2019 Rookie Cheat Sheet

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Welcome back to another year of JR Community Cheat Sheets. I’m MattyB or as Lek affectionately likes to call me “Statty Matty”.

I’m new to SC, but have loved my footy since I could walk. As the newest member of the JR team, it’s fallen to me to do the tasks Damo and Lekdog think they’re “too good to do”. So here’s my attempt at the Rookie Cheat sheet for 2019.

I’ve arbitrarily set the Rookies threshold at under $230k. This does exclude some juicy names like Ridley and Moore, however that’s my choice. But if you know who those players are already, you have them under consideration.

A large number of these players have been confirmed as starters for Round 1, and the rest will know their fate in the next day or so. If you don’t see them on this list, I thought they were unlikely to play or weren’t the best value. 

Cheers, MattyB.

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Good sheet! I keep hearing mixed things about Scrimshaw and if he’s playing or won’t be playing so I’m sitting with a while at D5 atm


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Another midfielder worth looking at is Geelong's Tom Atkins ($112,900). He averaged 74.5 in the JLT from 78% TOG and is currently in 26% of SuperCoach teams.


He’s an in and under midfielder in the Cats VFL side and the skipper the cats will use him in a forward pressure role who may get some time in the midfield as well


Geelong have so many mid/fwds and they cant all play at the same time. job security at Geelong will be tough, how many games do you think he will play?


Hell yeah! All I want is 60+ points from a rookie at that price and this animal will make that in tackles alone!


Good stuff MattyB


Hore – I wish I hadn't listened to the podcast about Melbourne mature agers. I'd written him off as a likely two game wonder – now he's back in consideration. DOH ! One to go with if Scrimshaw isn't named maybe.
I think Scrimshaw plays plenty this year – might as well get some games into him as they aren't going anywhere without Mitchell this year anyway.
Collins is my last resort for a bench seat – won't make much money but will get a game, just wish it was him with the DPP and not Burgess who is surely a waste of a spot.


Fox Sports team writers seem to think Burgess will line up as full forward for the Suns this week.


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Can I start without Walsh? How much cash will he make and how many points would I be missing out on say if I have a have Butters at M6, Hately at M7 and Duursma at M8. I feel like I really need to get him in but I don’t know how

The Rocks

yes you do and put Duurs back into your DEF


Yes you can and should start without Walsh.. there is better value in the cheaper rookies..


Think Hately has an injury


Actually tonsilitis.


Dont select them then 🙂


Cheers MattyB!! The cheat sheets have been one of my favourite JR articles in the past, and im sure you can carry the torch and provide the goods for the rest of the year! Goodluck matey!


Who said they are ranked? Gibbons is in yellow so they clearly aren't.


Hi all, unrelated comment but I have a SuperCoach league with some spots available. It is hotly contested each year. It is a paid entry league ($40 entry fee). If interested, please email me for details: [email protected]


Thanks for the sheet Matty. Hope more than this list make the call for Rd1. Any Melbourne gossip on Jonathon Marsh for the Saints?


Job security is always a risk for most rookies, but I think Clark is reasonable. He won’t take Touhy’s on field job, but not so sure about Bew’s. Cats lack depth in their best 22, and if he continues as he has they will want to develope him, even if he starts on interchange. Balta I don’t have but will watch if he plays week 2 and Lynch is back. Thanks for the cheat sheet.

The Ranger

Onya Matty. Thanks.
Not sure I've ever been so twitchy about the lack of rookies at this stage of the year.


Scrimshaw or Clark? That's the tough one for mine.




Hey fellas, so got a dilemma here, would love your thoughts and opinions as to what i should be going with.

1. Macrae and Smith

2. Dusty/M Crouch and Hurn

So option 2 gives me an extra keeper, but option 1 means i don't have to find a way to get Macrae in later. I feel like both Dusty and Crouch will have a huge year, in particular Dusty.


Surely lock in 2 premiums of that caliber.


Bailey Smith – Doggies 1st pick in the Draft – $180K MID is selected to play as well.


If Bews is a lock in the best 22 then the Cats are in trouble.. an average AFL footballer who hasn't performed as good as some rookies in their first year..


100% agree with Lanza, Clark will play ahead of Bews


Rookies who have been announced as playing R1 (so far).
Zac Butters
Xavier Duursma
Willem Drew
Connor Rozee
Bailey Smith
Chris Burgess
Jack Lukosius
Jordan Clarke
Sam Walsh
Michael Gibbons
Will Setterfield (priced as a rookie)
Sam Collins (priced as a rookie)


The question I have, is who is must grab? lol. Or at least should be ?


Thanks Lazza, that's handy.


Balta confirmed. But caddy will return next week


I think Caddy is 3 weeks off, but Griggs is a TBD.. if he plays well in R1 he might just get enough games to rack up a tidy kitty… apart from Setterfielf all the fwd rookies are high risk..


Does anybody know with the early start to the round do we lose our unlimited trades once Richmond v Carlton game has started which means we have to have our sides picked without knowing what rookies have been selected from weekend games.


No, trades remain unlimited until the conclusion of Round 1!


Cheers Connor.


Hey community,

So i've dumped Hurn to Brodie Smith in order to get Macrae in. It would leave me with 1 less keeper but i can see it being quite tough to get him in later, especially seeing i only have 1 mid pricer in my side in Moore.
Which of these mids would you cull for Macrae?

Oliver, Fyfe, Dusty, M Crouch

On the contrary, would you even do this? AVerages wise it is quite similar.

Please let me know your thoughts guys!


Show me your side Tommy!
I can relate to you here I have the same dilemma although I have Brodie Smith and I’m looking to upgrade him to Hurn just for a little more security, I think in your case it depends on your defence structure if B.Smith becomes your D3 then you have to question how confident you are he’ll be durable enough. If you think he will Be I would drop Fyfe because of his injury concerns only playing just over a dozen games last season


Hey mate, this is my side pre changes listed above. 13k left over

Def: Hurn, Crisp, Williams, Collins, Clark Duursma (Burgess, hore)
Mid: Cripps, Oliver, Fyfe, Dusty, M Crouch, Walsh, Butters, Hately (Constable, Scott, Atkins)
Ruc: Grundy, Gawn (Sweet)
Fwd: Danger, Heeney, Dunkley, Moore, Setterfield, Drew (petrucelle, Parker


Your in a good place Tommy, if scrimshaw plays I would downgrade Collins and also trade In Gibbons for Hatley that gives your another 80 odd K to upgrade Fyfe to Macrae without having to dump Hurn


I like your thinking mate. Food for thought. Cheers


I’m worried about Fyfe’s elbow


What's everyone's thoughts on Ridley?


too expensive for me, his job security is good though!


Really? I think the opposite. Great price but under threat from Gleeson for his spot.


Locked in


Better pick than Brodie.


you give advice like my mum. jog on.


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6 spots left


Clark looked alright to me better than Bews and yes Balta is a solid pass.

Frankston Phil

Anyone who wants to join a last minute league you are most welcome, I finished top 500 last year and I've been in a 3rd place league in the past. Supercoach Anon 918975. Good luck community.


Thanks for the Cheetsheet Matty, nice work fella!


With Balta locked in for round 1 and Lynch in the team, is he a better bench option than Parker?
Plays in a better side and showed a bit more scoring potential.
Could be a round 3 corrective trade but which one would you start with?
Cheers for the cheat sheet Matty, looking fwd to them during the season.


Good question hedski, if he's in there to play as an extra fwd and pinch hitting in the Ruck so Lynch doesn't have to, he could keep his spot, he sure looked good in the jlt.
Parker I feel will just end up another dud saints fwd like all the others there now.


I think Parker has the job security. But think Balta scores better. When does Caddy return?


Caddy is listed with an ankle injury and "indefinite", still some time away.
Last minute decisions suck Holty.


I'm going Parker to balta. Saints players just end up burning you some how!


If you want to join a league get in.
10 teams back from last year – 8 spots left



Come join me and Lek on Twitch as we talk about SuperCoach and random footy stuff!



What's that about Balta definitely* not playing when Lynch is back? Check the teams mate


I know it was talked about on the POD but is Gibbons still an option? At 102k he doesn’t need to score amazing it’s jusy down to JS.
Also would you go for Scrimshaw over Collins if named?


You'd be silly not to pick gibbons at that price.


That it he's a lock at M11 – just make sure M9 and M10 are solid rookies


ATM, my M9 and M10 are going to be 2 of Atkins/Drew/Scott


I have Scott/Atkins 9/10 Tommy, Drew belongs on field in the fwds.


Yeah gotcha Hedski. I was contemplating him there to give me a swingset but with fwd rookies scoring potential looking poor, i guess we dont have the luxury


Can move him into the mids later on if we need a swing set I reckon Tommy, get the best (potential) scorers on field to start.


Well his JS and scoring both are shaky so theres definitely merit in not picking him. In my case, i have Hately at M9, so going Hately – Gibbons and Collins – scrimshaw allows me to go from Fyfe – Macrae. Thoughts?


T.Kelly 505k – 44, 112, 69, 155, 87, 60.
S.Menegola 543k – 114, 100, 144, 119, 112, 112, 57.


Kelly plays those pathetic games where he can't get near it, his efficency tanks and the fwd line beckons him into SC irrelevance…but also those blistering midfield games.

Picking premiums, you'd more be looking at the total points big picture that Menegola embodies – a consistent, high outputer makes him difficult to get in the team.

Menegola, easily.


Hey Matty you've still got 2 spots open in your JR Championship 1 League open, hopefully the last 2 are season long keepers, cheers.


Must say thanks to the AFL coaches for giving us a heads up on rookies.

Takes all the guess work and mad scramble out of picking our teams rd 1.

At the moment there are enough rooks named to field a team rd 1.

Just a few bench spots or maybe 1-2 on field that need to be filled.

Nice work boys.

cop that

"you think you know more than him" hahaah check the teams you clown


Balta is named round one with Lynch! Hadn’t considered him thinking Lynch would take his spot in the team but now he’s in my side ahead of Petruccelle

What a “bolter” into my side


I'd put Petracelle ahead of Parker if your tossing up those two (assuming you're taking Balta) Dad, plays in a better side.


Would you put Balta and petrucelle ahead of parker? Feel like Parker JS is better but Balta has better scoring potential


Balta is unlikely to play when caddy returns ie next week


Dont think Caddy is back next week, sounds like between 3-6 as he's listed as indefinite, Grigg sounds longer. The AFL site lists them both as indefinite.

From Richmond 5 days ago:

Josh Caddy, ankle

"Josh has resumed running and he’s feeling really good. He missed nearly three weeks where he wasn’t able to do any running, so we probably have to extend the timeframe a little bit with reconditioning and then back into the football program, so he’s probably about a week away from resuming some skill work and then we have to make an assessment about what that looks like with match play."


The eagles played with 4 small forwards last year and I'm not sure that continues this year so when Cripps comes back round 2 I'd think Petruccelle's job security is hanging by a thread, with JJK, Darling, Venables, Allen, Rioli, Ryan, Cripps and Waterman all forward players.

Captain Risky

Caddy & Grigg are both a while off, have had setbacks. Both are 'indefinite' on the injury list. If Balta plays well he stays me thinks.


I'll take 2 of the 3 and correct if I need to.
Setters and Drew at f5-6 so only 2 bench spots.
JS v potential as you say,
Williams and Smith feel like my main risks (not real risky) but I have a few poddish players too, so not stressed if I need a corrective trade.


Remember Caddy is out, and he played CHF last year


Where's Blakey on the radar? I see people tipping him for the rising star….


Is that Barrett? Hahahahahhahaahahahahahaah
Blakey MIGHT get game time. He is unlikely to play well in S1


Sam Collins or Jack Scrimshaw


wait on teams – decison may be made for you






Hey Rust

did you say you had created fantasy leagues?

I usually put a team together made up of players who I would like but cant fit into my SC side.

can you post the code if league not full?


Hey Trig I started one this year but it's full, could start another one if you're interested?… I usually don't play the byes in that one though, enjoy a 3 week break.


Help please community


I am tossing up between Walsh and Cousins for M8. Torn between the 3rd year player vs the supreme talent with the risk of being caught out playing against men.

Does anyone have strong thoughts on this decision?


That is one deep midfield you have there John. I would go Walsh for JS


Liberatore and D Moore or T Greene and Butters?


Would love to hear people's thoughts on this…

Lloyd, libba and $26k in bank
Macrae, m.hore (Melbourne def rookie) and $127k in bank

Option 2 leaves my backline pretty weak with Hurn, Williams, smith then rookies and an odd amount of money left over. Cant really use it to upgrade anyone as my only midpricers are the 3 I've mentioned here


Can only afford one:

Petrucelle or Balta???


Join the league – 920592