Melbourne VS Richmond: JLT Review

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Both sides fielded decently strong teams in this one, though Melbourne were shorter on their best 22 than the Tigers, but overall the game probably didn’t really reveal anything we didn’t already know and failed to answer the questions we did have (Gawn/Preuss ruck combo, how Lynch fits into the Tigers forward line). On the plus side we did have Dylan Grimes cosplaying as a superhero out on the field.

Dylan Grimes with hat
Dylan Grimes without hat

The Demons dominated the first quarter, booting 7 goals to 3 in the first quarter, but after that it was mostly Richmond, booting 10 goals to 4 in the 2nd and 3rd quarter, with Richmond winning 113-101.

Rule Changes

6-6-6 setup: Obviously the work of the devil, I’ve said before that Gil is a robot, now he is obviously a satanic robot. Honestly though, it can be hard to tell just how much impact this will have on the game. Yes it does occasionally lead to quicker clearances and forward 50 entries, but I also imagine that teams have plenty of defensive setups in place to stop this, setups they will not be showing during trial games.

Kickout rules: Marty Hore seemed awfully keen on exploiting these rules, Jayden Short and Houli also, but I don’t think you’re gonna see it every time like some will hope. It’ll be another option in the deck, but not the only one they use. We have seen how with modern presses, the ability to boot the ball to the centre square (or near to it) from the kick-in can lead to a very open forward line if the kick-in team can win the ball quickly and cleanly from the kick-in.

Notable absentees

Melbourne: Max Gawn, Michael Hibberd, Neville Jetta, Jack Viney, Jordan Lewis, Nathan Jones, Steven May, Jake Lever, Jake Melksham, Kade Kolodjashnij

Richmond:  Shaun Grigg, Jason Castagna, Tom Lynch, Josh Caddy, Kamdyn McIntosh

Injuries: Jeff Garlett (shoulder)


Angus Brayshaw – $526.9K – MID – Racked up the possessions in the first quarter with 12 and finished the game with a game high 37 disposals with 11 marks and 10 clearances. 13 turnovers would be a concern, but he’s in 6.6% of teams at the moment, so not super high ownership on him and is definitely worth considering.

Clayton Oliver – $622.6K – MID – Hoovered up the ball whenever he was near it and had 32 disposals (23 handballs), 6 marks, 6 tackles, 7 clearances and a goal.

Marty Hore  – $117.3K – DEF – As I said above, he was keen to exploit the kick-in rules, but we must also note that the Demons were without Lewis, Lever, Hibberd and Kolo, who could all be in the side ahead of him taking kick-in duties, so I wouldn’t get too excited about him just yet. Had 6 disposals in the first half, but 4 of them were play-ons from kick-ins. Finished with 13 disposals and 8 rebound 50’s

Brayden Preuss – $239.9K – RUC – Took the solo ruck duties in the first half and was average. We know he can be a #1 ruck though, so this doesn’t reveal a huge amount for us without Gawn in the side also. He had 9 disposals and 21 hitouts.

Declan Keilty – $123.9K – DEF – Took some of the ruck work in the 2nd half, has a great vertical leap on him, but he isn’t likely a full-time ruck in the real stuff and he also has the issue of that dude with the beard being on his team too. Finished with 9 hitouts in the ruck, along with 6 disposals.

James Jordan – $117.3K – MID – He had 10 disposals and 2 marks from 71% ToG. Likely won’t be in the side once the Dees bring back all the names listed above.

Sam Weideman – $242.9K -FWD – Kicked a goal in the first half, but I don’t think he’ll have the impact possession wise around the ground like Hogan did. 5 disposals and a goal in the first half, took some ruck work in the forward 50 as well. Finished with 2 goals, 10 dispsosals, 5 marks and 3 hitouts. If he was $80K – $100K cheaper he might be an option, but that price is very awkward.

Tom Sparrow – $117.3K – MID – Had just 4 disposals from 34% ToG. Likely faces the same fate as James Jordan.


Dustin Martin – $563.8K – MID – Just strolling around and had 15 disposals in the first half and finished with 21 disposals and 2 goals.

Jayden Short – $465.5K – DEF – Looked busy with 29 disposals, 5 marks and a goal with 5 rebound 50’s. Very interesting selection.

Bachar Houli – $399.6K – DEF – Led the Tigers with 35 disposals. Had a down year in 2018 with an average of 73.9 SCPoints but averaged 93.3 in 2016 and 90.5 in 2017. New kick-in rules could put him back into that 90’s territory.

Jack Ross – $117.3K – MID – Looked decent with 21 disposals and 5 clearances. Might get squeezed out, but looks like the Tigers could have found another good one.

Toby Nankervis – $533.0K – RUC – Sat forward for the first half, which won’t be his role in the real stuff, so don’t take anything from that. He went into the ruck in the 2nd half for a bit, but this was a pretty cruisy game for him and he finished with 3 goals, 6 disposals and 10 hitouts.

Ivan Soldo – $304.0K – RUC – Took the main ruck duties, but that spot will still likely be Nankervis’ in Round 1. Still, even if he doesn’t play, he looks like he’s genuinely improved and added some size to his body too, so the Tigers may have something there with him. Had 7 disposals and 17 hitouts with 5 tackles.

Noah Balta – $123.9K – FWD – Took some good marks at half forward in the 2nd quarter once the Tigers got it locked inside their 50. I think at one point he took 3 marks in a row from Melbourne attempting to boot the ball out of their defensive 50. Took a bit of ruck work too, which I think is a much more realistic option as a backup ruck at 194cm, especially with the new rule about the rucks being able to take possession of the ball. Absolutely on fire in the 2nd quarter with his contested marks and booted 2 goals. The issue there will be once Lynch in the side and finding a spot for Balta as well. Moves onto the watchlist for now though.

Riley Collier-Dawkins – $121.8K – MID – Not super involved, but barely played a third of the game. Richmond are a deep team, so it may be tough for him to break through into the 22 for Round 1, but I’m sure Richmond will give him a bit of a run at some point in the year. Played just 40% ToG for 6 disposals and 2 tackles.

Community, anyone or anything stand out to you during this game? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. G. says:

    Houli or short worth seriously considering? Currently my defence is Lloyd-Williams-Newman-Smith-Roberton-Quaynor/Collins, but would it be worthwhile squeezing one of those two in there either upgrading a rookie or downgrading lloyd?

    • Simon says:

      Missed the whole match (living in the bushfire area )so thanks for the write up always a great read keep up the hard work

    • Patch says:

      I'd be perfectly happy with a 10-man backline this year G. Houli a real option this year based on what little I saw of this game and the subsequent stats. Short may be as well, but I don't think I'll start them… at this stage.

      • G. says:

        My thoughts exactly patch. The year of the underpriced defender. Could start 1 of them with a convincing display in jlt2. At this stage lloyd and collins to witherden and one of these 2 is very much on the cards

  2. Patch says:

    Bachar Houli 112
    Alex Rance 110
    Noah Balta 104
    Jayden Short 100
    Nathan Broad 91
    Dylan Grimes 83
    Brandon Ellis 82
    Jack Higgins 79
    Dustin Martin 78
    Dion Prestia 78
    Nick Vlastuin 75
    Maverick Weller 75
    Jack Ross 67
    Daniel Rioli 66
    Kane Lambert 65
    Jack Riewoldt 64
    Toby Nankervis 58
    Liam Baker 55
    Oleg Markov 55
    David Astbury 49
    Ivan Soldo 48
    Shane Edwards 44
    Trent Cotchin 41
    Jack Graham 36
    Riley Collier-Dawkins 22
    Dan Butler 16


    Clayton Oliver 127
    Angus Brayshaw 111
    Christian Salem 103
    James Harmes 101
    Bayley Fritsch 94
    Christian Petracca 92
    Sam Weideman 77
    Braydon Preuss 69
    Tom McDonald 61
    Alex Neal-Bullen 58
    Marty Hore 57
    Sam Frost 57
    Harrison Petty 56
    Joel Smith 53
    Jayden Hunt 48
    Oscar McDonald 47
    Jay Kennedy Harris 45
    James Jordon 45
    Josh Wagner 42
    Corey Wagner 38
    Charlie Spargo 37
    Corey Maynard 31
    Jeff Garlett 30
    Billy Stretch 29
    Declan Keilty 29
    Tom Sparrow 10

    • Maverick_ says:

      TOG %:

      Bachar Houli 82
      Noah Balta 77
      Nathan Broad 72
      Jayden Short 69
      Maverick Weller 76
      Jack Higgins 80
      Dustin Martin 64
      Kane Lambert 55
      Alex Rance 81
      Nick Vlastuin 79
      Jack Riewoldt 79
      Brandon Ellis 83
      Jack Ross 59
      Toby Nankervis 69
      Dylan Grimes 75
      Dion Prestia 72
      Oleg Markov 79
      Ivan Soldo 62
      Daniel Rioli 76
      Trent Cotchin 49
      Jack Graham 69
      Liam Baker 36
      David Astbury 63
      Dan Butler 80
      Shane Edwards 75
      Riley Collier-Dawkins 40

      Angus Brayshaw 69
      Clayton Oliver 68
      Christian Salem 72
      Bayley Fritsch 70
      James Harmes 66
      Christian Petracca 82
      Braydon Preuss 63
      Sam Weideman 85
      Alex Neal-Bullen 80
      Tom McDonald 83
      Marty Hore 81
      Jay Kennedy Harris 66
      Jayden Hunt 80
      Joel Smith 72
      Josh Wagner 65
      Corey Wagner 80
      Oscar McDonald 89
      Charlie Spargo 72
      Billy Stretch 69
      Harrison Petty 75
      Sam Frost 84
      Declan Keilty 28
      James Jordon 71
      Corey Maynard 31
      Jeff Garlett 53
      Tom Sparrow 34

  3. Hawk131415 says:

    Harmes Breakout season!!

  4. Adam says:

    Interesting How this year a lot of the top 30 -40 picks of this years draft are either immediately good or look like they'll be great in 3-4 years

    • Zac says:

      Agreed, so many of the players from the 2018 draft have shown really strong signs they'll be excellent/ star long term players

    • Hawk131415 says:

      Thats every year

  5. TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

    Bugger you Clarrey.

    I thought you were meant to have an interupted preseason and a bit off.

    Just watched you own your own footy. No chance of being under done.

    How am I gonna squeeze you in my team now?

  6. dontblushbaby says:

    I was at the game today and as a Tigers supporter the only player I have in my team from Richmond is Dusty, I could consider Short, D.Rioli could have a break out year, but unfortunately we share our points from game to game , like OK it's your turn this week

    As for the Demons I would get Oliver in your team if you don't already , his kick per handball is today was approx 1 -3 as usual, but he had 17 contested possessions with 68% game time, and as a POD in the Mid is A.Brayshaw @ 527k who was also very good today

    • Hawk131415 says:

      Similar views Blush, but not the Tiger mentions, dusty looked rusty and Rioli is nowhere near it!!

      • Russty_ says:

        Dusty was just taking it easy, he doesn't feel like he needs to go 100%…100% of the time.
        I'd rather a player who always goes 100%

  7. James says:

    Petracca hasn’t really been mentioned, is he a potential break out?

  8. BLonger says:

    Thoughts on Salem's game?