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The amount of times I have wiped my team clean and stared at a blank field for days on end is worrying. Round 1 is around the corner and I think I have a good team, with a good enough safety net to go along with it.

So here it is.


D1 was a lot of players, Rory Laird’s shared points situation in the Adelaide defence scares me enough to not want to spend 587k on him and who knows what kind of scoring James Sicily will produce becoming Alastair Clarkson’s new swingman. Jake Lloyd is my D1. Is he overpriced? Probably. Will he be consistent? Yes. Almost guaranteed he will be a top 3 defender at the end of the year. I had seen enough from Zac Williams in the first JLT game that missing the second did not worry me at all. 82 in just over a half of footy? Tick. Brodie Smith looks good. I have a plan for both if he becomes a keeper, and if he becomes a stepping stone but he looked really good in both JLT hitouts, and looks like he will take a lot of kick-ins and will run it out of the square at most opportunities.


It is actually scary not seeing a Fremantle player in my team. Spoiler alert: There isn’t one in my forward line either. Fyfe was hard to leave out, and it wasn’t his lack of JLT minutes that worried me or his injury history that put me off. It was seeing the value further down the line that had me confident enough to skip him. I still have time to cave in and select him though, who I cut is the question.

Jack Macrae and Patrick Cripps locked and loaded. For obvious reasons. Do I need to go into it any further? Okay, fine I will. They will eat the pill. Leather poisoning should be the only worry. Comprende?

Stephen Coniglio will have a year where he wants to impress. He’s on the market, he wants to have teams throwing blank cheques at him. He needs to be eye catching and this new 6-6-6 rule will give him the stage he needs to do it. Matt Crouch looks enormous value if he can stay in one piece. Angus Brayshaw averaged just under 109 over the final 7 games of the year including finals. If he can average that for the year, I’ll be a very happy man.

No Sam Walsh, gone Zak Butters instead. I have a hard time picking really expensive rookies. I just don’t see the value. No denying Walsh will be a star but separating JLT form from actual season form is hard to do, and we’ve (I’ve) been tricked in the past.


Keeping it simple. Brodie Grundy and Max Gawn locked and loaded. In both of their first 8 games they come up against some pretty average ruckmen, and will be hard to catch at the byes if they dominate early, and there is a good chance they probably will. Patrick Bines as my floating donut, added bonus is he can swing forward too.


Patrick Dangerfield should’ve been locked from day one. If he wasn’t, well I don’t know what to tell you. You’ve probably already heard it a million times, and if he’s still not in your team then you’re as stubborn as a horse. Justin Westhoff at F2 (spiritual F3) is one that may surprise people given I told people to stay away multiple times but the forward line options are thin this year already and he looks good…enough. He’ll likely move onto the half back/winger type role once Port Adelaide are at full strength and I’m ready for it. Isaac Heeney at F3 (Spiritual F2).

Jack Higgins broke Champion Data records in his U18s year. He was thrown into the midfield in the final quarter against the Hawks in JLT2 as a quick fix, and I expect that to happen a lot in 2019. He will show us why he broke records this year. He will bump his average. He’s my punt as a second year breakout.

See above in case you forgot, and the last (non-mature age) draftee to average 70 in his first year was Clayton Oliver and before that Jaeger O’Meara. I’m backing him in. \

…and one last thing

I have a safety net. Those who are good at maths will have noticed I have money leftover. $104,500 to be exact. This is my safety net. If Jack Higgins falls down then I can move him up to someone else. If Brodie Smith flops, I can move him to someone else (though my options are limited) and if I decide that Sam Walsh is worth the extra rookie money then I can bring him in too before his round 3 price rise and so on and so forth.

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My word you're bold and I LOVE IT. Jack Higgins may be the only crazier F4 than Jack Billings, but you know what you're doing you mad, beautiful bastard


As a mad Richmond supporter, I don't have any Tiger players in my team, but I have been toying with Higgins for ages. Reckon he might be a good POD.




Running a 1-2-3 Structure in the defence are you worried it’s too thin, or do you believe the rookies will be good enough!


Very impressive 👍

Daniel B

That’s a bold strategy Cotton, let’s see how it plays out!

And am I the only one who thinks that Grundy’s output is going to be lower this year with the new rules and Roughead, Goldsack and Ben Reid back in the side??


I reckon it'll drop, but I'm not bold enough to bank on it by not selecting him. What aspect of the new rules do you think will hurt him?


Collingwood had the highest percentage of setting up 6-6-6 in the comp last year. Something like 70% of the time off the top of my head. They are familer with it

I think the new rules just allow more space for the good tappers to operate


Havn’t seen Walters name pop up much anywhere, anyone have thoughts on him with Neale leaving?


Not to spoil anything but I think he'll pop up in the podcast and in another team reveal some time this week. You're definitely onto something HallyMate


If he wasn't so injury prone


Thoughts on my final team Damo and community?

DEF: Hurn, Williams, Smith, Scrimshaw, Clark, Durrsma (Watso, Hore)

MID: Macrae, Cripps, Oliver, Neale, Treloar, Matt Crouch, Walsh, Butters (constable, Scott, Gibbons)

RUCK Grundy, Gawn (Bines)

FWD: Danger, Heeney, Billings, Setterfield, Petruccelle, Drew (Parker, Burgess)

22k in bank


Are you sure this fits in the 10m?


Treloar or Coniglio for M5


Can’t go wrong with conigs, I reckon he’ll finish as an ultra premo at the end of the year $610,000+


Honestly can't go wrong with either. Treloar will kill it


Treloar plays forward in 2019.


Just heard on AFL 360, Sidey will play more fwd this year, my prediction is De Goey will be more midfield. He's a star.


coniglio just!


Nice effort Damo, you have the 2 of the biggest guns in the game, Mac and Grundy, which I don't…. love the Higgins pick, he's a little dynamo.
Will be interesting how his role plays out with Lynch in the fwd line this year, more mid time?…maybe.


I am more interested how Martins role plays out Russty. With no Caddy and Lynch with a big if for rd1, will he have to play deep forward?


Even if it's for a game or 2 Holty, Dusty will be back in the mids soon enough, that's if they play him forward at all, Tigers thrive on one tall fwd and heaps of crumbing little scab guys lol. Lynch could make the formula even better in the sense that they're not so predictable anymore.
Eg: no double-teaming of the tall fwd.


very True mate. It’s just made my decision to start Sloane over him a bit easier. I know Sloane will get the tag but at his price, a couple of bad games won’t be an issue.


Good team Damo.

Not convinced Lloyd is worth over $600k with McVeigh
and Mills both fit and healthy. Break out year last year, not paying $600k to see if he backs it up.

Brayshaw at M5 seems lightweight, good player, but not Uber.

$104k could turn Brayshaw into anyone

I don’t mind Higgins, except he plays for Tigers who share points a lot.

Did you think about starting Hoff at R2 and getting a Grundy after a price drop?


Grundy has some weak opposition. Might drop in price but you may miss points


Where's the boat Derek?


It’s a ferry


Grundy and Brayshaw or Goldstein and Macrae?


Grundy and Bradshaw. Bring in Macrae when his price drops (and if it doesn’t, when you have the $$) Pretty sure you’ll want Grundy at some point and Goldy to Grundy is a waste of a trade.


Hey Community, Who do you guys reckon are some smokies for top 8 midfield status, I can't seem to think of any but the usual suspects, like cripps, oliver etc???


Top 8: (on Average) Cripps, Oliver, Macrae, Fyfe, Kelly, MCrouch, Dusty, ?.

? Could be any of 10.

I’m picking Merret just ahead of Bont Neale and Coniglio

My smokie is: JOM or JElwood

I’m expecting Tom Mitch to come back round 20 if the Hawks are in finals contention and pick up where he left off.


Thanks Derek great man!

Are you not a fan of Neale? and im guessing you reckon Shiel does good things for Zachy Merrett?

Thanks again


I reckon Shiel will do wonders for Zerrett cos although merrett is the better player, teams will probably be more inclined to tag Shiel over merrett, due to him being such a threat from stoppages, having the 3rd most centre clearances in the league in 2017. This'll give zach more room to work his magic. Also gives another good set of hands in the midfield to feed the ball to him.
Good to see the wizard return to the community 😉


Fyfe turned into Kelly with news of his elbow problems, Kelly turned into Neale when Kelly wasn’t going to play any JLT and then Neale turned into Merrett when I needed cash to get Grundy/Gawn.

My only comment about Neale was his 26 handballs from 28 disposals in JLT2. Clearly had the inside role meaning he wasn’t being the link player he was at Freo. He will still score well, but will need a heap of touches each week to get a decent score.

Merrett has become a POD because of his preseason interruption

I saw his second quarter in JLT2 where he actually tried, 14 touches in 14 minutes and then had a rest. Welcome my team.

I noticed in Draft, Neale is going quite late. I got him with pick 14


Another one to throw into the mix is Yeo. Was his first year in the middle last year. He improved as the year went on. Has upside and in a good side.


Neale, M Crouch, Cogs, Treloar, Merrett could all be top 10 mids. Cripps, Oliver, Macrae, Fyfe (if he stays on the park) and Dusty should be top 6-8 IMO


It's always an interesting question at this time of the year, thanks for your opinion!


None are jumping out at me this year, Wiz, which is part of what's making this year so frustrating. I'm thinking Coniglio's set for a big year, but can very easily see a Treloar or Bont making their way back in this season, but I'm not game enough to start them like I did Macrae last year.


Thoughts on the team community?

Def: Lloyd, Williams, Smith, Collins, Scrimshaw, Clark (Duursma, Hore)

Mid: Cripps, Fyfe, Cogs, Crouch, Brayshaw, Libba, Walsh, Butters (Constable, Scott, Atkins)

Ruc: Grundy, Gawn (Sweet)

Fwd: Danger, Heeney, Dunkley, Moore, Setterfield, Drew (Petruccelle, Parker)

Still not 100% on Dunkley and considering either Jack Steele or Sloane at F5 over Brayshaw


Dunkley and Libba will probably take points off each other so maybe swap Dunkley for a Gray/Mundy/Kelly? I would lock in Brayshaw I think he'll tear it apart, trying to fit him in myself


Not wrong there, would like someone with the round 12 bye however and dare I say Walters might be the man to fill my F3. Would it be worth using the extra cash from this to upgrade Collins to Ridley?


I've gone Ridley instead of Collins. He looks good and moves well, worth the 50k I reckon


Like the team Damo 🙂 I think Angus might be the value mid of the year but I'm currently rolling with Clarry instead – which one????

B – Laird, Salem, Williams, Smith, Ridley, Duursma (Scrimshaw, Clark)
M – Cripps, Oliver, Neale, Dusty, M Crouch, Libba, Butters, Scott (Bewley, Atkins, Gibbons)
R – Gawn, Goldy (Sweet)
F – Danger, Heeney, Greene, McCarthy, Setterfield, Drew (Burgess, Parker)

$23k left

Sweet as rolling donut, Salem as a POD down back and Greene and McCarthy for value up front.

This is close to R1 final team pending selection community – pick it apart!


Worth swapping McCarthy for Moore? Similar JLT numbers and both susceptible to injury but Moore does allow DPP which can be handy.


Will Moore get enough of the pill you reckon? KPP worries me a bit


He had 18 and 23 touches in JLT from 75ish% gametime vs 17 and 19 touches from 70% gametime for McCarthy. I'm basically debating the same thing in my team atm. Moore is in 25% of teams vs 5% for McCarthy so a slight POD I guess but it's probably 6 to one, half dozen the other sort of setup, but it's that time of year I guess isn't it haha?


Yeah it's a tough one. The DPP is handy, I think it will be a Thursday night gut decision haha


Looking like he's taking every kick-in which will help.


I think not going with Grundy is a risk, but it is 160k difference up to Grundy. If it was my team I’d find that 160k, probably by Libba down to a rookie (without changing you pod in Salem)


It is a risk. I genuinely believe he'll lose cash but have swapped him and Gawn several times.

Barron Von Crow

I like it and I think a very smart move to keep the extra money in the bank to fix up potential issues you might have.


No Walsh is quite puzzling, he broke those same numbers that Higgins set in the TAC Cup. He will make you quick cash and that means a quick upgrade. Instead you have Ross and Scott who can easily not make money.

Paying the money for Macrae and Lloyd has taken Walsh away from you. Return on investment is irrelevant when it’s just a few players, For me Whitfield will average the same as Lloyd and Walsh will our score those two rookies by 20-30 points per game.

Otherwise nice team


Walsh may score 20 points more but for a rookie to increase by 150k (at the end of round 5) they have to have averaged 38 more than the score that they're priced at. That means that even if Bailey Scott averages 20 less points than Walsh, who score say 70 and 90 points respectively, they'll both increase by the same price, in this case 150k by the end of round 5. Since the profits are the same, it comes down to the question of whether you want to pay the extra 90k to get Walsh since he'll be scoring 20 more points for your team until you trade him, or if you can use the 90k to upgrade other parts of your team that would result in offsetting the 20 point differential I mentioned.


I get that but if they both average 70 every game and get to the same price Walsh will get there significantly quicker for a quicker upgrade and that is worth heaps of points in and of itself. If he averages more he also makes you more money which is important at upgrade time because it will be easier to upgrade him.

I reckon you can start a player who offers better value than Lloyd to afford Walsh and you will also benefit from all the extra points he will get.

I’m also not sold on Scott’s job security and think picking Walsh gives you a cash generator over someone who could end up just like Dom Barry doing nothing on the bench.

His stats at the u/18 champs where there is tougher competition were much better than all the other top draft picks from last year except Jack Higgins.

If there’s someone we could be overpaying for it’s Zak Butters. He didn’t have a good u/18 champs which is a bit of a red flag and he won’t get the mid time that Walsh will get. Champion Data have never seen a juniour win the ball like Walsh and he is considered a generational talent for his ability to find the ball. He is the number 1 pick in a Super Draft who is set to play midfield.


Not sure about the first part where you talk about if they both average 70? If Scott averages 70 then after round 5 he'll be at 260k, or 150k profit. If Walsh averages 70 then after round 5 he'll be at 296k, which is only a 90k increase. Yes he's still more expensive but he's also gained significantly less than scott would have, so he wouldn't make you more money than scott would.

Another point is that while Walsh's JS is rock solid he could be rested some weeks as soon as he picks up a niggle, since carlton will be more interested in his long term health and performance than seasonal, due to them not being close to finals contenders.


I said made more money if he averages more but I meant gives you more money at upgrade time or downgrade time, which is very beneficial when you need trade him. The part about him making money quicker at the same price, even 30 k can be valuable when making a trade and isn’t my main point, just saying even if they average the same he has some advantages.

I don’t get the last part, that’s a very strange concern to have, first year players are often managed regardless but he appears very durable and very fit so would be less of a concern. They’re not going to wrap him in cotton wool just because he’s an asset, they’re gonna do their best to give him experience. Cripps played every game last year and one game with a mattress on his leg.


Lloyd, Sicily, mills, Williams, Ridley, Collins, scrimshaw, hore

Cripps, Fyfe, Martin, b crouch, Libba, Walsh, Setterfield, Duursma,

Butters Constable, gibbons

Grundy, Mumford, Schlengsog

Danger, hoff, Dunkley, De Goey, Balta, Petucelle, Parker, Cavarra


Hey folks how should I handle this one.
Is $224,700 for 1 fwd and 1 def doable?
(I already have M.Hore at D7 and M.Parker at F7).

OR should i make a slight downgrade of Macrae/Whitfield/Hurn to have the cash for better rookies?


Don't think you'll be able to I'm afraid, since there aren't any rookies for less than 112 in those lines that you could pick up. You'll have to spend 123 at least for both lines to get someone with any form of JS


Your midfield is almost identical to mine – the first five are the same then I have Walsh at M6 but I'm concerned about the amount of cash I have left over.


Depending on how much cash you have left over could you possibly turn Walsh into B crouch?


Hey folks, my current team below. Any thoughts or potential changes would be appreciated. Thanks!



Thoughts on my setup???

Simpson, whitfield, smith, ridley, clark, duursma (collins,hore)

Cripps, oliver, neale, coniglio, crouch, libba, walsh, constable
(Butters,atkins, scott)

Gawn, goldy (bines)

Danger, heeney, robinson, setterfield, drew, petrucelle (balta, parker)

40k in the kitty


JELwood as POD?


Sure why not?


It looks like you’ve been reading my posts about higgins, damo! I Have mentioned him a couple times as a real breakout contender and his U18s but no one has given him much love. I prefer him over Greene as my F4. But will dimma give him those midfield minutes?? If not it may backfire bigtime

Undawhelm Undadeliva

Got a team I am both happy with and feel uneasy about:

DEF: Mills, Williams, Smith, Collins, Scrimshaw, Clark, (Burgess, Hore)
MID: Cripps, Fyfe, Neale, Cogs, Dusty, B.Crouch, Walsh, Butters, (Constable, Scott, Gibbons)
RUC: Gawn, Goldy (Sweet)
FWD: Danger, Heeney, Kelly, Moore, Setterfield, Drew, (Petruccelle, Parker)

I like my mids and fwds, but can't shake the feeling that the def is light on, missing a Lloyd/Laird character. Happy to take Goldy over Grundy, but wondering if B.Crouch would be better as Brayshaw. Got $166,500, so a bit to play with. Any advice appreciated.


If I was to review this team, I would rate its rookie selections as excellent apart from the fact that he has 3 Port Adelaide rookies in the team, after round one Ollie Wines, Matthew Broadbent and Hamish Hartlett will all return meaning most of the rookies will be out of the team and not making money. Butters and Rozee will stay, Drew and Duursma will be out by the start of the next round.

Everyone seems to NOT be picking Rory Laird this year because of his JLT stats, disregard that, the real Rory will score 100+ every single week. (LOCK)

Spending the Extra money to pick Grundy and Gawn is MADNESS.. because they cost so much it means there are 9 starting rookies in this team. That’s a minimum of 18 trades to upgrade those players to premiums, plus the 9 trades available for bye rounds, if this team has 5 inuries for the season, its stuffed. You only have 30 trades so be careful.

All perfectly good rucks that will score close to 90 or 100 most weeks and you save approx 400k, do we really believe Gawn and Grundy are going to average 140 points to maintain the price? It will only take one game of 80-100 points and they drop prob 120-130k..No from me.
No starting players from Brisbane, Gold Coast, Saint Kilda or Fremantle. The Bye rounds are going to be very difficult with so many players from the same teams.