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What do we do about Dom Sheed? The man had 40 touches today, backing up 39 last week, and is screaming that it’s his breakout year. It’s a conundrum, but a conundrum we’ll get to when I come to after trying to wrap my head around how annoying I find Fremantle sides.

There’s something about Ross Lyon-coached teams that just sucks. It’s not an overly attractive brand of football, and despite some of the most successful sides of the past decade being coached by the man I’m no closer to appreciating that gamestyle.

The Dockers kicked plenty of goals in the first quarter – five of them to be exact – but obviously Ross the Boss gave the purple men a spray at half time and they kicked a grand total of two in the next two quarters.

I can’t tell if Freo sucked or West Coast were good which probably means it was a little of column A and a little of column B. At any rate, I struggled to actually watch West Coast dismantle the Dockers and was distracted by writing this review, procrastinating on twitter, or eating.

They played better football in the last but the only direction they could go was up, to be honest. Let’s not take anything away from West Coast being a very good football team though.

We didn’t learn much about #Supercoach from this game, we didn’t learn anything about the new rules outside Fremantle being WOEFUL at taking kickouts, and to be honest I reckon I can recite all four of Fox Footy’s ads word for word after two weeks of JLT matches.

West Coast 16.13.109 defeated Fremantle 8.10.58

Best: Mundy, Brayshaw… uh… Conca?

Best: Sheed, Rioli, Hurn, Sheed, Sheed, Darling, Yeo, Sheed.

Injuries: Brennan Cox (hamstring), Brad Hill (calf), Brad Shepherd (concussion, knee)

Notable absentees: Nat Fyfe, Aaron Sandilands, Connor Blakely, Griffin Logue, Stephen Hill.

Notable absentees: Josh J Kennedy, Nic Naitanui (obviously, Will Schofield


David Mundy – FWD – $520,900

Playing as a pure midfielder, but will he continue to do so when Nat Fyfe comes back? Had 14 touches to half time, including seven contested and three clearances, and finished with

I’m reasonably bullish on Mundy, but still very uncertain on how he fits into my side. Will be a very solid selection in a turbulent year up forward, but it’ll be interesting how much value people aim for, and how many rookies end up in the forward line.

That said, I don’t think he’s a bad option by any stretch, I just can’t help shake the feeling we can do better at or below his price point. Still finished with 25 possessions, five tackles and 13 contested possessions. I’m intrigued by what he’s scored.

Michael Walters – FWD/MID- $476,800

Decided to kick a 45-metre banana instead of using his right foot, but it was – as Dennis Cometti would call it – “centimetre perfect”. That alone showed how much class Walters has, and it looks like he’ll be playing further up the ground again this year, although that could be filling a void left by Nat Fyfe.

Doesn’t need a lot of possessions to score a lot, but also has games where he has a lot of possessions and scores like Zac Dawson. Had 18 today but gave away three free kicks. You’d be either very brave or very stupid to pick him, especially with safer options at F3. Although speaking of F3, who the hell do we pick there?

Luke Ryan – DEF – $489,900

Wilson took most of the kick-ins I saw and Lukey Ryan didn’t have enough of the footy for my liking. He’s firmly set himself back in the pecking order, especially with so much value sitting around the backline. Despite a full game on the field ended with just 14 touches. I’d scratch him off your list.

Andrew Brayshaw – MID – $328,600

Looks like he’ll be as good a player as his cousin at Melbourne and a fantastic player, but his price is all sorts of yuck. Keep an eye on him with an eye to 2020. Will be a hell of a player, just not for Supercoach this year. Had 21 touches and 11 contested possessions.

Brett Bewley – MID – $117,300

Was a late inclusion and played half of Freo’s reserves game before the JLT match and that’s a bad sign for his round one selection for mine. Sat out the first half and despite a few nice passages early and finishing with eight touches doesn’t look like a selection we can rely on.

Sean Darcy – RUC – $361,500

Hodor. The Hulk. Yuuuuuuuge. No matter what nickname he’s going with, there’s no denying Darcy is – as the kids of today like to say – “thicc AF”. (Kids, ask your parents what that one means.) I don’t know what they feed their ruckmen out west but may lord have mercy on my soul and never allow me to ruck for an AFL side playing against Fremantle.

With Sandiballs nowhere to be seen, Hodor was the number one big man being chopped out by Lobb, but the fact Sandilands will come back into the side probably means Darcy’s an option in 2020 instead of 2019.

The others: Reece Conca had a lot of the ball but he’s injury-prone, up and down and I’m not having a bar of him, no matter how much of the ball he picks up. Rory Lobb will play as a key forward and the backup ruckman and isn’t fantasy relevant. Ditto Jesse Hogan. If he played for a higher-scoring team (Melbourne, for example), maybe he’d be worth considering.

West Coast

Shannon Hurn – DEF – $523,400

You know what you’re going to get with Bunga Hurn. He’ll kick the ball a lot, and when he does he kicks it long. The Eagles skipper was everywhere early and will be a reliable Supercoach option in defence. He was being marked by Bailey Banfield but to be honest if the Fox commentators hadn’t pointed it out I wouldn’t have noticed he had extra attention.

Had 24 kicks, two handballs at 80 per cent disposal efficiency. Has never been more #Supercoach relevant and is in my side.

Jack Petrucelle – FWD – $123,900

Petrucelle sounds like a sort of pasta, like fettuccine or trenette or prestigiacomelle, and looking at the noodle boy in the flesh there’s not much too him. He’s skinny and wiley and moves a hell of a lot faster than most noodles I’ve encountered.

I hope he plays for the simple reason I had far too much fun using the stupid Italian accent on the podcast, but he played a lot of minutes and he seems to be filling LeCras’ role, as the Frenchmen is replaced by the Italian. But will he play? I… I think so? Based on today having 16 touches, two goals and pace to burn he’ll play, but as a small forward don’t rely on him to perform for you on-field.

Dom Sheed – MID – $394,100

If you wanted to pick last year’s grand final hero, you would have seen enough justification to pick him from today’s game. Did you know he was the grand final hero? He’s looking like a ball-collecting machine and may well win another grand final off his own boot (which he did last year, in case you didn’t know). He was at nearly every centre bounce. to my untrained eye.

There’s absolutely no doubt he’s very underpriced but he won’t be a top 10 player and you won’t make enough cash off him to be worthwhile. Finished with 40 touches at 70 per cent disposal efficiency, kicks a goal and had about 254 mentions of last year’s grand final. If he scored points for those he’d be an absolute lock.

Jack Darling – FWD – $471,700

Do you do it? The big man had a blistering start to 2018 and could we do so again this year. Kicked 1.4 which could have easily been early-season yips and on a good day 4.1. Had 18 disposals, eight marks and looked all over the place. Will probably still take the number one defender even with JJK back in the side. I don’t think I’m brave enough but jeez he looked good.

Elliot Yeo – MID – $585,800

Just going through the motions and didn’t switch out of second gear. Nine touches in the first half and was in and under winning a lot of clearances. Still a very solid point of difference, but other options at his price are stacking up like dishes in a bachelor pad. Had 21 touches. Do you stick with him?

Luke Shuey – MID – $492,700

Was tagged by Darcy Tucker and to be honest, I heard Tucker’s name more than Shuey’s. He did some nice things around the ground and collected some of the ball, I guess, but I have the feeling the tag will be more common than not this year for Luke dearest.

Was iced in the last quarter and had 17 touches (11 contested, which is unusual for him) in 58 per cent game time, so not a bad return but if you’re going to be spending a valuable starting midfield slot on Luke Shuey you either know something I don’t, or you need to clear your team.

Oscar Allen – FWD – $236,200

Looks to be in line for a round one debut if Josh J Kennedy doesn’t come up in time for round one, but there’s no way JJK, Allen, Darling, Vardy and Hickey all play in the same side. His job security is just too shaky at the moment despite how good he looks on the field.

Also – he’s 236k. No thank you.

Francis Watson – DEF – $117,900

Didn’t find his way on the field. Won’t play round one.

The others: Jack Redden will continue to be irrelevant to Supercoach. Jeremy McGovern will have the occasional game of fantasy relevance but without taking a lot of kickouts or playing as a backup ruckman I’m not interested this year.

Willie Rioli and Luke Ryan are phenomenal but not for Supercoach for mine – they’ll be too up and down despite Rioli picking up a mammoth score – on 120 with a few minutes to go in the third. Tom Hickey continues to be

That’s a wrap from me for the JLT series, community. Who’s caught your eye and, importantly – Dom Sheed??? Yes? No? What do. What do indeed.

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Would love people's thoughts on Jack Darling, too. Somehow didn't copy over my write-up of him to start with but 18 touches and what could have been 4.1 instead of 1.4… will have a LOT of very good delivery to him this year.




Willie Rioli 147
Dom Sheed 134
Luke Shuey 108
Jack Redden 98
Jack Darling 96
Liam Duggan 94
Shannon Hurn 89
Nathan Vardy 89
Jack Petruccelle 87
Chris Masten 86
Liam Ryan 77
Jarrod Brander 77
Oscar Allen 76
Elliot Yeo 74
Lewis Jetta 74
Tom Hickey 68
Mark Hutchings 61
Andrew Gaff 59
Thomas Cole 54
Tom Barrass 54
Jake Waterman 52
Jeremy McGovern 52
Daniel Venables 49
Brad Sheppard 25


Reece Conca 100
Michael Walters 92
Jesse Hogan 91
David Mundy 90
Ed Langdon 87
Andrew Brayshaw 83
Luke Ryan 81
Darcy Tucker 69
Brandon Matera 66
Ethan Hughes 65
Bailey Banfield 62
Rory Lobb 61
Sean Darcy 60
Adam Cerra 58
Hayden Ballantyne 54
Nathan Wilson 52
Stefan Giro 46
Joel Hamling 40
Alex Pearce 36
Travis Colyer 32
Brennan Cox 27
Bradley Hill 21
Taylin Duman 20
Brett Bewley 16
Scott Jones 8


Forgot to put Dom Sheed in injuries(leather poisoning)


Hahahahaha I think he's developed a resistence to that one now


Forward line is so tough this year. Danger, Heeney then daylight. Mundy and Boak are logical choices due to playing midfield full time but they’re going to score 85-95 every week with the occasional 100 plus scores. Would give my left nut to find another forward caloable of averaging 95+ this year. Revolving door with Dunkley, Kelly, Menegola, Billings and co atm


I'm very settled on Billings but mostly due to the price at this stage. I'm really worried/concerned by the Cats and Dogs situation with their forwards and mids, I'm not convinced they can all score every week


Yeah flip of the coin as to who gets the most midfield minutes between Kelly / Menegola and Dunkley / McLean. I can’t pick it

Sean Reynolds

obviously u didn't pay much attention. Gaff played


Wrote that he wasn't during the first quarter before realising he was, it obviously slipped through the proof reading.

Rick Grimes

If Sheed averages 115, which it seems he can, why wouldn't he be a top 10 keeper?


115 would be an absolutely bloody huge jump, unprecedented but could happen who bloody knows this year. It is mid price season i feel. I'd be happy with 95 plus


Struggling to settle with a team with the lack of true standout rookies this year, could I get some opinions as to how I go about this team?

DEF: Laird, Williams, Smith, Roberton, Clark, Duursma (Collins, Hore)
MID: Macrae, Cripps, Oliver, Neale, Coniglio, Libba, Walsh, Butters (Constable, Scott, Gibbons)
RUC: Gawn, Westhoff (Bines)
FWD: Dangerfield, Heeney, Greene, Setterfield, Parker, Drew (Burgess, Balta)

$105,600 in the bank.


Spend your cash to get Grundy


Hi Matt, I'd get rid of Roberton and replace him with Collins and bring Watson in or just get rid of Collins and Roberton and get Ridley in…I'd change Gibbons out for Atkins and get rid of Burgess and Balta for Petrucelle and someone else who gets named.
Then you could get Grundy in.