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(Scroll down now for full team and abuse without context)

I won’t bore you with too much of a preamble community but I will talk in generalities about my structure.

You’ll see that I’ve gone purely Guns and Rookies…in a twist that should surprise no one. My first team had about pricers midpricers locked in from Williams to Libba (not that these are bad selections) and I thought to myself, “how often does this actually work?”

Not often.

So GnR it is!


P.O.D – Point Of Defence

I know the backline has a bunch of value this year but I’m steering clear with a view to pick up the one I’ve missed later on down the track. I say one because the odds of Williams, Smith, Moore, Ridley and Newman all working out seem low.

I’ve gone three premos with a hope the Hurn and Crisp can increase their output…even if they don’t they should both in the top seven defenders for the year.

Kade Simpson is a man who will give me what I want. Sleeves and points…but mostly sleeves. Simmo averaged 105 in 2018 and honestly there’s no reason why he can’t do that again. Newman comes in to help out in defence but I maintain that Simpson plays closer to what he did in JLT 2 where he hogged the kick-ins and racked up 105 Supercoach points.

Note: If team selections go to hell and none of my rookies are named I’ll be using Simmo as a pressure release and downgrading him to Williams (the best of the cheapies in my mind) to free up some cash…because I have literally $700 left.

Shannon Hurn’s floor is lower than I would like but I’m hoping that can lift slightly if he can snag some effective kick-ins through playing on in the goal square. I’m not worried about his ceiling but lifting that floor from the high 70’s to the low 80’s might be just enough to push his average up a couple more points.

I’m banking on him delivering his standard production for a top-six defensive finish.

Jack Crisp rounds out my P.O.D backline and is a player I believe can jump into the top-six defenders for the year.

Crisp is a guy who can drop a really poor score sure, but he can also go on a run of multiple back-to-back tons throughout the year and at sub-520K I’m happy to cop a turd in the pants every now and then…yes this has become one of those reviews.

He gets 23 touches a game, sits out the back and mops up, exits defensive 50 and tackles reasonably well…he’s built to be a good Supercoach player.

My rookies are pretty standard although I’ve omitted Jack Scrimshaw (pending round one selection) and Sam Collins whose elevated price and required role won’t make enough cash for my liking…and I can’t afford him…that’s pretty much the reason to be honest.


YEET YEET! I’ve selected Contested Beasts!


Look I won’t spend too long on these guys because they are all in for the same reasons, they generate points and are contested beasts which I think will go hand-in-hand with the 6-6-6 starting positions after goals.

Jack Macrae is in my team despite the fact that he will lose cash. But you when he didn’t lose cash? When he was averaging 140 points a week for periods of last year!

It’s like a good moustache comb, you pay for quality and quality feels nice.

Macrae is quality and he feels nice.

It’s nice knowing I have a captaincy option than can whip out a 150+ when I need him to.

Patrick Cripps is Patrick Cripps.

Moving on…

Clayton Oliver is a freak both on the field and in terms of his looks and I like it.

Clay Clay averaged 114.7 points per game last year with 30 disposals per game to go along with seven tackles. Combine this with his finals scores of 111, 98, 102 and JLT scores of 127 and 104 (after two shoulder surgeries) and it all adds up to a lot of bloody points.

Lachie Neale is so damn underrated. At just above $600K he’s also cheap…ish.

He turned it up in JLT just putting away scores of 136 and 106 to follow up a Best and Fairest winning season at Fremantle where he averaged 112 due to 16 scores of 100+ (with a ceiling of 159).

This contested freak has only missed two games in five years, so he’s durable, and in that time has produced averages of 87.2, 104.3, 112.6, 109 and 111.9. I don’t think that his scoring will slow down at his new club…he bloody lock.

Rounding out my midfield premos is Stephen Gonigliog (formerly Coniglio).

I jumped on this guy later than most last year because I wanted to see him do it after spending a lot of 2017 on the sideline…guess what? He did it.

Averaging 108.4 across the year and locking in scores of 120 and 105 in finals, this man is set to go beast-mode again in 2019. I think the Shiel hole will add an extra point or two per game to his average and even if it doesn’t I’ll take a 108 average again.

Scores of 123 and 140 in the JLT just slapped a second lock on him for me.

You’ll note that I’ve gone without Sam Walsh and that’s a pretty simple one for me…too expensive. Guys at this price just don’t generate enough cash and I don’t think he averages more than 70 for the year…as a Blues fan I hope I’m wrong.

I’m also back on Gibbons if a rookie isn’t named but that’s a money thing rather than a me thinking he’ll play a lot thing.

Cheaper is better with rookies, quite the opposite to moustache combs…


Cox Curse…shut up…etc.

Shut up. The Cox Curse is real but I’m falling for it. Shut up.


Rookies be thy name.

Patrick Dangerfield doesn’t need an explanation. He’s an uber-midfielder that we can pick in the forwardline.

Isaac Heeney is in my side and I’ve never really questioned why. He’s good at footy and he can probably average 100 in 2019. If not, he’ll get damn close.

He had 11 tons last year and for a forward that’s bloody gold…he might even increase that output this season with a few more midfield minutes or a couple more sausage rolls.

Josh Dunkley…well, well, well. He wasn’t in my side until the Bulldogs said he’ll be playing similar midfield minutes to the end of last year and confirmed that McLean would be the man in the 50-meter arc.

I had Mundy and Walters floating around F3 but the ceiling of Dunkley excites me…plus he averaged around 127 in the tale-end of 2018 and that’s pretty impressive.

Obviously the question marks come from Liberatore’s inclusion into the side but that’s a risk I’m willing to take and monitor…that’s why they give us 30 trades!

I’ve not gone with a midpricer or expensive rookie at F4 and I’ll bloody cope. Setterfield, Drew and Balta have already been named for round one so I’ll back them in and cross my fingers.

I’m planning on uninstalling the app tomorrow after teams are named so that I can’t fiddle…I really like this side.

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I have pretty much the same fwd, ruck and mid. Given how well your team went last year, I’m cooked lol

All the best for the season


This is a really good team Lekdog, 13 premiums great work! (Likely to only need 18 trades to get to full premium)

I couldn’t get to 13 but I welcome feedback on my team:
Def; Hurn, Williams, B Smith, Ridley, J Clark, Duursma (Burgess, Hore)

Mid; Macrae, Cripps, Neale, Coniglio, M Crouch, Cousins, Walsh, Butters (Constable, Atkins, B Scott)

Ruck; Grundy, Gawn (Bines)

Fwd; Dangerfield, Heeney, Mundy, D Moore, Setterfield, Drew (Parker, Petruccelle)

Go Blues!


Yeh, somebody from the Dockers midfield will gain Neale points this season and Walters burnt me last year. Good luck Lekdog


I don't see Daniel Rich


you spelt downgrade wrong


join 182223


Can’t fault it at all, but let’s remember that #FyfeIsLife




I'm devastated we spent all preseason, the two of us steadfast that we wouldn't bow to the Cox Curse, and here we are. A pair of schmucks waiting to be smote by The Ruck God for the eighth year in a row.

Also, don't think your use of the word Yeet has gone unnoticed. We will be discussing this.


Looks good

Go Blues !


Just like me you also have 5 DPP F/M in forward line and 0 DPP M/F in midfield. I’m slightly concerned, do you think it will have much of an impact week to week?


My god this team looks rock solid on paper Lek! I pray that the cows in your paddock hang around long enough to make you some nice cash at the slaughterhouse.. this is making me second guess my midprice madness


I like the team Lek, strong def, i'm scrimping a bit there and locking in a sweet F4, can't bring myself to have 3 fwd rookies onfield, or any of this Darcy Moore bollocks.
Biggest trap of the year for mine.


What do you think of Rozee instead of Moore?


Nah, didn't show enough for his price


I agree hedski in the same position I think having a strong F4 is safer then having a Strong backline with 3 on field forward rookies


Our mids, rucks, and forwards are almost identical, but i have Fyfe instead of Oliver at this stage. I like the POD backline!


Like the backline too Teddy! I think your perfect starting backline if you can pick em has your final D4, D5 and D6 already place. In theory your D 1-3 should drop more over the season (ie – Lloyd dropping by 20% will be more than Crisp by 20%). Best guess for D4-6 is probably Simmo, Hurn and Crisp – maybe Sicily. Solid team.


Love how your playing Butters, no one puts butters in the corner.


What do you think of worpel n the fwd line? I am getting sucked into mid pricers


Anyone like the idea of rolling with the DOUBLE DOUGHNUT this year? The lack of fwd rookies more so forward rookies that will score enough to be on your field (over 50) I only see setterfield and drew doing so. Just my opinion but I don’t believe balta will stay in that Richmond side for long enough and Petrecelle will not score over 50. To continue, having Bines as my doughnut in the rucks he has only 7 Sunday games, and knowing how valuable a loophole is (can net you up to 100 points some rounds if you get it right) would it be worth chucking Owies (Carlton fwd mid $102k on the bench instead of an untrustworthy fwd rookie). Basically I’m wondering what you guys think taking an extra doughnut option over a crap fwd rookie…?

Any thoughts or comments


Hate it Lek! This is the type of team that I look at this time of year and see all the reasons it will fail, but every year is way better than mine. Damn you Lek.


Nothing but respect Lek. And that knot in my stomach that has me second guessing my team this late in the preseason.


Is it worth it to go Collins – Scrimshaw (if named) so I can go Fyfe – Macrae?




Any plans of having ruck cover? I know last year I got burnt and had to trade a ruckman out instead of upgrading to a premo. Put me 2 weeks behind+ points.

So this year ruck cover straight up, the eagles rookie with ruck/fwd status is the go.

Nice team, especially defence, need those pods.


Couple quick questions Community

Lloyd and scrimshaw or hurn and Ridley


Walsh and Billings or Constable and Dunkley


Like the team a lot Lek, defence is what'll set you apart from others this year. Just wondering if you see Balta staying in the team consistently or if you're just hoping for some quick profits and sending him on his way?


With Balta named alongside T Lynch it has opened up the option of 3 on field forward rookies. I’m still preferring only 2, but that is at a cost in my midfield.

Lek, this is the best GNR midfield I’ve seen – probably has something to do with no Walsh.


Looking for some competitive leagues and I have a tonne of league spots open.
Kind of my fault for returning so late but I have been pretty busy and I had a tonne of fun in some of the leagues created here so it would be a shame if I was in nothing this year.

magic mullet

Who's got leagues to join


League code above, all are welcome in The JR Community Dreggs shield


Hi community, one very serious question. I live in the west and so do not get the inside goss on Melbourne clubs, except from you guys/gals. Can Grundy kick a ball???


Thanks for the insight Lek. If Grundy can kick the ball, he's in, if not, Goldie is the man with an upgrade (somewhere). How many kicks did Grundy have in the JLT series, anybody know where I can find these stats please?


AFL website did fine. 3 kicks JLT1 from 15 disposals-94pts from 84%TOG, 3 kicks from JLT2 18 disposals-85pts from 88%TOG. He looks like he was in very low gear. Paying for 130 average. What to do after reading all these damn stats??


Needs more Rich


Gr8 minds LEK!

Dunkley was in my team all pre season until JLT when I saw him spilt time fwd with Mclean,

So was replaced with SPS.

But two things happened in the last couple of days.

One was the comment by BEVO that you mentioned above the dunks will be in guts and mccean will be fwd and
Balta was named for the tiges (I was a bit worried about having 3 rooks on ground and if enough would be named fwd) but as Balta was named Dunks was reinstated at the expense of SPS and Ridley.

Stil big on SPS as I think he could do a dunkley from last year and lift his avg by quite a margin as he is starting and will play predominately mid but something had to give.

Put SPS in my fantasy team so wont miss out entirely. 🙂


Jock Reynolds League: 302184

neil demons delight

Yes a great team LEK I have had a GnR team for a while and am backing the rookies in I have 3 different prems though WESTHOFF ( for cover and was no. 2 fwd last year anyway ) for HEENEY WHITFIELD for CRISP more a dislike for Crisp and M CROUCH for NEALE Basically a similar G n R team. Derek talked me out of two high priced defenders Moore and Collins suggesting Rozee I went one better WHITFIELD the downside is keeping Burgess but gives me 13 prem keepers Good luck LEK and crew NDD


who did you replace Whitfield with?

neil demons delight

swapped collins and moore and downgraded walsh to Bewley left me with next to nothing which is not good but the 13 prems will be given time even if they spud up a few weeks. I replaced Franklin and Newman 2 times last year not this year. Only need a bit for rookie corrections i hope. How's your team going Derek?


i don't mind Moore, and still have him in my team. I thought Rozee was a better selection than Collins, same price but has DPP and could be a very good player, especially Port have carlton and Lions in round 2 & 3, he might get a couple.



The divisions for the JR Elimination have been (almost) locked and loaded.

At the moment we have the divisions a little uneven.

Div 1 – 29 players
Div 2 – 22 players (140819)
Div 3 – 26 players
Div 4 – 23 players (697801)
Div 5 – 25 players

If a few players in Div 1, and one from Div 3, jump into Divisions 2 or 4.

No one is getting eliminated the first week.

I'll have to re-work the elimination rules to make it work, probably need a few more double elimination weeks.


Awesome team LEK! Love what you've done down back..

Thoughts on mine?

Def; Llyod, Laird, Simpson, Collins, Scrimshaw, J Clark, (Duursma, Hore)

Mid; Cripps, Oliver, Neale, Treloar, Liberatore, Walsh, Drew, Constable (Atkins, B Scott, Gibbons)

Ruck; Grundy, Gawn (Bines)

Fwd; Dangerfield, Westhoff, Heeney, Setterfield, Burgess, Balta (Parker, Petruccelle)

neil demons delight

hawks pick SCRIMSHAW