Supercoach 2019 – Player reviews: Lachie Neale

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By Matt F

After jumping ship in Fremantle and ditching for Brisbane, Lachie Neale is optimistic about his maiden season with the Lions. He’d want to have a big season as the number one midfielder at the club, especially after saying that the Lions were closer to a flag than the Dockers (remind you of anyone, Treloar?).

The Good

Lachie is an accumulator by nature, averaging at least 27 touches per game for the last four years, including 30.3 last season. Along with 7 clearances and four tackles a game, Neale will slot straight into the Lions’ midfield and play an important role there. Not only will he take on the lion’s share of the midfield responsibility, he’s as durable as they come: missing three games in the last five seasons.

Lachie is a contested bull, averaging 15 contested possessions a game. Despite missing Fyfe for seven games last season, Neale’s averages didn’t dip at all with the added pressure as the number one midfielder. Amazingly, on the season Neale averaged 111.9, and while Fyfe was on the sidelines, Neale averaged 111.5, barely a drop off. Personally, I was hoping for an increase in his scores due to more responsibilities, however I’ll take an average of 111.5 any day.

You saw this in JLT1, as youngsters surrounded him, and he accumulated at will. Obviously, in a home and away season game he’ll cop a bit more attention, but he was dominant when it came to finding the ball, and was elite when it came to disposing of it. Apart from one subpar score of 78 in the seven weeks that Nathaniel missed, Lachie fought well in his teammate’s absence; chalking up 110, 108, 119, 111, 120 and 134. He has the potential to really big as well, with 7 of 22 games over 120 (with a 119 and 118 as well) These scores gives me faith that he can shoulder the load up in Brisbane, with a young but exciting core of midfielders.

The Bad

Unfortunately, along with almost every other contested ball winner, the equation is the same:

contested possessions = more handballs = less points per possession. 

Lachie was only behind Tom Mitchell for handballs per game (18.9), with only 11 kicks per game on average. For someone who handballed the majority of the time, Lachie also had an unusually high turnover rate, with 4.3 turnovers a game. Once again, this could be attributed purely to having the ball a fair amount of the time (Tom Mitchell led the league with 6.62). Having an ability to impact the scoreboard is very useful in SuperCoach, but unfortunately Lachie doesn’t really possess that quality, kicking only 10.6 on the season with 12 goal assists on the year.

In the JLT, Lachie played well in the Lions’ midfield, but how will that change with more attention bound to be coming his way? I don’t think it’ll make much of a difference, and I have him locked into my side.

What do you think, community? Is Lachie the Neale Deal?

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Lock I think
Teams will still go to zork, can be tagged out of a game and is too dangerous to be left alone, neale knows how to find the ball


Lock. He’s clearly going to play their Clayton Oliver role and there’s a lower number of big points accumulators around him than premos in most other teams have taking points off them, e.g. M Crouch or Yeo. And agree Zorko will take the tag as he is the line breaker and uses it by foot and when he does get tagged the points he doesn’t earn have to go somewhere!


Views on rookies please:

I have 3 spots for these 4 rookies (as can use Duursma DPP):

J Clark

I’m leaning towards leaving out Collins on price.


Matt F

Hately won't play enough, and if he does, wont be a valuable scorer. Collins is a lock to be Gold Coast's premier interceptor, and the balls gonna be down there a lot of the time.


Neale – 'durable as they come: missing three games in the last five seasons.'

Exactly Neale should be one the first players picked, consistent quality scores without the injury headaches that come from guys like Kelly and Fyfe – wont even look at guys like that until near the end of the season.

Join the league if you like: (5/18 teams locked in)
DIV 1 JR Community


Join the league 394508


I feel the key formula for this year is to pay more for rookies like walsh ,Cousins, moore,cuningham and use some more mid-price options sheeds, b Crouch. B smith ,Williams with the four main mid rookies Butters, Const, Atkins ,Scott. Now what this dose is gives you some big cash left over to make some corrective trades if need be . The big bonus here is if you have selected well and you don't need to make any corrective trades just watch your team grow with plenty of cash in the bank you will be in a very good position come round 8 to the byes. You still pick the value rookies that you need.what you are doing is utilizing your resources as there is some juicy Mid -Prices this year but you will need big cash left over. Working out my team and projecting a first round score of 2261 now this is scores that are with in reason like sheeds and B Crouch both getting 100 and walsh 80. This leaves me with big cash left over 400.000 and then some I am changing my strategy this year because i really can't pass up the Mid -Prices on offer this year.


A lot have been saying Sheed will lose his role or job security when Gaff comes back. Gaff played both JLT matches so that logic does not hold. Sheed is the Priddis replacement. Last year his 2 way running was below standard. He’s rectified that – there was a Simmo interview where he confirmed it. Redden played the extractor/inside stoppage tackler role last year. However Redden does sometimes butcher the ball, and as Sheed has much better disposal efficiency will be number 1 choice for the Eagles in that role. I’m on.

Matt F

Come battle me in this league!!!


Happy to make more leagues if need be.

Good luck!


You're on, Matt!


Hey lads pretty happy with my team but am concerned I’m going to risky.
My team is as follows

Backs: Laird, Hurn, Williams, Smith, Clark, Duursma,
Emg: Wilkie, hore
Mids: Cripps, Neale, coniglio, Martin, b.crouch, libba, Walsh, butters
Emg: constable, Scott, gibbons
Rick: Grundy, Goldstein
Emg: sweet
Forwards: Dangerfield, menengola, heeney, setterfield, drew, petruccelle
Emg: Burgess, Parker

Would love some feedback from the community


You need Gawn otherwise you’re going to miss the boat


Neale kick to handball ratio is too low in my opinion


Always has been but has been one of the best for the last 3 years. Also based on this logic, you shouldn’t pick Cripps and Oliver. All these being contested players makes up for the fact they handball a lot


“Lach” him in


Nice one Dad!