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SuperCoach Panic Room: Round 3

Published by Kev on

Before we get into the Panic Room for this week an update on the very important goal that I set for all you wonderful people in last weeks Panic Room. I asked that we banish the #CoxCurse forever by telling Patch to shut up and… it worked! Grundy in particular was awesome after quarter time, piling on 137SC. We should all take this as a lesson to blame Patch for everything and tell him to shut up more often.

Champion Data had a Sunday they’d rather forget. Lachie Neale broke the system and the entire operation came crashing down. The only good thing to come of navigating footy with no stats was Twitter absolutely roasting them for it. 

For mine, this is the most important week in SuperCoach. Last week was hold your trades, this week it’s go wild! (within reason). First order of business is to get the right rookies in your team, which we’ll get to a bit later. Second is taking a long, hard look at the premo’s you’ve selected. Two weeks ago you backed them in for long haul, if your reason for trading is “he doesn’t look right”, reassess it. Josh Dunkley has caught the ire of many this week, but he had 17 CBA’s against the Hawks and this week he has the Suns. Sometimes you just don’t get the right bounce of the ball. 

On the other hand, Dusty hasn’t laid a tackle in two weeks. In fairness to Dustin, he’s never had huge tackle numbers (averaged 3.5 in the year he averaged 120SC). What is concerning is his clearance numbers, only three centre clearances so far this year and will likely be spending a bit more time forward now that Riewoldt is out for a month. If you picked him with the view that he’s a strong clearance player, this clearly isn’t happening. 

If the Jock Reynolds team were promo’s, then they’d be the ultra consistent type you could rely on every week. Barron’s rookie article is equal parts amazing and informative. Statty Matty, our “work experience kid, except 40” is producing a glorious looking cheat sheet. Damo has captain options for the week covered, and if your week just hasn’t had enough of Lek shouting then this weeks podcast is for you. 

The News

You know the drill by now, Thursday’s are awful and I’ll update later etc etc. Tonight we’ve got Adelaide taking on the Cats at Adelaide Oval. If the crowd doesn’t encourage Seed to have a ping when he gets it 80m out Crows fans officially suck. 

There are two forced changes tonight. Adelaide’s short turnaround has meant Sam Jacobs’ dodgy knee hasn’t come up in time, Reilly O’Brien comes in his first competitive hitout since 2016. At the Cats, Jack Henry has a sore hammy and is replaced by veteran Lachie Henderson.


Plenty of changes at the selection table this week, but luckily there’s not much that will hurt you from a SuperCoach standpoint. Zac Clarke will make his club debut at the Bombers, but as he’ll be timesharing with Bellyache I wouldn’t get too excited. Mitch Brown and Kyle Langford have been dropped. Tom Sparrow, we hardly knew ‘ye. Corey Wagner (MID – 123.9k) is back in after playing round 1. Steven May is out injured.

Carlton have lost Charlie Curnow to injury and dropped Fas and Garlett for their game against the Swans. They’ve made three changes also, bringing in former Cat Jackson Thurlow for his club debut. Josh Kelly is right to go at the Giants. Shane Mumford is also amongst the ins after his retirement/slap on the wrist (aka drug “ban”). Noah Balta is back for the Tigers and there’s also a debut for Sydney Stack (MID – 102.4k). Brisbane will head in unchanged for their game against Port, who are welcoming back Ollie Wines. Collingwood are adding Taylor Adams to an already stacked midfield, Travis Varcoe is the one to make way. There’s a debut at the Eagles for Josh Rotham (DEF – 123.9k), Andrew Gaff also returns after his 8-week suspension.      

On Sunday, The Dogs have added popular R3 Jordan Sweet (RUC – 102.4k) to their squad. The Hawks have lost Liam Shiels and Shaun Burgoyne to injury. Dylan Moore (FWD – 123.9k) has again been named for the Hawks. Chad Wingard will make his club debut. Bailey Scott has encouragingly kept his spot despite North adding Paul Ahern and Jed Anderson to their squad. Marley Williams is the only confirmed out so far. Jack Steven is being managed at the Saints, Darragh Joyce has a few owners and is back in the squad. 

The House of Evil

Rookies, premo’s, free frogurt, and Potassium Benzoate. All with your choice of topping! What more could you want other than actually useful information like player breakevens?

These rookies come with a free frogurt! (that’s good)

-121 – Willem Drew

-108 – Matt Parker

-97 – Charlie Constable

-83 – LDU

-69 – Xavier Duursma

-63 – Zak Butters

-59 – Bailey Scott

-51 – Jordan Clark

-48 – Jack Scrimshaw

-48 – Gryan Miers

These premiums come with Potassium Benzoate (that’s bad)

221 – Liam Shiels

198 – Max Gawn

194 – David Mundy

193 – Brodie Grundy

190 – Gaz

185 – Elliot Yeo

183 – Buddy

176 – Kade Simpson

155 – Isaac Heeney

152 – Dusty

Full list at Footywire

Smooth Kevy’s Lock of the Week

Rory Sloane has had 17 tackles and 17 clearances to start the year. At 524k this just screams value. What gave him the edge to get into Lock of the Week this week is actually what his teammates are doing. George Hewett is among the top 3 taggers in the game and Horse sent him to sit on Laird and then later on Brad Crouch. If Rory can continue to escape the attention of opposition taggers we all know what he can do. Of course this depends on both Crouch brothers (yes there are two of them, Patch) staying fit and on the park, but until then you won’t see Sloane this cheap again in 2019. 

Hey Now, You’re A Draftstar

DFS can be a cruel mistress at times. You’d be happy with the score of 734 on a single game slate. What I didn’t account for though was the top 17 players on the ground being all Magpies, ten of which scored 100 or more.   

Tonights game between the Crows and the Cats is a tough one on paper. There are 10 options above 13k (and Menegola at $12,980) so you’ll need to take a punt or two somewhere to fit in the guns.


It’s Stanley (11.7k) v O’Brien (9.5k) tonight in our only options. Stanley’s price is not a lineup breaker tonight, but as I said in the intro you need to save some coin to fit in the guns. O’Brien played two games without Sauce in 2016 for returns of 84DS and 64DS. Not awful, but not great either. Listed as an inch taller and three kilos heavier than Stanley, he should be able to hold his own.


Geelong are yet to concede a 100+ score to a defender this year. I’m hoping coaches flock to Adelaide’s defensive trio tonight so I can nab Tom Stewart (11.4k) under owned. Adelaide gave up 123 to Jake Lloyd last week and 106 to James Sicily in round 1 and as the clear number 1 avenue out of defence Stewart could be inline for a big one. Jordan Clark (7.2k) price remains steady after returns of 60 and 70 in his first two games. Has an awesome kick to handball ratio of 3.6:1 and laid 5 tackles last week against the Dees.


Both teams have been stingy in giving up points to opposition forwards so far this year so either look to find value or target MID/FWD DPP’s. Patrick Dangerfield (MID / 16.5k) is the obvious jewel here. He averages 127 in his last 5 against the Crows and 123 in his past 5 at Adelaide Oval. If you want to deploy him in your mids, Luke Dahlhaus (13.2k) and Tim Kelly (14.1k) have made strong starts to the year. Looking down the list, Reilly Knight (9.4k) was used as a tagger against Selwood last time against Geelong. He put up 77DS himself in that game and I don’t mind him here if he’s following around Selwood tonight.       


Clayton Oliver (130DS), Angus Brayshaw (117DS), and Jack Viney (115DS) all enjoyed huge games last week against Geelong. All Adelaide’s midfield premiums are in play here so stuff in as many as you can. Charlie Constable’s (10.5k) price has shot up on the back of 31 possessions last week. I’m not real comfortable paying that amount for a 3rd gamer but he’s hot right now. I’m predicting a high pressure game of footy tonight and Tom Atkins (6.5k) has laid 13 tackles in two weeks. He offers a safe floor and if he can get a few more touches he’ll smash value at his price. 

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Need some suggestions on my trades this week fellas. 
Do I 1. Trade Dusty to Worpel via Setterfield allowing me to have butters on field over Setterfield. 
2. Trade Dusty straight to Sloane/Rockliff (don't have enough to go up to neale or Fyfe. 
3. Hold


Have you been burnt by Rocky before? It's not fun. He'll still be under 500k for a week or two and I really want to see how he goes with Wines back in. Trade Dusty to a keeper.


Yeh very tru would hate to be burnt again, would u consider Sloane a keeper? Ik he's capable but can obviously be tagged out of the game. If not him who else? Only got 575k


Skinny i posted my thoughts regarding this in the round 2 podcast page. Back your gut though always 👍🏻


Cheers mate I'll have a look


Option 1

Greene- Moore
Hore- rooze

Option 2

Yeo- Brayshaw
Greene- b.crouch




Yep option 2


Just Green to Moore


Nice Kev!

Help please… Dusty dilemma, all key rooks sorted. I’m a Tigers man and this is killing me….

1. Dusty (M4) to Rocky;
2. Dusty to Sloane (not getting the tag as per Kev’s wisdoms above);
3. Dusty & Collins to Neale & Scrimshaw?
4. Hold – the champ will come good!


Tigers man too Rivo and you’ve gotta go with head over heart in this game. Watched Sloane last week. At least he looks like he wants to be out there, can’t say the same for Dusty right now…

If Collins is named hold him


Thanks Kev. Geez, I hope Dusty proves us all wrong!


Trade Ridley and Savage to Hore and Lloyd


Ridley and Savage to Wilkie and Whitfield


If Hore isn't named should we move him on? Already have all the must have rookies. Don't have Wilkie or Burgess




May out to at least rd 5 or 6 good maybe for Hore?


I'm sure he could find a more respectable job than that in his 6 weeks off Shake.


Hahahahahahaha clever Rus,,


I need some advice on Yeo, do people think with his poor start mainly from clangers and free kicks against he can average 105+


It's in his name to come back strong


Thats true but cant afford to have a yoyo in the mids


OK community. Here’s my logic. Pick it to pieces.

I am a believer in having Ruck cover. That 80pts points when you need cover for Grawndy at some stage will make a difference, or the flex to not have to trade them out and back in. I did not have confidence in any ruck forwards from the list that was there pre season, however had Lycett on my watch list, uncertain around his split with Ryder. I think we have seen he will be no.1 ruck and Ryder will be ruck/fwd.

I see Lycett as the only viable F6 ruck cover for the season. I actually think I will need to get him in at some point. With that 167 he scored in his price for the next 2 weeks he will be priced overs in 2 weeks’ time. Now this being free hit week I can use Heeney downgrade to snare him now and whilst it does cost a trade, is a trade for a F6/7 keeper.

That’s where I’m leaning at present. No other trades so far for the season, hence I think it’s worthy and I can have Heeney as an early season upgrade at a potentially lower price from the first cow cull.


You might have read my thought on Lycett. I was ‘this close’ to getting him pre round 1, but wasn’t convinced he had the #1 ruck job. So found a bit extra cash and got Kelly.

He looks to be the #1 ruck for now.

I don’t think he will be top 6 forward, but is the security of the Ruck swing worth a few points difference? Time will only answer that.

I was ready to trade Lycett in this week, but 2 things stopped me. 1) he played Carlton last week, 2) Westhoff had a shocker.

The Hoff is potentially a top 6 forward, he he has another low score this week his BE will be massive in 2 weeks time and we could see him under $500k.

I’d prefer the Hoff over Lycett


Go for it if you already have the rookie ruc/fwd swing at R3.


I tend to agree with Derek , although I haven't liked Westhoffs role too much so far….a little to close to goal for me. I guess once Dixon comes back he might play more that nice sCoring wing role.

Regardless, I'd rather wait to see who the better option is.


Assuming Balta and Hore are not named, which of the following options would you go for:

1 – Balta -> Schultz & Hore -> LDU = $700 lefotver
2 – Balta -> Miers & Hore -> Gibbons = $89.2k
3 – Keep two non playing rookies and save trades = 74.3k


im keeping Balta and Hore as loops. Can't trade out all your rookies anyway. Long as you have the best 5-6 cash generating rookies and at most 2 non playing rookies you are in good shape. A few more rookies will show themselves over the next few months and can paint the fence when the new ones are on the bubble.


I think both Balta an Hore are likely to be named. You may need to plan for that scenario.


it was never a plan of mine to have Balta and Hore as loops. What I'm saying is that if they don't get consistant games I'm not trading them out just for another rookie on the bubble now. I will wait for new ones to come


Dusty and Heney out
Rocky and Kelly in?
Or option 2
Neale and worp?
Or option 3
Neale and Boak?


Neale and Boak for mine. I just can’t see Rocky going 22 games.


I have used 1 trade on Mills to Newman. I have 2 options for my 2nd.
Straight swap, Balta to MIers. or Hore to Miers via the following
I trade out Hore, move Duursma from M to D, more Drew from F to M and then bring in Miers?


Id go Balta to Parker. Parker BE-108 RANK 23 Miers BE-48 RANK 92


Cheers Reddman, I already have Parker.


Miers it is!


Scott, Gibbons or Atkins on field @ M8 this week?


Tough one ive got constable @m8 with Scott Gibbons and Atkins on the bench. Id take a chance on Scott against the Hawks.


I have Constable @ M7 and have been running the last 2 weeks with Atkins as M8. Was looking at switching out Atkins this week with either Gibbons or Scott. Was tempted to do the switch with Scott last week but thankfully I didn’t as Scott had a bad one. Hopefully he should be over last weeks gastro and get closer to his rd 1 score so I might take a punt on him.



Apparently had gastro last week -thanks for the heads up coach Scotty.

So should have the good runs this week and firing not misfiring on all cylinders.

Disclaimer: Depends on team selection of course.


Heeney to caleb daniel …. thoughts






JJ back next week. Nope


crazy talk – daniel is too small


Heeney's last 8 games including the last 6 of 2018:

78, 91, 70, 120, 73, 93 / 85, 67 av 84.6

Excuses this year: he is playing forward and he is carrying injury, not sure what the reasons were for the finish last year.

Feeling that he may be Cyril like….. looks great with what he does, but maybe not a prolific ball winner. Or maybe the excuses are legitimate. He also passed 120 on 5 occasions in 2018.

Is he 2018 Menegola or Billings?!?!?


he is a 90+ Forward and not worth trading out if you started him is my gut feeling


If you want to cherrypick data, have a look at his numbers from round 1 to round 12 last year. Averaged 112.

He a gun


One could say the same about Dusty's 2017 data! Those are his most recent games, maybe he now water pistol not gun!


20 rounds to go and you'd be hard pressed to find someone who will avg 10 pts or more a week over Heeney to warrant the trade. Derek made a good point a few days ago regarding Dangerfield F1…. then who? F2-6 is anyone's guess.


I think that's a great point – as in, if you do boot Heeney it shouldn't be a sideways. I think it can only be to a rookie then either bank the cash or upgrade to one of the "bargain" mids. Worst case you buy Heeney back with the cash you made, best case he turns out to be a Billings and you got out while the going was good.

I didn't have them, but I saw quite a few coaches ruined by holding Billings and Hibberd last season. I'd say holding premos is the best strategy in the majority of cases, but clearly not always.


Sloane and the tale of the Crouch Bros.


Round 1 & 2 with both Crouch Bros: 89, 141 (115.0 avg)
Round 3 & 4 without both Crouch Bros: 78, (59 injured his foot)
Round 5 – 14 Bye Surgery & recovery
Round 15 – 22 with M.crouch & no B.Crouch: 89, 96, 127, 84, 66, 111, 109, 110 (99.0 avg)


Round 1 & 2 with both Crouch Bros: 155, 105 (130.0 avg)

The Crouch brothers are the key to Sloane's ceiling


9 games in total without both Crouch brothers 0 scores 130+
4 games in total with both Crouch brothers 2 scores 130+


Heeney Balta and Hore my only concerns ATM. Balta to Parker if balta isnt named and looking at Heeney to Daniel. I picked Dalhaus over Kelly so i cant bring another geelong player into my fwd line and im not sold on boak or lycett.


Balta to parker regardless.

Heeney will end up being much better than Daniel. Only consider Heeney out if not selected


Cheers Jess


K. Simpson to Lloyd or hold
And Greene to either worpel or bank spare 300k and go rookie option in either rozee, miers.


Righto Community, now that Greene is out 2 weeks in a row it's time for me to give him the flick at F4. I've got 2 realty options I'm looking at:

1. Greene up to Worpel ($16,400 bank remaining)
2. Greene down to Moore ($172,700 remaining)

I'm leaning 1 because I believe in Worpel sticking around in the forward line, but getting my cash generation off to a good start is mighty tempting.


worpel is a trap mate


2 words brother "cash generatrion"


Need some help community

I am not happy with Heeney and Lynch (richmond)

Should i hold or trade or both?


Bring in Boak and Lycett = 100+ every week mate


Definitely trade Lynch. Perhaps hold Heeney for now. I'd trade him if you hadn't used any trades yet.


Thanks David – any thoughts on who to trade in?


Well Worpel is about the same price point if you don't have him. Moore also seems a popular pick but I'm worried about his injury history. Assuming you don't have the cash to go up to a premium like Kelly.


I had the same Horse, both gone, Lynch isnt ready and will be worse without Riewoldt there, and Heeney is a massive worry, bad ankle and pulled up sore after last game, No to Lycett as dont know how hes going to go, rollercoaster,,,


Greene to Rozee
Mills to Lloyd
Thoughts community?






I'd do both trades.

Locked and Loaded

Fyfe and Moore
Rocky and Kelly
Sloane and Worpel
Make my decision for me please lmao


rocky and kelly like a lek dog on heat




Rocky and Kelly for mine. Two keepers.




what about Mundy?




That's easy Derek … he's no longer a premo… 🙂


what about Yeo?


Rule of thumb to never trade a premo, broke that rule this week. Simmo down to Stewart got handy $130k+ for upgrade later on. Gonna persist on Dusty two more games and see if he turns it around. Happy to hang on Dunkley and Heeney, I think Heeney(injury free) will come good, once Horse pulls his head out of his A** that Heeney needs to be in.the guts.


Awesome work Kev.

Hey all, Looking to trade in one of Sheed, Rocky or Libba.
Sheed is leading the way through lack of burn history, but is he the best choice…?

Thanks all.




Libba 100k cheaper and just as good

Rick Grimes

My team concerns are:


The latter was my POD and after r1 I was happy, but he got no mid time r2 and delivered a turd. Reiwoldt out might help, in some convoluted way, but he's on notice. Goldy I wish I didn't own, but I'll give him another chance, was possibly crook. So possibly just Ridley to Rozee, if not named.


Ridley was unlucky to be dropped, should be in this week so keep an eye out at 6:20


If Ridley plays maybe you could just punt Snags for Worpel Rick? Hopefully for our sake, Goldy improves this week.


What has me worried is Elliot YEOOOO, I think I’ll givr him the flick now I don’t see him putting up similar numbers to last year. Convince me why I should keep


Is Yeo to Neale a solid trade or hold ?

Rick Grimes

Can't go wrong with Neale. I really thought Yeo would average 110 this year. Was in and out of my team but didn't take him in the end. Dors Gaff in help or hinder?


Hey guys! I really need any help!

I currently have Jayden Short at D2, with Whitfield D1 and Williams D3. Do I trade Short for B. Smith, gaining 130k in the process? Not quite sure what to do!


Hey all, help needed, mills has to go. Do i just replace him with newman and bank cash gen and maybe a d6 or swing moore back and pick up a worpel?

All other suggestions welcome!


The main trades I'm weighing up are:

Godly to Gawn
Dunkley to Kelly
Hore to Wilkie

Do you think any of these are worth it? Or just hold fire for now?


Hey Dan, Bellchambers said he was gonna be "very physical" with Gawn this week, if the whole team targets him again like Port did, he might not score too well this week I think, hopefully he can play through it but regardless, he's gonna drop in price next week anyway so maybe wait and see how Goldy goes this week first.
Dunkley to Kelly could be a wasted trade if Dunkley picks up his game a bit, and Kelly shouldn't rise in price much anyway.
Hore to Wilkie or Scrimshaw if you don't have him would be a good idea I think.


Thanks Russty!

That's true, I don't want to waste trades early in the season and regret it later. So, I might just focus on Hore to Wilkie (as I already have Scrimshaw).


No worries mate, you'll need em later believe me!


Fellas is it worth doing Dunkley to Kelly?


Not imo. I’m holding him as he is still being involved in a lot of the centre ballups. Only needs to get a few more clearance and his score will start to improve


I have enough money to trade Dusty to whoever I want, but do I trade down to a Rocky and pocket 150k, trade to Sloane and pocket a bit of $, or go with Neale?


go with neale he a gun


Go with Neale


Rumour that Sydney Stack to debut for Richmond.


Wilkie, Miers and Petruccelle. How do you guys rank these guys considering point scoring and job security?


Wilkie, Miers, Petruccelle in order from worst to best JS


Wingard back in


Or in for the first time, in a Hawks jumper


3 weeks into the season & i have still get the serious Thursday night panics.. does it get any easier as the year goes on Haha

Still haven’t worked out my Greene dilemma $1500 off getting worpel, devo! so next logical move looks to be down to rozee. Depending on hore he may also be a sideways trade to scrimshaw for a double trade.. if hore doesn’t get named with May out when will he..


Just wait until we get to the Wednesday night game in a few weeks. That will test us!!


Zac Clarke in apparently


No Hore, welcome Scrimshaw.


Still have Hore Hedski but only rookie I would consider that I don’t have in the backs is Rozee and just a bit expensive for my liking. I’ll use Hore for the loop this week I think


I'll only go to Scrimshaw if he's in the 22 tomorrow arvo Holty, atm Clark has the E on him with Hore on field.


Hore for loophole or trade to duursma


Get Duursma…gotta get the cash rolling in.


Essendon bringing in clarke could mean that dons are gonna give gawn the same treatment that port did


Bellchambers has already said he will be doing that Nank…hope Gawny's up to the challenge.


Well there you go, keep the VC off him this week


it's up to the Melbourne team mates to help out Gawn with that shite. They were puss puss against Port, will they learn?


That's it Dave, time for the Dee Boys to toughen up and give back as good as they get.
Bombers will probably stop when the Dees are 10 goals in front though lol


do i need to get parker? if i do trade petrucelle or balta


Do you need him? Probably but if balta keeps getting games you could get away with it. If so Balta


Balta made the cut…noice!

The G Train

Greene and Hore

Rozee and Moore

Any thoughts appreciated


Sounds good


does anyone know if hore was an emergency last week?


He was


Obviously Constable is a must have rookie, but is he worth using up a trade in getting rid of either atkins, gibbons or wagner?


Hope you did mate




Let's talk teams and last minute #Supercoach trades LIVE right now at:


Jordan sweet! Will leave hore in as a loophole option.


On an extended bench. Unlikely to make the cut tomorrow night

The Green Shoots

Who is the best rookie to pick out of Scrimshaw, Wilkie, Miers, Mckay and Balta. Not looking for infield option just a bench cover who can make some dosh and fair JS? Thoughts would be great community


Scrim if he's named tomorrow.




Who to bench?
Clark or Collins or Scrimshaw?
Holding off trading Scrimshaw in until he's definitely named in the 22 tomorrow afternoon


Clark with E wait n see all too easy 😋


Same mate


That's how I have it but won't be able to deploy if Scrimshaw comes in will be punting Hore (not going to hold Hore to loop one score, would prefer Scrims cash Gen), Burgess is my other bench spot.
Leaning towards playing Collins/Scrim over Clark (go cats).


I reckon I’ll wait a week on Greene play a rookie and have a second look at Marshall for st Kilda. Is he rucking for them? Am I Crazy? Greene is such a hard price when I have no money


Hey Joel, he looks great in the Ruck but not sure if he keeps the job when Longer gets back, could be relegated to the fwd line, I think Richo should keep Marshall Rucking and kick Longer the spud to the kerb.


Constable or Parker? Can get one of the rookies I have missed, which one to make the most money?


Parker for mine, better job security

The G Train

Have both and I think Constable is the better option, does not rely on goals to score well and has more upside. Had 30 last week, all he has to do is clean up his DE and he'll be averaging 80s until the bye hopefully

The G Train

But like Hawks said, cant see parker getting dropped anytime soon


5 ins at the Saints this week, and Wilkie at the bottom of the 8 man bench list…not sure he keeps his place.
Hunter Clark might get it, just conjecture though.


Won't be surprised if he is squeezed out. But I'm not changing rookies.


Extended benches are alphabetical mate. So wilkie will always be at the end.


Yeah but look at the top 4 Steeeve, I'd bank on those 4 playing and the bottom 4 missing, Acres averaged 88 last year , and Clark is better than Wilkie I reckon.