SuperCoach 2019 – Player reviews: Jesse Hogan

Published by Barron Von Crow on

For a guy who posted a + 22.1 SC average from his 2017 average, booted 43 goals, ranked 11th in the league for marks inside 50 and was 9th in score involvements per game there has been an awful lack of talk about Hogan’s Supercoach prospects in 2019. Maybe that’s what being sent to Fremantle will do to you.


The good for Hogan is simple. He’ll take marks inside the forward 50 and boot some goals. It’s not massively complicated what he does, but he does it well and contested marks and goals sure are a solid way to score Supercoach points.

In terms of forward line personnel Hogan should still be OK at the Dockers. He’ll be joined by the likes of Rory Lobb from the GWS Giants, Matthew Taberner, promising youngster Brennan Cox as well as potentially Cam McCarthy, so there’s probably not much chance he gets double teamed or overwhelmed by defences. The 6-6-6 starting positions will also work in the favour of a big marking forward like Hogan as well.

Nat Fyfe (left) welcomes Hogan to the Fremantle Dockers


Hogan kicked 44 and 41 goals in his first two seasons at Melbourne, but only averaged 78.2 and 76.8 SCPoints in those two years. So that leaves a really wide margin of variation for Hogan going into 2019, where we’ve seen him have a near 15 point swing with similar goal totals for the year.

The Demons were the #1 offensive team last year, averaging 14.8 goals, the Dockers were all the way down at #15 with 10.2 goals per game, so there is room for the Dockers to potentially kick even more goals in 2019, but we must also consider the Demons ranked #1 for inside 50’s with 59.9 per game and Fremantle were 16th with 48 inside 50’s per game. The Dockers midfield hasn’t exactly gotten stronger with the loss of Lachie Neale, though the Dockers will be hoping continued improvement from youngsters like Adam Cerra and Andrew Brayshaw can make up for that. So to assume Hogan will kick as many or even more goals at the Dockers isn’t a guarantee at this point.

Fremantle Dockers fans welcome Hogan to the club


Hogan is currently in just 1.9% of teams, so will be a unique option to consider for 2019. I have my concerns about the quality and quantity of forward entries Hogan will get at the Dockers, but the potential is there for him to have a big year. There looks to be heavy ownership on a top 3 forward line of Dangerfield, Smith and Heeney, so Hogan looks like an attractive and cheaper F2/F3 option (Danger is still F1 of course!) if you want to save some money in your forward line.

Community, will any of you be considering Hogan for your Round 1 team? Or do you see him as a better upgrade option, or will you have crossed him off your list completely?

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The Ranger

Thanks for the write up Barron.
No way I'll start him but he's on the watchlist as a possible upgrade target.

The mighty wokkas

Simple answer: Nope

Michael Rogers

Will get midfield time too potentially so don't write off hust yet


Cheers Barron, I was considering as a possibility but yesterday's game wasn't very encouraging, I think it'll take him a little while to find his groove there with all those other big blokes in the fwd line, pass for me for now, maybe later in the season.


Pleased to have Hogan at Fremantle but I would not want to be a forward there with the, at best, moderate (that's being generous) delivery. Also wouldn't consider Hogan until he is hitting his stride mid season due to limited preparation. Mundy is about the only Freo Forward I would consider (Walters durability worries me).


Nothing like seeing the legendary Hulk Hogan, The Macho Man Randy Savage and The Ultimate Warrior

Oh and as for the Freo Hogan it's a pass from me

neil demons delight

Wish he was back in the red and blue but too inconsistent for supercoach .NO


Only 8 tonnes last year but the vast majority of them were over 120…..if he can get comfortable in his new role, could be a very good pick.
Just depends on how he gels with the Freo guys and what his actual role will be, midfield, fwd, both….NOT SURE YET.
Reckon he's a later in the year pick though…when we know what and who he's become…after the personal and injury issues.


not for me – dont think he will get enough action