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Dominic Sheed. Thomas Rockliff. Jordan Ridley.

Are they the Shaun Atleys, the Greg Broughtons, the future burn-men of Supercoach? Patch and Lekdog enlist the help of community stalwarts, legends and all round good humans Barron von Crow and Damo to tell them what the hell is going on.

They look through every JLT game for the second week of the preseason and – forewarning – it’s another long one.

So tell us how your sides are looking, who are you picking from the JLT? Any bolters? Any risky picks? And how stupid is Patch? (Hint, very.)

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  1. Mark says:

    I am thinking this year there is a lack of rookie and mid priced forwards. What does everyone think of having 4 premo forwards?
    This would mean I have 4 premo mids with cousins M5 and Walsh M6. Too risky?

    • Derek says:

      My current team has 4 keepers. Danger, Heeney, Devon & Mundy. Also 5 Keepers in guts plus Libba and Walsh. Grundy & Gawn.

      I’ve gone skinny in defence. Witherden, Williams and Brodie at D1-3.

      I’m not risking Greene.

      • Robbo says:

        As good as Grundy will be he’ll drop 100k after 3 rounds
        Happy with max and goldy
        With goldy going to Grundy (hopefully)
        Fark that was a lot of G’s

        • Brn says:

          Wouldnt think grundy would drop much early with Cats, Tigers, West coast and Dogs in first 4. Premiums as upgrade targets seem a waste

      • jzz says:

        broadie smith as your d3 he has never ave over 85 risky , are you running 3 rookie defenders after him possibly leaving yourself with 4 upgrades in defence.. i agree we need to heavy in defence or fwds with a lack of rookies but thats risky

    • Bells says:

      3 premos two midpricers for me.
      I don't trust any but 2 to 3 at most of the rookie forwards to play more than a few games without being dropped.

    • Spifflicator says:

      I get that there is a lack of rookies, but surely there are plenty of mid-pricers? Greene, Rioli (WC), DMoore, Daniher, VanDenberg. I'm currently running with;

      Danger Kelly Boak Rioli Moore Setterfield – Cavarra Parker (placeholders)

      Moore will swing with Burgess in defence, so despite his awkward price he offers flexibility and hopefully he can make $150k.

    • Sauce says:

      Have have vegma mate, Dont play supercoach

  2. Too says:

    Numero Duo

  3. LoopyHermit says:

    Before the JLT I was rather confident of, at least, the type of team structure id put on the park. After the JLT I'm down the path of having NO F-ING CLUE. Way more questions than answers from the preseason games and at this stage I'm about to flip the switch into full on panic mode. If anyone can justify which team structure would be suitable for this year I would bow down at the foot of their alter.

    • TelescopicCox says:

      I'm having the same issues. I feel like WAY more mid-pricers are showing up than previous JLT's. I'm avoiding them for the most part other than Zac Williams who has been locked in since before JLT.

  4. Tilted Dean Towers says:

    Someone talk me out of picking Darcy Moore, intercept defender and played 21 games in 2017. Cheap in a year with little forward rookies, nice dpp. Help

    • SuperCoach Yoda says:

      It is not enough to trust your gut, you must look deep down in your gut and see what lays there. If it is fear then fear will lead to hatred and you must revamp your gut.

    • DavidC says:

      Why is he cheap? Because he is injured all the time.

    • TelescopicCox says:

      I've just brought him in. I think his DPP swing with Burgess could be handy.

      All will depend on rookie availability

    • Robbomber says:

      I think if he stays down back with cocko up fwd he could be a revaluation

    • Hawk131415 says:

      Dont pick Moore!!!!!

    • Willy Rooter says:

      with hair like he wore in the JLT i would be worried about darcy moore's mind set.

  5. Xman says:

    Can we get away with 3 rookies in the forward line this year, there seems to only be setterfield and Parker. Your f6 is gonna score a 40 most weeks, is it worth upgrading to a mid pricer?

  6. Sixtybloody6 says:

    I've decided to put in sheed, rocky, moore, libba, ridley, billings, B Smith and Walsh in my side. Buckle up on this rollercoaster!

    • paul says:

      Yes, what a Delmar what every one is not thinking about is the 666 .W/C was amazing up forward (Darling/Roili) because there delivery was more efficient and they have adapted a strategy already so we need to think differently about our strategy in supercoach. I am changing my structure now with so many mid prices looking to preform this year. I am looking at a side which will be on the park with the maximum output as the rookies we have just will not cut it especially up forward.With the likes of Sheeds,B Crouch and libba averaging 100 plus its just too Juicy.If it works and these guys average over 100 then i will save on trades as i can hold until the byes to see if they are keepers or stepping stones. I just also have to say watch out for Adelaide there midfield is on fire and Sloane will cop the tag.

    • Derek says:

      Have you been listen to One Touch Wonder?

    • Maverick_ says:

      I can’t be sure if your serious or taking the PI Double S sixty6? I thought your always about GnR? I have no bloody idea what I’ll do yet! I want BCrouch, libba, Moore Greene & smith but will they burn us? How deep are you going in the midfield with genuine premos is brad M4 or M5? Ballsy stuff mate

  7. Paul says:

    Yep I’ve gone Ridley at f5 and smith at f4 plus libba at m6.

  8. Paul says:

    Ridley at d5 and Smith d4.

  9. Rivo says:

    Do we abandon Miles now? Straight to Libba?
    And what about D.Smith?

    • Bells says:

      Miles will be a POD now – could be a shark move. Pretty good JS I guess – and might average 85-90.
      In his defense he was up against the toughest midfield physically in the game on the weekend. JPK, Parker, Hewett, Papley, Mills is a rough arvo for an inside mid. It is a pretty big concern they couldn't turn that ruck dominance into a mountain of good possession though.
      GC would give up a first rounder to have Lyons back at this point I reckon.

  10. Westy says:

    current team version 375.5
    D Simpson Whitfield Williams B Smith, Roberton Ridley (Collins, Hore)
    M Cripps, Neale, Coniglio, Martin, B Crouch, Liberatore, Butters, Atkins (Constable, B Scott, Hind)
    R Grundy, Goldstein (Clarke)
    F Dangerfield, Heeney, Wallis, Setterfield, Petrucelle, Parker (Burgess, Drew)

    I'm sure things will change in the next week.

    • DavidC says:

      Roberton had a medical scare on the weekend. I don't think he is an option any more …. too much risk.

      • Westy says:

        Oh dear, that's so sad for him. Hope he improves rapidly for his health's sake.

  11. paul says:

    Gday Community,

    Team is as follows, what are your thoughts?

    DEF: LLoyd, Whitfield, Crisp, Smith, Scrimshaw, Clark (Duursma, Hore)

    MID: Macrae, Cripps, Oliver, Neale, Crouch, Walsh, Butters, Constable( Gibbons, Scott, Atkins

    RUCK: Gawn, Goldy (Clarke)

    FWD: Danger, Heeney, Billings, Setterfield, Drew, Cavarra ( Petrucelee, Parker)

    Only have 10k in the bank and the only major concern i have is with how beams will affect Crisp role off thehalf back and also playing 3 FWD rookies

    • Matt says:

      Good side, only thing I’d consider doing with it would be to downgrade one of Lloyd/Whitfield/Crisp to ZWilliams and then upgrading Cavarra to a midpricer with job security like Lincoln McCarthy.

    • TelescopicCox says:

      Nice team. Similar structure to mine. I'm in the same boat with playing 3 forward rookies so I've dropped Walsh for Darcy Moore, hoping he can average 80-90. I think Walsh will score more, but my logic is that mid rookie + Moore will outscore Walsh + fwd rookie

    • DavidC says:

      Well Drew probably only plays until Wines is back in round 3 or 4 so you will have 2 dud rooks in your forward line. Consider a mid pricer or another premo in there and get Cavarra off the field.

  12. John says:

    Think my team is just about set in stone, but considering going Liberatore and Gibbons to Butters and Cousins. 11k left over, any feedback greatly appreciated.

    DEF: Whitfield, Andrews, Williams, Clark, Duursma, McKay (H.Jones, Hore)
    MID: Cripps, Oliver, Neale, Crouch, Steele, Liberatore, Walsh, Constable (Scott, Atkins, Gibbons)
    RUCK: Grundy, Goldstein (Sweet)
    FWD: Dangerfield, Heeney, Dunkley, Billings, Setterfield, Drew (Petrucelle, Parker)

  13. paul says:

    Yes, what a Dilema what every one is not thinking about is the 666 .W/C was amazing up forward (Darling/Roili) because there delivery was more efficient and they have adapted a strategy already so we need to think differently about our strategy in supercoach. I am changing my structure now with so many mid prices looking to preform this year. I am looking at a side which will be on the park with the maximum output as the rookies we have just will not cut it especially up forward.With the likes of Sheeds,B Crouch and libba averaging 100 plus its just too Juicy.If it works and these guys average over 100 then i will save on trades as i can hold until the byes to see if they are keepers or stepping stones. I just also have to say watch out for Adelaide there midfield is on fire and Sloane will cop the tag.

    • Derek says:

      Cash generation will come from the cheap midfielders. You need to have most of them

    • Rick says:

      It's 666 for only a very small amount of time. Won't affect scoring too much. Stick with the proven guns.

  14. Sharkmove_King says:

    Good podcast fellas, got me through a traffic jam this morning…..Some very wise words spoken regarding the ~400k midfielders, especially from Lekdog.

    • Sharkmove_King says:

      For the record out of the Ridley, Cunningham & Moore debate, I'm in the Moore corner…..He was the only one on my radar before the JLT and he's done nothing for me not to pick him. Good luck all

    • Lekdog says:

      Love it mate, appreciate the feedback!

  15. slats7 says:

    Not sure where the best place is to post this, but I’ve still got spots left in my league (Rock the Casboult).

    League code: 380622

  16. Noah says:

    Hey Boys,
    Great podcast as usual. Just thought I'd post my team as quite unsure at the moment!
    Any Feedback appreciated.
    DEF: Laird, Witherden,Z.Williams,B Smith, Wilkie,Burgess (Hore,Watson)
    MID: Macrae,Crippa,Oliver, Coniglio,Brayshaw, Walsh,Constable,Butters (Bewley, Hind,Scott)
    RUC: Gawn, Grundy ( Sweet)
    FWD: Dangerfield, D.Smith, Mundy,Setterfield,M.Parker, B Cavarra ( W.Drew, T Wilkinson)


    • Lekdog says:

      Only one I have question marks on is Smith, feel like his role is changing to accomodate Shiel

    • NoLanguage96 says:

      Smith down to Greene or McCarthy gives you 300k to upgrade one of your mid rooks to Libba/Miles

      • JohnDJ59 says:

        Smith to Geene or McCarthy or even Billings would be a good move, not sure about getting in Libba or Miles though, there should be enough good mid rookies to have three on the field.

  17. TelescopicCox says:

    Would love some feedback on my Post JLT team:

    B – Lloyd, Crisp, Williams, Collins, Duursma, Clark (Hore, Burgess)
    M – Macrae, Cripps, Oliver, Coniglio, Dusty, Butters, Constable, Hind (Bewley, Ross, Gibbons)
    R – Grundy, Gawn (Bines)
    F – Danger, Heenry, Darling*, Moore, Setterfield, Parker (Petruccele, Drew)

    I've got a few questions I'd love some feedback on

    1.Darling vs Billings vs Greene for F3 – Currently on Darling, however Billings will help with my bye structure (heavy on premos missing in R13), while Greene will give me some flexibility to bring in Walsh (dependent on mid rookies available in R1)
    2. Coniglio vs Treloar vs Oliver – Pick 2. I'm a Pies fan so it's hard to leave out Treloar, especially with Adams missing to start the year

    • Nick says:

      I’d go with Billings F3 but Darling would be a good pick also. Remember that Darling’s form dropped post injury last year when JJK was in the side and he is due back in a few weeks. Treloar is a great pod but durability worries me so I’d go Oliver and Cogs

  18. Derek says:

    i havn't watched Tim Kelly during JLT, was happy with having Devon. What do people think, Devon or Tim.

    If i go with Tim i can upgrade Butters to Cousins

    • Maverick_ says:

      If Tim cleans up his DE% Derek he will be top 6-8 easy. V Essendon he was everywhere. He can find the pill no worrries at all. Currently my F3

      • Derek says:

        Will he be mainly midfield?

      • Beezneez says:

        Had Smith and Dunkley in my first draft. Then dropped Dunkley after it looked like he'd be playing foward. I'm thinking Shiel and Zerrett and Heppel may take some midfield time from Smith. Dropped him for Kelly (less expensive than Menegola) and have now included Dunkley. Don't think there'll be much between them – I'm hoping Dunkley stays in the mids.

    • Lazza says:

      I'd go Kelly over Smith.
      But why would you upgrade Butters to Cousins? Butters will make more coin and allow you to upgrade sooner..

      • DavidC says:

        Not sure on that. Cousins has a pure midfield role and Butters is playing as a small forward. Butters JLT1 was good but I can't see him scoring that high regularly. I have both these guys.

        • Derek says:

          might leave Butters in guts and look at Moore in defense at the same price

  19. CalebCripps922 says:

    Do i go Grundy Gawn Or Grundy Goldy and have a bit more cash to play with?

  20. The Ranger says:

    I haven't been able to see either of Ports JLT games and don't know much about Butters…any Port fans got an opinion on him and whether he can hold down a spot for long enough to make cash?
    Another bloody expensive rookie….

    • Hi Ranger The dees rated him that high they were desperate to trade their picks 23 and 29 or thereabouts for a teen pick to get him but couldn't do a deal I checked him out then and for what it's worth i rate him the number one pick Good luck this year Ranger

      • The Ranger says:

        Onya Neil, thanks.
        Hard to find some good cheap rookies these days eh? Cash generation is going to be slow at best methinks.
        Should make for an interesting year, when to trade and when to hold for more cash generation will be tricky.
        Best of luck mate.

        • Hawk131415 says:

          Get him in Ranger, had a very good jlt series, kid can play, enjoy your year.

    • NoLanguage96 says:

      Saw him first hand against my Kangas last week. Very good footballer. Lock him in, slim pickings everywhere else!

  21. Bells says:

    Suicidal? Gee the rest of my team looks good. Reckon I'm a go with it.

    DEF: Z Williams, B Smith, J Ridley, J Scrimshaw, J Clark, X Duursma – S Collins, M Hore

    • Boris_Baconbeer says:

      My defense looked exactly like that for a little while. But sense prevailed. Way too much risk and too many trades to make later. Not only think about how to trade up but sometimes a fattened lamb has to be traded for a new born lamb. So many trades you have to make there.

  22. One Touch Wonder says:

    I’m not paying over $600,000 for anyone, except Dangerfield. It will be hard to make cash this year, so best not to lose it.

    • John says:

      That should make you want to pick players over $600k if you think money will be hard to come by this year. Get the uber premiums in early so you have to worry about getting them in during the year if you even could at all.

  23. KeenButClueless says:

    Some real food for thought here. Have had Grundy from the start. First time all pre-season I am reviewing that decision. Thanks for your well constructed thoughts

  24. paul says:

    I agree My Mid has M5 B.Crouch , M6 Sheeds ,M7 Libba M8 Walsh. All going well i will only be trading Mid rookies for cash up to the byes.

    • paul says:

      Not sold on Rocky on one game will wait and see maybe a corrected trade before price rise as he is only 400.

  25. Derek says:

    HO to advantage is never that high.

    Maybe 25% is good

  26. The Saltshakers says:

    Def: Lloyd, Laird, Smith, Roberton, Clark, Dursma, (Burgess, Hore)
    Mid: Macrae, Cripps, Dusty, M.Crouch, Rocky, Sheed, Walsh, Constable (Bewley, Scott, Gibbons)
    Ruck: Grundy, Gawn, (Clarke)
    Fwd: Danger, Heeney, Greene, Setterfield, Drew, Bolta (Parker, Cavarra)

    $22k left

    Feedback please, im very late this year to my SC research (started friday)

    • Russty_ says:

      You'd probably have to put a line through Roberton for now, and some of your rookies won't be there round 1, just have a look through the forums for the most popular rookies this week mate.

      • todd says:

        Greene will burn you when he does something silly or gets injuried

        • The Saltshakers says:

          Thanks lads,

          Have loaded up on rookies I think will be getting games.

          Def: Laird, Smith, Roberton, *Ridley, Clark, Dursma, (Collins, Scrimshaw)
          Mid: Macrae, Cripps, Dusty, M.Crouch, Rocky, Sheed, *Cousins,Walsh, Constable (*Butters, Scott, Gibbons)
          Ruck: Grundy, Gawn, (Clarke)
          Fwd: Danger, Heeney, Greene, Setterfield, Moore, Drew, (Bolta,*Petrucelle, )


          • The Saltshakers says:

            Hey Ranger,

            Yeah mate….wasnt gonna play for first time in 6 years, been a bit unwell…

            • The Ranger says:

              Hopefully the SC will give you a bit of distraction mate.
              V2 of the team looks better already, just another 38 or so more versions before Rd1 and you'll be set.
              Best of luck for the year.

          • Russty_ says:

            Hi Saltshakers, I think if you downgraded Cousins and Clarke to cheaper rookies, you could afford Williams instead of Roberton, also I don't trust Moore's durability so if you downgraded him to Parker you might be able to upgrade Greene to a premo..I don't mind Greene though, I'm also starting him.
            Can't see Balta getting a game…or if he does maybe only a few.
            Clarke could become Bines for your permanent doughnut/ loophole.

    • The Ranger says:

      Hey Salty, bloody late start this year mate!
      Lots of value in the def line, Lloyd and Laird are top priced IMO.
      And I can't bring myself to spend that much in the ruck either, Grundy and Goldy for me this year.

  27. TommyC99 says:

    Hey guys, any thoughts on my team much appreciated. Think i'm pretty close to my round 1 side. If i need extra cash for rookies then will probably downgrade one of Macrae or Oliver to Neale or a slightly cheaper mid premo for the extra bit of funds. 9k Left over as it stands.

    Def: Laird, Crisp, Witherden, Williams, Collins, Clark (Watson, Hore)
    Mid: Macrae, Cripps, Oliver, Dusty, B Crouch, Walsh, Setterfield, Constable (Valente, Scott, Gibbons)
    Ruc: Grundy, Goldy (fort)
    Fwd: Danger, Heeney, Mundy, Drew, Petrucelle, Cavarra (Burgess, Parker)

    • The Ranger says:

      Looks good Tommy, I'd prefer to see Crouch at M6 but I guess with that backline.spend you can't achieve that.
      Good luck for the year ahead mate.
      What's the go with Watson? is it just for the DPP?

      • TommyC99 says:

        Hey Ranger, no real reason behind it i have just seen him in a few sides on here, so hes in as a placeholder.
        I have tossed up potentially Crisp down to Brodie Smith so i can upgrade Brad Crouch to a less risky/rolled gold pick, but Crisp's performance yesterday justified why i have had him in my side most of the preseason.

    • DavidC says:

      Too many forward on field rooks. Drew probably only lasts 2 rounds until Wines is back, Cavarra didn't play any JLTs.

  28. Will says:

    Macrae worth the money?
    Or should i save my money and go with Fyfe?

    • Hawk131415 says:

      Im 50/50 atm, Fyfe goes big as does Macrae although Fyfe gets injured and suspended, ive stayed with Macca,

    • TommyC99 says:

      Macrae is in my side atm but he is by no means a certainty. Got taggers waiting for him first few weeks so thinking he might just drop in price a little bit. Would be a hell of a risk though.

      • Brn says:

        The year why fyfe is a bad premium option in comparison to another is rare. Going against the bandwagon and picking fyfe for much cheaper could be a good idea, especially since dogs are running half their team through the mids

        • Brn says:

          But dam just remember macrae is at breakout age and could go 130+

          • Cripps9 says:

            Take out Macrae's injury affected gamed his true av LY = 131.3.
            Averaged 138.8 in last 5 rds.
            Prior to LY only missed 2 games in 4 years.
            He is in my team.

  29. TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

    Just a quick one:

    I am starting Grawndy in the ruck:

    1. They should score more than any other ruck by quite a margin esp with the new ruck rules and giving their mids first use
    2. I was going to start goldy but if you do is he a keeper or will you use a trade to upgrade/trade him to GG?
    3. Money saved was going to be used on another premo fwd but they didn't fill me with confidence at F3 so figure may as well just start GG and a mid priced fwd can upgrade to a premo who fails to fire in the first 5-6 weeks.

    4. This is probably the biggest reason to start GG. If you look at the draw between the 2 of them (not counting byes) they play early so are a VC option for a massive 14 games for the season!

    That stat alone has the big 2 locked and loaded in my team!

    Giddyup – lets get this season rollin ….

    • TommyC99 says:

      Hey Trig, what are you planning on doing with the byes? Will make it tougher to play the full 18 as thats 2 of the 4 on field donuts locked in.I currently have Goldy and Grundy locked in but you bring up some good points.

      • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

        Almost going with stuff the byes this year after all the planning last year came crashing down

        But having a look guess you bring in the neales, sicilys, dunkley, zerretts etc before or after their bye so you are not so reliant on rooks?

        • Hawk131415 says:

          Gone off Grundy Trigga, Saved some cash to help other lines, he'll drop in price and if still no.1 ruck trade up to him,

        • Russty_ says:

          If you compare Goldy to Gawn or Grundy Trig there's a diff of about 25- 30 points per week from last year, and that's when Goldy was still coming out of his funk.
          If you spent the extra $160,200 from not getting Grundy and spent that on an extra Forward who averages 90-95, or upgraded one of your midpriced backs to a guy who averages 25-30 more than the guy you had before, then it's a fair trade.
          And Goldy could go better than 100 av this year…could, also Grundy could do worse than last year, just a thought.

          I, like everyone else, wants to end up with the 2 best Ruckmen for sure, but I'm willing to start without Grundy, to strengthen other lines in the beginning.
          People will say, why do that when you'll only have to get him in eventually anyway?…so I can have an extra mid keeper and not have to bet on one of those dodgy injury magnets is the answer…and that extra keeper applies to the other 2 lines besides Ruck.

  30. John says:

    Would welcome comment on my team. I have English at R2 waiting for Mummy to come back. Bench players are no doubt going to change

    B: Mills, Williams, Newman, B.Smith, Ridley, Collins (Scrimshaw, Watson)
    M: Dangerfield, Martin, M.Crouch, Taranto, B.Crouch, Sheed, Libratore, Setterfield (Bewley, Hind, Gibbons)
    R: Goldstein, English, (Clarke)
    F: D.Smith, Heeney, Kelly, Dalhaus, Fisher, Z.Bailey (Burgess, Cavarra)

    • TommyC99 says:

      Far too many midpricers imo. Your season could end in distaster very very quickly. Midpricers aren't guaranteed to work hence why you should usually pick and choose which ones. I counted 13 mid priced players which is far too many risks and ultimately you would be lucky if half paid off and turned into keepers/worthwhile money makers. I would use this site to find more rookies which will allow you to spend the money on the proven scorers. Also fwd line is quite thin this year so i don't think you can afford to keep danger in the guts.

  31. TommyC99 says:

    Goldy, Macrae and Mundy


    Gawn, Neale and Billings

    • Brn says:

      Gawn, macrae and a punt on a greene priced boye

      • TommyC99 says:

        That would work, dont mind it at all. Greene is a pretty big risk tho

        • Brn says:

          There are others but i like Greene due to his likelihood of averaging 85 +, as he has done the last few years. I think its stupid to not pick him due to i jury risk, especially when all you need is 5 or so decent games

    • Dermin8r says:

      I'd go: Goldy, Mac, Mundy, solid performers will score points for you for sure

  32. Hawk131415 says:

    Team is set, I'm very happy with my structure, Barring any injuries or anything from here on in, until RD1 it wont change! Hopefully picked all the right rooks,,,

    • Nice_Person says:

      What is it

      • Hawk131415 says:

        I cant give out that kind of confidential information Nice, Have you settled mate??

    • Rocksta_ says:

      That’s what I said last week. Have changed it 10 times since. That said, it’s only been rookies and premo swaps due to Bye Structure.

  33. Brn says:

    Honest thoughts on my team guys and girls?

    Laird, williams, smith, sctimshaw, clarke, duursma (watson, hore)

    Macrae, cripps, neale, coniglio, m crouch, b crouch, walsh, constable (scott, akins, gibbons)

    Grundy/gawn (loop)

    Danger, heeney, kelly, setterfield, drew, petruccelle (burgess, balta)

    I know criticism will come because i've gone light in defence and especially fwds, but i believe i can cover them well enough. However, i desperately want to swap neale to oliver, as I am very keen on oliver as a 120+ player. For this reason, I am still hoping for that one odd rookie chance to be named round 1 to save just a little cash on a rookie. Does anyone have a suggestion that would save me jist the 20k it would take to upgrade neale to oliver, or am i pushing it as is?

    Only $400 left ^^

  34. Will says:

    Smith, Mundy, Dunkley or Gray for f4?

    Already have Danger, kelly and Heeney

    • Brn says:

      They are all risks to an extent. My risk out of those is dunkley, as i think he is still young and will see enough mid to improve on last season as a whole. I would have picked kelly first, and are slightly concerned about your other lines if you are considering a 500kish player as f4. I would take a risk on the many options for that position, as all you really need is a decent cash maker, and the ability to choose a premo who reveals themselves is quite priceless. But of it has to be one, i vote dunkley easily

      • Brn says:

        And just further to this because i have had some pretty rude comments, but have finished within the top 10 overall 2 years back, and spend far too much time on supercoach. Hopefully someone values that before shooting me down with 'the norm cookie cutter teams' suggestions. That is all

      • Lazza says:

        Good advice BRN .. not sure why anyone would shoot you down .. all opinions are valid… you don't need to justify yourself .. however, I'm glad you told us about your Top 10 performance, that is substance… .. . I agree with the Dunkley view …. sometimes we look for the forest rather than the trees… Gray is a bit fragile in my mind .. Mundy is reliable, but limited upside (unlike Dunkley) and Smith will only come good once the Bombers realise they are getting lesser value from Smith in his new role…

        • Brn says:

          Its one of the biggest shames of football that Gray was moved out of the midfield shortly before turning 28. Now, at 31, there is unfortunately little chance of him averaging 100 again. He deserved a much better shot at a brownlow. I love mundy but he should only average around 90, which is crap at his price. Smith is valuable as a h/f type and i wouldn't be surprised with him dropping back down to a mid 80s average (makes you shudder at the thought). Toss a coin for dunkley and t kelly – cant go wrong really

          • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

            Here here on 50 shades.
            With winguard gone 50 shades will patrol the 50 .

            He is a gun but wont score consistently as a fwd.

    • Will says:

      Thanks for the replies

  35. Brn says:

    I want to say to all that picking a player with a high intent to trade isnt the end of the world – in fact, i consider it a huge fallacy when picking an original team, as it degrades originality among other things. Players will get injured, and trades will be made. 1 trade is not the end of the world, and if it means taking a risk that could payoff (yes i mean bcrouch, greene, smith ect) then it doesnt mean much at all really. If you have a hunch, by god take it. There is always an upside of picking a pod gun who is less than your pick, and just pray that you miss 1 injury at some point. Too much emphasis on potential injuries that can be rectified.

    • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

      Thats the way I roll

      Back ya gut more often than not it is the right call.

      Looking like crouching 1, crouching 2 at the moment.

  36. Gibbs says:

    Which Option-
    Luke Ryan and Cognilio
    Zac Williams and Lachie Neale?

    Luke ryan didnt have a great Jlt but still got decent scores (83 from 14 disposals) which make me unsure about him, can he average 95?

  37. Shake_n_bake says:

    Can anyone tell me where l sit in the draft?

  38. Clarky says:

    Would love to hear everyones thoughts on not starting Laird this year? Is he as essential as previous years? Obviously there is a fair amount of talk surrounding him in regards to what impact will Smith and Milera will have on him. IN 2017 both him and Smith played 22 games and Laird still averaged a ton. So i guess its what impact will Milera have.

    • Brn says:

      Its tempting to go for a crisp type and save 70k. And as much as i'd like to skimp on the cash, i think we need to have either Lloyd or laird as f1. Painful but essential

    • Rocksta_ says:

      Laird is a gun. I’ve had to go with Lloyd however as better suits my Byes unfortunately.

    • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

      Laird is a gun and will b top 6.

      Im not starting him as cant have too many crows in my side.

      He will find his way in eventually but.

    • Spifflicator says:

      I have neither Laird nor Lloyd. Sicily and Whitfield sit at D1&2 for me with Williams and Smith at 3&4.

  39. Westy says:

    New league 450231 All welcome

  40. Dan says:

    Thoughts on James Cousins over Butters?

  41. Rocksta_ says:

    Is Fyfe going to be fit for Round 1? I’ve had to swap Josh Kelly to Fyfe due to bye structure.
    I can always swap back pre round 1 but it’d be great if I can leave Fyfe in there.

    • Brn says:

      If you like fyfe a lot more, please pick fyfe and it will work out later. For what its worth, i like kelly just as much so wouldn't worry. Kelly has more room to grow

      • Rocksta_ says:

        I don’t mate it’s just I’m top heavy with on field playing premiums in the first bye round, whilst underdone in the next 2 bye rounds. I can address that through the season leading up to the byes but just wanted to even it up a bit.
        I will say if Fyfe and Kelly both remain fit throughout the season, there will be stuff all between them come seasons end.

        • Browncow says:

          Ross said on Sunday that Fyfe will be playing round 1 Rocksta but won’t have a hit out in a WAFL practice game this weekend (with Conca, Darcy and others building fitness). Would love them both in my team come finals.

  42. Captain Risky says:

    So, if T. Lynch plays round 1, anyone game to pick him? Seems to be more and more likely that he might..

  43. Josh says:

    Billings or darling or dare I say greene

  44. Willymack1234 says:

    Def: Laird, Crisp, Williams, Smith, Duursma, Hore (Burgess, Watson)

    Mid: Cripps, Fyfe, Neale, Coniglio, M Crouch, Walsh, Butters, Scott (Constable, Hind, Gibbons)

    Ruck: Gawn, Goldy (Fort)

    Fwd: Danger, Heeney, Mundy, Setterfield, Miers, Drew (Petruccelle, Parker)
    136k left over
    Any thoughts would be well appreciated

    • Tyruddanaut says:

      I have the similar issue of an awkward amount of money left over. If I were you, I'd take Ridley in defense and upgrade Watson, who didn't play JLT2. If you have enough after that, I would go Duursma to Clark too.

      I like the mid except for Fyfe, who is a risk to play R1 and has had an interrupted preseason, but hey, he could be the 2019 version of 2018 Dangerfield.

      Do you go for the Cats, because Miers is questionable considering he showed no signs in JLT. I would choose Balta, who scored well and played significant game time

  45. Brian. says:

    Hi everyone. welcome to the 2019 season. Feel free to join my league BundyBears 840224. You dont have to be an expert. Just have a good time and play every week.

  46. Gord29 says:

    Gawn and Moore or Goldy and Greene?

  47. Stifflerrrr says:

    Sidebottom or crouch?

    Coniglio or treloar?

  48. Matty says:

    Hey guys

    Macrae and Greene


    Neale and Billings

    • Tyruddanaut says:

      I'm going to say Macrae and Greene.
      My predictions are:
      125 + 85
      115 + 90

      I think that Billings will be solid but not top class enough to justify his selection over Greene, who is a fantastic player

  49. TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

    Geez heaven help anyone rolling with 3 fwd rooks on ground.

    Thats a tough ask based on JLT.
    2 is ok but 3 is really pushing the proverbial.

    • Rocksta_ says:

      Agreed TH but trying to squeeze a midpricer in at F4 forces me to have to change my whole structure. The biggest problem I’m finding is that the Rookies showing Promise are all the expensive or semi expensive ones.

    • Tyruddanaut says:

      I'll keep Sett and Drew no matter what, but I want to get out Parker, Balta or Petrucelle and go with 4 premos / 3 + 1 MP. If Greene had played the full game he would have had north of 100 points, and if he played like he did in the 1st half of the 1st 1/4, he would've had 200. I like him

      • Rocksta_ says:

        I like the Greene option, but cannot fit him into my team without disrupting my structure

        • Russty_ says:

          Think Toby will be ok if he stays fit, drops the occasional turd but also can go well over 100..the flog factor is also an issue but I'm willing to risk it, can always downgrade to the latest rookie tearing it up if it doesn't work out.

    • TommyC99 says:

      Agreed but struggling to find the cash without moving heaven and earth. Is Moore/Elliot a viable option? Other option im tossing up is running Greene and Billings F3/4, which would mean having to downgrade Laird and Macrae to Brodie Smith and Neale. But would mean only having to field 2 fwd rookies, 1 being setters

      • Rocksta_ says:

        Don’t do it. Sounds like my scenario having to change up the whole team and structure to get Greene in.

        • TommyC99 says:

          Yeah it essentially would be, but as trig said, having to field 2 out of 4 fwd rookie slots(setterfield picks himself) available each week will be a struggle. I could fit in Moore or Elliot by downgrading Laird to Smith but not sold on either of them at this stage

          • Rocksta_ says:

            Moore or Elliot would be stepping Stones whilst Greene would be a potential keeper. That said, in Moore’s case, at $239K you can’t really go wrong. He is very injury prone though. Same as Elliot.
            Agree though that the Fwd Rookies are a problem. It is definitely a Dilemma.

            • TommyC99 says:

              Yeah Moore is definitely injury prone, although he has the role to be a good scorer if he plays. Its just about getting 6-8 games out of him before he gets injuried. Would you Keep Laird and run 3 rookies in the fwd line or drop him for B Smith and Bring in Moore at f4?

              • Rocksta_ says:

                I wouldn’t drop Laird for Moore. That’s going from an Uber Premo to an Injury Prone Stepping Stone. I was thinking Smith down to Collins in Defence, then allowing an upgrade of a say Petruccelle to Moore in my case.
                Probably still not going to do it though.

    • Hawk131415 says:

      I got 6 of em

  50. Dusty train says:

    Any feedback on the team/structure? Thinking of going light in defence due to plethora of defence rookies. Haven't had Lloyd all season and although Laird's score have been solid, they're not overwhelming.. I'll trade him at cheaper.
    Loading up in the guts with premo's and finally came around to a GnG combo in the ruck.

    Hurn, H.Shaw, Williams, Collins, Scrimshaw, Clark (Duursma, Hore)

    Cripps, Neale, Treloar, Congilio, M.Crouch, B.Crouch, Walsh, Butters (Constable, Atkins, Gibbons)

    Gawn, Goldy (Bines)

    Dangerfield, Heeney, Billings, Setterfield, Drew, Petruccelle (Burgess, Parker)

    • Tyruddanaut says:

      Try to add Fort into the R3 position, he is likely to get some game time.
      If not, Zac Clarke and Archie Smith may play

      Too strong in the midfield. I understand that there aren't many good premo options in the forward and backlines, but there aren't as many rookies either. I would remove one midfielder (Anyone but Cripps and Coniglio) and replace it on another line (Lloyd, WAlters, B Smith + Greene etc.)

      I do like the on-field ruck combo, I might copy it.
      Premium selections are also well thought out

      • Dusty train says:

        Love your feedback here mate!

        A mistake I made season was probably starting the loophole too early.. do you think Fort is most likely to get the most game time out of those three? I'll put him in for now, although Clarke did have a strong JLT and Bellchambers has only played more than 18 games once in the last half a dozen seasons.

        Yeah I thought I was starting to go a bit too expensive in the mid.. I like my midfield selections too much but I'll downgrade and bolster my forward line

        • JEL says:

          Running the same Ruck line as you.
          I'm sticking with Bines at R3 as my capt loop

    • derek says:

      I like the Hurn selection, i'm starting to look at him seriously.

      Moore is a good option instead of Collins. took alot of the kickins and a good intercept mark. great value.

  51. dontblushbaby says:

    To Cat supporters ,will Constable get picked for Round 1? I worry about the JS with rookies in the better teams

    • Tyruddanaut says:

      Constable only played 50% game time in JLT 2 and had an average of 61%. He may play, but it is unlikely with Geelong's added midfield depth

      P.s. Im a non-supporter

    • WinnerzRGrinnerz says:

      As a cats fan it’s likely he’ll get games throughout the season but unsure about immediately (barring injuries) due to stacked midfield already. Atkins is the one I see starting and keeping his position as he’ll play a half forward role with his tackling pressure, chopping in to the midfield for periods if needed. Constable more a stand-alone midfielder only. If both are named round 1 I’m rolling with Atkins ahead of Constable.

    • KevG says:

      Constable starred in last years JLT and couldn't get a game so I don't see why he would this year. Atkins is more likely and Jordan clark will play until Touhy and/or Bews come back but then he'll also be back in VFL until injuries happen. 144k is too much to have blocking up your def bench and nobody should waste a mid rookie spot when there are so many around

  52. Tbag86 says:

    What is everyone’s thoughts on Sam Collins? Scored well in JLT1 but couldn’t back it up in JLT2. I’m thinking he is a bit overpriced and maybe better value in other defensive rookies.

    What order would you rank:
    – S.Collins
    – J.Clark
    – J.Scrimshaw
    – X.Duursma

    • Tyruddanaut says:

      1. Clark AVG 77,Time Adjusted Score (TAS) 80, TOG aggregate 154, Return on Investment (ROI) 192-203% 144k
      2. Scrimshaw AVG 73, TAS 72, TOG 163, ROI 163-167%, 149k
      3. Collins AVG 72.5, TAS 67, TOG 173, ROI 94-101%
      4. Duursma AVG 59, TAS 75, TOG 125, ROI 147-217%

      • dontblushbaby says:

        I have all 4 atm

      • Sharkmove_King says:

        I actually have Clark last. I think the scoring potential of all 4 is similar, but he has the worst job security with Tuohy due back soon.


    • Lazza says:


      I have Duursmaa ahead due to his price differential, and Collins ahead of Scrimshaw due to job security..

  53. Dermin8r says:

    Wow, you got the band back together! Great podcast fellas, it was great to have the variety of opinions and insights.
    Community, I'm pretty new at SC and would appreciate your input on my team as it now stands.
    DEF: Sicily, Crisp, Williams, Rozee, Scrimshaw (Collins, Duursma)
    MID: Cripps, Neale, Coniglio, Selwood, Taranto, O’Meara, Constable, Bewley, (Hately, Atkins, Chandler)
    RUCK: Goldy, Mumford* (Fort) *I know the club have suspended him for the first 2 games, but SC starts round 3, doesn’t it?
    FWD: Dangerfield, Heeney, Darling, Setterfield, Burgess, Parker (Balta, Cavarra)
    Thanks in advance!

    • derek says:

      if you are only playing for head 2 head leagues, yes it starts in week 3. overall score starts week 1

      you are one short in defense.

    • Hawk131415 says:

      "Got the band back together" but new at supercoach?? makes sense, NOT!!!! Hahahahahahahaha

  54. Tyruddanaut says:

    If that is true, Carlton is screwed badly!!!!!

  55. Lekdog says:

    That's god damn madness

  56. Nick says:

    Hi community, Libba or B Crouch?

  57. NoLanguage96 says:

    Option 1: Ridley D5 & Butters M7


    Option 2: Collins D5 & Cousins M7

  58. Boris_Baconbeer says:

    Treloar and Greene or Libber and T.Kelly ??????

  59. Hawk131415 says:

    Whats the point of this site if you respond to peoples posts but they couldnt be f%#$#d responding to or acknowledging your response?? must be a click thing!!! have a magnificent season, Pie out

    • Russty_ says:

      Don't take it personally Hawk, could be any number of reasons…..
      They're tired,
      They don't like your answer,
      They've already gone to bed,
      Their baby just shat it's daks and it's their turn,
      Their Dog won't stop barking and they have to go and tell it to FK up,
      Their Phone died,
      Their Internet died,

      • Hawk131415 says:

        Nah that doesnt cut it, they responded to other peoples comments, so must not be in "The Click" All good, and i get youre jokes, EATLODYMF

        • Russty_ says:

          Don't worry about it man…just post what you want to post, if others don't like it, just keep posting lol, I don't know what eatlodymf means but , there will always be trolls who want to shoot you down or whatever, but if someone doesn't reply, brush it off, it don't mean nuthin.
          Like I said, could be any number of reasons.
          Don't think there are any Cliques here…there's just the quality of your last post I guess.
          It's up to them whether they like it or not.

        • Boris_Baconbeer says:

          Dunno what your on about really I have seen plenty of people chatting with you in various threads. Sorry mate but I disagree with you on this occasion.

          • Hawk131415 says:

            And youre welcome to Boris, of course, cheers, my point is that if you ask a question and someone is kind enough to offer an opinion then you should at least acknowledge the response with something as little as Thanks XXXX??not just ignore it and only respond to the ones you "like"? otherwise people might just stop responding all together?

  60. Tom says:

    Oliver and 80k left over or Macrae with 13k left over? Bare in mind i have Greene in my side currently

    • Tom says:

      I mention Greene in case i may need that extra cash for any reason

    • Russty_ says:

      I'd start with Oliver Tom, he could end up equaling or bettering Macrae possibly, if Greene roundhouses someone to the head or gets injured again, then you could trade to a half decent forward.
      Bear in mind though, Macrae could be hard to get in if you don't start with him, that's the other side of it.

      • Tom says:

        Thanks for the response russty! I tend to agree re the dilemma of bringing in macrae later on. I dont think he drops more than 80k max so would most likely take 2 trades to bring him in.

  61. Banga says:

    Brodie Smith and Mundy or Laird and Greene?

    • Russty_ says:

      I have Smith Laird and Greene but of your choices I'd pick Laird and Greene.

  62. Harrison says:

    Is having 4 Uber’s At M1-4 then BCrouch libba Walsh at M5/6/7 Okay?? I don’t usually like midprice in the middle.. I just want to be as able to bat deeper down fwd & back though.. is crouch and libba doing us any disservice or going to waste trades..

    • Russty_ says:

      No one's sure yet Harrison, time will tell though, the first 2 are risky cause they're injury magnets, Walsh should do ok.

    • Tim says:

      Crouch and Libba could end horrendously, amazingly, or just end up as plain annoyances that aren’t quite top-shelf premium, but are good enough that moving them on feels like a waste of a trade

  63. Russty_ says:

    Had to leave half way through Gator's Draft and ended up with 2 rookies in the midfield and 4 Rucks on the bench…lol, it was all going ok until then, pretty much every other team is predicted to outscore me by about 150 points…hahah, but I will prevail I tells yas!
    How the hell are you supposed to pick your pre-draft list anyhoo?…do you stagger it one line at a time or just make the ones you want the most top priority?…I'm still not sure.
    If anyone could answer I'd appreciate it, I'm a draft rookie.

    • Shake_n_bake says:

      Yeah l went Danger 1st up Russty, Beams 2nd but wasn’t my 2nd choice, my computer froze! Lucky come back up after that!

    • Looks like a threesome fellas I dropped my computer and came in round 5 but got cripps duncan gaff and lloyd my first choice WESTHOFF in predraft i got at 6 so worked better than expected Thing is at 4 i may have missed GAWN cheers boys

      • gator59 says:

        Yep you missed Gawn Neil.. Can't remember who snagged him

        • Bet you got a shock when I didnt pick him .but i cant complain Cripps is a fairly ok player. Also getting Duncan Lloyd and Gaff before joining was a bonus.Always had an eye on two benchies that all left -your bloke Marshall ,he could be anything even no.1 ruck and Fritsch who is jumping out of his skin to prove a point after being wrongly omitted in the last final.Scores big too. Happy enough with my squad cheers

    • Derek says:

      i got Neale at pick 14. that is a bargin

      pretty happy with Hurn #51, Mundy #62 & Rance #99, Even the Chad at #115 was value

      my strategy with draft is to pick the best avaliable. fill up my midfield and then see who is left on the other lines.

      leave rucks until last, always a half decent one left. Got Sam Jacobs with pick 126

      • Shake_n_bake says:

        Im a bit disappointed with my mids had 1st pick then had to wait till last in the 2nd rd. Alot of premium mids gone. Your midfield is strong Derek. But l did try to sure up my other lines.

    • gator59 says:

      If you done a pre draft side Russty and you know what pick you are you gotta snake your side around what pick order you're in

      Having 6 Rucks is a bit funny though…. You're gunna have to hock them off when the free agents pool opens

    • hedski says:

      Fairly happy with my team except I accidentally logged out of draft mid pick and it auto picked Titch for me.
      Also I panicked and picked Daisy Thomas in defence because I nearly ran out of time.

      • Derek says:

        Is it a ‘keeper’ league? Ritchie would be a good pick

        • Derek says:


          • Maverick_ says:

            I was auto picked so My midfield extremely deep. Got Ross Steven & Ecurnow on the bench. Unfortunately I drafted doch though. Slightly disappointed but I’ll still be there come finals 😉

        • hedski says:

          Pretty sure it's a keeper ? Leaves me with no bench cover for my Def's with Titch taking up a spot.

          • derek says:

            other drafts i'm in, the bench cover is automatically done it doesn't matter what position, but only 1 player, but it is the lowest score on the bench (not counting non-players).

            say you have Chad on your forward line and he doesn't play round 1. i will automatically get the lowest score of ANY player on my bench, doesn't matter what position they are in. so if i have Blakely, Scully, Burton and Delidio on my bench, say Burton DEF scores 50 and Delidio MID scores 150, other two don't play, i will automatically get 50.

            unless it is being done different in this league?

            • derek says:

              if i have two injured players on field, say Buddy, i won't get Delidios score, i can only get 1 emergency player.

              as you can see, there was a little bit of strategy with having blakley and Scully on my bench

              i hope Buddy plays

  64. Bells says:

    Maybe the SC scorers went as hard as Grundy did in the JLT?

  65. JEL says:

    Spots still free in the Jock Straps – 176200
    Jump in if interested.

  66. Tim says:

    Which two players would you prefer?

    Witherden and J.Cousins


    Duursma and Angus Brayshaw

    Thank you in advance

    • Gen says:

      XD and AB. Not really sold on Witherden I think i'd prefer Mills as he will get more contested possies and run thru mids

      • Derek says:

        i've had Witherden all pre-season but he is not getting the kick ins (DRich is).

        Not sure about Mills, i'm a big fan, i'd prefer to go up to Hurn, find the extra cash to a keeper.

    • JohnDJ59 says:

      Duursma and Angus Brayshaw are both in my team, the other two aren't.

  67. Gen says:

    My team:
    DEF Laird, Whitfield, B Smith, D Moore, Scrimshaw, Duursma (Clark, Hore)

    MID Cripps, Oliver, Coniglio, Martin, M Crouch, D Sheed*1, Walsh*2, Constable (Butters, Bewley, Gibbons)

    RUC Gawn, English*3 ( ? )*4

    FWD Dangerfield, Heeney, Kelly, Greene, Setterfield, Drew (Parker, Petruccelle)
    *1 Picked Sheed over other mid pricers due to double standout JLT with plenty of CBAs. Also better injury history
    *2 I think walsh will just be better than cousins?
    *3 English to act as stepping stone – hopefully to average 80ish as Bulldogs no. 1 ruck.. ?
    *4 1k off affording FORT who could be a slowburn cash cow, any other cheaper options that make sense?

    • Gen says:

      And no I haven't checked Bye structure and never really do.
      Your thoughts needed please 🙂

    • Derek says:

      i have always gone for a risky R2 (TBC, Lobbe, Sandilands, Lycett) so i have been keeping a close watch on all the cheap ruck options this year.

      originally i thought Kruzer, but we didn't see him play JLT so too much risk there. Longer is an option, but not sure he will even play round 1.

      Vardy, English & Mummy are all around $300k and as #1 rucks in fairly decent teams they must be considered. However, i'm not sure if Hickey or vardy is the first ruck at the eagles. Mummy is suspended for the first few games.

      Leaves English. I do like the young fella. Saw him chase after Florent at Docklands one evening and thought that was pretty nice and keep an eye on him. I saw his game in JLT and wasn't impressed, i thought his SC score was a bit higher than expected, maybe the opponent wasn't that good and he came on fresh in second half. he might score some 80's, but there could be some 60's.

      the one i do like is Lycett (had him last year) i think he is now the #1 at Port. Ryder will play as a forward until he is injured again. As Ports #1 ruck he should score at least 80 – 85 every week with the occasional 100. 80 is probably his minimum. at $441k maybe too expensive.

      It would have been nice to have big sam Naismith up and running at $251k.

      i haven't written off the idea of English instead of Grundy. get a bit of price rise while Grundy drops in price. on a good day save about $200k.

      will that $200k make up the points we lose from having English instead of Grundy? maybe not, but even if it does, we are still wasting a trade to get Grundy. So the extra few points (maybe) is not worth the extra trade.

      Go Grundy if you can, otherwise you take the poor mans Grundy, go Goldy.

  68. Northerner says:

    Is anyone else having the same issue with round 15? I’ve got 9 premos out with 15 in total.

    • Peter56 says:

      Would not worry too much about R15 at this stage, you will have picked up at least 6 players who have already had their byes plus any other trades you have made.
      I start to worry around R10

  69. murray says:

    I think I will run a guns&rookies strategy this year, been burnt by too many midpricers and they are only a stepping stone to a premo which in my view is wasting trades. So here goes, feel free to comment

    Laird, Whitfield, Hurn, Crisp, Williams, Scrimshaw (Clark, Horn)
    Cripps, Oliver, M Crouch, Martin, Walsh, Butters Constable, Scott (Duursma Atkins Gibbons)
    Gawn Grundy
    Dangerfield, Heeney, Greene, Setterfield, Drew, Petruccelle (Parker Wilkinson)

    Feel feel to comment

    • Sharkmove_King says:

      Good year to go complete G'n'R, different from most. I think your backline runs too deep and your forward line not deep enough.

      Greene an interesting pick in a g'n'r, but I'd like to see him at F4. Lose a defender and have Duursma in defense if need be.

      • Derek says:

        agree, Greene is not F3. need another keeper at F3. Mundy and TKelly good options.

        take one of your big 3 defenders out.

        • Murray says:

          Hi Derek, which Def would you suggest I remove – Hurn, Crisp or Whitfield?
          I like T Kelly or Dunkley to add one into the forwards

      • Murray says:

        thanks Sharky
        which Def should I remove, Hurn, Whitfield or Crisp. I can add a T Kelly or Dunkley into the fwd line

    • DavidC says:

      Good team. The only weakness I see is the 3 rooks on the field in the forward line. If you can get that back to 2 it would be better. Pet was in my afl fantasy side last year and he was awful. Parker hasn't been scoring that well either. Drew probably gets dropped for Wines in RD 3/4. Greene as burnt me too many times to go there again but that's just me.

  70. Derek says:

    really good casting of the pod fellas.

  71. DavidC says:

    You are going to run out of trades. Most likely none of those are keepers, possibly Rocky but even he is risky. Goldy is good for the 3rd or 4th best ruck so you will probably still have him at the end.

  72. Ralph says:

    I've changed my team structure due to the apparent lack of forward rookies but I'm really not sure if I still like it.

    DEF: Simpson, Hurn, Williams, B.Smith, Clark, Duursma (Jones, Hore)

    MID: Cripps, Neale, Treloar, Coniglio. M.Crouch, Constable, Drew, Scott (Bewley, Hind, Atkins)

    RUC: Gawn, Goldstein (Bines)

    FWD: Dangerfield, Heeney, Mundy, Greene, Setterfield, Balta (Petruccelle, Parker)

    The people I have replaced are Macrae (Treloar), Grundy (Goldstein), and a forward rookie (Greene). With my new structure I have $30k in the bank but with my old one I had $4000.
    It would be great if I could get some feedback on which structure is best, TIA 🙂

    • Boris_Baconbeer says:

      I was trying to find a way of getting treloar in, but I wouldn't give up Macca for him. Macca has lots of good mids around him to collect his offloads IMO

  73. Vindude says:

    Food for thought for you MasterForeCaster:

    In 2017 Grundys JLT average was 81 in 81% TOG, that year in the season he averaged 97.2

    in 2018 Grundy’s JLT average was 84.8 in 85.4 TOG, that year in the season he averaged 130.4

    So this year his JLT score of 85 points from 88% TOG where he also copped a knock and played on. I still dont have in my team though, too expensive for mine.

  74. Derek says:


    Something a bit different.

    Let me know if people would be interested in joining a group (not a league) where the lowest score of the week is eliminated from the group.

    I believe the administrator can click the red cross and they person is removed. (their fire is extinguished)

    each week the team with the lowest score for the week is eliminated. However the team with the highest score from the previous week has "Immunity" and can't be eliminated if they were the lowest score the following week. The second lowest would then be eliminated.

    Group Code 333164

    If more than 20 people join, we may have to have some 'double elimination' rounds to begin with.

    let me know what people think.

  75. Yung says:

    Opinions much appreciated.
    currently have 70k to fill the ruck bench position. will make up the extra 30k depending on rookies. also not sure about forward structure with the lack of rookies and feeling a lack of confidence in Greene. Also, is Robertion going to be good to go and how confident are we he's going to be fit with this issue showing signs again. Also considering the Hoff instead of Goldy and swinging him forward when Grundy drops in price. Cheers

    Laird Sicily Andrews Smith Roberton Duursma (Clark Hore)
    Cripps Oliver Fyfe Kelly BCrouch Cousins Walsh Scott (Butters Bewley Hind)
    Gawn Goldy SHLENSOG
    Danger Heeney Greene Setterfield Drew Petrucelle (Parker Cavarra)

    • Derek says:

      Fyfe and Kelly didn’t play any JLT. I’m not starting with them. Plenty others to pick.

      Greene played 30 mins of JLT. Not enough to have a good look at him. He not F3. You might have to get rid of one of your big 3 defenders and get a decent F3

      Season will have enough problems, try and not start with some.

      Instead of the Hoff, have you looked at Lycett

  76. TommyC99 says:

    So, what are our thoughts on whether to Go Grawndy or not? I personally have had Goldy and Grundy all preseason but looking at Gawn's scores last year, im not sure i can put myself through hiding behind the couch every time melbourne play.

    • Derek says:

      My thoughts exactly.

      If you go Goldy you stick with him (unless injury). You then have to look at the price difference to points lost over the whole season. The extra points you gain by using the cash saved also needs to be factored in, but that becomes less of an issue after a few weeks.

      My thinking is if the extra cash can get you another premium you are ahead on trades. A Billings to a Heeny, or a Greene to a TKelly.

      If you use the extra cash to get a mid price I can’t see it being better.

      • Derek says:

        Pick your team with Gawn.

        If a down to Goldy gets a mid price to a premium, do it.

        • TommyC99 says:

          With Gawn, i currently have Billings F3 and Greene F4, If i brought in a Goldy, i could turn Billings into Mundy, or Greene into anyone under 513k (although want at least 20k cash left over). Would that be worth it?

          • Derek says:

            that is a fairly solid forward line. however you might be watching the GWS and Saints games from the couch as well.

            I have somthing similar. With Gawn i have Mundy at F3 and Billings at F4.

            With Goldy i can have Devon instead of Billings (or kelly and have some cash left over)

            Gawn & Billings OR Goldy & Devon

            the second is less risk and one less trade. at this stage i'm liking Goldy option.

            If going Goldy was just going to get you from a rookie to Billings/Greene i wouldn't do it

            • TommyC99 says:

              You seem to have a very solid forward line there. The first option will probably score you more points (assuming Gawn averages 120) but is also riskier as Billings could easily be just as poo as last year. The fact he is playing in what appears to be a terrible Saints side is scaring me a little. But as Trig mentioned above, Gawn will prove to be a huge VC option for the first half of the season.

              • Derek says:

                my Goldy team is:

                Hurn, Williams, BSmith, Moore, Ridley, Duusma (Wilkie, Hore)

                Cripps, Oliver, Neale, Dusty, MCrouch, Walsh, Butters, Constable (Bewley, Scott, Gibbons)

                Gawn, Goldy (Bines)

                Dangerfield, Heeney, Mundy, TKelly, Setterfield, Drew (Pettruccelle, Parker)

                • TommyC99 says:

                  Our midfield is almost the same except i have the other Crouch, and have used the extra 100k in defense. I noticed no Collins in your backline and you have Ridley and Moore. Bit of risk there but both showing they should score well if they play well.
                  No witherden is also interesting. What are your thoughts around him? Seems to be a lock in many sides. He hasn't left my side all preseason but downgrading him to a moore/ridley could allow me to strengthen other lines for sure.

                  • Derek says:

                    Witherden only left my team today. has not moved all pre-season. had a look at the kick in numbers from the JLT's, not looking good.

                    I think he will be a good selection, but i was hoping he would get a nice bump from the kickin rules. he took only 4 of the kick ins and DRich took 9.

                    On the other hand, Hurn is all over the kick ins. he took 12 kick in and played on 9 times. welcome my team.

                    I had Ridley in defense ahead of Collins only because i really liked what i saw when i watched the game. Moore only came into the team today, i got rid of Libba to find the cash to go from Witherden to Hurn and the extra cash i went Scrimshaw to Moore, that might not last if i go back to Grundy in ruck. Moore did take 14 kick ins and played on 7 times.

                    • TommyC99 says:

                      That is indeed very interesting Re Witherden. I see a lot of people going big in defense but the rookies in defense are usually good. Are kick in numbers seemingly having a big effect on scoring like we thought they would early on? I think the Witherden selection was primarily based on we thought his average would increase purely on kick in numbers, but Rich's foot skills could lead to him taking more kickouts like in JLT 2. Does that render him not as essential as early on?

                    • Derek says:

                      Witherden I was hoping would be a top 8 defender but needed another 5 – 10 points from kick in rules (considering many other defenders would also benefit). At $450k he seemed the cheap defence premium option. I’m counting 10 ahead of him so he isn’t premium. I’d probably go Mills ahead of him now. But Hurn is locked. Williams locked (could become Mills) and Brodie locked.

                    • TommyC99 says:

                      Fair point. Would you consider Withers – Ridley/Moore in order to upgrade Greene – Mundy? Would leave Billings at F4 but at the same time, I'd have Williams and Smith D2/3 with Crisp D1 and Ridley/Moore D4. It would be going quite light in defense and polar opposite to what i had at the start of pre season where i had Williams D4, but fwd rookies are looking terrible

                • KeenButClueless says:

                  Hi Derek. Would you consider replacing Ridley or Moore with Clark and bringing in Cousins to your midfield?

                  I think Cousins might be as good as Walsh at the same price, and I would rate his points scoring potential as higher than either Moore or Ridley.

                  I also think that Clark will match Constable as an onfield choice.

                  • Derek says:

                    I worry about Clark’s JS. Cats have quite a few to come back including Tuohy. Clark might play a couple and get dropped. I much prefer Scrimshaws JS. Birchall won’t be back until between round 5 to 9 they say.

                    Cousins won’t get the midfield time he got in JLT unless as a tagged while Howe is out. Silk will be in the guts first bounce. Read an article where he is ready to do the midfield minutes to fill the TMitch gap. Scully and Wingard will also pick up slack as they come back.

                    • KeenButClueless says:

                      Very insightful Derek. Much appreciated. Will look at my set up with fresh eyes.

            • Beezneez says:

              Ive had Grundy r1 since the start with various r2's – most of the time with Goldy. However been reading the concerns about Grundy's toe and his corky which obviously affected his JLT output. Currently I've replaced him with Goldy. Then I stuck in Lycett at r2 and the extra cash opened up heaps more possibilities- especially allowing 4 premo forwards. Not comfortable with it but I like Dunkley and Kelly being there at f3 and 4. Any thoughts?

              • Beezneez says:

                Meant to read replaced Grundy with Gawn and Lycett R2.

                • Derek says:

                  i'm not against the Lycett choice. He looks to be #1 ruck at Port. shouldn't score below 80's.

                  swing him forward when Gawn has dropped in price, will be a very handy F6/R3 option for the second half of the year

              • JohnDJ59 says:

                Hi Beezneez I had the Grundy/Gawn combo at the start and mostly stuck with that, but I'm thinking of trading out Grundy for Lycett, so will have a Gawn R1 Lycett R2. I did have D.Smith at F2, but it doesn't look like he will be scoring as well as last year, so was thinking Dunkley, his first JLT turned me off, but then he was back in the guts for the second one, can we trust Bevo to keep him there ?

  77. Sc fanatic says:

    Hi community just wondering if you think Ridley is worth th extra cash than Collins. I think he will avg more but I think Collins has heaps better job security

    • Derek says:

      If role is to make cash, neither. Go a cheapie

      Both will be a slow burn but give you a half decent score before a later upgrade.

      Collins is a fair bit cheaper.

      I like Ridley as I think he has the chance of having that one really good score that feeds his price for 3 weeks, they just need that one game.

      Collins is a defender in a poor team. Will see plenty of the ball.

    • Tyruddanaut says:

      The best points per dollar for defenders saw Ridley go 5th amongst player who played both JLT games: Hore , Clark, Scrimsahw and Duursma saw the lead, and Watson, Jones also ahead

    • Boris_Baconbeer says:

      That's because we rank in numbers lower than 2000… Thanks! SCGenius ;P

    • Hawk131415 says:

      Ive ranked above 2000, but im not probably classed as a regular??my opinion, Merret way over rated and im taking Ridley, see massive upside to him and the peptide pretenders are a long way off so he'll see enough ball to average 80+

    • Russty_ says:

      Gee you must really hate the Bombers, insisting on calling them "the injectors"…some kind of personal issue?
      I'm not picking Merrett but gee you'll look silly calling yourself a genius if he ends up averaging 110.
      Tact, respect and politeness aren't some of your best attributes are they? You seem to hate all the "regulars" here, yet you continue to stay here, shame you can't just try to get along with people rather than always have to intentionally insult and try to belittle people here.
      Some of your points have some Merrett…pardon the pun 🙂

  78. Whitchyyy says:

    What are peoples opinions on Starting Gawn/Grundy and Westhoff in the rucks? Swing the Hoff forward around the byes and upgrade a fwd rook to who ever the other top ruck is. Surely Gawn and Grundy cant stay as expensive as what they are and will drop in price over the start of the season. Starting both isnt an option for me with my current structure, but i feel this is better than starting Goldy or Steph as my R2, as the Hoff is almost guaranteed to be a top 6-8 Fwd based off previous seasons. Feel free to critique and let me know what you guys think. Cheers

    • Derek says:

      I think it is very likely Hoff will lose value as well

      • Whitchyyy says:

        Possibly, but i think that if you start with Goldy, Martin, or any other ruck that isnt Grundy or Gawn, you will need to either keep them for the year, or sideways trade to Gawn or Grundy. Whereas with starting Westhoff, a sideways trade isnt needed (unless he gets injured), and therefore saves a trade or two and gets me to full premo quicker. Because Westy will probably end up in my side at some point no matter what.

        • TommyC99 says:

          But at the same time. You need to factor in if he will be a top 6 fwd or not, and while there’s every chance he will be. Ryder/Lynette combo puts doubt into my mind what his role is

          • Whitchyyy says:

            That is the only thing that is troubling me, I haven't watched any of ports JLT games, but his numbers look good, scoring 54 points from 55% TOG in JLT 1 and then 98 from 83% in JLT 2. And i believe that Ryder and Lycett played both games? Granted all with managed TOG. Anyone have any info on his role in JLT and for round 1?

            • Derek says:

              Ryder head clash early

              • Whitchyyy says:

                I see that. Tipped to play round 1 though. Where does that leave Westhoff?

                • TommyC99 says:

                  Probably the”Mr fix it” man. I think he starts forward but will go back at times if they are struggling

                  • Whitchyyy says:

                    Hmmm it's a hard one, because he seems to score pretty easily without getting massive amounts of goals or disposals, but his lack of a clear roll on the team scares me. I think it will be a last minute decision for me

    • JohnDJ59 says:

      I'm going with Gawn/Lycett combo, at least with Lycett you know what his roll is.

      • Whitchyyy says:

        I thought about lycett, but what will he average? And will he be a keeper?

        • JohnDJ59 says:

          Looking to upgrade him to Grundy later on, but if he's any good will move him to the fwd line when I get Grundy in.

          • Whitchyyy says:

            Hmmm your tempting me johnny boy! The cash I save from going down to lycett means I can go cogs up to macrae

          • Russty_ says:

            I thought you had your GG Ruck combo locked in John…what changed your mind mate?

            • JohnDJ59 says:

              I did Russty, changed it after the JLT series, just not that impressed with Grundy for the amount we are paying for him and Lycett seems to be playing well enough to have at R2 till the byes. Plus it gives me a lot more cash in the kitty for any corrective trades in round two.

              • Russty_ says:

                Fair enough John, I dropped Grundy also, previously had Grundy/ Goldy combo, now it's Gawn/ Goldy for me.

    • Sixtybloody6 says:

      Hoff is on the wing mate. Roaming the ground like Richo did back when he almost stole Charlie that year. Hoff hasn't missed a game in 4 years. LOCK

  79. Sc fanatic says:

    Set and forget Gawn and Grundy.Trades are gold in SuperCoach

    • Tyruddanaut says:

      I don't know about Gawn being the top Ruck, but I agree trades are gold and flexibility is more of an issue whe you're trading rucks

  80. CalebCripps922 says:

    Dunkley or T.Kelly

  81. Harrison says:

    Feel we are one JLT short to get a look at some players.
    I’d like to have seen a few breakout & midprice options once more. Angus brayshaw, Moore, Brad crouch, brodie smith rocky and sheed.. anyone care to shed some light on these options. I don’t have fox footy . What is Angus brayshaws role when Jones and viney returns?

    • Derek says:

      Agree. Would have liked to see more of Greene

    • JohnDJ59 says:

      I'm happy having A.Brayshaw and B.Smith in my team from what I saw, the others, not so much, another game would have been handy. Like Derek said about Green, it makes it hard to pick a guy on a half a game of footy.

    • Tyruddanaut says:

      Brayshaw and Sheed finished off last season well, Moore is a KPP so he won't become a keeper.
      Brayshaw will stay in the midfield, he's a defensove beast with a tank

  82. Murray says:

    thoughts again please, have revised for the umpteenth time

    Def Laird/ Whitfield/ Williams/ Smith/ Scrimshaw/ Duursma (hore, T Watson)

    Mid Cripps/ Oliver/ Martin/ M Crouch/ Libba/ Butters/ Setterfield/ Constable (Scott/ Atkins/ Gibbons)

    Ruck Grundy/ Gawn (Sweet)

    Fwd Dangerfield/ Heeney/ Dunkley/ T Kelly/ Drew/ Petruccelle (Parker Wilkinson)

    Pretty much G&R strategy apart from Smith and Libba. I will see how these two go to see if they become keepers or as a stepping stone to a premo. The rest of the team are all premo's and rookies. Hopefully wont need to make too many trades for the first half of the season. 2K left in the kitty.

    Let me know what you all think of the team please

    • JohnDJ59 says:

      Good looking team, the only thing I would change would be Libba at M5, I'd prefer only premos in the first five midfielders, if you want a mid priced player in the mids I think he should be at M6. I prefer the 5-0-3 structure for the mids, so would be putting a premo in at M5, Walsh at M6, move Setterfield to the fwd line for Wilkinson and trade out one of your top three defenders for Mills or a rookie to cover the cash needed for the other moves. Or just leave it as is.

      • Murray says:

        thanks for the feedback John. I will have a look at this to see if I can incorporate anything

  83. ADEMMCPHEE says:

    No mention of Sam Menegola, is he in the mix for F2 or will other Geelong players steal his points

    • DavidC says:

      Hard to say. He was in the guts in JLT1 and then sat forward in JLT2 with Dahl and Kelly getting the mid time. It's a bit like the doggies, too many mid options.

    • Sharkmove_King says:

      He is a gun and.probably the.most.underrated player in the comp. However, he has had an interrupted pre season, shares a bye with a few guns and is not underpriced (due to his great season last year)….. Upgrade target

    • Tyruddanaut says:

      I took him out of my team after JLT 2. Had a very respectable score in JLT1, but then 59 points from 80% TOG

    • Box says:

      Coming back from injury…………………………….

  84. Harrison says:

    F3 kelly or darling??

    Last midfield spot dusty or Angus brayshaw?
    I REALLY want Angus but dunno how viney will effect his output.

    • JohnDJ59 says:

      I'm going with Gus at M5, not sure Viney will effect his scoring all that much, I'm still worried about Viney's fitness regarding his toe.

  85. Daniel says:

    Love to hear your thoughts on my provisional team….
    Def: Laird, Whitfield, Williams, B.Smith, Clark, Duursma (Collins, Hore)
    Mid: Macrae, Cripps, Oliver, Coniglio, Martin, Constable, Scott, Butters (Gibbons, Bewely, Atkins)
    Ruck: Gawn, Goldstein (Bines)
    Fwd: Dangerfield, Heeney, Dunkley, Setterfield, Drew, Parker (Petruccelle, Hanrahan)

    9,200k left in the bank.Only issues I have is Martin or Yeo….. Also, fwd rookies on the bench Im not confident with.

    • Derek says:

      Might as well throw Burgess on your forward bench. If there is no one else. His DPP is handy if you need to transfer a premium into your forward line means you can trade from the defence as well and swing burgess back

      Burgess or Miscito

    • Tyruddanaut says:

      Take out Gawn, he is going to drop in price with less time as a follower

  86. Patrick says:

    This whole JLT series has put me into the fetal position

  87. Whitchyyy says:

    Butters v Walsh v Cousins. Who do you guys reckon would make the most coin, have the best JS, and score the most. Looking at having 2 of them at M6 and M7. Or i can just squeeze LIbba m6 and one of the above mentioned at m7, but to get the coin, it means i cant have either Lloyd or Laird at D1, who will probably be the top 2 defenders. Thoughts?

    • Tyruddanaut says:

      Walsh!!!!! Scored the most out of any rookie and is a genuine star.

    • JohnDJ59 says:

      Walsh M6, Butters M7.

    • magic mullet says:

      my opinion:
      bets scorer: cousins
      bets js: Walsh
      most cash: butters

      i think Walsh is the best choice though if your picking one but I'm going all 3

    • Whitchyyy says:

      Thanks lads! Will probably start Lloyd at d1 then Walsh and butters

    • NoLanguage96 says:

      Butters out of those 3. Quick cash grab

  88. Banga says:

    Hey lads

    a) Ridley D4 and Mundy F3 (Billings F4, Williams and Smith D2/D3) – 80k left over

    b) Witherden D2 and Greene F4 (Billings F3, Williams and Smith D3/D4) – 15k left over

    • Tyruddanaut says:

      a) Ridley looks like a fantastic option, but I think Walters will perform better than Mundy

  89. Stompers says:

    Peoples thought's on A VandenBerg for F4? Has had 2 top JTL games

    • Not the worst He was that keen to get a game at Melbourne he rode his bike to training , from Canberra. Worked his way up from a rookie and a contested beast, valued at Melbourne.The coaches compare him to Ling a big bodied mid.. Performed exceptionally well JLT definitely on my radar for F4 NDD

    • Tyruddanaut says:

      VanDenBerg didn't play JLT1, so I don't know whqt you mean by that.

      And if your going off JLT, Marshall and Matheson both performed significantly better for similar prices and Impey and Baker also had better scores on PPM

      • Stompers says:

        Your right, must of seen Brayshaws in JLT1, my bad, but loves to tackle. Matheison had to JLTs has his position changed around $80 more, worth a punt??

    • Hawk131415 says:

      Where does he fit when Viney and Jones are back??

    • Prizza says:

      He is in mine Stompers, tackling machine that wins the hard ball ,runs all day and makes the rest stand tall, these types demand the ball from team-mates, great pod imo.

  90. Brn says:

    H mclean..new sydney rookie in town. Take the punt and chuck him up fwd if named rd1. Cant do much worse than other options

  91. Hawk131415 says:

    Could be a new contender for our def stocks in ex collingwood player Jonathon Marsh, St Kilda looking to bolster stocks becuse of Carlile, Roberton and Brown being out first rd,,

  92. Gen says:

    Who are everyone's mid rooks?

    T. Atkins or B. Scott?

    • magic mullet says:


    • Derek says:

      Atkins might only play a couple and get dropped. cats have a lot of players to come back

      • Sharkmove_King says:

        I'm not a cats supporter but I reckon Atkins can hold his spot. He tackles like a man possessed and will play as a small forward. I don't think none of the players to come back play a similar role.

        I would have thought Tuohy would be more likely to take Clark's spot and Selwood would take Constables but I could be wrong. Also, players will get injured as the others come back, it's not like a team gets to.play it's best 22 often.

  93. Daniel says:


    • Ja191 says:


    • Derek says:

      if Dusty is going to play in the guts, he is your man.

      • dontblushbaby says:

        I suspect if Lynch plays, and what I hear he will , go Dusty , also on a side note Jack Ross is a big chance of debuting for the Tigers, however his JS would be a concern ?

    • The Ranger says:

      Fyfe was on FoxFooty last night and said that he thought the new rules would really benefit players like Danger, Cripps, Dusty and himself.
      Powerful mids that rest forward.
      If I was picking I'd go with Dusty.

  94. AlexisP :) says:

    Hi guys,
    Would you run with sheed and english, walsh/S martin or cousins/S martin? Thanks

    • Derek says:

      Cousins won’t get the midfield time he got in JLT unless as a tagger while Howe is out. Silk will be in the guts first bounce. Read an article where he is ready to do the midfield minutes to fill the TMitch gap. Scully and Wingard will also pick up slack as they come back.

  95. Gen says:

    Can Shaun Higgins lift his output to 110

  96. Derek says:


    Something a bit different.

    Due to popular demand, i've created a second Division for the Elimination League.

    Division 1 already has 37 players, so i will reduce that to 20 and start a second division.

    Can the following people add themselves to the new Division 2 code of 140819 (i've removed you from Division 1)

    (completely random)

    Captain Risky (michael)
    Black flag (John)
    Rise of the Worpel (Damian)
    Dragonwolves Howl (Ryan)
    Hall of Fame (Ryan)
    Half Witts (Benjamin)
    Punt Rd Paupers (Darren)
    TheBenoFactors (Ben)
    RealDealNeale (Jon)
    Jolly Jels (John)
    TheSCMessiah (Samvir)
    If it aint boak (Tommy)
    Back 2 Back (Stephen
    Iconic (Connor)
    Shannon Gurn (Jonah)
    Titch'sTackleSnaps (Ryan

    NEW CODE: 140819

    Only the above people to enter the Division 2.

    anyone not already joined, i've set up a Division 3. please join this code 535823.

    each week the team with the lowest score for the week is eliminated. However the team with the highest score from the previous week has "Immunity" and can't be eliminated if they were the lowest score the following week. The second lowest would then be eliminated.

    each week one team will be eliminated until there are 4 left in each Division.

    The remaining will merge and play in the 'Champion of Champions' group.

    Players listed above please join Division 2: Code 140819

    All new players are welcome to join Division 3: Code 535823

    • Russty_ says:

      Thanks Derek, I got out of division 1 and joined 3, cheers mate.

    • Hawk131415 says:

      Its over before it began 🙁 :(:(:(:( ill just go in Div 4 by myself, LOL, and bulls$#t Russty, get in Div 2, i wanna go up against you! HAHAHAHAHA

    • AuroraBorealis?! says:

      I have also removed myself from div one and jumped in div 3. Just a thought however, dont you have to be in all of the divisions to administrate? And what if you get the lowest score, you cant remove yourself from the group because you're the only admin who can remove others. Are you gonna act as the 21st member of all the other divisions as a referee and then have someone else jump in to the group you're actually playing in and have them referee that? Seems like a tricky one to figure out

    • JohnDJ59 says:

      Hi Derek, I just joined division 2, bit I noticed I was still in division 1, I thought you said you had removed us from division 1. or do we have to leave ourselves ?

    • Boris_Baconbeer says:

      Thanks for this fun idea 😀 "BellyButtonFluff" has joined div 3 😀

  97. Shake_n_bake says:

    Cavarra out 3 weeks

  98. Maverick_ says:

    Just made a quick pure GnR side and I must say I was very impressed with what I saw I even think I’d nearly get majority of the rooks lining up R1. Great value in smith crouch libba Williams green Moore Roberton but starting too many of these will burn trades as they won’t finish top 6-8 and are taking spots of pure cash cows. Im torn with which way I’ll go now

    • JohnDJ59 says:

      Out of the players you mentioned, I only have B.Smith at the moment, looking at three rookies on field in def/mid/fwd lines, keeping cash for an upgrade to one premo or two mid priced players once the season starts and I have a better idea what I want to do.

      • Maverick_ says:

        Yeah I think if we get a few rooks named R1 I could also do the same. The midpricers look good on paper right now but how many will I keep seasons end and how much will they make me… I can tell you now I may keep BCrouch but he’s probably the only one the rest will need to be moved on in hope they make 150k each to justify the trade..

    • TommyC99 says:

      Interesting you say that. Which rookies did you include that you didn’t have before you changed it up? Didn’t think there was enough good solid rookies to do pure GnR

      • Maverick_ says:

        Plenty of rooks out there that will play Rd1 tommy it’s more which of those have the JS. Alof of players are just there to cover short term injuries.
        Hore scrimshaw Atkins Clark constable drew duursma McKay all worthy selections but just filling places till players return..

    • Derek says:

      I’m slowly going back to GnR. Got rid of Witherden and Libba today.

      Only have Williams and Brodie.

      Am playing around with Moore and Ridley at D4 and D5.

      1-5-2-4 premiums for me

      Rookies making me do it.

      • I have the same Derek – Smith and Williams only midpricers and 1 5 2 3, cant afford a prem F4 mainly because of GRAWNDY and Cripps/Macrae – 5 high priced rookies probably limit my F4 choices This is tough

    • Russty_ says:

      Hi Mav, I guess going with that strategy you'd have to expect quite a few less points than someone with midpricers in there..especially early in the season…but you'd make more cash on the rookies if they stay on the park.
      For those going with 4 or more midpricers, they're hoping for good points and to make enough cashola to upgrade, some might even be keepers depending on which ones, can also go pear shaped too, if they fail to deliver decent points, you can get stuck with them..
      On the other hand, rookies can easily stagnate too from too many low scores and then you're stuck with them…or get dropped before they make us enough money and then have to be traded to another rookie.
      It's gonna be a tough year mate.

      • The Ranger says:

        Its a bit of a conundrum this year…if we except that cash generation is going to be unusually difficult and we need to maximize it, then that suggests G'n'R is going to be a good idea but then again if you can't find enough playing rookies you have to run midpricers…and that unfortunately, slows your cash generation.
        Ho hum.

        • JohnDJ59 says:

          A catch 22 situation.

        • One Touch Wonder says:

          Don't select players over $568,200 unless they are Dangerfield. Easier than trying to make money is to not lose money.

          • The Ranger says:

            It's an idea but it doesn't alter the fact that you need to generate cash to reach the magic 13mill mark ASAP.

          • Russty_ says:

            Not losing money isn't necessarily scoring good points tough OTW…you could have a bunch of cheaper second tier premos in your side but the top tier guys will always score more points, depends on why you play I guess, Leagues or Overall Ranking.
            If you don't select guys like Macrae, Oliver, Fyfe, Neale, Cripps, Gawn, Grundy to start with, you can't help but be left behind in the points department.
            Also, not having the top scoring players in your side means you have to get them in at some dont don't ya?
            How many trades will that take with all the usual rookie upgrades etc you'll have to make.
            I understand you don't have many rookies onfield but if your midpricers don't make enough money…you'll be stuffed.

  99. Kinglear009 says:

    Really worried about rookies who may bait us in for Rd 1, then get kicked out for other team members immediately after, like:

    Drew, Duursma for Port Adelaide
    Clark, Atkins for Geelong
    Hore for Melbourne

    Can any of these rookies be trusted? My gut says 2 or 3 of these are traps – but you need several in your team.

    Your thoughts, community, as always are appreciated on this problem.

    • Russty_ says:

      You're probably right King..wish I knew the answer but no one does at the moment, think I'm just gonna start whoever gets named round 1 and hope for the best.

    • Captain Risky says:

      I think Hore is gone when May comes back.

      The others look like hanging around for a few more weeks, but i'd want some bench cover!

    • JohnDJ59 says:

      I'm in trouble then, I have all five of them.

    • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

      3 rooks in def.
      And does scrimshaw even get a gig rd 1?

      • Gen says:

        Yeah i think he will. From all reports a great left foot kick and we know that mitchell, birchall, scully and wingard are all that – but not playing

  100. RoyWetard says:

    8 spots filled in a tipping league. Code is 220013 for those interested.

  101. Hawk131415 says:

    Anyone thinking of picking Harris Andrews? think again!!

    • Russty_ says:

      What do you mean Hawk..did he get injured?

      • Hawk131415 says:

        No, he has just said he'll be playing a lot forward this season

        • Russty_ says:

          Oh ok, I don't mind that too much, he's just in my draft side, he takes a good grab so he could do ok fwd, reckon he'll go back into def when Gardiner and Adams get back in 2 to 4 weeks.

  102. dontblushbaby says:

    M5 – M.Crouch or Dusty ? – does it come down if Lynch plays then go Dusty ?

  103. GOAT___23 says:

    My team is officially locked and loaded ready to take out the cash leagues! Give me your thoughts please community
    DEF: Lloyd, Sicily, Witherden, Williams, Clark,Hore/// Burges, Wilkie

    MID: Cripps, Oliver, Neale, Crouch, Taranto, Walsh, Constable, Scott/// Gibbons, Hind, ?

    Ruck: Grundy, Goldstein// Shlononononononong

    Forward: Danger, Heeney, Dunkley, Blakey, Setterfield, Drew// Petrucelle, Parker

    • Moustachio says:

      Can i join your cash league?

    • Nice_Person says:

      Don't really like it

    • NoLanguage96 says:

      Pretty light on in the middle. I'd be sacrificing one down back for a premo mid

      • Russty_ says:

        Yeah me too, Sicily's role and scoring isn't determined yet, I'd hold off on him, and even go Lloyd to Laird or Hurn.

        • Goat___23 says:

          Gday Rusty, you’re not the only one who shares those views on Sicily and i’m glad for that. In Jlt 1 he played a lot forward and the community read a lot into that, but don’t seem to consider that half of the hawks team were missing. In Jlt2 he played pure defence and scored 60jsh from 50% game time. I have no doubts that Sicily will average 105+ again this year. In terms of downgrading one of my defenders in order to upgrade my mds, the only one I think would be feasible to downgrade is Witherden, and even then i’d only he earning 300k and i’d need to find 100k from other places in order to upgrade to a premium mid. I don’t really understand why everyone is concerned about having a stronger Mid then defence if they all end up averaging the same anyway. Eg. Sicily will average around the same as Merrett. Also the question about Lloyd is do you believe he will remain the number 1 defender at the end of 2019? In my case the answer is yes and so I don’t want to put myself behind the 8 ball by missing out on some early scores, although Laird also has the potential to do that. It’s all a big guessing game.

          • Russty_ says:

            Fair enough Goat if you think Sicily will be a top 6 mid, Hurn if you take his 2 lowest scores out from last year would've averaged 101…could save you some biccies but yeah I see what you mean about Witherden, not guaranteed to improve.
            What if you went Witherden to Smith?…should average around the same I feel..and will take kickins.
            Would allow you to get a genuine proven premo in the mids, not that I don't think Taranto is good, he is.
            Could also allow you to upgrade Constable to Butters.
            I guess people's concerns with starting with strong mids is that if they start with the best, they don't have to waste trades upgrading them through the year and don't miss out on the big points they offer.

            • Goat___23 says:

              Yeah i agree with you re Witherden to Smith, but i’m pretty set on Taranto as I genuinely think he’s going to breakout (Again, absolutely no guarantee. But what’s supercoach without a few calculated risks), and according to the jock book he fits the criteria of the next midfield beast. With that in mind, what would a downgrade achieve for me other then being able to upgrade a few rookies? The only thing I can see myself changing is Goldy to Gawn, but then it’s a question of Gawn and Smith vs Goldy and Witherden, and if witherden ends up averaging high 90s-low 100s and Smith ends up averaging high 80s once again i’ll look pretty silly.

              • Russty_ says:

                In regards to what would downgrading Witherden to Smith mean?….I'd say only purely from the point of exiting Taranto who averaged 88 last year and 66 the year before for a guy you know can average 105 +…A Dusty, Coniglio, M.Crouch type.
                Those types in the mid to high 500's.
                I really wanted to start with Taranto this year too, but that m5 gamble for me is gonna be Brayshaw instead.

  104. Bells says:

    I heard that too, and SPS to assume rucking duties.

  105. JohnDJ59 says:

    Only have 10-11 keepers in my team at the moment, is that enough to start with ? most of the teams seem to have 12-13.

    • derek says:

      2 years ago i started with 14 and finished the season with 8 (one of them was gawn who i traded back in). last year i started with 13 and finished with 9. so you are going to lose some to injury no matter what. it does come down to the durability of your premiums. I'm not starting anyone who is going to invite injury to my team. No Fyfe, Kelly, Beams, Gray, Buddy, Greene, Wingard, Walters, DeGoey, Lynch, JJK… you know the ones.

      the theory is to have more premiums so you have less trades to make, as we all know trades become very valuable later in the season. avoid the injuries will save many trades.

      • JohnDJ59 says:

        Hi Derek, I do feel I am light on with only ten keepers, but I decided to only pick the ones I was really happy with, so any players with any doubt hanging over them went out of my team and so I have none of the above mentioned players, happy with the rookies I have picked, just feel I have too many of them on field, so I might have to upgrade one. PS what are your thoughts on Williams, he is one I traded out after the 'managed' out for the JLT2 game.

        • Derek says:

          Williams is fine. I read he got a knock on his anckle early in JLT1, it was still sore for JLT2

          • JohnDJ59 says:

            Thanks for that Derek, I'll put him back in my team, once I work out which rookie to leave out. I have Ridley, Scrimshaw,Clark, Duursma, Hore.

    • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

      Thats just the result of not going pure gnr.

      Hopefully your mid pricers score more than the rooks and can be upgraded quicker

  106. Hawk131415 says:

    In better news, Scully way ahead of schedule and will play earlier than expected 🙂

  107. Daz says:

    Are comments related to money leagues not allowed?

    • Russty_ says:

      No Daz, there's plenty of comments regarding cash leagues…certain swear words aren't allowed, was there any swearing in your post?

      • Daz says:

        I see, maybe it was my language, Im not sure. Was just hunting a cash league putting out feelers and it disappeared.

        • Russty_ says:

          Just try again Daz…you'll work it out.

        • Dusty train says:

          I've got one spot left in a $100 cash league. Email [email protected] if you're keen

          18 entrants x $100 fee = $1,800 prize pool as follows.

          Champion – $625
          Runners up – $300

          Minor premier – $100
          Highest score of the year – $100
          Consolidation award (Winner of Bottom 8) – $100

          $25 weekly to the highest score of the week, in the unlikely event the highest score of the week is tied both will be paid $25 and the latter comes off the champion’s prize end of season = $25 x 23 = $575

  108. Nice_Person says:

    After messing around with sides with many mid priced options I've finally set on a team that is GnR inspired.

    Feels good to finally be there and have my team set in stone

    • Russty_ says:

      Let's see it..if you don't mind?

      • Nice_Person says:

        Laird, Crisp, Williams, Smith

        Macrea, cripps, treloar, cog, crouch x2

        Grundy, Gawn

        Danger, Billbo, Greene

        • Russty_ says:

          Fwds might be a bit light maybe…don't have the stones to pick B.Crouch myself, going Brayshaw instead.
          Backline's pretty strong…and Rucks the best.

        • Sharkmove_King says:

          Still a few mid pricers in there, similar to the amount I have, although different players mostly.

    • Prizza says:

      Before the rookies are named ?

    • Maverick_ says:

      4 midpricers 5 if you call billing’s a midprice. Not sure how that’s GnR? & No heeney NP? Don’t think he will be worth his price…

      • Nice_Person says:

        Yeah but they are selected as keepers. I remember many teams had Greene and billings f1/2 last year. They are capable
        Heeney sore ankle, and his past ceiling has showed me it won't hurt not to start him, unlike a laird

        • Maverick_ says:

          All valid points. Cheers mate . Side looks good I like it without heeney and libba. Something different. Interesting to see if walsh is M7. I’m still unsure at his price

  109. Nick says:

    made a vid on supercoach forwards https://youtu.be/6gIqJfK8t2E

  110. SCGenius says:

    Great info MFC. I looked into it a bit deeper and found some real interesting intel.
    Rucks are being scored less by CD this year due to the 6-6-6 rule. It hasn't been officially announced but by comparing ruck stats from last year against JLT stats I see about 30 points p/game reduction for the same output from Gawn, Grundy, Goldy.
    example: Gawn round 15 last year
    14K, 11hb,11mk,39ho, 1tk, 3fa, 3ff, 1 behind SC 145 -note that FA equal -4 so 157 without the fa's
    14k, 8hb, 8mk, 32ho, 1tk, 0fa, 3ff, oscores, SC 119=58 less than last year if fa's are deleted

    effective hb only 1.5pts, marks 2-8pts so, Max had 4.5 extra points from hb and 12 extra from marks and maybe 5 for ho to advantage =21.5 yet his score was 58 higher last year, accounting for fa's, this is a 30 points reduction!

    No full priced rucks for me to start 2019, I'll start an extra 2 mid ultra-premos and get the top 2 rucks when they are as you say 100-200k cheaper at the byes

  111. SCGenius says:

    I just added this to the post about rucks from master forecaster
    Great info MFC. I looked into it a bit deeper and found some real interesting intel.
    Rucks are being scored less by CD this year due to the 6-6-6 rule. It hasn't been officially announced but by comparing ruck stats from last year against JLT stats I see about 20 points p/game reduction for the same output.
    example: Gawn round 15 last year
    14K, 11hb,11mk,39ho, 1tk, 3fa, 3ff, 1 behind SC 145 -note that FA equal -4 so 157 without the fa's
    14k, 8hb, 8mk, 32ho, 1tk, 0fa, 3ff, oscores, SC 119=58 less than last year if fa's are deleted
    effective hb only 1.5pts, marks 2-8pts so, Max had 4.5 extra points from hb and 12 extra from marks and maybe 5 for ho to advantage =21.5 yet his score was 58 higher last year, accounting for fa's, this is a 30 points reduction!
    No full priced rucks for me to start 2019, I'll start an extra 2 uber mid premos and the rucks when they are as you say 100-200k cheaper at the byes

    • Nice_Person says:

      Supercoach isn't that simple, many of those points will be called throughout the game, score involvements, score assists, intercept possessions.

      I would not surprise me if Gawn had a number of contested intercept marks in that round 15 game.
      You are analysing this as if its DT

      • SCGenius says:

        LOL you never learn do you mate? Your dismissal of intel you didn't uncover yourself is the primary reason that you ALWAYS go backwards EVERY week after the byes. When you finish INSIDE the top 100 you might have have reason to be dismissive and arrogant but until then STFU

        • AuroraBorealis?! says:

          the vital intangible part of supercoach scoring is those extra points for the influence of the stat. The intel isn't bad it just can't be taken at complete face value. Don't think he was being arrogant in his post mate

    • Sixtybloody6 says:

      "hasn't been officially announced yet" haha. Source/link otherwise it's void. The scoring will be the same, 6-6-6 has no bearing on the scoring, only making the game faster for each bounce after a goal.

      You see about 20 points reduction? So the rucks you choose instead of the GG combo will have 40 point reduction because they are useless. You won't get 2 Uber premo misse instead of the rucks because you are only saving yourself 300k max……that's not Uber premo bud. Nice try.

  112. Murray says:

    thoughts again please, have revised for the umpteenth time

    Def Laird/ Whitfield/ Williams/ Smith/ Scrimshaw/ Duursma (Hore,/ T Watson)

    Mid Cripps/ Oliver/ Martin/ M Crouch/ Libba/ Butters/ Setterfield/ Constable (Scott/ Atkins/ Gibbons)

    Ruck Grundy/ Gawn (Sweet)

    Fwd Dangerfield/ Heeney/ Dunkley/ T Kelly/ Drew/ Petruccelle (Parker Wilkinson)

    Pretty much G&R strategy apart from Smith and Libba. Will see how these two go to see if they become keepers or as a stepping stone to a premo. The rest of the team are all premo and rookies.

    Hopefully wont need to make too many trades for the first half of the season. 2K left in the kitty.

    Let me know what you all think of the team please

    • DavidC says:

      Gee there are a lot riding the burn man Brodie Smith train. Good luck, I can't do it.

    • Beezneez says:

      Hey Murray this team is pretty close to mine. Noticed you changed B Crouch to Libba which probably enabled Goldy to Gawn. The Gawndy ruck setup certainly gives more confidence. I can't find it within myself to get rid of B Crouch yet. If Fyfe and Kelly didn't have question marks over them they'd both be in my side. See you still couldn't fit Walsh in and neither could I but you can't have everyone. We have differences in some of the rooks and a few midfielders such as Cogs. Like most people teams are still a work in progress.

      • Murray says:

        Yes Beezneez
        very much a work in progress. I have gone back to B Crouch and dropped Libba. I did this because I think you need a strong F5 who might stay as a keeper or be a good stepping stone. I kept Smith also, I now think he is a solid and safe F4 pick. I very much want to have set and forget Gawn and Grundy even if they are expensive. You wont need to worry about them for the season and I dont want to be worrying about this line, there will be enough issues on the other 3 lines once the season gets under way.

        I dont have Walsh although at times I have moved heaven and earth to get him. However I dont think he will make a huge amount of coin and it is a lot to spend on a top quality rookie. Will have to wait on the team selections to see if my other rookies are named

        I will reveal my team in a moment. Good luck with your season

  113. The Saltshaker says:

    Updated my team,

    Going for more rookies at this stage, i both like it and dont like it….I really wanna get brad crouch

    Thanks lads,

    Have loaded up on rookies I think will be getting games.

    Def: Laird, Smith, Roberton, *Ridley, Clark, Dursma, (Collins, *Scrimshaw)
    Mid: Macrae, Cripps, Dusty, M.Crouch, Rocky, Sheed, *Cousins, Walsh, Constable (*Butters, Scott, Gibbons)
    Ruck: Grundy, Gawn, (Clarke)
    Fwd: Danger, Heeney, Greene, Setterfield, *Moore, Drew, (Bolta,*Petrucelle, )

    $13,100 left

    * new inclusions

  114. Will says:

    Billings or Boak as FWD POD?

  115. Mark says:

    thoughts on my team lads
    def- laird, Williams, smith, ridley, scrimshaw, duursma, (clark, hore)
    mid- macrae, cripps, oliver, neale, martin, libba, walsh, butters (constable, gibbins, bewley)
    ruck- gawn, goldy (Clarke)
    fwd- danger, Kelly, Heeney, rozee, settlefield, drew, (burgess, parker)
    not too sure on some of the rookies but pretty happy with everything else

  116. Dan says:

    Whitfield v Crisp v Hurn?

    • Gen says:

      Whitfield IMO, all will be solid without being spectacular

    • Sharkmove_King says:

      Whitfield because he is the only one there that has the potential to hurt you if you don't have him. By that I mean if everything went right he could average 105+. I reckon the other two will be more or less the same.

      All good durable players though that will be top6 thereabouts.

    • Twilightingale says:


    • Maverick_ says:

      I am actually in the exact same situation dan! Glad I seen this. I have crisp Currently but his DE% worries me he can find the ball all day but hasn’t learnt to hit targets once he does he can add 5 pts to his avg. and has a higher ceiling than hurn. But you know what you get with hurn every week 90-100, mr reliable.

  117. daveywarner says:

    Stef or Goldy? HELP

  118. TommyC99 says:

    I’m seeing a few people on here start to lean towards GnR. It’s all good in theory but how do you plan on doing it? There doesn’t seem to be the plethora of rookies with solid JS and scoring potential to be able to build a “successful” GnR team

    • Russty_ says:

      Hey Tommy, I think some of the people who say they are doing this, are counting some of their midpricers as guns…can't see a guns n rookies strategy working really, there's just not enough rookies for now.
      This is the season of the midpricer.

      • Rocksta_ says:

        I’m not quite sure how to describe what I’ve ended up with, but keeping it simple, I have 13 Keepers.
        It’s one less than I normally start a season with but can’t be avoided due to the better Rookies being expensive this season. I think I only have 1 Genuine Midpricer and that is Darcy Moore , and he’s in my forward line. I have Ridley as well but he’d be considered a Rookie yea?

        • Russty_ says:

          Sounds intriguing Rocksta, yeah Ridley is an expensive 3 game rookie, I'd like to see your squad.

          • Rocksta_ says:

            You will soon enough Russty in the JR Community Group- Team Name ‘On de goey’.

            Putting a team together this year has done my head in.

            • Russty_ says:

              Know the feeling mate!….games are meant to be fun, not stressful!…hahah

    • Derek says:

      I think there is enough rookies

      Every year there are a few surprises

      If there are only just enough, everyone will have them, meaning no real advantage. Game will be played out in the premiums

    • Maverick_ says:

      I have a midprice squad and a GnR side I’ll roll out the side I feel more confident with Thursday week when I know the Rd1 teams . I think there will be plenty of rooks named R1 but all with horrible JS majority just covering short term injuries and won’t hold there spots for long enough to generate the $$$. Scrimshaw McKay duursma drew constable Clark Atkins all just coverin injuries hard to see any locked in there sides best 22 consistently.

      • Rocksta_ says:

        I hope you’re wrong Mav. I have 6 of the ones you just named.

        • Maverick_ says:

          I hope I am too rocksta. But these blokes played extended lists through JLT then have the following blokes to walk back into there 22 when fit…
          McKay- Tarrant Thompson returning
          Atkins constable & clark – Tuohey & scooter
          Duursma & drew – Hartlett wines

          They’re all due back from injury in under 3 weeks and in there sides best 22.

          • Beezneez says:

            Adelaide Advertiser this morning says Wines a chance for round one or soon after if not named then.

      • Russty_ says:

        Hey Mav, I think that's reason enough alone to adopt a midpricer friendly attitude to this year, at least they'll still have a job in week 3-4.

        • Maverick_ says:

          Yeah it’s certainly starting to shape up that way russty. It’s making me very uneasy and anxious haha this year will be very interesting

  119. paul says:

    Gday Community,

    Is having both williams and smith essential?

    if not who do we prefer and why?

    • Russty_ says:

      If you want a good midfield and half decent forward line paul, I think they are essential.

    • Twilightingale says:

      Not essential but both present good value. Williams preferred as previous scoring suggests he'll be thereabouts a top 6-8 defender and picking him as a discounted premium.

      Smith hasn't shown he can be a premium defender and would likely need to be traded out at some point, but will appreciate in value and provide streaky scoring.

  120. Aaron says:

    Who would be considered the number 1 defender currently?

    Seeing Lloyd not play fantastic in Jlt 1 makes you question the price youre paying for him.

    Simpson there is always the question of his age, and if it will someday impact his supercoach output

    Laird I personally dont see as a starter this year, mainly due to Smith taking kick outs this year and the emergence of Milera may mean lairds points may be stolen

    Sicily being trialed as a swingmen is horrific for supercoach output as he clearly wont be racking up as many intercept possesions whilst having to rely on goals for his score to be considered good.

    Hurn is another interesting one as he is the go to man for west coast in terms of kickout, which will see a boost in his season average by hopefully 10 points, however hurn has only scored more than 90 3 times since 2006.

    • Russty_ says:

      Laird is solid, and doesn't rely on kicking in for his scores, he receives a lot of the kick ins and Smith is a good kick.
      Number 1 defender is probably still Lloyd or Laird.

    • Rocksta_ says:

      I don’t think anybody can take points off Laird. He’s also Durable and in his Prime. He’ll be the No.1 defender IMO.

    • Twilightingale says:

      Lloyd, Laird, Whitfield top 3 for mine. Not worried about Lloyd or Laird

    • Beezneez says:

      Agree totally with all previous replies.

  121. George S says:

    Hi all- Any love for Worpel as a forward? Will get plenty of midfield time and might average 90??

    • Russty_ says:

      Not from me George, midpricer-wise, I like Greene but Vandenberg could be an option, a mature aged 27 year old with a lifeline but his injury history concerns me, maybe even Rowan Marshall if he lines up as the Saint's number 1 ruck.

    • Twilightingale says:

      Will improve his average from last season no doubt, but "might average 90" isn't enough to pick him

  122. Riley says:

    Laird and Hurn at d1 and d2


    Lloyd and williams at d1 and d2 plus 102k in bank

  123. Russty_ says:

    Darcy Moore in 2017, when he played 21 games, ended up averaging 61.5.
    These are his lowest scores from the 21 games.
    11 of his 21 scores were all under 60.
    Not trying to discourage anyone, just an observation, has hamstring injury history also…that's a bit of a worry, not for me.
    Wondering if a rookie could do better than that.

    • Maverick_ says:

      Did play a completely different job role though russty. Big difference between a KPF and a HB who’ll intercept and share some kick ins. I’m taking the gamble at this point..

      • Russty_ says:

        True Mav, Sicily really came along when cast into a defensive role, I wish him all the best, he's still only 23 so could do well. Good luck with him Mav.

        • gator59 says:

          Only good thing Moore has got going for him Russty is his DPP and that;s it … A big pass from me

        • Hawk131415 says:

          Be honest, he's no Sicily, not by a long shot, played a half decent jlt and thats it, wouldnt touch him..

    • Russty_ says:

      Fair argument SCG, I'm starting to see the upside now, if he stays on the field he could actually be pretty good, he's risky with the durability but it could pay off, I can fit him into my side too. Worst case scenario I guess is if he goes down early on, could still get a decent rookie for him.

  124. DEESNUTSRBIG says:

    DIV 1 JR Community

  125. See Willie says:

    Could someone advise when do your trades start to count in Supercoach , when the season starts or after the first or second round?.

    • Ja191 says:

      When the season starts but leagues don’t start until round 3

      • Maverick_ says:

        Teams will be locked in from the bounce of game 1 Thursday night and you then start using trades… it’s a rolling lockout so you can trade through rounds and make subs/emergency’s if they r yet to play

        • See Willie says:


        • kevwal says:

          So, the trades you make DURING the rolling round 1 lockout come off your 30 trades for the season?

        • hedski says:

          Na Mav, players get locked out from the first bounce of their game.
          Blues and tigers will be locked in Thursday night, when the game starts.
          All other players can still be traded until the commencement of their game.
          You can still trade players all weekend without it coming out of your 30 trades.

  126. Derek says:


    Something a bit different.

    Due to popular demand, i've created a second Division for the Elimination League.

    Division 1 already has 37 players, so i will reduce that to 20 and start a second division.

    Can the following people add themselves to the new Division 2 code of 140819 (i've removed you from Division 1)

    (completely random)

    Hall of Fame (Ryan)
    Half Witts (Benjamin)
    Punt Rd Paupers (Darren)
    TheBenoFactors (Ben)
    RealDealNeale (Jon)

    TheSCMessiah (Samvir)

    Back 2 Back (Stephen
    Iconic (Connor)


    NEW CODE: 140819

    Only the above people to enter the Division 2.

    anyone not already joined, i've set up a Division 3. please join this code 535823.

    each week the team with the lowest score for the week is eliminated. However the team with the highest score from the previous week has "Immunity" and can't be eliminated if they were the lowest score the following week. The second lowest would then be eliminated.

    each week one team will be eliminated until there are 4 left in each Division.

    The remaining will merge and play in the 'Champion of Champions' group.

    Players listed above please join Division 2: Code 140819

    All new players are welcome to join Division 3: Code 535823

    • Derek says:

      once Div has 20, don't add your name, i will set up a Div 4 if there is enough interest

      • TelescopicCox says:

        Thanks Derek. I'm "RealDealNeale" so I've just in to Div2

        • Derek says:

          i'm not good at maths. there are 23 in Div 1. can 3 people from Div 1 jump into Div 2.

          • flagthistime? says:

            Great idea
            I'm in Div3 but see there are more than 20, let me know when Div4 is open and I'l switch
            Thanks for organising

    • benodonohue says:

      Thanks Derek, I’m now in Div 2 “TheBenoFactors’

    • Dingus says:

      Hi Derek, tried joining div 3 but got the "not Found" msg

  127. Harrison says:

    Whitfield- What exactly is his JR? Leon has said he may even play forward some games????
    Hurn- always so consistent but doesn’t have the ceilingofthe other two options 🙁
    Crisp- lots of possessions but doesn’t seem to get the scores. Looks to be able to go big I think.

    Moore V Greene for -F4 something like this:
    Moore (F4) & laird (D1) VS Greene (F4) & crisp/Whitfield/hurn (D1)

    Thanks in advance

    Help please

    • Derek says:

      i read that comment from Whitfield where he said he might get asked to play forward because Williams and Heater have the defense sorted out. he didn't say anything about midfield. crossed him off and went to Hurn. hurn will ride the kickin rules

  128. magic mullet says:

    my team:

    B- hurn, z williams, b smith, collins, clark, scrimshaw (duursma, hore)
    M- macrae, crippa, oliver, cogs, steele, cousins, walsh, butters (constable, atkins, scott)
    R- grundy, goldy (bines)
    F- danger, heeney, kelly, billings, setterfeld, drew (burgess, parker)

    what do you guys think?

    I might change goldy to big boy McEvoy or Steele to o'meara or Sloane

    honest feedback appreciated

    • Sharkmove_King says:

      Great team! Nice structure and I like some of the pods too. But if I have to say the 1 thing I don't like it's no Gawn. I would do anything to get him in. Drop Cousins for a basement rookie and put one of those 3 on the bench in the 22…. Anything

    • NoLanguage96 says:

      Not sure about Steele, I'd be upgrading him to a top 6 mid if you can. Sloane would do nicely. Stick with Goldy I reckon!

  129. Daz says:

    Why is everyone frothing on Brodie Smith?

    330 odd k and most years averages around 75. Had one year where he avged 95 but thats like one out of 7 and even when they were minor premiers he avged 80ish and played every game.

    Don't really understand the hype, would love a contrary view.

    • Kinglear009 says:

      He's taking the kick ins – averaged very well over JLT from those easy, reliable disposals.

      • Derek says:

        JLT1 he took 3 kick in and played on twice.

        JLT2 he took 5 kick ins and played on 4 times.

        Next best was Doedee who took 3. Laird took 1 kick in.

        small sample, but looks like he is the man to take the kicks. when he does he goes long.

        • Kinglear009 says:

          Nice stats Derek – let's hope it continue.

          On a side note, most kick ins in JLT? Darcy Moore. Bloody tempting.

    • Rick Grimes says:

      As Derek says, those extra plays should (should) push him up to 85-95 ave which is pretty respectable. But you're also right that he's not super cheap and I don't think he's essential.

      • Brn says:

        The way i see it, smith gives me the money to get greene as f4, who are my only two midpricers.

        Think its reasonable to hope for a 90 average from both, which will put them both on the cusp of being keepers, wheras a premo and a rookie would definitely require an upgrade.

        Moreover, 180 points is going to do better than a premium like simpson/whitfield combined with the crappiest fwd rookie. Its already been said that smith is telling others that 'the kick ins are his', so thats my reasoning anyway

  130. Banga says:

    Moore or Ridley? Or do we just trust a rookie?

  131. Mick says:

    Hey community,

    My team is set i feel, i have 85k in the bank and would appreciate any feedback

    DEF: LLoyd, Williams, Smith, Scrimshaw, Clark, Duursma (Burgess, Hore)

    MID: Macrae, Cripps, Oliver, Neale, Treloar, Brad Coruch, Walsh, Butters ( Atkins, Gibbons, Constable)

    RUCK: Gawn, Goldy (Fort)

    FWD: Danger, Heeney, Billings, Setters, Drew, Petruccelle (Parker, Williams)

    Now before people have a crack at my defence, i firmly believe Williams and Lloyd will be top 6 Defenders this year easily. Smith will increase his average from 90 to about 95-100 now as he will take ALL of the crows kick ins, but of course there is the question mark of if he will stay fit.

    Ive been tossing up who to pick at M5, Ive had Duncan in most of the pre season but with his low scoring ceiling, he will never be a captain option for me. Treloar is currently at M5 as he has a high ceiling, but im still unsure as to whether beams coming into the side impacts his scoring output

    • Derek says:

      are you temped to use your cash to upgrade Billings to TimKelly? or you think Billings will be top 8 forward?

      • Mick says:

        Billings with his new role should average 95-100, we saw him play fairly well once his role changed in the back end of last year.

        At his price i think he is a solid m3,

    • Ben says:

      Smith’s last 3 seasons he’s averaged 77, 75, 82. It’s a nice team but your delusional if you think Smith can make a 20 point jump to 95-100

      • Bevo says:

        Lol. So a player cant increase their average and will only score what they made historically? By extension there are no breakout players that do exactly that? And anyone thinking they can try and pick a potential break out player is then, by your esteemed and learned opinion, delusional? With your amazing knowledge, insights and… crystal balls, it would probably be amusing, er, i mean informative to sight your perfect team, ben.

        • Ben says:

          Bevo, your clearly an uneducated moron. What is the likely hood of a 27 year old coming off acl surgery, who has also had 3 mediocre supercoach seasons following his only good supercoach year breaking out? Same odds as the apocalypse happening.

          I never said players can't increase their average and break out, happens every year. Generally these are younger players hitting their prime who improve year after year. This is not the case.

          • Whitchyyy says:

            With Brodie taking kick ins, the new rule change could be enough to push him up over the 90 average, which should be enough for him to make enough cash to be upgraded around the byes. And you never know, he may just end up being a keeper, his JLT form looked promising. He is one of the two midpricers i am starting this year, and I feel pretty confident about him.

  132. yung says:

    Is williams a must have?

    • Derek says:

      i am picking him as a keeper, or at least as a last defense upgrade if i have a trade or two left after the byes.

      if you don't see him as a keeper, he becomes an expensive midpricer who won't make much cash (like Brad Crouch)

      • Brn says:

        Nothing wrong with picking someone who scores well like brad crouch, and a sneaky trade to an ultra premo later on if he doesnt get quiet that good. In terms of overall, it will get you the points. From there just hold on and hope for one less injury

  133. Harrison says:

    Brad crouch a good punt at M5? He should avg 105+ if he stays on the park.. libba is M6 dunno if that’s to light on

    • Derek says:

      i would go Libba to a rookie and get an uber premium instead of brad

      Brad might be this years coniglio, but even coniglio last year still needed to be upgraded to an uber at some stage

      If you think he can be last years Macrae? you're laughing.

      • gator59 says:

        Good advice Derek

      • Beezneez says:

        I had Coniglio from day one last year to the end. He averaged 108 with 12 tons from 21 games. Lowest score 64, 4 in the 80's (2 × 89) , 1 @ 79 and 3 in the 90's. Think he appreciated by over $100k. Not saying Brad will replicate that but he is looking really good in the games so far which included a practice match before the JLT. He is capable of a 100 + average imo but he also may have games where he scores not so good. The same can be said for Libba but the price difference of $118k may be too hard to ignore. I'm going with Brad cos It's more heart than head which is a SC no-no.

    • daveywarner says:

      105+ is a huge ask given his time out of the game in recent seasons. How could actually is this guy? Martin, Higgins, Parker, Sidebottom etc only averaged 100-104 last year haha

      • Brn says:

        Goal – score points and get the best players while at it.

        We have no problem picking all sorts of players who will lose a drastic amount of cash, but we suddenly have a problem with picking someone who will increase well and score well. Trades are gold. But using that one trade on that one midpricer who could fail isnt the end of the world

        • Brn says:

          3 types

          Money makers


          Sound investments that can give the original scoring edge over typical guns and rookies

          • Brn says:

            Sorry for a third reply but, hypothetically, if you choose greene over kelly, and they score the same… bam there's 150k. If crouch somehow scores as much as a uber premium, theres another 150k saving, and you are winning supercoach

    • The Ranger says:

      Before they broke into the ones Brad was rated higher than Matt so no doubt he has potential but he's too much of an injury risk for me to start him.

  134. Baggabonds says:

    Just a little help community.

    Was wondering which would be the best option?

    1) j Selwood + b crouch
    2) j Selwood + d sheed (worried about when gaff returns)
    3) j macrae + gibbons which frees up cash to upgrade Hurn to Lloyd in the backline.

    Thanks community

    • gator59 says:

      2 for me Bagga… I wouldn't worry about Gaff to much he played both JLT's and didn't make much of an impact on Sheed's scoring ability

  135. Murray says:

    I think mt team is just about set now. Thoughts again please:

    D Laird/ Whitfield/ Williams/ Smith/ Scrimshaw/ Clark (Hore,/ T Watson)

    M Cripps/ Oliver/ Martin/ M Crouch/ B Crouch/ Butters/ Duursma/ Constable (Scott/ Atkins/ Gibbons)

    R Grundy/ Gawn (Sweet)

    F Dangerfield/ Heeney/ T Kelly/ T Greene/ Setterfield/ Drew ( Petruccelle Parker)

    Pretty much G&R strategy apart from Smith Greene and B Crouch. Will see how these three go to see if they become keepers or as a stepping stone to a premo. The rest of the team are all premo and rookies.

    Hopefully wont need to make too many trades for the first half of the season. 4K left in the kitty.

    Let me know what you all think of the team please

    • gator59 says:

      My opinion you are one Premo short in the mids.. I wouldn't rely on B Crouch to get you through..

      It may work but to much risk for me.. A solid side and hope all works for you

      • Murray says:

        Hi Gator, would you keep B Crouch as F6 and go an extra premo or drop him completely and go for an M5 premo. Will probably mean I have to go without Gawn or Grundy to get the 160k i need to get a premo

        • gator59 says:

          I would get rid of both Crouch and Greene and get an Uber Mid Premo and work around that

          Maybe even downgrade either Laird or Whitfield to a Ridley or who ever you want then you could go an extra premo in the fwds or mid

          Just my take on your side and good luck who ever you choose

          May be get Dursma into the backs and get Walsh into the mids also .. He's a gun

  136. jeff says:

    B Smith and Ridley or Williams and Collins/Scrimshaw?????

    • JohnDJ59 says:

      I have Williams D3, B.Smith D4, Ridley D5, Scrimshaw D6. if that is any help. I can see why you are having problems though, very hard to split the two combos. PS not Collins.

  137. Derek says:

    who is going to be this years Macrae?

    what was Macrae's starting price last year? $450k?

    is there anyone around that price who could? BCrouch, Shiel, Taranto, Fiorini, Hopper…. can't see it, but i didn't see it last year either

  138. gator59 says:

    Baron has just put out a rookie spread sheet which is absolute GOLD.. Check it out now

  139. Nick says:

    Gday community,
    Who do u think will be the highest scoring rookie out of Parker, Burgess and gibbons. Starting to think all 3 will be slow burns or may even get dropped after a few games.

    • gator59 says:

      If you go and check out Baron's Rookie Spread Sheet Nick ,,You'll answer your own question… Slow burns

    • Sharkmove_King says:

      2 small forwards & 1 key forward all from teams that finished bottom 4 last year…Yuck!

      I'm gonna say Gibbons will be the best scorer on the odd chance he spends a rotation or 2 in the midfield.

      Having said that i wouldn't pick him before Scott, Constable or Atkins

  140. JohnDJ59 says:

    My final team until the round 1 teams come out. Def: Simpson, Mills, Williams, B.Smith, Ridley, Scrimshaw. ( Clark, Duursma ) Mid: Cripps, Oliver, Coniglio, M.Crouch, A.Brayshaw, Sheed, Walsh, Butters. ( Constable, Scott, Atkins ) Ruck: Gawn, Lycett ( Bines ) Fwd: Danger, Heeney, Greene, McCarthy, Setterfield, Drew. ( Petruccelle, Parker )

    • KeenButClueless says:

      Some real difference here John. Love the Lycett play. Considering it myself, but keep coming back to Grundy Gawn. Will keep Lycett on the forward line. Just got a feeling that if any of the big boys miss a week or two along the way then having cover might prove to be an advantage. Respect the Simpson pick, but I am with Derek on the Hurn bandwagon.

      • JohnDJ59 says:

        Hi Keen I did have the Grundy/Gawn combo for most of the last six weeks, changed to Lycett after the JLT series, I wasn't really blown away by Grundy's performance in those two games and it freed up some significant cash for me to use in the defence and midfield lines. Still not happy with my F3, since I traded out D.Smith I've had a hard time deciding who to replace him with. Was going to go with Dunkley at first but not sure about his role after the JLT.

        • Hawk131415 says:

          Gutsy call on R2, man, hope it works out, i dont have the stones, But if i did i'd go Sinclair?

          • Rick Grimes says:

            I'm seriously considering Sinclair. My stones are only medium sized, so I'm wavering.

            • Hawk131415 says:

              Hahahaha, Grimesy, im leaning there, got to take risks hey? to set yourself apart???

          • JohnDJ59 says:

            Hi Hawk, a few people have been getting into me about it on other sites, especially since I was big on the Grundy/Gawn combo from the start, but it was hindering my other lines just a bit too much, I know I will lose points in the ruck, but I should make it up from the upgrades I was able to do with the extra 267k.

    • Kinglear009 says:

      Sheed and McCarthy in particular feel like JLT-chasing-point selections. Do you reckon they can keep it up?

      • JohnDJ59 says:

        I know what you mean about McCarthy, but he is priced as a rookie and Sheed did have a good end to the season last year. Having said that, they are players that I am considering replacing.

        • Hawk131415 says:

          Sheed scares me, but could be that POD breakout? i didnt see enough last year though to convince me,,

    • Russty_ says:

      Hi John, Nice mids but I'm not a fan of the Sheed pick, think he could be a trap, Libba would save you 94k there, could score better or similar to Sheed… also I'd prefer Laird over Simmo, and I'm not understanding the McCarthy pick, reckon he needs an upgrade.
      Don't really think Mills is necessary in your backline…you could save some serious dosh omitting him.
      Hope you don't think I'm being overly critical mate, just my observations. 🙂
      Reckon Lycett could do ok this year hopefully averaging 90+..he's due and if he is number 1 ruck has a good chance.

      • JohnDJ59 says:

        I'm always open to good advise Russty, looks like most people are against the Sheed pick, so will go back to my 5-0-3 structure in the mids. I will be upgrading McCarthy to Billings. I'm happy with my backline, Lloyd and Laird will be my upgrades.Glad someone doesn't mind the Lycett pick, I'm taking a bit of a gamble there, but I'm happy with it.

    • Derek says:

      I like the Mills selection if he gets the midfield time. As long as McVeigh and Lloyd stays fit I think he will

      I don’t mind the Brayshaw selection, I can see him being the link player between Gawn/Oliver/Viney and the forwards. Could be the Macrae of this year.

      Don’t like Sheed. JLT trap with no Gaff and the ofther eagle forwards going at rat power, he was only one actually trying. I would have a look at the Freo Brayshaw at M6 if you want a pod.

      Lycett will be good if he is the #1 Ruck at Port.
      Last year he was second tuck behind NicNat and he did ok. As second ruck and forward he will ave 80+ especially his second year back after a big knee acl. The big blokes take awhile to be fully fit. But if he can take that first ruck role and Ryder is either injured or plays as a forward, I can see a 90+ average easy. This means he easily swings to your F6/R3 for the second half of year. If he was $50k cheaper I’d be doing it.

      • JohnDJ59 says:

        Thanks for the feedback Derek, mostly positive as well, I have taken on board the advice about Sheed and he is no longer in my team.

    • NoLanguage96 says:

      I've gone with Greene and McCarthy too John, their upside is huge. Lycett is a big gamble but you gotta risk it for the biscuit! Good luck mate

      • JohnDJ59 says:

        Thanks NL96, I've decided to upgrade McCarthy to Billings to start with, but if he goes alright in the first two games and my other rookies in the fwd line aren't performing or not playing, I will look to get him in

  141. flagthistime? says:

    Struggling to make the move from also ran to regular top 4 finisher, thoughts on my team please
    Don't worry about the bench, they'll change based on R1 teams
    D. Hurn, Williams, Smith, Ridley, Duursma, Hore // Clark, Burgess
    M. Macrae, Cripps, Oliver, Neale, Martin, Walsh, Butters, Constable // Stocker, Bewley, Hind
    R. Grundy, Gawn // Schlensog
    F. Dangerfield, Heeney, Kelly, Moore, Setterfield, Drew // McAdam, Parker

    • KeenButClueless says:

      Wow. So similar.

      You Neale Kelly Ridley, me M Crouch Lycett Billings.

      Looks like an even comp, with so many of us ending up close to the same place. I can understand why someone like One Touch Wonder wanting to do something completely different.

    • Derek says:

      I really like the Burgess/Moore swing set

      Was tossing up between Ridley, Collins and moore, but you might have just solved my question

  142. Will says:

    I find it interesting that everyone is calling Darcy Moore injury prone but are happy to pick Libba. After he has done two ACL's can you really say Libba is less of an injury risk that Darcy Moore ??

    • Hawk131415 says:

      Probs not but Libba will score more and has had moore(ha) time to get his body right<,,

      • Will says:

        That is correct Hawk131415, picking Libba could give us more libbarel scoring

    • Boris_Baconbeer says:

      OMG this is going to turn into a vote on the worst/best dad joke just made in this post

      • Dad says:

        Angus beef is another one to pick as long as he doesn't stay out of "Harmes" way on the wing and Jack Steele could be a "steal" at a similar price.

        I'm unsure of not starting Jack Macrae but if he comes out and tonnes up and tonnes up I'll go Macray-cray

        You can't make a good quality pasta without using "Oliver oil" so Clayton Oliver should be a necessity for the flavour and greatness of your side

      • Hawk131415 says:

        Hahahaha, need to have a laugh Boris

  143. Mick says:

    Midfield is as follows

    Macrae, Cripps, Oliver, Neale, ?, Brad Crouch, Walsh, Butters

    Which premo mid should i select to complete the mid?

    i currently have treloar their but keen to hear others suggestions

  144. Nice_Person says:

    It's been pretty positive in here so far, good to see

  145. 4UP says:


  146. TommyC99 says:

    So what are our thoughts on Ridley/Moore? Both have pros but also definitely have their cons. Do we think they can live up to their inflated price tag?

    • Rick Grimes says:

      I'm on Ridley at the moment. Feel he will be more prolific than a Collins, worth the $40k. I'll be happy with a 75 average and a bit of JS. Won't make huge cash but you can hold him a while while sorting other lines.

    • Rocksta_ says:

      I have both

  147. Brn says:

    Love that Lloyd will be more closet to a POD now

  148. Watto_12 says:

    Hello JR community
    Can someone ease my mind that darling is a safe F3 over likes of a kelly ? And help my D4 dilemma.. it’s Moore V Ridley. I dunno which

    • Boris_Baconbeer says:

      I've had darling from the start but I can't ease your mind. He isn't the type you would normally go for. A midfield Kelly, Heeney is the type you should go for. It especially worries me after listening to last year's winner, who said (from memory) he played it safe all the way.

      • Brn says:

        I finished top 10 overall a few years back. Didnt play it safe at all. At the time, d wells was considered a pretty risky pick, and I think I took a punt on merretts breakout (as a fwd) by trading him in after round 2. Im very embarrassed about it, but i also sidetraded a premium like neale early on after a few bad games, then he went on to play well. The only thing that kept me back was picking a long in the tooth prem defender who missed a few games games and had bad cover.

        • Boris_Baconbeer says:

          nice work and bad luck 😀 thanks helps me relax with my Darling pick.

          • Browncow says:

            If it makes you feel any better Watto and Bacon I currently have Darling at F2.

            • Boris_Baconbeer says:

              How about now brown cow? Sorry just had to say that once. Yeah I like him and will keep him. Wanted him from the start. Thanks for your comment 😀

    • NoLanguage96 says:


      • Russty_ says:

        I've gone off Ridley now, what if he duds it?…I went Collins instead, will Ridley stay in the side when Hooker gets back?

  149. Russty_ says:

    I noticed Billings is only in 4% of teams, thought more would be on him as he's tipped to be playing more on the wing this year.
    Would make him a good pod if he does well.

  150. Nice_Person says:

    How much do with think J marsh will be?

  151. GloryDays94 says:

    Word around SC and the AFL is that Roberton may be set to announce his retirement due to his health and MCcartin might also retire…

    • Russty_ says:

      Wouldn't be surprised GD…very sad for them and the Saints, don't know Robbo's results yet but Paddy should definitely quit, it's not worth his life.

      • Hawk131415 says:

        Not surprised at all. Sad for those two blokes, but, health comes before footy,, if they do call it quits, good luck in the future boys,,,,,

    • Russty_ says:

      I read Roberton's results and analysis will be finished on Friday.

  152. Wonder if they get two picks Goddard may be worth a try

    • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

      Now that would be a story back to the saints.

      Any interest in lloyd for parker in draft NDD?
      Got too many premo mids need to trade in def and fwd.

  153. Jamie Alexander says:

    M. Crouch mid Setterfiled Fwd or Setter Mid and Billings Fwd ?

  154. Sharkmove_King says:

    To all the people who care about the bye rounds…..Are you finding it hard to pick good premiums with a Round 12 bye? I can think of 3. Sicily, Macrae & Fyfe. Merrett & Smith might have been good if you had better pre seasons.

    • Hawk131415 says:

      To be honest Shark, couldnt care, things happen between now and then, out of our controll, one of those weeks is bound to be ordinary, i pick my side as a keeper side, Ride the bumps with a grin!!!

      • TOPHAWK1 says:

        Agreed Hawk. Who gives a toss about the byes at this stage. Just get the right cattle on the field and work from there.

      • Hawk131415 says:

        OOPs< must have wrote something wrong? can you guys welcome my Nephew to the community for me???

        • Hawk131415 says:

          Seems like you can only swear in the podcast not in your post?? double standards much???

    • KeenButClueless says:

      Gotta say that the byes are making me waver between Fyfe and Oliver. It’s interesting to me that people on this site previously were bye conscious but have turned on it. Has taken me a bit by surprise. One of the best things about these forums though – to challenge your thinking on all things SC.

    • Derek says:

      Merrett back in my team once I looked at the byes

    • Hawk131415 says:

      ok. my train of thought is ,are you going to miss out on must have players to get you through the byes then try and get them in after and might not be able too? or pick your best side and go from there? i say work around them as they come, but thats just me?

  155. AuroraBorealis?! says:

    Billings is currently slotted in at F3 over at Scorpions FC. He and Hurn are my only semi "pods" this year, wish me luck community! God knows i need it

    • KeenButClueless says:

      Have both at the moment, courtesy Derek for Hurn and Patch for Billings. Happy to take advice from both of them. Good luck to us both!

      • Derek says:

        I had Billings in team for 5 minutes. Even at F4 it didn’t feel solid enough. Tim Kelly at F4 for me.

        Yeah, Hurn is locked in, the kick in numbers are impressive.

        I might have put you into MCrouch about 2 months ago as well 😉 him, danger and heeney have not moved all pre season

        • KeenButClueless says:

          M Crouch Oliver and Cripps have been staples even since that great JR magazine from a few years ago. Finding the next midfield beast. Absolutely brilliant writing. As were the articles on cognitive bias and the ruck analysis. Still many great features about this site, but that was definitely a high water mark.

  156. Hawk131415 says:

    Hey guys,kind of a different post, but my young and only nephew is about to join the sanctum that is, JR Community, Please welcome him and be respectful,, cheers boys,,,

  157. Bog Rat says:

    Hi There community, just after some thoughts on some other reasonably cheap Ruck bench cover that will play, I was considering Tom Campbell, Jordan Roughead or Billy Longer and even English if Clarke is not named for round 1
    any sugestions would be greatly appreaciated

  158. skepp1234 says:

    First time on here, just need peoples thoughts on my side please!!
    Def : J.Lloyd , L.Whitfield , B.Smith , J.Scrimshaw , X.Duursma , F.Watson , (J.Clark , M.Hore)
    Mid : J.Macrae , P.Cripps , N.Fyfe , S.Coniglio , A. Brayshaw , J.O'Meara , S.Walsh , T.Atkins , (Z.Butters , C.Constable , B.Scott)
    Ruc : M.Gawn , T.Goldstein , (D.Fort)
    For : P.Dangerfield , T.Kelly , L.McCarthy , W.Setterfield , W.Drew , J.Petruccelle , (K.Tuner ,M.Parker)

    • Hawk131415 says:

      Thats Sh%t, hahahaha

    • KeenButClueless says:

      Welcome. Think closely on Lloyd. Very expensive for a defender and stretching you on other lines. Also consider if you are one too deep in the mids and not deep enough forward. I respect the McCarthy pick but I thinks he’s more of an F4 or F5, not F3.

    • Derek says:

      You left Heeney out

      But pretty solid team.

      I think this year we need to consider only 5 midfield premiums. There are good rookies there to cover. Go an extra forward premium, like Heeney

    • NoLanguage96 says:

      Not bad, I'd beef up your forwards though. IMO Lloyd is very expensive maybe go to a Laird or Simmons and use the cash to get a Greene or someone up FWD

    • JohnDJ59 says:

      Hi skepp, I agree with most of the comments so far, I would be trading out Whitfield for Williams, one of your top six mids for a rookie, you could move Duursma to the mids and bring in Ridley to your defence, then trade out a rookie from the fwd line, Turner maybe, for Heeney, Billings or Greene.

    • Hawk131415 says:

      The boys a right, Drop Lloyd or Whitfield and put the cash into the fwd line

  159. Steve says:

    What would you rather

    Grundy Whitfield and Constable on field


    Goldy, Brodie Smith and Brad Crouch (Pushing constable to M9)

  160. derek says:

    i feel i am finally at peace

    Grundy & Gawn ruck combination this year.

    after many years of doggy R2's, i am finally calm.

    And it didn't really hurt my team much at all.

    • derek says:

      Hurn, Williams, BSmith, Scrimshaw, Clark, Duurmsa (Burgess, Hore)

      Cripps, Oliver, Dusty, MCrouch, Merrett, Walsh, Constable, Drew (Bewley, Scott, Gibbons)

      Gawn, Gundy (Bines)

      Dangerfield, Heeney, Mundy, TKelly, DMoore, Setterfield (Parker, Petruccelle)

      I really like the Burgess/Moore and the Setterfield/Drew swing sets.

      only $3k left over

      • Hawk131415 says:

        Yeah it has Derek, Dusty at M3 ??? i dont know bro??

        • Derek says:

          yeah hawk. not a big fan of Dusty, had him last year and it hurt.

          i had Neale until last weekend before he went handball happy

          I crossed off Fyfe and Kelly because they didn't play JLT

          Trelor is playing for Collingwood, just too many mouths to feed in the midfield

          Coniglio is good, but we saw him without Kelly and Hopper. He isn't Uber yet.

          Dusty is the top of the next group and a good price for what he could do.

          There is talk about the 666 rule will benefit the bigger midfield players, he is one of the biggest.

      • KeenButClueless says:

        great side Derek. Has really evolved across the preseason. I think Clark is maybe a selection you are least confident with. I do recall your concerns about his spot when Tuohy comes back. But the swing set of Moore and Burgess gives you cover. The interesting use of Drew is a POD. The non Butters selection I am dwelling on. Hard to pick those Port rookies

        I was prepared to go with Lycett and Billings as F3/F4 so I could get MacRae in. Looking at your team I will dwell on that decision for another week. I do love my Ruck Forward DPP.

        • Derek says:

          Clark does worry me. But i liked what i saw and if he plays round 1 he might just hold his place.

          he is in my team because of the near 40% ownership, by having him and he is dropped will affect nearly everyone, i can then swing Moore back to cover and use Clark as a DEF/FWD rookie loophole, via Burgess

          There isn't any other rookies in defense with better JS. McKay will play one game, Joyce about the same and Wilkie might not even get named.

          • KeenButClueless says:

            With my team being so close to your team, I played with it a bit because I liked your structure. If Clark is out, you can swing Moore back. But you will still have to have one of Burgess, petrucelle or Parker onfield. This was the part that worried me. So I have moved Moore back and have put Balta onfield. Going without Clark. I lost my Def Fwd swing but kept the mid fwd swing. I was also thinking that if Marsh gets named for StKilda I would replace Burgess with him on my defence bench anyway. It will leave me with Walsh Drew and Scott onfield in the mids, but with enough cash to go to Butters Jones Clark Hately or Caldwell if they become must haves. Keep coming back to the principle that the cheaper rookies make more money.

      • Browncow says:

        I like it. 13 genuine chances at top 10 in their position, deep forward line and no 40 ppg types on field. Now to see if you can resist rethinking it before the teams drop.

        • DEE says:

          A touch light on DEF but I like it DEREK, all the best this year! Good luck mate…

      • TommyC99 says:

        Nice side derek. Interested to hear your pick of moore over a similarly priced ridley? Is it purely swing sets based or do you think he will outscore ridley?

        • Lazza says:

          Hey Tommy, what’s the story on Ridley? How come he has only played 3 games in two seasons?
          He is priced at 42 pts… has a 3 game average of 53.7…
          His JLT was great, but The Bombers weren’t playing much of a defensive game in the JLT so he saw an awful lot of the ball.. I think this will change in the season proper ..
          Be interested to hear a Moore vs Collins vs Ridley argument.

          • BVB21 says:

            I think Ridley is the riskiest of the 3 as he has the worse job security and potential change of role

            • Derek says:

              Ridley seemed to be playing McGraths role while McGrath was in the guts. lets see if that continues.

        • Derek says:

          i saw one good quarter from Ridley. i wouldn't pick a player on 1 quarter of footy, especially in a JLT.

          I like Moore, pies want him to do well and will give him every chance as long as he is fit.

          over the JLT's, collingwood had 24 kick ins, Moore took 14 of them and played on 9 times. That is 20 points a game there.

          The DPP i like alot.

          he is my luxury trade, i could have easy (and still might) just have a rookie in his place if one pops up and use the extra $110k to beef up another player. Dusty to Macrae for example.

      • Sharkmove_King says:

        Love this team! There's a few cheap (yet proven) premiums in there but like Browncow said, you have 13 premiums…….So even if one needs to be upgraded, that's still 12 keepers which is as good as any I've seen.

        Still found enough coin to squeeze in a few more expensive rookies like Walsh and Moore (kinda rookie priced) and even Smith.

        Very good flexibility too, a defender goes down Moore goes back. A F/M goes down, Drew goes forward

      • hedski says:

        Very similar to mine Derek.
        Hurn, Williams, Smith (Dursma)
        Scrimshaw, Collins, Clark (Hore)

        Macrae, Cripps, Cogs (Scott)
        M.Crouch, Brayshaw, Walsh (Atkins)
        Butters, Constable (Gibbons)

        Grundy, Gawn (Bines)

        Danger, Heeney, Dunkley (Petracelle)
        Billings, Setterfield, Drew (Parker)

        Not sold on Billings yet, thinking about Lycett.

        • Derek says:

          imagine if we were trying to fit Titch into our teams

        • Derek says:

          Billings is priced much better this year, but still only $68k less than TKelly. Macrae to Oliver will get you the cash.

          The 666 rule i see will affect the wings.

          previously the first move out of the centre was to the wings and spread it.

          With more clear air in the guts and one on ones in the forward line, the midfielders are going DIRECT to the forwards, not via the wingmen.

          Swans were doing it perfect in JLT. JPK's job was to get first hands on it. Mills job was to clear some room and be a defence mid and Parker, who was standing sometimes 2 or 3 meters away from the circle at the bounce, would be the handball receive on the move from JPK and his job was to kick it forward. no thought of going wide.

          • Russty_ says:

            Hi Derek, Selwood got plenty of it playing on the wing the other day..38 disposals, it's not just the initial clearances, it's the back and forth throughout the game as well, I think wings will do well this year with more room to move.

            • Derek says:

              good point. i was also thinking that some teams will have their wing man run back to defence at the bounce, leaving the other winger all by himself.

    • Derek says:

      the main reason for going Grundy and Gawn, if i went with only one, i honestly couldn't pick one ahead of the other.

      • Beezneez says:

        Thinking the same. Currently I have Goldy at r2 with Gawn – that has changed between him and Grundy non stop. Lycett has been a consideration cos it allows heaps more options on other lines. I like having both Kelly and Dunkley in the forwar line at f3 &4. If I eventually go with Gawndy it will mean I have to cut one of them (probably Kelly) but can sdd Walsh to the team. Might have to bite the bullett. Anyone have any thoughts?

    • The Ranger says:

      I've gone for a similar swing set option Derek.
      We all start to look a bit similar at this time of year.

      Whitfield Witherden Williams Moore Scrimshaw Clark – Duursma Hore
      Macrae Cripps Fyfe Dusty Treloar Libba Walsh Atkins – Drew Scott Gibbons
      Grundy Goldie – Fort
      Danger Heeney Mundy Setterfield Parker Petrucelle – Burgess Mosquito

      • Derek says:

        Are you worried about Fyfe’s Elbow

        • The Ranger says:

          A little but I'm prepared to take the risk.
          I saw him on Fox Footy and he was bullish about how his year was going to go, he said he'd altered his training routines in order to have a real crack at playing 22 games.
          And he also said the 666 will favour players like himself, Cripps Danger and Dusty.

          • The Ranger says:

            More worried about Darcys hammys to be honest Derek.
            Still might drop him down to a rookie come Rd1

            • Derek says:

              Yep. He is not locked. If I need cash, he will be the first chopped.

              But if he plays round 1 he will be in my team. Easy to go down to an emerging rookie

  161. NoLanguage96 says:

    JS of these rookies.

    Scrimshaw, Clark, Burgess, Parker???

    It's getting to the pointy end and we have very little in the way of cash cows!

    • Sharkmove_King says:

      If we're talking just job security I'd say Burgess & Parker is very good. Scrimshaw decent (if named) but Clarks would be a little low with Tuohy waiting in the shadows

  162. Harrison says:

    Would love to know everyone’s thoughts on a near set in stone team!! 🙂

    DEF: hurn williams Smith Moore scrimshaw Clark (duursma hore)

    MID: Cripps Oliver coniglio M.crouch brayshaw B.crouch Walsh butters (Atkins Scott gibbons)

    Ruck: Gawn Goldy (bines)

    FWD: danger heeney darling Greene setterfield Burgess (pettrucelle Parker)

    Please be as critical as you like
    $33k leftover

    • Ja191 says:

      I only don’t like the Greene pick. You have Moore and Greene both risks, feel like it would be better to go with one of them. In saying that back your gut, looks solid

  163. KeenButClueless says:

    Starting to warm to Balta as a forward rookie. I think it might be between him and Soldo for a best 22 spot. If it is him, I think he will pinch hit in the ruck. Can easily see them wanting not to use Lynch for rucking. Grigg is inured, and even if he wasn’t, I would be surprised if they continued in that vein.

    • Sharkmove_King says:

      I agree, but I still think he will only average 60 at best

      • kevwal says:

        124k fwd rookie averaging 60, I'd probably take that, especially if job was secure.

  164. Shake_n_bake says:

    Daniher out calf, maybe a month

    • Sharkmove_King says:

      I wonder if this will open a door for Clarke or Draper

    • KevG says:

      He's probably faking it because he knows that he's not up to afl standard and Clarke is a much better footballer than he is. In his mind it's better to miss due to a (fake) injury than get dropped to the VFL where he's also a proven potatoe.
      If Joes name wasn't Daniher he never would have been drafted by an afl club

      • Sharkmove_King says:

        Not sure if you're serious but you know he kicked 60 goals a couple of years ago, right?

  165. Watto_12 says:

    Defence- laird williams Smith duursma scrimshaw Clark (burgess hore)

    Midfield- Cripps Oliver fyfe crouch crouch libba Walsh butters (Atkins Scott gibbons)

    Ruck- Gawn Goldy (bines)

    FOrward- danger heeney kelly darling setterfield drew (pettrucelle Parker)

    40k leftover
    . I feel I have the balance right here

    • Brn says:

      Good balance but dont like both b crouch and libba.

      Would also provide cash for grundy if wanted

  166. AuroraBorealis?! says:

    Only one more decision to make for me regarding my team, and then im set.

    I can either have:

    a defensive setup of: Laird, Hurn, Williams, B.Smith – rookies

    and a forward setup of: Danger, Heeney, Billings – rookies


    a defensive setup of: Laird, Williams, B.Smith – rookies

    and a forward setup of: Danger, Heeney, T.Kelly, Billings – rookies.

    Essentially its an issue of Hurn or T.Kelly – and my decision will be made by the amount of defensive/forward rookies, but it also comes down to: who averages more? and who will hurt the most to not have from the start of the year? Lots of hardcore pondering to come in the next 7 days.

    Who would you guys go with? Any other thoughts are welcome to contribute to the solution of my dilemma

    • Derek says:

      i don't think there is much difference in average. Hurn is a bit safer as we know what he will do and what his role will be. Kelly is not as clear and could be a bit up and down.

      there is no way you can have option 1 but turn Billings into Kelly? $68k diff?

      if i had to choose, i would go the kelly option, based on having 3 forward rookies is a bit scary.

    • kinglear009 says:

      Hurn is just such a consistent player – likely to get all 22 games, kick a bunch and be dependable. Kelly has more upside (midfield role, Cats on the up), but carries the risk of those 40/50 games.

      For total points and security, I would take Hurn.

    • JohnDJ59 says:

      Option two for me mainly because I think there are more defensive rookies that are good than the fwd line.

  167. paul says:

    I feel the key formula for this year is to pay more for rookies like walsh ,Cousins, moore,cuningham and use some more mid-price options sheeds, b Crouch. B smith ,Williams with the four main mid rookies Butters, Const, Atkins ,Scott. Now what this dose is gives you some big cash left over to make some corrective trades if need be . The big bonus here is if you have selected well and you don't need to make any corrective trades just watch your team grow with plenty of cash in the bank you will be in a very good position come round 8 to the byes. You still pick the value rookies that you need.what you are doing is utilizing your resources as there is some juicy Mid -Prices this year but you will need big cash left over. Working out my team and projecting a first round score of 2261 now this is scores that are with in reason like sheeds and B Crouch both getting 100 and walsh 80. This leaves me with big cash left over 400.000 and then some I am changing my strategy this year because i really can't pass up the Mid -Prices on offer this year.

    • Derek says:

      having $400k in bank to start is losing 80 points.

      are you playing for leagues or overall?

      At the start of the year, we all forget how valuable trades become, gold.

      i haven't really tried it, but would having more mid-price players mean more trades used to get them to premiums?

      • KevG says:

        Hmm I don't see how having 400k in the bank is losing 80 points Derek.
        Also it costs just as many trades, maybe less, to turn a midpricer into a premo as it does to turn a rookie into a premo. BUT if Sheed continues his form from late last year and BCrouch stays fit and Whitfield doen't take points from Williams and Rocky is fully recovered physically and psychologically you save 8 trades by not having to paint the fence to turn rookies into premos.

        • Whitey says:

          Lot of IF'S there KevG, but sometimes to got to risk it to get the biscuit. History tells us that only 1 or 2 midpricers work for the year and finding them can be hard. There are more tempters this year than before I agree and the lack of quality rookies is certainly pushing us that way. Love and hate this game at the same time.

        • Derek says:

          You are correct, if I turned Oliver and Cripps into Rocky and BCrouch and put $400k in Bank I wouldn’t be 80 points worse. Maybe only 40 points.

          To cover the 40 points, you would need to invest some of your cash. Collins to Laird might do the trick for about 50 points.

          You need to spend the cash to make points.

          • I tried the same Oliver and Cripps for sheed and BCrouch With the 400 upgraded a forward rookie to HEENEY no problems 1823 both teams. Now how do I get my champs back and when.

            • Derek says:

              Kev is saying you don’t. You are happy with Rocky and Brad.

              When the whips are cracking, I know which two I would want.

  168. Ja191 says:

    Roberton not playing 2019

  169. NoLanguage96 says:

    Roberton confirmed out for the year – sad news for the player and club. What's everyone doing?

    Roberton > Smith for me.

    • DavidC says:

      Sad. Unfortunately I can't see him playing another match. I've gone to Ridley.

  170. Johnny says:

    Macrae Hurn(or Whitfield) and Constable


    Coniglio, Brad Crouch and Brodie Smith

  171. Rick Grimes says:

    If this is remotely accurate, there's gonna be a truckload of rookies to pick from, R1:

  172. steve says:

    Grundy and Scrimshaw or Goldstein and Brodie Smith

    • Derek says:

      Scrimshaw could be out of the team by round 5. Birchell not too far away

  173. kevwal says:

    Why no love for Callum Mills? LLoyd will be back round 1.

    • Derek says:

      i'd love to pick him, had him every year, watched him grow up through the swans academy, love the bloke. More midfield time if Lloyd and Mcveigh stay fit. he will play a defensive midfield roll, but if he is in the guts enough he will score well.

      only problem is his price. He is $20k more than Williams and $90k more than Brodie.

      i have him in most of my drafts, happy with that.

      • kevwal says:

        I have found the extra for Callum over Brodie. I think, with Lloyd back (he is reported to definitely be ready for Rd1) and McVeigh reported to be fit, Callum will be allowed to play where he can shine. 95+ easily for him this season. Brodie, not sure of what he can do, will share with Laird, which is a good thing. I just feel he has missed his breakout season through injury, sounds odd, but that is what my gut tells me. My team structure is similar to yours, but with a Fwd/Ruck swing as well.
        Hurn/Mills/Williams/Scrimshaw/Clark/Duursma (Burgess/Hore)
        Macrae/Cripps/Oliver/Coniglio/MCrouch/Walsh/Constable/Drew (Scott/Atkins/Gibbons)
        Grundy/Gawn (Bines)
        Dangerfield/Westhoff/Heeny/Moore/Setterfield/Petruccelle (Balta/Parker)
        94K for adjustments come game day.

        • dontblushbaby says:

          Very similar as mine, except for I have Brodie in D, and no Westhoff in F atm

        • kevwal says:

          My main concern is with Scrimshaw and Clark. Tuohy will come in for Clark, early, like game 3. Scrimshaw will lose his spot when Birchall comes back, possibly game 5, unless he lights the place up. Have used some of the 94k to change Clark for Cumming. Trades are gold.

          • Derek says:

            Agree. However because they are slightly expensive rookies, if they get dropped it is much easier to trade to a must have rookie. First couple of trades are ok for corrections

    • JohnDJ59 says:

      Mills has been in my team from the start, never left.

  174. Robbo says:

    That's a bit harsh Woosha. Injecting Shiel and McGrath into the midfield and getting some supplements for Joey D and Hooker could see them shoot-up the ladder.

  175. Dusty train says:

    Final spots remaining in $100 cash league, email [email protected] for deets

    18 entrants x $100 fee = $1,800 prize pool as follows.

    Champion – $625
    Runners up – $300

    Minor premier – $100
    Highest score of the year – $100
    Consolidation award (Winner of Bottom 8) – $100

    $25 weekly to the highest score of the week, in the unlikely event the highest score of the week is tied both will be paid $25 and the latter comes off the champion’s prize end of season = $25 x 23 = $575

  176. Harry says:

    Yeah they looked very ordinary in JLT, they only got close to Carlton because blues coasted in the final quarter. They'll probably beat the Saints and suns and maybe Brisbane, Hawks and Carlton but I doubt they'll be able to beat anyone else. A very over rated team full of very ordinary players apart from Shiel, McGrath and Ridley. AFL seem to go out their way to help them with favourable draws etc but that doesn't help when your best midfielder is more of a netballer than footballer, I mean you marshmallow merrett

  177. Russty_ says:

    Anyone saving a spot for Marsh on the Def bench…was he any good when he was playing 3 years ago?
    I know he's been playing WAFL the last few years, not sure how he went in there.
    If the Saints are fast tracking him onto the list then he could have good JS with Robbo and Carlisle now gone.

    • The Ranger says:

      I saw him a fair bit in the VFL and he was decent without ever being spectacular.
      Decent size and a good kick tho and I was surprised when the Pies delisted him.
      Worth monitoring.

      • kevwal says:

        He was delisted at HIS request Ranger, having some mental issues handling the culture at Collingwood.

    • KeenButClueless says:

      i was Russty, but I assumed he would be cheap. Just looked him up and he’s 167k. Cheap, I suppose, but was expecting him to be 102k like Gibbons.

    • Sharkmove_King says:

      He only played the 15 games for Collingwood but did average 60 odd the last year he played. You would think he may have improved since then.

      Would be interested to know how he went in the WAFL. St.Kilda do have a few lock down defenders so let's hope he plays a bit of a intercept/rebound game

    • Russty_ says:

      Cheers for the responses boys, wow!…$163k, can't see how they justify that, thought he'd be bargain basement for sure, back to the drawing board I guess lol

    • kevwal says:

      Marsh finished 2nd in East Freo best and fairest 2018, averaged over 17 possessions and played EVERY game. 6'4' in old language and between 90 and 100kg. he is super fit and ready to play, provided he can absorb Richo's master plans in a couple of weeks, shouldn't be that hard. If he starts less than 150k, would be a great addition to rookie on the field, not just the bench. I'll be snapping him up, JS will be up to him.

      • Russty_ says:

        Thanks kevwal that's nice info to know, he's actually $163100 so a bit expensive, could be worth it though if his spot's guaranteed.

      • Think he will be OK absorbing Richos masterplan A lot of fruitloops already have

        • Russty_ says:

          Must be a 10 year plan Neil cause the 5 year one sure didn't work too well.

          • kevwal says:

            163k, what a damn awkward price. Still, I'm quite confident he will be picked every game, if fit. Scrimshaw might find himself out of my team, or Marty Hore (really don't like slow burn defender rookies, if I had a choice of rookies that is).

        • The Ranger says:

          There's a masterplan??!

          • Basically it involved recruiting top rejects Kent Bruce Membrey AND ignoring Kelly Pruess and Lynch.Getting rid of McEvoy was the plum when all you have is Hickey and Longer

            • Russty_ says:

              Had Hickey…lol, not anymore, just Pierce, Longer and Marshall now, all either substandard or still developing..oh and Alabascus whatever his name is.

    • Russty_ says:

      Thanks SCG, gee he's a bit all over the show isn't he?..might not even make any money with those sorts of scores.

  178. Whitey says:

    Is running 3 rookie forwards a no no this year. Just not sure where to make the money to upgrade one of the forwards. Thanks for any advice in advance.

    Def: Laird, Crisp, Williams, Smith, Schrimshaw, Duursma (Clarke, Hore)

    Mid: McRae, Cripps, Oliver, Coniglio, M Crouch, Walsh, Butters, Constable (Scott, Atkins, Gibbons)

    Ruck: Grundy, Goldy (Bines)

    Fwds: Danger, Heeney, Kelly, Setterfield, Drew, Pettruccelle (Burgess, Parker)

    0 cash left. Cheers.

    • Brn says:

      I would take out a defender like crisp for an f4.

      You could also downgrade a ruck, but i wouldnt.

      Best idea would be clark on field

    • Derek says:

      I had a couple of forward rookies a few years ago that actually lost value they were that bad.

  179. The Ranger says:

    What do we think Tim English can average this year?
    The only outside the box move I'm still considering is running English at R2 which allows me to turn Walsh into Rocky.

    • Russty_ says:

      Hi Ranger, in the first JLT, he shared ruck duties with Trengove and they had around an equal amount of hitouts ..he only scored 67 from 86%tog..against Witts
      2nd game he scored 85 from 45%tog with 18 hitouts, 9 to Trengove and against Marshall in the ruck.

      If Bevo leaves English as the main Ruck I reckon he could go 80 and upwards of that.
      With Trengove doing a third to a half of the ruckwork he could average pretty ordinary.

    • Whitey says:

      This was my only other option and have been rolling with it for a while but got too nervous that he would play too much forward and Roughead do the majority of the rucking. If I could be confident he would go close to 75-80 I would do it but I'm just not.

    • Derek says:

      he Should be #1 ruck in a half decent team. Should score 70

      Will make you $75k and if Gawn drops $125k you save $200k, but use a trade.

      • Whitey says:

        Going to English gets me Libba at M6 or Greene at F4. Very tempting.

      • The Ranger says:

        Need a bit more than that from him I think.
        I do rate him highly, reminds me of a younger Grundy.
        Can he jump up to a 90pt average?
        Dogs fans?

        • Derek says:

          I was at dock lands last year and saw him chance after Floret, I thought then he had something and keep an eye on him.

          The good thing about having him is he is easy to spot on the field.

          $311k is too much

          You wouldn’t pay $311k on another line to score you 70’s and 80’s

  180. I have an uncanny similar team Whitey. accept my Crisp is Ridley to get me Grawndy. I have tried many ways and unless you downgrade one of the 5 super ubers then Setterfeild it is.Its either a stronger D4 ( SMITH) or an F 4 (GREENE)

    • Whitey says:

      Cheers NDD, problem is, is that Im never happy/satisfied with my team or stop thinking, what if or could they break out am I missing something really good, I don't want to miss out. Love this game.

      • know the feeling missed on Coniglio last year .it's which one Libba bcrouch or Sheed or more than one. Must remember all are really slow moving cash cows as they will have to be upgraded Rather save the trades

    • Whitey says:

      Yer im wondering if its better to have a stronger F4 than D4 due to the rookies. I could bring in Collins for Williams but the mid pricers in def seem a lot better value than the fwd mid pricers. decisions, decisions.

  181. Sam_01 says:

    Community take my team with a grain of salt because it’s subject to being flipped on its head in a matter of seconds
    I’ve decided to stear away from my normal plan and try something different, I normally finnish top 10%
    Back: Laird, hurn, Williams, Smith, scrimshaw, Clark, (Duursma/Hore)
    Mid: Cripps, treloar, crouch Steele, Bcrouch, libba, Walsh, butters, (constable,Scott,Atkins)
    Ruck: Grundy, Gawn
    Fwd: danger, heeny, Greene, Moore, setterfield, drew (Petrucelle, Parker)
    Thoughts? Mid price madness has taken hold
    50k in the bank

    • Derek says:

      You have all the same players I see on other teams, maybe Steele is only real POD.

      Looks ok.

      Only have Williams, Smith, BCrouch, Libba, Greene Setterfield and Moore as your injury risks. Might be just a couple too many.

      • Sam_01 says:

        Haven’t seen treloar in many, I’ve been big on him the whole time! Might be over kill on the mid pricers due to injury
        Greene can easily average 80-95 and will go up 100K odd
        Moore should be able to average 75-80 and go up 200k odd
        Bcrouch should be able to hit 100 and go up 100k same with libba but he will go up about 200k
        Will probably look to trade on all thOes boys at some point

  182. KeenButClueless says:

    Still playing with my side.

    Moore MacRae Billings can become Whitfield Taranto Greene. Love that Smith and Greene end up D4 and F4 respectively. That feels right. Just whether Taranto can become True premium and can afford to not start MacRAe

  183. Harrison says:

    Can I please have the community pick there fav side.

    TEAM A)
    Defence- laird williams Smith duursma scrimshaw Clark (burgess hore)

    Midfield- Cripps Oliver fyfe crouch crouch libba Walsh butters (Atkins Scott gibbons)

    Ruck- Gawn Goldy (bines)

    FOrward- danger heeney kelly darling setterfield drew (pettrucelle Parker)

    TEAM B)

    DEF: hurn williams Smith Moore scrimshaw Clark (duursma hore)

    MID: Cripps Oliver coniglio M.crouch brayshaw B.crouch Walsh butters (Atkins Scott gibbons)

    Ruck: Gawn Goldy (bines)

    FWD: danger heeney darling Greene setterfield Burgess (pettrucelle Parker)

    • Maverick_ says:

      Wow that’s tough Harrison.
      Probably B) but both have risks just being on different lines.. I don’t trust rookies JS this year and B) has less of them starting onfield. Fingers crossed Greene Moore stay healthy and darling continues JLT form.

  184. Matt F says:

    If anyone's looking for a league, here is a code below


    Come battle me!!!

    Good luck

  185. Brn says:

    Jack darling a huge trap. Will be lucky to average over 80.

    471k uggh. Huge risk

    • Prizza says:

      I bet you a slab he will

      • Maverick_ says:

        I bet you two slabs he will.

        • Brn says:

          I said lucky to. Regardless, he won't average 100 like others around his price. Guess we will see fellas

          • Brn says:

            I seriously remember people back in 2016 picking him as a breakout candidate. Then he scored mid 70s for a few years. Lots of bett3r low risk options

            • Russty_ says:

              I'd prefer someone like De Goey over Darling.

              • Brn says:

                De goey will be better and is a certain 95+.

                A bit more cash and you have kelly who should go 100+

  186. JohnDJ59 says:

    What do people think of the Bont as a POD for the midfield, only in 4% of teams. He would be my M4

    • Maverick_ says:

      he looked fantastic through JLTs. He always looks to have a huge amount of time and space and makes the right decisions doesn’t need 30+ to ton up. It’s just how often will he play mid/fwd I cannot trust bevo. If I knew he was pure mid I’d almost take the punt myself but taken coniglio instead.

      • JohnDJ59 says:

        I had Bont in my team for about a month, but he went out just before the JLT games, then he did alright in the two games he played, if he ends up mid/fwd, he should do well since he usually kicks a goal or two.I have Coniglio at M3.

    • TommyC99 says:

      Nice pod but I’d be worried about his time spent forward. Those 3 scores below 70 scare me a bit so I’m staying away until I can see he’s playing majority midfield.

  187. Tyruddanaut says:

    Ross won’t play round 1 and I have doubts about Joyce. Balta will likely play for as long as Lynch is out

  188. Prizza says:

    Anyone thinking about the hoff, over hungy average last year and a difficult match up given his size and agility esp if playing up on a wing and pinch hitting ruck duties around that area and floating forward, allows for ruck cover if have a Bines type and one of the rucks have a spell or injury, currently have Heeney but he hasn't actually set the world on fire average 7 odd less than the hoff but is slightly cheaper, does anyone think port will have a good year, if so i think he may just be worth it, seal the deal for me or tell me i am dreaming.
    Thx in advance

    • Beezneez says:

      Not a bad move. Thinking about it myself. Think he's one of the port players you can rely on. I hope they don't have a good year (just my biased opinion- sorry port supporters).

    • BVB21 says:

      I have him. I am not wasting two trades to trade out/back in Grawndy if one goes down for a few weeks.

      Also hasn’t missed a game in 5 years

    • TommyC99 says:

      Uncertainty about his role isn’t ideal. With lycett in, can’t see him doing much ruck work and could very easily become the mr fix it again

    • B_Pow says:

      I have him, perfect back up for ruck and will score well.

  189. Maverick_ says:

    Anybody done their research on this year 102k loophole rookies? Who has the most Sunday arvo games? Preferably in the ruck

    • Prizza says:

      Great question

    • JohnDJ59 says:

      I'm going with Bines because of his ruck/fwd, plus the Eagles seem to have a lot of late games.

    • Beezneez says:

      Sweet and Bines.

    • Tyruddanaut says:

      Blues have the least thursday and friday and the most saturday arvo and sunday. As far as sunday arvo alone, I couldn't tell you. I was considering TDK because of his flexibility and high chance to play mid-season, but the price tag is steep

    • Captain Risky says:

      I had a quick look and thought Bulldogs, Geelong and Freo seemed to have the most late games, so I was going schenlongshag for DPP if I end up going for the loophole at the start. WC being the premiers seemed to have a few more prime time slots..

    • WTFoxtrot_58 says:

      Not $102k but Meek (Freo) has a lot of late games.

  190. TommyC99 says:

    Thoughts on Lycett? I’ve seen him mentioned a bit recently by Derek and co. Swing is obviously handy especially during byes where Gawn and Grundy share the bye. Tossing between him and Billings for F4 atm

    • Derek says:

      only if Ryder stays forward or get injured

      At the moment he is sharing ruck at best.

      He will have a better year than last year, takes time for the big blokes to get over ACL

      He has to be considered if you want Ruck insurance

      If Clarke is named because Danaher out for a couple of months, throw Clarke into R2 with Lycett forward.

      Essendon play before Port 6 out of first 7 weeks, stick Clarke at R3 with E, if he stinks you swing Lycett into R2…….. nah….

    • Beezneez says:

      Last night's Adelaide News had Port saying Ryder may be okay for round one.

  191. KeenButClueless says:

    Gee. The way Caldwell has been talked up from within the GWS camp keeps taking me back for another look. Scores didn’t scream pick me from the JLT and has an elevated rookie price. But there seems to be a spot there with Shiel gone and Ward injured. Thought it was close between he and Hately, but if all the news from the GWS camp can be listened to, maybe it’s Caldwell? The Port rookies looked good, but with Wines back who stays and who goes? Maybe a slight edge towards Caldwell if you were going to pick Butters

    • Beezneez says:

      Caldwell's highlight reel from u18"s was impressive. Hately was very good in the SANFL and his JLT1 was good (101). His 42 in JLT not so good. I changed him for a cheaper rookie. Chayce Jones from the Crows was very impressive in his two games and is a chance for a round one debut. His u18 highlight reel was very impressive. Scored 78 in JLT 1. His former coach, Sam Lonergan, says he could be a 200 game player for the Crows. Although I think he may be named he has an inflated price of $170k which is not ideal.

      • Beezneez says:

        Inflated price of $170 should hsve read elevated price on account of no. 9 draft pick.

    • DavidC says:

      Drew is probably the one that makes way for Wines.

  192. Stompers says:

    Let me know your thoughts

    Changed team just a few times lol, probs will by next week.

    S. Hurn, C. Mills, Z. Williams, B. Smith, Scrimshaw, Duursma, R+R

    Cripps, Oliver, Cogs, M+B crouch, Rockliff, Walsh, Butters, R+R+R

    Gawn Goldy R

    Danger, Heeney, Captain Darling, VandenBurg, Setterfield, Drew, R=R

    Cheers SC people

    • Tyruddanaut says:

      Love the defense,
      I don't love Gawn, but thats my opinion and other people seem to think that preuss won't affect him. If that is true, I would consider him over anyone else.
      Darling is a bit of a risky move but I love your balls.
      The Vandenberg pick seems to be unjustified, and he only played one JLT game so that shouldn't be considered.

    • Sam_01 says:

      I like it mate, bit different to other teams, what’s your plan regarding Grundy?

      • Stompers says:

        Hi Sam,

        What i've been reading is that Grundy should drop down in price, if Pruess plays I still have enough cash to swap him with Gawn, and work on Gawn later, just thinking Rockliff will do it this season, has had issues last couple of years, i'm hoping that's all in the past, if he spuds I have enough to trade to a man on the bubble.

        VandenBurg he loves to tackle and thats points to be made, shark move, maybe, maybe not? will see how he goes.

  193. Tyruddanaut says:

    Parker, Ridley or J Clarke to go?

    I am considering JS, potential score, percentage return as well as total return but can't split the three

  194. Gary says:

    Is 8 on field rookies too much? I’m running a Guns n Rookies strategy with 3 Def, 3 Mid and 2 Fwd on field rookies.

    • JohnDJ59 says:

      8 is probably the norm, 7 is even better, 9 would be the most you could go with.

    • Russty_ says:

      I'm going with 6 and hope that's not too many.

    • KeenButClueless says:

      I am 7 plus Moore (who is just above rookie price). Yes, I feel nervous about that many. In my years of super coach I have taken a very negative view on the rookies. Every year I seem to be proven wrong and the rookies come through. This may be the year that they don’t, but I feel if I don’t learn the lessons from my failed years, I am doomed for another dud year.

      • Russty_ says:

        You'll be right keen, it's sometimes the ones you least expect, that deliver, Butters, Setterfield etc could be duds and Gibbons could be a beauty, we just don't know yet…Gibbon's second JLT score sucked though, at least with the more expensive ones, and the midpricers, we can go down to someone cheaper if they dud out on us.

        • Russty_ says:

          Butters actually reminds me of Bonner last year, and admittedly I got sucked in, hence, he's out of my side again and Gibbons back in.
          It saved me some money and that's the point.
          The whole adrenaline rush of JLT can really shove the rose coloured glasses onto our heads….just can't read too much into it.
          I've still got Drew and Duursma.

    • One Touch Wonder says:

      I have 4. Including Setterfield and Walsh.

    • DavidC says:

      I've got 8 that I'm confident will play. Plenty to choose from but there are a lot of poor scorers to avoid.

  195. Russty_ says:

    What VC and C will you pick in the first round?…I'm thinking Danger into Gawn, also have Cripps, would he be a better choice for VC against the Tigers?

    • Sam_01 says:

      Going Cripps into Grundy

    • JohnDJ59 says:

      Cripps into Danger.

    • TommyC99 says:

      I’m finding it hard tbh. My VC is gonna be Dusty or Cripps, but C is tough. Danger is obvious one but as a pies man I hope he doesn’t score that well lol. Grundy is coming back from an average pre season so at this stage is a pass from me. Then I’m left with Neale who I don’t think has the ceiling or Gawn who’s playing against a ruck duo who aren’t terrible. Clarry is probably my front runner atm but even he has had injury issues this pre season. Bloody hell VC and C was meant to be the easy decision this time of the season!

      • JohnDJ59 says:

        Two seasons ago was the best, just rotated between Titch and Danger depending on who played first.

  196. Jamal Hydenzak says:

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    • Kinglear009 says:


    • Russty_ says:

      Hi Jamal, I'm an Australian Fantazy Footbaaling watcher…so I will hurray and send you $500.00 right now to secure my entry!..this almost seems too good to be true 🙂
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      • Jamal Hydenzak says:

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        • Russty_ says:

          Cool Jamal, cause I really want my money to be happy, there's nothing worse than when your money is sad or depressed.
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          Thanks for your help Jamal, it's good to know I have a friend in Nigeria I can trust who is the financing ministerial for the whole country of Nigeria.
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    • Dusty train says:

      Hi Jamal, please send through the details.. sounds like an offer to good to refuse, can't wait to sign up. Is it possible to send you multiple $500 instalments for more prizes? Bloody unreal offer cobba

      • Jamal Hydenzak says:

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        • Russty_ says:

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          • Jamal Hydenzak says:

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            • Russty_ says:

              Yeah ok Jamal I'll just take the bony assed one with the bad manners, that's always been a favourite type of mine….:)
              Just send her inside a coffin with a breathing apparatus.
              If she's still alive when she arrives here, I'll transfer the $500.00 and then all the rest of my life savings.
              Just a side-note, does she know anything about Caprentry? cause I need some doors hung in my new house….cheers mate.

            • Willy Rooter says:

              Jamal time to own up to the fact your really Tosser Kochy – you're such a capatalist bastard that you would stop at nothing to make a quick buck for your Port Power Beggars Federation.

    • Patch says:

      Mate if you can tell me who I should pick at F3 you can have far more than $500

  197. Kinglear009 says:

    Does Wilkie gets consistent games with half the Saints' defence sitting it out?

    • Russty_ says:

      I doubt it King, they've got Marsh now and just signed Sam Rowe as well …out of retirement.

  198. Shaun says:

    Not being a smart arse but neally every team see is nilly the same bar a couple of pods.how do we get different sides by trading i guess?

    • Russty_ says:

      Start with as many solid players as you can get, then trade your way through the season getting more solid players, then at the end everyone's teams look the same barring a few pods here and there.
      Or you could go for pods early for the sake of having pods, and probably suffer score-wise compared to teams with the solid players.

      • Shaun says:

        I totally agree mate my side is the same cookie cutter you can only pick what's in front of you .geuss you have to smart trading to get the edge

        • Russty_ says:

          That's it Shaun, cookie-cutter-ish isn't a bad thing necessarily, trading at the right time during the year is the hard part, maximising profit and jumping on the fallen premos and new rookies at the right time, hoping you don't get too many un-forseen injuries along the way

    • KeenButClueless says:

      You are right Shaun. Whilst I don’t like One Touch Wonder’s side, I really respect that he’s gone in a different direction. He may well prove to be right. It’s hard not to imagine Danger in our side. Can’t remember too many 660k forwards before. Most sides will have a Grundy/Gawn/Goldy combination. I did like John’s Lycett move. It feels like Williams and Smith pick themselves, although with Smith being a certified burn man, we might all suffer for that one! Titch being out in the mids,and with the risks over Fyfe and Kelly, the pool of premium mids has shrunk. I so want to take Fyfe because the change in rules should suit him, and his bye is helpful, but it seems safer to spend the same dollars on reliability. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if his non selection could burn us. So it really comes down to MacRae and Walsh as to genuinely different thought patterns.
      Lastly, the rookie pool is so shallow this year that we wi end up mostly the same.

    • Derek says:

      you will find the teams on this site do get a bit similar, because we throw ideas around that some people like. Go to other sites you will see different teams.

      • Shaun says:

        This is the best site derek .

      • Russty_ says:

        I went to another site last night to see what was being said around the traps and some dudes had some funky looking teams, selecting rookies who have been out of the picture for weeks, like they were in a timewarp.

    • Russty_ says:

      These things happen preseason mate, I've noticed in the past, sides with a bunch of pods in them winning the weekly prize, but in the rankings department are way down there, nothing wrong with a bit of difference I guess.

    • Hawk131415 says:


  199. Dustyyy says:

    Thoughts on the latest team? I'm tossing up between Simpson & Collins v Mills & Greene… pushes Hurn to D1 and enables me to switch Burgess on the pine in defence, Hore at D6 and Greene at F4 with just two on field forward rookies.

    Hurn, Mills, Williams, Scrimshaw, Clark, Hore, Duurmsa, Burgess

    Cripps, Neale, Treloar, Congilio, Crouch, Crouch, Walsh, Butters (Scott, Atkins, Gibbons)

    Gawn, Goldy (Fort)

    Danger, Heeney, Billings, Greene, Setterfield, Petreculle (Balta, Parker)

    • Dustyyy says:

      Yeah I've had in Simpson at D1 but by downgrading him has allowed me to get Mills and then Greene at F4?
      Mills should average at least 95 now that Lloyd/McVeigh are fully fit, it is one of those "breakout" years that I have to back though.. generally not the mid-pricer I like going for

      Can't argue with that,.. more mid time for Billings looks to be the year though… I like the value and even better that he busted this year, more POD

      Maybe I'm better off downgrading Greene and upgrading Mills to Simpson but 30 odd points for Greene in 30% TOG got the heart ticking

      • Russty_ says:

        Can't see Mills averaging over 79 until Mills averages over 79…I'll be happy to be proven wrong but can't see why he hasn't averaged more than that previously.

    • Russty_ says:

      Greene was quoted in an article today how he's changed his marking style after the "Toby Greene Rule" was introduced, can't mark with studs up, he said he's adjusted to it and is quite honoured to have a rule named after him, even if colloquially.
      He knows now it's the wrong thing to do and won't be consciously doing it again….hopefully!
      Apparently he's pretty fit too and ready to go for the up and coming season.

      • Brn says:

        He moved up into the mid in JLT and was setting up plays with handballs/ getting a lot of it. Had 2.or 3 shots at goal that were pretty bad but just blowing off some cobwebs and on other days could have been goals. To get around the 40 mark in a third game time just reinforces to me that he will averahe 90

  200. Derek says:


    Something a bit different.

    Due to popular demand, i've created a 4th Division for the Elimination League.

    NEW Code: 697801 – Div 4

    New players welcome.

    We seem to have a bit of an imbalance in the first 3 Divisions

    Div 1 – 29 players (code 333164)

    Div 2 – 15 players (code 140819)

    Div 3 – 27 players (code 535823)

    Div 4 – new (code 697801)

    ideally we have only 20 in each Division.

    I'll let everyone sort it out themselves, if you are in Div 1 or Div 3, can you swap to Div 2 or Div 4 (do a quick add before you do anything, and only join if there are less than 20 players)

    next week i'll get the numbers squared away.


    Every week, the team with the lowest score for THAT round will be eliminated from the group.

    In the event of a tie, the team with the worst overall rank will be the one eliminated.

    the team with the highest score for that round will be given IMMUNITY for the following week, they can't be eliminated if they have the lowest score the following week. The team with the second lowest will then be eliminated.

    During the bye rounds, there will be Double Eliminations, the lowest two scores for that week will be eliminated.

    No eliminations in Round 1

    The final 4 in each division (ending Round 14) will then join the Champion of Champions group.

    The Champions group will then play the same rules as previous, starting round 15. No eliminations round 15.

    The Champions won't have any byes to deal with and should be close to their best team for the run home

    the Champions group will have two eliminations each week until there are only 2 left. (this maybe subject to change depending on how many Divisions we end up having)

    The Grand Final Week will be Round 23.


    This is almost too good to be true.

    The winner, will be crowned JR Elimination Grand Champion (i expect this will be put on your business card)


    the choice of either;

    a) the Small business tax concessions guide, published 2008 CCH


    b) in almost mint condition, the original 2015 Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Magazine, with the centerfold still included

    New entries welcome, for now jump in Division 2 (140819) or Division 4 (697801)

    If there are already 20 in the group, jump out.

    Don't count me, i'm just the administrator.

    If Division 4 gets full, i'll set up a Division 5

    remember it is a GROUP, not a league (most people have used up their 10 leagues)

    • Boris_Baconbeer says:

      I have left Div 3 and went into Div 2. Now while ppl may say I am helpful…. Thank you Thank you to those ppl your welcome… I can now say i have moved up a division 😀 WOOHOO!!
      Now 17 in div 2

      • Russty_ says:

        Thanks Boris…you da man!, how many were in 3?…do i need to jump out too?
        Oh yeah there's like 26 in there, jumping out to 4 also, some people can't count I guess.

        • Boris_Baconbeer says:

          I forgot to count before i left think it was 27. which means someone from div 1 must have moved as well. Think ppl should count once they move and prolly b4

          • Derek says:

            its like trying to herd cats

            • Russty_ says:

              I just moved to 4 with 3 peeps in it, this'll be the 3rd one I've moved from!…Small Business Guide for Tax concessions Derek?…I'd rather the latest Coles magazine for recipe ideas…:)

            • Boris_Baconbeer says:


    • dontblushbaby says:

      Signed out of 3 , now in 2

    • Russty_ says:

      It's a shame you can't select a limit on a group Derek, that'd save you a whole lot of stuffing around, maybe write to Herald Sun and suggest it?
      Otherwise, boot em out from the bottom and let them check themselves if they're still in the group and then enter another one.

      Or, just have one group?…go with Darwin's theory of evolution, only the strong survive.

    • Boris_Baconbeer says:

      Looking forward to the small business tax concessions guide 😀 go Belly Button Fluffs

    • Multi_ says:

      Jumped in 4 Derek


    • Patch says:

      That centrefold is worth more than gold. Absolutely love this idea, Derek. Tell me which division to jump in and I'm there. Looking at my side I reckon I'd slot quite nicely into Div 4…

  201. KeenButClueless says:

    Good food for thought. I will be Billings down to Greene, Williams up to Crisp. Or Billings down to Walker and Williams up to Whitfield.

  202. Russty_ says:

    Cheers for the info SCG, how about Houli, Francis, Hanley, Ridley as options to replace Williams or swing Moore back to cover until he's right as a contingency plan?

    • Russty_ says:

      I only have 5 grand left so can't go to anyone more expensive, Ridley probably and hope he does ok.

      • Russty_ says:

        I already have, Grundy isn't in my squad, Have Gawn and Goldy…hoping Grundy will drop to an affordable figure.
        I guess if Ridley claims his spot in the back 6 he could be a keeper if he does well, it'd be a handy cash pickup as well.

      • DavidC says:

        If all rooks will score less then whoever you pick for RD 1 will be 80k cheaper as well. Plus you have to waste a trade. Your own logic destroys your argument.

        • ESS_CEE_Genius says:

          No it doesn't David. Plenty of Rucks will improve or maintain their ave from last year due to natural progression or having a reduced ave in 2018 due to injury i.e the rucks who haven't reached their peak yet in 2018 or had injury affected scores in 2018.
          You probably based your comment on an assumption that the only rucks in Supercoach are Grundy, Gawn, Goldstien, Martin, McEvoy and Nankervis.
          Players like Lobb, Ceglar, Mumford, Darcy, Hickey, Stanley, Sinclair, Philips, Clark are either still improving or have low averages due to not playing in 2018. Their natural progression and/or recovery could negate the general reduction in ruck scores.
          Also a 10%-20% reduction in score from a ruck who previously averaged 115-130 is more than the same % reduction from a ruck who previously averaged 80-90

  203. Derek says:

    maybe i should just get Heather now. He always ends up in my team at some stage in the season.

    • Derek says:


      • Russty_ says:

        Thought maybe the P.C brigade had now allowed female players into male AFL, lol, it probably won't be long…not that there's anything wrong with that.

        • Boris_Baconbeer says:

          "…not that there's anything wrong with that" I'm so glad you added that I was about to be so offended on behalf of my sisters who are still in the kitchen washing the dishes….(only joking too…*sheepish look on face*)

          • Russty_ says:

            Yeah Boris Bacon More Beer, you have to protect yourself these days otherwise you can be Social Media'd out of existence for one comment lol

  204. Gord29 says:

    Lads if anyones looking for a league join 470582, currently overseas and just realised I don't have any decent leagues

    • Russty_ says:

      Gord, I've got one more league to start, had to leave one for reasons I'd rather not reveal.
      It'll probably be on the last day before the first game, keep checking in but you're welcome to join.
      Where are you and what are you doing over there? I've spent a few years overseas too.

      • Gord29 says:

        Thanks rusty! China mate I spent the last couple years living in London and had booked Anzac Day in turkey before I decided to come home for summer

        • Russty_ says:

          Hi Gordy, I almost went over there in 2006 to teach English, already did it in Japan for 3 years earlier than that, what ya doing over there?…hope it's worth it for you with the shocking pollution over there.
          I reckon everyone should live in another Country in their 20's it's expands one's horizons about life.

          • Gord29 says:

            Yea living overseas is a great experience. Just travelling for a few months, really just trying to chase the sun haha

  205. kevwal says:

    I see SCGenius is back, great stuff, no need to post anything anymore.

    • Russty_ says:

      But which one is the real kevwal?….I'll say the one with an account.

  206. TelescopicCox says:

    Which combo for Back-Mid-Fwd combo

    A) Rookie-Neale-Billings
    B) Rookie-Libba-Heeney
    C) Sicily-Libba-Rookie

    This is for a sort of punty lineup and I can’t decide whether to run deeper through the mids (A), forwards (B) or backline (c)

  207. JohnDJ59 says:

    Andrews $480,100 could be a good replacement, a POD as well, in only 2% of teams.

  208. TOPHAWK1 says:

    It is about time TOPHAWK updated the JR community with the latest team.

    Warning to the faint hearted coaches and cookie cutter coaches. This team is not for you.

    It has Mid Pricers, PODS, Premos, Expensive Rooks, Cheap rooks, and even a few red herrings!

    Critique away community!

    DEF: Jack Crisp, Zac Williams, Brodie Smith, Jordan Ridley, Jack Scrimshaw, Jordan Clark (Duursma, Hore)

    MID: Patrick Cripps, Matthew Crouch, Angus Brayshaw, Jared Polec, Brad Crouch, Tom Rockliff, James Cousins, Sam Walsh (Butters, Constable, Scott)

    RUC: Max Gawn, Todd Goldstein (Schlensog*)

    FWD: Patrick Dangerfield, Isaac Heeney, Josh Dunkley, Tim Kelly, Will Setterfield, Willem Drew (Corbett*, Petrucelle)

    * Early round loop hole slaves

    • Maverick_ says:

      Wish my plums were the size of yours TH!
      Imagine if your midfielders hit the ground runnin early you’d be laughing! Polec is the interesting one there I’m a north man so I don’t mind that pick even though I think JOM May our avg him & still a POD for you. I wish you all the best! Will make a fun year ahead mate.

      • TOPHAWK1 says:

        It is an "out there" side Maverick but I play for rank. I do it every year. I like young premos and break out "candidate" type players. Jared Polec is one of these guys. Only 1% ownership which = big POD, 25 years old, durable, at a new club, has a point to prove and has the ability IMO to become an Uber midfield premo in 2019.

        I guess I just love calculated risks! My starting side might bite me in the ar-se, but it is a long season and I started with 3 duds last season and still finished top 2%.

        Good luck this season Maverick. Go with your instinct and gut!

        • Russty_ says:

          Go Hawk, do what floats your boat mate.

          • TOPHAWK1 says:

            Thanks Russty! With 5 days to go, there will obviously be further tinkering but one thing is for sure, my side will not be cookie cutter by any stretch. Looking forward to the draft league too mate. Should be fun. Good luck this season mate!

    • Sharkmove_King says:

      I take it the red herring is Polec? Outside midfielders have to be very special to score 110+ (which is what you would be hoping for). Look at Gaffs scoring history, he has only posted decent numbers once. I love me a pod but I'd rather see a inside bull, like say, Jack Steele.

      I actually like 3 of the lines (besides no Grundy) it's just the midfield seems very risky and the bench looks like it's got too much scoring potential.

      It's very unique and that I do like!

      • TOPHAWK1 says:

        Thanks Sharkmove King. I hear what you are saying about Polec. He might not be the classical in and under midfielder, but he averaged 95 last season and I am hoping for 105-110 average from him this season. He is very durable and coming into his prime. I do like Jack Steele too mind you!! Good luck this season and make sure we see a few juicy shark moves!

    • DavidC says:

      Not really that left field. Polec is about the only one that hasn't been in my team at any stage and I wouldn't go there. Not a fan of Brodie but the rest is solid. Good luck.

      • TOPHAWK1 says:

        Thanks David. Polec is a roughie, I have to admit and by the comments so far, he would definately be a POD! No love for him at all. Good luck this season mate.

    • BVB21 says:

      I don’t mind it hawk.

      I would trade crisp to Callum mills and cousins to Liberatore.

      Cousins only scored well in the JLT1 because the hawks rested everyone.

      He won’t average more then 80 and there’s rookies for 123k that will get close to that.

      • TOPHAWK1 says:

        Thanks BVB! I have had Callum Mills and Libba in my side for extended periods so far. I am very tempted and probably will heed your advice on that one. Hopefully Mills will play plenty of midfield now that Lloyd is a likely starter for round one. That's what I would be banking on. I guess in when you put Cousins and Libba next to each other, it should be Libba every time. Cousins should do OK, but the fact he has only played 6 games in 2 seasons could bite me in the back side. Good luck this season BVB!

  209. Dan says:

    Thought on the team community?
    DEF: Hurn, Williams, Smith, Scrimshaw, Clark, Duursma (Hore, Burgess)
    MID: Cripps, Oliver, Neale, M. Crouch, B. Crouch, Libba, Walsh, Butters (Atkins, Gibbons, Scott)
    RUCK: Grundy, Gawn
    FWD: Dangerfield, Heeney, Kelly, Dunkley, Settlefield, Drew (Petrucelle, Parker)

    Not too convinced by Dunkley and also not sure whether having both Gawn and Grundy is a good call?

    • Maverick_ says:

      That looks solid mate.
      Personally I don’t like Dunkley have not looked at him at all but can’t knock it I know a lot of people like him I just cannot trust bevo and with several players all capable of playing the same role on any given day. I like a Mundy though Will play midfield with Neale gone.

  210. Maverick_ says:

    What do we reckon fellas.

    brayshaw & Greene
    libba & TKelly

    Would love to know how Greene is travelling after playing so little JLT2

    • TommyC99 says:

      Libba and TKelly for me. Kelly more likely to end up top 8-10 in his position and Libba shown more in JLT

      • Maverick_ says:

        thanks tommy.
        I love the brayshaw pick just got this feeling he could be special this year but it means I have to pair him with Greene who I don’t trust after 1 half of JLT.

    • JohnDJ59 says:

      Brayshaw and Greene for me, Brayshaw broke out in the second half of last year and I expect that to continue, Greene I'm not so sure about, but if he is good to go round one he will be in my side.

      • Maverick_ says:

        Yeah brayshaw is a big factor in that one but libba could avg 95-100 & make a stack load of cash, torn! Where is WOW when you need him with his inside info on GWS. I’d love to know how Greene and Williams are travelling.

        • Russty_ says:

          Hey Mav, re: Greene, saw this in an article in the Daily Telegraph from yesterday…

          The All-Australian dynamo was straight back to his best in last week’s trial against Adelaide, and is planning to play a full intra-club match today.

          Greene’s 2018 season was plagued by injuries, but he has declared he is ready to start round one next week against Essendon at full fitness.
          PS, just found this too…re:Williams.. Wayne Campbell is the Giant's General manager of Footy
          Campbell added that Josh Kelly, Jacob Hopper and Zac Williams were all looking good for round one. The Giants will play an intra-club game on Saturday with Kelly and Hopper among those expected to feature.

          • Maverick_ says:

            You beauty russty! Cheers mate. That is a Big help. Can I get your opinion on the above options…

            • Russty_ says:

              Oh yeah mate, Brayshaw and Toby for me all the way..I also have Libba though.

              • Maverick_ says:

                Cheers mate. The viney factor is in the back of my mind but hopefully it won’t impact AB like I think.. Would love libba but just cannot fit him unfortunately. Been bullish on him all preseason too

          • Maverick_ says:

            Yeah good call. That will require a decent reshuffle of my side too. Fingers crossed he gets through it fine

    • NoLanguage96 says:

      Brayshaw and Greene. I also would find a way to get Libba in too mate if ya can!

      • Maverick_ says:

        BCrouch to libba at M6 is possible…
        But crouch may very well go 105+
        Not sure what I’d do with the 100k either

  211. Jonno says:

    Hey Community,
    I am still up to the late hours tinkering and tinkering ….

    Please give me any feedback as I need some sleep.

    Simpson, Hurn, b.Smith, d.moore, Ridley, scrimshaw
    Bench: j.clark, hore

    Cripps, Oliver, Neale, dusty, m.crouch, d.sheed, j.cousins, Walsh
    Bench: butters, constable, Scott

    Jacobs, Goldie
    Bench z.clarke

    Danger, heeney, Wallis, setterfield, drew, petreccelle
    Bench: burgess, balta

  212. Chris says:

    Hey All,

    Would love some advice, I've missed most the news this year. I've probably have someone who's out for the season.

    BACKS- Lloyd, laird, Hurn, Andrews, Smith, Allen (scrimmage, clark)
    MIDS- conigilo, Martin, Sloane, shuey, rockcliff, Walsh, butters, constable (cousins, drew, duursma)
    RUCKS – Gawn, lycett (clarke)
    FWDS- dangerfield, kennedy, elliot, moore, settlefield, parker (burgess, petruccelle)

    Any major stuff ups?
    Missing any MUST haves?

    Thanks guys

  213. Simon says:

    Billings or B Crouch

    who would you rather take a punt on

    Would want Billings to average 95 or Crouch to average 105 which is optimistic but all I can afford

    • Sharkmove_King says:

      If Billings averaged 95 and Crouch averaged 105, I'd prefer Billings…..Especially since he more likely to play 22. IMO if Billings averaged 95 at that price you would be delighted.

      • Simon says:

        Billings averaged 93.4 last year after he got dropped and dominated in the vfl. Kent and Parker coming in as small forwards, should push Billings up the ground I’d assume.

        Downside of locking in Gawn and Grundy., Need to settle for cheaper premiums who have risks associated with them

  214. steve says:

    crisp and goldstein or grundy and brodie smith

  215. I think it is super risky going with 2 onfield forward rookies particularly with a bench like Burgess and Balta etc.Maybe it's time to move DANGER I have and brought in Heeney for Brayshaw. Makes the mids super strong and replaces the no.1 fwd with the no.2 plus gives me back up when 3 of the 4 forward rookies dont play and that will happen What do people think

    • Sharkmove_King says:

      Derek put Drew into the.midfield which is essentially the same thing, but it feels better doing it with Drew as a forward line without Danger just looks ugly.

    • TOPHAWK1 says:

      That is what I am considering too! Whacking Dangerfield or Heeney into my midfield. I have Drew on my forward line so I can swing or Danger or Heeney back forward anyway. Do you have any more intel on Heeney's ankle? Was it just a minor tweek or do we need to be cautious? If he has shrugged it off, he is still a must have IMO. Cheers Neil.

    • TommyC99 says:

      Yeah agreed neil. I have Moore at F5 atm with setterfield F6. JUst dont think we can trust the likes of Parker, Burgess and Petrucelle. I have included mid/fwd dpp in the guts as a safety net just in case

      • TOPHAWK1 says:

        I have Setterfield at F5 and Drew at F6. I can live with that. I agree that those other 3 you mentioned are pretty average rooks. Cheers mate.

      • Did the same Tommy and it doesn't matter if you leave danger fwd or your dpp choice but I Ieft DREW there also There's a number of good dpp's ready to take your M5 (brayshaw in my case) role and do as well with decent JS I chose HEENEY but Wallis Dunkley or Robinson could do well.All are close to a final F6

    • ESS_SEE_Genius says:

      My two onfield forward rookies/cheapies are Setterfield and DMoore. I think that theyll both get a gig round 1. I have drew at F7 just in case

      • Thanks guys for responding ,all of you people have a wealth of knowledge , but I am thinking just a Drew OR Danger doesn't cut it you need both. What's the point in risking Burgess etc at F8 when chances are they will get dropped. Far better to have a floating DPP and using him to bring either danger or drew back especially when that dpp is going to play bye time.The problem is who and I reckon I have him -HILL from GWS. A different type to Hately or Caldwell ,who obviously get first go. A cousin of the Hills from WA with a ton of upside,saves a trade post byes when all current rookies are gone ,gives you valuable loops on two lines and enables you to have two bites at the mids Could be wrong but the forward rooks are looking poor.Cheers boys NDD

    • Holty01 says:

      With so much uncertainty with the forward line Neil, I think it would be very silly not to start one of the only forwards that actually makes sense. You know he will be the best scoring forward so in IMO, just start him and work another plan

  216. ESS_SEE_Genius says:

    Interesting JLT Fact #2
    Of the top 20 individual Forward scores in the JLT series only five of them were scored by 500k+ players (2 x Danger, Kelly, Dunkley, Heeney)
    Three were scored by players under 250k (Setterfield 113, McCarthy 105, Balta 104)
    eight by players 300-400k (including the top 2 scores)
    four by players 400-500k
    Fact#1 was censored by people who don't like info that they didn't create themselves, your loss

    • Sharkmove_King says:

      Who were the 8? (300-400k)

      • ESS_SEE_Genius says:

        W.Rioli 318,700 -147
        T.Papley 383,400 -140
        J.Newnes 356,100 -117
        R.Mathieson 3650,000 -114
        R.Marshall 341,100 -112
        T.Membrey 396,300 -108
        C.Rayner 327,700 -105
        T.Varcoe 332,800 -105

  217. ESS_SEE_Genius says:

    Interesting JLT Fact #3
    The top 20 averages for JLT 2019 by players priced $207,300 and less
    S.Walsh 99 -2 games
    Z.Clarke 89 -1game
    Z.Butters 86.5 -2games
    W.Setterfield 86.5 -2games
    W.Drew 81.5 -2games
    H.Jones 79 -1game
    N.Balta 78 -2games
    J.Clark 77 -2games
    C.Constable 76.5 -2games
    F.Watson 76 -1game
    W.Golds 76 -1game
    T.Atkins 74.5 -2games
    B.Scott 74 -2games
    J.Scrimshaw 73 -2games
    S.Collins72.5 -2games
    J.Hately 71.5 -2games
    T.Murphy 66 -1game
    LDU 65 -2games
    J.Petruccelle 65 -2games

    • Sharkmove_King says:

      Constable is the interesting one here. Is he good enough to start? A 76.5 average from a midfielder would suggest M9 to me. But, he had limited tog in the 2nd game. Usually, such low tog would set off alarm bells for me from a rookie. (especially in the last JLT as that's the closet to a Round 1 side)

      However, Geelong had a 6 day break coming back from Perth so his low tog could be because of this.

      M8 or M9 for Constable, that's my dilemma coming into the last days