Collingwood v Carlton: JLT Review

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Well it was a tight one down in Morwell but I don’t think we learned a hell of a lot. Collingwood’s midfield is good and Carlton are the clear flag favourites…can we move into the player breakdowns?

Scores: Collingwood 11.11.77 defeated Carlton 10.13.73

Notable absentees

Collingwood: Will Hoskin-Elliott, Daniel Wells, Taylor Adams, Jordan De Goey, Brayden Sier, Lynden Dunn, Matt Scharenberg

Carlton: Sam Docherty, Matthew Kreuzer, Caleb Marchbank, Darcy Lang, Jarrod Pickett, Tom Williamson


Patrick Cripps – MID – $648,200

I freaked out when he was limping at the end of the third term but he seemed to be fine, playing on in the fourth. 24 touches and two goals today and spent a fair amount of time outside of the contest. Looked to be taking it pretty easy today…he’s a bloody lock MATE.

Kade Simpson – DEF – $570,300

Went sleeveless again today which is a bloody disgrace, but proved why he’s worthy of my D1 position. 28 disposals (22 kicks) and 5 marks, he was taking some kick-ins, playing loose, linking up for the switch and locking himself into my side.

Charlie Curnow – FWD – $420,200

Got absolutely towelled up by Moore. 14 touches and 1.2 in front of goals. He might end up around $500k by the end of the year but he’s not a good selection for mine.

Nic Newman – DEF – $394,100

Was held accountable today and ended up with just 10 disposals…aka the Simpson effect. I think we can expect him to be inconsistent in 2019 with games like today to go with dominant games like last week…I prefer Smith at $60k cheaper.

Sam Petrevski-Seton – FWD – $364,900

I want big things from this kid in 2019 and 23 touches is a decent effort. He’s flashy, and explosive but still has an inside game…don’t think he’ll take the Supercoach leap this year…maybe 2020.

Sam Walsh – MID – $207,300

Not the game he had last week but still came away with 23 disposals and 5 marks…I’m assuming he’ll have scored around the 80 mark. Realistically he’s going to average maybe 70-75 points per game for the year (give or take) but will it be enough at $200k? I love him but he’s not in my side.

Will Setterfield – FWD/MID – $144,900

Wasn’t as impactful today and his 13 touches weren’t great. He’s still worthy of a forwardline selection. Lock.

Michael Gibbons – MID – $102,400

Didn’t kick a goal and only had 6 touches. He’s actually not in my side at the moment because we have a few midfield options ahead of him…still will make a little bit of cash for you but is also Carlton’s first player dropped.


Brodie Grundy – RUC – $708,200

Had a corky to go along with 17 disposals and 32 hitouts. Very clearly not competing as hard as we’ve seen him go in the past. Every time something went wrong I could just hear the words ‘COX CURSE’…

Adam Treloar – MID – $594,200

Found the ball at will today. He’s an imposing man when he’s at full flight. 42 disposals in 75% game time is incredible. He’s a reasonable POD selection but there might be games where he takes a back seat to the likes of Beams and Pendles. If you select him he won’t disappoint you.

Scott Pendlebury – MID – $562,000

Pendles is all class as we know but the days of selecting him in Supercoach seem to be over. Was good today but won’t sore enough for the year to warrant a starting selection. 26 disposals from the gun.

Dayne Beams – MID – $557,600

26 disposals and 12 contested possessions. He’s a bloody jet but I’m not sure we saw enough to start him in traditional Supercoach. He’s really noticeable on the field (probably because he’s covered in tatts) but his scoring didn’t reflect his impact. Potential upgrade target down the track for mine.

Steele Sidebottom – MID – $551,700

31 disposals and 23 of them were kicks! Sidebum just gets it one every week and basically went unmarked today. Would expect him to have tonned up today, 10 marks would’ve helped that. Another POD selection that seems to be getting better and better. Would you select him?

Jack Crisp – DEF – $519,900

Boy oh boy, my D2 is looking good! Jack Crisp had 33 disposals and 12 marks today. Was cleaning up the scraps everywhere and being used to switch the ball a lot. If he can clean up that disposal he’ll outperform his pricetag with ease. Plays a good Supercoach role but I’m asking myself if Howe will impact him…probably not, lock him in.

Jamie Elliott – FWD – $280,300

If you scored 100 points for kicking first goal I’d tale a chance on him at that price. Until then it’s a pass from me.

Darcy Moore – DEF/FWD – $239,400

Well don’t we have a dilemma here? On last week’s match it would be a no but on today’s performance he’ll find his way into a lot of teams. Not sure what his score will end up as but he was taking kick-ins, intercepting Carlton’s attacks and shut down Charlie Curnow. 17 disposals and 5 marks today.

Tyler Brown – DEF – $123,900

On the ground for about 9 seconds, won’t be there come round 1.

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Adam Treloar 128
Steele Sidebottom 115
Scott Pendlebury 114
Jack Crisp 99
Darcy Moore 97
Tom Langdon 95
Dayne Beams 95
Tom Phillips 87
Brodie Grundy 85
Josh Thomas 85
Chris Mayne 84
Jordan Roughead 82
Callum L. Brown 81
Brayden Maynard 74
James Aish 68
Jamie Elliott 63
Mason Cox 61
Ben Crocker 58
Brody Mihocek 52
Travis Varcoe 43
Tyson Goldsack 42
Levi Greenwood 39
Jeremy Howe 34
Tyler Brown 28
Patrick Cripps 106
Kade Simpson 105
Sam Walsh 96
Liam Jones 92
David Cuningham 90
Marc Murphy 90
Harry McKay 84
Sam Petrevski-Seton 80
Ed Curnow 75
Jacob Weitering 69
Andrew Phillips 62
Will Setterfield 60
Zac Fisher 59
Dale Thomas 59
Paddy Dow 59
Charlie Curnow 55
Lachie Plowman 48
Nic Newman 46
Jarrod Garlett 45
Cameron Polson 42
Mitch McGovern 36
Michael Gibbons 34


If anyone interested, I have 1 league with a few spots available. Code 690009, all welcome until full.


League full now, thanks all.

Poonam Mohan

Its already full. If you missed there are spots in 313023.

The mighty wokkas

Mhm, Grundy in, Grundy out of my team, know he will become cheaper but who else is there to start with realistically?


Gawn and goldy if you wanted to


Can we talk about Cunningham for a second?


Was going to ask where your Cuningham write up was Lek? Trying to keep quiet? is it Lekdog or Slydog, or cunning fox??? lol


Bloody hell my POD in Crisp looks to have been ruined!


Sam Walsh ended up scoring 96. Can afford to go Cripps/Macrae double if i dont go Walsh. Is he essentiial?


In 64 percent of teams so YES


64% of teams tells me I won't select him. JS, sure but as we know the expensive rookies won't appreciate enough or quick enough unless Walsh goes 90+ each week minimum.


IMHO, don't start Walsh. He will earn you $100k less due to being $100k more expensive. He will probably score more than cheaper rookies (not a certainty), but will still be getting bruised and bashed with a young body. He will be rested, managed through games and history tells us high priced rookies are not worth the coin. True, he is a superstar in the making, but SC is season long marathon and Walsh will not produce Tim Kelly longevity. Better option to take the cheaper rookie and upgrade sooner with the extra cash you make.


I feel like he is for the fact that if he averages 80-90+ and you don’t have him you’ll be behind the 8 ball


Yep. Only has to last until the byes.


No definitely not essential

Locked and Loaded

Struggling to see how he’s not essential… the price rises if he’s averaging 85+ for 8 and I’m confident he will, will get him to the price you want him to be… he will also score well and let’s not forget as much as this game is about making money which he will, you also need points and I trust him more than most other rookies… LOCK


How many times in SC history has a 200k rookie paid off? I'm gonna say never. Regardless how good the kid is he's played two JLT games. The game is about making cash and a 100-130k took that averages 60 is gonna make you as much as Walsh averaging 85. Just my two cents but history says it's too much to outlay for a kid that's never played a game


Sort of but the game is also scoring points.

If you start a 120k rook who scores 60's yep they will go up the same amt as walsh but your team will 200 points behind after 8 rounds.
Thats a big gap to catch up unless you find 25 pts with the money saved.


If you've saved 70k that's enough to find 25 points! You've just found the cash to upgrade Vandenberg (280k) to Toby Greene (350k) for example

Locked and Loaded

Also gotta worry about JS mate Walsh is worth the 200k and will allow me to sleep at night knowing he will play… he’s the most impressive 200k rook we’ve seen in a long time also can’t really compare to others.


Each to their own. I won't be picking him coz he needs to average 90 and not be rested to be worth the money. Both points I'm not confident on.


David Swallow

Captain ginyu

Andy McGrath was really solid 2 years ago, got to 400k

I Love Tennis

Walsh doesn't have to play the whole season only 8 rounds if he is averaging 80-90 happy days


LOL to the ppl that didn't watch the game and are taking Grundy out. Bye bye SC season. He will avg 120+.

People wonder why the second tier players score better than usual in JLT. The intensity is nothing like rd1-23. Sure moments in JLT it's hot but be realistic with yourselves. Getting more miles in the legs in actual gametime is different to just running laps. Tackling, getting tackled, sprinting, changing direction, jumping, marking etc is what they are after before the real stuff.


I tend to agree. If you aren't starting with Grundy or Gawn then you are either:
A) Going with a rookie or mid priced ruck man to upgrade to them later
B) Going with a different premium and prepared to sideways trade to them later
C) Going with a different premium and ignoring them all season.

I was keen on option A all pre season but there just aren't any options. Option B is probably the best out of the 3, but you're still burning a trade for not enough cash return. Option C you will be hiding behind the couch everytime Collingwood or Melbourne play.

Patric Massey

thoughts on my midfield?

Macrae, Cripps, Coniglio, B. Crouch, Rockliff/Sheed, Libba, Walsh, Butters (Constable, Scott, Gibbons)


Almost same as mine lol. I got Dusty instead of Crouch (tigers fan though)


Looks ok but you’ve got the wrong Crouch. I’m toying with the Rock and Libba options but think I can only risk one of these.


Gday community!

Looking for a few peoples opinions on my squad please.

Just pick it apart. I will put a option B too as I'm stuck.

So far :

Laird, Williams, B Smith, Roberton (depending on what happens), Scrimshaw, Hore, Burgess, Jones

Macrae, Cripps, Coniglio, Dusty, Rocky, Libba, Cousins, Walsh, Butters, Constable, Scott

Grundy, Gawn, Nuffnuff

Danger, Heeney, Boak, Setterfield, Drew, Petruccelle, Parker, Balta

I was tossing up Crouch/Viney/Fyfe though no games for Fyfe/Viney make me nervous (could still switch Congilio to Fyfe as I always have him to be honet)

Crouch/Rocky/Libba are my toss ups and I just don't like the Crows lol.

Option B

Simo, Laird, Crisp, Smith, Cuningham/Ridley/Moore (which 1), Scrimshaw, Hore, Jones

Macrae, Cripps, Martin, Rocky, Libba, Cousins, Walsh, Butters, Constable, Scott, Gibbons

Bottom part is same.

So really it's Crisp & Laird OR Williams & Cogs?


Those forward rooks aren't going to score too many points. Pet was useless last year. Think you might have to strengthen the forwards at the expense of the mids where there are more rookie options.


Anyone with any spots in cash leagues going? wouldn't mind a bit of monetry interest in a league.

Dusty train

Hey Daz,
I've got 1 spot left in a $100 cash league if you're interested email – [email protected]

18 entrants x $100 fee = $1,800 prize pool as follows.

Champion – $625
Runners up – $300

Minor premier – $100
Highest score of the year – $100
Consolidation award (Winner of Bottom 8) – $100

$25 weekly to the highest score of the week, in the unlikely event the highest score of the week is tied both will be paid $25 and the latter comes off the champion’s prize end of season = $25 x 23 = $575


Which Option-
Luke Ryan and Cognilio
Zac Williams and Lachie Neale?

Luke ryan didnt have a great Jlt but still got decent scores (83 from 14 disposals) which make me unsure about him, can he average 95?


Nathan Wilson was stealing points off Ryan but Cogs will be a great pick. Probably Williams and Neale.


Williams and Neale every day of the week