Analysis | Midpricers: Should we, could we, shall we?

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By Matt F.

The preseason rumour mill has been running for months now, with players going under the knife, in moderated programs, or just taking it easy. This uncertainty surrounding our SuperCoach stars has the serious potential to cause selectors to pull their hair out on a non-stop basis. However, with only a couple of weeks until round one, teams have started playing some contested footy.

Only now are we starting to see some interesting data appear which gives us insight into intelligent selections regarding our SuperCoach sides. There can be a million articles saying some player is going to start a certain position or change their role, but until you see it in action its all just a fugazi (cue Matthew McConaughey impersonations). Today I’m going to try to shed some insight on how your team should structure.

In the overall ranking rat race that we all aspire to be in, the priority is to get a full premium side as soon as possible. This sounds so simple, but many miss the boat on this simple task. The easiest way to get a full premium side quickly is to start with as many premiums that you can (duh). These players will remain in your side the entire season, barring injuries, suspension, or disappointing form. Ideally, your premiums will be the highest scoring players across the season.

Personally, I look at the players who typically don’t miss too many games through injury or suspension, but some players like Macrae and Fyfe can be too juicy to pass up. Since overall ranking is based on aggregate points across the season, I like to try to identify players who will around that mark in their positions. There’s no point selecting a bloke who’s consistently injured or at the tribunal every second week, because then you’ll have to rely on your bench to have good scores to cover your missing player, or you’ll have to burn a trade for a selection you backed in having all year.

Is Darcy Moore someone you’re considering starting?

Another captivating topic for all SuperCoach fanatics is the discussion about mid-priced players. For the most part, these players are either former premiums coming off an injury-plagued season, or they’re a young player with more opportunity/a chance to play an increased role. Mid-pricers can be so attractive because, if successful, they can have a big impact in your team by scoring as a premium at a bargain price, but buyer beware: there’s the potential for their scoring to remain similar to what they have in the past, thus causing havoc as the selector has forked out an extra 200-300k for someone to score as much as a rookie.

Not only has the selector paid the extra coin for no increase in points, they also have missed out on a potential uber-premium selection, having to downgrade a proven star (Macrae, for example) for a slightly less attractive equivalent (Dylan Shiel). The more mid-pricers a team takes on, the bigger the risk. In saying that, the bigger the reward is, also. It’s one of those things where it can make or break your entire season.

The ideal number of “keepers” in your starting SuperCoach side is 12-13. These are the players that you would back in to be in the top 6-8 scoring players in their position. This means, using the traditional “one up, one down” method required to accumulate enough money to upgrade a player, you would use approximately 14-16 trades to upgrade your entire starting 22 players. Obviously, it’s a lot easier said than done, with the rolling doors of football changing as often as the wind. By spending more money on mid-pricers or expensive rookies, you damage your ability to select as many keepers as possible. For example, here are four examples of midfielders you could select:

  • Anthony Miles ($342,000)
  • Sam Walsh ($207,300)
  • Nick Hind ($117,300)
  • Michael Gibbons ($102,400)

Now, many people are attracted to Anthony Miles and Sam Walsh at their respective prices, as they are both seen to have the ability to outscore Nick Hind and Michael Gibbons quite comfortably. However, if you were honest with yourself, what chance do you give Anthony Miles or Sam Walsh to finish in the top 8 midfielders? I wouldn’t back either of them to finish in the top 50 midfielders even. This means that you would have to look at upgrading them to get a full premium side. And yes, they’ll both average more than Hind and Gibbons, but is the extra spike in points for the first 6-8 rounds of the season worth it?

By taking Miles over Gibbons, you’re costing yourself an extra $239,600 in the price differential. Is the extra 30 points difference (assuming Miles averages 90 and Gibbons averages 60) worth it, when it means that instead of having Jack Macrae  ($689,700) and his 2018 average of 127, you would have to consider a player like Isaac Smith ($451,100, exactly $239,600 cheaper) and his 2018 average of 83.1). In this circumstance, you would gain 30 points on Miles instead of Gibbons, but would lose 43.9 points on having Smith over Macrae.

Is this too many midpricers?

Obviously you could downgrade Macrae and Cripps to a Callan Ward and Marcus Bontempelli type of player to offset the massive downgrade a bit, but in the end, Macrae and Cripps are all but certainties to finish the season as two of the top 8 midfielders, whereas Ward and Bontempelli will probably both finish top 15-20, but losing out on the extra 20 points per week for each player is a big risk for the addition of one mid-pricer over a bottom-priced rookie.

Now, in saying this there is definitely a place for mid-pricers. As discussed earlier, you need to watch preseason and JLT form to ensure it’s the right selection. Returning players such as Dylan Roberton, or players with a new role/team like Aaron Hall can really boost early season scores. I’m personally reluctant to select mid-priced midfielders, as this is where a large portion of the league’s highest scoring players are positioned, as well as some of the league’s highest scoring cash cows. Despite this, I think for defenders and forwards, where traditionally the top 8 players are lower in their aggregates for the season, mid-priced players can be a valuable commodity, if chosen correctly.

Dylan Roberton is a popular midpricer at $297,500 this season. Last year he missed a large chunk of games due to his heart condition, but with that being managed well he looks to be right for a round one game, and should slot seamlessly back into his rebounding role at the Saints* (Editor’s note: This was written pre-JLT2, but the point still stands so it’s staying).

LISTEN: PODCAST | Need for Sheed

In his last full season (2017) he averaged 92.6, and in 2015 he had an average of 90.6. This indicates that he could be a great selection if he can get himself right. With the new kick-in rule interpretation, Roberton could be even more valuable, as the Saints will look to him and Savage to share the role. In this circumstance, we’re spending just under 300k less than a defensive premium (Laird) and potentially only scoring 10-20 points less. This will mean we can upgrade other players from iffy-premiums to uber-premiums, without having to worry too much about the potential drop off.

When it comes to team structure, one poor selection is enough to derail your entire season. However, one sneaky selection that pays off can potentially help you hurdle thousands in the chase for glory. Personally, I’m running with 13 keepers at the moment, as well as Roberton* and Toby Greene as my two mid-pricers, pending fitness. I feel as though these two players can average 80-90 pretty comfortably, which will help me ensure I have genuine keepers in the majority of my spots.

How do you guys structure up? Let me know in the comments.

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Outstanding Article Mate!
That’s really given me some clarity on my team Structure I think I’m on the right track in terms of Mid pricers in Forward and Defence but maybe have got too many? I do have B.Crouch as well

My Team
Lloyd, Z.Williams, B.Smith, Roberton, Collins, Clark (Duursma, Hore)
Macrae, Cripps, Martin, M.Crouch, B.Crouch, Walsh, Butters, Constable (Hately, Scott, Bewley)
Grundy, Gawn (Schlensog)
Dangerfield, Heeney, Billings, T.Greene, Setterfield, Drew (Parker, Balta)

I’m not satisfied yet with my side yet
Any thoughts Community? I have 34K in the bank


Not a bad side Corey, could go one of Gawn or Grundy to Goldy and upgrade Walsh to LIbba for more depth in the mids


Cheers mate that sounds like a great idea! Do you think I have too many mid-pricers?


I think its the year to have more mid pricers than usual with the lack of rooks available. B Smith, B Crouch, Roberton, Greene and Billings all look like good bets if they can stay on the park. I've gone Libba instead of B Crouch just for price and structure but aprt from that similar to mine. Keep an eye on Roberton too, I've swapped him out for Smith due to how he pulled up


Cheers mate, thanks for the great feedback!
I hope Roberton can play he’s got so much value!

Matt F

Thanks mate.

I think your team is looking solid, although personally I'm not keen on spending ~1.4mil on my ruckmen. Watch for Greene, since writing this article I've noticed he's pulled up sore and that may carry over into the regular season. I'm warming to Darcy Moore despite his injuries last year. Roberton for obvious reasons has come out of my side and I've replaced him with Brodie Smith for now. Billings could be great, but could also be a burnman again so I'm not taking the rollercoaster ride. Brad Crouch has burnt me in years gone by so I've crossed him off my list, but my goodness he was impressive.


Matt F I have begun a bit of a reshuffle after hearing the same news I’m trying to get Brad to Matt Crouch and after bringing in Neale for Matt Crouch and Roberton to Hurn in saying that, I now have Tim Kelly as my F3 with rookies to fill the remaining spots that has me concerned but it’s the only way to upgrade Brad to Matt and retain Gawn and Grundy. Potentially I could go Grundy or Gawn to Goldstein and use the extra cash to turn FWD rookie to Darcy Moore?

Matt F

I feel like the new 6-6-6 rule will suit Grundy a bit more, as he's more dangerous once the ball hits the deck. Can gather below his knees, whereas Gawn isn't as dominant. Goldstein will play solo ruck for North, should be the third best ruck for the comp. Not a bad option there.


Thoughts on running 3 premiums in forwardline and he rest are rookies as a consequence of upgrading B.Crouch to M.Crouch

Matt F

Probably a sacrifice you’ll have to make to get Matt Crouch in, although I’d look to upgrade someone in the forward line first


Love the article mate!

So whats the community's verdict on robbo? Is his recent health scare too big of a risk? Out of Smith and Robbo, i think Robbo wins based on scoring potential but Smith is far less likely to miss games


I swapped Roberton for Smith but if Roberton is given the green light pre R1 I'm considering jumping back on. He was superb in the JLT


Looks like Roberton's issue on Sunday was his heart again NL…which means the device inserted in his chest wasn't working properly, I'd be very reluctant to start him now but he is still waiting on final test results after the "wonky" incident.


I am taking Cuningham Now


I’m fielding both, I believe B.Smith will Score very well taking all the kick outs for Adelaide and Roberton will see plenty of it in the saints backline


Theres no doubt on their scoring potential, especially Robbo, its the injury risk associated with robbo thats the underlining concern here. You obviously can't risk heart issues so at the drop of a hat, he will most likely be rested.

Matt F

Thanks mate!

I've swapped Roberton for Smith, it was a toss up before the health risks, it's a lock after them.


Love the article Patch. Totally agree about the middle of the ground being a haven for GnR (despite my selection of Libba whom I feel is too cheap to ignore). Have also gone with Toby and Brodie Smith down back along with a few others – mainly because there is a serious lack of quality rooks this year.

Version #876 of the Shinboners below, all thoughts are welcome!

B – Laird, Salem, Williams, Smith, Ridley, Duursma (Clark, Wilkie)
M – Cripps, Oliver, Neale, Dusty, Crouch, Libba, Butters, Scott (Constable, West, Gibbons)
R – Grundy, Goldy (Bines)
F – Danger, Heeney, Greene, McCarthy, Setterfield, Drew (Burgess, Parker)

Obv rooks subject to selection but I'm starting to settle for this structure


Matty F's article!


Apologies! Well done Matty F 🙂


13 keepers, plus Roberton and Greene, which one did you drop Patch, Grundy or Gawn, or both? Do you have Macrae?


One more comment for discussion, if I may. I see teams not selecting Macrae, Grundy or Gawn, sometimes two of them, sometimes all three. They MAY drop in price to around 600k, where are you going to get the money for them, at the same time, trying to build a full premo side prior to, or around, the byes. If you don't start, at least two of these guys, you are going to struggle to get them in later in the season, and Grundy/Gawn will by 1/2 with Macrae in the top 6. It appears teams selections are being based on mid-pricers making heaps of money to enable upgrades, or reaching the 'keeper' levels. All well and good for Def/Fwd spots, but how are you going to get the money, not to mention trades, to get the best playing Mids and Rucks into your side? I have fallen for that misconception before, not again. Macrae/Grundy/Gawn/Dangerfield are in, working my other selections around them. PS, add Cripps to that list.


It is going to be tough to get in a Macrae at 600k, but due to their hefty pricetag, you can't have them all. I think getting in a Gawn/Grundy will be far easier as you would be sideways trading a goldy or stef, but i think you can't have all the big guns without hindering other lines.


The big spends are big spends for a reason though, they will average 110+(closer to 120) and be damn consistent with it. Will Goldie average 110+ and get within 100k of Grundy or Gawns price, anytime during the season? I don't think a sideways trade, I think it will be rookie and upgrade, as per usual. I really like the mid-pricers, it allows less rookies on the field, but what do you want, quick cash or early points, league or overall. I go for leagues and try and make it into the top 1000 club (not as important as winning leagues though-so trades are gold).


Not.only that but you're limiting your captain options by not having any of them


14 VC"'s


the fact that you have spread your cash around means you have less upgrades elsewhere. to get one of the Ubers you might need to build up a warchest first instead of painting the fence.

i like the idea of not losing buckets of cash this year on one of the Ubers, there is always one that people jump on much cheaper. it just takes one injury affected game that hits their price for 3 weeks. but which one?


Pick the right rookies then its easy.


Trying something a little different this year.
Starting with 10 premos & 5 midpricers.
Looking at 3 of the midpricers to be keepers, and 2 as stepping stones.

It may end in tears, but not doing the full on GnR thing again for the umpteenth year in a row has some appeal.


And I wish you the best of luck, its very boring looking at these cookie-cutter teams, I hope it pays off for you. I'm happy with my team but there's just so many similarities to all the other ones posted here it's hard to get excited about it.


Brodie Smith at D4 or Toby Greene at F4?


Tough one. Brodie Smith is the far safer pick, but id rather be light in defense as opposed to light in the fwd line. Could you find 80k to get BIllings instead?

The Ranger

Nice work Matt F, thanks.
13 keepers plus Libba at the moment for me. Oh and Walsh but I'd prefer to drop him if possible.
There's always lots of talk around mid-pricers at this time of the year and I'm trying to hold my nerve and have faith that the rookies will show up.
If they don't I'll just panic after the Rd1 teams drop as per usual.

Matt F


Keep your head, there's a reason why the premium/rookie combo works so well, and there's a reason why its called MID PRICE MADNESS.

Wait for the rookie review that's coming, that'll help you keep your sanity!

Good luck

Hayden Hoare

Lloyd, Hurn, Williams, Smith, Scrimshaw, Duursma (Clark, Hore)
Macrae, Cripps, Fyfe, Cog, M Crouch, Walsh, Butters, Counstable (Scott, Atkins, Gibbons)
Gawn, Goldy (Sweet)
Danger, Heeney, Walters, Setterfield, Drew, Petruccelle (Parker, Cavarra)
Got 32k left over, would love to get peoples thoughts. I'm sure there will be comments about Walter but for the moment sticking with him as a POD. Think he can be a top FWD this year.


Walters is just too injury prone for mine. He’d be a great late season upgrade candidate.


D1-J.Loyd, D2-H.Andrews, D3-Z.Williams, D4-B.Smith, D5-J.Ridley, D6-J.Clark, (X.Duursma, M.Hore)
M1-P.Cripps, M2-S.Coniglio, M3-M.Crouch, M4-B.Crouch, M5-T.Liberatore, M6-J.Cousins, M7-S.Walsh, M8-Z.Butters, (C.Constable, B.Scott, T.Atkins)
R1-M.Gawn, R2-T.Goldstein, (M.Flynn)
F1-P.Dangerfield, F2-S.Menegola, F3-I.Heeney, F4-J.Billings, F5-W.Setterfield, F6-W.Drew, (N.Balta, M.Parker)

Midfield's pretty weak because i found there was more mid rookie options and barely any good one up forward.
A fair few mid pricers in there aswell.


I do like the Andrews selection. My concern is 22 games. Can upgrade for $40k to Hurn who is uber reliable injury wise – built like a tank.


At the moment I am only rolling with 2 MID Priced players in DEF:

My team:

Lloyd, Hurn, Williams, Smith, Scrimshaw, Clark (Hore, Duursma)

MacRae, Cripps, Treloar, M.Crouch, Steele, Walsh, Butters, Constable (Scott, Atkins, Gibbons)

Gawn, Goldstein (Sweet)

Dangerfield, Heeney, Mundy, Setterfield, Drew, Parker (Petruccelle, Burgess)

81k left over which I may use depending on rookies etc


I’m assuming Steele is Jack and not Sidebottom. I don’t think he’ll be a keeper, so I’d look at someone else there. Pretty sure using some of your 81k will get you Dusty instead.

If you end up needing extra cash I’d look at Mundy to Billings (I know, last year was dreadful, but he was good in 2017 and JLT this year he looked better) to free up about 100k.


If Drew gets dropped for Wines in RD3 you are to be fielding Burgess or Pet who are poor scorers. Parker not much better.


I'd be upgrading Steele to Dusty/Merrett/Cogs

Hayden Hoare

I've got the exact same team except I've got Fyfe instead of Treloar and COGS instead of Steele and Walters instead of Mundy. Great team




Been looking at him. Just awkward price. 0.85PPM in JLT which is not enough for breakout to top 10 fwd


Role change definately spending more time in midfield.

As starting grawndy need to cut corners somewhere and that is up fwd.

Reckon i may start SPS who has had a big preseason over tobias who has had a interupted preseason.


Hurn and Yeo v Neale and H Andrews?

Gawn and Moore v Goldy and Greene?




I recon Neale will be more consistent than Yeo and i recon H Andrews will probably end top 6-10 defenders this year which is all you really need from a back.

I'd put the extra money into the midfield

Matt F

Neale and Andrews definitely. Neale should average at least 110-115, being very consistent. Andrews has the potential to average 90 easily and be a top 6-10 defender. Hurn is a truck and very consistent, but won't break 90+, will sit around that level, and Yeo won't exceed Neale's average.

Personally I think Moore is a better pick to start the season of Greene, Toby still struggling with his ankle I hear.


Any thoughts on my current team?

Hurn Crisp Smith Collins Scrimshaw Clark (Hore Watson)

Macrae Cripps Yeo MCrouch Brayshaw Walsh Butters Constable (Scott Atkins Gibbons)

Grundy Gawn (Sweet)

Danger Mundy Darling Billings Setterfield Drew (Parker Wilkinson)

$16400 in bank.

Thanks, community!


Like the eagle pod flavour.


Darling is a bit up and down. Could upgrade to a S.Menegola, J.Dunkley, or even M.Walter

Darling will definitely score high, but you probably wont see that consistent scoring each weak

Locked and Loaded

Darcy Moore/ Linc McCarthy or Joey Daniher??


None … Moore's history suggests he is unlikely to play out the season, Daniher's TOG will be managed through the early games ,, McCarthy … couldn't get on the park with the Cats … This is his 8th season… had 1 season (2016) with 19 games .. best after that is 4 games. averaged between 50 and 60 SC pts, 5 games in the last 2 yrs … and was going to toss it in @ end of 2018….
If I had no choice but to pick one, it would be Moore.


What’s everyone’s thought on Darcy Moore, I currently got him in but I need some more reason why I should or shouldn’t keep him, I’ve been thinking about Ridley as well but I really don’t know. One spot left and it’s between them two. Need help lads

Locked and Loaded

In the same boat as you by totally convinced it’s either Ridley and Rozee forward or Rozee and Moore which creates forwards back swing not sure


In JLT1 Moore took 5 out of the 11 kick ins, he played on 3 times.

In JLT2 Moore took 9 out of the 14 kick ins, he played on 4 times.


would love some feedback on the team…. feeling very bored by my team as the old cookie cutter team but thinking its good to start safe and go crazy from there… or just tear up and start again!

DEF: Laird, Crisp, Williams, B Smith, Collins, Clark. BENCH: Duursma, Hore
MID: Macrae, Cripps, Neale, D. Martin, B Crouch, Libba, Walsh, Butters BENCH: Constable, Scott, Atkins
RUCKS: Gawn, Goldy BENCH: Fort
FWD: Danger, Heeney, Higgins, Setterfield, Drew, Petrucelle, BENCH: Parker, Balta

rookies obviously subject to change and still a little concerned with Higgins/b Crouch/Libba/B Smith..
$50.6k leftover – any suggestions would be great!


I like it. Maybe Higgins to Boak or Greene but apart from that I'm rolling with a similar structure 🙂


thanks! im resisting temptation to change anything at the moment!


i have a question, and hope its not been posted and and missed, but with the 1st game next Thursday night, once this game commences are we still allowed only 2 trades for the round. I'm assuming it is as i can't find anything else on Supercoach help. So really, its going to be a mad scramble Thursday once the teams are announced but won't know who's getting a run, more particularity the rookies until Friday night and even Sat night. . Hope this makes sense.


ope you can keep changing people until they've played. 🙂


thanks Lekdog, so round 1 doesn't have a rolling lockout, and any trades after thurs night can be reversed up until that players game has commenced.


who is going to be this years Macrae?

what was Macrae's starting price last year? $450k?

is there anyone around that price who could? BCrouch, Shiel, Taranto, Fiorini, Hopper…. can't see it, but i didn't see it last year either


If I had to take a punt I’d say Rocky. But I’d want 100 to 1.


Left field option but so was Macrae



Macrae was 588k last year… Cogs maybe around that price point. Matt Crouch, Josh Kelly, Oliver could becpme uber.

Year before he was 512k. So this year around that price maybe Brayshaw, Steele.


a year is a long time. Forgot that Macrae was that expensive. It was he was a DPP the year before, that is why people jumped off, not his price.

Dangerfield, Oliver, MCrouch, Cripps, Kelly are now the big boys of supercoach.

The Jelwood, Pendlebury, Ablett, Cotchin, ZDawson era is over.


Probably add Fyfe.

Matt F

Hey mate. Since writing this Roberton has gone out, Smith has come in, and I'm taking the plunge on Moore over Greene I think.

In regards to the "borderline" keepers, I'm backing in Zac Williams to be a top 6 defender, and one of Brodie Smith, Jordan Ridley or Darcy Moore to be top 20 in their respective positions. Preferably all three dominate for the year, although I've played SuperCoach long enough to know that's unrealistic to expect.

Running with Laird, Williams, Macrae, Cripps, Oliver, Neale, Coniglio, Martin, Grundy, Dangerfield, Heeney, and T. Kelly to be my absolute keepers. That's 12 for me. Ideally I'd love another one, such as Sicily, but with the forward rookies being really light, I reckon it'll be easier to cover the line with "expensive rookie" options like Darcy Moore. This has meant I've downgraded Sicily to Brodie Smith, who could still average 85 (20 less than Sicily), and brought in Moore instead of someone like Matthew Parker. The difference between these two could be 30 points (Parker ~50 and Moore ~80), so I've gained 10 points here. Preferably Moore averages 90+ but you've gotta temper your expectations.

Hope this helps!

Matt F

Matt F

Come battle me in this league!!!


Happy to make more leagues if need be.

Good luck!


Harris Andrews – Jarryd Lyons – Mitch Robinson, anyone taking the punt on this terrible trio from Brisbane? Will they all end up as keepers?

Matt F

Harris Andrews probably the only one who could be a keeper, Lyons and Robinson not gonna average enough


Good afternoon folks.
Tossing up between


Dusty/Billings out of those two options IMO


Great article, thanks for the insights