Who’s Your Captain? – Round 1

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Top 3 VICE CAPTAIN Options –

Patrick Cripps

Thursday Night vs Richmond – AVG vs Team: 93.5

The Tigers captain has come out and said it himself. The Tigers won’t tag Cripps, do we believe him? Regardless, he’s scored 130 the last time these two teams met and if he scores anything like that again, you don’t want to miss out.

Brodie Grundy

Friday Night vs Geelong – AVG vs Team: 98.3

Last year’s top scoring ruckmen and player overall goes up against the Cats on Friday night. So who does he go up against? Exactly. Rhys Stanley, Darcy Fort, whoever it is will be no match for Brodie Grundy who doubles as a big bodied mid when he’s not hitting it out of the centre.

Jack Macrae

Saturday Twilight vs Sydney – AVG vs Team: 86.6

Also an option for Captaincy if you’ve chosen any of the men above for the Vice Captaincy, but you have to weigh up the likelihood that he’ll meet very effective tagger George Hewett. No denying that the way Macrae goes about his business is a thing of beauty though, and he’ll be hard to stop after a great pre-season showing.


Scott Pendlebury

Friday Night vs Geelong – AVG vs Team: 122.3

Wasn’t long ago that Pendlebury was dubbed ‘Dependlebury’ and he was a captain or vice captain each and every week for every SuperCoach in the land. He’s a bit past that now, but his average against the Cats might be hard to ignore and as long as you trust your captaincy option the risk might be worth it.

TOP 3 CAPTAIN Options –

Nat Fyfe

Sunday Twilight vs North Melbourne – AVG vs Team: 124.1

Fyfey loves playing the Kangaroos as evidenced by his avg against them. No Ben Jacobs means he’ll be let loose and he’ll be hard to stop on the Optus Stadium deck, and being the last game of the round, you can literally VC anyone else.

Max Gawn

Early Saturday vs Port Adelaide – AVG vs Team: 120.4

In Gawn’s 100th game, he’ll be tapping the ball to a midfield that most teams would dream of. How doesn’t he tap it advantage? His average score vs Port Adelaide is bloody impressive. Only an option if you’ve gone with someone on the Thursday or the Friday night.

Patrick Dangerfield

Friday Night vs Collingwood – AVG vs Team: 96.4

A pretty safe option if you ask me, but only an option if you go for someone in the Thursday night game as your Vice Captain. His avg vs Collingwood was actually surprising considering he scored 137 against them in 2018 and 146 against them in round 22, 2017, bull I’ll digress. A great option and looks to be in ripping nick.

CAPTAIN Smokey –

Sebastian Ross

Sunday vs Gold Coast – AVG vs Team: 88.5

You’d have to have a big set to do it, especially at the start of the season, and he doesn’t usually score well against the Suns. The Saints are at home though and he recorded a score of 136 last time these two teams met. Can he do it again? If he starts this season like he ended 2018 then he’s going to be hard to stop at Marvel Stadium.

Unlucky not to be mentioned: Dustin Martin

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I'm thinking Danger into Fyfe.

Fyfe's last four scores against North Melbourne: 163, 139, 126 & 141.


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Cripps into Grundy this will set the tone for my opening by the end of Friday night!


Cripps into Danger

Rick Grimes

Danger into Gawn, I think.


Me too, Danger likes to come out strong in first game.


Locked Cripps in VC. Macrae is obvious C choice but Hewett tag worries me a bit. Thoughts on M Crouch or Oliver? If not, just gonna go Grundy/Gawn i think

magic mullet

Who's got leagues to join


Dusty VC against the blues? Usually starts off the season big and is playing Carlton…


Be careful KSinny. Dusty does not have a great record against Carlton.


? His last 3 scores against them have been 159, 121 and 139


No concern about Dusty just think Cripps is the better option. Might be a 160 v 140 type deal.


Is anyone worried about Dusty being named as FF, he might not get enough minuted in the midfield?


Selected M.Crouch over Dusty even tho they have two key talls the tigers it looks as though they still want him playing forward in patches


It’s only a team sheet, he might start at full foward for about 1 minute then run straight into the middle


Tigers have named Lynch and Riewoldt in the pockets! Don't read too much into team sheets


not with Lynch, Riewoldt and Balta up forward


Cripps into Gawn

Rick Grimes

Anyone else still struggling to lock in a team? I've chopped and changed myself to a standstill. Yikes.


Need to back your decisions and don’t stress trade players out, remember it’s only a game


Can’t decide between Fyfe or Cogs


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I’m running VC Cripps into Dangerfield C, but Fyfe is very tempting!


Real urgent question community

Dunkley and constable or Billings and Walsh




Cripps VC
Oliver C


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Capt = Alabakis. 🤣


Vc Danger C Gawn

The Ranger

Cripps into Fyfe for me.


Copy that


VC Dusty Fyfe C


Danger into Macrae for me.


I'd like to go Cripps into Fyfe, but that is 1st game (Thursday night) into the last game of the round on Sunday twilight…hopefully Cripps pumps a 130 score and it won't matter


I was thinking that too, but it's such a long time to wait haha


Grundy into Gawn?


Going safe and doing Danger into Gawn


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Looking at Cripps quarter time score, I think Mr P Bines is going to be my captain for round 1.


those that had Cripps for loophole, who is sticking with him?


It's a tough one, Crawf. I was going Cripps into Gawn. 120-130 is a real grey area.

Just checked some numbers on Gawn and last year he was 13 games over 125pts, 9 games under. Average when over is 144, under when is 102.

Games against Port (Ryder) and WC (Lycett) last year were 140 and 156, but those 2 guys are together now, how will that change things? Also Gawn got 79 in the Prelim final, but that game was an outlier for all Melb players. Do we include it?

I think I'm gonna roll the dice on Gawn.


Danger or Grundy VC?


Also Dunkley and Kelly or Dunkley and Wallis or Wallis and Kelly? Not sure about Heeney


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