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Round one has been and gone and what a round it was. It’s BACK, baby!

After being belted on the Supercoach front, Patch made the trek across the mountains to watch Essendon slay the Giants and was left enraged by the apathetic, garbage, awful performance his side dished up, so planned to stay in Sydney to shout at random people until he felt better. Some say he’s still there.

So, Damo and Lek took to the airwaves to talk some sense in the face of thousands of people rage trading premiums options like Brodie Grundy, Max Gawn and Clayton Oliver. Do not do it. Lek and Damo explain why, while also piling abuse on Patch, which in a totally non-biased similie is kind of like kicking an adorable puppy while it’s down.

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Patch · 25/03/2019 at 23:51

Don't get me wrong, I say this with love but I hate you both.

    JR_Damo · 25/03/2019 at 23:53


    JohnDJ59 · 25/03/2019 at 23:59

    Wouldn't have been the best game to watch Patch, one thing I can't understand though is why so many people went for Essendon when they were playing GWS away. I'm also trying very hard not to trade this week after the performance of my team.

    Lekdog · 26/03/2019 at 11:46


    Edd · 27/03/2019 at 00:29

    Will Jock see a return to the podcasts?

      Russty_ · 27/03/2019 at 00:33

      Jock's gone mate, just think of him as the spiritual leader of the operation, and Lek, Patch, Damo, Barron, Kev and co are his loyal Angels.

        Edd · 27/03/2019 at 01:01

        I know that Jock's gone. But the fella holds a deep place in everyone's hearts and I was wondering if he will ever make a return

          Lekdog · 27/03/2019 at 09:44

          Won't be seeing him around the Supercoach traps I don't think mate, you may see him down at the pub in Bonbeach though

Russty_ · 26/03/2019 at 00:13

If you trade after the 1st week, or drink and drive, or Barrack for Essendon or St-Kilda, or pick Jordan De Goey like I did….you're a bloody idiot or something.
Don't shout at random Junkies Patch, they may inject you with angel dust or some such druggy thing.

    Lekdog · 26/03/2019 at 11:46


      jzzz · 26/03/2019 at 18:44

      how much is a trade worth 100 – 150 k ?
      if this helps you upgrade in another line to a premo is it not worth a thought?
      if one of your premo ruckmen drops the 100-150k then u trade them back in

        Lekdog · 27/03/2019 at 09:45

        Using two trades on one guy, no thanks

P.J · 26/03/2019 at 02:05

last year i traded out grundy after R2 , he went on to be the top scorer , lesson learned ..

    Lekdog · 26/03/2019 at 11:46

    I traded Menegola last year after round 2…

Sam · 26/03/2019 at 02:34

The reason Bewley isn't playing is because the Dockers already have 3 wingers in their side. Brad hill, Darcy Tucker and Ed Langdon all play wing. You then have Travis Colyer who has just come in and he either plays on the wing or at half-forward.

    BoltonsBlues · 26/03/2019 at 09:55

    I for one must thank Ross the Boss and or Bewley for not playing this week, was the only reason Scott was in my team πŸ˜€

      Lekdog · 26/03/2019 at 11:47

      Thank you for the ton Ross!

    JR_Damo · 26/03/2019 at 14:57

    You are absolutely correct mate. Forgot to mention that! Cheers for listening

Fil · 26/03/2019 at 03:57

Dies anyone out there think ruck scores will be affected by the new rules? Is it a serious option to free up grundy and gawn and reinvest the extra 300k or so into some other premium that will average triple digits?

Are the premium rucks this year going to average 80s 90s because if the new rules?

    Northerner · 26/03/2019 at 05:16

    No. Don’t trade. Stoppages were down, but not due to general play. Simply the lowest goals kicked in an opening round for ages. Grundy had a Clanger game and got on the wrong side of the umpires. He’s fine. Gawn was targeted. Both unusual.

      Valens_FC · 26/03/2019 at 13:21

      Brenton Speed (who I think has half a clue) says the kick-in rule is directly responsible for low goal scoring, all but ending the possibility of the "7-point play" where failed kick in results in a goal the other way. If this holds true then may not be a one-off. See http://bit.ly/2TVdUbq

        Lekdog · 27/03/2019 at 09:45

        Good read

    joe · 26/03/2019 at 10:34

    You can't do it on the basis of one round, where Grundy came up against a pretty handy midfield and Gawn against the man who was his kryptonite last year.

    It might have been a mistake to pick them, but it would be a disaster to trade them out now.

    Lekdog · 26/03/2019 at 11:48

    Cannot trade them. They will be two of the top three ruckmen at the end of the year at the very least (barring injury).

    joe · 26/03/2019 at 11:51

    Indeed, as noted in the podcast, if Grundy had not given away five free kicks and not missed those easy shots at goal, his score would have been over 130.

Northerner · 26/03/2019 at 05:27

One factor of rule changes I have been considering and keen to watch for:

The big blokes, rucks, roaming half forwards etc. tend to get points from contested marks from kick outs. That traditional long kick outside the 50 along the boundary to a pack. A couple of those contested marks, particularly if it’s a mark from an opposition kick are big points. I do think the new kick in rule has opened the game up and we are going to see less of those. This will have an impact on the Rucks and players like Darling.

We might see last year’s 135 for top ruck be 125 this year. Given Grawndy are head and shoulders above the rest, don’t think it would have changed my decision to start them.

    Lekdog · 26/03/2019 at 11:48

    Agreed, you've still picked the best two ruckmen regardless of whether overall scoring is down.

Holty01 · 26/03/2019 at 07:36

Nice work lads

    Lekdog · 26/03/2019 at 11:48

    Cheers mate

Westy · 26/03/2019 at 07:38

Will monitor Collins and Burgess closely next week to see whether they need replacing in favour of a better performing rookie or rookies.

Currently have Duursma on the mid bench – could look at moving him to the backline and bringing Drew into the mids, though Drew appears to be OK at F5 or F6.

But so many juicy midpricers. Will only consider if someone goes down with an injury as I don't have the money to bring one in without sideways or downwards trading (which isn't going to happen).

    TheScacman · 26/03/2019 at 14:46

    Would be keeping Drew in the forwards due to the lack of scoring power from the current crop of forward rookies. Constable, scott, Butters and co much more likely to give you that 70-80+ output than Balta, Petrucelle and even Parker (this week being the exception).

Nice_Person · 26/03/2019 at 07:45

Rule change this, rule change that….
It's been 1 week everyone. Like it's been pointed out already both Grundy and gawn didn't set the house on fire Rd 1 last year. Just chill

    Lekdog · 26/03/2019 at 11:49

    Yep, they are the two best ruckmen in the game, trading them would be a bad decision.

Clarkeyy23 · 26/03/2019 at 08:11

That’s it Grundy and Gawn out for Zac Clark and Archie Smith

    Northerner · 26/03/2019 at 08:59

    Yep. Bruin manoeuvre!

      The Ranger · 26/03/2019 at 10:58

      No need for the B there Northerner. Ruin manouevre.

      Lekdog · 26/03/2019 at 11:49

      What a genius that man is

        Clarkeyy23 · 26/03/2019 at 12:28

        What can I say I’m a jokester

Michael Rogers · 26/03/2019 at 10:22

Go ahead and trade boys, you'll be sorry at the end of the year when injuries kick in like every other year. Stars are booked in for surgery early and you'll have no trades left when SC finals are on. Good luck

Rick Grimes · 26/03/2019 at 10:38

Sometimes hardest thing in this game is to do nothing. I will be wearing oven mits 24/7 until the round is over to avoid any hapless tinkering.

    Russty_ · 26/03/2019 at 10:53

    Hehe, can't believe people are trading Oliver and Brayshaw out, let alone Grundy and Gawn.

      Rick Grimes · 26/03/2019 at 13:17

      It's insane to even consider. All premos will throw in a spud, now and again. Clarry scored 123, 146 and 75 first 3 rounds of 2018. Did anyone (sane) drop him for round 4? Of course not. I expect a big response from Melbourne this weekend.

        NoLanguage96 · 26/03/2019 at 14:51

        I'll be tipping Melbourne to get the job done in Geelong

          GloryDays94 · 26/03/2019 at 19:17

          Won't happen πŸ˜‚

          JohnDJ59 · 26/03/2019 at 19:55

          I doubt we will beat Geelong at their home ground, they always have an extra player on their team when they play there.

      Maverick_ · 26/03/2019 at 19:28

      Most traded in after Rd1:
      Newman 7.2%
      Rocky 6.8%
      Sheed 4.8%
      Westhoff 4.7%
      Worpel 3.4%

      talk about point chasing!

        JohnDJ59 · 26/03/2019 at 19:53

        The only one of that lot that I am interested in is Worpel, mainly because he was on my list for a fwd line position, but wanted to see how he went first, will give him another week and if he gets another 100+ game will look at getting him in.

    Lekdog · 26/03/2019 at 11:50


JohnDJ59 · 26/03/2019 at 12:27

What's the thought on Mills, yes I have him, if he stays in defence and doesn't get the mid time and just scores around the 80-90 pts, he won't go down in price, but I could upgrade to someone like Andrews who could be a premo.

    DavidC · 26/03/2019 at 13:11

    How about Salem or Newman? I might consider one of those if they back up again in R2. They were certainly playing the right role for SC.

      TheScacman · 26/03/2019 at 14:41

      Salem spent some serious minutes behind the ball with Jordan Lewis out, which probably put an extra 15+ points on his score than you'd be expecting most weeks. If you're thinking of bringing him in, ask yourself whether he's going to get the same opportunities to get the rebound/loose touches most weeks. If the answer is yes, Salem is viable. Who comes out for Newman? If its a premo, i'd say stay clear, if its a rookie, ask if that cash would be better spent in a couple of weeks when you can go to a fallen premium

        kinglear009 · 27/03/2019 at 16:55

        Very wise and ordered process – trades must be considered over several domains.

      JohnDJ59 · 26/03/2019 at 14:43

      I had Salem in my team for while there, Rick and myself even gave him a call out on this site, but in the end went with Williams, he had some big scores last year as well, but also some very average ones, if he can string some good scores together and by that I mean three or four, I will be looking to bring him in.

        NoLanguage96 · 26/03/2019 at 14:54

        I picked Salem up as a POD John and obviously very happy with his game on the weekend. In saying that, it wouldnt surprise me at all if Lewis back in will affect his scoring, I just hope its only by 10 or so points a game. At 445k I'd be rapt with a 100 average. He hates handballing and is such a weapon of a kick his game is made for SC!

          JohnDJ59 · 26/03/2019 at 15:19

          Salem has always been a great kick and is the opposite of Oliver with his kick to handball ratio, so yes his game is made for SC, but I still worry about his consistency, about half his scores were under 80pts last year, which is why I will be waiting to see how he goes in the next three or so games. I'm hoping he has a break out year, he sure has the talent to be a top line player.

    Rick Grimes · 26/03/2019 at 13:18

    Didn't get the mid time we expected. Think he's still a viable pick. Wait Bother week and reassess.

neil demons delight · 26/03/2019 at 12:32

No trades this week but WILKE will be looked at Lek did you select Darrah ? and maybe either ST, Russty or yourself can tell me who is the better rookie Great stuff to start the year boys NDD

    Russty_ · 26/03/2019 at 14:16

    Wilkie less clangers Neil, check the Rookie thread from Barron, that'll help answer your question πŸ™‚

    Simo · 26/03/2019 at 16:22

    One of them will prob be dropped this week with Brown back from suspension

    Russty_ · 26/03/2019 at 18:31

    Saw this in the fox sports team tips today Neil…..
    Team tips: As aforementioned, Darcy Parish should come straight into the side. And if coach John Worsfold wants to make a big statement it’s likely a senior player like Mark Baguley will face the axe. Furthermore, if Worsfold wants to make wholesale change, Tom Jok and Brandon Zerk-Thatcher could also be considered. Nathan Brown (suspended) should come straight back into the Saints’ starting line up, most likely at the expense of Darragh Joyce.

    Lekdog · 27/03/2019 at 09:50

    Yeah I backed my fave Saints player Darragh, chance he goes out for Brown…I'm hoping he doesn't. I really like him as a player.

Peter56 · 26/03/2019 at 12:37

I am considering a trade, Collins to Parker with Moore swing back to defence, Dew says that he is going to be a lock down defender so really won't score heaps, this leaves me 2 free trades next week and a bit of extra cash.

    Rick Grimes · 26/03/2019 at 13:19

    There's an argument to make this trade. I can't see Collins averaging enough to be a viable cash cow.

      Northerner · 26/03/2019 at 23:08

      Agree. Collins to Parker one week early is something I’d support if you want to leave flex for next round. I don’t have Collins or Parker. I’m looking at Gibbons to Parker and/or Burgess to Wilkie/Darragh as options next week.

        Lazza · 27/03/2019 at 13:54

        Gibbons BE for R2 is -14.. he won’t go backwards… Collins BE is +49.

        DavidC · 27/03/2019 at 13:58

        I'm considering Gibbons to Parker for next week but will probably hold fire. Parker didn't score too good in JLT so could be a wasted trade. Gibbons just needs a few more midfield minutes or a bag of goals and his price jumps. Just got to pick the right moment when he peaks in value. Probably still be on my bench in R23.

    Lekdog · 27/03/2019 at 09:50

    My question is, why not wait another week to do this so you know for sure which rookie to bring in?

      Peter56 · 27/03/2019 at 10:52

      Normally I don't trade this round but I have all the other rookies and I have this horrible feeling that next week I am going to worried about players other than rookies and cash generation, so want to have two trades free next week.
      By the way I also have Balta luckily on the bench but I saw enough in him that I think he will improve but I just don't see it in Collins.

        Hawk131415 · 27/03/2019 at 16:02

        I'd do the trade Pete, i think collins is a poor choice, Its your team, your game, do what your gut tells you,,

      TommyC99 · 27/03/2019 at 17:38

      I guess it gives him the option of making another 2 trades if he feels the need to

        Hawk131415 · 27/03/2019 at 17:49

        Spot on, what if you need 3 next week? it happens,

JuddWarneLoveChild · 26/03/2019 at 12:48

So I went with Balta over Parker, do we really think it's too soon to do a corrective trade to get Parker in? Nailed all the other rookies except for having Burgess.

    DavidC · 26/03/2019 at 13:07

    If you trade in Parker this week and he gets injured you've wasted a trade. Plus Parker scored poorly during JLT. Watch for another week. Balta's first JLT was great.

      Rick Grimes · 26/03/2019 at 13:20

      Agree. Im hold anotherijng another week, unless he's not named. Doesn't get named r2, he probably won't r3, and we can't miss the cash generation.

        Rick Grimes · 26/03/2019 at 13:21

        Im not drunk, really.

    JuddWarneLoveChild · 26/03/2019 at 15:47

    I'll hold fire but kind of hoping Balta isn't named so I can make the trade. Thanks for the thoughts though.

      Simo · 26/03/2019 at 16:20

      There's every chance Balta will be used down back now, with Rance going arse up.

        Russty_ · 26/03/2019 at 18:15

        Read this from a fox sports article today regarding Rance's replacement…
        Richmond will blood another defender after superstar Alex Rance was ruled out for the season with an ACL injury.
        But the inclusion is unlikely to be 20-year-old Ryan Garthwaite, the player the Tigers view as Rance’s long-term replacement.

        Premiership defender Brandon Ellis looms as the player most likely to come into Richmond’s squad, after a 40-possession match against Northern Blues on the weekend.
        Garthwaite played limited minutes on the weekend in a VFL practice match, as he recovers from an Achilles issue. It’s likely he’ll require more time in the twos as he builds up match fitness.
        Team tips: While Brandon Ellis is the likely inclusion for Alex Rance, don’t discount fellow defender Oleg Markov, who is another option for coach Damien Hardwick. Noah Balta could also be deployed in defence.

    Lekdog · 27/03/2019 at 09:51

    Wait until next week.

Spifflicator · 26/03/2019 at 13:14

Cash burning a massive hole in my pocket, can do Walsh to Rockliff (M6) or Moore to Worpel (F4) in just 1 trade. Plus Rocky a pretty handy VC option v the Blues this week.

Team looks so much better with Rocky at M6……..

    TelescopicCox · 26/03/2019 at 13:21

    I'd give it a week. What if Walsh pulls out a 100 this week and Rocky ends up tagging Cripps (wouldn't put it past Ken).

    Valens_FC · 26/03/2019 at 13:30

    Don't mind the idea of taking Walsh on given his 73% ownership and the fact he may not necessarily be the greatest cash generator. If he's in your team as a last upgrade or even long-term M9, then Rocky can potentially be thought of in the same light. Rocky has to be unlikely to play 22 games given he hasn't done it since 2012 so not sure he can be thought of as ending in the top 8, but if you hold him until the end of the season and he can stay fit until you've done your other upgrades this looks a strong move.
    Moore I think most people have him so he can swing with Burgess… think this cover still worth something as rookies in FWD and DEF likely to get dropped at some point over the next few weeks.

    Lekdog · 27/03/2019 at 09:51

    Give it a week mate

Sharkmove_King · 26/03/2019 at 13:27

I'm trading in Parker & Wilkie this week so that I can also get Joyce next week…..Wait. St.Kilda play Gold Coast every week this year, right?

    Teddy021 · 26/03/2019 at 18:02

    The definition of shark moves lol

Brn · 26/03/2019 at 13:29

If i had the cash, would it be a good move to trade libba to sheed/rockliff?

    Brn · 26/03/2019 at 13:29

    If so which one out of sheed/rocky? Would be leaning towards sheed

      Holty01 · 26/03/2019 at 14:15

      I wouldn’t personally. Libba had a really good game on the weekend and I’m surprised he didn’t score better. Give it another week. Also remember Gaff returns next week and Rocky has been injury prone. Seems to be a wasted trade imo.

    Russty_ · 26/03/2019 at 14:25

    I'd give Libba a chance Brn…he tonned up twice in the JLT, I reckon he's a good pick.
    If Sheed pumps out another big one though…could be hard to resist.
    See what happens this week.

    TheScacman · 26/03/2019 at 14:49

    Sheed is either going to be the ultimate breakout man and average around 100 for the year, which will be a masterstroke for those who have gotten on him early or had him from the get-go, or be this year's burn man, with his numbers falling when Gaff comes back into that midfield. Wait a couple of weeks – libba likely to rebound

      Northerner · 26/03/2019 at 23:15

      Dom Priddis will outscore Gaff this year. He’ll go 110+ IMO which would be a win for that price. Watch Simmo’s post match. He’s asked about Sheed’s form and his comment was Sheed’s been operating at that level for a while now, he’s fixed his issues ( defensive running). It’s Redden who is giving up his points from last year for Sheed. Gaff will have no impact.

    NoLanguage96 · 26/03/2019 at 15:00

    I've got Libba too Brn and I would stick fat with him. Could have easily tonned up

    Lekdog · 27/03/2019 at 09:51

    Give it a week

JR_Damo · 26/03/2019 at 14:58

Sorry about my mic quality this week, community! My mic had only moved like 3cm back from where it was last week but obviously that made it just that little too far away from my mouth hole. Thanks for listening and remember:

Do not trade after round 1!!

    Russty_ · 26/03/2019 at 15:29

    Sounded fine to me Damo, thanks for the pod.

    Rick Grimes · 26/03/2019 at 19:04

    No problem at my end. Thanks for the effort.

NoLanguage96 · 26/03/2019 at 14:59

Hey Community, what a rollercoaster of a R1!

Wins – Salem as a POD, Cripps VC, Neale, Dusty (laziest 109 I've ever seen), not starting Grundy, having Scott, Drew and seemingly all the right rooks on field

Losses – Gawn, no Rocky/Sheed and choosing Oliver ahead of Fyfe

I'll take a 2184 as it seems like above par for a horror week. Anyone else wanna share their ups and downs?

    Mystic_Mac · 26/03/2019 at 15:37

    Nice one!

    Happy with the Andrews, Sloane and Fyfe picks. Downfalls were Yeo, Brayshaw and Darling, however I'm backing them in to bounce back this week.

    2244 this week, so can't complain.

      ZzZCalintZzZ · 26/03/2019 at 16:09

      Avoided loss of points in a very strange way
      I had Sloane and Zerrett for 3 weeks before round 1 but changed them both to Fyfe and Rockliff, gained 63pts there.
      No Cogs.
      Have Grundy Gawn in their respective round 1 shockers if you call it that.
      Fielded Balta over Parker

      Have a solid midfield though in Macrae, Cripps, Fyfe, Martin, MCrouch, Rockliff who all helped me to a solid 2172 pretty happy about it

        NoLanguage96 · 26/03/2019 at 23:59

        Nice mate great job. That's a juicy midfield!

      NoLanguage96 · 26/03/2019 at 23:58

      Andrews is a great pick. Should average 105.

        Nice_Person · 27/03/2019 at 07:42

        Thats a huge average

          Russty_ · 27/03/2019 at 23:53

          Andrews could be a top 6 defender this year easy, he's still young, and plays a key defender role, but manages a way to score well from what he does every week. I wouldn't write him off as possibly being one of the best this year.

      DavidC · 27/03/2019 at 14:03

      Great score you must be in the top 2000 with that.

    King Rooboy · 27/03/2019 at 14:16

    2304 ranked 152 best start ever only stuff ups whereCo Collins on the field and didn’t take Cripps Vc score and left Dangerfield as captain

      NoLanguage96 · 27/03/2019 at 23:21

      Yeah I'm glad I took Cripps VC score. Think 125 and above is probably worth taking most cases

      The Ranger · 28/03/2019 at 07:36

      Nice one Rooboy! Great start!

    JohnDJ59 · 28/03/2019 at 00:09

    Wins: sticking with my 125 cut off for my VC, Cogs 154, M.Crouch 138, most of my rookies scoring well, Drew 103 on field. Very Bad: my rucks, Gawn 87, Lycett 69 and putting a curse on Clarry 71 by having him and Brayshaw on the same line, first time ever I have started two players from one team on the same line. You could also say I shouldn't have taken Cripps 126 VC score when Cogs scored a 154 later on, but being the first round I didn't want to take too many risks. Ended up with 2070 which isn't great, but isn't terrible either.

      Russty_ · 28/03/2019 at 00:16

      70 less terrible than me John, rough start to the year for a few of us, but I also feel we'll bounce back quick, because we had good teams who underperformed round 1.

        JohnDJ59 · 28/03/2019 at 09:18

        Everyone is talking about the rucks, but they can drop a low score every now and then, Clarry was the most disappointing for me since I only just put him in for Bont during the JLT games, but I will back him in for now.

Shake_n_bake · 26/03/2019 at 15:29

Collins owners, news today he might not get up this week. Concussion.

    Ja191 · 27/03/2019 at 08:17

    Atleast we can loop him

Mongrel Punt · 26/03/2019 at 16:13

Pretty happy with my team 2171 first round was far better than i expected. But i have one burning question…
Is it better for me to dump Gibbons and trade to Constable or is the profit made not worth burning a trade. Very happy with my rookies otherwise but I missed the boat on Constable.
If any maths boffins can help it would be greatly appreciated
Thanks again guys for this fantastic community

    ZzZCalintZzZ · 26/03/2019 at 16:25

    Anylise this after round 2. What if Gibbons scores 65 and Constable scores 40… don't think it would be worth a trade if that happened.

      Mongrel Punt · 26/03/2019 at 16:28

      I definitely was going to wait a week for the exact reason you stated. The real question is. Is the expected increase in $$$ worth a trade. Conventional wisdom says that a trade is worth $150k.

        ZzZCalintZzZ · 26/03/2019 at 16:38

        probably not worth a trade unless Constable will generate $150k more after round 7-8 like you said

          Mongrel Punt · 26/03/2019 at 19:04

          Cheers Zzz you have confirmed my own thoughts. Just have to accept he's one that got away but their will be plenty more coming up. I'm sure .
          Good luck with your team

        Moustachio · 26/03/2019 at 20:30

        The thing is, there are only a finite number of decent cash generators available. If you don't spend a few trades early you might not make bank later in the year.

        Also, trades are worth $0, but when you run out they are worth $Infinity.

        So trade early, trade often, and don't run out.

    Derek · 27/03/2019 at 08:29

    Gibbons JS is better than Constable

    There won’t be much difference in cash increase, so unless you have to field on of them, they are both similar bench cash cows

Maverick_ · 26/03/2019 at 16:30

I will not be getting sucked in to rocky & sheed.
My midfield premiums are going to avg 105 minimum
Treloar Oliver Cripps m.crouch brayshaw and libba will be vital to cash generation he was fantastic v Sydney the scores will come. Rocky is injury prone & when Ollie returns may be shafted fwd like 2018 & sheed May be able to go a 100 avg for the year but not worth a trade from any of my current mids.. I’m going to hold strong & resist no matter what the two pump out this weekend! If anything id prefer to go brayshaw to cogs than down to a rocky/sheed if angus under performs.

Just my 2cents community:)

    ZzZCalintZzZ · 26/03/2019 at 16:45

    Agree you either started with Rockliff or you didn't. He is not a guy you trade into your team unless it's from a rookie and if Rockliff is still killing it before Ports Bye round.

      ZzZCalintZzZ · 26/03/2019 at 16:49

      I think Rockliff will be a 102-107 player this year purely because last year he did not fit in with Ports huge amount of mid type players. And this year finally had a full pre season. Sure his soft tissue history is a concern but gotta be ballsy in supercoach

    Hawk131415 · 26/03/2019 at 17:31

    Agree Mav, Wait and see when Wines and Gaff are back, theyll drop for sure, Buuuuuuuuurn,,,,,

    Scouser · 26/03/2019 at 19:21

    I'm not so sure I agree with the shoal on Sheed, looked very similar in JLT as Macrae did in his breakout year AND Gaff played JLT2 also which didnt seem to impact either of them score wise if I remember rightly.

    The only reason I didnt back him in was his ownership which was at around 14% amd so minimal damage to overall rankings if he blew up (have to say I may be regretting it more if he turns it on again in r2 and Oliver spews one up again!)

TheWizardOfOzz · 26/03/2019 at 18:04

Hey Community,
I just want to ask if i've cooked it with my Mundy selection at f3? I'm happy to hold but just want to know what you guys think.
Also if collins gets up, do you reckon he can turn it around?

    Shake_n_bake · 26/03/2019 at 18:35

    I have Mundy aswell and thought he was better than his 72. So thats a worry. If he shits the bed again against Gold C he will become Kelly.

    Derek · 26/03/2019 at 19:14

    I have Mundy as well, thought he should have done better.

    The good part was he was pure midfield.

    He had the lowest TOG of anyone. Only 69%. So 72 from 69% was ok.

    Not sure why his TOG was so low, maybe the speed of game, maybe the game was over early and they rested him or maybe he doesn’t ‘rest’ firward, he just comes off.

    If he plays more minutes next week we should be ok.

      Shake_n_bake · 26/03/2019 at 19:39

      Came off for Fyfe at the 10min mark of the last qtr didn’t see him after that.

        Derek · 26/03/2019 at 19:51

        That was the time where Walters was kicking two junk time goals allowing you to beat me in draft by 6pts.

        I figured that, game was over and they rested the old bloke

    Scouser · 26/03/2019 at 19:25

    I've got him too Wiz and not that concerned…yet!

    Worst case he under performs again r2 and you can trade him to pretty much anyone in the fwds (assuming you have Heeney & Danger), the least of my concerns atm!

    Lekdog · 27/03/2019 at 09:53

    Mundy's lowest first round score ever, wait a week.

    nankthetank · 27/03/2019 at 10:44

    G'day wiz, that's disappointing from Mundy isn't it, I had him in and out all pre season so glad I didn't end up with him! Don't waste your trades but it was a poor score so just hope he turns it around soon.
    As for Collins, I'd hold because his poor round 1 score will only affect his breakeven for 1 week, compared to 2 weeks if it was round 2 or 3 weeks if it was round three. If he gets up hold him cos if he bangs out a 100 then you'll be back on track

Teddy021 · 26/03/2019 at 18:08

Excellent as always lads!

Anyone trading after Round 1 is crazy. This week is about rookie management and having the best of what you have on field. Burning trades before even the guaranteed price increases is a sure way to ruin your season.

For those with Moore/Burgess, consider swinging Moore down back to bench Collins for example. And have another scoring forward rook take the field (putrecelle/Parker or who ever you had benched).

    Derek · 26/03/2019 at 19:03

    If Collins doesn’t play because of concussion, he is the perfect donut loophole because Suns are last game of the round.

    With DPP swings you can make sure you get a double chance with rookie scores this week

    Scouser · 26/03/2019 at 19:28

    Great comments Teddy and as the boys called on their excellent breakdown of a podcast r1 scores only count in rolling averages for 1 week not 3 so not a disaster if you missed the r1 or even r2 boats

paul · 26/03/2019 at 18:08

what do you Thing of Libba to Rockliff

    dontblushbaby · 26/03/2019 at 19:06

    Nope, keep Libba I have him and he should add 200k to his starting price imo , don't waste a trade

    OldOcker · 26/03/2019 at 19:06

    Just do it

    Rick Grimes · 26/03/2019 at 19:11

    Chasing last week's points. Got to ask yourself, is he a top 8 mid? Plus he will miss games. Plus Wines must have some impact. If you started him, kudos. Otherwise I'd leave alone.

      Rick Grimes · 26/03/2019 at 19:12

      Plus, you picked Libba as a stepping stone, which is what Rocky likely is as well. Trades are too valuable.

    DavidC · 27/03/2019 at 07:56

    I think if you didn't start Rocky (I did) then you just have to observe for now. But if he keeps this up you are going to have to get him eventually.

    Derek · 27/03/2019 at 08:25

    Libba is a good pick. He will score better than his price and make good cash.

    If Rocky scores around 100 for the next 6 weeks he will increase about $95-$105k

    If Libby scores 80 for the next 6 weeks he will also make about $95k

    So except for the points difference of 20 per week, you will be able to make the same trade anytime, as their prices will increase at similar pace.

    Even if you think Rocky is a keeper, you won’t be costing you anything to get him later. Unless he averages 130+

    Depends on what you are doing with the extra $106k.

    Lekdog · 27/03/2019 at 09:53

    Wait a week

Peter · 26/03/2019 at 18:16

Hey guys i have $450 and under to spend for a defender pull the trigger with Newman?

    Benjiherb · 27/03/2019 at 00:24

    Who you trading out ?.

      Peter · 27/03/2019 at 14:30

      Hore Joyce or Wilkie

        Benjiherb · 27/03/2019 at 14:46

        Yeah Pete wait till after nwlext week newman could score a 50 etc . I would take Harris Andrews over newman anyway but his a extra 30k If you had it .

          Peter · 27/03/2019 at 16:11

          Thanks Benjiherb i will wait and see if newmans role changes might have to find a way to fit Andrews in

    Lekdog · 27/03/2019 at 09:53

    Wait a week!

Holty01 · 26/03/2019 at 19:04

For all those thinking about trading in Rocky, think this.
Why didn’t you start him in the first place? The reasons you had not to start him have not changed.

    Brn · 26/03/2019 at 20:23

    Jlt wad tempting, scoring great in the first match gave me more confidence he is back. How many great weeks does he have to have before he is 'must have'. People are just after an edge – a cheap way to get ahead of the competition. The biggest risk in supercoach is not taking a risk imo

      Holty01 · 26/03/2019 at 20:42

      This is true but my question was why didn’t people start him? Not reasons to bring him in. This isn’t the first time he has pumped out a huge score so this is nothing new. Rocky was cheap and in form so what were the reasons you did not start him?

        Russty_ · 26/03/2019 at 22:43

        Well he did score that 49 before he got the 170…and his durability concerns me, trying to minimize injury trades this year I guess, that's my story and I'm sticking to it..lol

    Benjiherb · 26/03/2019 at 21:16

    Rocky is back an a great pick up at a great price worth the risk as has the potential to be one of the major supercoach guns in 2019 .

      Brn · 27/03/2019 at 12:48

      I was answering why people didn't start him. They need to see the good games to know for sure his 2nd jlt wasn't a fluke. More good games = more confidence in him, and if when he mist likely has scored well consistently he will become a must have through many people's eyes

        Hawk131415 · 27/03/2019 at 17:41

        Why does he play in the Mist??

Pranav · 26/03/2019 at 19:24

Are footy wire supercoach breakevens broken this year or does it take 2 weeks to kick in?

    OldOcker · 26/03/2019 at 20:20

    Break Evens take effect after 2 games have been played.
    I would imagine that they will provide the information after the second week of games.

    Lazza · 26/03/2019 at 22:39

    Break evens for R2 are available on the Supercoach website.

    Hawk131415 · 26/03/2019 at 23:28

    Break evens R2 Ozzy Osborne, lightning strikes

      Hawk131415 · 26/03/2019 at 23:35

      Do yourself a favour!!

Hawk131415 · 26/03/2019 at 19:41

Good Pod boys, liked it, ALLOOOTTTT, i have a confession to make, this was gonna be a never question and a simple downgrade,without anybody knowing, but im ready for the barrage and the laughter,, this is soooo hard to admit ,I never do this, but i took a massive risk that im not sure is gonna pay off, he looked dodgy on his knee, that much so i wouldnt be surprised if he doesnt play this week, ohhhh this is F%$#@ing hard, so embarrassed,,,,,,Tom Lynch!!!!! He gets this week, then down to worpel or the like,,,,please be gentle

    Derek · 26/03/2019 at 19:45

    I……I…….. I don’t know what to say……

      Hawk131415 · 26/03/2019 at 19:48

      Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha i knowwwwww

        Hawk131415 · 26/03/2019 at 19:49

        I took a massive risk,,,,,, but he has to go yeah?? 100%

          TommyC99 · 27/03/2019 at 17:54

          A sideways trade from him smells like disaster. Almost guarantee he will go off the week ya trade him

    BlueBaggerJosh · 26/03/2019 at 19:53

    Mate i took Petrevski Seton, and thought i was smart because i was initially thinking Lynch, then they scored exactly the same haha. Worpel looks the go but i'll give it a week, Blue bias is tempting me towards Fisher because i adore him as a player but worpel looks to have filled the t mitch gap quite well

      Hawk131415 · 26/03/2019 at 19:58

      Thank Fark im not the only one LOL,,,, Cheers Bagger, im not sure on the wait a week or just do?? something in me still says give him another go if hes named, if not named, gone!!!

    JohnDJ59 · 26/03/2019 at 20:02

    I have Mills at D2, so don't feel to bad. I think Worpel looks the goods, but I would still wait a week to see if he keeps it up in round two.

      Hawk131415 · 26/03/2019 at 21:04

      Cheers DJ, i think ill wait the week,,

    TOPHAWK1 · 26/03/2019 at 20:12

    Hi Hawk. Nahhh. All good! Tom Lynch could have been a nice POD. He started like a train and then he must have picked up a niggle and drifted out of the game. These things happen. There are coaches out there that started with Doedee or Rance. Both gone with knees. If T Lynch is going to miss the next week or two, just use a trade and fix the problem. Are you missing any must have rookies? If you do, just downgrade Lynch to a rook to raise cash mate. Then that trade is worth something tangible and is NOT a sideways trade. The rookie acquired will then also make you cash in 2 weeks also. Then next week you have a nice warchest and you have options to grab a few guys who have been tearing it up in the first two rounds. Just my take. Good luck mate! Carn the hawkers!!

      Hawk131415 · 26/03/2019 at 21:05

      Is he done TopHawk????

        Rick Grimes · 26/03/2019 at 21:20

        I opted for Higgins instead. Could have gone either way too. Still might.

        TOPHAWK1 · 26/03/2019 at 21:51

        Your call Hawk!!!!

          Hawk131415 · 26/03/2019 at 22:54

          Have you an idea on is knee??

            Russty_ · 26/03/2019 at 23:01

            "Obviously you're a bit sore after your first game – everywhere else besides the knee, the knee feels really good and I'll train today," the 26-year-old forward said on Tuesday morning after playing his first game for the Tigers in last Thursday's 33-point win against Carlton.
            And he's equally pumped for this Thursday's match against 2018 grand finalists Collingwood, when the Pies will be seeking to make up for their loss against the Tigers in last year's preliminary final.

              Hawk131415 · 26/03/2019 at 23:24

              Cheers Rus

      Hawk131415 · 26/03/2019 at 22:59

      Nah mate got all my rooks, ill see what lines up ths week, he will probs go down to Worpel

    Russty_ · 26/03/2019 at 22:53

    Nothing to be embarrassed about Hawk, hell I chose Degoey who scored a whopping 59 lol, thinking the same if he spuds it this week, and Worpedo fires again.

      Hawk131415 · 26/03/2019 at 23:06

      Cheers Russt, pretty sure im one of few that took the Lynch risk,

        Russty_ · 26/03/2019 at 23:13

        Yeah i just saw, 4%…good pod though, maybe back him in mate, he did kick 3 goals 1 so that's encouraging,just needs to get a bit more of it, he admitted he's rusty so will improve, if he kicks 3 being rusty imagine what he could do when he's 100%?..and in a good side for a change πŸ™‚

          Hawk131415 · 26/03/2019 at 23:33

          Bad POD atm Russ, gotta take risks though??

            Russty_ · 26/03/2019 at 23:41

            If you don't have some uniques in your team, it'll just be like everyone else's mob, I've got Degoey and Greene fwd, both risky but a bit of risk makes it more fun I think.
            He (Lynch)could be anything this year Hawk, up to whether you're willing to wait, if he got a few more disposals than he did, he probs would've got 80 or so, the goals kicked are the good thing about him, but also, ideally you'd probably want all fwd/ mids in your fwd line, for the mid time points…which is why Worpel makes sense if he backs up this week.

        Hawk131415 · 26/03/2019 at 23:25

        Def the Worpedo

    Lekdog · 27/03/2019 at 09:54

    Wow…mate maybe you should have held that one in haha

      Skindog · 27/03/2019 at 12:12


BMac · 26/03/2019 at 20:48

Given fwd & mid rooks seem solid, is Walsh to Clarke (via Burgess – Setterfield swing) worth it this week?

Beef up def rook stocks, make some cash and free up for corrections next week if required.

    Sharkmove_King · 26/03/2019 at 21:18

    No no no. Walsh will probably make more cash than Clark

    Derek · 27/03/2019 at 08:08

    Walsh JS very good, where Clarke might not be in cats best 22

    Lekdog · 27/03/2019 at 09:54


    JohnDJ59 · 27/03/2019 at 10:03

    Why the hell would you want to trade Walsh, get in the corner and think about what you are contemplating.

Benjiherb · 26/03/2019 at 20:55

Great website πŸ‘.. had to trade doodee out after that awesome 1st quarter .n injury an thinking of trading merrett out or do I keep him an hope for him to bounch back . Currently have to 250 k in the bank as well?

    dontblushbaby · 26/03/2019 at 21:04

    Merrett is a potential top 8 Mid, thats why you picked him ? HOLD IMO

      Lazza · 26/03/2019 at 22:37

      Top 8 mid !!!… will be lucky to make the Top 15.. nonetheless, I wouldn't trade him unless he has another huge fail..

    Russty_ · 26/03/2019 at 23:27

    Hi Benji, Doedee was a great Pod pick I reckon, very unlucky he went down with the ACL, I had him in my draft side and I'm spewing.
    Who did you bring in for him?
    Regarding Merrett, maybe have another look this week to see how he goes, it's not just him either, it's the whole side at the moment.
    You've got plenty of moolah so you could pretty much get anyone else if you're so inclined.

      Benjiherb · 26/03/2019 at 23:50

      Yeah doodee was always going to improve again this year . I Like Harris English even before he scored the 117 so I go with him over Salem,newman, an upgrade one of my rookies hopefully to Whitfield later on .yeah merrett has to step up against the saints . Aswell as the team .

        Russty_ · 26/03/2019 at 23:54

        Great choice Benji, I love Harris Andrews and think he'll be top 6 defender this year, I'll be getting him in when I can.
        Harris English is a pretty decent PGA tour player btw…lol. Salem and Newman could still end up mediocre I feel, Harris will only get better.

Russty_ · 26/03/2019 at 23:49

Who'll be your VC and C this week?….I'm thinking Cripps or M.Crouch into Fyfe again, Fyfey managed to drag my sorry ass team just to 2000 points this week.

    JohnDJ59 · 26/03/2019 at 23:56

    Cripps into Danger and if I had Fyfe the C would be on him.

      Russty_ · 27/03/2019 at 00:10

      Hi John, hoping Gawny, Clary and Angus can step it on up this week for me mate, I suffered points-wise this round, bloody depressing, started with 2300 last year followed by 2200.

        JohnDJ59 · 27/03/2019 at 00:36

        Same Russty, those three were really the only ones I was disappointed with overall. Ended with 2070, my lowest starting score for a while. My last three starting scores have been, 2390, 2181, 2177, so way off the pace, but one round doesn't make a season, I might try and not look at my rank this year, it can do your head in sometimes.

          Russty_ · 27/03/2019 at 00:43

          Yeah it presents us with a challenge mate, trade wisely and catch up to the rest, and then hopefully surpass them….currently ranked 66000 and change….lol

            JohnDJ59 · 27/03/2019 at 09:41

            Sometimes you just have to detach yourself from the total scores and concentrate on improving your team anyway you can without being silly regarding trades. I'm ranked 35075 at the moment, in 2017 started about the same, ranked 25250, scored 2310 the next week and the rank went to 4482, so it doesn't take much to turn it around.

    Benjiherb · 27/03/2019 at 00:07

    Beams Vice
    Danger Cap

      Browncow · 27/03/2019 at 01:36

      Grundy into Fyfe

    Teddy021 · 27/03/2019 at 08:58

    Cripps into Fyfe for mine.

    Holty01 · 27/03/2019 at 09:47

    Rocky into Macrae. I’ll wait on Gawn and Grundy to start pumping out big scores again before I consider

      DavidC · 27/03/2019 at 10:21

      Same here.

    Mystic_Mac · 27/03/2019 at 11:24

    Lloyd into Fyfe

    NoLanguage96 · 27/03/2019 at 23:23

    I'm going M Crouch into Cripps. If I had Fyfe though I wouldn't hesitate

TOPHAWK1 · 26/03/2019 at 23:59

No trades this week. Unless Brodie Grundy decides to drop another turd.

    Russty_ · 27/03/2019 at 00:12

    Would you still drop him then T.H…who would ya bring in mate?

Spyda8 · 27/03/2019 at 03:16

Grundy out Westhoff in
Mills out Worpel in
$231k bank

    Nice_Person · 27/03/2019 at 07:39


    Derek · 27/03/2019 at 08:06

    Can you just go Mills to Westhoff FWD (via DPP)?

      WebSpyda8 · 27/03/2019 at 16:57

      Yes but Grundy is not right so either Hoff or Nank

    Lekdog · 27/03/2019 at 09:54

    Don't do this.

    JohnDJ59 · 27/03/2019 at 10:01

    Maybe just Mills to Worpel, I wouldn't be trading out Grundy if I had him.

      Derek · 27/03/2019 at 11:03

      Mills to Worpel is about as Sideways as you can get.

      Look up ‘sideways trade’ it will have Mills to Worpel as its example

        JohnDJ59 · 27/03/2019 at 11:11

        Still better than doing both trades and at least with Mills > Worpel it's a defender for a mid/fwd.

        WebSpyda8 · 27/03/2019 at 13:24

        I see Worpel as a keeper, Mills is a defender that is not going to get the midfield time…….
        Grundy shit in JLT and now proved it was real
        Will bleed cash and possibly miss games imo.
        My only question is wether Nank is a better choice than the Hoff

        WebSpyda8 · 27/03/2019 at 16:59

        Lol Mills is playing defence and Worpel is on the ball….. mid fwd possible keeper D6

    Hawk131415 · 27/03/2019 at 17:36

    Great move man

    dontblushbaby · 27/03/2019 at 19:06

    I have Mills and I believe Horse will have to play him in Mids, as for Worpel I can't see him playing every game , he's only young and the pressure on him is huge, happy to be proved wrong though

TRIGGA_HAPPY · 27/03/2019 at 09:29


No trades this week.
Got all the right rooks.

Stick fat.
Watch the show.

Make a call next week after another round of footy.

Be the first time for a few seasons i havent traded 1st week. Am i getting less trigger happy?

    Holty01 · 27/03/2019 at 09:44

    No trades for me either. I think we were lucky this year. Weren’t to many rookies who debuted rd1 so fairly easy to get it right. I learnt a valuable lesson last year after trading Menegola out after rd2, don’t trade your premo’s

    TOPHAWK1 · 27/03/2019 at 15:08

    Good stuff Trigga. I am not trading either. There is no urgent need to do so. No injuries etc. It's always great going finishing round 2 with 30 trades. Then you can use 4 trades going into round 3 and 4 and start your upgrades and downgrades aggressively. I have all the right rooks and generally the right Uber premise. No Zerrett, no Oliver etc
    Cheers mate!

    Hawk131415 · 27/03/2019 at 15:36

    I trade arse off! Miss you Crouching one,,

Justin · 27/03/2019 at 10:07

Hi guys, I know the golden rule and all but…… I do have enough cash to go Collins to Newman, question is….do I feel lucky….. do I?
But seriously, thoughts please.

    NoLanguage96 · 27/03/2019 at 10:08

    Thats a good trade IMO

    JohnDJ59 · 27/03/2019 at 10:12

    Good trade, but wait a week to see how Newman goes in round two, what if Simmo gets the points and not Newman, you would be kicking yourself.

    DavidC · 27/03/2019 at 10:19

    Does Newman get that role every week? In JLT 2 Simpson was more involved and Newmans score dropped off. Carlton might rotate the two through the season.

Maverick_ · 27/03/2019 at 10:22

An article in the herald sun saying that Melbourne will stick with the single ruckman that they are backing in max to bounce back against the solo ruck Stanley and will NOT play pruess. Thankfully there aren’t to many clubs who can play a lycett/Ryder ruck combination that will beat up on max too often like they did. 1v1 he wins every time

    kevwal · 27/03/2019 at 11:14

    Didn't Stanley just beat up Grundy?

      Maverick_ · 27/03/2019 at 13:18

      Wouldn’t say he beat him up. Grundy just gave to many frees against that hurt his score and missed 1 if not 2 goals you’d back him to kick most weeks. Still very competitive and as good as Stanley In my opinion anyway. Gawn will be looking to make a statement this weekend against Geelong.

      Lazza · 27/03/2019 at 13:47

      No.. he just beat him.. Grundy won the first half, Stanley had a big third, and Grundy seemed to run out of steam in the fourth… was just that half a metre slow…. his toe injury hampered his preseason miles.. clearly left him a bit short of fitness… he will be back to form very soon

Shake_n_bake · 27/03/2019 at 11:41

Houli out this weekend

    ZzZCalintZzZ · 27/03/2019 at 11:54

    What for?

      Shake_n_bake · 27/03/2019 at 12:13

      Tight hammy

        ZzZCalintZzZ · 27/03/2019 at 12:45

        Ok thanks mate

ZzZCalintZzZ · 27/03/2019 at 11:41

MCrouch VC
Fyfe C
Holding Balta
Going early on correcting Lynch from Richmond. I watched the whole game and he looks to be about a month away from reaching full fitness. He was gassed in the entire last qtr.

    Nice_Person · 27/03/2019 at 20:43

    Balta dropped

      ZzZCalintZzZ · 27/03/2019 at 21:49

      Cheers mate

    Russty_ · 27/03/2019 at 22:47

    I'm Going M.Crouch into Fyfey as well Dave, sure you wanna pull the trigger on Lynch mate?…he did kick 3 goals 1 in his first warm up, if he gets a few more possessions this week, he could score ok.

      Nice_Person · 28/03/2019 at 07:58

      I stupidly picked lynch too. I'm canning him. Kicked the goals but didn't look fit at all. I would of rather seen 15+ touches and no goals with him covering the ground. He looked spent in the second quarter

Steeeve · 27/03/2019 at 12:09

Don't trade don't trade don't trade.
If I downgrade Collins who has to go anyway (role/low scoring potential/concussion) to Wilkie I have enough money to trade Zach Merrett to Fyfe or Neale.
Don't trade premos you say. If you saw Merrett you'd know he should not be considered a premo right now. He usually comes good but even if he does I can get him back in for cheap.

Merrett might ton up. Fyfe/Neale might break a leg. Wilkie might score 2 points. But jeez it feels good to hit the trade button on this one.

    Derek · 27/03/2019 at 12:42

    I have Merrett as well. Didn't see the game but had a friend who is an essendon member go to game and he was ready to throw away his essendon membership after the game, he said it was spineless.

    They do have Saints in melbourne this week. They Must respond and hopefully Merrett will lead the way

      Steeeve · 27/03/2019 at 14:18

      Agreed. I'll give him one more chance. Just not sure he has it in him at the moment. Carrying some Christmas roast around still by the looks.

        Derek · 27/03/2019 at 18:40

        I have Merrett and Mundy. I wasn’t super duper keen on either but they have a good bye round.

        Think about bye rounds before you trade

    Holty01 · 27/03/2019 at 17:45

    Hi Steeeve. Now that trade is interesting. If Collins was onfield or the plan was to have Wilkie onfield, I can actually see the logic. Plus you will have a captaincy option in Fyfe and Neale. I still wouldn’t recommend going this week but so far this would be the best trade option I’ve seen for this week

John · 27/03/2019 at 12:30

Well – I've got Hibberd. Sucked in by nostalgia and what I thought was a promising pre-season.

Do I pull the trigger and swap straight for Newman?

PS – Why are so many dropping B.Crouch and so many picking McCarthy?

    JohnDJ59 · 27/03/2019 at 12:55

    Not sure why you would have Hibbo in your team to start with and I'm a Dees supporter, you really should have known from last year and the fact there were so many mid priced players and rookies to choose from in defence this year. Not sold on Newman, I'd be looking at Andrews or a good rookie that you don't have. As for why people are trading out B.Crouch I have no idea, he scored 91pts which is about par for a mid pricer and if you had him he would be a M6, not in the top five, M1-M5 should only be for premos.

      neil demons delight · 27/03/2019 at 14:31

      Salem might have been better John watch for a better showing this week mate

    Holty01 · 27/03/2019 at 12:59

    How do you see most traded out players?

      JohnDJ59 · 27/03/2019 at 13:09

      It's at the bottom of your team Holty, they have the most trades out players in your team and the most traded in players not in your team

        Holty01 · 27/03/2019 at 13:35

        Thanks John. I don’t have B Crouch so probably why I cant see him.

          JohnDJ59 · 27/03/2019 at 13:53


      DavidC · 27/03/2019 at 15:48

      Just click on players from the drop down menu. On the right side of the screen there will be info on the most traded etc. You need to have Supercoach Stats (previously Gold). For the first 2 weeks everybody should have it for a free trial.

        JohnDJ59 · 27/03/2019 at 16:04

        Yes I just saw that DavidC, it's never really worried me about what other people are doing, but it is interesting, people must have stopped trading out B.Crouch since he isn't in the top ten, what is interesting is Scott and Drew are in the top four most traded in, I would have thought most people would have already had them since they both did well in the JLT series.

Da_Boysh · 27/03/2019 at 12:46

im all about holding my trades – but come on Merrett played like dogshit

    TOPHAWK1 · 27/03/2019 at 14:52

    Give him one more week. If he drops a turd then a straight switch to Matt Crouch if you don't have him. Corrective trade which saves you cash on Zerrett and makes you cash on Crouch.

      Da_Boysh · 27/03/2019 at 15:14

      i have Brad, thoughts on having both?

        Hawk131415 · 27/03/2019 at 15:33

        Fine until the byes, could get hairy Boysh

    Hawk131415 · 27/03/2019 at 15:51

    You think thats bad Boysh, ive got Lynch:(

    Derek · 27/03/2019 at 16:56

    he does have a good bye

      pauliewalnuts · 27/03/2019 at 20:29

      yep, might bye, bye

    Nice_Person · 27/03/2019 at 20:39

    He was horrible, showed no effort at all

    JEL · 28/03/2019 at 14:28

    Reports are he had the flu

Shake_n_bake · 27/03/2019 at 14:14

Who to VC? Cripps or Grundy? going to Capt either Macrea or Fyfe

    TOPHAWK1 · 27/03/2019 at 14:49

    Out of those two I would lean to Cripps. Fyfe is going to destroy Gold Coast. He would be my captain if I had him. Cheers Shake

    Derek · 27/03/2019 at 17:15

    Shake. can you do me a favour and move from Div 1 to Div 2 of the survivor groups. will even it all up then (140819)

TRIGGA_HAPPY · 27/03/2019 at 14:16

In need of a defender.

Now Houli is out i need a defender.
For all those playing along at home in Finns draft league propose a trade.

Gibbs is on the table.

    Derek · 27/03/2019 at 16:43

    how long is he out for?

      TRIGGA_HAPPY · 27/03/2019 at 17:35

      Tight hammy so maybe only 1

      Got no bench

        Derek · 27/03/2019 at 17:55

        Maybe you don't know how the emergency works?

        In Draft, if you have a non-player on your field, he is automatically replaced with the lowest scoring bench player, it doesn't matter what position they are. It is the lowest scorer on your bench, unless they didn't play either.

        That is why there isn't an E button.

        So if you have Houli on your field and he doesn't play, and you had Walsh, DeGoey, Lycett & Gibbs on your bench, you would get the one of those 4 that has the lowest score of the week, you don't need to have a defender on your bench.

          Derek · 27/03/2019 at 17:56

          you only get one emergency each week

          TRIGGA_HAPPY · 27/03/2019 at 18:19

          Thanks yeah had no idea on that one. Thought u needed a player in each position.
          So looks like it is Zerrett.
          Bench will be:
          Gibbs, zerrett, green, adams and JJK.
          Or after last week could be curnow as may put JJK or Green on field.

          Thanks heaps clears it up.

            Derek · 27/03/2019 at 18:36

            It can be useful but tricky.

            Especially if your VC has a massive score.

            You might notice I picked a couple of injured players for my bench in case I need to do some VC looping.

          hedski · 27/03/2019 at 19:49

          Being a draft novice I wasn't sure how it worked either so I tried to put a defender, a couple of mid/fwds and a ruck/fwd on my bench. Ended up with Fisher and Vardy!!? In both my teams,
          Is it better to have someone to swing on the ground instead of taking the lowest bench players score?
          Also ended up with Titch in both my my teams (one was accidental).

            Derek · 27/03/2019 at 21:05

            Very rarely does it work, but say your VC has a big score and your first bench player also has a great score.

            Depends on a few other things, but you have opportunity to put a donut on field to take the VC score and the bench score. Only problem, you have to clear your bench of scoring players.

            Hard to manage early in season, but can work later when there are more players missing games

    Derek · 27/03/2019 at 16:55

    are you a fan of Andy McGrath?

      TRIGGA_HAPPY · 27/03/2019 at 17:37

      Yeah not sure how he went rd 1 probably like the rest of them. πŸ‘Ž

      Happy to look at him

    Russty_ · 27/03/2019 at 21:08

    Hi Trig, i think it's handy to have one from each line on the bench so if one of your guys does get a tight hammy you can swing him on and not have to depend on what could be a poxy emergency's score

Shake_n_bake · 27/03/2019 at 15:31

Greene big doubt

    nankthetank · 27/03/2019 at 17:58


    Nice_Person · 27/03/2019 at 18:19

    Yeah where is this info?

      dontblushbaby · 27/03/2019 at 19:26

      Yep, the coach has said on FOX that he has 'General Soreness' and will be tested before travelling West ? FFS their soft in todays game

        Nice_Person · 27/03/2019 at 20:40

        Gws are probably the most conservative team

          pauliewalnuts · 27/03/2019 at 20:52

          I will be holding if he doesn't play anyway if it's only soreness , some will trade though

    Russty_ · 27/03/2019 at 21:12

    And so it begins….lol

    Hawk131415 · 27/03/2019 at 21:13

    Greene is a Tampon, why would you pick him, if you have him downgrade him to L.Macarthy, thank me later, i drink Dimple by the way,,

      pauliewalnuts · 27/03/2019 at 21:33

      If I was to downgrade it would not be to C.McCarthy, do you think he will be a top 8 Fwd ? oh yeah and I drink Glenfiddich

        Nice_Person · 27/03/2019 at 21:36

        He said Lincoln, and it would be for a mid price cash cow

          pauliewalnuts · 27/03/2019 at 21:45

          Oh, my BAD, Soz, still I would wait a week

        Hawk131415 · 27/03/2019 at 21:44

        L not C mate, C is a spud who'll score about 30 this week!!

Pistolas de Spudtown · 27/03/2019 at 15:59

I am calmed and comforted by the wonder that is the reverse trades button. Rage trade Monday morning, reverse trades Thursday at 1830 rinse and repeat.

AuroraBorealis?! · 27/03/2019 at 17:33

Can't believe almost 3000 people have traded out Oliver after one game. MADNESS!!

    Hawk131415 · 27/03/2019 at 17:36

    Let em go,,

    Holty01 · 27/03/2019 at 17:36

    Probably some of the same people replacing him with Rocky😱

    Hawk131415 · 27/03/2019 at 18:04

    I cant believe 2500 people are trading IN McCarthy? he'll get 30 points this week, absolute spud

Derek · 27/03/2019 at 17:35


We have 5 Divisions for the JR Survivor Groups.

There are 26 players in each Group.


There will be TWO eliminations each week.

The two teams with the lowest score each week in each Division will be eliminated from the game.

The team with the highest score from the previous week has IMMUNITY and can not be eliminated if they are one of the two lowest scores. If they are one of the two lowest scores, the team with the third lowest will be eliminated

In the case of a tie, two teams having the lowest scores of the week, the team with the better overall ranking will be safe.

Eliminations will start round 2 – THIS WEEK

TWO eliminations per week until round 12.

The final 4 will then proceed to the CHAMPION of CHAMPIONS Group to fight it out for the Ultimate champion.

The Champion of Champions division will start from Round 15 (after the byes), TWO teams per week to be eliminated until there is 4 left for the final Round 23 Grand Final.

Th Grand Final winner will be the team with the highest score in the final week, in the event of a tie, the team with the best overall rank will be declared to Ultimate Survivor.

The prize is almost too good to believe.

Any questions, post them below.


Div 1 – The Green Shoots
Div 2 – Ya Hate to see it
Div 3 – Borisbumblebees
Div 4 – Astroboys
Div 5 – Jaeger O'Kneera

These teams can not be eliminated this week.

Good luck everyone.

    JohnDJ59 · 27/03/2019 at 17:54

    It sure took off Derek, started with two ended up with five and more in each division than originally planned. 12th out of 26, happy with that, if I can keep that up I should last till the end of round eight.

    dontblushbaby · 27/03/2019 at 18:44

    Good work Derek, love the concept mate

    JEL · 27/03/2019 at 18:51

    Great work Derek, thanks.

    hedski · 27/03/2019 at 19:31

    Bloody legend Derek

    Shake_n_bake · 27/03/2019 at 19:39

    Love your work buddy.

    Multi_ · 27/03/2019 at 22:22

    Good job mate love it

    Multi_ · 27/03/2019 at 22:23

    3rd in div 4 bloody Astro

    Russty_ · 27/03/2019 at 22:37

    25th here!…I'll be out this week hahaha

      Derek · 28/03/2019 at 12:43

      It is just on your weekly score, not your rank. Just have to stay out of the bottom two scores for the week

    NoLanguage96 · 27/03/2019 at 23:14

    Love it Derek! 3rd in D5 πŸ™‚

    TelescopicCox · 28/03/2019 at 13:16

    Good stuff Derek. Sitting pretty @ 5th in DIV2

    Murray · 28/03/2019 at 14:20

    great work Derek, love the concept also

Marvin · 27/03/2019 at 18:06

If you’ve got work to do on your team and provided the trade isn’t stupid (clearly chasing last weeks points without any body of evidence it’s sustainable, sideways etc) then make that damn trade. Some poeple seem to be so caught up in saving a trade that they forget these trades and next weeks are the most important ones you have all year and the aim off the game is to get the best team possible as quickly as possible. So don’t be afraid to trade – you need to maximize your money-making ability and you’d hate to have three or four players set to make huge cash only to find you can only get two as you were worried about saving a trade after round one

    Hawk131415 · 27/03/2019 at 18:19

    Spot on Marv, too many people telling others to hold, which is fine, but if you need to make them make them, like i said before, go with your gut, might work, might not, but if you follow everyone you wont get a head, youll just be in the pack!

      Derek · 27/03/2019 at 18:53

      You sound like Crouching. Trade ass off. Welcome.

      I follow the teaching of Higgo and……. hold!

DavidC · 27/03/2019 at 18:31

Balta dropped.

    JEL · 27/03/2019 at 18:36

    Makes my decision easy – Balta out, Parker in

      Teddy021 · 27/03/2019 at 19:29

      Funnily enough I dropped Parker for Balta before Round 1….

        Browncow · 27/03/2019 at 20:26

        Hard to resist putting a rookie in your team who has been named while you wait for the rest of the teams to drop. Parker looked good.

Richard · 27/03/2019 at 18:41

Joyce or Willkie in for Balta via DPP?

    Derek · 27/03/2019 at 18:49

    Put him on bench. Decide next week.

    Don’t bring any rookie in until they have played 2 games and they are named to play their third game.

      TOPHAWK1 · 27/03/2019 at 20:42

      Absolutely. No need to move on those two just yet. Have another look this week.

    TommyC99 · 27/03/2019 at 19:45

    Agree with Derek. Wait a week if possible. Joyce's spot isn't set in concrete and Wilke's JLT was poor. Last week could have just been a flash in the pan

      Richard · 27/03/2019 at 19:49

      What if I need my two trades next week to 'fry bigger fish'? Such as needing to trade Merrett to a Crouch or Libba to a Sheed.

        Steeeve · 27/03/2019 at 20:09

        In the same boat. Going Balta to Schultz from freo. Reckon I'll need two trades next week to flick Collins and possibly Merrett.

          DavidC · 28/03/2019 at 06:48

          3 trades after 2 rounds …. heading down a slippery slope there. Take care.

        Derek · 28/03/2019 at 12:35

        which crouch?

          Richard · 28/03/2019 at 16:55


Justin · 27/03/2019 at 19:47

How soon will I start to regret having Billings in my side?

    JohnDJ59 · 27/03/2019 at 19:55

    I'll be happy if he just gets between 80 – 90 each week.

      Justin · 27/03/2019 at 21:26

      He's not going to be a top 6 though is he? Thinking of going to Dahlhaus if he backs up this week.

        JohnDJ59 · 27/03/2019 at 21:49

        From the frying pan into the fire, not worth using up a trade.

    Hawk131415 · 27/03/2019 at 21:45

    3 Weeks ago

    Russty_ · 27/03/2019 at 22:44

    Probably when he drops his 3rd 50 in a row if you still have him by then.

Pranav · 27/03/2019 at 20:38

Do majority people take Byes into account when building a starting team or just when doing trades?

    nankthetank · 27/03/2019 at 20:44

    Bit of both, it's important to make sure you don't have 10 players playing one week and 30 another but you also gotta pick players you think will score well, not just who fits into your bye structure. Have a team thats roughly even across byes and tinker that with trades along the way

    Teddy021 · 27/03/2019 at 20:59


    Hawk131415 · 27/03/2019 at 21:11

    Not really, team will change by then most likely, Quick glance and make sure each bye rd you can field 18,

    TRIGGA_HAPPY · 27/03/2019 at 22:13

    Stuff the byes

    Russty_ · 27/03/2019 at 22:39

    I just make it up as I go along and hope for the best :), however, if you have a good assortment of players from differing teams, you'll probably be ok.

      JohnDJ59 · 27/03/2019 at 23:12

      I think I put a curse on Oliver and Brayshaw, it's the first time I've started two players from one team on the same line.

Johnnyboy · 27/03/2019 at 20:41

Ok so I did pretty decent on the weekend I am in the top 700.. I am happy with all the rooks I picked however, I am thinking of doing a trade from Heeney to Boak as a tidy up option in my forward line as I feel like Heeney may take a few rounds to get going this season and could lose out on potential points before doing so with not having Boak.. Thought/Opinions??

    nankthetank · 27/03/2019 at 20:46

    Being in the top 700 should be a pretty good sign that your team doesn't need to be touched for now. Sideways trading a premo who didn't do too badly after round when you're top 700 cannot seem like a good idea can it?

      Johnnyboy · 27/03/2019 at 21:00

      Yeah pretty happy with last weeks score I actually had Boak in my team before I went with the 'safer' option of Heeney which I regret – I know it is a sideways trade but I did not really like what I saw with Heeney playing in the full forward line… Boak was playing right in the guts so I can see him scoring very well and increasing in value until Wines returns which will potentially see him moving back to the forward line.. Despite this it will still give me the option of seeing how he scores with Wines back in the side with the option of an upgrade with the cash he has earned?? Or I could just wait and see how Heeney goes this week and hope Boak doesn't smash it again.

        nankthetank · 27/03/2019 at 21:08

        Definitely wait the extra week, imagine how you'd feel if boak gets injured this week. Nothing to lose other than possible a couple points from waiting an extra week

        JohnDJ59 · 27/03/2019 at 21:45

        119 isn't really smashing it.

    Derek · 27/03/2019 at 20:55

    When Wines is back I think Boak takes the biggest hit

    JohnDJ59 · 27/03/2019 at 20:56

    Don't do it.

    TOPHAWK1 · 27/03/2019 at 20:56

    Not a good idea mate. You trade out Heeney for Boak is a ridiculous sideways trade. I do not mind Boak as he is playing midfield as a FWD, but at the price of Heeney? You cannot be serious!! Unless you like to crater down the rankings when you run out of trades later in the year. Good luck mate, ranked 700th after round 1 is sensational. Trade smart!!!

      Johnnyboy · 27/03/2019 at 21:11

      Yeah maybe I am expecting too much of Boak but I just can't believe Horse playing one of his best midfield players in the forward line and you know how stubborn that prick is so I don't see it changing either I think Heeney's scoring ability is going to be smashed this season because of this!!

        TOPHAWK1 · 27/03/2019 at 21:30

        I don't have Heeney. But if I did, I would want to have at least another look at him before pulling the trigger.

          Johnnyboy · 30/03/2019 at 00:39

          Heaney can suck my balls

          Johnnyboy · 31/03/2019 at 16:19

          You are not good at this game stop commenting…

    WebSpyda8 · 27/03/2019 at 21:06

    Trust your gut! It got you here!
    Sydney are in decline Port on the rise…..

    Lazza · 27/03/2019 at 22:41

    If it was allowed I’d bet you $500 that Heeney outscores Boak this week. Besides Boak has a low ceiling .. Heeney will deliver some round winning scores for you.

    Russty_ · 27/03/2019 at 22:53

    Do what you feel is right Johnny…you'll be able to look back on your season at the end of it to decide whether it was right or not, I think Heeney's good for 90 to 100 most weeks though, Boak is someone I've never had in my team for I think, the inconsistency and the decline.
    2014 and 15 he had pretty good years.

      Johnnyboy · 27/03/2019 at 23:08

      2013 – 2015 he averaged over 100.. If he stays in the mid for them this season he will return to those numbers which is pretty good numbers as a forward option POD.. Only doubt I have is Wines returning and pushing him back to the forward line which would decrease is scoring ability but if he continues to perform the way he did last week I don't even see that happening – Its a tough one as we all know Heeney can score well too but with him being in the forward line its a bit concerning and making me think about rolling the dice :/. Great to get everyones opinions!!

        Russty_ · 27/03/2019 at 23:15

        Is it possible for you to bring Boak in for someone else?…you obviously believe in him. Going Heeney to
        Boak could prove a fail because Heeney is still a young improving player already considered a lock in the forward line, If you really want Boak, maybe burn two trades to do it…probably not advisable pre round 2 but if it saves you trades in the next two weeks, and benefits you in points profit, could be worth it.
        Your opinion is the only one that matters in the end mate.

        Nice_Person · 28/03/2019 at 07:57

        2013-2015 is a loooooooooong time ago.

Leonard · 27/03/2019 at 20:49

Are nyou crazy its round 1

Vinny · 27/03/2019 at 20:58

Greene is officially out for this week !

    TOPHAWK1 · 27/03/2019 at 21:06

    WOW. I NEVER touch Greene for this exact reason. The bloke is made out of balsa wood.

    nankthetank · 27/03/2019 at 21:07


      Nice_Person · 27/03/2019 at 21:09

      It's everywhere now mate

        nankthetank · 27/03/2019 at 21:11

        Yep its all started pouring into my feed now πŸ˜‚

TOPHAWK1 · 27/03/2019 at 21:03

After this week, Balta could become a very handy loophole patsy/slave. In round 3,4, and 5 Richmond play matches later in the round. Think about that before you rush to turn him into a potential dud rook like Schultz, Joyce, Wilkie, etc. Possible wasted trade in the making. Use him as a captain or emergency slave for a while.

    Hawk131415 · 27/03/2019 at 21:08

    Already have that in Sweet Russty

      Russty_ · 27/03/2019 at 23:22

      What's that mean exactly?….I'm not really getting it.

        TOPHAWK1 · 27/03/2019 at 23:41

        No idea mate. Looks like Hawk is stuck.

          Derek · 28/03/2019 at 00:07

          TH is talking about a rookie donut to loop the remaining rookies with, nothing to do with Sweet your captain loophole

          It won’t work this week, but later it will when Richmond plays later games.

          If say Parker or Pettrcelle play before Balts, you put them on bench with E. If the score well you keep Balts on field so you get their score. If hey don’t score well, you get another bite by putting Balta on bench and bringing your other bench rookie on field. No guarantee they do any better

        Nice_Person · 28/03/2019 at 07:49

        I think he actually just got confused and thought russty wrote the post. So I took it as him saying he's got sweet

    Nice_Person · 27/03/2019 at 21:09

    Yeah but rookie loops can work against you at times. What do you take, what could you be passing up…

      Russty_ · 28/03/2019 at 00:58

      Rookie loops can really bite one on the arse…not sure they're even worth doing.

    Lazza · 27/03/2019 at 22:52

    Hmmm, I’m already 2 fwds down.. will have to have a number of options ready when the teams drop tomorrow.. Petruccelli and Burgess are no certainties..

      Russty_ · 27/03/2019 at 22:54

      I'm just gonna dance with who I've got Lazza, and hope Greene gets back next week and probably turf Balta next week if he doesn't play.

        Lazza · 27/03/2019 at 23:04

        Hi Russty, if either one is dropped I’m facing a donut… would you take a donut in R2?
        Gotta laugh, reminds me of my very first SC year when I lost 4 players in R1 to injury.. couldn’t even trade out of a donut… this is the first time I haven’t had DPP coverage on all lines ..

          Russty_ · 27/03/2019 at 23:26

          Nah Laz I wouldn't take a donut in round 2, I've got Balta and Greene also, I swung Moore back from the backs for Burgess and now have no cover on the fwd line. I'd say do what ya have to do mate to get 22 on the field.
          Balta might spend the rest of the season in the VFL, otherwise why did Hardwick bring 3 guys in as an alternative to playing him again.

      JohnDJ59 · 27/03/2019 at 23:37

      Hey Lazza, I'd trade out Balta since he has been dropped and get in Parker, if that is who you are missing, I'm assuming you have Setterfield and Drew in your fwd line already.

        Lazza · 28/03/2019 at 00:44

        Hiya John, yep have both .. could kick myself though .. I had Parker in my team up till Friday, then dumped him.. wouldn’t make any difference to my current dilemma though as I brought in Burgess.. lol
        I didn’t trust Parker.. but yet I gave Greene a shot .. go figure

      TOPHAWK1 · 27/03/2019 at 23:48

      You have Toby Greene. I am sorry to have to say this, but when this bloke is fully fit he does "fly kicks" and is suspended. Great talent. But in between he is injured. Get rid of him with Petruccelli. DUDS

        Russty_ · 28/03/2019 at 00:48

        Don't write him off too early Hawker… he could yet surprise.

        Lazza · 28/03/2019 at 00:48

        Wish ya hadda called me on Friday Toppa … and reminded me how many times you told us.. don’t worry though, I didn’t even take my own advice on a couple of my selections … just hoping R1 doesn’t set the tone for my whole year..

King Rooboy · 27/03/2019 at 21:08

Scored 2304 and ranked 152 best ever start no trades this week Collins can stay on the bench for now and I reckon VC Sloane this week with Captain Dangerfield even though he stuffed me last week

    TommyC99 · 27/03/2019 at 21:18

    I swear you have already said this earlier today. Subtle brag….

Shake_n_bake · 27/03/2019 at 21:53

Greene has been ruled out

    Russty_ · 27/03/2019 at 22:44

    Probably has soreness from karate kicking the local Milk Bar attendant.

BlueBaggerJosh · 27/03/2019 at 22:18

Field Petrucelle for Greene or trade Balta to Parker and loophole Petrucelle and Parker?

    Russty_ · 27/03/2019 at 22:39

    Balta might not see another game, Hardwick preferred to bring 3 new players in, I'm trying not to trade this week but if Balta doesn't play next week maybe he has to go.

G.C. · 27/03/2019 at 23:08

I'm in need of your help again community. I went risky with Darling at F3 and Greene at F4, and it didn't even get to round 3 before something went wrong. Thanks Toby. Anyway, with $57,500 in the bank, here are my options:
1) Move Greene to the bench, field 3 rookie (Parker, Drew Setterfield)
2) Upgrade Greene to Worpel ($16,400 remaining)
3) Downgrade Greene to Lincoln McCarthy ($164,600 remaining)
4) Downgrade Greene to Darcy Moore ($172,700 remaining)

Would love to hear any thoughts, or any other names to consider.

    JohnDJ59 · 27/03/2019 at 23:16

    One would be my first preference, two my second one. Those three rookies on field should be alright for a week, Greene could be back next weekend. If Worpel does well again and Greene doesn't play again next week, do the trade then.

      G.C. · 28/03/2019 at 00:01

      That's fair enough John, I'm probably just being a week too impatient. Just don't want to get in a situation where I can't do everything I need to after round 2.

        JohnDJ59 · 28/03/2019 at 00:51

        Hi G.C. if you have two other trades in your head that you would like to do next week, then maybe go ahead and do the Greene > Worpel trade now, so it's out of the way.

    Russty_ · 27/03/2019 at 23:20

    You must've picked Greene cause you thought he'd get back to some good scoring again?…if he's only sore this week, he'll be back next week, You've got all the good rookies, I'd just play em and hope they deliver again.
    See how Darling goes with JJK back in the fwd line this week, if he spuds it, maybe consider turfing him before Toby.

      G.C. · 28/03/2019 at 00:00

      Thanks for the feedback mate. You're right that I brought him in for that reason rusty, he can be a great player when he's up and about. I think I'm just frustrated that GWS had the easiest possible game to start a season and he's still pulled up too sore. That, and GWS seems to be quite conservative with bringing players back from injuries. Makes me wonder if he's just going to be in and out of the lineup all season.

      I'm hoping Darling can get up the ground a bit with JJK back in the other tall spot, but I've definitely got an eye on him. Could be Tim Kelly's spot in a week.

        Russty_ · 28/03/2019 at 00:05

        No worries G.C, Upgrading Greene to Worpel or downgrading To Moore is not a bad idea either, could take 3 games for players like Greene, De Goey, JJK, Lynch to get back into the groove but it depends on how long you want to wait.

    Derek · 27/03/2019 at 23:21

    Do you have any DPP in the midfield?

    Saints play early, put E on Parker see how he goes first.

      G.C. · 28/03/2019 at 00:07

      Unfortunately no DPPs in the middle Derek. All the rookies with mid DPP I found a better fit for forward or back in my team. Good idea to whack the E on Parker though, thanks.

JohnDJ59 · 27/03/2019 at 23:30

I'm moving Butters to the bench for Scott, hard decision though since Port is at home to Carlton.

Derek · 27/03/2019 at 23:41

Maybe Atkins doesn’t get named and gives us a loophole

I would bench Constable, toughest game

    JohnDJ59 · 27/03/2019 at 23:42

    If Atkins doesn't get named you can have the E on Butters or Walsh, since they play first.

Locked and Loaded · 28/03/2019 at 04:05

Feel like it’s a management thing for GWS sitting Greene this week he’s crucial to them going deep into September and the tough flight to Perth and tougher game might no be ideal for him at this stage of the season, plus they back up against the Tiges next week at home… hold for me he looked good and the talk coming out of GWS is he’s fine.

    s c tragic · 28/03/2019 at 09:22

    You wonder why GWS didn't hold Greene back until they were 100 % , then you wouldn't have had him in R1 just so he could be rested R2 seems crazy to me.

Rob · 28/03/2019 at 05:53

Hoping Merret will pull his finger I out this week!

    Nice_Person · 28/03/2019 at 07:47

    Good luck

    Mystic_Mac · 28/03/2019 at 10:53

    Don't hold your breath

    Rob · 28/03/2019 at 13:32

    What ya reckon, hold for another week or move on!

      Derek · 28/03/2019 at 14:07

      Talk to anyone who Traded out Menagola after round 1 last year.

      You have to keep him. His history justifys his selection and why you keep him.

      Has missed 1 game in last 3 years

      2016 ave 112, 2017 ave 109, 2018 ave 100.

      2018 ave included 17 in round 1 and 53 in round 3 still feeling effects of smack in head round 1.

      From round 11 onward he averaged 112.8, second highest midfielder.

      He is a potential top 8 midfielder. Still.

    JEL · 28/03/2019 at 14:38

    Reports on AFL.com that he played with a virus

      Lazza · 28/03/2019 at 14:58

      A good collective description of his 21 team mates last week.

    Rob · 28/03/2019 at 17:42

    I'm holding… Happens to me all the time, jump the gun and pay for it later! They are the exact reasons I picked him Derek and he's a pod this year…
    Thanks for comments guys!

Nice_Person · 28/03/2019 at 07:55

How many times will this happen with Greene throughout the season? He played 70% TOG last week against a very poor Essendon side. It wasn't a brusing game. It's been 1 game and he needs to be rested?? Put this with his history of missing games (only played 9 last year) and the fact that GWS are super conservative with their players, it isn't looking good. I didn't pick him as I saw the risk being too great, but if I had him I'd definitely be worried.

    Maverick_ · 28/03/2019 at 08:00

    Worpel scores well this weekend it’ll be the easiest decision I make all year. Greene will miss more weeks through out the year.

    DavidC · 28/03/2019 at 12:09

    Burnt me last year, wasn't going near him this year. He'll miss too many games to be a top 10 forward. 23% of coaches now have a problem which might be amplified if they also have Balta. I do have Balta. Do the Eagles forward rooks get selected again after last week?

Matt · 28/03/2019 at 08:15

Collins down to Wilkie/McKay (vickers willis hopefully helps JS) for me this week. Frees up $60k and allows room for 2 correctives next week if need be before price changes

TOPHAWK1 · 28/03/2019 at 10:22

Brodie Grundy the third most traded out player this week. Nearly 1500 coaches punting him. I wonder what the go is here? Does anybody have any intel on why?

    Shake_n_bake · 28/03/2019 at 10:42


    Mick · 28/03/2019 at 10:42

    1500 amateurs

    Huzzah · 28/03/2019 at 10:42

    I believe the answer is lack of intel…ligence.

Unafraid · 28/03/2019 at 12:16

Trading Balta to Parker. Fight me.

    DavidC · 28/03/2019 at 13:40

    I'll reassess the Balta situation next week. Problem with Parker is he scored crap through the JLTs. I need to see another week from him and Schultz. JS for Schultz just got better with Balantyne out for a few weeks and Freo winning.

    Lazza · 28/03/2019 at 14:08

    Mr Parker could be Mr 4.5% …. that's the average number of players who score their highest SC score for the season in R1.

FyfeIsLyfe · 28/03/2019 at 12:22

Scientists in Helsinki conducting research into human genomes discovered that 90% of all Lyfe is made from Fyfe

neil demons delight · 28/03/2019 at 13:16

Interesting the runner up last year burn't 2 trades straight up R 1. I wouldn't but wont condemn those who do as they may have good reason to trade.

    gator59 · 28/03/2019 at 13:22

    Who is he trading out and who to

      Hawk131415 · 28/03/2019 at 14:01

      Last year Gator

        neil demons delight · 28/03/2019 at 16:13

        it's ok Hawk Gator is a saints supporter.. edited this gat it did read that way but you still follow the saints cheers mate at least they won

gator59 · 28/03/2019 at 13:21

Who to field out of Setterfield , Walsh and Constable

    JohnDJ59 · 28/03/2019 at 13:25

    I have all three on the field, Setterfield F5, Walsh M6, Constable M7, do you have all three in the mids gator ?

      gator59 · 28/03/2019 at 13:33

      No Jd I've got Setters in fwds.. But have the problem with Walsh, Drew, Scott and constable all in the guts.. I was thinking swiniging Setters into the guts and Drew fwd and benching Setters in the guts and fielding all of Constable, Walsh and Scott if you get my drift

        JohnDJ59 · 28/03/2019 at 13:46

        So you only have one fwd rookie then ? in Setterfield, what you are suggesting works, the three you will be having on field in the mids are the same as mine, I will be putting Butters on the bench.

Derek · 28/03/2019 at 13:34

To anyone who has Greene, my advice is to hold him this week and use him as your rookie loophole.

Saints (Parker), Carlton (Setterfield) and Port (Drew) all play before GWS. Let’s you put one of those 3 on bench with E. See how they score. If good, leave Greene on field, if poor you can swing your other Rookie, Pettruucelle or Burgess onto field instead of Greene. Gives you a double chance.

If Greene misses next week you will need to trade him.

If you do trade him next week, try and bring in a rookie who you missed (on the bubble). There is always one. If you have swing sets you should be able to trade to any line.

Trading to a rookie who is going well does two Important things,

1) gets a cash cow you might have missed
2) frees up cash for a war chest so you can go from a midpricer to a premium sooner.

Avoid going from a midpricer to a midpricer

For this week HOLD Greene, it is probably the trip to Perth they aren’t keen on.

    gator59 · 28/03/2019 at 13:39

    Good advice Derek, But the safest plan would've been not to start The Flying Spitter at all

      Maverick_ · 28/03/2019 at 17:08

      Very wise Derek.
      I hadn’t even thought of the loophole scoring using Greene. I’ll hold but am watching worpels role and scoring closely again this w/e. I’m happy with my rookies unless I swing Moore forward and grab Lockhart/scrimshaw and bank some serious cash.

Lazza · 28/03/2019 at 14:00

So Collins joins Balta and Greene as outs this week from my team .. so far….

    JohnDJ59 · 28/03/2019 at 14:20

    So how many ladders did you walk under this week Lazza.

      Derek · 28/03/2019 at 14:35

      teams coming out tonight will be nervous wait.

      Scrimshaw, Atkins, Hore

      Won’t be surprised to see any of them miss out.

      Lazza · 28/03/2019 at 14:37

      I didn't count them, but I think I'll be sliding down a few over R2.

Pete. · 28/03/2019 at 14:21

Hey guys,
Despite what others say, I do want to get Greene out of my team.. (stating the obvious here)… he will have the odd 120 once in every 3/4 games but then misses due to injury/suspension.

Pretty covered for rookies, so these are possible options for me.
Trade sideways to one of Papley – scored 90 in a quiet game for sydney/Andrew McGrath (via d moore dpp), Brodie Smith (dpp)?
Trade down to Lachlan Schultz/Callum Wilkie/Darragh Joyce/Ben McKay (via d moore dpp)?

Will wait till next week to sum up my options. Anyone else got a better way to go about it?

    Lazza · 28/03/2019 at 14:48

    Papley is an interesting one … based on his PPM, if he had played the whole game he'd have scored around 110

    Holty01 · 28/03/2019 at 16:14

    Have you got Worpel?

      Pete. · 28/03/2019 at 16:28

      No i dont Holty. Cant quite afford him in this move..

Clarky · 28/03/2019 at 15:14

Field Scrimshaw or Parker?

    Pete. · 28/03/2019 at 16:29


    Hawk131415 · 28/03/2019 at 17:38

    I'm confused, 1 plays def and the other plays fwd, can field them both?

      kinglear009 · 28/03/2019 at 18:10

      Sounds like a Moore/Burgess swing

        Hawk131415 · 28/03/2019 at 18:42

        Ahhh, cheers King, makes sense now,, either one, 50/50 pick at this stage,leaning to Scrimshaw,

    UpBeat · 29/03/2019 at 16:56

    Parker. Essendoom are very ordinary

TRIGGA_HAPPY · 28/03/2019 at 15:20

Lockhart to debut for the dees this weekend.

Any thoughts NDD?

$102K rookie DPP. 😁

    Captain_Risky · 28/03/2019 at 15:27

    and who comes out??

      Teddy021 · 28/03/2019 at 16:25

      It might be Hore, with May also coming back in.

    Holty01 · 28/03/2019 at 16:09

    He is a handy player Trigga. Imo might get time in the midfield while some are underdone. Been good in the vfl but how he transfers that to the big stage is anyone’s guess. We have time to see for ourselves though before we bring him in.

    neil demons delight · 28/03/2019 at 16:26

    I was surprised he didn't get picked much earlier than now,but these rookie types have been exceptionally good to the Dees. Nothing to him only about 177 and light but super quick and has footy smarts big time. I seen him late last year kick an incredible goal Watch him very carefully as Spargo and Gartlett are never a lock NDD

    Maverick_ · 28/03/2019 at 17:19

    He’d be a nice swing with duursma if you get them on different lines. Hopefully Collins doesn’t play this weekend and Lockhart and he can go on the bubble the same round give me two looks at him.

      neil demons delight · 28/03/2019 at 19:54

      Keep an eye on Noah Answerth d/m from Brissy got leadership written all over him I am looking at both Noah and Lockhard MAV

    Hawk131415 · 28/03/2019 at 17:35

    Im putting him on my mid bench unless Hately gets a call up, gives me an extra $46K for the so called war chest,,,

TommyC99 · 28/03/2019 at 16:34

Parker or scrimshaw lads? Got a feeling Parker wont back up last week, and Scrimshaw probably has the easier match (assuming essendon surely bounce back).

    Hawk131415 · 28/03/2019 at 17:39


    Tyruddanaut · 28/03/2019 at 22:34

    Parker played Gc last week…..
    I’ll leave this

    UpBeat · 29/03/2019 at 16:54

    Parker was good last week and only has Essendon this week. GC would beat Essendon atm

Krups · 28/03/2019 at 17:04

Beams and Dusty to Neale and Congilio?

    Maverick_ · 28/03/2019 at 17:06

    Definitely not.

      Krups · 28/03/2019 at 17:32

      Thanks Maverick

Prizza · 28/03/2019 at 18:29

I love how all the negative around rocky is from the ones that wish they had him, and all the positive around gawn and grundy is from the ones that have them.
Only thing is the two best ruckmen will now be available for the discount a lot of us thought would happen, and rocky can become fyfe or oliver in the blink of a few weeks if his body fails, if

    Locked and Loaded · 28/03/2019 at 18:33

    Guess you haven’t comprehended the idea that round 1 scores don’t effect price changes hardly as much as round two and so on lmao you better hope for an identical week to last champ

      Prizza · 28/03/2019 at 18:38

      Understand lal but pre season form and injuries have been out there for weeks, months even for all to see

        Locked and Loaded · 28/03/2019 at 19:09

        Agree but so have previous years of rocky burning teams and Grundy and Gawn winning games off their back one round shouldn’t alter that perception immediately

neil demons delight · 28/03/2019 at 18:32

interesting selection at brisbane Noah anesworth Had him preseason dpp D/M

JohnDJ59 · 28/03/2019 at 18:33

So Hore has been dropped for the Dees game.

    neil demons delight · 28/03/2019 at 18:36

    may and Kolo in

      JohnDJ59 · 28/03/2019 at 18:39

      I'l just leave Hore on my bench for now, until a rookie on the bubble with good JS comes along.

Teddy021 · 28/03/2019 at 18:33

So I need to cover Marty Hore this week with Collins potentially….

Swing Moore down back and start Putrecelle on field or take another punt with Collins? Haha

    UpBeat · 29/03/2019 at 16:57

    Collins got bashed around last week but passed the concussion test. Give him another chance.

Lekdog · 28/03/2019 at 18:36

Live stream, let's talk #supercoach teams here: https://www.twitch.tv/lekdoggames

BlueBaggerJosh · 28/03/2019 at 18:57

Which two out of Constable, Walsh, Scott and Liberatore?

    TOPHAWK1 · 28/03/2019 at 19:14

    I reckon run with Libba and Walsh on the field. E on Scott.

Hawk131415 · 28/03/2019 at 19:37

Grundy is done!!

    BlueBaggerJosh · 28/03/2019 at 19:45

    Mummy back next week..hehe

      Hawk131415 · 28/03/2019 at 19:50

      Hahahaha, you got the stones Bagger?

        Goat___23 · 28/03/2019 at 20:02

        You sure about that?

          Hawk131415 · 28/03/2019 at 20:12

          Thats my plan, go the early crow

    JohnDJ59 · 28/03/2019 at 20:12

    Going better now, should ton up.

      Hawk131415 · 28/03/2019 at 20:30

      Only hope,

    Lekdog · 28/03/2019 at 22:04

    This didn't age well

      Hawk131415 · 28/03/2019 at 22:11

      It did exactly what i wanted it to do

        Russty_ · 28/03/2019 at 22:56

        He done 137 lol

TOPHAWK1 · 28/03/2019 at 19:46

WTF is going on with Grundy!! He is seriously stinking things up. If this continues, I might have to do the unthinkable in the quest to preserve capital. FML

    Hawk131415 · 28/03/2019 at 19:52

    Yeah Hawk im the same, somethings wrong, get ya fork,,

      JohnDJ59 · 28/03/2019 at 19:54

      I hope you kept Lynch.

        Hawk131415 · 28/03/2019 at 20:01

        Haha yeah i did DJ lol

          Hawk131415 · 28/03/2019 at 20:19

          But looking like thats about it?

            Hawk131415 · 28/03/2019 at 20:21

            And just like that ,,, goal

gator59 · 28/03/2019 at 21:17

Grundy starting to get warmed up and Nank stinking it up

Goat___23 · 28/03/2019 at 21:50

oNly ruCkS tHaT scOrE gOalS wiLl scOrE wElL. Have fun with Westhoff for the season fellas πŸ‘ŒπŸ½

    neil demons delight · 28/03/2019 at 22:14

    Westhoff is the perfect insurance for Grundy and Gawn . 2nd best forward and great during the byes

      Goat___23 · 28/03/2019 at 22:22

      Hes also only averaged over 100 in 1 of his 11 seasons, and scored less then 90 ten times last season, with his average being bumped up by a 140 in round 1 and a 147 in round 6. Enjoy the rollrcoaster

        neil demons delight · 28/03/2019 at 22:49

        Danger is the only non roller coaster forward . That dpp next to Westhoff sets him apart. In my side from the start with Grawndy.

          Russty_ · 28/03/2019 at 22:55

          Swingsets are gold when you need them Neil, and you will…he's a solid fwd choice and could save your ass when you need it.

            Goat___23 · 28/03/2019 at 23:00

            My bad Nell I thought you started him as one of your rucks, didn’t realise it was one of your forwards, that creates a whole new dynamic. My apologies

              neil demons delight · 28/03/2019 at 23:41

              A lot of people traded westhoff in for grundy which was crazy Goat .Grundy should have scored more last week but for frees against and clangers/

                UpBeat · 29/03/2019 at 16:52

                Stanley smashed Grundy in the 2nd half last week. Gawn will be sweating bullets this week.

    Russty_ · 28/03/2019 at 22:57

    What's with the lettering, how long did that take ya and…why?

      neil demons delight · 28/03/2019 at 23:05

      hey Russty The new rule will assist power forwards a lot this year and Westhoff will be one to benefit a lot Can see him being right in the top 6 forwards just like last year

        Russty_ · 28/03/2019 at 23:33

        Hey Neil, Westhoff is a great choice this year, almost a set and forget, he may be 32, but still scores like a young fella, Port should do well this year too. Great rookie infusion, and some of the old dogs stepping up, Wines will add to the winning frame of mind….I expect them to make finals.

      Goat___23 · 28/03/2019 at 23:09

      Took about 20 seconds Rusty, used it for comedic effect by imitating the ‘spongebob meme’

        Russty_ · 28/03/2019 at 23:23

        Oh ok mate, I love Spongebob!….:)

Tyruddanaut · 28/03/2019 at 22:31

I traded Moore to help fix my rucks πŸ™

WolfGang · 28/03/2019 at 23:25

What score does my VC have to make before I take the VC score ??
Anything above 130 + ??
For Rd 2 Grundy scored 137 – so I'm taking it.

    Russty_ · 28/03/2019 at 23:30

    Yeah good call Wolfgang…137 is a great score.

    Twilightingale · 29/03/2019 at 00:11

    Anything 120+ i'd take, always safer taking the guaranteed points then risking it.

      WolfGang · 29/03/2019 at 15:12

      Thanks – just have to sort out my Ridley / Burgess / Collins issue.

neil demons delight · 28/03/2019 at 23:52

Moore played well and now must be almost a must have. . The tigers dont seem to be s/c friendly anymore.

    Maverick_ · 29/03/2019 at 08:26

    Watch Ridley owners jump on Moore next week if they hadn’t already NDD.

      neil demons delight · 29/03/2019 at 12:19

      Hi Mav Though not a Ridley owner i am too because it suits my set up. I think Butters will go when wines comes back and may be out a while .Drew will be selected in front of him. Moore to come in for Butters gives me swing on all lines and later Hore for answerth or Lockhard both are good rookies with D /M DPP and form in lower leagues Watch them fatten

      John · 29/03/2019 at 13:28

      Ridley will be back next week

        The Ranger · 29/03/2019 at 16:27

        What makes you think that John?

Rob · 29/03/2019 at 06:03

Field Collins or Burgess with Hore being dropped?!

    Bob · 29/03/2019 at 11:02


    UpBeat · 29/03/2019 at 16:48


Declan · 29/03/2019 at 06:51

Have Ridley, Hore and Joyce… do i cop the donut or trade in Wilkie, Schultz (Via DPP) or anyone of note. Not too keen on the other rookies job security and don't want to burn a trade for someone who will get dropped in 2 weeks. Thoughts would be appreciated

    Maverick_ · 29/03/2019 at 08:24

    I’d trade. Do you have all of Parker, scrimshaw Clarke duursma & drew? Schultz looks the goods for JS with Ballantyne out for a couple weeks .

      Declan · 29/03/2019 at 09:51

      Cheers Mav, got all except Scrimshaw. Not too keen on him with his elevated price and don’t think has great JS. Shcultz seems the go. If I was to trade reckon Hore as he would find it hardest to break back in with May back?

Box · 29/03/2019 at 12:34


Justin · 30/03/2019 at 14:39

Thinking of going Walsh to Sheed or Collins to Newman this week leaving me 2 trades next week to do some corrective trading.
Thoughts please people?

    Dermin8r · 02/04/2019 at 20:56

    I started Newman, I just have a gut feeling that he will finish the year as a top 6 Defender this year. Good Luck!

Box · 30/03/2019 at 23:24

He who chases the Westhoff points his lost!

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