Fremantle vs Collingwood: JLT Review

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With Fremantle missing most of their first choice midfield unit, it was always going to be a tough task for them against Collingwood. The Dockers came out firing though, taking a 26 point lead at the first break in hot and blustery conditions. Collingwood came back to be a goal up at half time, and the game ebbed and flowed from there finishing in Collingwood’s favour.

Fremantle – 12.12.84
Collingwood – 17.9.111

BEST – Fremantle: Brayshaw, Mundy, Pearce, Cox, Tucker

Collingwood: Pendlebury, Crisp, Grundy, Varcoe, Beams

Notable absentees – Fremantle: Nat Fyfe, Sean Darcy, Aaron Sandilands, Harley Bennell, Stephen Hill, Connor Blakely, Reece Conca

Collingwood: Will Hoskin-Elliott, Daniel Wells, Taylor Adams, Adam Treloar, Mason Cox, Jordan De Goey

Rule change impacts

6-6-6: With Fremantle opting to go defensive at the stoppages, secondary stoppages occurred a bit more than I’ve seen in other games due to lots of centre square tackles. When either team got a clean clearance, it was clean and direct.

I think It was Brad Scott that said something along the lines of teams will find it easy to score consecutive goals when they’re on a roll, but the other team will be able to wrestle the momentum back to do the same, and we saw that here today.

Neither team seemed to understand this rule perfectly and it resulted in some free kicks being paid against both teams.

Kick-ins: Not a lot to report here. Wilson took some, Ryan took some. Crisp took some for the Pies, Aish took one, Moore took most. It was all mostly played on for both sides.


Jesse Hogan – FWD – $498,300

Looked imposing but didn’t get a lot of the ball. Created contests and moved up and down the ground well. I don’t know if he’s at the right price to take a gamble, because it is a gamble, especially after today’s performance. Played up until 3QT.

Michael Walters – FWD/MID – $476,800

Played mostly through the midfield and was fumbly at times. Was part of some really nice possession chains along both wings and looks like he’ll play a lot inside and outside. An interesting pick. Only played a small portion of the fourth quarter before finishing up for the day.

Luke Ryan – DEF – $489,900

Was on track to break some metres gained record early in the game. Worryingly only took one mark up until half time. Positively, he disposed of the ball mainly by foot and got more involved in the second half with 4 marks after half time to finish with a total of 5. After this performance he might be crossed off a few lists.

Rory Lobb – FWD/RUC – $411,600

Played first ruck for Fremantle and did pretty well. Won’t play first ruck when Darcy or Sandilands come back, but did a good job today. 20 disposals, 20 hitouts. His final SuperCoach score will be helped by 3 frees for.

David Mundy – FWD/MID – $520,200

Just pick him. He’ll be a very good option in the forward line, don’t pick him the midfield, but pick him in the forward line. He is a rolls royce for Fremantle.

Adam Cerra – FWD – $329,600

Played midfield/half back and had a fair bit of the ball. Most of his possessions were rushed though going at 62% d.e. Looks like he’s put on a few kilos though, and will be better for the run. Probably a year or two off where the SuperCoach punters would want him to be.

Nathan Wilson – DEF – $435,500

Appears to be the man to take the most kick-ins on gameday. Looked to really enjoy the freedom of being able to run it out of the square without having to kick to himself. Did this all year last year though so it shouldn’t improve his SuperCoach output too much.

Darcy Tucker – MID – $327,900

A massive 13 tackles and 15 of his 19 possessions were contested. Is he who the Dockers have injected into the middle as part of their plan to replace Neale? Who knows. Game reminded me a lot of Jack Steele’s, so maybe we have a Mk II on our hands. Still a very big gamble nevertheless, and not a risk I recommend you take.

The Rookies

Ethan Hughes – DEF – $233,600

Probably not worth his high rookie price, but looked really good intercepting and moving through the middle. Didn’t get enough of the ball though.

Griffin Logue – DEF – $164,300

Played a key defensive role so probably won’t score as well as the punters are hoping. I’m also not confident he has the job security either. A possible hamstring injury finished his day in the dying stages of the game, so keep an eye out for an update on that.

Brett Bewley – MID – $117,300

Only played about a third of the game, and finished with 13 disposals and 4 tackles. Look for him to have a bigger impact in JLT2 against the Eagles. Ross Lyon is very bullish on him, and still looks in line for a round 1 debut.


Jack Crisp – DEF – $519,900

Ball magnet. Will do as usual down back for the Collingwood. Solid pick.

Steele Sidebottom – MID – $551,700

Played mostly on the wing, and attended some centre bounces. He just did what Sidebottom does. Was tagged by Darcy Tucker in the second half, Tucker didn’t really stop him from doing much aside from a very nice tackle late in Q3 where Tucker caught him holding the ball.

Brodie Grundy – RUC – $708,200

Dominated the hitouts, didn’t get a lot of possessions though. Looked like he was just going through the motions in this game.

Scott Pendlebury – MID – $562,000

Scott Pendlebury just did Scott Pendlebury things, and with Beams the one resting forward, is this going to be the return of Elite scoring Pendlebury? He was against a virtually midfieldless Fremantle, so who knows. I wouldn’t, but wouldn’t blame you if you did.

Dayne Beams – MID – $557,600

I really like this pick. He barely got out of second gear in this game like a lot of the other Pies, but he looked really good. As usual he was assured with the ball and composed under pressure. Rested forward in patches.

Jamie Elliott – FWD – $280,300

Looks like his injury troubles are behind him. Probably a bit too expensive though and his scoring will be up and down in that small forward role.

The Rookies

Darcy Moore – DEF/FWD – $239,400

At this price, it’s a no from me. With his injury history, it was already a No from me but after today it’s even more of a No. Played a key defensive role, which he won’t always do, but it’s something that the people who want to start him will have to weigh up. Are you willing to cop the 30 he scores when he’s forced to man up?

Isaac Quaynor – DEF – $153,300

A mature looking body, built like a truck. Not sure he’s a lock round one though, his disposal was a bit iffy and he looked panicked in contested situations.

Tyler Brown – DEF – $123,900

Very little influence. Not a lot to talk about.

Rupert Wills – MID – $166,100

Talked up for his midfield nous and ball winning ability. Gave away a free kick in the first and largely unsighted throughout the game.

Don’t have the SuperCoach scores yet, but will post them as soon as I have them. Who caught your eye, community?

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Grundy the only player from either team that I’ll be starting with this season.


Towelled up by lobb today, cox curse to strike again?


I must admit I didn’t watch the game, but afl website suggests Grundy has 46 hitouts to Lobb’s 20. Not sure that’s being towelled up?


We getting a Tigers v Dee's write up?



Rory Lobb 114
Darcy Tucker 113
Bradley Hill 104
Michael Walters 86
Alex Pearce 83
Luke Ryan 83
David Mundy 81
Andrew Brayshaw 78
Ed Langdon 77
Ethan Hughes 74
Brennan Cox 71
Brandon Matera 51
Adam Cerra 48
Brett Bewley 48
Hayden Ballantyne 40
Stefan Giro 38
Matt Taberner 38
Griffin Logue 37
Bailey Banfield 37
Joel Hamling 33
Nathan Wilson 33
Jesse Hogan 33
Taylin Duman 30
Travis Colyer 29
Scott Jones 21
Sam Switkowski 15


Scott Pendlebury 120
Steele Sidebottom 108
Travis Varcoe 105
Brodie Grundy 94
Josh Thomas 93
James Aish 90
Tom Phillips 88
Dayne Beams 87
Tom Langdon 83
Brody Mihocek 81
Levi Greenwood 81
Darcy Moore 79
Jamie Elliott 76
Ben Crocker 72
Jaidyn Stephenson 69
Jordan Roughead 66
Callum L. Brown 65
Jack Crisp 64
Josh Daicos 64
Rupert Wills 57
Nathan Murphy 54
Ben Reid 37
Tyler Brown 36
Isaac Quaynor 34


Bless your cotton socks, Mav


23 touches 6 marks 1 free for and 3 tackles for a return of 64 for jack crisp. DE% must have been very low? He was one I was looking at for a POD.

Disappointing to see beams only score 87 also but was tagged early and didn’t really break a sweat out there just gettin through unscathed is a positive,

& the rolls Royce the ever so reliable Mr Pendlebury. I think he will do as he likes this year playing through the midfield with the attention on beams & treloar and May play off a HB flank and accumulate big numbers. Looked classy again


5 clangers for Jack Crisp, going at 73%


Any of the Collingwood mids solid picks or too many mouths to feed?


As I fan, I'm finding hard to put one in my team, with Adams out for 5-8 maybe Beams?…but now hes back at pies he will be taking points away from the others which would mean less for the likes of Pendles, Sidey, Trealor and Adams when he returns imo


you said it made… too many mouths too feed I reckon.


Still remember a time where Dane swan, Dane beams and Scott Pendlebury all finished in the top 4 scorers overall (along with gaz of course) together in the same midfield with a certain Sidebottom well and truly up there too. Wouldn’t say it’s impossible to see something like that again.


I know it’s only JLT 1 finished up but the lack of quality fwd rookies might push people into the likes of Moore, hasn’t managed to play his best footy yet could average 80 odd this year if he is fit which he seems to be




Lincoln McCarthy would be a better bet than Moore.


Being a Collingwood fan I was hoping to fit in a Collingwood mid but it's getting harder to justify:

Beams – will he rest forward?
Adams – injured
Pendles – classic Pendles game today and I had him all of last year, but I don't think he can be a top 8-10 mid anymore
Sidebottom – See Beams. Prone to the odd stinker. Can see him rotating between wing & HF as his inside game isn't needed
Treloar – Wait & see for JLT2. Could be viable especially with Adams out


Exact same mate, would like 2 pies players as a fan but cant justify any of them. Im looking at Crisp at this stage but his DE wasn't great.


With Sier and other depth running through it, nup cant justify picking any of them


Moore 240k
Elliot 280k