Geelong vs Essendon: JLT Review

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Headed on down the highway to GMHBA-E-I-E-I-OH Stadium tonight as Geelong hosted Essendon for the beginning of JLT round 2. If you haven’t already, you can get your eyes in, on, and all around their JLT game 1 efforts here and here

Geelong 15.11.101 def Essendon 11.7.73

Yes, yes, I know. It’s “only” JLT, but Essendon were no match for Geelong on their home deck tonight. Their forward movement, particularly in the first half, was woeful. The Geelong back 6 had a field day taking easy intercept marks.

Rule change impacts

6-6-6: Looked pretty open to me. Both sides have some quick guys running through the middle. The day Walla develops a tank will a good day. Might not ever happen, but when he does appear in the centre square it’s a good sight. Bellyache took home the choccies in the hit outs 33-27 

Kick ins: Both teams looked to play on quickly from behinds, but mostly going short and not playing on. It’s a good rule I reckon, but the massive bumps in averages we’d heard earlier in the preseason won’t happen imo

Notable absentees

Geelong: Tuohy, Cockatoo, JKolo, Zac Smith, Joel’s brother Scott, Bews 

Essendon: Gleeson, Cale Hooker, Hartley, a second ruck option (do not @ me about Draper)

The rookies


Charlie Constable – MID – $123.9k

Was in the coalface with Danger and company. 99% sure he plays round 1 and you just have to take him. Price – tick. Opportunity – tick. Should be one of our fattest cows for the year. 17 touches from 50% game time

Jordan Clark – DEF – $144.3k 

Wasn’t huge on the stat sheet but he’s a damn impressive footballer this kid, even though his sense of direction was somewhat lacking tonight.

Not too fussed about his elevated price. Find that extra 20k and put him on field. 6 marks, 5 R50’s. 75%TOG

Darcy Fort – RUC – $117.3k 

Go get a pen, folks. I’ll wait.




Alright? Good. Now put a big fat line through him. The Cats rucked with Stanley tonight with Sav and even Hawkins providing chop-out when needed. Can’t see a place for Fort unless there’s injury.

Gryan Miers – FWD – $123.9k

Didn’t get a real good look at Miers tonight, disappointing because I like the kid. Played a tick under half the game. Had 11 touches and 5 marks. If you go with him round 1 stick him on your bench rather than on field. 

Tom Atkins  – MID – $112.9k

See ball. Get ball. He plays a no-fuss game Tom. Mostly importantly, has the physique to barge his way through packs. 12 of his 17 possessions were contested. Gave away a few free kicks though which will bring his SC score down. Option. 


Essendon weren’t doing a great deal on the rookie front tonight. Nonetheless, I’ll cover ‘em anyway.

Brayden Ham $117.3k FWD

Came on late in the 4th. Didn’t over exert himself too much as he probably has school tomorrow. No thanks. 

Sam Draper $123.9k RUC

Played a 10 minute cameo late. Had 5 touches (3 contested) and a few clearances. Hard pass though.

Dylan Clarke $147.7k MID

Another one to come on late and didn’t do much with his limited opportunity. 2 touches. 

The rest


Tom Stewart – DEF – $463,300

Had 10 touches and 8 marks in under half of footy. I like him but there’s a logjam of similarly priced defenders on offer. Had a massive 18SC increase last year. Break out candidate?

Patrick Dangerfield – MID/FWD – $660,500

There’s still 33% of teams without this man. Those stints playing deep in the forward line look a distant memory. 30 touches and a goal. Lock, lock, LOCK!!

Mitch Duncan – MID – $576,500

Was a bit quieter this week compared to last. Time on ground was still decent at 86%. That said, 24 disposals and 6 marks is nothing to sneeze at. Three frees against among 6 clangers is gonna hurt though. 

Brendan Parfitt – FWD – $434,300

Wasn’t too bad tonight. 10 of his 15 were contested and had 5 clearances. Mentioned last week on Twitter he’s just 50k overpriced and I still reckon so. Keep an eye on him throughout the year.

Son of God – MID – Priceless (but also $580,600)

As much as it pains me to say this, from a fantasy standpoint it’s time for Gaz to go the same way as Old Yeller. Will have his days where he kicks 5 and dominates, but won’t be getting enough of the pill in the weeks that he doesn’t. Pass

Sorry, Gaz. XOXO

Jelwood – MID – $570,500

Cops a bit of flack from the SuperCoach community but this man is pretty good at football. Was in everything tonight and had a bunch of impressive stats to go with it. You know Joel will give you 110% every week, but can you fit him in?

Tim Kelly – MID/FWD – $505,800

Interesting game from TK tonight. I’ll look like a right knob when Champion Data give him a three figure SuperCoach score but I have my concerns. Played mostly in the middle and was damn brilliant on the stats sheet but good lord he had the cleavers working overtime. Butchered the ball constantly. Cats had no problem feeding it to him but he’d flub his kick or run himself into trouble. 

The centre breakaway’s with speed were reminiscent of his 2018 season. In draft, take him, in long form think long and hard about this one. It will be a rollercoaster.

Sam Menegola – MID/FWD – $543,100

Didn’t look to be going too hard tonight. 17 disposals, 7 marks, and a goal. Looked to be playing more forward of centre

Dollhouse – MID/FWD – $418,300

Is he back? In Pog form? The Dollhouse of 2015/16 was on display tonight and looked mighty impressive. Had 25 touches and 8 tackles. Can he do it week in-week out for 22 weeks? Probably not. 


Ooo-ah Andy McGrath – DEF/MID – $384,300

Was talked up last week after 25 disposals and 2 goals but didn’t back it up this week. With Heppell, Shiel, and Zerrett doing most of the heavy lifting in the middle there was a lack of midfield time available for him this week.

Jordan “The Riddler” Ridley – DEF – $233,100

Q: Forward I am heavy, but backwards I am not. What am I?

A: Ton

Geddit? It’s a riddle! A word pun. Thank you, thank you! My comedy festival show will be later in the year. Please buy tickets.

The point of my non-sensical ramblings? We’ll wait for official SuperCoach scores but Ridley was impressive tonight and deserves that ton if he gets it. 18 possessions at 83%, 5 R50’s and slotted a goal. 

Adam Saad – DEF – $407,600

Saad would be happy (sorry) with his game tonight. He’s a tease, Saad. He’s got the tricks. He’s quick. He tackles (had 7 tonight). But that bog average price will tell you he doesn’t bring it all together on a consistent basis. Had a good game tonight but you shouldn’t consider him in long form SuperCoach.

Michael Hurley – DEF – $491,800

Had mostly Hawkins for company. Neither here nor there as a SuperCoach option for me. Reckon there are some far better options in this price range and cheaper. 

Dyson Heppell – MID – $551,500

Did his job in the middle and did it well. Had 21 disposals and a goal from just 65% TOG. Just… you can do better, you know? 

Devon Smith – MID/FWD – $531,300

Was poo. Either he left his famed tackling game in the changing rooms or wasn’t all that interested tonight. Just 3 contested possessions and 4 tackles tonight. 

Joe’s moustache – FWD – $277,800

Didn’t see a lot of it. If you were considering him as a mid price forward move him on. As I said in the intro, the service wasn’t great for him but he’ll struggle to push 400k

Dylan Shiel – MID – $487,000

Led the Bombers with 25 touches but had 7 clangers tonight. Another Bomber premium that’s below the standard of those precious premium midfield spots. Pass 

Zach Merrett – MID – $544,800

Sat the first quarter out. The second? Just a lazy 14 touches. The one Bomber premium I’m flirting with. The question of who gets the tag; Shiel or Merrett, hasn’t been answered for me in the JLT. Finished with 24 touches in 59%TOG but he’s gonna be an upgrade target for me this year.

Round 1 is inching closer, community! What did you take away from tonight?

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Danger’s obviously a lock. Kelly currently in at F3.

Will pick one of Constable/Atkins.

Won’t be going near any Essendon players.


Oh and Clark a lock for a spot in DEF!


Gone between Kelly and Menegola more times this week than I care to mention. Watch me end up with the wrong one…


Let me know which 1 you go then. Please and thanks


Any news about Zac Clarke from Essend.? Had a blinder last week and not playing this week??


Bellchambers clear no. 1. Seems ZC will be fighting it out with McKernan if they want another tall. A fit Joey D could ruck in F50 contests


Currently running Danger, Constable and Clark from this bunch, and had previously dropped Smith in favour of Heeney.


Also contemplating Ridley. Ridley me this, Ridley me that.


Good call. If u take away Heeneys concussion affected 13 last year his avg bumps up to like 102 and the 3rd best fwd…so better than Smith and cheaper.


Time to ditch Devon Smith for Kelly or Mundy?


‘Probably has school tomorrow’ hahaha! Thanks for the lolz 🙂


Any scores?



153 – Joel Selwood
128 – Patrick Dangerfield
118 – Luke Dahlhaus
110 – Tim Kelly
109 – Rhys Stanley
107 – Harry Taylor
91 – Jack Henry
80 – Gary Rohan
80 – Tom Atkins
79 – Mitch Duncan
79 – Tom Hawkins
74 – Mark Blicavs
74 – Gary Ablett
72 – Cam Guthrie
72 – Esava Ratugolea
67 – Jordan Clark
61 – Charlie Constable
59 – Brandan Parfitt
59 – Sam Menegola
37 – Lachie Henderson
35 – Mark O’Connor
31 – Tom Stewart
31 – Gryan Miers
20 – Quinton Narkle
17 – Zach Guthrie
13 – Darcy Fort


98 – Dyson Heppell
94 – Jordan Ridley
88 – Adam Saad
81 – Dylan Shiel
79 – Tom Bellchambers
76 – Michael Hurley
71 – Andy McGrath
71 – Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti
63 – Zach Merrett
61 – Aaron Francis
61 – Mitch Brown
54 – Darcy Parish
53 – Matt Guelfi
52 – Jake Stringer
51 – Kyle Langford
51 – Connor McKenna
48 – David Zaharakis
48 – Orazio Fantasia
48 – David Myers
47 – Mark Baguley
45 – Devon Smith
40 – Joe Daniher
38 – Patrick Ambrose
12 – Sam Draper
7 – Brayden Ham
6 – Dylan Clarke

Rick Grimes

Riddle me this, riddle me that, is this one of those JLT traps?


100% trap


Clark could be a trap if he is named round 1.

cats have a few, like Touhy to come back, he might get picked round 1, get a couple of games and then have a long rest.

he looked good and should be a lock if named round 1, just be very careful.


I reckon he’s moved to the bench or even Tuohy plays up the ground more when Zac returns. Clark too valuable to Cats IMO

The Ranger

Hey Hedski…whaddya reckon? Who goes out when Touhy comes back?
Is there a spot for Clark?


Depends how tall they want to play.
There's also Bews to come back.
Could probably only see one of Clark, O'Connor or Z.Guthrie playing at a time
Really like the look of Clark, I hope he gets a decent run at it.


That’s the risk with almost all rookies. There isn’t enough def rookie options this year to be picky imo. If named is in.


Is Ridley an expensive rookie, or a cheap mid-price?


A cheap mid pricer… I would call a rookie a first year player


So JD you reckon the likes of these blokes are rookies… Linc Mcarthy, Bastinac, Weideman, Broomhead, Darcy Moore, Jack Trengrove, Bews, Nathan Brown, Tom Nicholls, Lemmens, Birchall.. You can't argue that… Sure some are LTI's and some are still playing regularly but you can't call them rookies surely not


Not getting into an argument with you JD So in your words you're calling Birchall a rookie that has premierships to prove that he's not a rookie and has LTI's….I also AGREE with your structure but i'm using Birchall as a prime example… But in the wash up who would really pick them


Agreed mate now lets have a beer .. Your shout


Probably more important is the terminology of cash cow, stepping stone or keeper. Your reason for having them is more important than how many seasons/games etc they have played.


Very expensive rookie for someone who's played 3 games for an av of 53..could be one of those tantalising traps.


He was my loophole for the second half of last year once Francis moved in front of him. Not sure I can go back there even with Hooker out.


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