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Hey Community, just a short one this week, but that’s good because there’s not a lot to say.

If you listened to the podcast you’ll know that Lekdog and Damo had one main thing to say this week. “Essendon shat the bed”. Wait, no, actually they had 2 things to say. DO NOT TRADE. If that’s not clear enough … well, maybe Supercoach isn’t for you.

However there are some exceptions to the DO NOT TRADE rule after Rounds 1 and 2.

Firstly “Trading for injury” (e.g. Rance, Doedee) is the main reason you should trade now. No point being stuck with good coin sitting on the bench for the season, let alone just one week. $400k for either of those blokes can be traded into a Nic Newman ($394k) or Christian Salem ($445k).

Secondly “Corrective trading your rookies”. If one of your rookies doesn’t look like getting a game, or you missed a high performing rookie, you can wait another week. Or if you think there are more than 2 rookies you need to trade in/out, make 1-2 of those trades now, and 2 next week.

But don’t trade your premium players, you picked them for a reason and they will have bad days occasionally. And whatever you do, don’t go trading out premos for MPRs who had a good week.

Finally, while a great Round 1 score can set you on the right path for the season, there are 23 weeks in the season. Don’t be disheartened if you had a bad score. Stick to your plan, don’t make rash decisions.



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  1. Lekdog says:

    For the record, at this stage I'm not trading Balta until next week at the earliest.

  2. Ethan Lee says:

    not really a trade question but if you were to field 2 of these 3 players who would it be, walsh, scott and constable

  3. BobbyGee says:

    Scrimshaw or Parker on field this week? Can use the DMoore swing.

    • redherringfc says:

      Scrimshaw for me.

      The way Parker fell away last week I think he’ll be a lot quieter this week. He’s on the bench for me as the emergency, but I can loophole him using Greene, if he goes ok. I’ve got more faith in Burgess

  4. TommyC99 says:

    Im definitely not trading this week. Sheed and Rocky looking ominous but i dont have a way of bringing them in so praying they dont back it up. Only rookies im missing is Wilkie/Joyce but definitely not rushing to get them in. My question is just who to field.

    Scrimshaw or Parker? Parker obviously had the better week but can he back it up?

    Also which 2 out of Scott, Constable and Butters?

  5. Doc_1 says:

    Zerret one bad game away from becoming the Bont.

  6. fcabel says:

    Don't believe the hype. Trade

  7. ZzZCalintZzZ says:

    Eh I know I fkd up starting with Lynch from Richmond.
    Promising that he kicked 3.
    Disheartened that he was gassed for the entire last quarter.
    He is not exactly cheap for his current lack of match fitness.
    How long will it take for him to regain his fitness?
    Thinking of swapping him to Worpel.
    Will Worpel score 20-25 pts more per week?
    I think it's highly likely.

  8. Zombie says:

    I have Houli, Greene and Balta.
    Currently considering:
    Collins to Darragh Joyce
    Knobby Greene to Worpel (or Higgins?)
    Keep Houli
    Scored 2200 last week – don't want to score Patch-like this week
    Thanks Community

  9. Lekdog says:

    Live stream, let's talk #supercoach teams here:

  10. Big M says:

    Couple Back-line Rookies out – D. Cuningham & J Ridley
    undecided what to do – keep them both on the bench
    Or trade one or both out for another rookie like Callum Wilkie, Jack Scrimshaw
    or is Lachlan Keeffe worth a risk

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