!

      • Lazza says:

        Why would Ward impact Whitfield’s scoring? They have different roles… Whitfield is an outside player whilst Ward is a distributor.. Whitfield is likely to benefit from Ward’s return… whereas Taranto will be impacted purely because he will have less mid time.

        • Brn says:

          Whitfield 100%. A free roaming, age improving gun who will find the ball

        • Derek says:

          Because Ward pushes Taranto ito Whitfield’s role

          • Lazza says:

            Don’t think so … Taranto hasn’t played Whitfield’s role before … Whitfield has the least rotations of any mid … why would they replace a Ferrari with a Torro Rosso?

  88. Shake_n_bake says:

    Hope Hore gets another gig.

    • Browncow says:

      Good intel gents. Need Kelly to play and save on a possible Hore to Markov trade.

  89. Paddy says:

    Boys, need some help.

    Been all over the place trying to figure out what to do with yeo.

    Was hoping with gaff back he would be relieved of the tag but doesn't seem to be the case.

    Do we think he will bounce back or should I ditch him now for either libba or Neale?

    • Sam_01 says:

      I think he will come good eventually dunno when tho, he didn’t have a great preseason

    • Lazza says:

      Trade him to Neale …on the basis you are cutting him loose for the whole season… I traded him last week to Libba … but that trade is now $126k more expensive.

    • Russty_ says:

      Depends of why you started him, if you consider him a top 8 mid, keep him and forget about all the cash he'll lose, or cull now for Neale who'll probs be number 1 or 2 mid.

  90. Yeahnah says:

    Markov JS? Tossing up between him and Lockhart for Hore

    • TommyC99 says:

      Think his JS would be pretty good. Don't think his scoring warrants the price tag and the 35k you'd have to fork out to get him

  91. TommyC99 says:

    Hore – Lockhart? Or is the 15k pocketed not worth the trade?

    • Ja191 says:

      As long as you have 6-7 playing defenders Id just wait til a good rookie comes up. No point rushing it can also use hore as a loop in the meantime

  92. Rocksta_ says:

    I keep looking at my team and have realised that there’s no point in trading this week. Rookies still with money to make, or not worth using a trade on (Balta, Gibbons), and I’m not sideways trading Keepers ( Fyfe). I don’t see the point.
    Looks like another average score for me again this week, but no point using trades just for the sake of it! Will need to make a massive run home this season, but best to stick to my principles.

  93. Patch says:

    TWITCH: We're live and I'm here! Me! Doing a stream!

  94. Will says:

    Who averages more,
    Dahlhaus or Tom Stewart?

  95. hedski says:

    Jeez Derek, you dangled the Neale sized bait at me in the draft league but I think I'll hold onto Grundy cheers mate 👍

  96. Fearthebeard says:

    Anyone trading rocky this week? After the head knock? Not sure if I go to libba for the cash/avoid concussion issue( didn’t see it was it trade worthy like people think with fyfe.

    • Russty_ says:

      Hi Beard, Rocky's looked minor compared to Fyfe but he was still wonky after, must've passed all the concussion protocols though.
      Should be right for 39 at half way through the 3rd quarter again lol

  97. Russty_ says:

    KO'd Rocky declares he's ready to face Tigers
    Lee Gaskin
    Apr 10, 2019 6:05PM

    AFL website..looks like he's good to go..hope those 3377 people reverse trades lol

    • Brn says:

      Rocky is cocky and stocky and should be playing hockey or become a disk jockey and live in Milwaukee and eat souvlaki. Imo

      • Russty_ says:

        LOL, or live in New Youuaaark and drink lots of Couuuaaaawffyyy. 🙂

  98. Russty_ says:

    Jeez dead in here tonight, maybe I'll go sandpaper my feet or something.

  99. Jess says:

    Listened to the live podcast lek. Loved the 50 minutes or so.

    I consider it risky, but not too far-fetched to trade scott to Lockhart in order to afford Fyfe to Neale.

    These would be my first two trades. Loving the rest of my team and ranked well. Are they bad trades?

  100. NoLanguage96 says:

    Preuss to debut. Maybe I won't VC Gawndog after all!

    • Russty_ says:

      Yeah and T-Mac playing too which means he stays fwd so Preuss will probs pinch hit in the ruck a bit…maybe more than a bit.

  101. Shake_n_bake says:

    Fyfe is ruled out

    • Russty_ says:

      Pretty much expected mate…I'm holding anyway, I reckon he'll be back next week.

      • Shake_n_bake says:

        Gone for me Russty. Would like to see how 1 of my rookies on the pine goes. But if l want to bring in Bont or Neale l cant.

        • Russty_ says:

          Fair enough Shake, any expendables in your mids you could off instead?

    • TOPHAWK1 says:

      Good stuff Shake! You are always first with cutting edge news. Brilliant. Now I can activate my trading plan this week.

  102. Big dawg says:

    Would love some advice!
    I’m pretty fortunate that I have most the good rookies and no dud premos. But I’m looking at libba & Sheed and thinking should I pick one of them up for Atkins? Or should I just hold my trades and be happy.

    What are your thoughts

  103. TommyC99 says:

    Thoughts on Sloane? Really liked the look of him last week against the cats. Can he be top 10 or should we still be questioning his ability to shake a tag? His run the next month cannot be ignored

    • Russty_ says:

      Hi Tommy, he has proven in the past he's capable of huge scores so yes he could be a top 10 mid I reckon..especially with the 2 Crouches deflecting the attention away.

  104. TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

    So what are we doing with Hore?
    Assume most teams have him on the bench.

    Not named again so 3 weeks in a row.

    Can't loop him 2 of the next 3 weeks?

    Not much point having a guy sit on your bench who is not playing, so not making money and you can't loop.

    Trade to Lockhart?

    Iffy JS buy at least he is playing at the moment.

    Any other options?

    What are we doing with hore?

    • hedski says:

      Traded him to Scrimshaw last week Trig

    • Russty_ says:

      Hi mate, I'm not doing anything with him for now, I'll wait until another option comes through..you can afford to wait too I think with your good start, good things come to those who wait. Rolling Stones gather no two birds in the bushes.

    • TommyC99 says:

      Lockhart is the obvious one this week. Not sold on his JS and we only pocket 15k from it. Is that worth a trade? Stack looks the goods next week but would like to trade him to a gibbons who doesn't have much value

  105. Mitch says:

    Fyfe to Whitfield via Duursma
    Or Fyfe to premo mid
    OR Fyfe to premo forward

    Have lloyd, Williams, Smith
    Macrae, Neale, Cripps, Oliver
    And danger, Heeney, gray
    As my premo’s currently

  106. BlueBaggerJosh says:

    Constable to cover Fyfe, no issues there.

  107. Dean says:

    Have not used a trade yet but might this week… Here is my team:
    Lloyd, Laird, Z Williams, Clark, Duursma, McKay (Burgess, Hore)
    Cripps, Neale, Fyfe, Oliver, Traloar, Liberatore, Butters, Constable (Scoot, Atkins, Gibbons)
    Grundy, Gawn (Bines)
    Danger, Heeney, Dahlhaus, Drew, Parker, Setterfield (Petruccelle, Balta)

    Any feedback greatly appreciated in advance…

  108. ojs says:

    is it worth trading out cousins for libba? only way i can get him in

    • Big dawg says:

      I’m going Atkins to Lib and keeping cousins

    • Russty_ says:

      Just do it now if you want him I think, he could go up another 70k this week, Cousins could top out at about 320k.

    • TOPHAWK1 says:

      No brainer. Libba is producing SC Elite scores. At $379K, he is still on sale. Next week you will miss out on the special. He will be back at normal price.

      • Big dawg says:

        Atkins > LIBBA?
        Cousins > LIBBA?

        • Russty_ says:

          What are ya saying there bigdawg?…looks like crazy computer code mate.

          • Big dawg says:

            haha apologies rusty

            Should I go Cousins to LIBBA or Atkins to LIBBA

            • Russty_ says:

              Cousins mate!…keep your damn money and cull Atkins when you have to, he could still bounce back if he becomes the tackling machine he's supposed to be. Hopefully , he keeps getting a game in the meantime.

    • KSinny says:

      If you want him then it has to be this week

  109. TOPHAWK1 says:

    Thanks Shake for the news about Fyfe.

    He has been officially ruled out for the Derby on Saturday night.

    That does not bode well for his condition. His head copped two massive hits in sequence. The second one where his head hit the hard ground was the worst. His eyes just rolled back into his head.

    I have no choice, but to trade Fyfe out. Get better soon mate!

    • Russty_ says:

      Hey Hawk mate, what if you didn't do it…who would cover?
      Is it because you want to get Neale or someone like that in?
      Remember Fyfe played out a game with a broken leg.

      • TOPHAWK1 says:

        I know Russty. I can put Fyfe on the bench and park $604K at the same time, and then hope he comes back like the hulk. He probably will later in the season. But the Fyfe right now is a liability. I am not trading in Neale as a straight switch. There is method to my madness. Neale is not coming into my side this week. He is a target but not this week. I could be wrong, but I just have a bad feeling that Fyfe will again miss too many weeks. Cheers mate.

    • Shake_n_bake says:

      I have 3 options in mind to who I’ll trade to! Ill just wait till it gets a bit closer to the weekend

  110. Ja191 says:

    Nat Fyfe posted a photo on his Instagram and at bottom of description put “ps. Pls don’t trade me out of your supercoach teams” – surely can’t trade now

    • Russty_ says:

      Hoping he knocks out a 150 for me next week JA 🙂

      • Browncow says:

        Yep. Can’t trade him now after a plea to some 60,000 of us from the young beast. Zak Butters welcome to the field!

        • Russty_ says:

          I'm depending on Mr Duuuuursma to do the cover for me this week Browncow, 66 last week and ave 70 so that's ok

  111. Alferton says:

    Help please. I have 30 trades still.

    Option 1: Greene down to Rozee to get cash to go Dusty to Neale.
    Option 2: Hold fire. Save the trades
    Option 3: Dusty to Boak & Hold Greene.
    Option 4: Greene to Rozee & Hold Dusty.
    Feedback appreciated

    • Russty_ says:

      OPTION ONE!!!!!! ………..!!!!!!!! 🙂

      • Alferton says:

        Thanks Russty. Thought I might have missed the Rozee boat but option 1 is really the only way i can get to Neale.

        • Russty_ says:

          Missing out on 70k increase hurts a bit Alf but he'll make a sizeable chunk of cash yet..even if he gets 70 this week, still 50 k or so, also hurts a bit to have to pay overs for Neale after his initial starting price, but ultimately, it's better to have them there, than not.
          I'm doing the same 2 trades this week, not the same guys out but the same 2 guys in.

  112. ooo says:

    FB: Loyd, Williams, Smith, Newman, Clark, Duursma (Hore, Burgess)
    MID: Cripps, Mcarce, Tranto, b. Crouch, rockcliff, Walsh, Liba, Constable (Scott, Atkins, Gibbons)
    RUC: Grundy, Gawn (Bines)
    FWD: Dangerfield, Heeney, Dunkley, Moore, Drew, Parker (Petrucelle, Setterfield)

    $175,400 in the bank, 29 trades remaining

    • Russty_ says:

      Good side ooo, I'd trade Newman out to Rozee, and Taranto to Neale, and bask in the glory.
      Not sure who Mcarce is but maybe you could trade him out for Macrae?…;)
      You can address Dunkley next week if he shites it up again.

  113. Ando says:

    What's everyone doing with Fyfe? Misses this week but looks likely to be back next week.

    I don't have Lachie Neale. Thoughts on the following trades:

    Fyfe to Neale & Dunkley to Dahlhaus/Worpel (Which one?)

    • Ja191 says:

      I’d go worp, dalhaus should average a bit higher but worp has the rd 12 bye and is a tad cheaper

    • Yeahnah says:

      I'm keeping Fyfe. Trading him gets me no closer to full premo and there's no reason why he won't average more than someone like Neale for the rest of the season. Just hoping Bailey Scott can replicate round 1 this week!!

      • Ando says:

        Fair enough. Bailey Scott has dropped 2 turds after his round 1 score, it's looking like an anomaly. Fyfe's break even is 169, so there's a good chance he'll drop even more when he comes back and we can pick him up cheaper down the line.

        • Saritz says:

          Hold Fyfe. You don’t have enough trades to be going sideways on your premo’s. It’s tough at the time, but the elite coaches are the ones that ride out the storm and back their boys in. You’ll get Neale soon enough, he is going to start getting more and more attention and will put in a poor game or two at some point.

          Oh… hold Dunkley too! Stay strong!

        • Derek says:

          Ahern will play this week. Not looking good for Scott.

          Apparently he was real crook week 2 and still not 100% last week. They might give him a rest.

          • Ando says:

            Thanks for the info Derek. Looks like I'll definitely be trading Fyfe then as my other MIDS are Atkins and Gibbons who I definitely don't trust on field.

    • Derek says:

      Dunkley to Dalhaus or Worpel is about as sideways as it gets.

      Won’t gain much.

      If you trade out Dunkley you need to go UP. Herney, Kelly, Whitfield etc

      • Ando says:

        Not sure about that Derek. Dunkley's not getting many MID minutes whereas Worpel is almost pure MID with Titch and Shiels out. Can see the argument against Dahlhaus though.

  114. TelescopicCox says:

    Time to offload Hore? It’s annoying he’s not playing but there aren’t many better options i can see

  115. Will says:

    Thoughts on Dunkley to Dahlhaus?

  116. Wolfy says:

    Kane Lambert for those who are feeling adventurous? A lot of tigers out..

  117. Twilightingale says:

    As much as I don't want to trade Fyfe, might be the only way to get Neale in any time soon.
    No chance he averages 140 for the season, 130 would be very unlikely, but can see him average 120 which would see him average 115 rest of season. That should be good for a top 3 or 4 mid.
    Macrae was impossible to trade in last year after waiting for a bad game which never happened, don't want to risk the same happening with Neale

    Brisbane have a decent draw from now to the bye, avoid Gws until round 16 and don't play West Coast again. Hutchins, De Boar 2 most annoying taggers at the moment imo and doesn't have to match up with them.

    • Lazza says:

      Did you see David King's review and stats of the impact of 6 4 6 on inside 50s and subsequent scoring last night? There is a significant change happening and Neale is one who is benefiting from the new structure ..… players who are clearance kings are having a significant impact on outcomes … Neale being one … and this is evidenced by the huge increase in Brisbane’s scoring…
      Interestingly the wingers have no real influence on the inside 50 outcomes from the centre bounce..

      A season long average of 120 is not outrageous …

  118. Doc_1 says:

    Westhoff to Boak, Dahlhous or Rozee??

    • Lazza says:

      Either Boak or Dahl … depending on whomever you think is the keeper.
      No value in going with Rozee … you will have to trade him out again and you will not make enough moolah for the layout..

    • TheScacman says:

      Dahlhaus – playing as a mid/high half forward with very high JS, good minutes and 3 tons. You're essentially locking a M7 type player into the forward line. See if Boak is still the real deal in a couple of weeks

  119. Anyone thinking of Preuss 239K 47 BE could be that extra cash cow we all need. A lot to sit on the bench but if he snags a couple and does a share of the ruck could well go 80 plus. When gawn misses he's in so 50% ruck guaranteed Only a silly thought. Great to see the site so healthy .Though Lek deserves all the plaudits so does WOW for the way he has conducted himself. Actually i would like to see him post under wow so i dont have to sift through his aliases to find his pearls of wisdom. Never thought i would say that ,he will probably bag me big time for even thinking of Preuss and rightly so NDD

    • Derek says:

      Snapped TMcDonald off the waivers in Draft when I heard Preuss would be playing.

    • Lazza says:

      Wasn't it you who said Preuss will play mostly in the VFL this year ? I think your initial advice still applies…
      Yeh, re WOW … it was great to see WOW ignore the baited post earlier this week … if there was a thumbs up for no response he would have received heaps. And Russty went into bat … (Thumbs up)

      • I was thinking the same Lazza no bites at the 'flash in the pan' comment where as last year it would be on for 50 boring comments so well done wow and Russty for putting JR first Yes it was me Laz good memory and I still think he is average but average rucks can make coin

    • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

      He is an option but shares the bye with gawn/Grundy so pass from me mate.

    • Lazza says:

      Preuss 45 at Qtr time … NDD you’re a genius

  120. Jacko says:

    Dare I say this but has anyone thought of Daniel Rich as an option. Looking for a defensive replacement for Simpson. I think Whitfield is currently too inflated however would have to wait till byes to get him if don't now. Other options would be RICH, Ryan or Stewart. Which player would you choose or any other and why. Would be much appreciated

    • Swans2012 says:

      I’m bullish about z jones, played 80% midfield last week and we really need him there at the moment so expect it to continue, superb value imo

    • Lazza says:

      Do you also think Jake Lloyd is too inflated? Lloyd is priced at 114 points … averaging 128.

      Whitfield is averaging 126.7 which equates to $689K . He is currently priced at 104.7.
      We know he wont finish on 126 average, but there is a good bet he finish above 105. Based on that he is not overpriced.

    • Derek says:

      Well i do have Brodie Smith, i may as well get Daniel Rich and re-live the good old days.

    • Hawk131415 says:

      Dare YOU say it?? it was in the podcast!!!

  121. Pls help says:

    Would appreciate any advice on these potential trades
    1. Martin to Neale
    Miles to Rozee
    2. Martin to Liberatore
    Miles to Rozee

    1st option gets me Neale but will miss out on Liberatore, and 2nd option give me 350k to upgrade to coniglio after his price drop.

    • TheScacman says:

      Probably missed the boat on Libba now, would definitely be looking at option 1 at the moment. Also with the Miles to Rozee option, do realise that you're going to have to use another 2 trades to turn rozee into a premium (Rozee up and a rookie down). Watch someone like Stack this week, he looked good last week and if he does his job he could end up locking in some pretty solid JS in a really underperforming Richmond side.

  122. Dingus says:

    Whats the go with Darcy Moore, how bad is his ankle?
    Was thinking of trading him and Wallis out to get in Neale/stack (i know, should wait a week but rolling the dice, the kid looked good)

  123. Hawk131415 says:

    Why a late in? Lockharts named

  124. Box says:

    Sure all those people that traded Hore out are sweating right now……………..

    • Sam_01 says:

      Well I’ll be bringing him straight back in if names again haha
      Swapped him for Wilkie, Atkins and Scott to stack and hore via dpps

  125. Good win by the dees but still need to improve to make it. Gawn showed why he is the All Australian ruck

    • Hawk131415 says:

      Can’t kick for [email protected] NDD, just blast away like the rest of the side, DE is ordinary atm mate, but they loved banging those goals from that pocket last night,,