Hawthorn vs Richmond: JLT Review

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Patch flicked me the keys to his yacht (how does he afford these things?!) and I headed on over to UTAS Stadium in Launceston to cast my eye over some Hawthorn vs Richmond JLT action. My Tiger boys looked mighty impressive and hot and sexy and it was very hard to do this writeup one-handed but I am a professional so here we go!

Hawthorn gave Box Hill a rest and brought their first team over to Tassie so there wasn’t much happening on the rookie front. Same with the Tigers, having Ross play over RCD is probably an indication Ross has got the inside running.  

Somehow Richmond pinched this game. Switched from water to whiskey at half time as a blow out looked on the cards but Richmond finished 8 points victors.  

Me post game

Rule change impacts

6-6-6: Not much to report here. At the risk of sounding like a broken record centre clearances were clean and there weren’t many secondary stoppages. 

Kick-ins: Both sides were pretty conservative tonight. Sic had some long bombs but it looks like teams are just returning the ball back into play rather than having specific set plays.

Notable absentees

Hawthorn: Birchall, Tom Mitchell, Tom “The other Tom” Scully, Patch’s boy Chadly Wingard, Jack Gunston, Daniel Howe

Richmond: Shaun Grigg, Jason Castagna, Tom Lynch, Josh Caddyshack


Oliver Hanrahan – FWD – $123,900

Didn’t see a lot of the action tonight, playing only 44% of the game. Unlikely for round 1.

Dylan Moore – FWD – $123,900

Hawks are pretty right for small forwards. Had 6 touches in a bit over a half of footy.

Mitch Lewis – FWD – $149,000

Backed up his 7 marks last week with 5 tonight. The way he goes about attacking the footy is impressive but I suspect he needs a few more games under his belt at Box Hill.

Jack Scrimshaw – DEF – $149,800

Had a huge first term with 11 disposals, 4 marks, and a goal. Faded after that but may have played his way into a few teams if he’s there round 1. Consider, but don’t tear up your backline to get him in.


Jack Ross – MID – $117,300

Not the quickest guy going around but a handy player. Was part of the midfield rotations but I suspect his job security isn’t as rock solid as we’d like from a midfield rookie. Sat out the second half after 7 disposals and 5 tackles.  

Noah Balta – FWD – $123,900

Looked a world away from the guy we saw last week. Played out of the square which doesn’t seem to suit him. Might see a bit more ruck work is there’s no Soldo in round 1.

Liam Baker – FWD – $162,100

Sat out most of the game.


SicDawg – DEF – $570,400

Was swinging everywhere in the first half. Wasn’t the designated kick out guy but took his fair share and looked to go long. If he was still a DPP I might have some more interest in the guy but we’ve got about 784 options in defence. Wouldn’t be disappointing if you landed on him in your draft leagues. 

James Cousins – MID – $219,900

Faded after a scintillating opening term. He’s an interesting one, Cousins. Expensive yes but this is he’s third year on Hawthorn’s list, compared to say a similarly priced rookie that certain Victorian media outlets have already inducted into the Hall of Fame. 

Started and stayed in the guts. Followed up his 29 disposal, 8 marks, and 4 tackles last week with 21 disposals, 5 marks, and 4 tackles tonight. 8 clangers is gonna hurt. 

Silk Burgoyne – MID – $484,200

Did his usual stuff. Seemed to be popping up a bit more in attack tonight than usual. Is this a thing or Clarko just throwing the magnets around? Either way, as a mid only, don’t pick him.

Jaegar O’Meara – MID – $503,200

Just in case we didn’t have enough 500k midfielders with a terrible injury history’s having 30+ disposals already, here’s another for your consideration. Finished with 35 and a handful of other impressive stats. Consider.

Liam Shiels – MID – $498,600

Was good over four quarters tonight. Will have his days but not for long-form SuperCoach. Oh, and he did this

Worpedo – MID/FWD – $395,700

Was stationed at the feet of Big Boy and had 9 clearances tonight. Still some question marks on his disposal though. Had 6 clangers among his 24 disposals. Awkward price but F3 is impossible right now. Could he sneak in?


Trent Cotchin – MID – $486,900

Trent Cotchin appreciation tweets

That is all.

Alex Rance – DEF – $448,100

Let’s get the good stuff out of the way first. 23 disposals. 8 marks. 5 R50’s. 8 1%’s. The bad? The 6-6-6 stuff leaves him horribly exposed at times. We are told approximately 158 times per game that Rance is good at peeling off his man, when it fails it will cost goals. 

So do you pick him? At the end of the day his SuperCoach score is the only thing we’re after, maybe just see how he goes for a few weeks before committing. 

Houli Douli – DEF – $399,600

Houli gave a perfect lesson tonight in not falling for JLT hype. If you caught his game against Melbourne last week he looked like a 550k defender. Tonight he was every bit of his sub-400k price tag. Only played two and bit quarters, but still, pass.

Jayden Short – DEF – $465,600

Weird game from Short tonight. Thought he was quiet but still had it 20 times. Not a lot there elsewhere. Only 2 R50’s is a worry for a guy that is setting up the play. I wouldn’t say look elsewhere, just be aware it’s not always going to be sunshine and lollipops. 

Meatball Prestia – MID – $482,600

Contested beast but that d.e is going to hurt his scoring. Doesn’t do enough on the peripheral stats to be a good POD option. Pass

Snags Higgins – FWD – $392,700

Kicked 3 in the second half and was a big part of the Tigers comeback. Started deep forward but worked his way up on a wing. With Caddy, Lynch, and Castagna to return, does Higgo get more time on the wing? 

Jack “Mr Brightside” Riewoldt – FWD – $504,100

Pretty well held by Chip Frawley tonight. Kicked 3 and I know we’re struggling for an F3 right now but Jack isn’t the one you want. Bit too up and down for my liking.

Dusty – MID – $563,800

How good is this guy when I considered it to be a usual Dusty game? Had half a dozen more touches than the next best Tiger and a lazy 10 clearances. Clangers still an issue though and his d.e sat at 66%. Wasn’t part of that frantic final term which will keep his score down.

Honourable mention: 8 tackles for Jack Graham tonight. Loved, loved, loved his game. Fire him up with confidence in Draftstars.  

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  1. Sixtybloody6 says:

    Someone is lonely tonight. Xx

  2. Harry says:

    Great writeup, Cousins and Martin for me to start, Sicily an upgrade option once he gets his suspensions out of the way.

    • SC_Kev7 says:

      Dusty was forced out of my team by stupid, sexy Matt Crouch. Think I might go back. That extra 12k for Dusty is paying for durability. Bargain!

  3. Rick Grimes says:

    Stay off the pills Wacko Jacko.

  4. Sixtybloody6 says:

    Hawthorn Hawks 13.9 (87)
    Richmond Tigers 14.11 (95)


    129 – Trent Cotchin
    99 – Jack Higgins
    96 – Jack Graham
    92 – David Astbury
    85 – Alex Rance
    82 – Dion Prestia
    81 – Dustin Martin
    80 – Toby Nankervis
    74 – Kane Lambert
    70 – Dan Butler
    69 – Jayden Short
    66 – Nathan Broad
    60 – Jack Riewoldt
    56 – Maverick Weller
    52 – Noah Balta
    48 – Kamdyn McIntosh
    46 – Daniel Rioli
    44 – Shane Edwards
    43 – Oleg Markov
    42 – Bachar Houli
    37 – Nick Vlastuin
    36 – Dylan Grimes
    34 – Connor Menadue
    28 – Ivan Soldo
    28 – Jack Ross
    20 – Liam Baker


    102 – Isaac Smith
    101 – Luke Breust
    101 – Jaeger O’Meara
    96 – Ben McEvoy
    96 – Jarryd Roughead
    88 – Ricky Henderson
    85 – Jarman Impey
    79 – Blake Hardwick
    78 – James Frawley
    78 – Jack Scrimshaw
    77 – Shaun Burgoyne
    76 – Liam Shiels
    73 – James Worpel
    73 – James Cousins
    61 – James Sicily
    61 – Harry Morrison
    59 – Paul Puopolo
    53 – Ben Stratton
    48 – David Mirra
    46 – Jonathon Ceglar
    44 – Mitch Lewis
    40 – Dylan Moore
    26 – Oliver Hanrahan
    22 – Kaiden Brand
    22 – Tim O’Brien
    18 – Conor Nash

    • BlueBaggerJosh says:

      Wow worpel and O meara lower than I expected, even cousins but he did butcher it a bit

  5. gator59 says:

    Back to Neverland

  6. Tyruddanaut says:

    Very fantasy irrelevant it seems

  7. Mongrel punt says:

    Higgins looks very tempting as an F3 POD. Currently have Dahlhaus at F3 . I will be watching Billings closely today as well.
    I'm not interested in Worpel.73 points when he had so much footy is a worry.
    Has the JR community reached a concencus on who the best mid price fwd is.

    • COREYSC says:

      Toby Greene

    • SC_Kev7 says:

      He may have slid into my team last night, mongrel… Really struggling with F3. Don't think he'll offer much in terms of consistency but a few weeks of price rises and I'd be content to jump off onto someone that puts their hand up

      • COREYSC says:

        Mongrel is how i’s Describe it too Kev but hopefully he can put that behind him this season

    • Notorious says:

      I think Worpel is a good buy. He can get a bit of the footy just needs to tidy his disposal up. Then that 75 will turn into a 95

  8. TheRealKevin says:

    Mate you are NOT funny at any level, please just stick to your copy and pasting and don't add any of your own words

    • SC_Kev7 says:

      Solid feedback, but nah. I’ll stick to what I’ve been doing. Thanks 🙂

  9. Sam says:

    333993 get on my league 🙂

    • Cpt Pugwash says:

      I’m in. Finished 1008th last year so hope we can get some good league scores?

      Looking to join others if available?

  10. Derek says:

    Hawks looked pretty good last night.

    Took it easy second half

    Sicily is a gun. He might be my D1

    • Lazza says:

      I’d have thought Whitfield would lead Scicily… but I grant you this .. Sicily will be in my team before the year is out..

  11. Great stuff. Will visit again.

  12. Robbo says:

    Getting close to completion
    Love any feedback
    I have a number of risky Pods
    B: laird whit Ali it
    Mc grath Ridley Collins
    (Clark hore)

    Mids: mc cray danger Cripps
    Libba Walsh rocky
    Hately Bewly
    ( constable Scott hind)

    Ruck: max goldy (Clarke)

    Fwd: devo heeny curnow
    Daal house setters Parker
    (Blakey cava)

    Thanks robbomber

  13. Gen says:

    Mitch Lewis as fwd rookie? Will he get games?

  14. Awesome work. Thanks for sharing with us.

  15. Wonderful content. You have done really well. Thanks man.