Who’s Your Captain? – Round 3

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Top VICE CAPTAIN Options –

Patrick Dangerfield

Thursday Night vs Adelaide – AVG vs Team: 138.4

Paddy not only loves coming up against his old side, but also loves playing at Adelaide Oval. In his last three battles with his old side he’s come out with a 158 and a 142 in front of the Riverbank Stand at Adelaide Oval, and a 149 at the GMHBA Stadium. He’s playing at the former venue, but an impressive formline against the Crows nevertheless.

Rory Sloane

Thursday Night vs Geelong – AVG vs Team: 108.3

It’s a good shout to assume Sloane will want to show old mate Danger how it’s done. Scored a 127 last time these two teams met, and we’ve all seen so far this year that Sloane has come out a different beast from last year, a force to be reckoned with. A true captaincy option, a left field POD-like option. I like it, it makes sense.

Max Gawn

Friday Night vs Essendon – AVG vs Team: 113.3

People who traded out Gawn would be feeling pretty silly right about now. Bounced back against the Cats and looks to be getting his mojo back. Scored a 168 last time Melbourne came up against the Bombers and Tom Bellchambers, and you’d be lying if you said you weren’t interested to see if he could do it again. Never underestimate Gawn.


Josh P. Kennedy

Early Saturday vs Carlton – AVG vs Team: 98.8

Remember this guy? He was once a top 10 midfielder in our wonderful game of SuperCoach. I’m not for one second saying he’s back, but he’s a good late option for your vice captaincy. Loves beating up on the young sides and has the tendency to score big against them. Carlton will put work into him, but he’s the bull in that Sydney midfield at the moment and there’s no denying that he’s started the season in blistering form.


Lachie Neale

Saturday Night vs Port Adelaide – AVG vs Team: 106.8

The 2019 Brownlow Medallist (don’t @ me) goes up against the Power on Brisbane’s home deck. This will be a great contest between two teams that have stamped a small authority on this season early. In Lachie’s last three outings against the Power he’s scored 99, 108 and 129, but he’s bucking all that “last time” stuff at his new club. He’s a new man in those Lions colours, and by just sheer weight of numbers will continue to score big.

Stephen Coniglio

Saturday vs Richmond – AVG vs Team: 87.0

Cogs was a victim to the strong clamps that belong to Mark Hutchings. He’ll want to bounce back this week, and against Richmond he has his chance. Averages a massive 154 at the newly donned GIANTS Stadium, and the boys in charcoal and orange are back in front of their home crowd, so he’ll have the fans in the stands behind him as well. Josh Kelly and possibly Shane Mumford returning helps too.

Jack Macrae

Sunday vs Gold Coast – AVG vs Team: 130.5

This looks like a delicious option to put the armband on. Scores big against the Suns showcased by not only his average against, but also a score of 189 last time he played this side. Will probably cop attention from either Jack Bowes or Touk Miller, but that didn’t seem to worry him last time.

CAPTAIN Smokey –

James Sicily

Sunday vs North Melbourne – AVG vs Team: 113.3

I might need to turn up my microphone for this one, hang on:

No, seriously, he is, and against the Kangaroos he’s a bit of a bully. 107, 110 and 123 in his last three games against the Shinboners, and has started the year in pretty good form. It’s a ballsy move.

Not mentioned:
Nat Fyfe (avg vs Saints: 84.9),
Patrick Cripps (avg vs Swans: 97.2),
Jake Lloyd (avg vs Blues: 81.0)

So community, who’s YOUR captain this week?

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Rick Grimes

Locking in danger. Have a feeling Cogs bounces back v Tiges. Or will play it safe with Lachie.


Vc on Danger, looks to be back in beast mode.
Macrae C if Danger doesn't fire.
Thanks Damo.




Same here Hed

neil demons delight

Gawn into Macrae both could go huge


That’s what I’m doing too NDD! Good luck


Shaping up ok NDD. Big fella on 80 at half time 😃


Danger VC Macrae C

I'm also backing in Dusty and Heeney to both score 115+ this weekend against the Giants & Blues respectively.


This way for me too.


Clayton against a very out of form dons side could be a shout for the VC too


True, however the last three encounters were also very different circumstances. Can almost consider these 'different' teams simply due to both teams playing very poorly


Danger into Lyfe

Lyfe currently the highest averaging player in SuperCoach


Like Lyfe

You r in for the ride of your lyfe, and the old chestnut lyfe is fyfe


Lyfe is Fyfe


Danger into Neale for me


VC Danger Crows never tag and if they do it's the softest in the AFL.
Back up is Macrae avg nearly 130 playing against Sydney & Hawthorn who are no scrubs but GC is.


Going with Danger(VC) back by Macrae(C) this week.

Am I pulling the trigger too early? On Simmo to T Stewart and Dusty to Fyfe. I have pretty much nailed the rookies apart from Hore and Joyce sitting on the bench.

Rick Grimes

I'd be very happy to welcome those blokes onto my team. Trade away I reckon. But be fully prepared to be smited by the SC Gods.


Cheers Rick

I know all about the SC Gods they can be nice one week and can be horrible for a week or two. I had Cripps, Oliver, Fyfe, Cogs and MCrouch all through preseason. Ended up with MacRae and Dusty 30 mins before the 1st game.

Also replaced Goldy to Grundy(C) and you know how that turned out that week. Then I also took out Wlliams and Westhoff who went nuts on the first round for Whitfield and Hurn.

So yeah! SC Gods can be cruel and do your head in week in week out.


I’ve got Danger VC, highly doubt it fails either, his record at Adelaide oval is amazing against the Crows


As a cats fan, I sense that danger will spend a lot of time forward this week off a 5 day break, along with TK.
I expect some other guys running the mid.. Menegola, duncz, narkle (who should be named), selwood, ablett and dahl. Just a hunch.
VC Clayton or Gawn into C Fyfe


So you think you can semi rest him and still win? He will score 150+


Surely not

The Ranger

Danger into Macrae.
My smokey would be Treloar, I think the Pies might be a bit fired up for this game.


Any team news yet?


Let's talk #supercoach trades. Live right now on https://www.twitch.tv/lekdoggames


Lek, I like the vid and love your sense of humour.

One thing I noticed was that you called Boak a trap, I want to hear your reasoning for that

Boak played 24% midfield and 76% forward last year and still averaged 88 (prospectus) The year before that he averaged 85 with 42% midfield time, meaning he improved last year with less midfield time, showing that he’s back on the rise. The reports before the season were that he was in the best shape he’d been in for a number of years and the midfield coach said they wanted him as a mid this year. The logical thing to conclude was that playing forward for two years had rejuvenated his body and he would be back. I had the gut feel that his year would be very Murphy circa 2017.

Now he’s back in the midfield and averaging 121 so how is he a trap? I started him as a pod thinking he’d average 95 or so and be very solid and he’s so far exceeded expectations. I don’t expect the average to continue but am expecting a 100 average by seasons end.

There aren’t really many true premiums in the forward line and players like Dunkley are unproven so why are you against Boak?

I picked him when he was in 2% of teams to start the season and he’s now in 7% so I appreciate the doubts but am just curious as to your reasons.

Wines returning will only slightly impact him and will impact Gray, Drew and potentially SPP more. Rozee, Butters and Ebert have stolen his half forward flank role.


Mate talking about it on the stream, you've totally changed my mind, such a well though out comment


Fyfe didn’t play the saints in 15 or 16, did poorly against them in 2017 in his first game back from a sternum injury that hampered him for weeks, and scored 126 against them at Optus last year. They were probably his bogie side early in his career. Think these factors explain the low career average and I expect the trend to continue to end.


Sloane hasnt necessarily come out a different beast…. he started last season even better from memory.. it's until he gets tagged.
Starts every season like the chmapion he is


These thursday night games are giving me the shits…. when are the teas annouced tomorrow? Need to know if greene is getting picked otherwise he'll be traded to B Smith ?!!?


Teams should be out at 6:25pm tomorrow which will give you time to make a decision


Should i be having a rookie that doesnt play on the bench so that i can do the captain loophole?

Errol Flynn

I wouldn't be making a trade for that purpose. It tends to happen naturally, making $$$ is more important. I think most people have their 3rd ruck or Hore (who got dropped after round 1) acting as their loophole. Give it another week and I'm sure you'll have someone injured or dropped you can loophole.


Still open to trading berry for a decent back in finns draft league. 😉


Lachie Neale, take a bow! nailed it as my captain this week!