Sydney VS Gold Coast: JLT Review

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A match between a side that doesn’t particularly care about pre-season games against a team that isn’t particularly good doesn’t make for the greatest viewing, especially in these games where all the effort us done and dusted by halftime, but the Swans ran away with the win easily, defeating the Suns 123-81.

Notable absentees

Sydney: Lance Franklin, Jake Lloyd, Callum Sinclair, Kieran Jack, Nick Smith

Gold Coast: Rory Thompson, Will Brodie

INJURIES: Heeney (ankle), Rankine (hamstring), Aaron Young (ankle)


Isaac Heeney – MID – $529,200 – Hurt his ankle early in the game, but went back out there to have 8 disposals at halftime. Ended with 12 disposals, 2 marks, 6 tackles, 4 clearances and a goal from 57% ToG.

Josh Kennedy – MID – $525,600 – Does his usual thing, 14 disposals and a goal at halftime with 4 clearances. Led the Swans with 30 disposals, along with 6 clearances and a goal. Solid game, but we know what we’ll get from JPK at this point in his career.

Aliir Aliir – DEF – $431,800 – Took the ruck duties with Sinclair out. 9 disposals and 9 hitouts at halftime. Finished with 19 disposals, 5 marks, 4 tackles, 17 hitouts and a goal. Backup ruck minutes good add a new dimension to his game.

Luke Parker – MID – $561,700 – 14 disposals and a goal at halftime with 6 clearances and ended with 3.1 with 25 disposals and 6 clearances. Averaged 103.5 SCPoints last year, but has yo-yo’d between 100+ averages and 99 since 2014, which makes him difficult to pick.

Sam Reid – FWD – $395,200 – 2 first half goals with 8 disposals. Took advantage of the inexperienced Ben King on a few occasions. Only played half the game with 51% ToG.

Callum Mills – DEF – $428,900 – 12 disposals at the half with 22 for the game, along with 8 marks and 7 intercept possessions. No real midfield minutes on offer here, but that could have been due to Lloyd being out.

Nick Blakey – FWD – $166,800 – 5 disposals and a goal at the half, same again in the second half to finish with 10 disposals and 2 goals.

Ryan Clarke – DEF – $355,400 – 13 disposals at halftime, ended with 29 for the game with 4 marks, 2 clearances and 6 tackles. 21 uncontested possessions might impact his Supercoach score. Averaged 19 disposals last year with the Roos which was good for 65.5 SCPoints, 14 of those disposals were uncontested, so if that sort of form continues might not be massively Supercoach relevant still, even if he does average 5-10 more possessions a game.

Tom Papley – FWD – $383, 400 – Busy in the midfield, with 16 disposals and 428 metres gained at halftime, well clear of the next best effort of McVeigh with 280 metres gained. Ended the game with 26 disposals, 5 tackles, 4 clearances and kicked 1.2. Midfield move could be interesting if it comes off full time.

Gold Coast

Ben King – FWD – $184,800 – Down back and outworked by a few more mature Swans forwards. Had 7 disposals with 3 intercept possessions for the game.

Sam Collins – DEF – $188,900 – Under siege at times, especially in the second quarter. 5 disposals at the half, all intercept possessions and ended with 10 disposals, 9 of them being intercept possessions and 9 1%ers.

Pearce Hanley – DEF – $296,400 – 8 disposals and 2 rebound 50’s at halftime to finish with 16 for the game. Needs to do more if you were to pick him.

Jack Lukosius – FWD – $202,800 – 2 disposals at halftime. Kicked two goals in as many minutes in the 3rd quarter and got better as the game wore on (though may have been because the intensity lowered) to end up with 13 disposals and 2 goals. Talented, but not ready yet.

Jarrod Witts – RUC – $480,900 – Sinclair was out, so he was rucking against Aliir. Had 24 hitouts in the first half with 9 disposals and ended with 46 hitouts with 16 disposals and 3 marks. Interesting cheaper R2 option on offer,

Izak Rankine – FWD – $198,300 – A goal and 4 disposals in the first half and then went do the rooms at half-time with an iced up hammy.

Chris Burgess – DEF/FWD – $123,900 – Just 2 disposals at the half and ended with 9, along with 1.3. Price is right, but we probably wanted to see a better performance from him. Was on -2 SCPoints at half-time, which would have been a disaster if this was a real game.

Anthony Miles – MID – $342,000 – 8 disposals and 3 clearances at halftime, ended with 13 and 6 clearances for the game. 10 contested possessions is good, but played 76% ToG, so needed to do more to solidify his spot in anyone’s side.

Touk Miller – MID – $482,400 – Led the Suns with 15 disposals at halftime with 4 clearances. Ended with a game high 31 disposals with 19 contested possessions, 8 clearances and 7 tackles. Very intriguing player, but the question will be can he score high enough and consistently enough to be worth picking? Or will he be a bit like his former teammate Jarryd Lyons?

Community, anyone catch your eye in this one?

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  1. PapaPump says:

    Had a mild stroke when Heeney hurt his ankle but glad he came back on. Rankine's injury gives me an excuse not to pick him whilst Miles is doing his best to make me unbelieve the hype. Really think Cousins is a better bet at M7 than him.

    • Russty_ says:

      I think if Heeney sprained it, he should be right in 2 weeks time. Hope it's not more serious.

  2. Lekdog says:


    Touk Miller 125

    Peter Wright 103

    Brayden Fiorini 95

    Jarrod Witts 86

    Charlie Ballard 83

    David Swallow 77

    Pearce Hanley 76

    Lachie Weller 75

    Alex Sexton 63

    Jack Bowes 62

    Wil Powell 58

    Ben Ainsworth 53

    Jack Martin 52

    Sam Collins 52

    Jack Lukosius 50

    Jesse Joyce 50

    Darcy MacPherson 42

    Anthony Miles 35

    Jack Hombsch 34

    Jarrod Harbrow 33

    Izak Rankine 32

    Callum Ah Chee 31

    Ben King 19

    Chris Burgess 15

    Jacob Heron 14

    Aaron Young 8


    Tom Papley 140

    Luke Parker 128

    Ryan Clarke 109

    Josh P. Kennedy 106

    George Hewett 103

    Aliir Aliir 94

    Callum Mills 93

    Jordan Dawson 86

    Dane Rampe 84

    Jackson Thurlow 82

    Heath Grundy 77

    Colin O’Riordan 76

    Zak Jones 75

    Isaac Heeney 70

    Jarrad McVeigh 69

    Will Hayward 62

    Sam Reid 60

    Ben Ronke 57

    Harry Cunningham 55

    Nick Blakey 54

    Justin McInerney 51

    Lewis Melican 43

    Robbie Fox 36

    James Rowbottom 34

    James Rose 23

    Samuel Wicks 12

    • Russty_ says:

      Thanks for that Lek, jeez what do we do with Burgess now? 86% TOG for 15 points, Miles looks like a write off also.
      Bad luck for Rankine with his hammy.

  3. Sixtybloody6 says:

    I've never posted or replied about Miles but the pre season hype on him was ridiculous lol. He went from a premiership side where everyone around him makes him look good. Didn't even cross my mind as a selection and I just smile when I see his scores. They will get belted and his contested numbers are avg as he WILL need to fetch his own ball.

    • Lazza says:

      Yep.. there wrre plenty of good reasons he didn’t make it back into the Tigers 22.. history is littered with VFL players who dominate but can’t cut it at AFL level..

    • JohnDJ59 says:

      Never considered him, only premos and rookies in my midfield.

  4. Matt says:

    Thurlow thoughts? He’s a brilliant kick and run rebounding defender. Has just never played consistently at AFL level but has always shown the potential to break out. What do people think of him as a pick?