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Hello JR Community,

The Great One, Wayne Gretsky, once said “Skate to where the puck is going, not where it’s been”. It may be one of the most overused inspirational quotes in history, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

It’s always difficult predicting where the SC points will come from, but it’s much easier to work out where the SC salary cap will come from. If you can’t pick the POD, or find the underpriced breakout player to catapault you to the top, just make as much money as you can and buy the reliable gun.

So this week we’ll just focus on who’s gonna make you the most money in the least amount of time.

Cheers, MattyB (Statty Matty)


Well, it’s official. The AFL season is two rounds in, and the SuperCoach team you spent hours researching over the summer has gone tits up. You’re not mad, no. You’re disappointed. Disappointed in your premiums. Disappointed in your midpricers and your rookies. But most of all, you’re disappointed in yourself. Another season, seemingly down the drain.  

Fear not, fellow SuperCoachers. Before the prices of most players change next week, you have the ability to correct some of your mistakes. If you have a premium who has stunk it up, you have to opportunity to jump on a player you missed out on before their prices start to fluctuate.  

Isaac Heeney | $529,200

BE: 155 | Scores: 85/67

Isaac was seemingly locked into every SuperCoach side at the F2 position, and who could blame you?

He’s a young gun who’s proven his SuperCoach scoring capabilities, and with the new rules enticing teams to go a little younger and faster in the midfield, it was believed he would take the reins as the premier midfielder at the Swans. Unfortunately, Heeney hasn’t exactly set the world on fire in the first two rounds.

He’s spent his time almost exclusively in the forward fifty alongside Buddy Franklin, with some time on the wing as well. Because of this, we’ve seen him score an 85 and a 67, which isn’t worth his premium price tag.

Horse said after the Adelaide game that he’s battling a sore ankle which is the reason he’s forward at the moment, but can you really wait for him to come good while he continues to lurk close to the goal line?

Dustin Martin | $563,800

BE: 152 | Scores: 109/66

Brownlow medalist and fend off king Dusty was an attractive price to start the season, with many thinking the new 6-6-6 rule would give the clearance beast plenty of time to win the ball and dispose of it cleanly.

He’s actually spent less time than expected up forward, with him attending most centre bounces so far this season.

He did get a serviceable 109 against Carlton, but Levi Greenwood did a good job on him after quarter time on the weekend, limiting his score to 66 against Collingwood.

A break even of 152 isn’t even out of the question for a player like Dusty, especially considering he’s averaging 134.67 (with a 144 and a 150) in his last three games against GWS. Despite this, people seem keen to move him on and bring in a premium who’s started the season hot. 

Max Gawn | $692,100  

BE: 198 |Scores: 87/116 

When I saw over 18,000 SuperCoachers had traded out either Gawn or Brodie Grundy last week, I had to chuckle.

Yes I have both, and yes I wanted to write bad reviews online about big Maxy’s new bar in Camberwell after last weeks lackluster performances, but I held firm.

They’re the two premier ruckmen in the competition, I knew they’d come good. Both Grundy and Gawn had ripper responses, with Gawn dropping 116 in a 80 point loss.

The chances of Gawn getting his break even this week is fanciful, but we know he’s capable of big scores. Even in his round one debacle (one of the worst games I can remember of his), he still managed a score of 87. 

Travis Boak | $478,000 

BE: 35 |Scores: 119/123 

Boak drifted in and out of my forward line throughout preseason. I heard he was going to spend more time in the midfield, but ultimately I went with Tim Kelly at F3 (not upset at all).

In two Port wins, we’ve seen the former skipper dominate in the middle, whilst also sneaking forward and kicking some goals.

Two near-identical scores see his break even at 35, with his price set to soar in the next few weeks.

That $478k price tag isn’t going to be like that for the foreseeable future, as he’s looking like he’ll spend a while in the $500k+ range.  

Tom Rockliff |$405,900 

BE: -19 |Scores: 138/116 

The former SuperCoach king has returned in 2019, featuring heavily in Port Adelaide’s midfield across the first two games of the season.

In the two wins, he has averaged 40.5 touches (23.5 kicks) a game, at an efficiency of 70%.

This has seen The Pig pump out two great scores in consecutive weeks, meaning he’s about to make some serious cash. A break even of -19 will see him jump at least 100k in the next 3-4 weeks.

Despite his great start to the season, there are question marks over his head regarding his role once Ollie Wines returns from his shoulder injury.

The Port co-captain is due for a return in the next fortnight, which may see Rockliff play up forward a bit more.

Last season Rockliff played that forward role, and averaged 74.8 doing so. I highly doubt he’ll return back to that similar role, but you can only have so many midfielders in the same side, eventually he’ll go forward for extended periods of time. 

Rory Sloane | $524,300

BE: 44 |Scores: 155/105 

The new Adelaide co-captain has had a great start to the 2019 campaign, with a huge outing against the Hawks in round one, and a handy score in round two to back up his efforts.

He’s one of Adelaide’s more important players in a strong midfield, sharing the spotlight in the centre square with the Crouch brothers. Many people preferred either Matt or Brad to Rory at the start of the year, however Sloane has been a strong performer so far.

With games against Geelong (127, 169 and 89 last three), North Melbourne (110, 80 and 96) and Gold Coast (139 and 95) coming up, Sloane could continue to pile up points in very winnable games.

With a breakeven of 44, he’s a lock to make handy coin over the next few weeks, even potentially cracking the 600k mark. 

There is a golden rule in SuperCoach, and it goes like this: 

Do not, under any circumstances, trade your premiums. 

Despite this rule, everyone is tempted. Whether it’s because of injury, suspension or form, almost everyone trades at least one premium every year. If you feel this way, know that you’re not alone. I am convinced that trading Heeney to Boak is going to accrue me points and cash. But, as Jules in Pulp Fiction said: 

“I’m trying real hard to be the shepherd.” 

For this reason, I am going to resist temptation. I picked my team because I had belief. I still have that belief. If you’re going to trade your premiums, make sure it’s the right move and that you back yourself in. Balls to the walls, see how you go, can’t go wrong if you believe in yourself. 

Good luck, community.  – Matty F

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I dont have belief in Dusty anymore. Was a poor choice to start him but after 2 game's I cant see him finishing in the top 10 for a midfielder. Trading to Neale or Fyfe. Heeney is another that could be traded as he right now doesnt look like finishing in the top 6 forwards. How long is a piece of string in regards to his so called ankle problem? Ahhh the brain hurts. Best trade options for Heeney? Kelly or Boak?


Dusty to Fyfe or Neale and Heeney to Kelly if you have to Krups.


I still cant believe 27% of teams DONT have Danger in their sides, and Rozee is a trap, got his 85 against Carlton and was shit in jlt, and people are jumping on?


already High JS even more so with watts going down now the opportunity to play off HB maybe? can swing with Moore/Burgess & 67 85 isn’t a bad start will make decent cash before the Byes hawk.. I can see why some people may get tempted I know I am. But will wait for teams to drop Thursday.


I think Hartlet will be back this week


Rozee is a trap. LOL


This didn’t age well


What are people's thoughts on Alex Sexton? Great option for those trading out Greene


Hes going ok at the moment, not sure if he'll keep it up, massive POD though, ballsy call Jarrod


Never averaged more than the mid 60's Jarrod, I'd avoid that one, you'd probably want to trade him back out again.


Any one jumping on Wingard?? for me its a wait two weeks and see but for what he can do, hes a great price, next year will be a lock,, you heard it here,,


If he scores 2 tons in his first 2 games maybe Hawk, have to see how he gels with his new side first.


Constable in for gibbons/bailey smith?




Why Gibbo over Smith Hawk?…Smith is 180k and is averaging a shitey 49.5. Gibbons hasn't set the world alight either but at least LMD will make some money out of Smith.








Mills and Petracca OUT
Moore and Laird IN

Feels good but can’t wait to be burnt all season long


Why Laird? Huge BE should finish top 8 but I’d be looking to pick him up cheaper down the track try find some better value for now. Just my opinion tommo


Good point. I didn’t even look at his break even. I think I might just trade Mills to Moore


Jeremy McGovern's had a good start to the season.


What should i do with Callum Mills
Hold or trade to Darcy Moore


Trade. Moore is a decent option but I like the look of Newman also. But depends on cash and your structure/depth.

HF Tabasco Sauce

Hold him Taco, get more Kickers


Can hore cement his place in the dees 22? If not i’m Looking to move him on to scrimshaw. I need my rookies playing week in week out.


Or alternatively Mav, use Hore to have a look Clark for tomorrow night first, and then make the call on the trade? My thought process at this stage, but moving Hore to Scrimshaw is also tempting me since I don't have him yet.


*To loop Clark for tomorrow night


Tbh I don't think so. I think May consumes his spot and Hore is an intermittent starter every so on. Spooks me, he's in my team but Gibbons isn't…


Nope VfL standard at best


Trade or hold Dunkley???

If trade who too???


Hold, he’ll go close if not will be f6


I'm an owner (I had the belief in him all through JLT for my F3 spot), and I'm still backing him in, especially against the Suns this week. Hold mate I reckon


I read that Bailey Scott was sick most of last week with a gastro problem. Why don’t we get told these things.


Swept through the footy club apparently Derek. Would've been nice to know before Sunday!


Hopefully that was the reason Goldy was so crappish.


As long as he plays this week, it will all be fine. Just wait for teams on Thursday before taking panic stations Derek.


Would have been nice if he didn’t play as I would of got Constable’s score


Always play the Constable on field Holty, this is an order from the Police 🙂


It'll be interesting to see how Rocky goes against the Lions if Robinson tags him for the whole game.


Heeney seems a huge predicament does he get let go or do we keep him on?


Hey community,
If you had Hore and not Scrimshaw, would you be looking at doing the swap as a corrective, if Hore is not named this w/end?


Am I a mad Englishman to go Dusty to LDU, then if Hore isn’t named, go up to Lloyd?
Current mids – Fyfe, Cripps, Oliver, Neale, Dusty, Sheed, Walsh, Constable, (Scott, butters, gibbons)
0 trades used yet.


Mad, yes.

My other question is why you are sitting on $125k of your salary cap unspent?


Fair. Thought I might need some talking down haha.

I’ve got $135 in the bank currently cause I went for Sheed last minute instead of Bont, and Collins to Hore.

Likely if Balta isn’t named he will get punted for Miers, maybe Hore to Moore

magic mullet

I'm gonna trade ut one of Dunkley and Heeney, who gets the boot

Lobbe Wan Kenobi

I had both but went with Heeney, I don't like the sound of the ankle. Went Heeney to Lloyd and Ridley to Scrimshaw.


I was thinking heeney to Lloyd or kelly

Lobbe Wan Kenobi

I think Lloyd is an absolute lock for top defender this year and does not look like dropping. Leaves me thin in the FWD line with Moore at F3 however, gives me more time to assess how the forwards are going to fall this year. Happy with my Backline of Lloyd, Hurn, Crisp, Smith. Hope Hore doesn't play so I can loophole Clark, Scrimshaw, and Duursma.


Im in the same boat but i think i'll hold em. We put em in for a reason, they'll come good, trades are gold!


Is it worth burning a trade to swap Balta/Hore -> Parker?


If either is not picked then do it. Else toss a coin …. but you will miss Parker's biggest rise and the other two will be a slow burn over many weeks as they seem to be plug-in players rather than regulars.


Parker is going to drop a turd soon, done good so far though. Expect his scores to diminish.


Need some suggestions on my trades this week fellas.
Do I 1. Trade Dusty to Worpel via Setterfield allowing me to have butters on field over Setterfield.
2. Trade Dusty straight to Sloane/Rockliff (don't have enough to go up to neale or Fyfe.
3. Hold




Dusty to Sloane would be the safest choice I reckon.


Posting this separate as nearly every fifth question involves Dunkley.

I am not sure why everyone jumped on Dunkley. With Libba coming back, Wallis fit and and Dahl leaving, Josh was always going to be spending more time in the forward line.


He was at 28 centre bounces last week so still a fair chunk in the guts. Just needs to fall his way I feel


Libba steeling his thunder.


Really tough decision been that’s been playing on my mind here this week and that’s what to do my with my F4 Jack Darling. (Don’t hav enough cash to get Tim kelly)

A) Trade darling to Worpel
B) Trade darling to Boak
C) hold
Let me know your thoughts!


Darling to Dahlhaus? I love the Worpedo, but and it pains me to write this, Dahlhaus is in the better team, and Clarko already said that he will rest Worpel throughout the season. Good Luck!


I have both Dusty and Heeney and I am sticking to my guns and holding them both. I'd prefer to lose a few points and $$ than trades.

James Sykes

Greene to Moore?


Sounds good to me James, or to any of the best rookies you may not have.


Toby Greene
Keep or Trade?


Drop him like a hot rock mate.


I’m trading, but if I’d had a better start to the year I’d hold. I need to ditch him so I can afford to go Dusty to Macrae.


I don't see how starting Phillips at R2 could be considered 'Foolish'
He's currently ranked 9th Ruck and has a better ave than Goldy, TBC, Stanley, Sinclair, Lobb, Ryder, Jacobs, Witts, Hickey, English, and Vardy.
If he scores 30% LESS than his ave this week he'll increase by 34k if he scores his ave he'll increase by 47k and if he matches his round 1 score he'll increase by about 55k.

Grundy's ave is 20 higher than Phillips BUT, take into account the extra 430k starting him instead of Grundy would have generated and you're looking at a Sheed and LIBBA M7,8 instead of Walsh and constable M7,8 = about 62pts p/week BETTER off in the midfield than you'd be for starting Grundy. Even if you minus Grundys 20pts advantage thats still an extra 42pts p/week. Have a look at your overall ranking and tell me how much higher up you'd be with an extra 84 points.

Grundy drops about 40k this week phillips goes up by 40k. Trading Phillips to Grundy after this round means getting Grundy for a minimum 80k cheaper trade him after round 4 and it'll be about 100k – 120k cheaper.
Your comment about Phillips was Foolish starting him was genius.


Got Heeney, Greene, Balta…….who to trade for Kelly n Parker?


Hore (can’t get a game even with May out) for Rozee (expensive but playing ie making cash)

It also helps team structure with Burgess in my forward line.
Thoughts? Worth the trade or not?


Would you trade Atkins or Scott to LDU and if so who?


Probably neither to be honest Roy, Scott was sick last week with gastro, could burning a trade for nothing.


Let's talk teams and last minute #Supercoach trades LIVE right now at:


Do I trade D Smith for Boak or hold my nerve


thanks for sharing with us


Awesome post admin thanks for sharing.