Gold Coast v Western Bulldogs: JLT review

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These two sides came together at Great Barrier Reef Stadium, and like the reef itself this game was bleaching and dying and in dire need of assistance.

The Dogs couldn’t kick straight, the Suns had a run of play which involved kicking the ball into a Bulldogs player’s head twice in three seconds, with 30 seconds later a ruckman being falconed in a ruck contest.

My brain was already in dire need of a nap after 11 hours at work and this game did absolutely nothing to try and keep it awake.

Gold Coast have improved since last season, which admittedly doesn’t say a huge amount, and the Dogs have… have they stagnated? Improved? Declined? I like to think I can read footy sides reasonably well but either I was really tired or the Dogs are the AFL equivalent of Russian.

I genuinely can’t remember what happened in the third quarter and I don’t think it matters. It was slippery, wet, dewey and humid and just a bit average.

I mean it was a tight game with either side able to win with less than a minute left but I just couldn’t give a stuff.

Scores: Gold Coast 11.11:77 defeated Western Bulldogs 10.12:72

Best: Gold Coast: Fiorini, Witts, Martin, Collins, Burgess

Best: Western Bulldogs – Macrae, Bontempelli, Hunter, Wallis, Liberatore

Notable absentees

Gold Coast: Pearce Hanley, Corey Ellis, Will Brodie, Jack Hombsch, Brayden Crossley

Western Bulldogs: Liam Picken, Lin Jong, Roarke Smith, Ben Cavarra, Tom Boyd, Josh Schache, Rhylee West, Tory Dixon, Jordan Sweet

Rule change impacts

Nothing to report.


Jack Martin – MID/FWD – $439,000

Did lots of really nice things and finally looks to be unleashed in the midfield which is something literally everyone has been crying out for for two years. He’s a very good player and collected a good amount of the pill, finishing with 20 touches and eight disposals.

He’ll tempt a few at that price, and he’s piqued my interest, but until I see his numbers consistently at the 25-possession mark I think I’ll be steering clear. He seemed to float forward a bit, too – I don’t know if that was opportunistic or a strucutral thing. That said he was all over the ground.

Jarrod Witts – RUC – $488,000

Remember that podcast I suggested he’ll be the number one ruckman this season? I’m going to go and delete that episode. It sounded bad as I said it and it echoes even worse while watching Gold Coast play. He’s not a terrible footballer but looks to belong to the Jacobs/Bellchambers class of solid ruckmen who just don’t translate that into Supercoach relevancy.

He’ll have very decent stats- i.e. a lazy 47 hitouts – but he’s playing the Bulldogs, who weren’t playing the only ruckman I’d consider them having on their list.

Anthony Miles – MID – $342,000

At quarter time I had to check the team lists again to double check he was playing. Apparently he was, but you wouldn’t know it watching the game.

He worked his way into the game and began racking up the contested possession numbers, but I was expecting and hoping for a bit more than his 21 touches, even if 12 of them were contested. Maybe he’ll be better for the run and will fire up next week, but at this stage if you’ve only got one mid-priced slot in your midfield, I reckon there’s a cheeky, Simpsons-tattooed fellow who you’d look at first.

Jack Bowes MID – $348,400

Looks to have developed into a big-bodied midfielder and was playing that role with aplomb. Keep an eye on him – could he be one to break out next year?

Brayden Fiorini – MID – $442,400

Was the top dog in the Gold Coast midfield but I’m not sure if he’s fantasy relevant? He’s threatened to be a good option for a few years and hasn’t quite lived up to that hype. Finished with 26 touches, eight contested possessions and four tackles.

I’m not buying in, but if his Supercoach score is noteworthy I’ll keep an eye on him next week. I don’t like the idea of buying into any Gold Coast premiums, and won’t be starting with a speculative leap on Fiorini. One to watch in draft leagues, however.

Sam Collins – DEF – $188,900

Started well and will see a lot of the ball. I still really don’t like his high starting price, but was intercepting the ball a lot and most importantly is TACKLING. Had five in the first half and had a massive second quarter.

We’ll have weeks where he scores 30 and is useless as a piece of wood, but he has to be towards the top of the list of rookie defenders. Had 12 touches (eight contested) and five marks but didn’t add to his tackle count in the second half.

Izak Rankine – FWD – $198,300

Very good footballer, very average Supercoach option. Rankine will play forward this year and that’s not a Supercoach friendly role. Will have some impressive games but I’m not sold in the slightest. Seven touches and a goal.

Chris Burgess – DEF/FWD – $123,900

A key position forward in a struggling side always screams DANGER, and not in the sense of ‘DANGERFIELD YOU BEAUTY’. He’ll play, and he’s cheap but he’ll have games where he scores.

Had two goals early and finished with two goals, nine kicks and five marks. He wouldn’t be my first choice to play onfield or even to make much cash, but he’s certainly an option.

Ben King – DEF – $184,800

Didn’t lead to the right spots, didn’t make the right moves and as such didn’t get much of the ball. Even without his elevated start price, I’m not overly interested. He looks to be certain of that centre half-back spot for round one but he’ll use up a valuable defence slot and won’t make any cash. Only had five handballs. Avoid.

Jack Lukosious – FWD – $282,800

Absolutely not a Supercoach selection. Didn’t do much to justify picking him as a 123k rookie, let alone one at 200k. Eight touches. Hard pass.

The others: Peter Wright was good in the dew, Touk Miller continues to impress me as a footballer and a whole bunch of other players I don’t know or recognise also… they played football. There.


Jack Macrae – MID – $689,700

Had 30 touches to three-quarter time for goodness sake. If this doesn’t convince you to start him nothing will.

Josh Dunkley – FWD/MID – $516,800

Was rucking early on for some ungodly reason but wasn’t sighted much outside of that. Didn’t exhibit anything like what his beastly run home entailed last year. He spent time at centre bounces but I’m far less bullish on him than I was a week ago, but won’t conclusively rule him out just yet. Had 21 touches.

CALEB DANIEL – FWD – $418,500

ADDED due to me being an idiot, the little fella had 32 touches running off half back and in a year where we’re screaming out for forward line value, could he provide it? Will his role change as the Dogs have more names back? Will he play loose on a wing? Will he go back forward? One to watch.

Mitch Wallis – MID/FWD – $498,800

Running around in the midfield with stints forward. He’s very cheap for what I feel like his output could be. He had lots of contested possession and lots of clearances, but also had a lot of handballs. Without seeing his score, I’d wager it’s high. Had 24 touches, kicked three goals, five clearances, seven tackles and 10 contested possessions.

However – he was playing Gold Coast. Give him a game against a midfield with more cohesion and bigger bodies and then we can make a more informed decision. However, he’s absolutely on my watchlist for a forward spot at a smidge under 500k.

Toby McLean – FWD – $514,000

I hardly saw him but apparently he was running around on a wing and high half forward. Had a lot of handballs and no kicks – but most of them were contested. Really hard to make a call on it without seeing his score but it looks like Dunkley and McLean will be pinching points from each other by swapping into the same role.

Finished with 19 touches but only three kicks. Give him another week but make backup plans.

Marcus Bontempelli – MID – $564,600

Spent a bit of time forward in the first half of the first quarter but was then seen up the ground and running out of the backline. Looked to be playing mostly as a midfielder and was very busy, finishing with 30 disposals and 15 contested possessions. Based on what I saw tonight he could be a really interesting point of difference selection.

I tweeted that he was looking like he was playing forward and suddenly he was up the ground and didn’t go deep forward again, so I’ll take credit for this one, cheers guys. Has thrown him into consideration for mine.

Tom ‘Greasy’ Liberatore – MID – $300,400

Was dealt a heavy knock early in the first quarter – nothing injury-inducing, just a big hit. He looked rusty and a bit out of the loop early, but that’s to be expected after 12 months out of the game. Worked into the game very, very nicely. I’d be waiting for another opportunity to see him in action before making a call on him one way or the other.

It was a really promising sight seeing him running around in the midfield, and should be given that role as a clearance king alongside Mitch Wallis. Had eight clearances, 12 contested possessions, 26 touches and kicked a goal. That said, he’s now sporting Simpsons tattoos so he’s locked into my side for better or worse.

Bailey Smith – MID – $180,300

Didn’t play in the first half, but after the break he bequeathed us with The Mullet. And what a Mullet it was. The Mullet had two touches in his first minute and was running around with ants in his pants.

Finished with nine touches and a goal in a half of footy, which is a pretty good return. Is it good enough for a 180k rookie? Perchance.

Will Hayes – MID – $117,300

He was very busy early, the son of David (as the Fox Footy commentators seemed to say three times whenever he had a possession). He played a high forward role and even though he’s built like a jockey (which he actually is, or could have been) he did some nice things. Not sure he plays round one, however. Had it 15 times.

Lachie Hunter – MID – $555,500

There’s very little talk about Lachie Hunter, which is interesting considering he’s such a ball magnet. He’s far more relevant for AFL Fantasy than for Supercoach due to his high number of uncontested possessions but he was everywhere tonight.

Won the BnF last year for the Dogs and for good reason. Certainly one to consider if you’re in the market for someone in his price bracket.

Sam Lloyd – MID – 386,000


Hayden Crozier – DEF – $428,900

Did exactly what he did last year and will probably do exactly the same again this year. Caleb Daniel was playing down back and with JJ still to come back into the side, if for some reason you’re looking at him, I’d cool my jets on it a bit.

Tim English – RUC – $310,600

Started forward, and rucked in the forward line but for the love of god don’t select him.

What did you take away from this snooze-fest, community?

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“Jack Martin finished with 20 touches and 8 disposals” nice




You got there Patch.

Little bulldog Caleb looks to have got a fair bit of it – what were your thoughts on his game?


Holy moly, he had 32 touches?? He was impressive across half back and he had a bit of it, but didn't realise it was THAT much. At 420k in the midfield he could be a steal. Was floating around a lot on the outside and could be shut down which worries me, but one to eagle in on in JLT 2. What did you think of him?


Massive risk. wouldnt go anywhere near him, but jmo


Libber is the one I'm noticing here…good enough to keep until upgrade time I hope…even if he is rather greasy.


My god he's greasy…


Greasy and a boofhead…boofy…not bad at Footy though πŸ™‚


I distinctly remember Jock's write up on Caleb Daniel a few years back when he got picked up from the SANFL and I've rarely heard someone talked up higher, he did v well as a little bloke in the state league and U18 champs.
Huge fan, love to see him hit his straps, I feel he still has another level he can get to. Fantasy relevant? not sure.
But I have him in a keeper league and keen on him.

How are the bulldogs going to kick a winning score this year?


Had 32 touches which I didn't even realise, I knew he had a bit of it but it slipped through the net.

To answer your second question, I don't think they will. They've still got Boyd and Schache to come back in but they're a shadow of the 2016 side.


Libba is worth the risk, and GC are a future folding team! beside the Macrae's and the obvious not much, JLT2 will be a better gauge


Its late, been a big weekend and its fart sack time, hope you all had a great and safe weekend,take care


Night, Hawk131415…don't fart in the sack too much, unless you want your missus to fall out of love with you….;)


She loves or loathes the Dutch oven, can’t remember which one, I always get it wrong πŸ€ͺ


Well I pity her nose!…hey how come you're calling yourself skindog again?


What the hell?? i dont know whats going on, i havent changed anything since you helped me GRRRRRRRR


Maybe because i posted that one on my phone???


Too many mouths to feed in the bulldogs midfield


Greasy Libba will just eat grease, he'll be ok. πŸ™‚


Ainsworth pretty much the ton off of half a game, not even mentioned #0%POD


I have him at F4 so was interested to see how he went.


Mmmmmmmm good pick up Bluebaggers. I didn't notice him during the game but looking at his stats with new eyes is quite something. Are you picking him?


He did average 90 over 5 games last year. If he can back it up again next week I’ll be taking a punt on him.
Has been on the watch list for a while


ITs worth mentioning that Miles played very little game time in this one. I’m making a spreadsheet to show how players would perform at 80% game time (average in the real season is 81.81% a player) and although I haven’t put in the Sunday games, it’s worth noting some scores.

The best performers were:
Sheed >160 points (!)
C. Curnow

It’s interesting with Curnow, he’s playing more of a high half forward role, and the addition of McGovern should free him up to play more athletically. He wasn’t injured during that game, just a niggle which reduced TOG


You have to be careful when you do that because Scores have already been spread over the 3200 max.

In a way the TOG has been adjusted


You might want to factor in a score reduction of say 80% to show the shorter games and the over-scaling, then calculate the TOG extended points


The tog itself isn’t changed, though. And the scores and overal game time are the same.

I see where you are coming from, how it won’t all be equal to 3300, but remember there are also 4 more players playing, boosting the average up by about 5% TOG give or take. If Shees has the extra game time that one of the little guys had I.e combine their scores and TOG, it would look fairly close to 160 anyway.

TL;DR it’s not perfect but it’s the most accurate representation of game day scoring and PPM


No scores?



Ben Ainsworth 98
Brayden Fiorini 94
Sam Collins 93
Jack Martin 82
Jack Bowes 81
Lachie Weller 74
Charlie Ballard 74
Jarrod Witts 74
Darcy MacPherson 70
Anthony Miles 68
Chris Burgess 68
Touk Miller 67
Alex Sexton 66
Wil Powell 65
Jarrod Harbrow 64
Rory Thompson 62
Peter Wright 61
Sean Lemmens 59
Jordan Murdoch 56
Callum Ah Chee 43
Jesse Joyce 39
David Swallow 38
Izak Rankine 32
Jack Lukosius 31
George Horlin-Smith 23
Ben King 12


Jack Macrae 143
Mitch Wallis 124
Marcus Bontempelli 116
Tom Liberatore 111
Aaron Naughton 106
Caleb Daniel 105
Lachie Hunter 99
Ed Richards 75
Toby McLean 75
Tim English 67
Billy Gowers 66
Sam Lloyd 64
Hayden Crozier 60
Jackson Trengove 58
Matthew Suckling 58
Josh Dunkley 54
Bailey Williams 49
Easton Wood 46
Zaine Cordy 46
Taylor Duryea 45
Patrick Lipinski 44
Will Hayes 42
Bailey Smith 29
Dale Morris 23

Rick Grimes

Libba = lock.


I already have 2 midpricers and i don’t have room for another superstar


Are we sure fiorini isnt worth it? 26 disposals, scored 94, he only played 53% game time. Theyre incredible numbers.

Captain Risky

I had him last year- Don't go there!


Unpredictable. JLT2 watch but not wish


Hey Patch/Kev and the gang. Really appreciating the write ups and great to get some insight. Just a query- is it possible to have TOG % next to pre-season scores? It can be so misleading seeing a premo with a poor score but they may have played less than half the game. And obviously it's hard for you to write commentary on every single player so I'd look straight to this.

Only a thought and if you don't have that data to add, no dramas. But if it's readily available, what do you think?


I was originally thinking the Bont, thought Macrae couldn’t keep going the way he finished last year, apparently he can! Is he worth the money? But can’t have both in my team, have other mids set already.


Macrae did play 88% game time, though. Throughout the season that will drop to account for accumulative fatigue. That game shouldn’t be the be all and end all, and it really doesn’t show anything we don’t already know abou the team


I guess that puts paid to my George Horlin-Smith experiment.




Did English do any rucking?


Most of it, it seems


I thought he played deep forward most of the day


IT Was about 35-65 with Trent rove on top


Dunkley has been in my side since SC opened but he is quickly working his way out. If this rotation with McLean continues next game I'm going to need a new F5. Will be keeping a close eye on Boak, Billings, Walters ect to put their hand up


I was watching Daniel closely last night. Seemed to be playing a laird role for the dogs. Was very impressed if he can perform again next week he's worth looking at in the forward line


Macrae did good.

It was only Suns and it was only JLT

Still think there are too many mouths to feed in the dogs midfield


I have to agree with this. I'm thinking the same thing in terms of Libba too. Not sure who Doggies come up against next but hopefully it's a better midfield to see how they all go against quality opposition.